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 Luna Jerag the beginning

The Luna Jerag (sisters of the moons) began with a violent confrontation in the notorious tribe called the Verus Var. This tribe was the home of the finest bows in Gor, but they were harsh, unforgiving, and savage. Mars, the eventual founder of the Lunas, and the Var En got in an argument about a kajira, and the other Var gunned her down and pulled her to the outskirts of their territory.  As she limped off, Mars vowed that she would never again be in a tribe that would turn on its own sisters.

Mars Sirbu

In the Var, Mars had been a scout, and knew Gor territory well. She knew of a dense swamp, one that males would never enter, in a land called Terra de Luna. This land was the home of a large and aggressive outlaw clan named the Askari. Once, long ago, Mars had rescued the Askari matriarch from being capped, and she negotiated a peace treaty and made the decision to form a new tribe, one that ws different than those that came before. The tribe would be founded on the concept of sisterhood, and loyalty to each other.

Mars persuaded a core group of panthers who were close to her to come on this venture: Zarah, Katana, Terr, Eclair, Kit, and Shi courageously left their tribes and homes and followed Mars into the swamp. The swamp proved to be an excellent home, discouraging males from entering, and offering escape routes if a large raid materialized.

The nature of the tribe attracted positive attention, and numbers quickly grew. Soon, the Lunas started leaving the swamp and going out on raids.They learned more about the swamp, and the nature of the fruits and flowers that grew there.

Throughout these early times, the Askari, though having a peace treaty with the Luna, were routinely insulting and aggressive. One evening Mars returned home with a small raiding party to find Shi leading a battle against a much larger Askari force. It seems that the outlaws had finally crossed the line and violence had erupted. However, the battle did not go as the Askari had expected. The battle hardened Lunas wiped the field with their forces and quickly overran their keep. The same thing happened the following night. The Askari were no longer in charge of their own lands.

Being males, this situation was not tolerable to them, and they began burning our huts and messing up the swamp anytime we were not around. Efforts to calm things down were to no avail, and the decision was made to leave Terra de Luna.

One of the interesting elements of panther life is that tribes often make friends with the people they raid the most. The Lunas were very fond of raiding the Dijans, with their complex fort and rolling hills. Their lands were well known to the Luna, and the existence of the large and dense swamp, also uninhabited, became of great interest. Mars and her officers approached the Dijan leadership about moving to Lake Ias. This idea was embraced by the Dijan, who knew the Luna were honorable and skilled panthers. So, one moonless night, the Luna took their belongings, got into their canoes, and paddled to Lake Ias, not to raid, but to live. The new swamp was even more beautiful than the old one, and the Dijan were certainly more beautiful than the Askaris!

The tribe continued to flourish, and Luna raiding skills were unparalleled. The Luna’s secret was a signaling system, which allowed coordinated movement and attacks. The Lunas nearly always attacked camps with many more defenders than panthers attacking. However, due to the coordination, and excellent bow skills thanks to training from Niccole and Eclair, they very rarely lost a raid.

Such success would make any En happy, but Mars had always been a free spirit. Scouting suited her far more than leading a large and robust tribe. Her sisters saw that she was unhappy and tried to help, and to cheer her up. Mars continued to withdraw, and began to go out on journeys by herself, much to the tribe’s distress.

It was 3 am, and the tribe was asleep. The swamp was calm and fragrant with summer blossoms. Mars awoke and stepped out into the blazing moonlight. The Crone and the Huntress were both full. As if in a dream, the En gathered her bow and few possessions and kissed her sleeping slavegirl on the forehead. Walking silently to the tied up canoes, she picked the one she had used to go to Terra de Luna so long ago. Pushing out into the still, silver water, she sat a moment with her head bowed in thought. Then, she picked up her paddle and sailed away.

She did not look back.


In the period between Mars and Marli there were three other Chieftesses of the Luna Jerag.

Niccole was chieftess from late 2010 to early 2011. Had come from the Di Jan tribe. Well known in SL Gor for her excellent bow skills , she worked her way up from En bow to En. She left the tribe to form her own mercenary group. She is presently back with the Di Jan once more.

Terr was chieftess from 2011 to early 2012. Elder in the Luna Jerag and present in the tribe since it’s formative years. Known for her down to earth approach. She is presently retired from SL Gor.

Twig was chieftess feral during 2012. Was elder feral in Luna Jerag. She is presently elder feral in the Luna Caleeng.

If you wish to join us , you can find our tribe in SL Gor in Lake Ias


The birth of Luna caleeng

The Luna Caleeng  are the daughters of the Moon water, they pray to Artemis who was the goddess of the hunt and Selene a luna diety.

Her name is Marli  and she  was born in the month of Se Var (the second resting), in the year 1029 (Rune Priest) , her mother’s name was Shy, a mighty and skilled huntress. She was born  in the cold north of Torvaldsland.


Marli knew nothing of her father. He had been captured during a raid and was used for sexual pleasure by her mother before he was sold into slavery. Of her mother, Marli remembers little. Marli knows that she was very beautiful. She held a high rank among the panther women and was highly respected , she was deadly with her spear and bow.

Marli’s earliest memories is of her mother and her hunting near the outer forest when Marli was around the age of twelve. To this day Marli  does not understand why her mother would leave the safety of the swamps with only her daughter to accompany her. All panther women know to never leave the interior of the forest without the tribe at your side. Otherwise you run the risk of death or, worse enslavement. There were Askari men living outside the forest.

As they were walking, they heard something move. Before she  could react, her mother had thrust her to one side . Marli cried out in pain as she hit the ground. Marli heard a fierce growl and her mother screaming. Turning, Marli saw a huge black larl on top of her mother, its claws tearing into her flesh. She looked at her and screamed at Marli to run. Marli will never forget the sound of her and the larl as she ran away as fast as she could.  Marli had continued running home until she reached the swamps. The trade post where the tribe traded bonta fruits is where she finally stumbled and fell down. Tears rolled from her eyes, Marli was so tired and fell asleep on the hard wooden beams.

Marli awoke in the arms of Mars. Marli thought for a moment that it was her mother, but when she opened my eyes and heard her voice, Marli knew that she was mistaken. Marli was placed under the care of an elder by the name of Sophie Crabe, a healer from the Sa’ang Suri.  She herself had been born and raised a free woman , but was one day captured , branded, and sold as a slave. The man who bought her had been Red caste and warrior. She was the only slave he had ever owned. After she served him for a few years, he freed her and she agreed to become his companion in life. She became a physician in the city. They had two daughters, the youngest dying from the bazi plague. Their eldest survived , her name  was Lynn.  One day on a patrol near the outer forest their wagon had been attacked by a band of rival panthers. Somehow Sophie and her daughter had survived and found their way to the swamps. Proving herself worthy she was allowed to stay, her daughter renamed Scar , due to an unfortunate cut to her arm on that fateful day. Scar and Marli became like a sisters. By the time Marli was sixteen years old, she had learned all she could from the panther women. Sophie herself had began to teach her the ways of the green. She taught her of all the different herbs and poisons within Gor. Anytime Marli would ask a question Sophie didn’t know, she would fetch one of the books from her hut.

When Marli was about the age of eighteen, she noticed men looking at her in ways that sent chills down her spine whenever she was trading tanned skins with them. Without asking, Marli knew what these looks meant. It was times like this when she was very happy to be wearing the weapons of a panther girl.

Before, Marli had worn clothing that left her midriff, arms, and most of her legs bare so that she would not get too hot. Then, after Marli noticed the looks, she started wearing more modest outfits when she knew she was to be near men.  When amongst the tribe though, Marli wore minimal clothing, as it pleased her. Marli made braids  that she wore to keep her hair out of her face.  She kept her hair long, it fell to her lower back, so that she may braid in hair ribbons.  Marli has  been raped once by a man,  one good thing came of it , her sweet  daughter her name is Feathers. Often her daughter asks Marli about her father. All Marli remembers is that she was lured away foolishly by his good looks and charm, when she resisted he simply took her as any Gorean man would.

In the tradition of the panther healers in the tribe Marli placed an ornate shell necklace around her daughters neck.  She cared for her daughter only for a few years,  Marli was out hunting with her sisters when Askari men invaded the swamps taking with them her daughter and the female slave that was taking care of Feathers. Marli was devastated and heartbroken. Swearing to her Goddess that she would do all sheI could to find her daughter. The tribe discovered that a Priest King orb that had been hidden in their caves had also been taken.

Rumour quickly spread to the swamps that one of the Askari men whilst holding Marli’s  young daughter had touched the orb and in a blinding flash both had disappeared. Many years later Marli heard a tale of a kajira that had been to Earth , that she had aged miraculously to maturity when she had returned to counter Earth. Marli sought out this kajira in the city of Ko-Ro-Ba , when she first met her in the presence of her Master  Marli had intense feelings of recognition, these were confirmed when she saw the shell necklace around her daughter’s neck. She had to free her daughter and return her to her rightful  side as elder in their tribe. Dressed in the robes of concealment and In a daring escape from the city they headed into the forests and found their way back to the swamps. Marli was so grateful to her Goddess for hearing her prayers, though at times Marli is concerned about her daughters Earthly ways.

By the age of twenty Marli was a skilled panther healer. Times were changing and a rival band encroached their  territory. Mars mustered all her panthers to fight against the Sa Sang Hrimgar. A fierce tribe  living in the weathered caves of Jorts. At the end of the bloody  fight, the Luna were victorious ,  most of the tribe were killed however , but a few had survived. Marli tended to the wounds on Mars and the others.

Marli rested near the river, then heard a grunt and spun around , Her spear at the ready. It was a Sa Sang Hrimgar , she jumped at Marli and thrust her dagger into her. Marli lost consciousness and awoke in Jorts.  She saw the dark pool of blood beneath her body and the deep gashes on her legs.  She could save Marli’s  life if she wished. Or, could allow her to die.

With a triumphant look on her face she offered Marli a choice , join her band as a healer or die on that very spot in the caves. Marli remembered that Mars always told them that panthers must survive by any means.

Two years passed . Mars had disappeared, yet rumours abounded that ferals now lived in the swamps. Scar had survived somehow and had founded a tribe near the river banks of Ven, she named her tribe Sa Caleeng, daughters of the water.

At the age of twenty two Marli owned two slaves , the first  her name was Shi.  Her second slave was Nala.

In her  early childhood Marli had known shi as the Tor and elder in the Luna Jerag.  She had been the one Marli had sought advice from when certain things troubled her youthful mind. In retrospect , her roughness and matter of fact ways  were endearing qualities. Though not always appreciated by some in the tribe. How different shi became when the fire of servitude started to burn in hear heart. Kneeling at Marli’sy feet she has become the inspiration to the camp slaves. Aided in her duties by the second girl.

Nala didn’t serve Marli long , when one winter the Askari raided the swamps they took sweet nala , had her serve the men in the village and then they killed her mercilessly.

Returning from a successful raid Marli had proven myself a worthy sister, eyes were no longer tracking her every move. She packed her belongings and travelled to Ven , joining with Scar and telling her stories about the Luna Jerag now led by a feral girl.  The Sa Caleeng was a small tribe and they agreed that they needed to grow to survive.  The Sa Caleeng under Marli’s leadership now  headed to Lake Las, in the swamps they were challenged  by wild feral girls. Marli  showed her old  Luna feathers , using her knife she drew the moon circle into the soft earth. The feral leader understood that Marli was claiming the tribe as her own. Twig spoke little as did the other feral girls but Marli felt at home once more.

To honour the Sa Caleeng  Marli named the new tribe Luna Caleeng, meaning  Daughters of the Moons water. And so the stories begin………….


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I am creating this fruit to encourage more RP and bring alittle something new to Gor instead of usual PewPewCapSex RP that has long grown old and boring to me. I hope you enjoy this little fruit and with it, encourage and spread the use of it among others. If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about the Bonta fruit, please IM Diamond Mikita.  Addendum: Marli has added some extra RP elements to the bont a fruit, for example it can be used as an effective poison…. 


Products: Basket of Bonta Fruit Bonta Fruit Liquor, mixed from Bonta and Kalana

Effects: Repels insects Prevents certain diseases found within Swamps Allows inhabitation of the Terra de Luna Swamp

Fate of those in the swamp without eating bonta: Day 1: Bug bites all over, swelling, irritating itching Day 2: Fever, Nausiea, Weakness Day 3: Bed ridden, vomiting, bodily pains, chills and very high fever Day 4: Death

Storyline of the Bonta Fruit

Discovering the Bonta Fruit Tree —     Indigenous to the swamps within Terra de Luna, it was this sole element that allows the inhabitance of anything living within the dangerous swamp. The fruit was discovered while the lone scout of the Luna Jerag sought refreshment while getting lost through the thick muck in the swamp. Seeing the strange fruit, she cut it down from the tall tree and would try it carefully, not wanting to poison herself. The Bonta looked somewhat like a melon, a thick, leathery rind covering and protecting the sweet flesh inside. Peeling back this hard cover with her dagger, inside it was juicy and ripe, it contained a center of seeds, but were easily scraped out, leaving the rest of the fruit exposed for eating. The fruit was bitter at first, but it was something that grew on you, turning quickly into a thickly sweet taste to savor. Finishing the small treat, she would cut down two more of these and pack them away for later.

The bugs and insects of the swamp were thickly abundant, growing within the humid, wet atmosphere of the swamp, biting and eating anyone within it alive. However, Kit seemed to notice that none of the bugs wanted anything to deal with the wandering woman. Little did she know the special property of the fruit she had eaten was that it repelled insects and other diseases found within the swamp, making it one of the few able food supplies to grow within the marsh. Continuing to make her way through the rest of the swamp, unbitten and uninfected, she made her way out the otherside and quickly returned to her sisters with the news.

Harvesting the Bonta Fruit —     Alittle after spreading word through their nomad band of panthers, they decided the swamp the perfect place to setup home. An extinct volcano comprised of their main home, with huts in the trees and floating in the water around the base. They immediately began collecting the bonta from the trees, placing them in baskets in the camp. Ideas were collected what to do with these special fruit and if it should be spread. Later on, it was discovered the effects of the bonta fruit lasted about a hand’s time. A visitor venturing into the swamp, who hadn’t eaten the fruit, soon fell victim to the swamp’s bugs and diseases while staying in their camp. The first day, they were bitten all over, itching and swelling up. The second day, they became feverish and weak, feeling nautious and dizzy. By the third day, the woman was bed ridden, vomiting and bodily pains, barely able to remain conscious, with chills and very high fever. The forth day, she had died.

The Luna Jerag learned from this experience and made sure all their sisters regularly ate the bonta fruit, so that none of them go through what the woman had. They would eat the fruit with their meals atleast twice a week. Later on, one of the sisters sick of eating the fruit, decided to do something with it. Taking a bottle of kalana, she mashed the fruit up into a bowl of fruit juice, experimentally adding amounts of the kalana, giving it kick and changing the flavor into a more subtle, tolerable taste. Now the Bonta Kalana was made, regularly mixing it with their alcohols and bottling them up for consumption.

The Bonta Fruit to Others —     Even though the tribe was new, word of their existance in the deathly swamp spread quickly. The nearby Askari was drawn to these women, wondering how they could possibly live within what they thought was uninhabitable land. Despite tensions between the Merc and Panther neighbors, they soon began trade of the Bonta for other goods. The Askari sought the precious fruit as valuable for their taste, as well as keeping bugs away while travelling. Others soon caught on, visiting the swamp or being taken out to other tribes, trading them for goods the new and prospering tribe sorely needed, while providing the new fruit to others. However, any attempting to grow their own Bonta would find themselves disappointed. For some reasons, the trees would only grow within the dank, mucky swamps of Terra de Luna, keeping the fruit in the hands of the Luna Jerag.

Credit given to Diamond Mitikita  for creating this rp [aka Kit]


The Storyline of the Bonta fruit cont.

When the Luna Jerag tribe moved from Askari lands to the Lake Ias region, their healer Marli took with her some bonta seeds.  When Mars had chosen the swamps as their new home it was Marli that started to plant some seeds in the new swamps close to the marshes.  In the years that followed the saplings grew into large bonta trees.  The conditions of the swamp was very similar to the one in the Terra de Luna Swamp.

Marli instructed her sisters and the slaves on how to harvest the fruits, they were collected in baskets.  Some were stored and some were crushed to make bonta juice.  Later on, Marli wondered if the juice could be used in a herbal tea, as Marli was rather partial to brewing a cup of tea.  She made a cotton filter and placed the flesh inside , leaving the seeds as they could be used to plant more trees in the future.  The bark of the trees being used to make huts, bows and other useful implements for in the camp. 

She brewed the cotton bag in a boiling pot of water. She first noticed the rather penetrating smell that started to fill her hut.  Undeterred she continued to boil the contents, the clear boiling water turning darker. The brew tasted bitter , so she added some sweet honey, Marli then added some slave wine and this was her way of avoiding pregnancy and swamp diseases.

Now, Marli being a healer decided to study the bonta in greater detail.  Although the bonta might not be toxic themselves but  the seeds (in large doses) are.  Oil pressed from these seeds  had  been used as cooking oil.  It was then that Marli accidentally discovered the side effects of the bonta seed.  They may produce symptoms of cyanide poisoning, including nausea, fever, rash, headaches, insomnia, increased thirst, weakness, lethargy, nervousness, various aches and pains in joints and muscles, and eventually death within the space of three days.

When Mars heard of this she instructed her sisters to start boiling great quantities of bonta seed oil, some arrow heads were dipped in the oil. Now when an arrow only grazed an enemy it would still be highly effective, the oil entering the skin would cause the victim develop a blistering rash,  in the three days that followed the cyanide poison would eventually lead to death.  Marli, is still working on a cure…….she does advise the following , rinse the wound with running water or alcohol, avoid scratching the rash, suck out the oil and spit it out.  Bind the wound, repeat the wound rinsing the second day. There is a 50% chance of survival if treated in the first few ihn.  


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Spend time with some GE (Gor evolved ) Panther tribes and one will find jargon that isn’t used in the novels and is frowned upon by more serious Btb (By the book) tribes…..”crazy bi***es!”….lol

Learning Gorean terms is a must for all newcomers to SL Gor. Without learning at least the basics for time , food ,drinks,  animals and greetings you will be lost. Some reading of the novels or searching on the internet is required.  But , first we start off with an amusing roleplay…..

Marli wakes up, she had leant against the tree she had been sleeping on, the second spear she had made  standing next to her. She rubs her eyes and looks around, mumbling ‘strangers…’….Arrows fly…..A Di Jan panther  captures a woman  near the Luna camp. ❤

[06:06] Tamar : Tal Marli do you know this one

[06:07] Marli: Yes , she is Nan, formerly of SSH

[06:07] Tamar: “Oh she was near our camp and seemed to want a fight , but she ran away ”

[06:07] Tamar : Tal Ice

[06:08] Nanny grunts and whimpers, waking up blinking, looking around “where am I, and why am I on the ground?” I slowly come to, realizing I am bound, and sigh. “Did I have too much to drink again? I’ll pay for the damages”

[06:08] Marli rubs her chin “She runs with Imani now…i forget the name of their tribe…Tahem Rogues? ”

[06:09] Tamar looks down she giggles as she listens “why would you want to fight me when we were just talking ?”

[06:09] Tamar : “well she is a silly one , I would have just talked ”

[06:10] Tamar reaching out and takes the leash

[06:10] Nanny remembers now what happened. “Did I fight you? Did I let one arrow fly? No, for if I had, you’d be down. I merely was running off to my next place to hunt, as there were no healthy tabuk here”

[06:10] Marli smirks “yes , very silly”

[06:10] Tamar leans down and cuts the feet loose

[06:11] Tamar : “Girl you have more metal on your Boobies then i have in my arrows ” she chuckles

[06:11] Nanny shrugs at the nonsequitur, not really knowing how to respond to that

[06:12] Isabeaux flipping a coin to the captain sailed away quickly whispers to the destination

[06:12] Tamar : let move over before we get in trouble here

[06:14] Nanny looks at these two “you obviously have important things to discuss and I’l like to get my bow from the river and get back to hunting – so how about you untie me and we’ll forget this ever happened eh?”

[06:14] Tamar : sure lets move over

[06:14] A flock of vulo shouts: ‘squawk’, then pretty much ignore you as they are so used to people by now

[06:14] Marli pats Nans cute ass “No no, you are a guest now”

[06:15] Nanny pouts “awwwww I thought you might say that”

[06:15] Tamar : come along now you can serve us paga

[06:15] Tamar : lead on I get lost here

[06:16] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[06:18] Tamar : chuckles “ok i would get lost every time in ”

[06:18] Nanny looks around “who the heck lives here? I have never been here.”

[06:18] Marli chuckles “thats the idea ……it keeps the Luna safe”

[06:19] Tamar turns my head looks at her “the great Luna ‘s Tribe”

[06:19] Marli grins , she liked the sound of that

[06:19] Nanny shakes my head and laughs “the luna mori moved AGAIN? Oh gosh I will have to bop that silly en of theirs tight on the head Poor Nova, always moving”

[06:20] Marli laughs “We are the Luna Caleeng !…not that tribe led by Nova ”

[06:21] Nanny looks at the surroundings “yeah there are too many bugs and snakes here for Nova and Sam to be happy”

[06:26] Tamar : Nods and nods I agree do you want this girl I have a problem i need to look after ”

[06:26] Marli: “i will look after her and then take her to your camp, she is a di jan capture”

[06:28] Tamar looks around and jump of the wall in the water and waves as she goes

[06:28] Marli waves

[06:29] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[06:29] Nanny turns to the other panther “so you know me, but do I know you – were you SSH too?”

[06:29] Marli pulls on the leash and heads over to the fire “lets talk”

[06:30] Marli: “take a seat” she pushed nan to the ground

[06:30] Nanny grunts as I am pushed down to my butt “one of the pillows would have been nice”

[06:30] Marli smirks “you have to earn that right ”

[06:31] Nanny pouts “so, how do you know me? were you SSH too?”

[06:31] Marli: “yes , i was Sa Sang Hrimgar in Jorts, i was one of the healers in Morri’s and Sorrows tribe”

[06:32] Nanny nods as the face is familiar “Sorry for not remembering all the details of that part of my lift. I have a new one now, in Verr Fjord, and am happy”

[06:32] Nanny Gothly: life…

[06:34] Marli nods “so tell me, you know the reputation of the Di Jans as well as i do, why be so foolish and hunt so close to their lands ?” she wondered if Nan and Tam were perhaps an item

[06:35] Nanny sighs and looks at Marli “I hunt where I see game – my tummy tells me when I need to hunt. And I am hungry. So, I got a little close to the di jan camp but I didn’t threaten them. There were no arrows shot to them”

[06:38] Marli lips curl in a thin smile “the Di Jan will shoot their arrows first and ask questions later” she tugs the leash to make her point “as you have now found out”

[06:39] Nanny jolts forward with the tug “so I have seen. I thought that was something limited to the sds and sa vella but now I know better – the di jans had always been patient before today, with me”

[06:43] Marli spits in the fire when Nan mentions the name of the sa vella and sds “aye, they will fire arrows at a trade post ” she turns her head at Nan “the luna caleeng only take what enters into their swamps uninvited ” she nods “…in the tradition of Mars Sirbu”

[06:44] Nanny nods “well I have never made it into this bog, my former sister – how did you end up here? I would like to hear your story, as last we met was in the mountains of jorts”

[06:45] Marli tilts her head to one side “Before i was SSH in Jorts , i ran with a band led by Mars Sirbu, a former Verus Var and some of her sisters” she paused and then continued

[06:46] Nanny nods and listens closely

[06:47] Marli: “…..i was healer , we lived in the swamps of Terre de Luna , those where the glory days of Luna Jerag”

[06:48] Nanny leans in close to not miss a word

[06:50] Marli: “……then one day Morri declared war on us, she captured me and i had a choice , join her or be enslaved, i chose for freedom …..i didnt expect to stay with SSH , though the new lands grew on me…..i loved the caves we had in Jorts”

[06:52] Marli: “…..years passed and one fatefull day Jorts was gone….an earth quake perhaps……on that day i decided to form my own tribe , the sa caleeng……i later heard Mars had left , it was then that Sa Caleeng joined with Luna Jerag”

[06:53] Nanny listens to the history this woman tells so well – these pieces of gorean history were things I reveled in hearing since many were so closed off about it

[06:56] Marli: “we are now known as Luna Caleeng” she drew a arrow in the dirt “we travelled from TDL to here , lake las and found another swamp to live in…” she grins “its our trade mark in a way”

[06:58] Nanny nods “it is definitely a smart way to live – find some place you feel comfortable, but that others do not find hospitable, and make home there – people will fear losing to you, and being brought to these swamps for interrogation and possible torture, also no one will want to take over your camps for their own”

[07:01] Marli nods at the wise words of her former SSH sister “Indeed , the camp can be defended by just a handfull of sisters, to newcomers the swamps can be confusing ”

[07:03] Nanny laughs “I’ll be honest – if you fell asleep now and i were left alone to escape, I’d most likely still be wandering when you awoke – or, more truthfully, I’d just stay close to you for safety – I saw the snakes looking at me on the way in, and would not like to meet one with now axe

[07:03] Nanny : no axe”

[07:04] Marli: “yes the snakes , bugs and flesh eating plants act like our gates ” she tucked a scroll into Nans left boot “without the bonta fruit you would die here”

[07:06] Marli she looked at Nan “speaking of fruits …..that reminds me ….since i have an trade agreement with Imani , i will honour that” she inspected her fingernails “Tam has not returned to claim you ” she paused “so …i plan to let you go”

[07:07] Nanny nods “thank you my former sister. I will take all your words to heart, and appreciate your freeing me. I will return to tam to meet her again, sometime, do find out of we still have issues with one another”

[07:08] Marli: i will unleash you at the entrance of our swamps…..its just to make sure you dont get……well lost

[07:09] Nanny nods “I don’t want to get lost and become snake fodder for sure” [07:10] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[07:11] Marli drops the leash, she unsheaths her sleen knife and cuts at the thick ropes

[07:12] Marli: Be safe my former sister

[07:14] Nanny smiles “thank you, my former sister. I wish you and your tribe wll”

Common Gorean Expressions:

Enemy/stranger- “The words for stranger and enemy in Gorean are the same.”—Nomads, 9

Mine- “’Yes,’ I had told her. ‘Yes, Vella, Kajira mira. I am pleased. I am pleased indeed.”—Nomads, 320

Greetings: “’Tal!’ I called, lifting my hand, palm inward, in Gorean greeting.”—Nomads, 15

So like , here are a few Gorean words you might like to learn:


ˇ★”Fora”==chain. plural==fori



ˇ★”Kajira”==female slave, plural=kajirae

ˇ★”Kajirus”==male slave, plural=kajiri (This plural also refers to a group of mixed-sex slaves)

ˇ★”Ko-lar”==collar (Some claim this is not truly a Gorean word. There is a single passage concerning this word in Slave Girl of Gor. The Gorean word is not pronounced the same as the Earth word “collar.” It is pronounced the way “ko-lar” is spelled.)



ˇ★”Sa-Fora”==Chain Daughter, a slave


ˇ★”Sa’ng-Fori”==Without chains: freedom or liberty



ˇ★”Urth”==This is not a Gorean word. It was never used in the books. There is no known Gorean term for “Earth.” Simply use the term “Earth.”

ˇ★”Var”==This has three meanings. First, a resting in months. Second, a turning in directions. Third, “what is.”



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We take a look at the role of female warrior and share thoughts on females using swords. Let me say that I believe its legitimate for a panther to carry a small sword or scimitar as many female merc’s enter the Lake Ias sim to fight with us. So its feasible that a panther girl would keep the sword from her captive. As long as the damage is 35% and the sword isn’t HUGE then I see no problem. ….

Here Marli is ,  teaching a male mamba in IM’s about what us girls talk about when she is  rudely interupted by the Sa Dina demanding tribute.  Pfttt…..please…when will these rival bands learn….the Luna never pay tribute ! So to recap Mr. Mamba, us girls talk about: Elastic waisted jeans, Eating too much and feeling fat, Jewelry, Receiving jewelry ,Receiving gifts, Receiving bad gifts, Coffee ,The brand of coffee at my house, Our iPhones, Our families, Our crazy family members, The gym and why we hate it ,Wine, Our boobs, The Herpes & other STDs we are thankful not to have, Friends, Shared friends, Flaky friends, Shared flaky friends, The guy in SL who stalks me, Porn, Lovers from the past, Friends who have affairs, Friends who have open relationships, Sex, Condoms, Chocolate bars, Pedicures, The weirdness of foot fetishes, The weirdness of male fetishes, Twitter, Our love of tea, Bad sex, Good sex, Really good sex, Friends who have babies, having babies, Periods…..lol…..I can hear him snoring in IMs …..

[16:42]  Marli: “first lesson mamba …..allways kneel in the presence of the free” she points at shi “like my girl”

[16:43]  Ȥȩuȿ come on now when are you gonna remove thsi strap from around my balls its alittle to tight ” he said well looking to marli and hearing her words ” oh well you see I am not a slave so I will not kneel for you

[16:44]  Giani lives in the wild, being a wild giani.  She roams the forests looking for food and such.

[16:44]  Marli tilts her head to one side , then smiles as she grabs the loose flesh around his ball sack “standing will cause you pain”

[16:46]  Ȥȩuȿ as he felt how she grabbed hold of his sack well hearing her words ” pain or no pain I will not kneel for you I am no slave you want me on my knees your gonna have to find away to do so ” he said as he looked to her well grining as his feet was free from bindings still well his hands worked over the knots on his wrist binds

[16:48]  ʂհἶ remembers her days as a huntress and recalls a swift kick the back of the knees does wonders for slaves with attitudes

[16:50]  Marli simply applied more pressure to his balls, digging in her fingernails “you will kneel”

[16:51]  Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[16:52]  Ȥȩuȿ as he heard the girl he growled out and glared at her knonw she was thinking something before feeling how Marli started to apply more pressure well feeling her nail digging in the pain shooting though him as he worked on tring to block the Pain he was not planning to give Marli what she wanted. As he continued to try and block out the pain caused by her nails digging to his balls his leg started to buckel some

[16:53]  ʂհἶ: Tal mistress

[16:53]  jJenifer : Hmm…I see he still hasn’t submitted then as she sees Marli tortuing him still.

[16:53]  Marli saw his knee buckle some and then presses down on his shoulder “kneel” she commanded, then turned and smiles at her sister “Tal”

[16:55]  Marli looks at jj “some more training in the stocks?”

[16:56]  Ȥȩus as he felt her applying pressure to his shoulder well still feeling the tightness of her grip on his sack his knees caving in well dropping to the ground on his knees

[17:00]  Marli grabs the leash and shows him the stocks “Do not think our camp hasnt got similar teaching tools”

[17:07]  Ȥȩuȿ smirks as he see the stock ” well it might have the same tools but what makes you think i will be what you want me to be I am a mamba and we mamba do not submit at all

[17:09]  jJenifer : I just thought of something sis.

[17:10]  jJenifer : I haave a slave gaod….smiles

[17:10]  jJenifer: put him in the stocks and ask him if he will submit..winks

[17:11]  Marli looks at the slave stockade and pushes zeus into it, she pushed him down and slams sht the stockade

[17:13]  Marli cuts the binds on zeus

[17:13]  Ȥȩuȿ I am not and will not submit Mambas never submitted so we cna skip past this ” he said as he looked to them before feelin Marli pushed him down onto to the stocks feeling how she slammed the top bar down against his neck to hold him in place

[17:16]  Ȥȩuȿ he growld out well pulling on the stocks ” ok this is more then enough its painfll enough being liek this well having this strap around my cock keeping my shaft hard well still feeling hte affect and pain from marli nails and well this collar around my neck being pressed down agaisnt me from this bar agaisnt my throat

[17:17]  Marli leaned over the stockade , her hair caressing his forehead as Marli looked down at him “You will insist on being stubborn…….that will only cause you grief and pain” she smiled sweetly at him “jj want to demonstrate her toy now”

[17:19]  Ȥȩuȿ his darken orbs caugh glaze of marli feeling how her hair brush over his forehead hearing her words and how JJ wanted to play with a new toy ” How am I being Stubborn I am just stating the fact that we mamba do not submit we are not slaves never have been and never will be

[17:22]  Marli drew a heart shape on his forehead with her index finger , as she spoke softly “do you submit freely or does my sis use her goad on you?”

[17:23]  Ȥȩuȿ upon feeling how she drew a heart shape on his forhead his eyes locked upon hers ” no I do not submit freely I will not be a slave what part do you not get

[17:23]  jJenifer  hearing this she touches him with the goad and presses the trigger.

[17:25]  Ȥȩuȿ his voice growled out as he felt how she poked him with teh Goaad deeling hte Jolt of Current shot through him ” No I will not submit ” he said in anger and pain cused by the event he was in right now the pain fro

[17:25]  jJenifer  shakes her head then touches his thigh and pulls thwe trigger

[17:26]  Marli playfully moved her fingers through his hair, Marli could feel his body rock and shudder as the goad did its ugly work

[17:27]  Sandy: tal

[17:27]  jJenifer : tal

[17:27]  Ȥȩuȿ his voice growled out once more as he felt how she poked his thigh well feeling the jolt shooting through him yet again his arms tencing up as he pulled on the stocks well looking to Marli No I will not be a slave am not gonna submit ” he said well grinding his teeth

[17:28]  jJenifer : what btings you up here in this camp unanounced?

[17:28]  Sandy: oh i was just showing a pledge how to spot traps

[17:28]  jJenifer : Marli/….she your friend?

[17:28]  Marli: No….she is no longer a luna

[17:28]  Sandy: i didnt realise anyone was at home

[17:29]  Sandy: aww marli ..were not friends ?

[17:29]  jJenifer : well at the entrance there is a bell to ringm normally ones who enter without doing so are here for trouble….grins

[17:29]  Marli: sa dinas next time announce yourselves or risk being captured!

[17:32]  Ȥȩuȿ looks over to the Slave ” hey girl come here come unlock this stock for me well they are busy ther will be candies in it for you I have a stash hidden not far from the port here

[17:32]  jJenifer: well not my call here,..I just saw intruders

[17:33]  Sandy: & very alert you were to ..i only walked into the camp before you noticed

[17:33]  jJenifer : aye…I have such acute ears, or is is cute ears….smirks

[17:33]  ʂհἶ smiles. Well that would make my Mistress angry and well, sometimes when she’s angry it’s not pleasant for me. I will bring you some water if that would help

[17:34]  jJenifer : well you can do the right thing and get your name nback and join luna again…smiles

[17:34]  Ȥȩuȿ shakes his head ” no water is not good right now not well that other Panther got her play toy out so just set me free she does not need to know that you did it just pretend your sleeping once i get free

[17:35]  Marli looked arte over, she folded her arms “yes you can redeem ourself”

[17:35]  Sandy: chuckles ..umm no ..im sa dina ..we are getting stronger ..while ..well i wont say weaker ..but

[17:36]  jJenifer looks her up and dopown and shakes her head and says to Marli..” Mmhmm…just what I thought, that big white witch over there brainwashed her”….

[17:37]  Marli smirks “obviously her brain been affected ,,,,or infected….havent decided yet”

[17:38]  ʂհἶ giggles at the silly mamba. So you know I was once a free…a huntress like my Mistress. Saying that just because I chose to give up my freedom does not mean my mind is not what it was. I have heard all the stories as I told them myself as well. It will do you little good to ask me for something I will not do. Even if I were to do as you sugeested who would belive it anyway?

[17:38]  Sandy: oh marli ..be nice ..remember i saved from torture when my sisters captured you

[17:40]  Marli narrows her eyes into slits at arte “i remember you taking part in that torture and you do nothing at all to help me” she cracks her knuckles and remembers the promiss she made arte about smashing arte’s  fingers with a rock if arte ever showed her face again

[17:41]  Ȥȩuȿ well sure you were once free and come nwo am offering what most slave love sweets so surely it is worth it to free me besides they do not want me tehy are now busy with the others so come now besides ones i am gone you will have thne both to your self ” he said tring to think of how to get the girl to help him out

[17:41]  Sandy: laughs ..marli we were joking ..i didnt go get any rocks ..we were just scaring you ..looking to meags ..i know sis ..she must of been chewing kanda leaves

[17:55]  Sandy: maybe your tribes would like to pay sa dina tribute now ?

[17:55]  jJenifer : tribute, here, for what?…looks at her strangly

[17:56]  Sandy: so we dont attack & just take of course ..im sure marli would pay

[17:57]  Marli: No way ! I suggest you leave before i leave you tributes in the ass, the arrow kind

[17:57]  Marli: and take the baby speak panther with you

[17:58]  Sandy: oh i see ..well ok we will leave ..as your already a slave of the dijan ..we will wipe them out ..does that mean we get you as the prize ..laughs

[17:58]  Maegs: pats my chest Wakanda no baby Wakanda Cheyenne

[17:58]  Maegs: leearn Gooreeahn

[17:59]  Marli: i dont speak baby speak gorean,,,now leave

[17:59]  jJenifer : you want us to pay tribute to you for the sardines?

[17:59]  Ȥȩuȿ hey Feral come here i have something for you ” he shouted out as he hoped she would come over

[18:00]  Sandy: come sis lets goto camp ..seems you have upset these huntresses

[18:00]  Marli notches an arrow and growls

[18:00]  Sandy: oh ..anyone stood on the ridge when we leave ..duck

Thoughts on warrior girls:

Taluna is not a synonym for panther girl. They are two distinct peoples though they share some similarities. A panther girl is a woman who lives in the northern forests of Gor. They are escaped slaves and free women who live by hunting and trading. They hate men and enslave those they capture. They hunt the panthers that roam the forests. They wield spears, bows and knives and can actually be excellent archers. Yet, panther girls do not wield swords. Talunas are white girls who live in the jungles near Schendi. Taluna is an inland dialect word for these girls. It is not a Gorean word. They too use spears, bows and knives but do not wield swords.

Panther girls and talunas do not visit the cities of Gor. They primarily remain in their forests or jungles. If they entered a city, they would most likely be enslaved very quickly. This is because both groups are considered outlaws and outlaws are forbidden entrance to almost all cities. Impalement is a common punishment for outlaws though female outlaws are more often subject to enslavement. Panther girls might possibily be seen at the Sardar fairs where a truce exists and they can safely walk around. It would be a lengthy trek for talunas to attend the Sardar fairs so it is extremely unlikely they would ever attend one.

Thoughts on panthers with swords:

The Panther Girls of the northern forests and the talunas of the rainforest are female warriors who live in isolated areas of Gor. Yet, none of these women wield swords. They primarily use spears and bows. They have apparently learned these skills on their own and were never trained by men to use such weapons.

Unfortunately, the books do not say anything about the training of such women. In other isolated and barbaric areas, the women do not engage in combat. The women of the Wagon Peoples, the Red Savages, Torvaldslanders and the Red Hunters do not engage in combat or hunting. So why did the Panther Girls and Talunas develop such skills?

First, these societies are female only groups. The only males that exist within these communities are slaves. Thus, the women must generally rely on themselves to hunt, fish and defend their bands. Second, these women live in wilderness areas, facing natural dangers on their own. It is essential that they possess certain skills to survive in such perilous areas. Third, these women are generally anti-men and feel they must prove themselves the equals or betters of men. They wish to be self-reliant and prove they have no need for men except as a slave.

There is a single example of a woman wielding a sword, with any type of skill, in the novels. There are other examples of women using a sword but they are generally where a woman picks up a sword on the spur of the moment to aid someone in distress. In Tarnsman of Gor, Talena picks up a sword and cuts off a man’s hand to protect Tarl Cabot. Though she was a member of the Warrior’s Caste, she had no training in using a sword. In Raiders of Gor, a woman uses a sword during an attack on Port Kar though she has no training in the weapon. USE THIS QUOTE IF SOME ONE CHALLENGES YOU ABOUT YOUR SWORD

Finally, as merc women attack us in Lake Ias , it is entirely feasible that a panther girl would keep the sword she had taken from the female merc.

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Who or what exactly are the Priest Kings? According to the novels they are therulers of Gor. Rarely seen in roleplay in SL Gor. I can recall one instance when some one roleplayed a Priest King in the Sardar sim. I only refer to them when cursing in roleplay…..lolz

Now, I might be generalizing… I feel like conversations with my SL girlfriends  are filled with digressions, randomness, complaints, experiences and then everything else unclassifiable that can conveniently fall under the heading “girl talk”.  That’s what I love about spending time with girlfriends….so I “may” have mentioned that I wanted Rina captured to a girlfriend…


Patience is a virtue and Marli has plenty of that. Marli strikes an accord with the Sa Di Sani and Rina is caught. Marli plans her revenge on Rina, by repeating each step the slaver did to her.   Rina shivers, quite rightly !

[07:47] Marli yanks the leash “come with me…Mistress will show you the swamps”

[07:47] Rina looks around her and isn’t really liking the place, or is it the situation, wondering how she get out of this mess” i don’t have any ” she grumbles ” i’m a free

[07:48] Marli nods at the slave girl

[07:48] Leena smiles . Greetings Mistress

[07:48] Marli: greetings girl

[07:48] Leena moves out of her way

[07:48] Rina: greetings girl ” she says ,while she still tries to find a solution

[07:49] Leena smiles to the other woman

[07:49] Marli yanks on the leash “come rina……you have much to learn”

[07:49] Leena waves to her .. “Well wishes Mistress.”

[07:50] Rina: learn? ” closes her eyes ,not liking the sound of this” i know everything about the woods

[07:50] Marli: “aye the woods you know….but you know little about the swamps….but thats not what i had in mind”

[07:51] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[07:51] Rina decides for now it’s better not to ask what she meant

[07:52] Rina although she tries she starts to lose sends of direction

[07:52] Rina: sence*

[07:53] Marli knew the swamps would be confusing to a newcomer, its what kept the Luna safe from outside attacks, she opened the secret and hidden doorway to the dungeons

[07:54] Marli applied pressure to rina’s shoulder, forcing her to kneel at Marli’s feet

[07:55] Rina looks around her ,not really liking what she sees, but she’s not going to show that, at least she hopes and looks up proudly at Marli ” i’m sure, we can…mmm…find a solution” growls slightly as she”s forced to sit down

[07:58] Marli runs her fingers through rina’s hair , the sa di sani had removed pins and other items, her brief search confirmed this “really? a solution?” she lifted rina’s chin and looked at her with deep piercing eyes “what solutions do girls offer a panther when they are captured….please amuse me ”

[07:59] Marli heard foot steps appraoch outside “we are in here!” she bellowed out

[07:59] Rina: mmmm, respect, freedom? “she tries ” doesn’t that sound good to you ? I mean….what good am i to you , a wild panther ….

[08:00] Marli laughs “By the Priest Kings ! Men allways say panther girls make excellent slaves … so lets test this theory on you!”

[08:01] Rina sighs as she sees the other one, thinking this isn’t improving her chances to get out of here , she looks at Marli and whispers between her teeth ” i never submit, i ‘m not a slave, i ‘m a panther , i told you ,woman

[08:01] Marli eyes shift to alice, not responding to rina “will you help me drag the girl to the cross……she needs to learn her first lesson”

[08:02] Rina she is worried though , but hopes her firm words don’t miss the effect they should have

[08:02] Alice pulls a dager from the end over my top and holds it to the girl you never what

[08:03] Alice looks to marli aye lock her on the cross

[08:03] Rina freezes and doesn’t move, her eyes on the dagger ” mmm…become a slave??..never??

[08:03] Alice: you see there is a problem with your words

[08:04] Marli yanks on the leash , rina had frozen, she pulls rina to her feet and then drags her to the cross

[08:04] Alice: girls who say never well it becomes truth

[08:05] Rina struggles against ,in vain off coourse ” yo don’t wanna do this woman, you don’t ” looks with mixed feelings at the wooden cross

[08:05] Marli pushes rina’s back to the cross, she gets some spare ropes from her belt and first ties the waist to the cross

[08:06] Rina her instincts saying her to fight, but she knows that for now she does’t have a choice

[08:06] Marli secures the wrists to the cross and then then the feet

[08:07] Rina looks at them both ,while she ‘s attached to the cross ” reconsider this , Marli…it’ll never work

[08:07] Alice : she seems so sure marli

[08:08] Marli flicks at rina’s bouncing nipples “Oh they all say that ”

[08:09] Marli removes a steel collar from its peg on the wall and shows it to rina “once you feel the steel around your neck you will feel different”

[08:09] Rina gasps and finds out with that cross in her back she can’t even pull away ” stop that ” she yells , dissapointed to feel the slight reaction of her nipples

[08:10] Alice laughs to bad we are under ground and no one can hear your scream or please for help

[08:10] Rina: nonono ” shakes her head ” don’t you dare ” she grumbles hopefully sounding angry as to hide she’s getting worried about this

[08:11] Marli holds back rina’s long golden hair , she then slips the collar around rina;s neck and turns the key clockwise , with a click it snaps shut, Marli then removes the key and places it in her leather pouch

[08:12] Rina tries to pull away , her heart beating faster from anger and fear ” no, don’t do that woman

[08:13] Marli: “its already done” Marli remarks dryly as she runs her finger along the collar “get used to its feel rina……feel the emotions ”

[08:14] Alice: you want me to give her a light sedative to calm her

[08:14] Rina shivers and looks from one to the other ” you can’t do this to me, it won’t work ” she yells ” you just can’t

[08:15] Marli grins evily at Alice “how about some special dust….like the one we used on brigs …that will calm rina very much”

[08:16] Rina: no, please ” she tries ,looking from one to the other ” we ..we can work this out, i know we can

[08:16] Alice reaches into your pouch then smears it under the girls nose holding my hand over her mouth so she has to breath through her nose

[08:17] Rina sturggles to get her nose free, but has to inhale whatever that woma did ” what are you doing ? stop this ..what???

[08:18] Rina feels a cold shiver running down her spine as she looks at both women ,feeling a bit odd

[08:19] Alice: you see dear you worried us we had to bring you home

[08:20] Marli watches intently as rina has to breathe at some time, the dust would enter her system and calm her serenely , a side effect being she would be more open to suggestion

[08:20] Rina: home?? she stares at Alice ” home ?? ” she says again, not fully understanding

[08:21] Alice: yes you begged for us to bring you back home and we had to save you

[08:22] Rina she listens quietly to the explanation, which soounds vague and plausible ,still somewhere ,something tells her vagely there’s more to it ” i ..;I live here?

[08:24] Alice: you serve the sisters here you came here when you lost everything we saved you

[08:25] Marli nods slowly at Rina , looking at her convincingly

[08:26] Rina: i..i serve ?? i’m saved ? ” she looks at both , deep inside sensing there’s more to it ” so…;” she thinks slowly as she has a hard time concentrating” i’m h ome and safe ” she says, not totataly convinced

[08:27] Alice: we were the only people who would take you in I found you brought you were were she and I treated your wounds and got y ou better

[08:28] Marli caresses rina’s cheek “we had to put you on this cross for your own safety”

[08:29] Rina she stares at the ground thinking, searching he rmemory and whispers ” thank you for saving me ” then looks at Marli ” i understand …i think

[08:30] Alice: if we hadnt put you up there you would of hurt yourself when you fell its so we can see how badly your hurt without having to move you

[08:30] Alice: if we hadnt put you up there you would of hurt yourself when you fell its so we can see how badly your hurt without having to move you

[08:31] Rina nods as that statement made sense ..somehow “yes, i can understand that ” bends her head , her eyes searchig her body for wounds or bruises and relaxes as she sees none

[08:33] Alice: you fell down the steps bringing us drink we got you on the cross so that you wouldnt get hurt further and maybe have permanent injury

[08:35] Rina she nods ” but ..but i feel good, a bit dizzy perhaps ,but rather good ” all this information becomes to much to question for now , so she accepts it for what it is

[08:36] Marli: “you are our favorite girl …rina” she smiles “we were so worried about you when you fell”

[08:37] Rina smiles back ” i am ?? ” then frowns ” i’m sorry, i can’t remember falling down, i must have hit my head, it’s all….all a blur


Rina is left in a cage to sleep.  Marli returns the next morning , she finds the mind drug has worn off. Not that Marli minds , she would prefer Rina to be conscious of what is happening to her….Marli grins ….Rina shivers

[15:30] Rina lifts her head ” you …..” she grumbles

[15:30] Marli reached out and tickled rina’s exposed nipples with her gloves hand

[15:31] Marli: “mhm….the dust wore off it seems”

[15:31] Rina bites her lip and wiggles with her hips as good as she can,which is way to little to her likings ” stop that ” she says ” don’t do that

[15:32] Rina: haven’t you done enough yet ? ” she looks at Marli” that bloody collar

[15:34] Marli chuckled as she watched rina wriggle in her binds “Mhm…i will stop when you call me Mistress” her finger roaming down he left thigh, she had waited a long time for this moment, Marli was a patient one , she allways got what she wanted

[15:36] Rina feels a slight tremble running through her body , she looks at Marli again , realizing her situation isn’t the greatest ever , and defiantly shakes her head ” no, i won’t woman” she tries to make her voice sound strong

[15:38] Marli looked into rina’s eyes , keeping eye contact untill her lips were close to rina’s right ear, Marli’s hot breath in her ear as she spoke “good, dont give in just yet, let us play some more” her fingers once more caressing rina’s flower

[15:40] Rina feels the ghoosebumps covering her arms , bites her lips , trying to think of something else, but she can feel her body react to the touch, and she shakes her head ” what you want from me ?

[15:42] Marli nibbled on the right earlobe a moment and then let go “I am going to do to you , what that slaver did to me” she laughed ,which echoed in the hollow dungeon

[15:44] Rina shivers and desperatly tugs on her bindings, not really wanting to know what happened there ” you…you can’t blame me ..for whatever happened,it wasn’t me

[15:47] Marli moved rina’s hair aside , Marli kissed the cold steel on rina ‘s collar , she whipped out her tongue and traces a lick down rina’s cheek “i do blame you” , Marli intended to repeat each step with rina

[15:48] Rina a shiver running down her spine , she looks at Marli


Priest Kings

The flora, fauna, and customs of Gor are intricately detailed.

John Norman—the pseudonym of Dr. John Lange, a professor of philosophy and a classical scholar—often delights in ethnography, populating his planet with the equivalents of Roman, Greek, Native American, Viking, and other cultures. In the novels these various population groups are transplants from Earth brought there by space-craft through the behind the scenes rulers of Gor, the Priest-Kings, an extraterrestrial species of insectoid appearance. The Gorean humans are permitted advanced architectural, agricultural and medical skills (including life extension), but are forced to remain primitive in the fields of transportation, communication and weaponry (at approximately the level of Classical Mediterranean civilization) due to restrictions on technology imposed by the Priest-Kings. This limitation is imposed to ensure the safety of both the Priest-Kings, as well as the other indigenous and transplanted beings on Gor, who would otherwise possibly come to harm due to humans’ belligerent tendencies.

This is the third installment of John Norman’s popular and controversial Gor series. Tarl Cabot is the intrepid tarnsman of the planet Gor, a harsh society with a rigid caste system that personifies the most brutal form of social Darwinism. In this volume, Tarl must search for the truth behind the disappearance of his beautiful wife, Talena. Have the ruthless priest-kings destroyed her? Tarl vows to find the answer for himself, journeying to the mountain stronghold of the kings, knowing full well that no one who has dared approach the priest-kings has ever returned alive….

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gor

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Chieftess is a female form of the word chief or chieftain, meaning the leader of a tribe or clan. In the Gorean language En means first. In Btb (by the book) tribes the leader is more often refrerred to as Chieftess rather than En.


Leaders: Chieftress – Leader of the tribe, coordinates all positions.  Should be strong willed and strong minded.  Responsible for increasing RP, creating a more co-hesive and organized group, managing disputes and inter-tribal matters as they arise.

In SL Gor chieftesses are often chosen from members with years of experience. Having experience in moderating helps as dealing with drama requires a cool head. Also having a network of friends is a requirement, especially when setting up raids and roleplay. People skills come to mind and good communication. Being wary of capslutting and being a good bow are also requirements for a decent En.

I have nicknames. Marli is one of them, but I won’t tell you the others. I started this blog because I love to write. Mostly I write about things that pass my mind when I’m role playing.  I like setting up new adventures for Marli and her tribe…Last week, a guy-friend asked me what do girls talk about when they’re together? Mhm….I suppose sometimes we’ll talk about something, but mostly we talk about everything….lolz

Marli trades with a Sa Vella and comes into possession of Fire’s En feathers. Rather musky old Tri Moon feathers …She thinks.  So Marli decides to pass them onto a trader in Hrimgar……….

[13:29]  Marli chuckles as she enters the trade post , she thought she recognised the face and hair , even without the hat on her head “well…well….if it isnt tae the trader”

[13:31]  Taeden lifted a hand and waved, grinning, “Well tal there.” she stretched out lazily, “Yes, I’m verrrry busy here trading. Can’t you see that? And how might I help you today Marli the naughty panther?”

[13:33]  Marli stepped closer to the fire , she noticed tizz wasnt around and grinned “Busy huh? , i heard you set up shop here, what are you trading? pictures of Mo and Willow?”

[13:36]  Marli was about to add dodgy medical exams to the long list of items she thought Tae might trade

[13:37]  Taeden  scoffs, “As if there’s any profit in that… wait, is there? Would anyone actually buy drawings of them? Hmmm, maybe for target practice?” she motioned to the fire, “have a seat if you like. No charge to enjoy the warmth of the fire or my dazzling and witty conversation. Or if you’re in a hurry I’ll make it short and simple, we trade in just about anything we care to. And that which I don’t care to, others do. We have a few merc types who drop by looking for contracts as well. Right now, about my biggest need is for someone to steal and transport a bathtub for me. I’m not going to the falls to bathe with the sakis.”

[13:43]  Marli patted the tree stump she saw , then turned her cheeky eyes to Tae “free warmth and witty conversation, its tempting offer” she brushed the leaves off the stump , grumbling about the mess “i came into the possession of some En feathers, i collect the unusual, something i picked up in Sa Ki Fori” she laughed “didnt see you as the shy type…..im a panther….i dont trade bathtubs…..perhaps some other items like fruits and poisons from my swamps”

[13:47]  Taeden  arched a near snowy brow as she looked toward the panther curiously, “Now let me get this straight. You’ve taken something from Willow or Morgasm at some point. And now want to trade it to me on the off chance they come looking for you to exact some revenge you can blurt, ‘Tae has them!'” she canted her head, “I’m still listening and interested. But I do like to know the specifics. Just like when someone stole and then offered me the saki trade bell recently.”

[13:50]  Marli chuckles, she had a hunch Tae couldnt resist a gloat “not taken or borrowed , but traded fair and square from a Sa Vella panther” she leaned in and looked around making sure they were still alone “the feather belong to Fire, she is lost without them, the condition is so so, but then you know Fire isnt known for cleanliness” she lifted an eyebrow “who would steal a bell? you telling me there is a market for that?”

[13:57]  Taeden  was still listening and interested, but commented on the bell first, “Now you know it wouldn’t be good business for me to go naming names with regards to the specifics of particular thievings, but let’s just say a Kivar was around and mad that the sakis wouldn’t answer their trade bell as they were up there furring or something. She said since they didn’t have a use for it, she stole it. And think of all that metal in a trade bell” Tae rubbed her hands together greedily, “but that got resolved and the bell is back in place for them to ignore. Now, about these Fire feathers, I’m happy to take those off your hands if for no other reason Fire doesn’t much like me and does her best to ignore me. I will happily gloat in her conundrum of whether to approach me or not. But what are you looking for in return? And keep in mind some old moldy sweaty feathers in non pristine condition aren’t going to bring you a windfall. But could be a start to future trading.”

[14:03]  Marli rubbed her chin , she knew the ki var, they were settled close to lake las , though lately they seemed to hibernate in their camp, it seemed to her the sa ki fori now were more focused on the sa vella, she allways had a notion to stirr up trouble between tribes , not getting involved directly , but to get some benefit indirectly “mhm….i just think its too hard work to drag a bell around….so ill keep it small ” she opened the leather pouch on her belt and proudly displayed Fire’s feathers in all their glory “I need a place to shift unwanted captives , my last place fell through, interested ?”

[14:13]  Taeden  nodded her head, “I am interested. Though, to be clear… there’s a difference between ‘unwanted’ captives and captives nobody in their right mind would want because they’re stupid idiots who should be drowned… if you catch my drift. Or to be more clear, I’m not a dumping ground for morons. I won’t take those .. and if they’re left when I’m not here, I’d do the same thing anyone else does– turn a blind eye as they walk right out. But yes, if you come across some slut– male or female I’d add– who wold be worth the time to guard or train them, then yes I’m interested. I mention men right now because I’ve had an order for a kajirus if I can find one that’s fit for labor on a ship. And whether I’m here or not, in a pinch, you can leave them on the cross in the cave… just don’t go dirtying up my camp with morons.” she stands to have a closer look at the feathers, “so that’s what you want, an agreement that I’ll at least take a look at your excess stock?

” [14:17]  Marli held the feathers close to Tae “quite unusual are they not? proof indeed that they are Fire’s ” she sniffs “Uhm…that and the musty smell” then shifted to her side , the log wasnt comfortable, she reckoned that was probably for a good reason ” Yes , an agreement to take captives off my hands, they might be slightly damaged , and well to enter my swamps you have to be crazy so no guarantees about their sanity……however, i will make sure they are slave material”

[14:22]  Taeden  held out her hand and wiggled her fingers, “Well go on, let me have them.” she smiled, “and agreed… at least to see how it goes for both of us. And up to you whether they’re broken or not when brought here. I don’t mind them with some spirit or if they’re dangerous for whatever reason. But if they’re the kind that should be put down, I won’t be doing your dirty work for you.” Her eyes sparkled when she looked at the feathers, seems there was still a little panther left in the Trader.

[14:25]  Marli lips curled into a thin grin , she passes the fancy feathers to Tae “no worry, the idiots i put down myself ….they are no use to any one….agreed i will leave the stock here at your trade post….you look them over…..and if suitable you take them off my hands ”

[14:34]  Marli stretches like a feline panther she is and slowly got up from the tree stump , she wipes off the dirt from her pleated skirt , she looked at the Hrimgarian hills “only insiders know how to deal with the sa ki fori, even then, you cant trust them”

[14:36]  Marli eyes shifted to Tizz , who seemed to appear out of nowhere, she prepared to leave, the agreement to take slaves off her hands done , she was satisfied “I head back to the lakes now, be well Tae”

[14:37]  Taeden  nodded, “aint that the truth!” she gripped the cord of the feathers and saw Tizz stir, “hey babe, just so you know. I’ve made a deal with Marli to take a look at excess stock they come across. So don’t be surprised if she brings a slave or captive by occasionally.” she lifted her hand to show off some feathers, “and we’ve been gifted with some of Fire’s feathers.” she nodded, “safe paths to you, panther.”


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There are several panther tribes in Second Life Gor. Some have been around for years and have a rich history. Others are new and are working hard to gain recognition.  The Luna Caleeng has been formed in 2012, but the original tribe Luna Jerag dates back to 2010. The tribe has grown to 60 plus members at the time of writing with 4 or 5 of us online and in camp. We have listed the number of active panther bands in SL Gor. By the time you read this , some may have disbanded and some may be new. I decided to check a new tribe out , the Tahem Rogues because I knew the founders, they happened to be ex Sa Sang Hrimgar like me  ❤

We have  members that are European, like myself and some from further afield like the USA. Which means we have an elder online in most time zones.  The roleplay is allways in English. On Gor a panther girl band would have had around 15 girls in it and one leader. We have one leader and several elders.  In SL Gor panther tribes can range from 4 to 150+ members. Big tribes are the DI Jan Lina, Valkyrie, Zima  and Sa Di Sani. It depends what you like , the advantage of a small tribe is that you can grow faster and take your own initiative. In a large tribe you may never become an elder even if you have been around in camp for months. the disadvantage of a small tribe is that it can be lonely at times, luckily we have the Di Jan nearby to role play with. The disadvantage in a large tribe is that you are just one of the masses.  I have never been a member of a large panther tribe in my SL Gor career, allways preferring a smaller tribe and being close to the Chieftess, having more oppertunities and more role play in a smaller tribe.  Also the quality of panthers in most cases is better in smaller tribes , because the elders have more time to teach the newbs about roleplay and combat skills. Another thing to take into consideration when choosing a tribe is the vibe of the tribe, do you want to be in a aggressive tribe,  raiding tribe or role play tribe or even a girly girl tribe ? Also what kind of leader do you want to follow? Personally , I have been attracted to joining tribes that were aggressive, had a strong leader  and focused on role play rather than  “pew pew”. 

Seriously. I think I have a very poor spacial ability……when it comes to maps, new routes…..I’m lost without my TOM TOM..at least I can TP to any destination in SL Gor….

Marli hears about a new tribe the Tahem rogues and slips into her canoe wth Kay, they row off to the new lands and run into Imani and her band. …..

[13:03]  Marli: we got company

[13:03]  Nanny shouts: yes I see them! I saw them run by as I was going to the docks

[13:03]  Kaylee: nods

[13:03]  Marli points ahead

[13:04]  Marli cups her hands and shouts loudly “Tal !”

[13:05]  мαđđıє cups her lips and shouts “Tal marli.” [13:05]  Marli recognises the voice “Imani? is that you ?”

[13:05]  Kaylee: “wondering if that is a good thing”

[13:06]  Marli: good question

[13:07]  мαđđıє shouts “The one and only. Well there was a kajira at one point named imani. However that was cause her Master was obsessed with me still she isnt me!”

[13:07]  Marli laughs “Then it is you ! so far from Hrimgar, what brings you here?”

[13:08]  мαđđıє skids down the hill and looks to nan ” I know her you think she’d be offended if i enslaved her?” imani whispered and then shouted out ” I live here thats what im doing here!”

[13:09]  Marli: we proceed with caution sister

[13:09]  Kaylee: nods slowly here eyes wide

[13:09]  Nanny giggles and bumps Imani’s hip playfully. “Does that mean I get the other one as my slave, en?”

[13:11]  Kaylee: whisper: “how good do you now here marli?”

[13:12]  Marli: an ex sister of sa ki fori….but that means nothing out here

[13:12]  Kayleewinters: nods slowly

[13:12]  Marli shouts: “That is good, we come to trade with the locals !”

[13:13]  Marli coughs “hehe…..i hate shouting, thanks for coming over”

[13:14]  мαđđıє looked around ” Our trade post is back thatta way” thumbs back south towards the ruins.” though there is a bell just on the other side of the hill you have to ring first.” imani nodded knowing how picky leia was over procedure” who is your sister there?”

[13:15]  Nanny looks over at the women. “you know Imani, they say they’re here to trade but that one has her weapons drawn. I wonder if that is what she wants to sell to us…her bow”

[13:15]  Kaylee: “i guess you have to thake al off the boushes arround it so we can see it better smiles”

[13:15]  Marli looked over to where Imani was pointing and nodded “must have missed that trade post, it was well hidden”

[13:16]  Kaylee: nods to marli

[13:16]  мαđđıє was pretty sure they hadnt got that close to it yet but didnt say anything regaurding it “Perhaps yer just getting old huntresses.” imani chuckles hearing nan ” So are you here to trade us your bows?”

[13:17]  Kaylee: hear the strange Huntress “this bow is a family beloning end so not for sale” grins

[13:18]  Marli chuckles “maybe i should wear my goggles huh? No, not here to trade bows , yours look much better anyway, i am here to trade bonta fruits from our swamps”

[13:18]  Nanny  gets serious all of a sudden in response to kaylee’s comment. “Then I suggest you put it away if you’re here to trade, or it will get you into trouble.”

[13:19]  Marli nods “sure , we are here to trade , so i will sheathe the bow”

[13:19]  Kaylee: looks arround: “it wass only a precostion” sheating here bow

[13:19]  мαđđıє imani glances to the woman near marli “Who is this?” imani points to the woman wiggling her nose “She resembles someone familiar to me…” imani murmurs and nods to nan hearing her “Yes put those away.” imani said and steps up to kaylee trying to get a better look as imani appeared to be distracted for a moment. “Bonta fruits huh..” imani’s words were slow and drawn out.

[13:20]  Kaylee: looks over to the Huntress then speaks proudly: “im called Kay ”

[13:22]  Marli folded her arms “yes bonta fruits….dont scoff at them ….i know you have green knowledge Imani”

[13:23]  мαđđıє wiggled her nose something was eeriely familiar. Though this woman was relatively taller then the person she was thinking of. Imani took a step back ” Sorry , i use to have a sister named hope.. She looks and well dressed like you but alas i lost her in the woods .” imani sighed she had lost two sisters in the woods it was painful sometimes to see such familiar faces in strangers. Imani turned and looks at marli ” Bonta fruits. I wasn’t scoffing.” imani murmured and shook her head ” i dont know what they are ?”

[13:26]  Marli rubbed her chin and spoke raising one eyebrow “bonta fruits only grow in our swamps (rp item) they cure various poisons , insect bites ” she grins “and they taste pretty good too, we have a surplus of em ”

[13:27]  Kaylee: nods

[13:28]  мαđđıє scratches her head thinking “You live with the Luna jerag lived yeah?” imani said scratching her head still perplexed that the woman was oddly just like hope. Imani tried to focus on marli ” I thought it was Mars who told me they are poisonous or soemthing like that,.”

[13:29]  Nanny shrugs. I had never heard of these fruits. It sounded more like a ploy for us to take them and eat them and all get sick, allowing the sisters of this tribe to enter and take over

[13:29]  Marli nodded “yes , before Sa Ki Fori i ran with Mars and was elder in Luna Jerag” she paused “when prepared in a certain way the fruit can be poisonous….why? does that interest you more?”

[13:31]  Kaylee: makes a step back end tryés to get a bit behing marli

[13:33]  мαđđıє nodded” i remember MArs was here for a short time. No it doesn’t interest me i dont make a habit of try to make others sick. However, with that said i wouldnt keep fruit around that could possibly harm my sisters. Perhaps, you’d be interested in trading something else. ”

[13:37]  Marli was rather disappointed, she had allways been interested in poisons , had even tested them on captives in the past “Mhm, very well…..though you know Mars valued the bonta fruits…..i will find another tribe to trade with” she picked at her leather gloves “I have a surplus of one case of arrowheads, now dont tell me that doesnt interest you”

[13:39]  мαđđıє wiggles her nose. Imani rolled the thought and possibility that the fruit might be useful. Imani sighed knowing this was conflicting. Imani did love her poisons . “Yes , well of course iam a panther girl it does interest me. “I might be interested in some of your fruit too after all . Perhaps a crate of them. You could tell me how to prepare them so they are poisonous.”

[13:42]  Marli grinned now, she was pleased Imani had changed her mind “one crate of fruits…..that generous” she leans in and speaks softly “didnt Mars warn you to never boil the fruits?”

[13:42]  Nanny  looks sideways at Imani and smiles and shakes her head slightly – Leia and IMani were always looking for ways to subtly destroy their foes – using arrows as little as possible, preferring to win by deceit and cunning

[13:46]  мαđđıє nods” You sid y ou had a surplus so might as well get enough to last me for a bit.” imani tilts her head hearing marli”Well no she didn’t . Though i cant say i would trust anything mars said to me while she was in luna either. We werent particulrarly friends.” imani smiled

[13:50]  Marli smiled back ” you can trust the word of a healer ” she rubbed her hands, first wanting to settle the deal with the fruit, then later the arrowheads “now what will you offer me in return for the crate of bonta fruit?”

[13:52]  мαđđıє snickers “Yes , well you know the last healer who told me that . She also branded me when she was suppose to be healing me so i dont know about THAT” imani murmurs and looks around ” The fruit. Hrm. Is there anything in specific you need?” imani glances to nan “What do you think sister? The crate of poison i mean fruit are worth?

[13:54]  Nanny  thinks about that meat sitting nearly frozen in the cold room. “We have the nearly entire bosk and several Verr that we are storing” I don’t mention that they were more victims of a fire than a normal slaughter, but Marli didn’t know that, and what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her

[13:55]  Marli tilted her head to one side thinking about the offer, then nodded “allright , salted or frozen meats will seal the deal for the fruits”

Some panther banners from Second Life gor:

Each panther tribe on SL Gor has its own flag. The Luna Jerag flag and name  is the intellectual property of Mars Sirbu. The Luna Caleeng flag and name  is the intellectual property of Scar&Marli and Luna Caleeng.

Flags are often planted by panther scouts in SL Gor , it is seen as a provocation and intent to wage war. Do not be surprised that if you are caught flagging you will be punished severely or in worst case scenario enslaved !


The flags of our friends the Di Jan and Forest Moon:

1   3

Panther/Taluna Camps ( august 2012):

Atar’atah Bast Panthers – Whispering Moons

Bena Jahesa Talunas – Tathassa

Bibaxt Tribe  - Green River Cove

Black Mamba’s – Tharna Woods

Damu Kabila Blood Tribe – Isle of Sin

Dijan  Panthers – Lake Ias

Forest Moon Panthers – Whispering Moons

Ja’heas con kar Panthers – Heatherlands

Kar’Sa’Hesa Panthers – North Azuria

Kh’rees Ikerei Tribe – Anango (English & French)

Ki’Kara Jerag Panthers – Calendula Island (English & German)

Ki Nadu Panthers – Mahogany 2 (English & German)

Ki-Var Tribe – Primus Weapons

La Verus Sa’Jesuil – North Azuria

Lost Tribe of Talunas – Coastline (English & French)

Luna Caleeng – Lake Ias (European & US)

Luna Mori Panthers – Matrix Zone

Mojave Mi’kmaq Tribe – Amalthea (English & French)

Ni’ta Hesa Talunas  - Land of Kamras (English & Italian)

Pa Ri Tor – Panther Ridge

Sa di Sani – Village of Gimli

Sa Fora Tribe – Shore Park Island

Sa Ki Fori Panthers – Hrimgar

Sa ‘Anu Panthers – Sardar

Sa’Dina Panthers – Mystic Fire

Sa’ng Sar talunas – North Azuria

Sa’jesuil Panthers – Valkyrie Forest

Sa Jerag Talunas – Lovers of Gor

Sa Me Arquana Tribe – Fellglanz (English & German)

Sa Nahele Panthers – Volcano Island

Sa Tor Tribe – Vosk Delta Region (English & French)

Sa Tarna Kara Panthers – Whispering Moons

Sa’Vella Panthers – Fields of Gimli

Tahem Rogue – Verr Fjord

Tasta Talunas – TASTA (English & Russian)

Toki Aka’am Tribe – Shore Park Island

Tol Acharn – Volcano Island

Tor Torvis Veck Panthers – Ivalo (English & German)

TriMoon Tribe – Primus Weapons

Tri Shena Panthers / Sisters of Hura – Marakile

Valkyrie Torva Panthers – Valkyrie Forest

WaHpeKute DauGHters – Chained Isle

Wanika Tribe – Three Moons Valley

Wa Ngao Talunas – Jungles of Gor

Zima Ak’am Panthers – Sunrise

Note: this list was made in august 2012 and will be subject to change.  For example the Atar’atah Bast Panthers are no longer active as of october 2012.

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