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The Luna Caleeng  are the daughters of the Moon water, they pray to Artemis who was the goddess of the hunt and Selene a luna diety. It is the duty of our Priestess(es) to guide the tribe on a spiritual path , often in close partnership with the tribes shaman(s).

There is one other tribe that I know of in SL Gor that has a priestess , and that is Bridgette Wade of the Sa Di Sani tribe. As for rune priestesses, I personally don’t have a problem with them either.  There’s only one in SL Gor that I know of anyway, and that’s Branwyn of Ironhall.  But what I do know is that Marauders of Gor speaks of how women of Torvaldsland have much power and clout when compared to their southern counterparts….which isn’t surprising when you take into consideration that the Norse and Germanic tribes were the source of the concept of women’s rights.  And, yes, there was a norse priestess…called a Völva, which literally means she who carries a Magic Wand. We however, have chosen for our tribe two Goddesses from Greek mythology.


Goddess Artemis

Known as a fierce hunter as well as protector, Artemis is one of the major Greek goddesses. Artemis is known as the goddess of the night, the huntress, the goddess of fruitfulness, the goddess of childbirth, Lady of the Beasts, the woodland goddess, the bull goddess, the personification of the moon, and the eternal virgin. Artemis was one of the few goddesses immune to the enchantments of Aphrodite. In some instances Artemis is linked closely to the Roman and Italian goddess, Diana. There is some controversy as to the goddess that deserves the first rights, but it appears that Artemis was a later goddess. There is no doubt that the similarities are striking. Some people go as far as to call them one, the goddess Artemis Diana. As a huntress, she happily traveled in woods in the company of dogs, wild beasts, and mountain nymphs. She brought about Orion’s death, the unfortunate hunter, who either defied the goddess, or else tried to seduce one of her companions, the virgin Opis, or perhaps attempted to personally ravish her. Artemis sent a scorpion to sting his heel, and thus killed him. But when Orion was subsequently changed into a constellation, Artemis made sure the scorpion received the same honor. source: http://www.kusadasi.biz/ephesus/goddess-artemis.html


Goddess Selene

SELENE was the Titan goddess of the moon. She was depicted as a woman either riding side saddle on a horse or in a chariot drawn by a pair of winged steeds. Her lunar sphere or crescent was represented as either a crown set upon her head or as the fold of a raised, shining cloak. Sometimes she was said to drive a team of oxen and her lunar crescent was likened to the horns of a bull. Selene’s great love was the shepherd prince Endymion. The beautiful boy was granted eternal youth and immortality by Zeus and placed in a state of eternal slumber in a cave near the peak of Lydian Mount Latmos. There his heavenly bride descended to consort with him in the night.A number of other goddesses were also associated with the moon, however, only Selene was represented by the old Greek poets represented as the moon incarnate. Other Greek moon goddesses included Pasiphae, the Leukippides, Eileithyia, Hekate, Artemis, Bendis, and Hera (who sometimes doubled for Selene in the Endymion myth). Source: http://www.theoi.com/Titan/Selene.html


Selene, the moon goddess, is known for her countless love affairs. The most famous of her loves is the shepard Endymion. Other affairs of Selene’s include involvement with Zeus with whom she had three daughters, and Pan who gave her a herd of white oxen. Some sources report that the Nemean lion, which fell to the earth from the moon was the result of an affair of Zeus and Selene. She was involved in many love affairs, however, not as many as her sister, Eos, the dawn.

She resembles a young woman with an extremely white face who travels on a silver chariot drawn by two horses. She is often shown riding a horse or a bull. Selene is said to wear robes, carry a torch, and wear a half moon on her head. She was not one of the twelve great gods on Olympus, however she is the moon goddess. After her brother Helios completes his journey across the sky, she begins hers. Before Selene’s journey across the night sky she bathes in the sea.

Selene’s parents are the Titan Hyperion, the sun god, and Theia, the sister of Helios. Some sources report that she is the daughter of the Titan Pallas, Helios, or Zeus. Helius, who is the sun god as well as his father Helios, is the brother of Selene. Eos, the dawn, who is known for her numerous love affairs is the sister of Selene.

The seduction of Endymion is the love affair that brings Selene the most fame. She fell in love with the shepard, Endymion, and seduced him while he lay sleeping in a cave. Some sources say Endymion was a king or a hunter, rather than a shepard. Her seduction of Endymion resulted in the birth of fifty daughters, one of which was Naxos. Since Selene was so deeply in love with Endymion she asked Zeus to allow him to decide his own fate. Zeus granted Selene’s request, and Endymion chose never to grow old and to sleep eternally. However, Endymion’s eternal sleep did not prevent him from Selene giving birth to his daughters. Endymion was visited by Selene every night and kissed by her rays of light.

Selene is a favorite of many poets, especially love poets. A moonlit night brings the feeling of romance. It is said that Selene’s moon rays fall upon sleeping mortals, and her kisses fell upon her love, Endymion.


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The society of Gor is divided into groups referred to as “Castes”. Each Cast is made up of its own profession or occupation. Castes are ranked according to their particular place in Gorean society and its interaction. Many castes contain sub-castes that are particular to a unique activity and need of the profession. An example of such a sub-caste would be the Slavers caste which would be in the caste of Merchants. Slavers are in the business of buying and selling though their particular caste specializes in one item or product. 


Panther Girls are not, as   some would like to believe, female warriors; they are hunters, and   engage in trade in order to obtain certain goods to ensure their   survival. They are outlaws and can lay no claim to any caste. Panther healers cannot claim to be of the green caste. Or panther slavers of the slaver caste.

All Goreans (excluding Priest Kings, slaves, and Outlaws) belong to a particular caste. Castes are hereditary although it is possible for a person to change his or her caste if they possess an ability or aptitude that allows them to raise or lower their caste.

Each caste had a set of “codes” which helps them maintain a series of beliefs and rules for its members. Members hold to these “codes” as they practice their profession. Each caste’s code is different and deals mainly with matters of specific interest to that caste.

Most major castes of Gor have their own colors called the “Caste Color”. Colors are often worn by the members to display outwardly to others what caste they are associated with. Banners, flags, and sometimes colors of buildings will reflect the caste colors of the individual. Others can see at a glance by the clothing what caste another is affiliated with.

The Five High Castes include:

CASTE OF INITIATES: ~ White ~ Members of this caste are supposed to be representatives of the Priest Kings in Gorean society. Their responsiblities include guiding the spiritual life of Goreans by use of rituals and prayers to the Priest Kings. There are rumors that some may even be able to call down the wrath of the Priest Kings upon those who have offended the Priest Kings. They wear white robes, shave their heads as well as their faces. They do not eat meat and do not indulge in alcohol. They lead a celebate life, are well learned and read. They are often feared and many times distrusted by members of the lower castes.

CASTE OF SCRIBES: ~ Blue ~ Members of this caste are the scholars of Gor. They are the writers and historians of Gorean society. They are responsible for accounting, record-keeping, and writing. They are usually serious and studious, have an eye for detail and a passion for knowledge. There are several sub-castes in this caste which include Mapmakers – explorers, Magistrates, and Litigators.

CASTE OF BUILDERS: ~ Yellow ~ Included in this caste are architects, draftsmen, stonemasons, engineers, and other professions which are concerned with the physical creations and engineering works of Gor. Inventors and technicians who develop these types of physical creations are also included in this caste.

CASTE OF PHYSICIANS: ~ Green ~ Those who are concerned with the healing arts belong to this caste. Members include, surgeons, apothecaries, medical researchers and health practicioners. They are recognized in all of Gor as non combatents during times of war.                    

CASTE OF WARRIORS: ~ Scarlet ~ Members of the military such as infantry, tharlarion calvary, and tarnsmen fill this caste. Their set of codes is known to be one of the strictest. This caste comprises the military branch of Gor government.

Low Castes Include:

CASTE OF MERCHANTS: ~ White and Gold ~ Containing literally hundreds of sub-castes this group is a very large caste. Members of this caste deal with selling and trading of merchandise for a profit. For as many products as there are that are to be sold there are about that many sub castes.

CASTE OF SLAVERS: ~ Blue and YellowThis caste deals with the buying and selling of human merchandise. It is a sub caste of the Merchants.

CASTE OF MONEYLENDERS: This caste is composed of the bankers of Gor. The members of this caste are those who trade and speculate with money for profit. The only product they handle is money.

CASTE OF BAKERS: ~Orange and Brown This caste consists of hundreds of sub castes. Generally they are members who prepare vegetarian food or sa-tarna in its many forms.

CASTE OF BUTCHERS ~ This caste and its many sub-castes concern themselves with the acquisition and preparation of sa-tassna, all forms of edible Gorean meat. In conjunction with the caste of Bakers, this caste and its many sub castes are responsible for maintaining the majority of the Gorean industries involved with food service.

CASTE OF WINEMAKERS: ~ The professional production of most fruit based Gorean alcohol is under the auspices of this caste. CASTE OF BREWERS ~ takes care of the production of the grain based alcohols.

CASTE OF SAILORS: ~ There are several dozen sub-castes in this group. Each sub caste has its own specialty. An example would be the BARGEMEN who steer river barges on the freshwater waterways of Gor.

CASTE OF FISHERMEN: ~ This caste is a sub caste of the caste of Sailors. They harvest the differing varieties of Gorean fishes and sea life for human consumption. Some sub castes include the CASTES OF RIVER FISHERMEN, THASSA FISHERMEN, and NET MAKERS.

CASTE OF ARTISANS ~ This caste is extremely broad. It includes many hundreds of sub castes. Any production of hand-made goods for any use, is considered to be a work of art.

CASTE OF POT MAKERS: ~ Brown and Green ~ This caste is a sub caste of the Caste of Artisans. They produce vessels used to contain substances of all kinds.


CASTE OF METAL WORKERS: ~ Gray ~. A sub caste of Artisans they are concerned with the production of most metal items made on Gor. Some of the sub castes under this one would include: SWORDMAKERS, ARMORERS, and those that work with blacksmithing or farrier work repairing wagon wheels and shoeing Gorean draft and riding animals.

CASTE OF CLOTH WORKERS: ~ Another large and expansive caste, this group contains many sub castes. They are concerned with the professional production of woven cloth for use by the people of Gor.

CASTE FOR RUG MAKERS: ~ This group is a sub caste of the Caste of Cloth Workers. They produce woven rugs for general use. Members of this caste see themselves as independent from the Caste of Cloth Workers.

CASTE OF WEAVERS: ~Concerned with the professional production of textiles for the textile industry, this caste is a sub caste of the Rug Makers Caste.

CASTE OF CARDERS: ~ Sub caste of the caste of Weavers. They produce woven cloth for the textile industry.

CASTE OF DRYERS: ~ This sub caste of Weavers deals with the staining and coloring of cloth for the textile industry.

CASTE OF CLOTHIERS: ~ Another sub caste of the Caste of Weavers, they produce articles of clothing for the Gorean people.

CASTE OF DRESS MAKERS: ~ Sub caste of Weavers which makes feminine clothing.

CASTE OF ROPEMAKERS: ~ Sub caste of Artisans that produces rope, binding fiber, thread and cordage of all types.

CASTE OF LEATHERWORKERS: ~ Sub caste of the Artisan Caste, deals with the fabrication of various leather goods from animal hides of all kinds.

CASTE OF TORTURERS: ~Black and Red ~ Found only among the Wagon People of the far south they are considered to be a sub caste of the caste of Artisans. An assumption may be made that those of the Wagon Peoples consider the application of Torture as an art form.


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Here you will find various  measurements as defined in the world of Gor and their Earth  equivalents.  I hope you find  what you’re looking for 🙂  From the Gorean year to currency and the   Gorean words used to describe them, all terms and units of  measurement as described as well as possible.  Understand that these definitions are based on quotes from   the books of Gor so the definitive determination on a   specific measurement is defined by John Norman. First we start off with a roleplay situation……

The sun was rising, the sounds from the swamps could be heard.  Marli sat cross legged at the log fire in the middle of camp. The early morning started with a plan, word had reached camp of an art gellery. .Marli , looked around to see who was awake , she motioned to one sister to join her.  Marli and Brandi , disguised as free women get on a bosk drawn cart to visit an art gallery.

[12:37]  Brandi  moved from the docks quickly and pointed to Marli on a head. “The art gallery is this way, i hear there is soemthing ther enot to be missed come.”
[12:38]  kayladark  sets out a big  fence as a roadblock and stands guard behind it, grasping her bow tightly, wathcing for intruiders
[12:39]  Brandi  scratched her head…. “Thats new”
[12:39]  Marli stood miffed seeing a road block
[12:42]  Brandi : was a mazed at the spead of the shorter woman to run ahead of them so fast and the even faster construction of the fence. It was a marvel. “So is there another way around, we are just trying to complete are pilgrimage to see some art work we have heard so much about”
[12:42]  Marli nodded “we have travelled so far for our pelgrimage”
[12:44]  Taeden  walked around the fence as it was being constructed. When they said they were there to see art, Tae smiled brightly, “Tal there Ladies, come this way. We’ve had a bit of trouble this morning with someone setting a fire, so we’re setting up road blocks in the village. But don’t be scared, we’ll keep you from harm while you’re making your purchases.” she motioned to them come closer
[12:45]  kayladark  moved the fence aside to let the strangers and Tae inside.
[12:45]  Marli gasped a little when she heard about fires….but was glad the guard offered to help
[12:45]  kayladark : Any weapon you may carry is to be left here at the gate.
[12:46]  Marli had no bow , just a small knife under her gown as all free woman wore
[12:46]  kayladark is being called by unknown forces. “Please leave the weapons at the gate and grab them as you exit”
[12:46]  Brandi  nodded as she caught the last bit.. “I do hope to get it back, traveling to Prums and skerry after this fvisit is dangerous” she said as she dropped her bow and then a small blade handing them to Kayla.
[12:48]  Marli made very sure tae didn’t get a look under her skirt as she lifted it to remove the blade and left it at the gates
[12:48]  Taeden smiled, “when you see all the art I’m sure you’re going to want to fill your hands with, you’ll consider this a minor inconvenience, ladies. Now come along, we have a new painting up today you might be interested in. Though it’s a bit provocative. We captured a panther this morning and… well you’ll see for yourself.” she smiled politely Marlies as she smoothed down her skirts.
[12:50]  Marli got out a pencil and paper and made a simple drawing “how very pantherish” she commented
[12:50]  Brandi  hmmmmd…. “Who ist that on top, she looks live?” Bran mused as the detailing was much greater on the rider then the ridden.
[12:50]  QuorraSpartan  blushed as she felt the soft nip on her breast “Well… urm” Was distracted by your teasing “When do you want your bath My Mistress?”
[12:51]  IzzyB : chuckled then looked over the boi’s shoulder “oh , we have guests” Tizz pushed the boi of her lap smiling “later perhaps”
[12:52]  Taeden  watched the woman doing her own drawing, “Hey now, we sell this art! You can’t just come and copy our stuff. If you like this painting you may buy it.” she looked proudly at the painting, “oh that is a live model. A panther from Hrimgar that we tied to a statue we had to pull out of storage. The beast as much as admitted to setting fire to an earlier work.” she shook her head
[12:55]  Marli quietly slipped the paper drawing under her skirt and smiled innocently “such a master piece cannot be copied”
[12:57]  Brandi  shook her head.. “Vandals” She muttered and was glad to have the cloth over her face to hide her smirk. She hoped the crreasing did not show around her eye too much . “ohh i could never do such work just taking some notes on live model paird with statuary. Its unique… so many possibilities. I mean if the statues had … well.. there are many things you could wo witha person and astatues tht would be unique” she smirked to herself again at the pervers thoughts.
[12:57]  IzzyB  watching the woman copying her work, doing a drawing , Tizz protested “Hey , tight ass, just pay up, this is my work you are copying” she grumbled “I’l drag you to a magistarte and have an order made for its return ” She glared at the woman “really, how rude” Tizz had hands on her hips, then held one out “payment???”
[12:59]  Marli lips curled in a smile behind her veil “of course i shall reimburse you” she held up her purse “a silver tarsk shall we say?”
[12:59]  Taeden  nodded her head, “It can be yours for a good price. But we do have some other paintings and sculptures and collectibles you might be interested in. Tizz, you care to show that painting you got last night?” Tae blinked when Tizz started throwing a fit, she’d been so mesmerized by the painting of the panther she wasn’t really paying attention. She stepped back and let them work it out amongst themselves as she walked over to the disguised Brandi, “I’m glad you can appreciate the art. Would you care to see the sculpture? The model is indisposed I’m afraid.”
[12:59]  Brandi g with a haughty air she just shook her head but let marli do the work of paying.. “The woman the live one. She reminds me of a girl i once owned… i miss that little thing. Is she still available…. or been set back into the wild?”
[13:00]  Brandi  nodded “But she is still here and available, Of course i could see some more work… lead the way”
[13:01]  IzzyB  nodded “Aii that will do as payment” Tizz moved to the painting, she pulled it from the post and held it out for the woman “All yours then”
[13:01]  Taeden  shakes her head, “Not available I’m afraid. She’s newly acquired and will need some training before the slaver decides what to do with her.. but come see our sculpture.” she muttered “the damn panthers burned the other one we had. It was much larger.. but this isn’t so bad.”
[13:02]  Taeden  called down “Q! Get up here and model for the Lady!”
[13:02]  Brandi  nods.. “Ohh a baby bosk” She smiles at first then moves closer.. “Ohh wait.. its a person?”
[13:02]  Marli smiled and took the picture frame under her arm “im so pleased”
[13:02]  IzzyB : took her cin and looked at it grinning “fantastic, ” tizz shoved the coin down the front of her dress
[13:03]  Taeden  walked around the wooden sculpture, dragging her finger’s over Mo’s oversided ass, then patted the saddle, “this is another panther from Hrimgar, well her likeness of course. Warriors come from far and wide to rub her breasts so they might have good luck fighting panthers.”
[13:05]  Marli gasped when she saw the statue “im flabbergasted….truly such artistry”
[13:05]  Brandi  knew the fierceness of panthers and nodded.. “well i am sure they need it, i hear most males cant handle themselves and litteraly … freak out. When inthe forest and confronted by a panther woman who might best them. Sounds like they are vicious … vicious i say.” Shaking ehr ehad at the thought of such things. “The men would be wiser to play with themselves.. but we know men even touching a fake breast like that likely gets them excited.”
[13:06]  IzzyB  chuckled as she walked through the dor, the free woman stepping in behind her , Tizz unlocked it and walked in “Isn’t it just magnificent”
[13:07]  Taeden  wrinkled her nose at the thought of men touching themselves, “Oh well, there’s no profit in that for me if they go off and wank in private, Lady! I get a few coins for letting them rub against the statue. That’s why I was sooooo angry that the first one burned. It’s just lucky for me I had this one in storage.” she rested her hand on statue Mo’s ass and smacked it. “where’s that darn slave of ours Tizz?” she shook her head, “no matter, would either of you like to try the saddle? It’s quite comfy.”
[13:10]  Marli was blushing behind her veil and looked away
[13:11]  QuorraSpartan  walked in and through the door slowly, Q paused “Tal My Mistress’s and Mistress” she fell silent after that and stood close to the door
[13:11]  IzzyB  noticed Q had finally followed, Tizz clicked her fingers “Q, get on, model it for them” Tizz laughed
[13:12]  Brandi  gapsed a bit offended.. “You mean ride that thing like the slave girl did.. I think not. especially not straddling it like some slut. Your ….” looking Q a momment.. “your toy there can do it if it pleases. but i will not touch that thing. Its… well… disturbing”
[13:13]  Marli was in full agreement with Bran and then turned as Q entered”greetings girl” she waved her hand at the statue “indeed have the slave pose”
[13:16]  QuorraSpartan  paused a moment “Urmmm, i think it be in appropiate for these ladys to see me riding Mo…You know? Provoking her isnt going to help me……” Q backed away to the door from them all.
[13:17]  Brandi  shrugged it was the girl’s loss. No one elses. “Well, so much for seeing live art. ” turing to her companion ” shall we be going then i believe the sails are being hoisted on the ship.
[13:18]  Taeden  held up her hands, “No offense intended. I just get excited at the craftmanship. Oh, and demeaning a few panthers doesn’t hurt either.” she growled when Q backed away, “slave! You get over here right now. And don’t you DARE speak unkindly or out of place toward our customers or you might find yourself up for sale.” she walked over to Q with her hand on her whip.
[13:19]  IzzyB : “tsssks Q ” Tizz shook her head “look if you all are to shy I’l do it” Tizz offered
[13:21]  QuorraSpartan  points “She offered instead i know how fast things go round Gor and demening a panther like morr is not something i want while i have this round my neck” Q looked at the whip “i didnt say anything inappropriate !” Was ready to open the door at any second.
[13:22]  Taeden  looked between the customers and Q and Tizz. Tae was a bit flustered at all the opposing wishes. She held up her hands, “Oh, don’t go so soon ladies, we have more art you might want to buy.” she growled at Q then looked at them again, “Forgive me for using a wild and untrained slave. I’d thought she was better behaved…but seems she’s intent on embarrassing her owners.” Tae pushed the door open, “get out slave, I’ll not have you interfering with my business!”
[13:28]  QuorraSpartan  ran out the building quickly as she was ordered out not wishing to get in further trouble or sit on Mo.
[13:28]  Brandi  finllay gets over the shock of the slaves behavior.. (and off the phone) and just shakes ehr ehad.. “well we are going. its a bit… well.. uncivilized even if the art is wonderful”
[13:28]  Brandi : “good day to you merchant”
[13:29]  IzzyB  was ready to model but heard they were leaving so Tizz stepped back “Well i hope you enjoy the art you purchased , thankyou for the business”
[13:29]  Taeden was disappointed theat there’d be no other sale, but pushed the door open for them, “Come back again another time, we could have some nice landscapes done up for you.”
[13:32]  Brandi  calling back up the stairs to the work room… “Are you coming Companion?” then smiling to Tae….. “Yes that checkpoint is a bit much … it will drive business away but sounds like you have some trouble here”
[13:35]  IzzyB : poked her “better hurry up, your friend is leaving without you”
[13:35]  Marlies: please lead the way
[13:36]  IzzyB  lead the way to the gate “be well, enjoy the painting”
[13:36]  Marlies picked up her blade from the guard “sorry….for the delay”
[13:36]  Brandi  nods ocllectin her bow and blade for the trip home.. “well i could really use a scarecrow like this one for my properties…. how much do you want for it?”
[13:37]  violette : Tal
[13:37]  Taeden  was shocked to see a panther wander up the road, “panther, you’d better put a dress on if you intend to visit the village.” she smiled at Brandi “she’s not for sale.”
[13:37]  Brandi  startled… “A Panther!! Maybe she is the fire starter!”
[13:37]  Marlies  saw the forest woman and stepped back
[13:37]  violette : i am just passing along
[13:38]  Marlies : “o my…o my …the crimanal returns to the crime sight” she whispered to bran
[13:38]  IzzyB : pulled her bow from her shoulder
[13:38]  Taeden : Well I can see that. But we’re a village of proper women around here. Panthers can be shot on sight around here.” she looked at the women with concern and then at the panther growling, “so you’re one of the fire starters then?”


1 HORT = 1 and 1/4 inches = 3.2 centimetres (approx)

The hort is approximately and inch and a quarter in length. —Tribesmen of Gor, p 49

1 GOREAN FOOT (10horts) = 12 and 1/2 inches = 32 cm (approx)

The Gorean foot is, in my estimation, just slightly longer than the Earth foot; based on the supposition that each of its ten horts is roughly one and one-quarter inches long. —Raiders of Gor, p 127

1 AH-IL = 18 inches (approx) = 46.15 cm (approx)

1 AH-RAL (10 ah-il) = 180 inches (approx 15ft) = 461.5 cm (approx 5m)
1 PASANG = 1/7th of a mile(3,696 US ft) = 1.2 km (approx 1232m)

The pasang is a measure of distance on Gor, equivalent approximately to 0.7 of a mile. —Tarnsman of Gor, p 58

Hand, as height: a measurement of height, primarily of kaiila. Both the Wagon People’s kaiila and the sand kaiila of the Tahari stand about twenty to twenty-two hands at the shoulder.
1 GOREAN STONE = 4 US pounds = 1.8 kilograms (approx)
1 GOREAN WEIGHT (10 stone) = 40 US pounds = 18.14 kg (approx)
1 TALU = 2 US gallons = 7.5 litres (approx)

The Gill

Measures liquids.

In a matter of perhaps two or three seconds, it had drawn perhaps a gill of liquid. — Outlaw of Gor, p 34

The Tef

Basically the equivalent of a fistfull.

The Tefa

6 Tefs

The Huda

5 Tefa

A handful with the five fingers closed, not open, is a tef. Six such handfuls constitute a tefa, which is a tiny basket. Five such baskets constitute a huda. —Tribesmen of Gor, p 46

The following measurements are “trade weights,” meaning that they are, like the ah-il, variable according to the hand size of the measurer. Nevertheless, due to their ease of use, they are retained by the Goreans as practical ways to measure solid volume in a distributary environment, particularly in trade-based Gorean settings where standardised measurements are not available for handy measurement:
1 TEF = a closed handful of whatever produce (such as dates) is being weighed. 6 tefs equals one “tefa.”
1 TEFA = 6 tefs (or closed handfuls), or roughly the amount of merchandise it would take to fill a small basket. 5 tefas equal 1 “huda.”
1 HUDA = 5 tefa, or small baskets full.
In addition, it only stands to reason that Goreans would also rely upon the “squared measure” of their distance units in measuring solid mass as well as space. The use of the Gorean “square foot” is highly likely, as is the “square hort,” the “square ah-il” and “square ah-ral,” and the “square pasang.”

The Stone

The basic unit of weight, equivalent to 4 Earth pounds.

I have calculated this from the Weight, a Gorean unit of measurement based on the Stone, which is about four Earth pounds. —Raiders of Gor, p 127

The Weight 10 Stones

A given tree, annually, yields between one and five Gorean weights of fruit. A weight is some ten stone, or some forty Earth pounds. —Tribesmen of Gor, p 37

I have calculated this from the Weight, a Gorean unit of measurement based on the Stone, which is about four Earth pounds. A Weight is ten Stone. —Raiders of Gor, p 127


The Ah-il and Ah-ral Measures used in the sale and use of cloth.

Cloth is measured in the ah-il, which is the length from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger, and the ah-ral, which is ten ah-ils. —Tribesmen of Gor, p 50

source:  http://www.gorean101.com/measurement.htm

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Index of topics


The following will guide you through all that being a panther girl entails and whats expected.  Topics about Gor, Second Life  and the novels are explained. I hope they’re what you’re looking for 🙂  xoxo

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Panthers are not dirty slimy tree sluts. Just broke 3 nails cleaning off my bed ughhh..ok it’s my off day ….. It is  interesting that men role playing SL Gor seem to use this term quite often.  Nor are the majority of panthers capsluts…..(-__-“)

” Panther Girls are not kitties, they are not tree sluts, they are live, vital predators of the northern forests who will just as soon kill you as look at you.  Do not underestimate a panther girl, because the moment you do is the moment that you fall prey to her wiles”  (quote –  kortai.dover)

Capsluts is not a term we like to use in our tribe, it refers to panthers who enjoy to get captured. We do have some rules about being captured. It can happen that when you are travelling in foreign lands or scouting that you are captured. The rules are as follows:

1x captured , we WILL trade you out

2x captured, we will TRY and trade you out

3x captured, you are on your OWN, try and escape by yourself!

This rule basically applies to sisters who get captured over and over again in a short period of time. Please be aware that our trade supplies are small and limited. It is unfair to others who rarely get captured and cant be traded because trade supplies have run out. Thank you for your co-operation.

What Panthers are:

  1. Women who believe that the concept of women being servants to men is preposterous. The entire Gor culture is based around this. Now with that being said, it does not mean that Panthers are adverse to slavery. No, Panthers do enslave, it’s just that they enslave everyone for their own reasons. There are many other cases in Gor where men are slaves so this is not a big leap of faith and is actually depicted in the books. It’s the concept of the Kajira that Panthers object to. Women bred for the sole purpose of serving and pleasuring men.
  2. Panthers are hunters. Or to be exact huntresses. This mean they need weapons to hunt and they have them. Bows, spears and daggers are the common weapons carried by a Panther. While there are many tribes that actively seek out fights with outlaw bands and cities, in most cases it’s to rescue a captured sister or to scout and become familiar with the sim so that plans can be made if a rescue there is necessary.
  3. Panthers are incredibly loyal to their tribe-mates. They consider themselves to be a family and in many cases act much like a sorority of women (not like college sorority’s, look up the word if you don’t know the difference). Panthers in my tribe have sworn thier lives in defense of their sisters.
  4. Panthers are extremely territorial. They consider their part of the woods or jungle theirs and don’t like others stomping around scaring away all of their food. So they patrol it to hunt game and to keep noisy trespassers out. I’ve actually had role players question this. “why do you think these woods are yours?”. I ask them the same question about the meadow they laid their city or fort down in. I don’t believe the notion of Manifest Destiny found its way into the Gorean culture since there is plenty of open land to go around and that open land is a VERY dangerous place to be.

What Panthers are not:

  1. They are not Amazons! Panther woman are not over sized female warriors having the intent of enslaving the entire male population. While there are MANY role players that wish this, they shouldn’t expect it. Warriors of Gor belong to a specific caste in the culture. They consist of MEN ONLY! Thus women, even Panthers cannot think of themselves as a warrior. The cultural idea of what a warrior is in Gor would not allow that kind of thought. Does that mean Panthers don’t fight? Of course they do. They need to learn to fight so that they can learn to hunt for food to survive. Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t any large amazonian women running around in the trees. There are. It’s just that there are averaged sized and small woman running around with them.
  2. They are not dirty slimy tree sluts. I find it interesting that men role playing Gor seem to use this term quite often. And to be honest, I have yet to find this term used in the books. But I’m looking. Based on the writings in the books I have found that many elements of Gorean culture is really very similar to many elements of our own past cultures here on Earth. I would suspect that bathing, except for possibly the highest levels of society was something done infrequently. So to be called a stinking tree slut by a stinking outlaw or common warrior seems rather hypocritical at best. Also, as most ladies know, a whore is a girl that puts out for money, a slut is a girl that puts out for free; and why are these people coming to forests to capture and take away Panthers again? It would seem to me that Panthers are anti-sluts and that the pleasure slaves running around in the cities are in fact, the sluts. I’m sure I’ll burn in Gor hell for that statement!
  3. Panthers are not man-hating revolutionaries intent on changing Gor culture. In fact many Panther women enjoy the company of men if for anything else to release sexual tension. Are Panthers liberated feminists. Yeah, I tend to think given the era the books were written in that the author had that concept in his head when he wrote about Panthers.
  4. Not all Panthers are lesbians.

source: http://sedonamills.blogspot.nl/p/thoughts-of-gor.html

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So what is the difference between a Panther and  a Taluna? idk, not much, panthers are said to have lived in the Northern forests and the taluna in the jungles of Schendi. I have like played and enjoyed both roles …lol… I suppose a taluna was more mystic and had more lore than a panther girl in SL Gor.  I included a typical panther role play…….

According to Luthers scrolls Talunas are white girls who live in the jungles near Schendi and use spears, bows and knives for their hunting.
Although they speak boldly about keeping with the books one would wonder how it is so when we all know that by Gorean book standards no panther or taluna would visit a gorean city without finding themselves quickly impaled or enslaved as an outlaw.
Tribesman of Gor pg. 223 states, “The strength of a full-grown woman is equivalent to a twelve-year old boy.”

The Death of the Jungle Panther

THE HUNT — The dense jungle canopy hanging over their heads allowed just enough light from the three moons to see in a ten foot radius, torches would only scare the prey, so only during the brightest night did the Taluna hunt their nemesis, the panther. Faces painted with dyed mud, their hair woven into small braids and pulled back, dressed in pelts and animal skins from other hunts, each of them holding their weapon of choice — spears, clubs, sleen knife, the short bow. Andraste clung tightly to her panga, using it to cut through whatever obstacle came before them. They split apart at the stream, keeping together in pairs, covering more ground. The sound of a twig snapping ahead brought her to a halt, lowering into a crouch as she focused on the darkness, trying to make out what creature was ahead. Her hand lifted with a silent signal to her sister to ready her arrow, in case.

Raika had her arrow nocked before she even saw the signal, her own dark eyes staring into the darkness before them. The quiver was strapped to a bare, bronzed-gold thigh with thick hides, buckles of tortoise shell drawn tight. A handful of thick braids spilled down her narrow back, banded in leather and for once without their usual malachite and bronze beads- they were far too noisy for this kind of work. She slipped to the side without a word, the slender frame of the woman half-disappearing into the shadow of a looming tree, keeping Andraste in view even as she shifted lightly. Thick bands of black tiger-striped her face below her large eyes, with more green-gold stripes sliding down her back and the long lines of her thighs and calves. The hunting paint covered more than her actual clothes did, the dark striping running down her bare back and the sleek line of her belly as well, compared to the simple hide halter and dark cotton loin clothe. The almost knee-high boots of tharlarlion leather were broken in and soundless, making her movements eerily quiet as she slowly drew the arrow back, keeping it at light tension even as she glanced over the area, braids spilling against each other and tumbling down her spine in a riot of black silk. The panthers were tricky beasts, fully capable of circling around their hunters – as many of them had learned before.
While Raika slide into place with her arrow notched so a simple pluck at the string would deliver it into the hide of their feline friend. Andraste would act as the bait. She stayed alert, letting her ears search out what her eyes could not find. Her heart was beating faster as she heard another snap… more to the left this time. Her head turned to track the movements as she stayed close to the ground, ready to lunge in either direction. She pulled from her thigh the sleen knife, held in her weaker hand, in her fist, ready to stab at the beast if it attacked. A third snap coming from the right. Could there be two? Or was the animal just playing with them like urts. Waiting to bat them around before it tore into the midnight snack. Andrasta could taste the sweat dripping off her upper lip, the salt making her lips tingle. She inhaled slowly, keeping her breath soft, then inching forward with two more steps. Her own blond braids barely reached her shoulders, bangs feathered across her forehead, clinging to her sun kissed skin by beads of sweat. Silence made the moment all the more alarming, no other creatures giving themselves up as a sacrifice to the panther, it was between the humans and the beast. Even the wind had hushed for this momentous occasion.

Raika didn’t move from her position, merely drawing the bow back a bit more as she watched the blonde girl advance. She was pure tension in that moment, eyes narrowed while she listened to the silence of the jungle around them with the ingrained reactions of a predator. A light sheen of sweat glistened on her own skin, the color of polished bronze, as she lifted the bow to track the movements of the other girl and the prey, nostrils flaring as if to catch the scent. There might very well be two of them out there, though that would have met they’d have caught either a mating pair, or interrupted a pair of males in the middle of settling a dispute over territory. She crept forward, keeping her bow half-drawn as she padded on the soles of her boots across the wet jungle floor, feeling the silence in the air around them. She never broke the hunting distance between her and the blonde, the fluid distance that made sure that the prey couldn’t get both of them without one getting a good hit in. Though a pair made it much more dangerous. She rolled her bare shoulders, nostrils flaring as she slowly straightened up from the bush, standing to her full height among the ferns and peering in the twilight cast by the full glow of the three moons through the thick canopy above. She’d need to see the beasts coming to make a true shot. And prevent the blonde from becoming prey.

In those few moments of silence an eternity flashed by in thoughts and at the same time her mind was still, focused on the hunt. She couldn’t let emotion come into play, though instinct was turned to full blast, her stomach tightly knotted as she swallowed another few feet in distance. Each step closing in on their adversary. She didn’t need to turn back to know that Raika was right there behind her, this was not their first hunt, though one false step and it could become either one of their last. The muscles of her thighs began to burn as she remained half crouched down in a position ready to pounce, the larger blade still held steady in front of her. A sound finally broke through that barrier of silence, but it wasn’t a beast’s growl, instead the squeal of a frightened tarsk fleeing. It only took a second before the creature that scared it to come into view, and a split second before it was about to pounce on top of an even larger meal, Andraste. The sudden catapult of the jungle panther coming out of the darkness left her with no chance of running. She lifted her right arm, the blade in it used to guard while the left reached out to stab. Raika had one chance, a single arrow, to make an impact and slow the beast.

She was moving the moment she saw the darker shadow of the panther in the night, lifting the bow and pulling the arrow back even as it began its leap onto the blonde woman. For a moment, time seemed to pause, her eye sighting along the arrow even as the horn-bow creaked and the sinew thrummed with tension. She waited until it had begun its leap before letting go, hand dropping to the quiver at her thigh without pause to pull another gold & green fletched arrow from the leather case even as the first arrow slammed into the throat of the panther. At the short range she had fired from the wide-bladed head punched through the soft fur of its throat with an audible crunch, burying itself up to the fletching and nearly coming out the other side. The bright green bird feathers stood out above its collarbone as it continued the leap, though it was already dying. The weight of the beast slammed into the blonde, carrying her to the jungle floor even as it spasmed in its death-throws. It tried to hiss and growl, the sounds coming instead as airless grunts while blood poured into its lungs. It was dying, but the predators were still dangerous, eager to drag the unwary down with them into death.

Had the arrow missed it’s target, Andraste would of been torn to shreds even if she got a chance to stab at the pouncing predator. Even half dead the weight of the animal slammed her on her back knocking the wind out of her. Sleen knife stretched out to catch the underside of the belly, but a last effort to take the blonde woman along was felt against her thigh when the panther’s claws made contact. Crying out in agony along with the growling beast, sending an alert to the others in their band that something had gone wrong. They turned on their own tracks and ran towards the sounds. Andraste rolled out of the way, but she wasn’t able to stand on her own, only crawl the rest of the way until she was out of range. Her blades were gone now, the sleen knife left in the gut of the animal as it bled out on the jungle floor. The blonde felt her own blood coating her thigh, using her hand to give pressure to the wound and cursing herself out for letting the animal take a piece out of her. source:http://delveintodark.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=jungle&action=display&thread=87


Along the length of the Laurius River and up the northern coast of Thassa, following the border of the forests, there can be found a number of exchange points where outlaws, including panther girls, can display items for sale to passing ships. Most of the items for sale are slaves though other items may also be found. At each spot, there is often a pair of sloping wooden beams, positioned in an upside-down “V” shape. These are very large and heavy structures. Iron rings have been set in these beams to restrain and display slaves that are for sale.

The early spring is best time to use these exchange points so that newly purchased slaves can be readied for the busy summer season. The summer is often the busiest season for selling slaves in the cities below the Laurius. Male and female outlaws have an unwritten truce concerning these exchange points. They will not attack, hinder or try to enslave each other at these places. With this truce, the exchange points become practical and effective. If these points were not safe, then their usefulness for trade would greatly diminish and thus harm all outlaws. The outlaws would be largely unable to engage in trade thus diminishing the quality of their lives.

A man who refuses to practice his Caste or tries to change his Caste, without the consent of the High Council, is by definition an outlaw. Other men, who lose their Caste for various other reasons, may also end up as outlaws. A few men even choose to be outlaws. But, most Goreans despise outlaws. Caste is so vitally important to Goreans that a life without their Caste looks quite dismal. A Caste gives a man a support group that will aid him in times of need. An outlaw though is on his own. He has no Caste or Home Stone. He may wear any identifying devices on his clothes or weapons. He has no one to rely on no matter what the circumstances.

The penalties for outlaws are also extreme. If an outlaw tries to enter a city, the common sanction is impalement. In the northern forests, common penalties for captured outlaws include hanging and hamstringing. Thus, many outlaws seek refuge in the wilderness areas of Gor, especially in the northern forests and various mountain ranges such as the Voltai. They then commonly live a precarious existence, hunting, raiding and trading.

Not all outlaws are males. All of the above reasons apply to women becoming outlaws as well. Some women, including escaped kajirae and free women, voluntarily opt for outlaw status and flee to the northern forests. They wish to escape their lives for a number of different reasons and seek the freedom of the forests. Many of these women have banded together in small groups and have become known as panther girls or forest girls. They construct their own camps and shelters, each band claiming a certain territory. Usually to join an established band, you must fight and kill an existing member.

Panther girls live primarily by hunting though they also engage in slaving and trade. Panther girls are considered outlaws and subject to the same penalties as male outlaws, though more often than not a captured panther girl will be enslaved rather than killed. Thus, the cities are not safe for them and they must remain in the forests.

Panther girls commonly dress themselves in the skins of forest panthers, from which they derive their name. They hunt a number of other animals as well but it is their panther hunting that has brought them the most infamy. They do not wear leather outfits, robes of concealment, veils or tunics. They do not seek to hide their bodies either as their panther skin outfits are often quite scanty. Some girls may wear gold or shell ornaments, such as necklaces, bracelets and armlets. They are skilled hunters, employing the bow and spear, and may be quite proficient in the use of these weapons. They also commonly carry a sleen knife and may also use clubs. Panther girls though do not wield swords. They use weapons more appropriate for their strength and abilities.

Panther girls are arrogant and proud, having little respect for anyone besides themselves. They despise female slaves and will treat them with great cruelty. They hate free women as well regarding all non-panther girls as weak and worthless. They hate men but have more respect for them than for women. Though panther girls are arrogant and disrespectful toward men, they do not call them “males” in the books. The distinction between “males” and “men” does not really exist on Gor. It is not a concept they understand so it would not be an insult they would use. Panther girls sit cross-legged like men and will even do so at an exchange point knowing that men find it disrespectful.

Panther girls attempt to capture and enslave any men who enter the forests. Obviously they will avoid large groups of well-armed men, preferring to attack lone men or those in small groups. If they do capture a man, they commonly shave a strip down his heads. The strip is about two to two and a half inches wide and is done to humiliate them, to mark them as having been captured by a panther girl. It is called the degradation stripe. Men who escape from the panther girls may wear a hat to cover their shame until the hair grows back. It is said “…that only weaklings, and fools, and men who deserve to be slave girls, fall slave to women.” (Hunters of Gor, p.13)

Panther girls may rape their male slaves and it seems very likely that they use slave wine. There is no indication of any pregnant panther girls or children living with the panther girls. Children would greatly interfere and hinder their lives. As slave wine now lasts forever, or until a releasor is given, then only a single dose is needed at some point in their lives. If panther girls were the maternal type, they would most likely never have fled to the forests. Once the panther girls grow tired of their male slaves, they will usually sell them at the exchange points.

Each band of panther girls will commonly have a semi-permanent camp, especially in the winter. Each band will know the borders of the territories claimed by other bands. The different bands do not get along well and there are often battles between the different groups. For the most part, these bands are small groups though there are a couple large ones. A typical camp will consist of conical, thatched huts of woven saplings. The camp will also be surrounded by a wall of sharpened stakes. There will be a single gate, fastened with vines, to allow entry into the camp. In the center of the camp will be a cooking hole, surrounded by a circle of flat stones. During the day, while the panther girls are off hunting, the camps are largely empty until they return near dusk. In the winter time, the camps will be busier much more of the time.

Each band will also have a dancing circle located outside their camps, sometimes close though sometimes a few pasangs away. This is commonly a clearing of grass, maybe twenty-five to thirty yards in diameter. At one side of the clearing is a slave post, about five feet high and seven inches thick. There are two heavy metal rings in this post, one about two feet off the ground and the other about three and a half feet. On the top front of the post is a crude carving of opened slave bracelets. In the center of the circle are four heavy stakes, about six inches high, that form a small but good-sized square. At night, under the light of the three moons, the panther girls will dance naked and wildly, like slaves would, inside the circle. They dance when their suppressed womanhood becomes too much to handle. Their need to dance becomes intense and they must dance or go mad.

To many, this indicates the dichotomy of the panther girls. Though they wish to act as men, their hearts yearn to be women, collared women. Panther girls fear being enslaved by men but they cannot deny that part of them that desires to be a woman. There is a panther girl saying that: “Any girl who permits herself to fall to men desires in her heart to be their slave.” (Hunters of Gor, p.133) But, it is also said by male Goreans that panther girls, once conquered, make incredible slaves. “Indeed they make superb slaves. They bring high prices in the markets. They are only girls desperate to fight their femininity. When they are no longer permitted to do this they have no choice but to become marvelous women and slaves.

A conquered panther girl is one of the most abject and delicious, and joyful, of slaves.” (Beasts of Gor, p.240) For this reason, many Gorean men come to the northern forests to hunt panther girls or to purchase them at the exchange points from male outlaws or even panther girls. One band of panther girls is not adverse from selling captured panther girls from another band.

As it is for all women, men have devised a myriad of ways to capture panther girls. A number of these methods entail capturing panther girls at their camps. Obviously, this first means that you must locate a panther girl camp and that is not always easy. A simple, though lengthy method, is to besiege the camp. Eventually, hunger and thirst may force the panther girls to surrender to their besiegers. This is generally not a preferred method of capture. Some men might set fire to a camp, forcing the girls to flee the safety of the camp. This is very dangerous though as fire is not easily controlled.

A forest fire is a heinous crime on Gor and few men would attempt this method. One of the bravest methods, one that requires much skill in stealth, is to attempt to enter the camp at night while the panther girls sleep. Panther girl sentries must be the first girls captured and it must be done as silently as possible. Then, a hut by hut search must be done, continuing to capture each girl as silently as can be done. The less the amount of men used to do this means the more glory to the captors.

At exchange points, panther girls will generally trade slaves and animal pelts for a number of items they desire. They may also trade any items they acquired through the capture of men or slaves. Panther girls often seek such items as candies, knives, arrow points, spear points, armlets, bracelets, necklaces, mirrors, slave nets, slave traps, and other types of slave steel. These are all items they cannot obtain from the forests. Because there is little sugar in the forest, except in some berries, simple hard candies are very valuable to them.

Panther girls are not wealthy and live very simple lives. They do not acquire much coinage and have little use for it even if they did possess some. They also do not use mounts while in the forests. Thus they have no need for tarns, tharlarion or kaiila. Most of those animals would have difficulties operating in the dense forests anyways.

Panther girls are not the same as talunas. Though there are some similarities, the two terms are not interchangeable. Taluna is not a word in the Gorean language. It is from an inland dialect of the jungles near Schendi. Talunas and panther girls have a number of cultural differences.

Men also come to the northern forests to hunt animals, not just panther girls. Marlenus, Ubar of Ar, often goes to the northern forests on hunting expeditions. There are numerous small game and birds that can be hunted as well as some larger game animals such as panthers, sleen, tabuk and tarsk. Hunting is an exciting yet dangerous pursuit. The addition of the predatory panther girls makes hunting even more dangerous in the northern forests.

The forest panther is a tawny-colored animal that is very common in the forests. Though they hunt largely at night they are not invariably nocturnal. They will hunt whenever they are hungry or irritable. Panthers will usually only attack men if provoked or if there are very hungry and there is no other prey around. Though they are capable of climbing trees, they generally locate the scent of prey on the ground. Spears and bows are the most common weapons used to hunt them. This appears to be the prey of choice for panther girls though it is not the only animal they hunt. There are many varieties of sleen on Gor, including a forest one. The forest sleen is a large animal, either brown or black pelted.

The northern forests can provide much excitement to your role-play. Hunting expeditions are a primary activity in this region and the many dangers of the forests will make it even more thrilling. The forests are also immense and can hide many different matters. Escaped criminals may be hidden within its depths. Lost treasures may be secreted away in its expanses. Interaction with outlaws or panther girls at exchange points or within the forests can also lead to enjoyment. Don’t restrict your role-play to taverns and cities. Get out into the wilderness and explore the varied world of Gor.

The tall, blond girl, Verna, beautiful and superb, led the file, her bow and a quiver of arrows now on her back, her spear in hand. Sometimes she would stop to listen, or lift her head, as though testing the air, but then she would resume her journey.
~ Captive of Gor

Marli wakes up, she had leant against the tree she had been sleeping on, the second spear she had made  standing next to her. She rubs her eyes and looks around, mumbling ‘strangers…’ She grabs her spear and watches closely.  A slave enters the Luna caleeng lands , slings some rocks at the local panthers , later a Sa Nahele panther wanders into our camp….what the heck?

[05:46] Foxie Love: explain yoruself slave why did you shot me

[05:46] ClaireSummer: *terrifed at what she is being told* “please Mistress you startled me”

[05:46] ClaireSummer: “this girl was just defending herself”

[05:46] Foxie Love : did i even shot you at first no

[05:46] Foxie Love: but you shot me

[05:46] Foxie Love: so i was defending myself

[05:47] ClaireSummer: “Mistress this girl swears she saw an arrow”

[05:47] Foxie Love: you must be on kanda girl

[05:47] Marli growls “the slave hit me with a rock ” Marli was angered and would beat the girl hard, already lifting her hand to strike at the slave

[05:48] Foxie Love: where is your owner girl

[05:48] Foxie Love: Tal Jen

[05:48] jJenifer Violet: tallies….training I see?

[05:48] Marli: Tal jj

[05:48] ClaireSummer: this girl has no owner Mistress

[05:48] Foxie Love: well then seems you have a new home here or to be sold to pirates

[05:48] Foxie Love: what shall it be mother?

[05:48] ClaireSummer: *looks around nervously, hoping she can get her hand on a weapon*

[05:48] Foxie Love: this girl shot at me Jen

[05:49] ClaireSummer: *gulps* “please do not sell this girl”

[05:49] Marli grins ” have her pay her debt and break her in”

[05:49] jJenifer Violet : bad girl….shakes her head…..Then she must have a good beating for it

[05:49] Foxie Lovekicks her side to turn the girl over

[05:50] ClaireSummer: *thankful she is not going to be killed, grunts from the kick*

[05:50] Foxie Love: mom what shall we do with her

[05:50] Foxie Love: i have not had my Paga this morning so i am grumpy

[05:50] jJenifer Violet: sell her off to them pirates in kamaya island

[05:51] jJenifer Violet: atticotti pirates…heheheh

[05:51] Marli: “beat her and then have her serve you some paga …..then decide if we sell the beast to pirates”

[05:51] ClaireSummer: “please don’t sell me”

[05:51] jJenifer Violet: sounds like a good lesson to be earned to me……winks

[05:52] Foxie Love: mom will you do the beating for me your much more kinder i may end up killing the girl

[05:52] jJenifer Violet whispers: Did you have you black wine yet Marli?

[05:53] Marli places her boot near the girls head “displease us and we will sail you to the pirates, they have a soft spot for brunettes” Marli then looks at JJ and nods

[05:53] jJenifer Violet: oh good…then she is safe…..giggles

[05:53] Foxie Love hands mom the rope ((brb))

[05:54] Marli takes the leash from Feathers and takes up the slack , she doesnt plan to let the girl stand up just yet

[05:54] ClaireSummer: “yes Mistress this girl will not displease you”

[05:56] jJenifer Violet: Well I will let ya be to your beatings,….errrm….I mean training

[06:00] jJenifer Violet: have fun…smiles

[06:00] Foxie Love: you to sis

[06:00] Marli prepares to drag the girl into camp, she plans to leash her to a post and flog her

[06:00] ClaireSummer: “please Mistress this girl will be good, please forgive her”

[06:00] Tea shouts: Excuse me!

[06:01] Tea shouts: But last time I saw this girl she was the property of my sister Eris Lobo!

[06:04] ClaireSummer: *near panic with fear* “Please don’t beat this girl”

[06:04] Marli squats beside the slave girl , Marli didnt speak , she moves the girl closer to the wooden post , she pushed her up in an upright position…..she silently bound the girl to the whipping post

[06:06] Foxie Love: girl who is this Eris that i was told OWNS you

[06:07] ClaireSummer: araid to speak

[06:07] ClaireSummer: afraid to speak “Mistress Eris, this girl has not seen her for a while, she got lost from her”

[06:07] Foxie Love: speak girl or yoru punishment will be wrose

[06:07] Marli made sure the girl was securely fastened to the whipping post and then unsheathed her whip “She is owned ?” Marli growls , she looks at her daughter

[06:08] Foxie Love: are you a runaway girl

[06:08] ClaireSummer: yes Mistress

[06:08] Foxie Love: aye mother

[06:08] Foxie Love: a Hunteress from her tribe came up to me

[06:10] Foxie Love rips the girls cloths off

[06:10] Foxie Love: why are you a runaway girl

[06:11] Marli sneers at the slave , Marli showing her teeth “beat her hard ……she attacked a free ….she also ran away”

[06:12] ClaireSummer: *bites her lip awaiting the inevitable blows, looking at both Mistresses for any hint of mercy*

[06:12] Foxie Love: answer my Mother why are you a runaway

[06:13] Marli inspected her whip , her patience was low that day

[06:13] ClaireSummer: “This girl wanted to attack the free to avenge her slavery”

[06:14] Foxie Love: do you realise attacking the free is death dont you girl

[06:14] ClaireSummer: “Yes Mistress”

[06:14] Foxie Love: maybe we should sale he rback to her Mistress

[06:15] Foxie Love lets her mom continue the beating

[06:16] Foxie Love: tell me girl is death worth being free again

[06:16] ClaireSummer: “this girls only regret is that she was not able to take others with her”

[06:17] ClaireSummer: “but this girl does not wish to die”

[06:17] Foxie Love: you have the fighting spirit in you for revenge

[06:17] Foxie Love: but you attacked the wrong Hunteress today

[06:17] Marli removes the ropes from the girl , she grins as she inpsects the naked body

[06:18] Marli has her whip caress the young girls flesh

[06:18] ClaireSummer: *grits her teeth, knowing the beating is about to commence*

[06:19] Foxie Love: with each hit of the whip you will thank my Mother for not killing you

[06:19] ClaireSummer: “Yes Msitress”

[06:20] Marli lifts the whip behind her head , then Marli releases the whip in a blinding flash, striking hard at the girls defenceless body

[06:20] ClaireSummer: *yelps loudly in pain as it strikes her xposed flesh* “Thank you Mistress for not killing me”

[06:22] Marli growls as she strikes down at the girl a second time

[06:22] ClaireSummer: *feels the whip rip her flesh* “thank you MIstres”

[06:24] Marli dangles the whip between the girls exposed breasts , then waits a moment to bring it to the girls lips “Kiss my whip ” she commands sternly

[06:24] ClaireSummer: *nervously kisses the whip*

[06:25] Marli nods slowly , her lips curling into a thin smile “good girl”

[06:25] Foxie Love: mom i say we keep the girl and make her serve paga to out tribe

[06:26] Marli: “yes i agree , we need a new paga slut ” she motions to her daughter “untie her and instruct her ”

[06:27] Foxie Love untie the girls arms and legs for the stock post helps the girl to her knees knowing she much be weak from the beating

[06:27] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη suddenly she finds herself ina hidden panther camp as she walks a bit closer covering her nudity with her hands “ehm .. i got lost .. i am on the way to sardar

[06:27] Marli walks up to the naked girl in her camp and lifts an eyebrow “Greetings slave ……you here to serve us too ?”

[06:27] Foxie Love: come girl

[06:27] ClaireSummer: Yes Mistress

[06:28] Foxie Love: this is mine, I mean our paga stock here

[06:28] ClaireSummer: *looks at teh paga stock*

[06:28] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη grunts hearing what the panther says “no i am a sa nahele panther

[06:28] Foxie Love: you will serve me every morning my fill of paga and every time i wish for a drink

[06:28] ClaireSummer: Yes Mistress

[06:29] Foxie Love: if you do well you will be my Paga girl and i will reward

[06:29] ClaireSummer: Yes Mistress

[06:29] Marli: “this is not Sardar !” she looks sternly at the prospective new slave

[06:29] ClaireSummer: This girl will serve well

[06:30] Foxie Love: serve me not girl

[06:30] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: yes thank you i see it myself but went lost in the jungle here

[06:30] Foxie Love: a large flask with cold paga

[06:30] ClaireSummer: Yes Mistress

[06:30] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: i was looking for a way out as i came here

[06:31] Marli points to the ground “kneel in the presence of the free girl, even in Sardar they know this ”

[06:31] ClaireSummer: *rising this girl reaches for a flash, running it against her breast to ensure there are no sharp edges*

[06:31] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη grunts “i am not a slave i am a sa nahele panther

[06:31] ClaireSummer: *filling the flash carefully with paga, this girl turns toward her Mistress*

[06:31] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: show me please the way out so i can go back home

[06:32] Foxie Love: i would Kneel girl as my mom said

[06:32] Foxie Love: your in no position to argue being naked

[06:32] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: i am not a slave !! .. i wasn´t looking to come in your camp

[06:32] ClaireSummer: *kissing the bottom of the flask before offering it to the Mistress* “this girl offers you paga Mistress if it pleases you”

[06:33] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: i simply lost the orientment

[06:33] Foxie Love takes the flask filled with Paga and drinks it

[06:33] Foxie Love: mmmm good girl

[06:33] ClaireSummer: “thank you Mistress”

[06:33] Foxie Love: now it is not better to serve me than to shot me

[06:34] ClaireSummer: yes Mistress

[06:34] Foxie Love: girl if you do not kneel i will force you to kneel with my spear here

[06:34] Foxie Love: you are in our camp

[06:34] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: i was captured in argentum and got to escape “grunts again” that´s why i am naked

[06:35] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: i was hunting around for food as i was attacked suddenly and captured

[06:35] Marli steps closer to susan and flicks her left xxx “you are naked and vulnerble ….unless you challenge me in a dual you will kneel ” Marli grinned “Or kneel and join this other slave we have caught in our swamps ”

[06:37] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: ouuuuwwww !!! “screams for the pain she feels because of the flick as she covers now betetr her nudity .. she would insult you angryly but suppose it´s better she doesn´t .. she has even no a clue how to run back the jungle

[06:37] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: challenge you ? .. for what ? .. to get your place as en ?

[06:38] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: i just want to know the right direction to sardar that´s all

[06:40] Marli laughs loudly “challenge me with your bare hands ? I will slit your throat ” then Marli narrows her eyes “Sardar ? are you a Sa Nahele ? one of Lessiens girls ?”

[06:41] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη nods “yes i am a sa nahele less is my en

[06:42] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: so .. want you help me out of here ?

[06:43] Marli inpsects her fingernails “…..suppose you are a Sa nahele spy ? its possible ……what normally happens to spies do you think?” Marli ‘s voice was cold ” There are only two ways out of this swamp ……collared ….or wearing a Luna feather …..so what will it be ?”

[06:43] Foxie Love: knee as my mom said

[06:44] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη shakes her head listening you and smirks “wearing a feather i suppose sounds much better

[06:44] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: hey calm down i have no weapons and i am not a spy

[06:44] Foxie Love: Kneel i dotn care

[06:44] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη says gazing foxie

[06:44] Foxie Love: you will kneel

[06:44] Marli unsheaths her bow “you dont sound very convincing somehow …….i guess it will be kneeling for you”

[06:44] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη slowly she kneels down to avoid worse

[06:45] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: it´s better now ?

[06:45] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: would you sheath your weapon ?

[06:45] Marli nods “much better”

[06:46] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: i am not looking for troubles .. i just want go back home

[06:47] Marli: “my daughter needs a paga , if you serve her well , then maybe we let you go”

[06:47] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: i don´t know .. i never served

[06:48] Foxie Love: well you will learn

[06:48] Foxie Love: paga stock is behind me girl

[06:49] Foxie Love: so you will go over there and serve me

[06:49] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη grunts “i am a panther .. have no clue how to serve ok ? .. though i would do it too to get out of here

[06:49] Foxie Love: me points tht eh stock again

[06:50] Foxie Love: serve and we will see about releasing you

[06:51] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη shakes her head abut the stupidity and stubbornly wise of those panthers as she stands up heading to where you show her

[06:51] Marli points at the servery with her bow “move ”

[06:52] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη takes a bowl and then she walks to where she suppose it´s paga and fills the bowl

[06:53] Foxie Love watch the girl

[06:53] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη then walks back and kneels .. much more to cover herself better while she lifts her both hands offering you the paga

[06:54] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: here you have your paga .. now please show me the way out of this jungle

[06:54] Marli watches her daughter , Marli wonders if she had been satisfied

[06:54] Foxie Love takes the bowl of Paga and drinnks up

[06:54] Foxie Love: mom we will keep her -giggles

[06:55] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη lifts an eyebrow

[06:55] Foxie Love : well you just showed us your a slave girl by serving me lol

[06:55] Foxie Love: so now your fate is sealed

[06:56] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: forget it .. show me the way out now

[06:56] Foxie Love: what you think mom

[06:57] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: come damn .. i went lost while trying to go to sardar

[06:57] Marli smirks “I think we take her back to her tribe and tell them she makes a lovely girl”

[06:57] Foxie Love: can we collar her first -giggles

[06:57] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη grunts standing up running then down out of the camp

[06:57] Marli snickers “yes , she deserves a collar”

[06:59] Foxie Love binds her legs with some rope, tyring them in a tight gorean knot

[07:00] Foxie Love taking more rope i fasten a knot around your in a double gorean knot

[07:00] Marli laughs “now we collar her for sure , i have a nice Luna collar the blacksmith in Gimli made ”

[07:00] Foxie Love last i fasten a collar and leash around yoru neck

[07:01] Foxie Love: silly girl ran

[07:01] Foxie Love: maybe shoul dfeed her to the spirder people for running

[07:02] Foxie Love: wake up girl

[07:02] Foxie Love slaps her ass

[07:02] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: ouuch !! “moans loud opening her eyes

[07:03] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη try to figure out where she is as she feels binded

[07:03] Foxie Love: now girl my Mom said she was going to return you home yet you ran

[07:04] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: yes .. in humiliation “grunts back trying to think straight

[07:04] Marli: “the spiders havent had a good meal for ages , they would feast on a run away ” she chuckles “….better to return in humiliation than not at all”

[07:04] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: damn let me go what do you want from me ??!!

[07:05] Foxie Love: we will when we collar you and release you to your elders

[07:05] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: no please

[07:05] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: why are you doing this ? .. is your life so boring ?

[07:05] Foxie Love: are you in position to say no girl

[07:06] Marli: its done ….collar her and return her in disgrace to her elders

[07:06] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: noo !!!

[07:06] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: damn let me go !!

[07:07] Foxie Love hands the rope to mom

[07:07] Foxie Love(slave.foxclaw): ((i need to go mom i will be back

[07:09] Marli takes the leash and drags susan towards the trade post

[07:10] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: no wait !!

[07:10] Marli: mhm?

[07:10] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: cut the ropes and let me go please

[07:13] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: damn .. what do you want to let me go ?

[07:13] Marli: I am letting you go …..soon

[07:13] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: cut free my ankles at least that lease

[07:15] Marli removes a collar from the rusty hook and show it to susan “once this is around your neck, you may leave ”

[07:15] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: no please don´t do that

[07:16] Marli squats besides the young panther and slips the collar around the neck, she turns the small key to click it shut and then places the key in her own boot

[07:16] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη then gazes closer the collar

[07:18] Marli slaps susans cheek hard “You tell Lessien that her panthers will be collared in the swamps and not returned next time ….this is a warning ”

[07:18] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη grunts “so happy now ? .. then let me leave

[07:18] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: ouch !!!!!!! “growls feeling slapped

[07:18] Marli slips out her knive and cuts the binds around susans feet

[07:19] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: be well “grunts standing up brushing her wrists before she runs out

[07:19] Marli points to the exits “use the zip or the paths ”

[07:20] レαđץ ڪ υڪαη: the zip

[07:20] Marli: run girl

[07:20] ArrowS2 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00: Direct Hit on Susy Steerpike

Hehe…..sorry Susy I couldn’t resist shooting an arrow at your swaying ass…<3

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Different ways you could choose a name for your panther girl. A look at weapons a panther girl will need in SL Gor and the use of the GM meter system. Tips and tricks on fighting in SL Gor.  Like here’s my Panther girl bitch fight tip :  NEVER throw the first punch! Talk smack until she does, but be ready. Then you want to get her on the ground ASAP with your fighting tactics. After shes on the ground, use your feet and DON’T get down. Kicks in the stomach and face will give her a reason to think you’re a GREAT fighter….

  • chooose a gorean name
  • make up a name of your own

Choosing a Gorean name is the first step in getting involved in Second Life Gor, some examples already used by some SL gor players:

Sana , Vella, Ula , Tuka , Sana, Nela, Nala, Talena, Vera, Rena, Hereena, Helena, Lana, Luma , Luna, Dina, Relia, Tethrite, Mindi, Phais, Telima, Mela, Moon,  Midice, Verbina, Thura, Verna , Sheera, Mira, Rissa, Hura, Dani….

Or you could be creative and invent a new Gorean name…..oh yeah…..the name Marli is already taken 🙂 because it’s s00000000 sweeeeeeeeettttT

GM weapons

So you have some Lindens burning in your virtual purse and need a weapon for your panther avatar.GM (Gorean Meter) A combat system created by alika Sao and Jaraziah Lowell It is free to get the meter and to get your avatar activated. There are some free weapons around mostly LR freebies. However, most weapons have to be purchased using Lindens (in game money). Prices for a decent bow can range from 500L to 700L. This includes a HUD and sometimes some accessories like extra quivers.

WhileSecond Life allows thecreation and usage ofscriptedweapons, usually aresident doesn’t take anydamage by being hit by a bullet or falling from thesky. This is different in a combat region. Upon entering a damage-enabled area, the Second Lifeclient shows ahealth indicator on top of the screen. If anavatar now gets hit by a weaponwhich is damage enabled, it loses health, eventually causing the avatar to “die“. However, death in Second Life is not as grim as in other gaming environments–it merely causes the avatar to be sent to itshomelocation.

We all know there are a few big hitters in the GM Weapons industry;Primus Weapons run by Thord Karu, LR Weapons by Allia Lane (found here) and Vo Fhang Weapons (found here) by Tungsten Engineer. It seems everyone has a favorite brand and a good reason for it, some would say that LR and Vo Fhang don’t lag in big raids, but it always seems that everyone owns at least one Primus weapon. I just checked and I actually own 1 Primus bow , but I also own one LR bow a Vo Fhang bow. Looking more into the world of weapons in the GM Universe I discovered more stores that I had only seen on a few; H&S Designs (Harbinger & Stormie Designs) and a store I was pretty excited about;Centipede Weapons.

Popularity poll:

Primus Weapons! 36.07% (22 votes) LR Weapons! 29.51% (18 votes) Centipede Weapons! 4.92% (3 votes) H&S Designs! 0% (0 votes)

Doomnsayers Weapons! 11.48% (7 votes) Vo Fhang Weapons! 16.39% (10 votes) Other: 1.64% (1 votes) Total Votes:61

Description of Primus weapons:

Primus Weapons was created in order to provide the combat and roleplay community of Second Life with legal, well scripted, low lag and stylish weapons. Our primary focus was creating weapons to work on the GM meter, however, our ranged weaponry also works for many of the other meters used throughout Second Life. Some of these meters are as listed: GM, GLM, LCS, Meta, Honor, DCS, DCS2, CCS, Collision and any other Safezone meters. Our main Melee selection also works for the majority of meters except for the DCS, DCS2 and CCS meters. All of our weapons are up to spec with the current GM Weapon Standard guidelines. We are, however, always changing and ever evolving to make our product the best it can be for our customers. All of our weapons are equipped with auto-disable and auto-update scripts so you will always have the newest versions. As you will see while clicking through the categories on the right we have a incredible array of choices. For our Ranged products we have Bows, Crossbows, Blowguns, Slingshots and even some throwing quivas and daggers. If you prefer to fight up close there is never a shortage of melee weapons. We have Swords, Scimitars, Axes, Hammers, Spears, Glaives, Daggers, Hairpins, Shields, Maces, Whips, Claws, Clubs. .you name it.

If you are an animal of some sort or a Kur in the land of Gor, we haven’t forgotten you. Check out the Beast section for some claws and other weapons to arm yourself with.

If you are looking for some fun weapons or are in a role that requires you to use lesser damage we have our Slave section. You will find a variety of different range weapons and melee weapons to suit your tastes. If you want to go more basic we have Rocks and Slingshots along with a Melee stick, Broom, Shovel or even a pair of Claws for your fingers. If you have a interest in stirring up some trouble you can check out our throwable burnt muffins, tospits, veggies and even candy. There really is too much to list, you will just have to look and see. Where to find the website : http://www.primusweapons.com/about.html

Question from a newbie: I have never used a bow or any throwing weapon on sl, what do I do?

I know it all seems a bit overwhelming when you get your first bow, I remember when I got mine. I didn’t know what to do with it and firing it seemed even harder. Well it really isnt as hard as it seems. The first thing you will notice when you buy a bow is that there are objects with version numbers behind them, sheaths, gestures, huds, ncs and LMs. Well the first thing we need to do is seperate all this. What do we really need? Well we are going to need the object with the version number. So lets use one of our bows at Primus Weapons as an example. Lets say we purchased the Evotis Bow. You will notice there are two objects that say Primus Evotis Bow 3.11, one is small and one is large. Well you can only wear one of them. So if you are a big avi use the large, a small avi use the small. Simply wear this object. Now this is our main bow, what we will shoot with. It will be alpa (invisible) once it is attached but that is something we will go over later. You will also notice there is a sheath and a low lag sheath. A regular sheath will be the bow, quivas, and possibly even a belt, as in the case with the Evotis. The low lag sheath will be just the bow itself. So you can choose which sheath you wish to wear: regular sheath, low lag sheath, small or large. Once attached the sheaths will be visibe right away. So now we have our sheath and bow attached. Next we have to draw the bow. There are a few ways we can do this. The easiest way is using the hud. Another way you can do it is by using one of the hot keys in the box (gestures) or you can just type the command in open chat. The command to draw primus bows is /1 draw bow. The last way to draw the bow is to touch the worn sheath and use the quick menu that pops up to click draw bow. You will notice once you draw your bow the sheath will vanish and the attached bow in your hand will appear. It is always a good idea to read the instructions that came with the product due to possible changes. These instructions are detailed in the Primus Weapons Commands notecard in your folder. So now we are ready to shoot some people. The way to shoot anything in sl is by going into mouselook. There are a few ways you can do this as well. With some weapons and all primus bows, you will notice a mouselook button just above your chat bar at the bottom of your screen. You can either hit that to go into mouse look or if you are using a mouse with a wheel on it you can roll the wheel forward till your in mouselook. Another way is by using the “M” button on your keyboard. The final and longest way to get into mouselook is by going to View > Mouselook. Now that we are in mouselook you will notice the crosshair in the middle of your screen. Aim the crosshair and hit the left mouse button to fire. See Primus Tips #3 below for aiming tips. Now that you have learned how to draw your weapon it is time to sheath it. To get out of mouselook you can hit ESC or use the mouse wheel if applicable to roll backwards and out. If you are downed in combat your weapon will automatically sheath and you will pop out of mouselook as well. If you just wish to put your bow away you can simply use the hud, assigned hotkey (gesture), click the sheath or type /1sheath bow. It is the exact same options as above with draw just exchanging it for sheath. All of the steps outlined above will also work with any throwing weapons (Throwing Quivas, Daggers, Rocks, Larma, etc.) You just need to use the right commands according to what weapon you are using. Again, consult the available Primus Weapons Commands notecard to answer any weapon specific information as well. All of the commands will be listed there. What else do we have in the folder? You see above we mentioned the HUD. A HUD is an attachment that will remain on your screen in the bottom right hand corner in this case. The Primus Weapons Hud is designed to make your life easier so that you can work your weapon with a click of a button. There are two Hud’s available. There is one that comes with Radar and one without. Attach your preferred hud and give it a look over. There are 8 main buttons. Each button does a command for your bow or other throwing weapon. There is Draw (which is also Sheath), Normal Arrow, Long Arrow, Arc, Height, Sounds, Hit Indicator and Melee. For information on these features see the Primus Ranged Weapon Features notecard. Also, when you click on Melee it brings up another set of buttons. If you own melee weapons these will be beneficial. To use the Hud all you do is click. Play around with it and check your open chat, it will tell you what actions are being performed. Also in the folder you will find a variety of gestures. As we are using the bow for example you will see they are all preset for that weapon. You will see gestures for: Arrow Arc, Bow Sound, Draw Bow, Height, Hit Report, Long Arrow, Normal Arrow and sheath bow. Each of these gestures are assigned a listed Fkey. For more information on Gestures see our Primus Gestures Tips notecard. If you choose to go the route of Gestures you will have to activate them. Remember as well gestures can be changed to do what you want them to do or if you want the FKey changed that is possible as well. Hopefully that explains the contents of the folder. As mentioned each folder will be specific to what weapon but the principles are the same. With these tips you should be up and fighting with your Primus Weapon in no time. Now melee weapons are the same you still have your version number object, your hud, your sheaths, the only difference is, you dont need to be in mouselook to use a melee weapon.

Question from a newbie: What is a melee Weapon? It is any weapon you hold in your hand and hit people with.

Primus Tips # 3

Question from a newbie: How do you aim a ranged weapon (bow/throwing weapon) in sl?

Most video/online fighting games we play you would just aim the crosshairs at the person and shoot. Well it is pretty much the same case here. If you are using a DCS/CCS meter just aim the crosshairs at your target and shoot. If you are using a GM/GLM/Honor Meter or any other Safe Zone damage meter that has splash damage, please continue reading. The most popular meter in Second Life is the GM (Gorean Meter) by far. It is used in most gorean sims and is even now being used in fantasy sims. The GM/GLM/Honor Meter, etc, work on what is called a sensor. What happens is you fire your ammo, which is an arrow in this case and once it hits something either the ground, object or avatar it will put out a sensor. If your target is within the sensor range it will damage them. So where do you want to aim? Well most of the time you would just aim at the person. In this case we are going to aim at the ground around their feet. I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. As I stated before, the meter works on a sensor. Anytime our arrow hits something this sensor goes off. So there is really no reason to aim directly at a avatars head or chest. It is best to aim at their ankles, shins, feet or the ground around them. Once our arrow hits the ground this sensor will go off and do damage. I hope this explains on why people aim at the feet instead of other areas of the body.

GM combat is intended as a sub-type of conflict roleplay where the IC events flow is handled by specific tools and game mechanics (the meter and related rules). This means, also that:

– A fight is an IC scenario – A meter fight is acceptable only inside an IC framework – Whatever fights initiated with enemies must have IC reasons corresponding with IC events. – No starting fights out of boredom or “just for fun” (those are OOC reasons). – OOC driven fights are totally unacceptable. – Crafting fake IC excuses to start a combat (i.e.: “my character is evil and violent, my character had a momentary lapse of reason” and so on) is not going to work.

– You must have a meter on and set to combative to engage in RP. If your meter is set to non-com, then you are not allowed to be active in any RP or combat. – Your meter must be always visible and readable when you are wearing it. Bright color and above your head.


When defeated in the meter the IC state of the character is extremely weakened and severely injured. The defeated player is expected to properly play this state. This includes but is not limited to: – No aggressive/hostile roleplay. – Action taken on him cannot be countered are deemed to be always successful (bindings, removing weapons, dragging and so on). – No moving if not dragged by someone else (enemy or friend). – No calling allies or friends for help – No shouting and in general play a weakened state. – Give a proper follow up to the action taken emoted.

Ok I am putting here the essentials for combat in Gor. Many NC’s are out there on this topic. There are also a couple websites. I will link the best one.

First thing to know is that without a decent computer and connection, you will struggle in combat. Remember, the computer is your real weapon, not the bow or sword. Two things matter, your fps and your sim ping. You find both by hitting the ctrl +shift +1 button.

The higher your fps the better, up to 45, which is all SL utilizes. The lower your sim ping, the better, ideally less than 100.

There are some computer setting that will help raise your fps…here is a summary. Depending on the performance of your machine, you may not need all or even any of them, but for best fps here’s the full list:

Edit Preferences Graphics Custom: Shaders all unticked, Reflection detail all unticked Avatar imposters ticked and both other unticked Now top right Draw distance – will vary, 96 is standard, fps drops at higher settings Max particles 0 (this will keep you from seeing some things) Post process Low Objects High Flexi prims Low Trees Low Avatars Low Terrain Low Sky Low. Terrain detail Low is ticked Sun and moon only in lighting detail

Edit Preferences Network: Bandwith slider all the way to right – this will help things rez faster, and cache at least to 500. Best is to keep it all the way right as well, but to clear cache each day on logout.

Mouse Sensitity – all the way to the right unless you have a dpi adjustable mouse then use this to control mouse speed. If you find you are losing sight of your target slow your mouse down. Dpi adjustment is an advantage in laggier sims, speed up or slow your mouse as you need.

Optional: Many choose to play with some alpha textures off. In our sim, I would definitely take off all trees, at the minimum. The risk in doing this is that you will not be able to see some things, and that can trap you against them. To derender go to Advanced tab..(enable that with Ctrl + alt + D) These settings will need to be done on each login: Trees…. ctrl shft alt 3 Water … ctrl shft alt 7 Ground …. ctrl shft alt 8 Grass … ctrl shft alt 0 Clouds …. ctrl shft alt – Particles…. ctrl shft alt = Bump….. ctrl shft alt \ All apha….ctrl shft alt 2

Under advanced tab rendering features Turn off the following: Dynamic textures ctrl alt f4 Foot shadows ctrl alt f5 Fog control alt f6 Flexible objects ctrl alt f9

Ok now for some common sense things..and trust me, all of these things have happened to me at one point…so don’t overlook the little things… 1. Meter on 2. All weapons equipped/drawn 3. Avatar set to run

Realize other programs you have open, skype, photoshop, etc., will also affect your combat performance. Know what your machine can handle.

Basic Bow Strategy: Make sure your feet are hidden Take advantage of terrain Never stand against a hillside Try to get a few directs in at the beginning of the fight Lead your target with your arrows, anticipate Aim for feet if the person is moving Make your movement unpredictable

Bow Selection: To be honest, there is little difference. All bows and other weapons are scripted to standards that allow little deviation in performance. Find the best “fit” for you.

Once you decide, play with the settings. Will you need to “float” arrows over fortress walls? Do you need to snipe? If so take time to practice with the features of your bow meant to up your performance in these areas. How to deal with low fps/high ping. This is tough. Movement is your enemy here. Try to find a good sniping position and stay as still as you can.

How to get better: Realize we are talking in effect about a video game, not actual combat skills, so the first step in getting better is to improve your computer, if that’s possible for you.


First of all, you are free in this tribe to hunt anyone you wish at anytime. We will always defend against any group that comes to raid back for your captives. So if you prefer doing your own thing that’s fine.

We do ask that you bring them back to this sim, not to some other place. As part of this tribe our rp is here. That said, we still have many caves and other places to take a captive for privacy away from the main camp.

No one will ever HAVE to go on a raid here. We respect those who don’t wish to for whatever reason.

If you do decide to raid, be willing to RP a captive if we win, or to remain to RP as a captive if we lose. If you only have ten minutes left online, then don’t go on the raid.

If you can raid, but can’t rp afterwards, please let us know that in advance as well, otherwise, we will assume all who raid wish to rp.

The En bow is always the raid leader if she is present. If not, then normal tribal rank order is in place. There will be times a raid leader will designate someone else to lead, especially if that person has intimate knowledge of the group being raided.

It is important that everyone understands that when we go in as a group, that we achieve the goal of the group. In other words, if we are mid raid, and your worst personal enemy appears as a blip on the far side of the sim, you do not get to run off chasing them. Remain with the group, don’t stray, don’t do your own thing. We all go in together and leave together.

When the command of “All out” is given, GET OUT. If you have something that prevents you from leaving immediately, communicate it quickly. We don’t want some at the docks, some halfway there and leftovers in the raided camp.

If there is risk of taking fire as we are leaving, and not everyone has a captive, the better bows should not drag victims to free them up to defend the group.

Grappling and lockpicking roles will be assigned in advance. Ideally if slaves are present, they can do this. Slaves may go with us as we raid, but are there primarily to bind and assist with entry to camp. No slave will ever use anything but slave weapons should they fight.

When we land on the docks, the raid leader will summarize any rules that may affect the raid. It helps if you familiarize yourself with the sim rules while we are assembling. We always want to avoid hassles related to the fact people were too lazy to read rules.

Once you reach the boat, please leave immediately with your captive. Lingering only invites further trouble. If you fail to leave when given the ” All Out” command, you will be left behind. The raid leader will always be the last person out.


The MOST important thing in group battle, is not about bow skills, but a great leadership and coherent communication. However, in most Second Life gor situation, members of a group are often too diverse, some are newbies, some don’t mind being captured, and often players are not in any way trained, leaders are not absolute and not all listens to, and group communication is sporadic at best. In any case, the following are some tips for individuals for group battle.

• Move together. You must move together as a group. Do not stand next to each other, nor spread far out. Always keep about 5 to 10 meters distance from the group. When attacking a castle, wait for your teammate to catch up. Do not spearhead into a enemy group by yourself. If you went into enemy camp or castle, you’ll be captured in a minute and your sisters can not get in or arrive to join the fight.

• Concentrate your fire power. This is a most important principle in group fight. Suppose 3 Panthers are fighting 3 Mercenaries and both group got equal skills. The group who coordinate their attacks on one foe at a time, will win the battle. This means, in a battle involving more than 2 persons per team, try to shoot the one who’s being shot at already.

• Do not delay. Spring into action the moment you hear a bow string. If you wait to finish your chat or whatever, your sisters will be shot down one by one. By the time you join the battle, you are outnumbered and destined to be captured.

• When attacking, focus on one enemy until he’s down. Do not switch target without a good reason.

• When in a group battle, try to keep a distance from your foe. This way, your sisters can shoot him and not hit you by accident.

• When being shot by a strong bow, run into your group of teammates so as to confuse his target. (keep firing at him while you do this)

• Aid your team mates. When you are not immediately being shot at, go to aid your fallen sisters from the capture ball. You must do this instead of going on to seek enemy.

• When you are not immediately under threat, Role Play to bind enemy that has fallen. This way, he won’t be able to get up, run off and shoot again when the capture ball times out If there’s no time to bind your fallen foe, at least RP disarming him..

• When your health is low or you’ve been just aided, try to run to some safe place for your health to recover some. If you are defending a camp, hide behind a bulwalk for your health to recover. This is important. Do not think “O, one more shot”.

• The group leader should lead the sisters to exit the sim as soon as the raid or rescue is done. Any delay will beget more enemies. (and, almost always, big fights or long lasting fights will involve ugly arguments)

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