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Roleplay class , roleplay explained. First we look at how a roleplay starts and develops its own storyline, not a para but more of a one liner roleplay , yet nevertheless a amusing one to read……:)

DISCLAIMER: The RP Classes are free to share! I just demand that my Name (Violetta Daviau) keeps in the NCs / Copies and is being mentioned as creator. The classes and guides are to not being altered.

“Those are the great forests. No one knows how far they extend to the east, and they go north as far as Torvaldsland. In them there are the forest people, but also many bands of outlaws, some of women and some of men”  “Women?” I asked. “Some call them forest girls,” said Ute. “Others call them the panther girls, for they dress themselves in the teeth and skins of forest panthers, which they slay with their spears and bows.”
~ Captive of Gor


The sun was rising, the sounds from the swamps could be heard.  Marli sat cross legged at the log fire in the middle of camp. The early morning started with a plan, it had been some moons  since Marli had been to Ven Volcano, the lands where once the Sa Caleeng had lived.  The vacant encampment had been taken over by a new tribe , the Tol Acharn.  Closeby , near a semi active volcano another new tribe had settled.  Marli had heard some familiar names in that tribe  , Death, Light, Misty and blue. Marli grinned , blue a slavish panther had been a Sa Di Sani and Marli knew both the Sa Di Sani and Di jan still had an interest in blue. An old saying by Panther Girls was and still is that if a Panther Girl gets collared, then the Panther Girl was truly a slave in her heart already.Marli , looked around to see who was awake , she motioned to one sister to join her.

[12:40]  Marli lifts and eyebrow “seems someone lives here, sister”

[12:40]  Ŋίķί: “we were out exercising and here you come with arrows. what for?”

[12:41]  Ŋίķί: nods at Marli “Yeah…I’m telling her we didn’t know”

[12:41]  misty whispers: YOU in our CAMP what you not understand ?

[12:41]  Light: nods we hide in thies caves

[12:41]  Ŋίķί: well ok i can offer you a gift for the intrusion

[12:42]  misty cocks my head to the side, “What you got to offer?”

[12:42]  Ŋίķί: my deepest apologies….we were just running the woods hunting for dinner.

[12:42]  Ŋίķί: a pretty flag

[12:42]  misty : “Rolls my eyes “BAHHHH”

[12:42]  Marli: “pretty unique too”

[12:42]  Ŋίķί: “i feel sure you would rather paga”

[12:43]  misty : “You know i would” grins

[12:43]  Light: hmmm paga

[12:43]  Ŋίķί: grins “come girl look into my eyes…you know who i am”

[12:43]  misty flashes a grin at Light

[12:44]  Marli: “yea, bet you would like swamp wine…..we do”

[12:44]  Light: smiles wines tasty..

[12:44]  Light: Marli you were a healer ,, are you still healing

[12:44]  Marli: yea, i still heal now and then Light

[12:45]  Light: nods thought it was you

[12:45]  Ŋίķί: looks sideways at Marli “yeah umm but I didn’t bring any botas of mess out exploring and hunting. oddly.”

[12:45]  misty whispers: “Then i keep one of you, other can return with payment”

[12:45]  Ŋίķί: mhm now she has to heal my butt cuz muddy here put an arrow in it.

[12:46]  misty : “I put more then an arrow in it if she not quick!” hisses

[12:46]  Marli blinks at Niki “you didnt? yea i just have the flag and a bottle of afore mentioned swamp wime”

[12:46]  Marli: *wine

[12:46]  Ŋίķί: shakes her head at marli “i have kanda of course”

[12:47]  Tea screams out loudly. “Hey Blue! Come out, I’m bored!”

[12:47]  Ŋίķί: “but this one here, ” nods at hice “she a drinker”

[12:48]  Ŋίķί: *ice

[12:48]  Marli: “yea, she has the paga affliction like our Tor…… feathers”

[12:48]  Ŋίķί: nods ndos “that’s why I doubt we have any”

[12:49]  misty frowns “I aint got no afflictions i just like me sul paga!”

[12:49]  Marli: “well…..that just leaves the kanda and swamp wine……bet they make a lethal mixture!”

[12:49]  Tea shrugs, “Well…as you wish!”

[12:50]  misty : “So you best go finds some while we amuse ourselves with niki here!”

[12:50]  Marli: naaa, we are like twins……the two luna blondes ya know

[12:50]  Ŋίķί: giggles “oh i’m not very amusing really. just silly on occasion but i haven’t had any kanda do”

[12:52]  Ŋίķί: *today

[12:53]  Ŋίķί: dangles the pouch of kanda in front of the muddy woman “healers blend”

[12:54]  Marli dangles a dark green looking bottle “special blend….swamp moonshine……”

[12:55]  Ŋίķί: sighs and looks about “well ok. we don’t have any paga. that’s just all there. but we can run and try to find some if your heart is set on that. but i cant really stay up here by myself. I cry easy”

[12:56]  Marli: “yea and two can carry more than one ”

[12:56]  misty Sun grunts knowing that Death likes her kanda, but i likes my paga and slowly shakes my head moving forward to take the pouch from niki and chucklse at Marli”

[12:56]  Ŋίķί: nods “i’m not pushing no barrel up here”

[12:57]  misty  grabs onto the pouch of of kanda “Gimmie and sheath your weapons …beast!”

[12:57]  Ŋίķί: hands ice the pouch grumbling some “ok now how do we get down”

[12:57]  Ŋίķί: i don’t have any out beastette

[12:57]  misty  whispers: “Same way you gots up!”

[12:58]  Ŋίķί: you take us

[12:58]  misty : smirks and grasps the pouch in my hand

[12:58]  misty: PFFFTTTT nope

[12:58]  misty  points towards Marli “thank way!”

[12:59]  Ŋίķί: smacks her ass “ok fine but don’t be make is we scare any birds”

Having entered the vacant camp, blue is tied up and secured. The small group leaves down the winding path back to the river where the canoe had been hidden. Blue is rolled into the canoe and they set off to Gimli , it would be a long journey ,  some 150 pasangs.


Marli would have to sell blue for a good price , if the journey was to be worth it. When they arrive in Gimli they are met by some Sa Di Sani panthers.  A trade negotiation takes place, Marli is satisfied with the deal and returns to Lake Ias with her sister.

[14:10]  Marli helps Niki with blue

[14:10]  Marissa feels the hair on her neck stand up

[14:11]  Marli: “home sweet home for you…eh……bleu?”

[14:11]  Blue: home? but that was my home

[14:11]  Blue: oh no….

[14:11]  Marli: oh we heard tea wanted you bad

[14:11]  Blue: so does the dijan slaver i escaped from

[14:12]  Marli: youre a popular “girl” blue

[14:12]  Ŋίķί: oh really?

[14:12]  Blue: i’m a huntress. sighs

[14:13]  Ŋίķί: giggles at Marli “hmmm the vast wealth of two large tribes. I really want to see those talents.”

[14:13]  Marli chuckles “indeed sis”

[14:13]  Blue: groans

[14:14]  Marissa: Tal

[14:14]  Ŋίķί: just looks at Marli “I totally don’t see it. Tal”

[14:15]  Marli slaps blue on the ass “sds and di jan ….perhaps we should sell you to the highest bidder”

[14:15]  Blue: Don’t suppose you could hlep me out Mari?

[14:15]  Blue: OOWWWW

[14:15]  Blue: damn *rubs her stinging bottom*

[14:15]  Marissa: hmm..found yourself in ribbons eh?

[14:15]  Marissa: do you mean to trade blue?

[14:16]  Blue: grabbed me while my sisters were asleep

[14:16]  Marissa: ahh..the nerve of them!

[14:16]  Blue: sighs

[14:16]  Marli nods at Mari “yes we mean to trade blue……she misses the SDS…..she couldn’t stop talking about you all”

[14:17]  Marissa: uh huh

[14:17]  Blue: groans

[14:17]  Blue: Tal Ely

[14:17]  Marissa : well..what will you take for her

[14:17]  Marissa : we have fish..lost of fish

[14:17]  Elysia : hello blue

[14:18]  Marli rubs her chin “fresh fish for blue ? mhmm……sounds like a good offer….how many fish?”

[14:18]  Marissa : well..let me think..

[14:18]  Marissa : how many do you want? we have lots…maybe ….10 fishes?

[14:18]  Marli whispers at blue “start looking pretty girl…..you want to be worth many fish”

[14:19]  Blue: pfft

[14:19]  Marissa  laughs

[14:19]  Marli looks at Niki “ten fish? you had to drag her…..is that enough payment?”

[14:20]  Kirst hops in the boat and starts padding back home again

[14:20]  Marissa : ythey are medium sized..good eating fish.

[14:20]  Ŋίķί: “eh…your call En. She wasn’t much trouble”

[14:20]  Marissa : no scales..

[14:21]  Marli licks her lips “well, if they are as good as you describe them…..we have a deal….ten fish for blue”

[14:21]  Marissa : very well..let me put them on a stringer

[14:22]  Ŋίķί: grins at blue and pulls her piercing playfully “you’re still going to have to show me one day”

[14:22]  Blue gasps

[14:22]  Marli chuckles

[14:22]  Marissa  takes a length of rope and slides ten fresh fish onto it

[14:22]  Blue: d-don’t do that

[14:22]  Blue: ummm…show you waht?

[14:22]  Blue: what have you been telling her Marli?

[14:22]  Marissa: the fisher person wont mind..i will pay her back later

[14:22]  Ŋίķί: chuckles and wiggles the ring “no?”

[14:23]  Marissa  hands the string of fish to Marli

[14:23]  Marli smiles seeing the fish and takes them

[14:23]  Blue squirms and lets out a light moan as the rings are toyed with

[14:24]  Marli pats blue on the ass “you are worth ten fish”

[14:24]  Blue: Ely! new hair-do….first time ever that I’ve know you!

[14:24]  Elysia : oh

[14:24]  Blue: i should hope at least!

[14:24]  Ŋίķί: tugs some more as she hands the leash to Mari “show me the big deal. clit piercings wouldn’t do it”

[14:24]  Elysia : i change sometimes

[14:24]  Blue moans as the nipple rings are pulled “s-s-stop that!”

[14:25]  Marissa  takes the leash and tugs on it lightly “Thank you…i am sure she will serve well..once again”

[14:25]  Blue: what???

[14:25]  Marissa winks at Blue

[14:25]  Blue: you have to be kidding Mari! groans

[14:25]  Ŋίķί: smiles “tug on those rings. she likes that”

And now the Role play class ^^v

01: Roleplaying a complete person

DISCLAIMER: The RP Classes are free to share! I just demand that my Name (Violetta Daviau) keeps in the NCs / Copies and is being mentioned as creator. The classes and guides are to not being altered.

The class about Roleplay is set up to explain Roleplay in general but of course with a strong focus and examples taken from SL technology and the SL Gorean Roleplay environment. The following will be the chapters: …

  • Roleplay, definition and purpose
  • The world you live in, the world your avatar lives in
  • Your Avatar, the hero of the movie in the movie for heroes
  • What you read, what you see, what you feel – creating an image, creating a chapter

1) Roleplay, definition and purpose

Wikipedia says as definition of Roleplay: “Role-playing refers to the changing of one’s behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role.”This, of course, is a very general definition, very highlevel. Due to this I would like to add a little bit of depth to it. Assuming that we all entered this world consciously, in my perception, especially the part “to act out an adopted role” needs to be clarified further. We are “acting out an adopted role”. This means basically, that we do not play ourselves but a specified someone from a specified environment, which might a movie, a book, a theature play. We do play someone, a person, which of course may have and will have some of our core personality aspects, just because we are not able to abstract enough or imagine another way of thinking deep enough. We play a person that has usually different physical, psychological and social features and surroundings. This has several implications we, when roleplaying, need to keep in mind: What impact do different physical attributes have? Is the avatar more beautifull, is he weaker? The psychological differences: Is he more brave, less smart, does have less knowledge about inventions of the modern age? Social features: Does the avatar live in ancient societies, medieval times, in the future societies? What does it imply? I will get to that in the upcomming chapters.  Why though are we doing this? The reply, in short, is to “have fun”. The reply, more detailled though is a lot more. We are usually interested in encorporating someone else, to experience life in a different time or dimension than the daily life, the real life. Our world has always and also does today, fascinate people with all kinds of fantasies: the real past, the imagined future, fictional past and present times. We get loaded with good and less good media products such as movies, comics, books, drawings and other. The question that this often arises in the minds of us is: “How would it be to live in such a world, in such a time, as a hero, as a villain, as a normal person, as myself or as another?” …… and the reply is “Well, try it out! Be a person of the book/movie/drawing and experience what it is like to be in such a world. Create such a story yourself!” And modern business sees a market in it and offers us platforms, ranging from pen and paper tabletop games over single player games or MMORPGs like WoW to massive customizable platforms like Second Life.In other words: We enter Second Life, we go to Gorean/Conan sims, to experience how it is to be on the world Gor/Hyboria which was created and described by Mr. Norman / Mr. Howard in their books. We enter SL Gor / SL Conan to experience an enormous environment, visible and with non-computer generated or in-brain remaining – selfimagined – interaction with other players. We enter it to play and develop a person in the given surroundings, with its physical, psychologial and social differences to us in real life. We enter this environment to quench or thirst for seeing this, being part of it, having fun!

2) The world you live in, the world your avatar lives in

In the prior chapter I have spoken about the difference of the playing person and the played person – in other words: you and your avatar. I have also spoken about the environment, we as players access to see how the avatars, which we imagine as oneself within a movie or book or painting, manages his life and handles obstacles. Also in this sentence lays a vital difference between the playing and played person: The environment, the world. Surely all of you agree that we are living on the planet earth, in the year, following the western and christian calendar, 2011 a.d., we all remember the same history of our planet, different wars, different ages, different social and intelectual standards and progresses. We are lucky that the big monsters we see in movies and read about in books, are not living in their lethal threat on our world. Also we all benefit from the advantages the age of enlightenment has brought us. In Roleplay though, one vital part is to understand in which environment and age the avatar we play lives. This is not only showing what style of buildings, nature, beasts and people he sees, but also what clothes he wears, what tools and weapons he uses, what his educational base and his values will be. Gor is a very heterogeneous world, created by John Norman to describe the mindset of D/s in various setups of fantasy in which all can happen without one having to fear the strong arm of modern real life jurisdication. Basically Gor is a world with one huge continent, similar to Conan’s Hyborea, in which different cultures of fantasy and real or fictional past are placed to the common territorical spots. So what do we find in Gor? In the far north we find Thorwaldslanders, vikings in a way, tall strong, barbaric, with dragonboats, longhouses, using big axes, bearded men in a crude and hard environment. In the far south we find the Tahari desert, a setup comparable to 1001 nights, though without djinns and the obligatory black mage. Also Conan’s Hyboria is a world of various landscapes, various themes, from the viking like northlanders over the hideous desert inhabitants believing in the snake god Set to the dangerous jungles of the deep south and their various kingdoms. In between we see wagon nomads, herders, jungle life, on the brinks indian style people. The rest of Gor/Hyboria is a mix of antique greek, roman, persian societies, men wearing tunics and using short swords, all longliving, ever young appearing, thus patient for the normal life. Not only the descriptions in the books though surely apply, also interviews with John Norman, book covers etc. The same applies in Conan Evolved as well, especially in regards of the fierce living in the world, books, comics, movies, etc. So far about the rough description. Next would be to look at the details of the world. Taking the above said about the comparability to old earthen cultures in consideration, we need to ask ourselfes, how their world did look like. Surely all of us read the books with different foci, take different movies as base or books about said cultures. What they all have in common though is that they try to establish a world that is as realistic as possible, authentic as far as possible. A world becomes authentic by the usage of the right setup, setup in terms of builds, in terms of clothes, tools, weapons, vehicles, all of which are not only based on the current technology level of the world, but also based on cultural, social and e.g. religious influences. So how would a warrior most likely look in Gor? It would surely be a man in some kind of red tunic, a short sword at his hip, a spear in his fist that he can throw or thrust, a helmet under his arm, in an environment of a city with high cylindric towers, giant buildings actually, with smaller ones inbetween. He looks up seeing tarnriders, looks around seeing opaque concealed proud women, sheersilked or ragged fearfull kajirae, strong men of various castes. What he would surely not see, would be any kind of modern pink kink, gothic, dark urban or end time things, neither in builds nor in clothing, tools, weapons or other gear. He would not see parts of other fantasy worlds like dragons, unicorns, or earthen things (except certain barbarian kajirae) like horses, high tech bows, cowboy hats or cigarettes. Gor is not a world of dark urban gothic style in which you fear to meet a vampire after the second corner, nor a biker world, Mad Max, and also not Warhammer or Warhammer 40k with clockwork items and steambased missile weapons. So in the end, it takes some imagination and research to understand how a world like Gor or Hyboria would look like. This world is what is the environment your avatar lives in, it is the base of his perceptions and possibilities. It strongly influences his mindset, strengths and weaknesses, his desires – there is no TV, but a lot of most beautifull kajirae or handsome men (Gor), a lot of beautifull heroines and mighty strong heroes (Conan) – and superstitions, his cultural thoughts and values. This was chapter 2. After the first chapter, which showed to distinguish between yourself and your avatar, you should now have seen the importance of understanding the world you enter, be it a Dark Urban, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings or – like here – a Gorean setup. In nearly all one does, one would have to ask oneself: How would this world be for this situation and is what I plan suiting to the world my avatar lives in, respectively: What suits to the world?

3) Your Avatar, the hero of the movie in the movie for heroes

After hearing that the Avatar in itself is not you, though surely contains some of the cornerstones of your mindset and values, and that it is important to understand the world you are living in, I will speak now about the avatar himself. Your avatar, though in the virtual world of Second Life, your chosen roleplay environment, is a living being, commonly a human, eventually a Kur, a Dragon, a little monkey. In other Roleplay environments it might be an animal, a fantasy creature, an alien, maybe even a robot or a passively animated doll. There are many forms an avatar can take. The avatar compared to you has by itself no possibilities to present its strengths, weaknesses, its happyness or its fear and pain. It has no way to communicate, it has no way to move or to interact. Actually it is nothing but a simple pixle pile without life. To make an avatar an IC – in character – person that lives and that presents itself and its player within its world, the player has to bring it to life, you have to bring it to life. You are moving the avatar, you make his tongue speak – in SL seen as text chat – you make him feel. Also you dress him, equip him, give him a way to bleed, starve, and you give him a way to stand for his pride, to defend his freedom with a weapon. So far selfexplaining. We now have a fully dressed, fully geared avatar, that also moves and speaks. After chapter 2 we also do not run around like bikers, vampires in long black skirts or other gothic and endtime Mad Max inspired gangsters but dressed and geared according to the world our avatar lives in. To focus: We have an avatar, for example a man, that has a sword, and will soon be the strongest warrior. He is born in Ar or Ko-Ro-Ba to show he is Gorean, in Kesh or Taranthia to show he is Hyborian. Is that a complete Person though? Does that fact that you were born in where ever, that you wear a jeans, a shirt and a pair of sneakers, and are maybe an excellent Java programmer define yourself? Exclusively? Surely not. There is more about you, each of you, and for sure. You all have various strengths at various levels, you all have clothes that match the society and world you live in, you all experienced and experience a lot, daily and in your past, you all have interests. So far the same as said avatar. Still there is more, about you and him. A complete person, be it one in real life or the avatar in a Roleplay, has many aspects: Appearance, attributes, skills, background, in other words a grown personality. You surely all have done it already: You have given your avatar an appearance, also strengths, skills and a background. He can surely shoot the bow, is strong, beautifull, handsome, and fled from his home when his parents were slain by some outlaws. You have an SL shape, an skin and SL hair from whichever vendor. Still though I claim that most avatars are not any, not nearly comparable to the players behind them, they are outright surface scratching personalities, uncomplete and maybe even onesided. They are made imagining a hero from whatever movie or book, though with only the strengths and SL Gor base skills in mind. But I am not here to offend you of course. So what is needed to make an avatar that has strength, skills and appearance nevertheless a complete person? As already hinted at, a person has a background story. This is often a developing story, and a person derives experiences from it. Experiences again influence decisions or other characteristics from persons. So maybe your avatar, as original background became outlaw because his parents were slain by such, but in that outlaw camp he learned to fight, he then got grudges with the commander and thus left, became citizen until he was collared for a few moons and finally regained his freedom. Also a person, seen in yourself as well, has not only strenghts and masteryskills. A person has also weaknesses – in SL roleplay often “arrogance” to explain why he is supertough and unbreakable. Those weaknesses, easiest are to state one can bowshoot, but has no clue with the sword, easy. More realistic though are weaknesses  that are realistic for the world an avatar lives in: Educational shortcommings: Illiteracy, Superstitions, not complete skills – not every healer can heal everything, but also cultural or religious derived weaknesses like faith in Gods / Priest Kings and the therewith related godgiven laws, the thought that something in a culture has always been like this so is surely right. Strong fears fall into this category, a pre-enlightenment person considers a God and his wrath real – a Gorean even knows that the Priestkings exist. He fears the wrath of the PKs for every action, and he can also fear the Kur, being wounded or killed, losing freedom or honor more than anything else and more than normal. In other worlds, the avatar can be scared to the level of being petrified if anything has to do with black magic or magic at all. Ok, we have now an avatar with appearance, strengths, skills, a background and some weaknesses and fears – downsides. Still though the avatar is not complete to make him authentic in the Roleplay environment. We yet need his values, and those are most important to match with his roleplay settings. Taking Gor as example, people live on a world with a strong and harsh but defined culture. They commonly have a set of values like honor and virtues that are fact and set in stone often enough. In SL Gor we have about 99% exceptions in played persons, in Gor it would be maybe 1%. These values though enrich the play enormously, not only because they define why a person does something, but also why he does not. The description of such Gorean values is surely a good content for a seperate class though. So this finally gets us an avatar that has an appearance which suits into his time. He has skills and strengths, he has a background story that is growing, he has weaknesses and fears, and he has values or codes that do not only enrich his action radius but also endanger him or one of his appreciated aspects. He became a person that does not only slam through the lands like a tsunami, but one that, strong as he might be, has at least inner conflicts that make him doubt and carefull now and then.

4) What you read, what you see, what you feel – creating an image, creating a chapter

First off, this now is a rather technical chapter. It touches the style of roleplaying which so far everyone has surely defined for themself. So the following will be my own interpretation, somewhat abstracted though. As I said, we now have understood the environment, the world, we send our avatar to, we know how to dress him, how he behaves in various situations in which he can gain honor or shame. What we yet did not is to look at the interaction with the rest of the world, the rest of the population which, in assumption, has understood the world as we have and completed their avatars as well. What is the worth of all the efford we had if it does not enrich our interaction with others, especially in a massive environment like Second Life? Looking at what we have, we are bount to a mostly  chat based game with though an immerse userinterface which we can adjust in graphical layout and scripting, both for the avatars as well as the environment. Someone even pays for the land we walk on, someone puts in real life money and time to create the things we see, and we pay for things we are seen with usually. Basically so, in my opinion, all this does not only deserve to be included into play for the effords of the creators, but also offers great chances to allow influence on our play. Aside of us having put a lot of effort to prepare our roleplay experience, others having provided us, with also a lot of efford, to have our avatar dwell in a nice and athmospheric surrounding, using technology that allows chat, visualization and even voice, there is also a third reason we should now make the best from our possibilities. As roleplaying is about having fun by experiencing how it would be to live in that book’s world, live that movie hero’s adventures, let us see what makes the book or movie so thrilling. In a well written book, be it a novel or a comic, in a movie, what you get is a presentation of complex images, be it that they are visible, movie or comic, be it that they appear in your head by reading. These images can also be created in roleplay and the tools now lay at your hands: The immerse world – each sim’s or avatar’s very details as well as the understanding of the environment we have – the background story and experiences, strengths and weaknesses of your avatar. Imagine two plays and consider the image they create. As base we take a man and a woman meeting in the middle of a sim, Goreans. First play: <woman walks to man> “Tal, sir” <man turns> “Tal, lady” – “How are you, sir?” – “Thx fine.” <woman walks away> Second play: <woman walks to the man> “/me walks up the small hill, the sun high on the sky, burning down. She pants in her heavy, red robes of concealment, sweating but proud about her modesty. She reaches the warrior who stands on guard, contemplating surely. ‘Tal sir,’ she greets him, straightening herself, ‘is it not a hot day?’” – “/me turns, regarding the woman, not pleased by the interuption of his thoughts, but this lady is the daughter of the commander. ‘Tal lady,’ he grunts, wondering about her words as he feels a breeze on his bare chest.” – …”/me recognizes that the warrior rather stays alone, she does not know him as disgruntled. She narrows her eyes, still panting, angered now at his harsh behaviour. ‘The commander seeks word to you!’ she speaks, snotty, proud, and turns to walk away, in her mind cursing that she – as woman – was sent for this forsaken walk through the sun.” There are many such examples, and various things that can flow into such “emotes”. Words you say, bits from the sim layout, the camp builds, the nearby tree, characteristics of the avatar of yourself or the other you interact with, be it the shape/skin or personality parts, also facts about the culture or environment of the roleplay world. Taking alone the “Tal sir” and using instead “/me says: ‘Tal sir!’” or “‘Tal sir!’ she says, smiling friendly’” gives your avatar a lot more personality, or: It enriches the movie scene you are experiencing a lot. All that makes your world a lot richer, your avatar a lot more vivid and a lot more part of the world he lives in. It ceases to be a pixle pile that says “Hi” and “Bye” and clicks a bow trigger inbetween but becomes a full flavored personality, a part of the world you play in. His actions become as visible as a chapter of a good book or the scene of a good movie. With this I come to an end of this chapter. We have now an avatar, that is not your very self, living in a stylish rich world, feeling it’s impact on him, with strengths and weaknesses he is blessed or cursed by and use all that in our style of playing within a graphical, highly customizable game. With all this we see how it is to live in the novels or movies, we feel how it is even in real life…

02: Living the full role

DISCLAIMER: The RP Classes are free to share! I just demand that my Name (Violetta Daviau) keeps in the NCs / Copies and is being mentioned as creator. The classes and guides are to not being altered.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Analyzing the chosen role
  • Research of daily business
  • Living the complete role
  • Conclusion

1) Introduction

Many people in today’s online roleplaying games, be it Age of Conan, various environments in SecondLife, but also surely certain instances of World of Warcraft, often suffer from streaks of boredom. They often then stand around and bust their minds about what they could do, hoping someone would come to distract them, bring action, entertain them or just enable them to entertain them with their roleplay. Many games offer NPC action on demand, be it to do some solo quests, some traderesource farming, artisanskill grinding or solo mob camping. But at times even that gets dull and feels not even as a good way to bridge the waiting time. In SecondLife roleplay environments I experienced that many people in such cases usually stand on their camp’s walls and wait for a raid to come or to be called to a raid, or wander around through various sims, shopping and spending tons of money, seeking roleplay, in Gor usually to be captured. This is not only lost time for those people, but often also endangers their entire groups! Why? Because a person that logs on and finds themselfes alone, or leaves behind groupmates because also those just waited semi-AFK for external entertainment, makes those wander off alone as well, resulting in thirds logging on (e.g. the typical core player of a group that can entertain everyone easily) finding the camp empty and thus leaving themselfes too. So everyone of a group eventually finds roleplay whereever else, just not where they should do: in the group. This may lead to a group dieing slowly, or, if any possible to be safed, become a so called “Pew pew” group in which people only find together for raids and similar action, going out just to shoot, no reason other than fun of aiming and triggering and seeing if one is better at it than the others. That does not have to be. We all are in roleplay environments, which implies that we play a role. What does it mean to play a role though? Does it mean to chose to be Outlaw or Mercenary, Physician or Warrior, dress up somewhat fancy (or cool as long as the weapon works) and then fill one’s day with Out Of Character (“OOC”) chitchat while standing on the wall waiting for a raid or other entertainment? Is our time not worth more than that? Personally I would say: It means more than that, my time is worth more, and if I wanted to chat only, I could use Instant Messengers that put me under less risk to chill out tons of money just out of boredeom like SecondLife does, I could use more action based games like CounterStrike, MMORPGs or even singleplayer games, could use even voice chat programs were I could really talk to several people at once. But I am in this very roleplay environment, likely like you, to do one thing mainly: to roleplay. But how in all holy heavens do I get something to do? I am standing on my wall, I cannot raid the other group alone and they, for heaven’s sake do not come and attack me, capture me, not even if I do somersaults in front of their gate! Can you feel that? That does not have to be, and I tell you, I do not need others to entertain me. Whichever role I chose to play, be it Warrior, Magician, Thief, or even Slave, it offers a lot that, if played, will interest and attract so many others that I get issues to include them all into the funny play, alone because I cannot type that fast and react to all roleplay that rains down on me then. How does that happen? How did I do that? Well, around choosing my role, I put thoughts in it: What does this role offer? Is that something for me? I analyzed the role. That not only included which was the main weapon of a person of that role, but also researching how others interact with such a role, what I could do, as special tasks in groups or raids, and amongst that even how my daily life would be. Each person’s life consists mostly of daily life, there it is defined how people work with such a person. Then I lived the complete role, with all aspects: Adventures and battles, alone, in groups or in raids, but also between those, in daily life. As leader I sent agents on missions, as priestess I did divine services, as huntress I hunted animals, as slave I prepared my day’s chores. All that I did usually with others, singles or entire groups, but also alone in my group’s camp, hoping that some time someone would pass and see, and join in. And exactly that happened – every time, really Every time. And now I would like to introduce you to how that works.

2) Analyzing the chosen role

As the aim of roleplay is to slip into a role of someone that might occur in a movie or book, be it as protagonist or just as member of a sideplot, and thus to see and feel how it is to be this person oneself, it is necessary to understand the role of this person. For this case one should briefly analyse the person’s role. For the case one represents a very specific person (e.g. Lancelot, Count Vlad Dracul, Conan, Red Sonia, Legolas, Tarl Cabbot or similar), one has to analyse the person itself as well. Yet in which terms does one analyse a role or person? Every role comes to a certain avatar, your avatar that will have this role. According to the role, your character will have a certain race, a specific class or job, a gender, a history and background, thus experiences, knowledge and skills. All this has attributes, upsides and downsides. Also the avatar with given role exists in a specific environment. All these points influence the avatar and the role he or she has in his or her environment. And each point influences the other points as well. The keywords here are immagination and realism. When I talk about Realism in Roleplaying games, I mean the reality the avatar will face with his or her role. This means that e.g. magic will be something far more acceptable for the avatar than it is for us of modern earth, but still it might be highly mysterious and superstition heavy. Back to the above mentioned points though. The influences: … The avatar is of a certain race, e.g. human, elf, undead. This influences the rest of the factors, e.g. stamina, agility, strength, mental capacities. Also though his standing and faction amongst his kin, his past, his training, his skills. A human might be trained other things than an elf even if both are of the same class, an undead might be a pure minion to work or slay. The avatar is of a certain class, which influences his role significantly. A baker has other tasks to do than a fighter, a slave will know different things than a magician, a landlord will behave in other ways than an assassin or thief, and also have different skills, most likely a different childhood. The avatar has a certain background according to the other factors. He might be the lost heir of a king, an orphan peasant or an amnesia suffering summoned anyone from any ancient battlefield. And while the heir of the king learned to write and read and palace behaviours, thus eventually prefering quick lean blades as fighter, the orphan peasant had a youth of hard work, making him strong, making him prefer heavy blunt weapons as fighter. The avatar has a gender commonly, and for most races this also – linked with the environment – has an influence. So in many ancient or medieval societies women are raised to become mothers and housewifes, men to become heirs or fighters. Only the least break out of this at a certain point to become something else. And most will have still had the basics of what the society meant them to be. Red Sonja surely also had learned houseworks in her childhood before her parents had been slain, Tarl Cabbot of Gor was a teacher before becoming Warrior. The avatar will have made experiences in his youth. He or she had learned specific things and gained skills. This could be the loss of something or someone leading to orphanage and a hard life, be it the gain of the rank of hero of someone close thus a rich life without sorrows. It influenced his or her past and attributes as well, also maybe the class he or she would have one day. As already mentioned the environment influences an avatar heavily. Not only the world they life in but also the small patch of land they might know – from the harsh north to the brutally hot south. The time or comparable time and culture it all takes place, the technology level. In Star Wars people fly between solar systems with ease while in ancient or medieval times they did not even have a newspaper to read about truth or lies, being thus entirely dependant on the tales of bards. All these factors also include upsides and downsides, advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses. So the choice of the warrior class means that the avatar did not get to read as much as the magicicans, coming from the high north could indicate a stronger body for the cost of agility, being a woman could mean a harsher history in favor of being more smart due to having had to fight more with plans and seduction than a man. If we made thoughs about all these factors, having decided for a good mix that includes strengths and weaknesses and a class to our liking, we should now have fully analysed the role and should now be able to create and avatar for a acertain role.

3) Research of daily business

All this analyse though are only a momentum for the person of the chosen role. They influenced the character so far and will further influence him or her dearly yet. Still though they are mostly a snapshot of right now – the start of your roleplay. Now it is needed to get the character of the chosen role authentic and interesting. This is being done by adding life to the character. And which life would be better for the character with his or her role than his or her life? But what is his or her life? In the end the character we play is somehow someone who could be appearing in a certain movie or book. So he or she must be some kind of hero, at least a little bit once in a while. “Once in a while” I say because life does not always consist of action, and also the movies and books are either an exception to the protagonist’s common life or a selection of sniplets of it. Surely so the character will have big and small battles to fight, will add his dimes to raids. Also he or she will eventually go on quests and missions with friends or alone and try to do the best he or she can to add to or bring the solution. All this usually though does not happen daily. But when the “times between” occur, we surely do not want to sit around and wait for the frames of the between, bored, OOC chatting. Not if we have a fully formed character that also be active, active with his or her normal every day life. So this is to be researched: What does <role> do between quests and battles? Trust me, life is rich, life is often so rich that you really get surprised by raids, that you – like the hero X of movie Y – really have a hard time to reach your sword in order to parry the attacker’s slash. A warrior, for example, could spar or train others in fighting, could guard, could care for his or her weapons (actually do play it, others will find interest in watching, then partaking), could feast and enjoy his or her gained riches, letting minions please them in whatever way. A magician could research new spells, collect herbs and other magical, alchemistic ingredients, conduct classes about history or magery to the novices. A smith or tanner or brewer could work his or her trade, prepare actually what they intend to trade later on, be it blades, tools, furs, fabrics or ale. They could go aquire the raw materials, mine ore from the mountains, hunt animals, grow wheat. A panther girl has to hunt animals for food, repair her hut, create her leather strap garments, defend her rank amongst her tribeswomen. Each idea covers hours of roleplay, detailed, realistic and fun roleplay, to be interupted at some place by a raid. All this can be done roleplaying on one’s own, waiting for people to oome online, can be done with others too, mixed into the IC chat. Personally I had been in a so called Force Collar once, playing in SL Gor. It means I was enslaved. And in this world it was quite normal for people to accept their each current role, especially for women. So for the time until I was freed, I was a slave of my captor. I used a few minutes before logging on to research possible meals and I was commonly before him in world, chained in his longhouse. So I started to cook when he was not yet there. Others came and watched the detailed play I had on myself. At some point they wanted to partake, and at some other point the master came online, and I could say I had fun so far and could accomplish the enervating task of Gorean Kajira serving. So afterwards we got into real play.

4) Living the complete role

Many may not have had the chance to experience it, or may not have had the courage to try – due to lack of confidence in their roleplay- or language skills or their lack of imagination. Whatever reason it has been, I can tell you that I had my longest and most deep roleplays derived from my role in between battles and raids. Yes in capture play, you maybe get two hours of roleplay, in Gor terms: You get captured, disarmed, brought to captor’s camp, there stripped and put on a cross. On the cross they talk to you a bit, either threat or flirt, whichever way they want to break you into submission, then either rape or beat you, slap a collar to your throat, let you kneel a bit, eventually serve a drink, then already the traders are outside and free you. Eventually you have to wait anyways in a cage until freed by trade or counter raid. Always the same with slight shades. Living your complete role though is far more rich. Your IC character has a role and derived from the role a mindset derived from the role (usually roles are specialist jobs in a certain way, and their education is directed to specialize in something). So a warrior might first think about how solve something with brute force (“do not seek the remote control, slam the fist onto the TV”), the rogue might consider if it would not be better to maybe aquire a new product somewhere instead of trying to fix the old (“do not seek the remote control, rather steel a new TV with one”). Such clear roles are quite onesided as one can see, a warrior is a warrior because he learned all his youth about fighting and some little ettiquette. And to stay warrior he uses a certain ammount of time per day to spar and do physical training. Maybe he trains a squire…Other roles, e.g. an Amazonn huntress of a small tribe, are far more multifacetted: They have to hunt, gutt/skin the prey, maintain their household (“huthold”), they have to care for their own garments, if they are lucky, their tribe has at least a shamaness who creates medications, healing and contraceptive ones, teas and beauty products such as soup. Personally the longest 1:1 roleplays I had were when I, as huntress, went to hunt for deers with my slave when suddenly night surprised us in the heat of the hunt (RP). We had then to setup a temporary camp (RP), started to cook dinner together (RP), ate (RP) and told each other stories (RP) – 8 hours. The other was when I was guest in an Amazon/Panther tribe. A huntress was brought in who suffered from amnesia due to cruel torture. I sat at the camp fire where the tribe gathered, drank and ate. I thought “how can we help this girl? With a cookie (kewl) or by showing her her former life (RP)? I decided for the second. So I took a few bones from the remains of meals, laying all around the campfire, took a flintstone and a broad, long piece of leather. I got her attention right away and we played to craft an entire bone/leather amazon bikini garment IC – 6 hours. So having analyzed one’s role, researched about what such a person does every day, allows to fill the time between interesting group quests or fierce battles pretty well. Be it that you repair goods, refill stocks, prepare something for a quest or raid, with one other or more… or even alone, there is lots to do, and it can be very thrilling if it gets a purpose even on the run or takes a whole other direction than originally intended. 5) Conclusion Playing a full role definitely enriches one’s played character. One is not anymore the one people say about he/she would fit better to WoW or CS or similar other onesided games. With a bit of efford put into the character and role for research and analyzation one loses boredom in between the situations that become default over time (e.g. in SL Gor raiding and captive play, in Fantasy sims the typical chitchat between good and evil). Standards become dull over time, boring, and if one accepts the additional opportunities one can well gain a lot of fun out of one’s role. Why be a smith if you never work steel on the anvil? Also living a full role allows an entire multitude of new options of interesting play. So many players want to play the smith of the village – seen it in so many sims from all kinds of roleplay – but if they find out that such a role does not only mean to have a smithy hammer hanging on the belt in addition to the common weapons but a lot of possible tasks that can be played in depths, they might become a highly valuable member of one’s community. Why have a smith when he never does smithy roleplay? In the end living the full role enriches one’s own life, enriches the entire community, defeats a lot of boredom for everyone, and makes the play experience far richer.

03: Chores but as fun RP

DISCLAIMER: The RP Classes are free to share! I just demand that my Name (Violetta Daviau) keeps in the NCs / Copies and is being mentioned as creator. The classes and guides are to not being altered.

Table of Contents

  • Definition of the used terms
  • Chores as part of our roleplayed life
  • Chore preparation
  • Chore execution
  • Examples and experiences
  • Conclusion

1) Definition of the terms

After prior classes about basics and advanced roleplay, I will assume terms like RL/SL, IC, OOC, FTB, AFK and similar as given. “Roleplay”: As roleplay we see a RL earthen human playing a person of often another instance of realism, another world and/or time, within a certain technical surrounding. This surrounding can be Pen&Paper, is in our case the gaming platform SecondLife. The instance of realism, the theme, can be varying, for my examples I will use a setting that is medieval, ancient, Gorean. “Chores”: As chores I want to see all kinds of works that can appear in the life of the person we play. One can talk about inhouse chores like cooking or cleaning, washing or bathing, job based chores like woodworking, tanning, smithing, luxury chores like haidressing, gemcutting and the like. It is being influenced by the technical progress of the time the instance of the person’s life is based in (e.g. King Arthur’s court did not yet know Steam Engines, Black Powder or similar). “Fun”. That is pretty much selfexplaining. We play this game to have fun, often this is based on interaction with others (best without drama) and on our personal preferences, i.e. some might prefer to shoot a bow, other might prefer to be dominanted while kneeling. Many people though may wonder how they can gain fun from doing chores. I will come to that.

2) Chores as part of our roleplayed life

Under the assumption that we want to have a rich roleplay, a deep personality we display and use the maximum of options to spend our time, one can say that also chores and work belongs to the life of our roleplayed person. While many reduce their own character to fighting, more or less pleasant physical encounters and usually meaningless small talk with other people, the addition of chores can enrich all that grossly. So as example a Warrior is being paid by the landlord for armed protection (or suppression). Because his player thinks that drinking before evening is bad, the warrior goes into the tavern in the evening and drinks some wine. He had stood on the walls all day waiting for a raid (IC: guarded) and is now fed up because none happened (OOC: Bored to hell). He greets the tavern maid, orders the wine, drinks, asks how the maid is feeling, gets a ‘good thanks’ as reply and is out of words. Is that interesting? Do you think the player had a lot of fun during his gaming day? Surely he would have loved the raid to happen, IC to have his trusted blade draw blood honorably. But it did not happen, no one attacked and he stood on the walls while the group mates down below played. Now and then someone came by him, greeted: “Greetings” – “Hail!” … uncomfortable break … “Farewell!” – “Be Safe” No one stayed, as no one knew what they should do on the walls, and the raid did not happen while they were there so they could be the heroic alarm giver instead of our Warrior. Is that Fun or is that a Waste of Time? Before you reply, unless you already did, let us consider the alternative: …Our warrior stands on the wall and looks out over the crenelation for if an army of enemies arrives in sight. He does not just stand and doze though, but he takes his beloved sword, oil, fabrics and begins to clean it thoroughly. Part by part he enjoys his blade and cleans it well, explicitly. Now while he does that time already passes a bit faster. And yet even faster it will pass if another comes by, maybe the local woodworker. The woodworker gets curious what the other is doing there since it is uncommon, most people just stand there, wait for a raid and do not manage to get beyond ‘greetings’. They get into a talk while the warrior still cleans his blade and talk about weapon care, weapons in general, and at a point the warrior thinks about his son that recently reached the age of 12 or 18. He orders a sparring blade, spear and shield from the woodworker as he is there by chance. The woodworker goes quickly to get tools and wood and begins to carve a wooden practice sword. Still and again they talk about their lifes, weapons, weapon care, woodworking and the likes. When the Warrior is done cleaning, the woodworker asks him for existance while he carves the training spear and then crafts the wooden shield. I would assume the second way is far more interesting, gives us something to do we can even stop if a raid should indeed occur. Both persons lived their role in a way that is authentic. What we see from the example is that doing class or role specific chores enriches our play day, offers a way to interact with others that might – also – be desperately seeking for something entertaining to do. What we also see is that chores offer a way to pass time until something happens that is eventually more interesting to us. Even for externals seeing such might be an impressive experience, the feeling of being in a yet even more authentic surrounding, a surrounding they enjoy so much that they eventually join, again offering more to play with, more to do what is actually interesting, e.g. to our warrior: To raid others later together with his comrades. Of course those chores are rolespecific, but depending on the role, they can be varying a lot. A Warrior so can not only clean his weapons, he can actively train his youngsters, can craft training dummies with his trainers and so on and so forth. A poacher can hunt for animals, prepare their meat for storage or sale, work the furs into usable state, fletch new arrows, repair his spear or mend his ripped garments, a tribal slave hunter can go to the wilderness and get some lians to prepare binding ropes for his prey. Why do they all do it? To be more authentic – to be seen as such and to feel as such – in their role, to pass time until something happens that interests them: The warrior waits for a raid, the poacher waits to be captured, the tribal hunter waits for prey to appear in their lands he then can hunt down and “treat”. On the other side: What is a smith that never smithes, what is a baker that you never see baking but who still sells you all kind of stuff from his counter – is that stuff still fresh at all?! What is a Gorean panther girl that lives only on Blackwine she might have for strange reason and captives’ lustjuices? What is a kajira that only does one paga serve a day? Boring, not only for themselfes but for all others too.

3) Chore preparation

Who here has already in their life completed the full circle of a piece of meat? I do not mean to go to the supermarket and buy then roast it, but preparing to go to the forest, going there, tracking down a prey, shooting it, bringing it home, working it into meat, furs, bones, tendons, guts and what else can be done to them and might be usefull to you. Who has already made a rope from lians, who has made soap? Who has built a bow or crafted leather? Who has treated the hull planks of a ship with tar? Most of us in RL have not done such things ever yet in RL. We are used to the comfortable situations in life that allows us to buy everything unless we are peasants or work in a certain branch. Our characters in the roleplay though, often do not have that comfortable situation, or come into the situation of having to use their own hands for something, e.g. when traveling. This is caused by the time and location and theme they life in. Now certainly we can do a hunting chore like *goes into the forest, shoots a deer/tabuk and brings it to the stocks to have meat for the next five days/months* Such covers, depending on typing speed about 5 to 20 seconds. There is barely a chance for anyone else to join in, to get attracted by seeing you doing it and playing it out with you as it is already over in the same line as it is being started. More helpfull and surely also more fun for many it is when it lasts longer. But how can we make it longer? Basically by adding more details. But which details? How does it work? How does one make soap  actually, how does one get the meat of the bones of a hunted animal? How does one get the meat to last longer given maybe the missing of a fridge? How does it work with the hide racks one sees in the indian camps in Wild West movies, what do the Indians do with it? The key to that is a brief search. Both Google and Wikipedia hold a lot of hints of how to do certain stuff, and depending on the degree of realism we want, we can very fast get some cornerstones, some basic directing information to allow us hours of interactive roleplay, maybe even in many places due to the needed aquistition of ingredients. As example: When I made soap with my Kajira once we needed palmleaf oil. And, playing a gorean panther girl myself, it means we lived in the north. We had to travel to where palms grew to get those leafs and make oil from. In brief: preparing for a roleplay by doing a small research will enhance the detail we can add tremendously, and at times even ingredients need to be prepared first. E.g. a soap needs lye and oils, both not growing anywhere itself either.

4) Chore execution

After we have prepared our chore in terms of knowing how it in general works, we know the components, we know the production ingredients or tasks needed to complete it. I will present this chapter with the example of making a big bowl of soap. I had researched and found out that I need Milk, Oils of nuts, of palm leafs and of eventually lavender plants, and I need Lye, which is basically something that does not grow but needs to be produced itself. Two things it is that we have to keep in mind: 1) Why do I do the chore at all, 2) I should not do it alone Number one has IC and OOC components to it. IC I do the chore e.g. because my group (lets say Gorean Panthers) needs soap as their surroundings, plain nature, often makes them very dirty and that means their bodies will attract insects which on Gor are very lethal and dangerous. Also as a tradegood the soap would be nice. OOC we seek a way to counter the boredom between the standard ways of interacting with other people (capture play, battle), and we want to show to other groups and single players that might turn out recruits that in our group the roleplay goes far beyond the default play (shoot, capture, rape, torture, trade). The chore itself I will not do alone, because, especially in a text based MMO roleplay game like SL that does not always support any chore with clickable items that actually give me a result I can e.g. sell or trade to NPC merchants in order to buy the next level of strong bow so I can dish out more damage against the boss mobs during guild raids (MMORPGs like WoW, GW or similar). In SL and other text based games the fun surely comes from interaction. Writing back and forth between two or more people, doing things aside the normal chore. Yet I can start a chore when no one is yet around, expecting someone to come and join in. This last I have done e.g. when captured and enslaved, wanting to get the boring drink and meal serve done. I cooked before the captor logged on, and served when he came, so afterwards we could do the more interesting things. Neglecting realism a bit, Secondlife allows us to reach any sim with a TP and no time investment. So I can go from the northern forests to the jungles in a matter of a click. Why do I go to the jungles? To gather the ingredients for the oils I need: Coconuts, palmleafs, lavender plants. And a tribemember and I go there to play to gather it. You may say it is a bit dull to run about between prim trees and play to climb up and cut leafs. Then consider: Is your avatar the utmost experienced climber? How does one climb a palm tree trunk? What happens if the local Talunas or Pygmies find us? What if a larl or hith is being discovered above or below the tree? We can be captured, we can be drawn into a fight, into chit chat with locals, they might help us, seeing how nice we roleplay and enjoy it themselfes, increasing in future the interaction with us and our group beyond dull default. Now that we have though the palm leafs and coconuts, and the local pygmies have shown us a way past the mambas/cannibals to find the lavender plants for the price of our nice glass pearl adornments, we have all we need for the oil, so we seek next the tools it needs to get the oils from the three ingredients, also a container to hold them during our way back. Read this paragraph alone and you will likely feel more of being in a Indiana Jones movie than by the daily walltop watch for raids or the sole approach to the next city with horney people to get captured and laid. Is not the feeling of being real part of a theme related movie or book the very goal of roleplaying? So we met other and new people, impressed them with our nice roleplay, did not have a forced shootout or capture by others maybe bad players that would bore us to hell – despite us being able to drive the encounter to exactly just that if we wished. We now go home with the oils and see: There is still no raid forming against us! So we can continue the chore. We need the lye now, which we cannot buy in a supermarket maybe. We either create it or sneak to a place that has it – which though is pretty dangerous and maybe not authentic for our role to do. We had researched and seen it is being won out of ashes of burned wood and salt and water in some process. So this we play – again with our partner, interactive, doing parts ourselfs, then letting the other do some and vice versa. Time will fly, we are detailed. And after we got the lye, we have all we need for the soap, so either now (still no raid…) or tomorrow, we finish crafting the soap. After we did that we have – in total – surely passed two to six hours of play, interactive, interesting, and surely for many people that watch really impressive (reputation of you and your group!!). Had a raid occured or what we hoped for, we could have paused and partaken to continue the chore somewhere else. That also e.g. counts for making your slaves do cleaning chores. Many free just cannot imagine that it would be any interesting to them and send the slave off alone to copy their alone play into a NC for reading up. Reacting on such is clearly metagaming, doing it at first will bore and frustrate the slave player who – as the free – plays this game to get the feeling of being his or her role in a true surroundings and also by interacting with others. The free can only see the result, and also that inspection can be nice already, since you can punish or reward the slave for their work. I say do not let them do it alone, but also inspecting the result – does that match? Yes it does, because I will never ask a slave (or any free either) to do something alone and actually playing it out alone. But when I come to inspect the result, they can describe what they did and I can react to it: e.g. by looking at the build and seeing a corner they did not mention in their description, finding e.g. yet dirt after their cleaning in said corner. How else could I have reason to discipline a slave – being disciplined being a big part of their role, and often enjoyed by them. 5) Experiences and examples During my time in SL roleplay, I had various roles. Being a highelven sorceress, a woodelven archeress or even an icedragon in Lord of the Rings / Forgotten Realm style sims, being Kajira (slave) or Panther girl (wilderness woman, similar but not equal to Amazons) and also a Cimmerian barbarian Shamaness and Chieftess in a Conan style sim. One day as a panther girl I found another that was tortured so heavily that an amnesia had befallen her – and her tribe’s healer wanted to cure that by just giving her a cookie. I thought there might be a more realistic way and started – in front of her eyes – to gather bones and leather, and to craft a set of typical panther clothing from it. At once I had her attention, and more and more I made her craft the garments, letting her realize that her fingers yet knew how to work what her mind had forgotten. On the next days we crafted arrows while talking about the local gods. This was 6 and 4 hours of interesting play, not only for us two, but also for those who occasionally came watching. My panther girl chieftess needed a slave whip, and so I crafted it for her together with two slaves, leaving the ugly works of course to the slaves – works like chewing on the leather to soften it, to sew the straps to the hilt which could mean to stitch one’s own fingers painfully. 2.5 hours passed and us three had fun. Also the example of soap making I did of course, resulting in a net of 4 hours fun for us 2 and the ones we met on the way. Yet it comes more interesting – with a little preparation, these “chores” are not limited on two or three people even. Renaming “Chore” to “Quest” or “Adventure” allows an entire group to partake. A little coordination with another sim owner beforehand, maybe the permission to place a little build setup in a corner of his sim, and you can go with your entire group to roleplay a trade caravan (which is then attacked by others), to find a hidden treasure or artifact and so on. Such I did repeatedly, and it was always many hours of fun for all that partook – at times even days – with everyone being “the hero” now and then. This though might require a little game mastering by the organisator. 6) Conclusion Chores, with a little preparation, and if done not alone, can mean a lot of fun for ones, a nice filler for pauses between their loved raids for others, and for sure can give you the often proclaimed “valid IC reason” to be somewhere – when using them as a disguise also for scouting or slowly gathering up raid forces in a target area. It makes not only your character alive but also your group.


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Her name is Marli  and she  was born in the month of Se Var (the second resting), in the year 1029 (Rune Priest) , her mother’s name was Shy, a mighty and skilled huntress. She was born  in the cold north of Torvaldsland when the tribe was heading north to hunt. Despite not being a true Torvaldslander , she does share some characteristics with those rugged women of the north, for one she is quite bold.


Marli knew nothing of her father. He had been captured during a raid and was used for sexual pleasure by her mother before he was sold into slavery. Of her mother, Marli remembers little. Marli knows that she was very beautiful. She held a high rank among the panther women and was highly respected , she was deadly with her spear and bow.

Marli’s earliest memories is of her mother and her hunting near the outer forest when Marli was around the age of twelve. To this day Marli  does not understand why her mother would leave the safety of the swamps with only her daughter to accompany her. All panther women know to never leave the interior of the forest without the tribe at your side. Otherwise you run the risk of death or, worse enslavement. There were Askari men living outside the forest.

As they were walking, they heard something move. Before she  could react, her mother had thrust her to one side . Marli cried out in pain as she hit the ground. Marli heard a fierce growl and her mother screaming. Turning, Marli saw a huge black larl on top of her mother, its claws tearing into her flesh. She looked at her and screamed at Marli to run. Marli will never forget the sound of her and the larl as she ran away as fast as she could.  Marli had continued running home until she reached the swamps. The trade post where the tribe traded bonta fruits is where she finally stumbled and fell down. Tears rolled from her eyes, Marli was so tired and fell asleep on the hard wooden beams.

Marli awoke in the arms of Mars. Marli thought for a moment that it was her mother, but when she opened my eyes and heard her voice, Marli knew that she was mistaken. Marli was placed under the care of an elder by the name of Sophie Crabe, a healer from the Sa’ng Suri.  She herself had been born and raised a free woman , but was one day captured , branded, and sold as a slave. The man who bought her had been Red caste and warrior. She was the only slave he had ever owned. After she served him for a few years, he freed her and she agreed to become his companion in life. She became a physician in the city. They had two daughters, the youngest dying from the bazi plague. Their eldest survived , her name  was Lynn.  One day on a patrol near the outer forest their wagon had been attacked by a band of rival panthers. Somehow Sophie and her daughter had survived and found their way to the swamps. Proving herself worthy she was allowed to stay, her daughter renamed Scar , due to an unfortunate cut to her arm on that fateful day. Scar and Marli became like a sisters. By the time Marli was sixteen years old, she had learned all she could from the panther women. Sophie herself had began to teach her the ways of the green. She taught her of all the different herbs and poisons within Gor. Anytime Marli would ask a question Sophie didn’t know, she would fetch one of the books from her hut.

At first Marli struggled at first  with reading and writing.  Often using the feather quill as a dart rather than a pen , much to the dismay of Sophie. Through Sophie was very patient and helpfull, Marli learned the basics of writing and could write simple healing notes. She accepts that the writing skills of a physician are beyond her.

When Marli was about the age of eighteen, she noticed men looking at her in ways that sent chills down her spine whenever she was trading tanned skins with them. Without asking, Marli knew what these looks meant. It was times like this when she was very happy to be wearing the weapons of a panther girl.

Before, Marli had worn clothing that left her midriff, arms, and most of her legs bare so that she would not get too hot. Then, after Marli noticed the looks, she started wearing more modest outfits when she knew she was to be near men.  When amongst the tribe though, Marli wore minimal clothing, as it pleased her. Marli made braids  that she wore to keep her hair out of her face.  She kept her hair long, it fell to her lower back, so that she may braid in hair ribbons.  Marli has  been raped once by a man,  one good thing came of it , her sweet  daughter her name is Feathers. Often her daughter asks Marli about her father. All Marli remembers is that she was lured away foolishly by his good looks and charm, when she resisted he simply took her as any Gorean man would.

Marli was nineteen when she conceived her daughter. She did not discover she was pregnant until she was eleven weeks and the only way she did find out was when she went to try on one of her older leather skirts  and could not get into it. Ever since her first birth she never had a regular period. Marli had secretly always wanted to be a mom , but she never dreamed it would be so soon and the birth in such a brutal manner. But, despite this,  Marli felt so  blessed she  couldn’t ask for anything more than the smile on her daughters face, letting her know that even though it was a  struggle sometimes it was all worth it in the end. Marli was a firm believer that the Goddess makes  everything happen for a reason. She thanked the Goddess every night for putting her daughter in her life.

In the tradition of the panther healers in the tribe Marli placed an ornate shell necklace around her daughters neck. She cared for her daughter only for a few years, Marli was out hunting with her sisters when Askari men invaded the swamps taking with them her daughter and the female slave that was taking care of Feathers. Marli was devastated and heartbroken. Swearing to her Goddess that she would do all she could to find her daughter. The tribe discovered that a Priest King orb that had been hidden in their caves had also been taken.

Rumour quickly spread to the swamps that one of the Askari men whilst holding Marli’s  young daughter had touched the orb and in a blinding flash both had disappeared. Many years later Marli heard a tale of a kajira that had been to Earth , that she had aged miraculously to maturity when she had returned to counter Earth. Marli sought out this kajira in the city of Ko-Ro-Ba , when she first met her in the presence of her Master, Marli had intense feelings of recognition, these were confirmed when she saw the shell necklace around her daughter’s neck. She had to free her daughter and return her to her rightful side as elder in their tribe. Dressed in the robes of concealment and In a daring escape from the city they headed into the forests and found their way back to the swamps. Marli was so grateful to her Goddess for hearing her prayers, though at times Marli is concerned about her daughters Earthly ways.

By the age of twenty Marli was a skilled panther healer. Times were changing and a rival band encroached their  territory. Mars mustered all her panthers to fight against the Sa Sang Hrimgar. A fierce tribe  living in the weathered caves of Jorts. At the end of the bloody  fight, the Luna were victorious ,  most of the tribe were killed however , but a few had survived. Marli tended to the wounds on Mars and the others.

Marli rested near the river, then heard a grunt and spun around , Her spear at the ready. It was a Sa Sang Hrimgar , she jumped at Marli and thrust her dagger into her. Marli lost consciousness and awoke in Jorts.  She saw the dark pool of blood beneath her body and the deep gashes on her legs.  She could save Marli’s  life if she wished. Or, could allow her to die.

With a triumphant look on her face she offered Marli a choice , join her band as a healer or die on that very spot in the caves. Marli remembered that Mars always told them that panthers must survive by any means.

Two years passed . Mars had disappeared, yet rumours abounded that ferals now lived in the swamps. Scar had survived somehow and had founded a tribe near the river banks of Ven, she named her tribe Sa Caleeng, daughters of the water.

At the age of twenty two Marli owned two slaves , the first  her name was Shi.  Her second slave was Nala.

In her  early childhood Marli had known shi as the Tor and elder in the Luna Jerag. She had been the one Marli had sought advice from when certain things troubled her youthful mind. In retrospect , her roughness and matter of fact ways were endearing qualities. Though not always appreciated by some in the tribe. How different shi became when the fire of servitude started to burn in hear heart. Kneeling at Marli’s feet she has become the inspiration to the camp slaves. Aided in her duties by the second girl.

Nala didn’t serve Marli long , when one winter the Askari raided the swamps they took sweet nala , had her serve the men in the village and then they killed her mercilessly.

Returning from a successful raid Marli had proven myself a worthy sister, eyes were no longer tracking her every move. She packed her belongings and travelled to Ven , joining with Scar and telling her stories about the Luna Jerag now led by a feral girl.  The Sa Caleeng was a small tribe and they agreed that they needed to grow to survive.  The Sa Caleeng under Marli’s leadership now  headed to Lake Ias, in the swamps they were challenged  by wild feral girls. Marli  showed her old  Luna feathers , using her knife she drew the moon circle into the soft earth. The feral leader understood that Marli was claiming the tribe as her own. Twig spoke little as did the other feral girls but Marli felt at home once more.

To honour the Sa Caleeng  Marli named the new tribe Luna Caleeng, meaning  Daughters of the Moons water. And so the stories begin………….

Marli is online from  14:00 SLT.  Marli is a young Panther Girl, living in Lake Ias. Marli became a panther girl in SL Gor around 2010. The period 2009 a time when Marli was still learning about SL Gor and experimenting with roles is OOC , ICly she will not achknowledge that period.  In 2010 she started as healer and later became an elder in Luna Jerag and Sa’ng Suri. As a healer she travelled many places on Gor , sometimes offering her healing services to those in need. She was a panther in Jorts in Sa Sang Hrimgar. She was Chieftess in Sa Caleeng which later merged with Luna Jerag to form Luna Caleeng.

★★Spoiler alert★★

Player’s Name: Marlies Dasmijn

Character’s Name:  Marli

[ syll. marli, marli ] The baby girl name Marli is pronounced MAARLiy . Marli’s origin is Old English. Marli is a form of the English Marlee.  In Gorean it might be spelt Mah lee or Mali 🙂 The meaning of her name on Gor is sparkling eyes.

Gender: Female

Parents and siblings (if applicable):

Shy (mother, deceased)

Leyran (father, deceased)

Feathers (daughter)

Slave(s): Shi & Nala (deceased)

Husband (s): Liam (Marli was raped, whereabouts of Liam is unknown)

Wive (s): none

Position in the Tribe: Chieftess, hunter and healer

Height/Build/Shape of Face: She’s fairly tall and lean, with curved hips and strong legs. Her face is young looking and oval-shaped, with light, rounded cheekbones and a soft, rounded chin.

Eyes: (shape, colour): Almond shaped and slanted, with dark, long lashes and high, hardly visible, arched eyebrows.  Her eye colour is a pale brown with silver flecks, but they practically turn red when she’s angry.

Hair: (style, length, colour): It’s thick,  falling just above her bottom, though half of it is worn up in a Chief’s lock.  There are usually many braids, beads, feathers and shells decorating it.

Clothing: (keeping in mind that it’s mostly warm in the swamps): A brown top,  stitched with thick cotton, decorated with gold embroidered suns and moons along the low-hanging neck.  She also wears low-rise, beige leggings, cross-stitched with thick, black fur along the side that tuck into soft, yet sturdy, knee-high boots. In the winter she wears her goggles , which she stole in Ar from the builders caste.

Weapons: A set of folded spears. Sometimes she’ll carry a simple curved bow, but she prefers to use the small sword. She also has various daggers and cleaning knives.

Jewelry: healing amulet,  she also wears various gold bracelets and rings.

Items of Importance: The healing amulet. Her mentor Sophie passed it down to her.

Tattoos/Scars: At the base of her neck ” SS”  carved by her En Dani during her initiation into Sa’ng Suri. She has a few small scars on her fingers , she is slightly clumsy with the bow and arrow sometimes. She has no birth marks , tats, pierings  or brandings.  She has a few tell tale stretch marks around her lower belly from her pregnancy.

Personality: Overall, she’s loving, patient, over-protective and a great leader.  There is a catch however.  Because she is young, Marli is still learning how to become a better Chief, and with the eye of a perfectionist, she can easily become upset, stubborn and bossy with what she doesn’t understand or finds to be a challenge. With Shi’s advice, she can easily become grounded and reasonable again.  She is quite bold , sometimes this gets her into trouble , as does her temper. When it comes to love, she often spits at the question, because she isn’t ready for such a commitment. She feels it’s better to be lonely than to be hurt. She is affectionate with those around around her , both men and women, but she seeks no permanent companionship. She is vain and obessed with her looks , she can be found staring at herself in the mirror for hours in the privacy of her hut.  She can be very mean to slaves , since she fears that one day she could be enslaved by men.  She is only kind to her own slaves and the slaves in her camp. She is wary of men since she was raped as a young woman, men will have to make an extra effort to get to know her.  When she captures a man in her swamp she will try to scare him, she will put on a tough act,  but she won’t harm him personally, she may ask a sister though.

Likes: Being Chieftess and having the role as the leader, hunting, exploring, learning new skills and understanding concepts, telling stories and just being with her people ❤

Dislikes: Rule breaking, separation, dishonesty, submission, drunkards, pregnancy and periods.

Skills: Leading in general, hunting and using the small sword. She carves notches in her bow for every capture. She has basic reading and writing skills. She is a skilled healer , adept at making poisons and has extensive herbal knowledge. She has delivered babies , removed brands, healed arrow wounds though has no experience with difficult surgeries.  Having lived in the forests most of her life she knows how to hunt small to medium size game, can sew and stitch clothing, can mend her weapons,  has some basic tanning skills, can cook , can sing with an angelic voice ❤

Weaknesses: Committing herself to someone and her plain stubborn attitude towards the unknown. Her vanity and diva behaviour.

Fears: The unknown and that her tribe will be wiped out under her leadership, recognition, getting old, collars, pain & torture and death.

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