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The Luna Caleeng panthers take shelter in a beautiful swamp in Lake Ias.

If you are new to Second Life  Gor, or new to the role of a Gorean panther… or you have been a panther for a while, the Luna Caleeng is a group you can grow with, a group where your talents and investment in the group is appreciated. Here you are someone, no matter your experience level.

The same is true for the role play adventures the Luna Caleeng undertake. Whether it be trading, wandering, scouting, playing outlaws and socializing.

Neither is the panther the only role that is available. Be a shaman, a trader, a slaver , priestess or a healer, base your role on the novels, then let your imagination run its course. Contact any of the Elders in world to learn about or join the Luna Caleeng.

Contact Marlies Dasmijn (Marli) for more info
or Inticement Resident (Twig)

The Luna Caleeng has an in world application form , which can be found at the docks of Lake Ias, we offer a two week pledge period max, to see if there is a fit. There are no pledge tasks, all we ask is that prospective panthers try and role play their way in, or show a willingness to bring role play into our camp.

“It is not uncommon for panther girls to first make contact,” said Rim, smiling, “with a hunting arrow in the back.”~ Hunters of Gor Page 79

Be warned, the Luna Caleeng accept no strangers in their swamps, they will challenge newcomers and more than likely ask a toll when you enter the lands. In role play we are an aggressive band sharing our lands only with the Di Jan Lina.

Please read the following:

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