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I luvv this 1!! I needed a good cry on my laptop….And the verdict is that yes it is a very good movie. And I teared up a little bit. But not much., and yes I thought like , “Man every girl deserves a Tarl Cabot”……lol

The two Gor movies were directed by Fritz Keirsch (Gor, 1988) and John ‘Bud’ Cardos (Outlaw of Gor, 1989) and included appearances of Urbano Barberini as Tarl Cabot, Rebecca Ferratti as Talena, Larry Taylor as Marlenus, Oliver Reed as Sarm, and Jack Palance as the evil Priest-King Xenos. Hans Khule was Director of Photography, and the screenplay, by Rick Marx and Peter Welbeck, weaved a very routinely double-tale of the good guy waging war against an evil priest and his army, aided by a handsome fellow from another planet. Many other films have threaded this well worn path, to a much better effect. Between the releases of both movies, in a letter from 1988, John Norman explained his involvement a bit further.

“Thank you for your review of the Gor video. You have the advantage over me in this particular, as I have not seen it, or the associated film. I gather that it had very little to do with the Gorean world, if anything. I did have a consultancy with the films and sent the producer something like 160 pages of single-spaced comments, suggestions etc. It would seem, however, that very little of this, if anything, went into the movie. From your account I gather that the film may have been quite different from, say, the scenarios on which I commented, at great length. It seems a shame that the Gorean opportunity may have been neglected, or ignored. With some imagination and talent, I think a very special, and different, and great film, could have been made. Those who see the films, I gather, if they are not acquainted with the books themselves, may find it difficult to understand why the Gorean books have been best sellers for over twenty years.”

Even so, both movies are still currently available on netflix

Gor [1987]

Gor is a 1988 science fiction and fantasy film based loosely on the novel The Tarnsman Of Gor, written by philosophy professor and author John Frederick Lange Jr. (better known as John Norman).

After being snubbed before a weekend-getaway by his teaching assistant, socially awkward professor of history Tarl Cabot accidentally unlocks the magical properties of a ring which transports him to the planet Gor. After his arrival, Cabot encounters a village being attacked by the army of the tyrannical priest-king Sarm. Sarm’s forces are invading neighboring settlements in an effort to retrieve the Home Stone, a mystical object that creates pathways between Gor and distant Earth. Cabot too is abruptly attacked by Sarm’s warriors. After inadvertently killing Sarm’s own son during the encounter, he is left for dead in the desert. He awakens to find himself being nursed back to health by Talena (Rebecca Ferratti), a scantily clad barbarian princess of the Kingdom of Ko-ro-ba. Cabot learns that Talena’s father, the King, has been captured by Sarm, along with the Home Stone. Cabot travels with Talena on a rescue mission to Sarm’s lands, where they are captured. Cabot leads a group of rebels in an escape effort, whereupon Cabot is able to kill Sarm, rescue Talena and her father, and reacquire the Home Stone. Tarl et al. return to Ko-ra-ba, where, after Cabot and Talena admit their love for one another, Cabot accidentally activates the Home Stone, and is returned to Earth

Outlaw of Gor [1989]

Outlaw of Gor is a 1989 American film directed by John Cardos. It is loosely based on the Gor novel series by John Norman, but has strong plot differences from the original book Outlaw of Gor (first published 1967). It is the sequel to Gor, and is also known as Gor II. It was parodied on the television show Mystery Science Theater 3000.

While drinking alone one night and reminiscing of his previous adventures on the planet Gor, Professor Tarl Cabot comes across Watney Smith, a fellow professor with a keen interest in women, yet little success in pursuing them. Watney insists on accompanying Cabot to his next drinking spot, and during the car journey Cabot’s ring activates and transports both him and Watney to Gor. Cabot is overjoyed at the thought of being reunited with his lover Talena, and the townspeople of Koruba are similarly overjoyed at Cabot’s return. After fending off a brief attack by slavers, Cabot meets Talena, and also discovers that her father, King Marlenus is now married to an ambitious woman named Lara. At a feast that night, Marlenus announces that he will soon step down from the throne, and names Cabot to succeed him.

Lara desires the throne herself, and gets the high priest Xenos to agree to help assassinate Marlenus. She then recruits the easily-persuaded Watney to provide her with an alibi, and proceeds to kill Marlenus, framing Cabot for the murder. While Cabot protests his innocence, and Talena believes him, the guards capture her, and Cabot is forced to flee along with his diminutive sidekick, Hup. Recognising the danger that Cabot represents, Lara and Xenos hire a “Hunter” to pursue and capture him. In the meantime, Lara betrays Watney and has him thrown in the dungeon, and attempts to have Talena killed by putting her in a fight with two female gladiators, only for Talena to easily triumph.

In the desert, Cabot and Hup two encounter another band of slavers, and after attacking their encampment, rescue a female slave. That night the Hunter finds Cabot, Hup and the freed slave, and captures them while they sleep. Upon being brought back to Koruba, the three are thrown into the dungeon by Lara, despite Xenos’s attempts to persuade her that even being held hostage, Cabot is too dangerous to be left alive. Xenos attempts to persuade Cabot to return to Earth, and Lara tries seducing him, but both attempts are unsuccessful, as Cabot is now determined to bring them to justice over Marlenus’s death. The alliance between Lara and Xenos breaks down, with the former becoming frustrated at Xenos’s lack of loyalty, and the latter realising just how disastrous it would be for Lara to rule Koruba, which leads to the two double-crossing and attempting to kill each other, though Lara’s attempt ends up being the successful one.

The following day, Cabot, Talena, Hup and Watney are brought outside the castle for a ceremonial execution. However, the four repeatedly fight off their executioners, until Lara sends in her entire guard and the Hunter, rapidly overwhelming the four. As the Hunter prepares to strike the death blow on Cabot, Watney reveals that Lara was the actual killer of Marlenus; the Hunter believes this without question and throws a spear at Lara, immediately killing her.

With Cabot and Talena now crowned King and Queen respectively, they prepare to finally consummate their relationship. However, Cabot’s ring then starts glowing, causing him to be worried that he’s about to be sent back to Earth. Instead, Watney ends up being the person sent back to Earth, where he promptly finds himself being arrested for jaywalking in a busy road.

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gor_%28film%29


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John Norman’s Gor Books

When I picked up Hunters of Gor on Amazon , I wasn’t quite sure to expect.  The reviews that I had read before buying it were a mixture of outraged feminists, nostalgic reminiscences, and people pointing out the predictability of the plot and poor writing.  It sounded like it would either be a terrible read or a lot of fun.

I list his books and introduce a short roleplay. Old pulpy novels are fantastic for brightening one’s mood, and they’re also particularly good if you’re tired/stressed/having life fails/etc.  It’s the sort of thing that I never expected that I’d like, but once I started reading one I realized how fantastic it is, and I’d start reading more…..

John Norman has written the following sci-fi novels:

  1. Tarnsman of Gor (1966) ISBN 0-345-27583-7
  2. Outlaw of Gor (1967) ISBN 0-345-27136-X
  3. Priest-Kings of Gor (1968) ISBN 0-7592-0036-X
  4. Nomads of Gor (1969) ISBN 0-7592-5445-1
  5. Assassin of Gor (1970) ISBN 0-7592-0091-2
  6. Raiders of Gor (1971) ISBN 0-7592-0153-6
  7. Captive of Gor (1972) ISBN 0-7592-0105-6
  8. Hunters of Gor (1974) ISBN 0-7592-0130-7
  9. Marauders of Gor (1975) ISBN 0-7592-0141-2
  10. Tribesmen of Gor (1976) ISBN 0-7592-5446-X
  11. Slave Girl of Gor (1977) ISBN 0-7592-0454-3
  12. Beasts of Gor (1978) ISBN 0-7592-1125-6
  13. Explorers of Gor (1979) ISBN 0-7592-1167-1
  14. Fighting Slave of Gor (1980) ISBN 0-7592-1173-6
  15. Rogue of Gor (1981) ISBN 0-7592-1179-5
  16. Guardsman of Gor (1981) ISBN 0-7592-1368-2
  17. Savages of Gor (1982) ISBN 0-7592-1374-7
  18. Blood Brothers of Gor (1982) ISBN 0-7592-1380-1
  19. Kajira of Gor (1983) ISBN 0-7592-1926-5
  20. Players of Gor (1984) ISBN 0-7592-1932-X
  21. Mercenaries of Gor (1985) ISBN 0-7592-1944-3
  22. Dancer of Gor (1985) ISBN 0-7592-1950-8
  23. Renegades of Gor (1986) ISBN 0-7592-1956-7
  24. Vagabonds of Gor (1987) ISBN 0-7592-1980-X
  25. Magicians of Gor (1988) ISBN 0-7592-1986-9
  26. Witness of Gor (2001) ISBN 0-7592-4235-6
  27. Prize of Gor (2008) ISBN 0-7592-4580-0
  28. Kur of Gor (2009) ISBN 0-7592-9782-7
  29. Swordsmen of Gor (2010) ISBN 1-61756-040-5
  30. Mariners of Gor (2011) ISBN 0-7592-9989-7
  31. Conspirators of Gor (2012) ISBN 1-6175-6731-0
  32. Smugglers of Gor (Fall 2012) Coming soon

The tall, blond girl, Verna, beautiful and superb, led the file, her bow and a quiver of arrows now on her back, her spear in hand. Sometimes she would stop to listen, or lift her head, as though testing the air, but then she would resume her journey.
~ Captive of Gor

A storyteller visits the swamps. She tells her tale as the feral and the panther listen to her.

[15:28] FeRaL TaK blinks eyeing the woman who’s sat next to them and sniffs her

[15:28] Fishbeard: I am here with a tale

[15:29] Fishbeard: A tale that goes beyond the ears, far and high, mighty fears.

[15:30] FeRaL TaK he sits down hearing the female talking, tilts his head curiously
[15:30] Fishbeard: Once upon a time, there was a peasant with a goat, who also owned a boat.

[15:31] Marli takes a long look at the woman whom she assumes must be a storyteller of some sort , she seemed harmless so Marli allowed her to continue her story

[15:31] Fishbeard: Not many years he had left to live, but he also had a lot to give.

[15:32] Fishbeard: Many people where after what he owned, and his children often groaned and moaned.

[15:32] Fishbeard: Father! When will you share your fortune? The children would say, but the peasant merely replied you will get nothing but a pile of hay.

[15:33] Fishbeard: He cherished none, but his goat, who had accompanied him along his lonely road.
[15:33] Fishbeard: And so his days came to an end, and still with not a penny he had spend.

[15:34] Fishbeard: The man had left everything to his goat, who now suddenly opened a great, big boat.

[15:34] Fishbeard: Upset, the children were, furious as you may say, and so they sought revenge.

[15:35] Fishbeard: The boat did not matter, it was all the other belongings that they had rather.

[15:35] Fishbeard: The coins and gold the goat now also had, it was all rather rad.

[15:36] Fishbeard: And so the children marched towards this goat, who owned a big boat.
[15:36] Fishbeard: It was not but for long they found the animal, he who simply lived on that one boat, they were all acting like manimals.
[15:38] Fishbeard: Charging the ship with their weapons and fire, the goat but a simple animal would not be able to withstand the power they brought, but there was one liar.

[15:38] Fishbeard: The liar was the eldest son, who had been hired but he didn’t just do it for fun.

[15:39] Fishbeard: The goat would give half belongings if the son were to kill the others, and so the son agreed, swearing on the grave of his mother.

[15:39] Fishbeard: And so the son did, they never saw him coming.

[15:39] Fishbeard: They were brutalized, slain in the cheap attack, the eldest son will now be called Jack.

[15:40] Fishbeard: Jack, who now was the sole surviver, asked for the pennies and the rest of the deal that he required.

[15:40] Fishbeard: And so the goat as promised gave him what was needed, and would be on his way, as heeded
[15:41] Fishbeard: BUT, then the goat had laced the coins with poison, figuring that wounds be left after the battle, and so his body was pushed in to the ocean.

[15:42] Fishbeard: Now the goat owned all, but he was a mere goat, and he did not need all the things he had. It was all rather sad.

[15:42] Fishbeard: The goat died lonely, in the pool of the blood, the children and the peasants body all buried as one.

[15:43] Fishbeard: Now tell me the point of this story.


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The Infamous One-Liner/Para/Multi/Novella Debate. We start off with a decriptive roleplay. Then discuss the one liner and para roleplay. Personally , I do both depending on the situation and who I am roleplaying with. I don’t look down on one liners as some do in SL Gor , it’s all part of personal style. Also you cant expect newcomers to roleplay a para , the learning curve is steep enough for SL Gor as it is. So lets have fun….


[07:45]  Beastie  he had suffered making his way through the swamps she have spoken about as he have reached there camp… he shrugged for such a course which is set.. it was made almost imposibble for any to find there way in… glancing about the huts he wondered which one was hers.. he searched them one by one.. finally he stood infron of the one the belonged to her.. a painting of her fine face was beside it.. he grinned as he took a little scroll from his pouch.. along with a piece of charcoal… he stepped in and moved towards the second floor.. noticing her sleeping furs he grinned and sat there as he scripted “this is my payment to you for washing my laundaries, as he gripped that wet sack after he took it from the lakes and tossed it beside he pillow… he grinned and took the scroll in hand as he added “wear that gift and come to me mine* he added as he lifted that scroll to his lips and sealed it with a kiss.. dropping it over her pillow….
[07:49]  Beastie  glancing about the hut and the camp liking it.. he grinned to himself as he slowly took that piece of jewell he got her.. a fine collar made of the best jewells of gor when he stole himself from a fine city that city of Ar, he palced the collar over the scroll on the pillow and then reached for a red flower, one which was not poisonos.. one he pocked during his travels, during his visit to there camp and placed it over the collar… dipping his hand to his pouch he took out a candy and placed it there.. he couldn’t help it but chuckle at the idea.. tossing the candle inside the collar’s rim with a grin upon his lips.. as he slowly lifted his figure to a stand and walked outside the hut… it was time to find his way back to the docks and sail…


The Infamous One-Liner/Para/Multi/Novella Debate

Alright, someone needs to say it, so we’re going to: This debate over One Liner, Para, Multi Para and Novella needs to be put to rest so that’s what we’re going to do! Below you will find the definition along with an example of each. Some of you may think that knowing what these terms mean isn’t important but you’d be wrong. It is vitally important for every roleplayer to have an understanding of what these mean because we all fit into one or more categories. Why is it important to know what category you fit into? Because a lot of RPers have their own personal rules regarding how they roleplay. As a general rule , expect para roleplay in BtB (by the book)  tribes and one liners in GE (Gor evolved).  I think the main reason for this is that GE is more combat oriented and focused less on roleplay and developing storylines. Personally,  I adapt my  roleplay to who ever I am conversing with. So sometimes I will para and at other times I will one line.

That said, onward to the definitions and examples:

One Liners:

One-Liner RPers are RPers who’s comments are anything less than one paragraph long. (A paragraph is generally five or six sentences long at least. Though in RP it is generally upwards of six) It is important to understand that even though you may write more than one sentence it does not mean that you are a Para Rper. There is a large difference between the two.

One-Liner Example:

[12:39] Saint  promptly takes on out his Thalarion oil that he had kept tat his side, he began to pour the oil onto the ground and then promptly used a torch to set the oil aflame.


Para (Paragraph) RPers are Rpers who’s comments are at least one full paragraph long but less than two full paragraphs long. Keep in mind that a full paragraph is five to six sentences at the very least. Note that if you write a full paragraph and a sentence or two in addition it does not make you a Multi-Para roleplayer.

Para Example:

[00:13] Shark  encouraged Flame, seeing her spitting on the girl. “Whore, you just do not know when to stop, I see. You were given the chance to walk out of here but that mouth of yours, which is so unbecoming of a good slut, has chosen a new path for you.” Shark pressed her tongue into the side of her mouth, she spoke then to Mouse, “This girl is going nowhere.” Her words were firm and direct. She then turned, picking up a small bag of goods, taking a sharp blade, careful with her fingers as to not cut into her skin. She grabbed a chunk of the girl’s thick band of hair and began to slide away at it, tearing the strands from her scalp wildly, jerking back on her mane with unrelenting grasp.


Multi-Para RPers are RPers who’s comments are at least two full paragraphs in length but less than four full paragraphs in length. Multi-Para RPers tend to take their writing more seriously than both Para and One-Line RPers and generally will accept nothing less than Multi-Para comments in return. In order to be a true Multi-Para RPer you must also be a “Literate” RPer. This includes but is not limited to following all of these guidelines to the absolute best of your ability: proper spelling and grammar, no text speak, proper punctuation and so on. Any Multi-Para worth their salt generally has a developed and unique writing style as well a well developed character. Note that if you write three paragraphs and a sentence or two you are not a Novella RPer.

Multi-Para Example:

[00:24] Shark  indeed cared nothing for honor and so she would reply, sweetly: “It would be up to the girl, it seems. I am forcing her to make her own decision since she is so against it.” She had finished by this time, removing the remaining bits of hair from the girl until the white of her scalp shone through with only a few spots still remaining. She placed her palm on the girl’s head, her cold touch to the skull, “This is where your mouth and fragility has gotten you.” She added to Mouse’s rant, “You are but a powerless beast to them and now to us.” She took the sudden silence of Kemse as a self-proclaimed victory, giving way to her own arrogance and pride. “And this Master of yours, where is he now? Does he search for you? Nay. I be willing to be my lost bag of spices he is in some wretched tavern already forgotten about you, with another because you – wench – are so utterly replaceable.” With each word, a harsher tone, rolling off her tongue.


Novella RPers are RPers who’s comments are four full paragraphs or more. Like Multi-Para, a true Novella RPer must also be a Literate RPer, and will most likely take their writing seriously as well. Again, like most Multi-Para’s, a Novella RPer is likely to have a developed style to their writing that distinguishes them from other Roleplayers, and are likely to have well developed and established characters. A Novella RPer is likely to accept nothing less than at least Multi-Para comments and generally expect genuine effort from their story partners.

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As a Luna Caleeng slave, You need to be able to do the following (to the best of your ability):

1. Meet and greet newbies/visitors, with an inclusive and open minded approach. Be honest if you are new and tell the person you will be glad to help as best you can. Spend time near the camp entrance and offer to show potential Panthers or tribe slaves around/give a small tour. you are not obligated to obey strangers, especially if they are unreasonable – but attempt to be polite and helpful. Report any potential applicants names and also any troublemaker visitors to Marlies Dasmijn (En) , inticement (Elder) , Trish30 (Slaver) or Shiloh Tachikawa (first girl) . Call non Goreans Sir or Miss, instead of Master and Mistress unless directed.

2. Be able to discuss the role of  panther and their slaves in Gor in general.

3. Be able to discuss how we are different from other tribes in SL (primarily our friendly relationship with our neighbours the Di Jan) Combat *can* happen here; GM Meters are required.

4. Be able to inform prospective Panthers and Panther slaves, once you tour them or tell them about the tribe, by giving them our official notecard

There are both Panther and slave applications in this notecard as well as information about our tribe.

5. Visit the tribe lands regularly, and do your best to participate in our scheduled events, which you will receive notification of ahead of time in group notices.

6. Serve and spend time with the Panthers of the tribe as best you can, while respecting your restrictions. Ask the En if you are unsure on specifics regarding service – main activities will be food and drink serving, massage, dance and general pleasing of the Panthers (ask them how you may be of service, often just conversing or spending time together is a great service!).  IM tribe members when they log on and offer to join them.

7. Do your best to get to know the other slaves. You should support each other, and work together. In your down time, you can do things such as practice serves, travel to safe places together, help each other with your tasks. Report prims left by strangers for cleanup.

8. If you are experienced in Gorean ways, talk to the En about how you can contribute to events, discussions and training in the future.

9. Do not visit any dangerous (force collar) location without a panther escort. If you want to visit one or another of these places, communicate it – in most cases it may be organized, safely.

10. Get to know our neighbours the Di Jan and expand your friendship circle as well as your learning through participating in events when you are not spending time with the tribe.

11. you are expected to remain in contact and inform your Mistress or the En if you are going to be offline for an extended period of time. Be reasonable and communicate this so we will not be worried about you in your abscence.

12. you are expected to make an honest effort at fulfilling these expectations and continuing to work on yourself as a slave that is exquisitely beautiful and absolutely obedient and pleasing. If a slave is not deemed to be making an adequate effort or is consistently displeasing, they may be dismissed from the tribe and no longer our property.

13. Be polite, communicate honestly and openly with your family, and BE YOURSELF!

14. Tribal kajirae are requested to serve food and drink to everyone, within their individual slave restrictions.

15. If you are ever approached by someone who behaves suspiciously, chat log and notecard the conversation, in case of trouble. Report persons who break the sims rules of Justifiably Gorean actions, with consent, to the En or your Mistress

16. If you ever have problems or issues, bring them to the attention of inticement (Elder) , Trish30 (Slaver) or Shiloh Tachikawa (first girl), we will never hold you against your will and wish for you to feel cared for in Luna Caleeng, even as a slave.

17. Copy of Luna Caleeng slave papers

18. As a slave you are allowed only slave weapons to defend camp.

With any questions, contact En Marlies Dasmijn


Example of slave roleplay:

[07:06]  Camille: she streatches and rubs her eyes , sat blinking afew times as she gets up from her furs, sleepy she wandres out to chek the door , hmm goos still, she scratches her ass once and wandres up to chek the zipline, she pull the rope, hmm seem fine as well, she stood letting the wind caress her cheeks to help wake her up, hmm wake up tor common chores waiting for you

[07:09]  Camille: hmm what was it the mistress sayet yeasterday, change hay in the kennels .. change the pots, get gueasts watherand food incase there is someone. she starts to wandre down towards the kennel wile repeating the chores, oh pick berryes as well i was told and get the bosks hay pewwww were is the boy when you need them?

[07:13]  Camille : she kicks the door up to the kennels and walkt to the first cage, she graps the first pot and wrinkels her nose, this is weeds chore, she mumbels he should do this, she walks outsie and graps a shovel and outside the camp, she plases the pot on the ground and digs a large hole to emty the pot in and swears like a sailor uffff i hate doing that, she go to the wather and wash the pot, and back to the kennels , and goes to next cage and graps next pot, she repeats this with all the cages and covers the hole again so it dont smell.

[07:17]  Camille: shetakes a large bag and shovels the uset hay in the bag making sure she got it all in and emtyes all the cages for hay, and pulls the bag outside to take it to the bossk as she was told to but first she went to grap a new haystak and sweating wile she workt hard to pull it all the way to the kennels, she stops halfway and sat down to rest for afew mins, pewww damm this is boys work , but hmm they ran off i guess she rolls her eyes and got back up to pull it down stars again and starts to fill the cages again with hay. hmm well thats that . what was bext?? gueasts, hmm well no of them atleast today

[07:19]  Camille: she looks around the plase to chek if she forgot eanything, hmm seem fine today, she walks over to grap a basket to go pick berryes. and walks back outside. and took a deap breath , to fill her loungs with air, so were do i get berryes today?


Slaves can be very useful and helpful during raids, so read this carefully.

– Slaves duty in attacking raids :

1. Know how to grapple, how many lines is aiding ( if allowed), how to bind and how to unbind.

2. One slave will do the grappling, so learn how to grapple , be fast and accurate, when the grapple is up, shout it out so all sisters know about it.

3. Learn to aid, keep an eye on the battlefield and rush over to a Mistress that is in need of aiding.

4. Help with the binding of downed enemies , by doing so one more bow will be available to continue the attack. If there’s no time to bind them, at least disarm them.

5. In some circumstances you may come across a bound Mistress. Untie her as fast as possible.

6. you’re a slave, therefor expandable, every arrow that hits you doesn’t hit a Mistress, so try to make the enemy shoot at you, but be careful not to get downed.

– Slaves duty in defending the camp :

1. Watch for grapples, and cut them as quickly as possible

2. Help with the binding of downed enemies , by doing so one more bow will be available to continue the attack. If there’s no time to bind them, at least disarm them.

3. In some circumstances you may come across a bound Mistress. Untie her as fast as possible.

4. you’re a slave, therefor expandable, every arrow that hits you doesn’t hit a Mistress, so try to make the enemy shoot at you, but be careful not to get downed.



Defending or attacking..when things go bad…escape or hide…It’s important the sleeping sisters get informed about the fate of their sisters.

_ Examples:

° grappling depending on the sim rules these need to be shouted or not, Usually 3 linesand 10 words per line minimum.

1) Uncoils the grapple from her belt, and starts swinging it over her head to pick up momentum for the throw 2) Keeps her eyes fix on the point where she wants the grapple to land ,and with a mighty throw let’s it fly. 3) Pulls the grapple , satisfied as it seem securely attached and proud it landed just where she wanted it.

That concludes grappling , grapple is rezzed now, now warn the band the grapple is up  by, in case of shouting  ,shout in local “grapple up” in case of not shouting do the same but in groupchat.

° Aiding, check the sim rules if aiding is possible, and how many lines are needed.

1) Bends over her sister, her trained eye checking her for severe injuries. 2) seeing only superficial scratches, she applies a bit of healing salves to the biggest ones 3) takes her flask of her belt and splashes the cold water over her sisters face ” Wake up sister

Now click on the bulb and press aid

°untieing : Again check how many lines are required depending on sim rules

1) Picks up a sharps stone, kneels beside the huntress and starts cutting her legs free with the stone 2) now concentrates on his Mistress arms, using the same stone, he works his way through her arm bindings, and cuts them too

Press the bulb, untie and job done


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Luna  Caleeng Code of Conduct

I know you are going to run into people RPing that do not follow our standards of RP and fair play. Regardless, we follow the rules of whatever sim we are on, and call a moderator before refusing or removing bindings. If you can legally leave the sim, consider doing so instead of arguing with someone you do not really want to RP with anyway. Avoid breaking rules and do not waste your time in OOC arguments with someone who is unreasonable. We share our lands with the Di Jan Lina tribe, living peacefully alongside them.  Our tribe does not interfere with their captives (even if they are a IC/OOC friend). Nor do we correct their slaves, any issues with their slaves should be taken up with their owner, let their owner deal with it. In a raid on the Di Jan Lina our tribe only gets involved if we are also shot at, otherwise do not interfere.  Our tribe or individuals in our tribe may raid and aid alongside the Di Jan Lina when the need arises.

Marlies Dasmijn Chieftess

1. Play fair, and put yourself in the other person’s shoes. What would you want? If a raider forgets to shout the grapple emote, go with the RP and remind them in an IM for next time.  If you forget to set your meter AFK when you go AFK and your are downed, be a good sport about it. If raiders have a good RP experience, they will return here. If you have a problem with the RP, or you have to leave or log always let the captor know as a courtesy and workout arrangements with them if necessary.

2. Do not refuse bindings, or TP out.  Call a mod first. You will be banned from most sims for this.

3. Do not raid cities.  Small villages, Outlaw camps, and panther camps are fine to raid.

4. No mega alliances.  We do not want to give the impression we gather all the panthers we can and randomly devastate everyone in our way.

5. Do not randomly attack for no reason.  Have a good IC reason for attacking.

6. Do not act IC on OOC information.  You have to find out IC about things before you can act on things.  If someone IMs you they are captured, for example, that the time RP IC missing them and find someone with IC information of who took them.

7.  Avoid OOC Insults, Drama and OOC cursing.  Be careful what you say OOC, particularly when you are mad. Cursing will generally make matters worse and cause hard feelings. OOC Insults can get you banned from most sims.

8. Avoid calling mods unless absolutely necessary.  First it disrupts RP.  Ask yourself: Did it really make a difference to the direction of the RP?  If the infraction is minor, go with it.  If a captive is whining and wanting a mod you always have the option of letting them go.  Do you really want to RP with a whiney captive?  I never waste time calling a mod if the captive is whiney.  I just leave them where I downed them,  or sail them on a boat.

9.  Do not be excessively brutal to other sister’s slaves without the owners consent.  You can correct or punish a tribal slave, but do not severely wound them, puncture them with a weapon, or set them on fire. Brutalizing a tribal slave causes drama.

10. Be tolerant and respectful of other people’s RP. Do not interrupt RP if you are asked not to OOC. Use commonsense when entering RP.  If it is obvious two people want to be alone IC, respect that.  If a group of people are taunting a captive, feel free to join in.

11. RP LIMITS:  We all have them, but we dont always read them in battle, so if you are capped and things are happening that are in your picks, IM them, tell them. Simple.

12. Always listen to your leaders, which includes the En, Se, Tor, Elders, En Bow and 2nd Bow, and Slaver.  And remember even if you disagree with them take it to IM’s. DO NOT do it in open chat or group chat.

13. There are non combatants in our tribe such as healer/shaman and slaves. Healers may defend themselves if they wish, they may join on raids and help with binding or healing. Slaves may carry slave weapons to defend the camp or on a raid. They may aid in binding.  When a slave is travelling on his/her own they are not permitted weapons.

14. Beasts and ferals may defend and raid alongside the panthers. They are the only ones permitted to use claws.

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Luna Caleeng Tribe Structure

Leaders: Chieftress – Leader of the tribe, coordinates all following positions.  Should be strong willed and strong minded.  Responsible for increasing RP, creating a more co-hesive and organized group, managing disputes and inter-tribal matters as they arise.


Se – Second in command.  Their primary function is to keep the tribe headed on the same path when the Chieftress is unavailable. They counsel the Chieftress and act as the prime director of the Scout and Consul, making sure they are seeing to their positions and all important information concerning trade and geography are given to the Chieftress.


Tor – Third in command.  Ready to take the position of the Chieftress if the Chieftress and Se are unavailable, the Tor helps guide the tribe and is the main point of contact point for pledges.

First Bow -The first bow assesses and trains our Sisters in an ongoing fashion so that we stay our sharpest. This is really a teaching position so anyone not interested in teaching, should not be the En Bow. Anyone who becomes En bow and does not assess/train/lead missions will be promptly removed from the position. The En bow may assign a Se bow but will seek the counsils approval for the appointment.

Elders These Sisters have proven themselves not only capable, brave and trustworthy, but essential to the tribe. This takes time and active dedication. They are leaders in their own right and will show it at all times. They are the backbone of the tribe and can step in when needed. Any Sister can come to them with concerns and questions.


Council The Council is comprised of the Chieftress, Se, Tor, En Bow and Elders. They have proven themselves in their role play skills and are brilliant under pressure. They are also active and dependable. They make the main decissions in the tribe keeping in mind the welfare of the tribe always.

Sisters (Huntress or Panther) They have proven themselves capable, brave and trustworthy. They are valued assets to the tribe. When a pledge becomes a Sister she must understudy a Sister in a role that interests her or will be assigned one based on tribe need. Two panthers are preferred in each role to ensure maximum coverage.

Kat (luna caleeng friends)

Roles may be added as needed by the Council and suggestions are always welcome.

Slaver (2) The Slaver is in charge of giving guidance to all slaves. Tribe slaves that are not claimed by a Sister after 7 days must be sold. Our tribe is not a kajira school, slaves should be taken because they are exceptional, not because they exist. Taking lousy slaves lowers the morale of our excellent ones and also limits the attention they get. We value our slaves as a part of our tribal family and assign them tasks that we need done. They are interesting and obedient.

Healer/shaman (2 -3) Speaks for itself. A physicain maybe once in a city but now has her freedom and lives as a Free Forest Woman. They also check in on Sisters ooc after a traumatic IC event.

Scout (2-6) Has an excellent knowledge of sims for when we are looking for a lost tribe member or a great new place to explore. Submits scout reports regularly to the Chieftress and Se. If the scout knows a sim has changed or of a new tribe or group is occupying such territory they will make sure the report is updated.

Head Trader and Negotiator) (2) This person will be excellent at going into potentially dangerous situations and negotiating trade. Tribe ambassadors. Finds places of interest to do trading especially to trade captives that will bring supplies to the camp.

Membership and Pledge Coordinator (1) Makes sure the new pledges receive the current Pledge Packet and evaluate the pack contents keeping it up to date with rules, landmarks and current flag.

Priestess (1-2) Their visions and cures can generate interesting rp and storylines for the tribe. If you like to tell tall tales and have a vivid imagination then here is your chance.

Pledges The lowest of the tribe. These are panthers that we believe have potential to become full Sisters. Pledges not realizing their potential will not become Full Sisters.


Slaves Slaves are beautiful and obedient. They are incredibly pleasing because they are bright and interesting individuals who live for that purpose. They do not rule from their knees. Life is difficult here and they work hard for their owners and the tribe. The First Girl and First Boy are experienced and help guide the other slaves, primarily through example. The First Girl and First Boy will be decided by the council.

source: Kimmy Lecker

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 In the  Luna Caleeng panther tribe you can explore the roles of shaman and healer. Leda our shaman has written some information on the role. 

Shaman healers are people who practise Shamanism, the healing art form blending mind, body and spirit, for inner health as well as outer health. A healer who is a Shaman acts as a medium between the visible world and the world of spirits to gain information for the purposes of healing, divination and to gain help or wisdom for the community or people they are serving.

A traditional medicine healer who acts as an intermediary between the spirit and material worlds and heals without using surgery or drugs.

A shaman is, in fact, a holistic healer, who enables your physical, emotional and psychic selves to be revived and repaired as they receive a shamanic healing.

Now what does this mean, This means that I am not here just for your physical needs with ingurys and wounds, but also for your mental and emotional needs. To be the one that you speak too about any ills you many have, advice, concerns, desires and fears without having to worry about who you share with as it stays between your Shaman and yourself.

It as means that I help guide you through the spiritual world, to help you find the path that fits you best and how to move about this world with love and peace in your heart for the best of the tribe and yourself.

A shaman does not judge nor take sides, they walk down a middle path of calm recourse to be stable on all levels for the best of they tribe.

They are often quite solitary people that keep to they own, as they are mostly deep in thought as well as praying to the other world for the best advice they may bring to the tribe for the betterment of all, nature as well as person.

This mean my tribe, that I am here for all your needs when you have a need to call on me, I stand by you all equally, no matter who you may be or the problem you have, I do not judge nor have the need to take sides.

live blessed everyone

Shaman of the Luna Caleeng Leda

For some reason the subject of what a panther healer and healing kajiras can and can’t do during roleplay is hotly debated when encountering other groups such as city dwellers.  It’s mostly when city Physicians get annoyed when kajira and healers such as those found in Panther tribes have the knowledge and technology to be fully trained medical people.

Look at it from this angle. On Gor a physician  spends many years training for his/her position, can a shaman, healer or a kajira match those years of training?  A physician is supposed to be a highly trained individual who has a large city and medical resources to hand, to take care of the citizens. Panthers live out of the cities and mostly off the land, they don’t have electrical power as such, so cant keep ice in a chiller … they don’t have access to things like sterilisers to keep equipment sterile and safe to use, they don’t even have access to some of the medicines. They are confined to using the natural medicines around them.

In the matter of the kajira.. they are not allowed to carry weapons, would a panther trust a slave, the beast at her feet to put her to sleep and operate on her. It is not the slaves place to be able to offer more than basic first aid, they are there for pleasure and to carry out the mundane and boring tasks a Free would feel was beneath them. My apologies to the kajirae but this is how it is in Gor. They are slaves, property to be used as the Free see fit, not highly trained medical people.

I guess before someone tries to use it as an argument that a trained physician could become a panther… she still wouldn’t have the facilities and would be lost in her new environment. A physician could be collared but then would her Owner want her to spend her time healing others when she should be at her Owners feet finding ways to please her Owner. Of course there is also the maths in this, so you are telling me every panther tribe in Gor has a runaway physician? Lets try to be real about this. The Green Caste isn’t that bad that all or even half its members run away to become panthers or they are so bad at their job or so disrespectful they earn a collar.

Let us try to look at the roles realistically. True this is RP and you can do it whatever way you want… but even RP needs to have some grounding in sheer common sense. Okay so I have a Mary Poppins bag called an inventory. If you were a panther and were searched and all taken from you, you can’t just magic a dagger in your hand and cut the throat of the person guarding you. It is the same with healing a panther in a camp can’t miraculously find she has all she needs including the knowledge to perform major surgery.

Some may argue that a panther could dress as a Free Woman and enter a city to steal medical supplies and sophisticated medical devices. But realistically , how many panther healers would try this?

So what can each group do? What are the strengths and the limitations of their healing abilities?


The most basic knowledge and experience these are the infirmary orderlies at worst, fetching and carrying and cleaning. At best they are first aiders. They will perhaps know how to put a bandage on, how to clean a cut.. at a push they can use salves and oils but only under supervision. They are the nurses that do as the healer tells them. Of course some nurses are fairly skilled as would some kajira be but by no means all. Some may even be able to go as far as delivering a baby, check the pulse and know to some small degree what they were looking for. But like all nurses they would not dare to do more… if a healer causes a panther pain while healing him they can get away with it… a slave… again lets be realistic the panther would push her away and refuse to allow someone that is no more than a beast to treat them and may even punish them for causing more pain.

Panther healers

Panther groups would have as their healer someone that was well versed in the herbs growing around them. It is more than likely the skills would be passed down from generation to generation they would have superstitions over what herbs could be used and when they could be picked for use. They would know where to find the best crops of each herb. They would be able to give reasonable care to their tribe but would not be able to perform surgery or anything that might require skill and training. They may be able to sew up a wound or set a broken leg, They would know how to calm a fever and deliver a baby. So there skills would be an extension of the slaves with an awesome knowledge of herbs and poisons.

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