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Buying a Gorean slave in SL Gor is something a panther may undertake when trading with a slaver. The prices are expressed in coinage. However, a panther would problably trade in furs , forest berries and small game. We take a look at slave papers and show an example of slave papers used in SL Gor.

Collaring [Background info,RP]

Infant Slave: (Cheapest Prices = 2 Tarsk Bits) The most inexpensive of slaves are infants. It is not unusual in the cities for free women to sell their infant daughters into slavery. Some women even do it on a regular basis, as an added form of income. Two tarsk bits is a standard price for an infant. The price could be higher depending on the qualifications of the mother. The women doing actually make a pittance when you consider all of their time and labor. Note: in SL Gor as in SL in general child avatars are frowned upon. So selling an infant slave would only be a roleplay situation , no child avatar would be used. A panther would not buy a child.
▪ FeMale Work Slaves: (Cheap Prices) Inexpensive slaves are female work slaves purchased for public kitchens, laundries, mills, etc. These are the kettle-and-mat girls, the pot girls and other such lowly slaves. These kind of slaves would be found in a panther camp. The price would be 10 rabbits, 10 fish or a large cotton bag filled with wild berries depending on the seasons.
▪ Male Work Slaves: (Low Prices = No more than 1 Silver Tarsk) The next level of slaves are the male work slaves who commonly work on cargo galleys, wharves, fields, and quarries. They are often criminals or war captives. Most male slaves are inexpensive and usually will not garner more than a silver Tarsk. These kind of slaves would be found in a panther camp. The price would be 10 rabbits, 10 fish or a large cotton bag filled with wild berries depending on the seasons.

▪ Basic Trained Slaves: (Moderate Prices) The next general level, the most common type of slave, are the ones who can be used as a pleasure slave. These slaves are not all trained pleasure slaves per se but only slaves for whom part of their duty is to sexually please their owner. Unlikely to be found in a panther camp, however if a panther did trade for one , I suppose a fair price would be good quality larl fur.
▪ Male Silk Slaves: (Good Prices = 4-6 Silver Tarsks) The next level are the male silk slaves, a rare breed on Gor. male silk slaves whom commonly sell for four to six silver Tarsks. A silk slave is a pleasure slave for a free woman. They usually bring higher prices than basic female pleasure slaves only due to their rarity. Most Gorean men make poor silk slaves.  Unlikely to be found in a panther camp , these types of slaves are rare.
▪ Highly trained Slaves: (Expensive Prices) The most expensive slaves though are generally special pleasure slaves, dancers, exotics and passion slaves. These slaves are generally all highly trained. Not found in a panther camp.
A panther healer or slaver can draw up slave papers in SL Gor. In cities a scribe would also sign the slave papers to make them official.  A slave in SL Gor can be asked for papers at any time.
T H I N G S   T O   C O N S I D E R :
“An individual slave’s value increases in value over time because they become used to their slavery and therefore how to serve, pleasure, fur etc…That is why an untrained slave is worth less than a trained one.” 

▪  Slave Previous Caste:
Slaves who were once High Caste generally are worth more than Low Caste ones.

▪  Slave Pierced:
Pierced ears, once a mark of degradation, now also increase a girl’s value.

▪  Slave Age:
If a slave is young when she is initially sold, her value may increase once her body matures into a more womanly figure.

▪  Slave Silk:
On Gor, a white silk (a virgin) is often praised higher then a Red silk (opened), surely not for her experience as pleasure slave, but more as symbolic matters. Untouched, virgin, fresh meat…..

“Cernus smiled. ‘Our Physicians ascertained,’ said he, ‘that she is only a Red Silk Girl.’
‘I scarcely supposed,’ said I, ‘that you would permit a White Silk girl to go alone on the streets of Ar.’
Cernus chuckled. ‘Indeed not,’ he said. ‘The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces.'”
(Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 45)

” ‘But,’ had said Ute, ‘if a man seizes you, you are not to yield yourself to him, for you are white silk.’
A flash of irritation passed through me. ‘I am charged with the protection of my market value?’ I asked, ironically.
‘Yes,’ said Ute, matter-of-factly. ‘Though I, if I were a man, would pay more for a red-silk girl.’
‘I must do nothing,’ I said, ‘to diminish the investment of Rask of Treve?’
‘That is correct,’ said Ute.
‘What if I am simply seized, and my attacker is not prepared to listen to reason?’ I asked.
Ute laughted. It was the first time I had seen her laugh in the camp. I was pleased I had made her laugh.
‘Cry out,’ said Ute, ‘and the others will take you from him and get him a red-silk girl.’
‘All right,’ I had said.”
(Book 7, Captive of Gor, pages 306 – 307)

▪  Slave Training Level:
 As a girl’s training level and knowledge increases, her value also appreciates. Pleasure slave training and dance training are key elements in raising a girl’s price.

Cernus turned to Caprus, who stood near him.
“Is she trained?” he asked.
“No,” said Caprus. “She is Red Silk but she knows almost nothing.”?
“Let her be fully trained,” said Cernus to Caprus.
“Fully?” asked Caprus.
“Yes,” said Cernus, “fully.”
Assassin of Gor, pages 47 – 48

▪  Slave Auction House Fame:
The place where you purchase a girl may also affect the price.  The most expensive girls are sold at the Curulean, the most prestigious auction house in Ar.  Slaves desire greatly to be sold there because they are often guaranteed to be sold to a wealthy owner.  A slave girl is seldom sold here for less than two gold tarns.
A beautiful, High Caste woman commonly sells for thirty to fifty gold tarns while a Low Caste woman will sell for half that amount.  Based on the above mentioned Earth conversion rates, a High Caste woman might be sold for up to $1,000,000.  In other auction houses, the slaves would sell for much less.  A gold tarn in such other places might purchase a girl worthy enough for a Ubar’s Pleasure Gardens.

▪  Slave With Previous Free Status:
The most expensive slave would likely be the daughter of a Ubar or even a Ubara herself. In a private sale, she might bring up to 10,000 gold tarns.  In a public sale, where her status was unknown, such a woman might only be worth a few copper tarsks, dependent on their beauty.

▪  Slave Pedigree:
Exotics also get top prices due to their rarity, special abilities or talents.  Passions slaves are one of the more common exotics and they garner high prices.  Exotics such as poison girls or women who are raised never knowing the existance of men would be very expensive commodities.

▪  Slave Auction Participants:
Auctions generally bring the highest prices for girls due to the number of bidders.  An auction brings out the competitive nature of man and can cause girls to be sold for amounts higher than they are worth.

▪  Slave Purple Booths:
Purple booths are also used to girls in private sales though generally only to important or wealthy buyers.  These booths are commonly set within the courtyard of a slaver’s house or at a fair.  In each booth there will be a special slave, one of a slaver’s best.  A potential buyer can examine and try out the girl in the booth and then negotiate a price with the slaver.

▪  Slave Physical Attribute:
Certain physical types also garner higher prices in areas where those physical types are a rarity.  For instance, blue-eyed, blond women are rare in the Tahari region so they are more valuable there.  Other physical types are not so much as rarer but more desired in certain regions.  for example, in Torvaldsland they prefer large breasted women so pay more for them.  In general, and in many areas of Gor, auburn hair increases the value of a Slave.

▪  Slave Upkeep Costs:
Most men cannot afford to own more than one slave at a time.  But, a slave is often a good investment.  As many slaves appreciate in value over time, a man can eventually sell his slave for a profit and either buy a more expensive slave or multiple slaves.  Once you can afford a single slave, you will likely then always be able to own a slave.  A buyer must realise that his costs are not contained to the original price of the slave.  Upkeep costs are constant such as food, clothing, equipment or whatever other items a Slave might require.  Upkeep costs can be closely monitored by the owner though, spending only what he desires.  He could obviously keep a slave naked and feed her only the cheapest foods.  He could on the other hand keep her in fine silks with a jewelled collar.  It is all a matter of personal preference.

▪  Slave Collars: 
In general, slave collars were not made of precious metals and did not have expensive gems on them.  First, few could afford to do that. Second, such items are much more valuable than the slave and would leave her even more tempting to a thief.  Some would feel no compunction with killing a Slave to steal her bejewelled collar.  The few girls that possessed such items were the personal Slaves of the wealthy and those Girls did not wander around a city unaccompanied.

S L A V E   P R I C E   Q U O T E S :

▪General asses rules:
One man might feel a girl is worth only a silver tarsk while someone else might see her as a gold tarn girl.  Slave preferences vary greatly.  Like all other Gorean prices, there are also a multitude of variables involved.

“In a sense a woman is worth as much or as little as someone is willing to pay for her.” (Magicians of Gor, p.338)

    There are dozens of references in the novels to the prices of slaves.  The prices range from a copper tarsk to many gold tarns.  A mere list of these references is not that useful due to the great variation involved in such pricing.  Luckily, an analysis of the references does indicate some general guidelines. Other girls may be sold for set prices at a slaver’s house.

“The third woman cried out with anger, shaking her shackles. She was well curved, and diet and exercise could much improve her. I thought she might bring as much as sixty copper tarsks in a market. If that were so, and the inn sold her for that much, they would have made then, as I recalled, some twenty-five copper tarsks on her.”
(Renegades of Gor  pg(s) 42-43)

“Too, Miles of Argentum had speculated that I might bring as much as even a silver tarsk in a market. Was it then because I was free? Were Gorean men spoiled for free women by those collared, curvaceous little sluts they had crawling about their feet, desperately eager to please them?”
(Kajira of Gor  pg(s) 114)

“The general class of slave will affect one’s price.” 
(Fighting Slave of Gor. p.163-165)
gives some useful guidelines in this area. 

“I scarcely supposed,” said I, “that you would permit a White Silk girl to go alone on the streets of Ar”
    Cernus chuckled. “Indeed not,” he said. “The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces.”
(Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 45)

Elizabeth regarded the free woman. “Well,” she said, “you are rather beautiful, aren’t you?”
    The free woman stopped wailing. “Do you think so?” she asked.
    “Twenty gold pieces, I’d say,” appraised Elizabeth.
    “I’d give twenty-three,” said one of the men watching, the same fellow whom Elizabeth had slapped.
    In fury the free woman turned about and slapped him again, it not being his day in Ko-ro-ba.
    “What do you think?” asked Elizabeth of the cringing slave girl.
    “Oh, I would not know,” she said, “I am only a poor girl of Tyros.”
    “That is your misfortune,” said Elizabeth. “What is your name?”
    “Rena,” said she, “if it pleases Mistress.”
    “It will do,” said Elizabeth. “Now what do you think?”
    “Rena?” asked the girl.
    “Yes,” snapped Elizabeth. “Perhaps you are a dull-witted slave?”
    The girl smiled. “I would say twenty-five gold pieces,” she said.
    Elizabeth, with the others, inspected the free girl. “Yes,” said Elizabeth, “Rena, I think you’re right.” Then she looked at the free girl. “What is your name, Wench?” she demanded.
    The girl blushed. “Relia,” she said. Then she looked at the slave girl. “Do you really think I would bring so high a price Relia?”
(Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 73-7)

“Kneel to the whip,” he said. I obeyed. I put my head down, and, beneath my body, crossed my wrists, as though they were bound. My back was bowed, ready for whatever punishment he might see fit to administer to me. I was in consternation. I trembled. Could I be still a slave girl? Could he be serious? Was it his intention to keep me still as a slave?
    Surely not. Surely not!
    “I would not wish you to take a loss on her,” he was saying to the auctioneer. “Here is something which may cover the cost of the miserable little slave.”
    I heard a pouch, heavy, filled with metal, strike heavily on the smoothed beams of the surface of the block.
    “The gratitude of the house, Master!” cried the auctioneer. He untied the strings of the pouch and, crying out with pleasure, spilled coins of gold to the woods. Swiftly he sorted the coins, expertly. “There are a hundred tarn disks of gold here!” he cried.
    The crowd roared its approval.”
(Slave Girl of Gor  pg(s) 435-438)
“Slavery, for example, marvelously, subtly, tends to bring out the beauty in a woman. Many women, after a year or two in bondage, become so beautiful that they can double or triple their price.” (Players of Gor, p.23) 

▪  Slave Rental:
“To rent a slave for a quarter Ah in Ar costs one copper.”
(Assassin of Gor, p.156)

“I gestured to the two girls with the free woman. One of them slightly lowered her veil.
    “I will pay well for the use of one of these slaves,” I said to the free woman.
    “They are my personal slaves,” she said.
    “I will give a silver tarsk for the brief use of one, either that you might indicate,” I said.
    The warriors looked at one another. The offer was quite generous. It was unlikely that either of the girls would bring so much on the block.”
(Beasts of Gor  pg(s) 114-115)

▪  Slave Boarding: 
“To board a slave costs a copper tarsk a day and training would cost extra.”
(Tribesman of Gor, p.53)

▪  Slave Manuals: 
“These books on the feeding, care and training of slaves are relatively inexpensive.”
(Maurauders of Gor, p.144)

▪  Branding:
“It costs a copper tarsk to brand a slave.”
(Explorers of Gor, p.74) 
“A Metal Worker was given a silver tarsk for two brands and to saw off a metal collar.  He was very pleased with the payment.” (Beasts of Gor, p.137)

▪  Slave Locker: 
“It costs a tarsk bit to use a slave locker.  You put your coin into a machine and receive a key to the locker.  You can then leave your slave girl here and lock it.”
(Magicians of Gor, p.67)

▪  Bath Girl: 
“The cost for a bath girl with vary depending on the quality of the bath and the quality of the bath girl.  The cost generally ranges from a copper to silver tarsk for their use.”
(Assassin of Gor, p.160-1)

“I cost one tarsk. Nela was an expensive girl, thought there were pools where the girls cost as much as a silver tarn disk. The tarsk is a silver coin, worth forty copper tarn disks. All the girls in the Pool of Blue Flowers cost the same, except novices in training who would go for ten or fifteen copper tarn disks. There were dozens of pools in the vast, spreading Capacian Baths. In some of the larger pools the girls went as cheaply as one copper tarn disk. For the fee one was entitled to use the girl as he wished for as long as he wished, his use of course, limited by the hours of the pool’s closing.”
(Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 158-166)

▪  Brothel: 
“The prices of brothels depends on the quality of the place.  There are cheap tarsk bit places but also very expensive brothels.  A common price would be a copper tarsk, the same amount you would pay at a paga tavern.”
(Mercenaries of Gor, p.312)

“I rose to my feet and placed two copper tarsks on the table. I went to the girl and, with the side of my foot, kicked her, “Get to the alcove,” I told her.”
(Rogue of Gor  pg(s) 13)

▪  Camp Slaves (likely be a Copper Tarsk or less): 
“These are girls owned by merchants who hold contracts to supply girls to soldiers.  They rent the girls to the soldiers for a fixed fee, usually a very nominal amount.”
(Kajira of Gor, p.193)

▪  Coin Girl:
“These slaves go out into the streets at neck seeking to earn money for their use, generally only a tarsk bit.  The money is placed into a small locked box.  Satisfaction is guaranteed or you can get your money back from the girl’s owner.”
(Rogue of Gor, p.89-90, 234-5)

source: http://darkangel-gor.over-blog.com/categorie-11358268.html



Slave Papers ~ cyn ~~~~~~~~~~

Avatar name: cynthia Czarny Avatar skills:

Optional Picture:

General ~~~~~~

Slave name: cyn

Sex: female

Silk Status: red silk

Place of Birth: earth

Previous slave names:

Current owner:1234dls30 Resident (Duncan Fraser)

Previous owners: Raasay Gas of Tafa

Bill of Sale if Available:

Date of initial enslavement: in Turmus, 11/01/2011

History: Having permission to travel she came to Turmus to get her sister back and the Head Slaver Duncan captured her as well.

Medical & Physical ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Physician check: Done in Turmus by Elena Dreamscape 2011-11-01

Slave wine taken: full dose given 2011-11-01

Stablization Shots: I: done 2011-11-01 II: done 2011-11-02 III: done 2011-11-03 IV: done 2011-11-04

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: brown

Weight: 43 Stones

Height: 59 Horts tall

Age: 18

Virginity: open

Tributes ~~~~~~

Skills & Training:

Drink Service:



Literate or illiterate:

Attitude: pleasant , polite

Type of brand: kef brand left tight

Pierced Ears: earing

Any other Piercings: not yet

Back story Optional:


Name and Seal of Owner I certify the information above is correct (date) (name) (seal)

Name and Seal of Certifying Slaver This document has been properly prepared and is in accordance with the laws of City (date) (name) (seal)

Name and Seal of City Scribe Entered into the records of City (name) (seal)

Name and Seal of City Physican Entered into the records of Turmus on 11/01/2011 By: SirDragon Dreamscape, Head Physician of Turmus

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Yes, put down a Gor book when it bores you to tears and pick up your copy of Cosmo.  It will make you feel much better…..lol

Early in the fall of 2011 a representative of Mystic Radio requested a phone interview with John Norman. Mystic describes itself as “a small nonprofit radio station whose listeners either follow the Gor books .” We regretted that Mr. Norman doesn’t give live interviews but told Mystic that he might respond to written questions”. Below are those questions and the author’s answers.

1. Q: You have the longest running Sci Fi series; you’re a well-known writer; yet in the late 80’s you were blacklisted. Did you anticipate this? What were your feelings?

A. I think that there was, and may still be, a German science-fiction series, the Perry Rhodan series, or such, which might be longer, and so on. I am not sure of this. As far as I know, however, the Gorean series is the longest, most complex, and most carefully worked out single-world science-fiction series written to date. The German series mentioned, I think, may have been a multiple-world series. I believe Wendayne Ackerman, the wife of Forry Ackerman, translated several of the German books into English. I mention this in part because I think Forry Ackerman, “Mr. Science Fiction,” literally coined the expression you used above, namely ‘Sci Fi’. He was a wonderful human being, and a dear friend. Incidentally, I think the German series mentioned may have had several authors, over the years, as opposed to being written by a single individual. The important thing, of course, is not so much the length of a series, but its quality, its popularity, its difference, its originality, its power, its courage, its importance, and so on. I did not anticipate the blacklisting, which probably bespeaks political naivety, and, I suppose, a misplaced conviction that America was still a free country, that free speech was acceptable, that the possibilities, the glories, the potential wonderful multitudes of positions and views possible in science fiction, its myriad imaginative worlds, the joys of creativity, proposal, and vision, were literarily, intellectually, and morally legitimate. I did not anticipate a one-restaurant town, with only one item on the menu. I have never felt that art should be limited by, or prostituted to, an ideology. But then I never lived in Nazi Germany, Mussolini’s Italy, or Stalin’s Russia. With respect to my feelings, as I am a writer, and, in a way, an artist, or something in that direction, I was naturally disappointed to learn of the blacklisting, not so much personally, as morally, and culturally, this having to do with its effects beyond myself, effects having to do with the chill message it transmits to other writers, who might like to write freely and honestly. For example, if an individual with a track record of millions of books sold can be blacklisted, and such, the rest of you folks had better look out. Obviously, in such a case, the market is not economically driven, nor is it freedom- or tolerance-driven. It is politically or ideologically driven. Accordingly, if you want to publish, write what the small, politically uniform minority which controls science fiction, which determines what you will and will not be permitted to read, wants written. Take into consideration in your work the obtaining ideological filters, and strive to celebrate the current orthodoxy. It may be different tomorrow. Choose prescribed ruts and trim your sails to prevailing winds. Do what you are told. It is not so hard to catch on to what is wanted, so do that. Writers of the world, unite, in the way they tell you. You have nothing to lose but your integrity. Science fiction has nothing to lose but its future. I do not think a free, honest literature is evil, but the censors, the thought police, the ax grinders, the promoters of agendas, might well disagree. We should recognize this sort of thing and respect their views, just as we should respect other views which are similarly narrow, smug, bigoted, uninformed, and stupid. I personally favor natural liberty, private property, a free market, a free press, limited government, and such, so I gather I am about as politically incorrect as possible. I do not try to be that way. I just manage it. So, say bad things about me, and pretend you do not know me. Big Sister is listening.

2. Q: Why do the books have such a drastic change in characters? In some Tarl isn’t even mentioned.

A. This question is probably best addressed to the books, since they pretty much write themselves. I am grateful that they show up. In retrospect, it seems to me a good idea to have a variety of protagonists, backgrounds, and situations. I suspect that the hero of the books, so to speak, if one were to look for one, is, at least in part, the Gorean world and its ethos. Too, it seems to me that different central characters might add a freshness and diversity to the series. On the other hand, as I suggested, the books pretty much write themselves. They do what they want. Who am I to object? Sometimes I am surprised, and, as mentioned, grateful. As the Eskimo saying has it, “Who knows from whence songs come?”

3. Q: There have been books written about, or involving, warriors, Priest-Kings, slaves, Kurii, and such. Does the future hold a book about the Free Women of Gor?

A. The most recent book, Mariners of Gor, deals substantially with Flavia of Ar, who would be about as free as one could get, as she was the confidante of Talena, during her reign as Ubara of Ar, under the hegemony of the occupational forces, after Ar’s defeat. On the other hand, to be sure, she does not remain free very long. After fleeing Ar, to escape impalement, following the restoration of Marlenus, she is captured and enslaved, and finds herself on the ship of Tersites, as it undertakes its long, hazardous journey across Thassa, to the World’s End. To be sure, the narrator, so to speak, and leading character, is Callias, a Cosian oarsman. In general, I think that something like 99.9 percent of writers are currently busy writing about free women, as they had better do, if they wish to get through the political obstacle course currently in place. Conform, or forget it. Accordingly I do not think John Norman needs to attend to such matters. Everybody else is doing it. That job does not need John Norman. It is being done very nicely, by about everybody else, those who know the score, the ideological requirements, the way the wind is blowing, and so on.

4. Q: Why did you feel a need to change things, like money, and such, in some of the later books.

A. Following Earth likelihoods, given Earth’s obvious cultural influence on Gorean civilization, gold is regarded as the most valuable metal, moneywise, followed by silver, and copper. I think there are two things to take into consideration here. First, Gor is extremely decentralized, without gigantic nation states, or international currency commissions, concerned with standardizations, and such. Accordingly, most money exchanges, between different currencies, would be likely to be done by scale, by weighing coins, and such. A silver tarsk of Market of Semris might not have as much silver in it as one from Venna, or Harfax, or Jad, for example. In short, there is something of a mix, or chaos, amongst cities, but not, presumably, within cities. Also coins might be shaved, currencies debased, and such. Accordingly, one should expect a variety of coinages, and values, in such a situation. Second, as one would expect, given the preceding, differences such as that the number of tarsk-bits in a copper tarsk might vary, depending on the conveniences of exchange. For example, in a major port such as Brundisium, small change might be locally very useful, for example, one hundred tarsk-bits to a copper tarsk, the bits tiny, like drops, perhaps, whereas in many cities there might be eight tarsk-bits, larger, triangular coins resulting from the division of a single copper tarsk, to a copper tarsk. In such a situation, as in others, one supposes money changers might equate, say, two tarsk-bits of one city to, say, fifty tarsk-bits of another. Also, coins may differ from city to city. For example, in Brundisium, “staters” are mentioned, but we do not hear of them in, say, Ar. In passing, one might also mention something which may not be clear to some readers, which is that coins, on Gor, tend to be valuable. Indeed, much exchange, and such, undoubtedly takes place by barter, particularly in the open country; similarly, local gardens would be likely to supply more produce per family than would be expected in a modern urban environment. For example, some slaves might be sold for as little as fifty copper tarsks, or such.

 5. Q: Do you specifically have a map of Gor and / or pictures of some of the items and animals that are in the books that are not of earth that were done by an artist according to your specifications?

A. There are several wonderful maps of Gor available on the internet, here and there. They are speculative, of course. All, I think, represent intelligent conjectures. Each is, as far as I am aware, compatible with descriptions in the books. I welcome them all. I appreciate them all. With respect to animals, there have been animals on various covers, in independent art works, and so on. I think all that is available, here and there. There was once a project to produce a graphic novel based on a Gorean book, which project, unfortunately, failed of fruition. A number of fine drawings were worked out there, based on descriptions in the books. I would suppose the rights to those drawings would belong either to the artists, or to the individual, or company, which was undertaking the project. I would guess that a graphic novel based on one or more of the Gorean books might be an interesting and remarkable project. There is, however, nothing in the works along those lines at present.

 6. Q: You had originally started writing as John Lange, and then changed to John Norman. Since Lange was already known, why the switch to Norman?

A. I think there may be a mistake in the assumption behind the question here. It is an easy mistake to understand, and a very natural one. The first three Gorean books were all written by “John Norman,” but the first three were copyrighted under the name “John Lange.” After the first three, they were copyrighted under the name “John Norman.” I do not know why the change was made, as I had nothing to do with it, but it does seem a good idea to copyright the books under the name “John Norman,” as that is the name under which the books are written. There are, incidentally, various reasons for using the “John Norman” name. Most obviously, it separates fiction from nonfiction, from, say, scholarly books, articles, and such. As considerable differences between these sorts of writing are involved, that seems a good idea. Pretty clearly science-fiction writing, or adventure-fantasy writing, is one thing, and academic writing is another. The worlds are quite different, at least allegedly. A minor reason is that it seems very few people can pronounce “Lange,” but almost everyone I have met is really good at pronouncing “Norman.”

 7. Q: Why is there a new money measurement/calendar system, and other alterations, in the later books that differs from the first ten?

A. This question seems to overlap somewhat with question 4, above. I understand that that is the case because the questions are proposed, at least to some extent, by different individuals. At any rate, one might refer back to question 4, dealt with above. With respect to the calendar, if one means by the “calendar” the Gorean year, its divisions, and such, that is the same throughout the books, with the possible exception of mentioning a holiday, or such, here or there, not mentioned in the earlier books. If by the “calendar” is meant Gorean chronology, one should note that Gorean chronology, like that of the ancient world, is diverse. For example, Ar’s chronology is based on years “Contasta Ar,” or “from the founding of Ar,” rather as Roman chronology is on years “Ab Urbe Condita,” or “from the founding of the city.” On the other hand, in Port Kar, years are reckoned, following the establishment of the Council of Captains, rather as, in year such-and-such of the Council of Captains. Other polities might reckon time in terms of Archon Lists, years of a Ubar’s Reign, and so on. For example, one would not expect Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and so on, to reckon time in the same way. Even in the modern world there are diverse calendars. There are, of course, “alterations” in a series, as it progresses. One may hear of a new city, a new river, and so on.

 8. Q: In the 70’s, the books started to gain followers and people started living according to your books, calling themselves Goreans, some even believing there is a Gor out there. It was either the sci-fi group went to Trekies or Goreans. What was your first reaction to this and what are your current feelings? What are your feelings toward individuals who have chosen to follow the life of Gor as a lifestyle? How is it that you wrote about such things and in a time when it was more shunned than accepted? Were you worried about the erotica side and how it would sell? How to you feel about the way many have embraced the books as a way of life? Did you anticipate there would be such a following when starting to write the series so long ago?

A. This seems to be a “suitcase question,” namely, a question which, actually, contains several questions. I will try to answer a couple of them. I think that is about all one has a right to expect. Hopefully the answer to all, or most, of the preceding questions is at least implicit in what follows.
1. The Gorean books are fiction, and are meant to be read and enjoyed as such.
2. One does not know if a “Gor,” as an astronomical world, exists, or not. Given that there are billions of stars in a galaxy, and that there seem to be billions of galaxies beyond these, stretching on, far out of sight, and so on, and that extrasolar planets are common, between six and seven hundred having been detected to date, it seems possible that a Gor exists somewhere. There are many fascinating issues involved in these matters. Much depends on whether life is abundant or rare in the universe. My bet is that we are “not alone.” Simulations of primeval environments have resulted in the abundant, natural formation of organic molecules, but, so far, no cells, no civilizations. Perhaps one should give such experiments a billion years or so.
3. I think the Gorean phenomenon is largely independent of what would normally be taken as “science-fiction fandom.” With all due respect to “typical science-fiction fandom,” which I very much respect, and toward which I have very positive feelings, the Gorean books are not written for “typical science-fiction fans.” Indeed I am not sure they would understand them. Some science-fiction writers apparently don’t. They are written for adults, highly intelligent, highly sexed adults, of both sexes. Similarly, the Gorean books are not simply adventure fantasy, but intellectual, philosophical, and psychological novels. Also, some of them certainly have elements of sensuous romance. The Gorean books are their own country, their own world, not a part of someone else’s country, or someone else’s world. They are not out, for example, to think up the 673rd variation off genetic engineering, denounce capitalism, woo antimenite editrices, or such.
4. Interestingly, I know very little about the “Gorean phenomenon,” other than the fact that it apparently exists.
5. Interestingly, also, I do not regard the Gorean books as “controversial,” as they are based, for the most part, on history, anthropology, biology, psychology, and such. It is true, of course, that certain ideologies, and certain competitive ambitions, are more likely to prosper if certain facts are overlooked, ignored, or denied. I think one should accept human nature, and the profound, wonderful differences amongst human beings, sexual and otherwise, for what they are, and then worry about putting together a world in which humanity might flourish, rather than be lied to, threatened, coerced, sickened, and stunted. To be sure, this is a value judgment. Some people doubtless prefer a culture that is a penitentiary, assuming they are, or expect to be, the guards and wardens.
6. Presumably one either writes for a market or one writes what one feels like writing, and hopes for the best. I went at things the latter way. There is money in flattery, sycophancy, and hypocrisy. But I would rather make money, if I make it, another way, honestly, so to speak.
7. Sex, and sexual needs, and sexual natures are part of life. These things have been selected for, in diverse species, in thousands of generations. It is hard to believe, for example, that the human species has been wrong up to now. I suppose that a fifty-thousand-year mistake is possible, but it seems unlikely. Perhaps raccoons and giraffes have been wrong up to now.
8. I am in favor of people being safe, healthy, happy, fulfilled, and so on. What makes people safe, healthy, happy, and fulfilled? That probably depends on the individuals involved. I think the test of “life consequences” is important here. I have no objection to individuals involving themselves in safe, healthy, happy, fulfilling Gorean relationships. Master/Slave sex, for example, can be emotionally and physically rewarding for both partners. I am not in favor of cruelty, to a slave no more than to any other animal. The slave is to be cherished, and know herself the belonging of her master. She exists to love and serve her master. She is not to be abused, but enjoyed. In the collar there are many rewards. The Gorean relation has nothing to do with hurting people. If it is not beautiful, it is not Gorean.
9. I did not anticipate the success of the Gorean world, its popularity, and so on. I did not even anticipate the blacklisting, for example, and it still seems surprising to me, as I am not clear, really, that there is anything there to be blacklisted about. I am naive, I guess. Also, I did not anticipate the extent of antimenite power in publishing. That, too, was naive. It did not occur to me that women might exist who have serious reservations about half of the human race. Interestingly, the Gorean books have a large, grateful, warm female readership. Indeed, supposedly some sixty percent of the Gorean readers are women. That did come as a surprise to me. So I gather that not every woman is turned on by, or thrilled by, antimenite-approved males, when they recommend males.

9. Q: The women’s movement really didn’t come fully into effect until the late 70’s. Prior to that, many individuals were raised to believe women should be submissive to the male. They were to care for the man and meet his needs. You grew up in a time when this was so, and were an adult as the change occurred. Was the Gorean life of women submissive to men your belief or fantasy.

A. There is no Woman’s Movement. There are several women’s movements, historically, and presently. For example, when a woman provides the unsolicited and not particularly interesting information that she is a feminist, she is not likely to be doing much more than proclaiming her alleged political correctness, and that she is to be immediately and uncritically approved. What is she telling us? Not much, I am afraid. Is she an Equity Feminist or a Gender Feminist, a Difference Feminist, or an Identity Feminist, or some other kind of Feminist, or some combination of these, and other sorts, or what? Feminists range from loving wives and devoted mothers to man-hating lunatics. Some major divisions seem visible, the Votes-for-Women movement, ending in the Nineteenth Amendment; the glamour-jobs-for-middle-class-white-women movement, the affirmative-action-special-privileges-based-on-gender sort of thing; and the far-left agenda of some portions of contemporary Feminism. (It is interesting that when the media interviews a woman for the “woman’s view,” they always select, or so it seems, a woman from one of the leftist movements, a radical, so to speak, and not a representative sample of the other 99.9 percent or so of the female sex.) . I was never, personally, raised to believe that women should be submissive to men, nor, as far as I know, were many others of my generation. If one is a Christian, and takes St. Paul seriously, on the other hand, one might. I think he said that wives should submit themselves to their husbands. In that sense, there might have been religious views along these lines. The three possibilities seem to be that wives should yield to husbands, or husbands to wives, or there should be a fight, as in a democracy of two. I think the usual situation is that the wife submits to the husband in some things, and the husband to the wife in others. That seems to work pretty well. After all, husbands usually know more about some things than wives, and wives usually know more about some things than husbands. I do not think it would be a bad idea, personally, if wives submitted themselves to their husbands. I think that is a good idea. Perhaps I will call it to the attention of my wife. On the other hand, I was never taught that sort of thing. The Gorean books are obviously fantasy. On the other hand, their popularity, and their impact, is largely a function of fantasy mirroring reality. Without this they would not have the power, the impact, the reality they do. What is crucial here, given our present context, the Gorean books, and such, is biology, and what is fulfilling and what is not fulfilling. To many women, it is sexually thrilling to be collared, stripped, chained, and knelt, to be subjected to indisputable male dominance, and many, in their hearts, feel something profoundly right and beautiful in being owned by, and handled by, a strong, possessive, uncompromising master. What is important here, again, is the test of life consequences. I do not presume to impose my views on others, and I would prefer that they do not attempt to impose their views on me, and everybody else.

10. Q: One of your readers wanted to know what the 12 slave kisses were. They were mentioned, but not explained.

A. I do not think they had better be explained. Would you explain them? Some would seem obvious. This matter, I conjecture, is best left to the imagination. Needless, to say, as a portion of the training of a slave girl, they would most likely have to do with a variety of ways of pleasing a Master.

11. Q: What would your ideal kajira be? You write of various personalities. Do you have a favorite kajira?

A. I do not think I have a concept of a single ideal kajira. Women are wonderful, different, and unique. I think rather than a single ideal there would be a thousand ideals, and, perhaps, one for each woman. I see no reason why Margaret’s kajira and Allison’s kajira might not both, in their own way, be ideal. Might we not bid heatedly on either one? I am fond of almost all the kajirae in the books. I am not sure I have a favorite. Let each male conjecture his favorite kajira, and let each female conjecture her ideal Master.

12. Q: Many times we write from personalities that we have met in our life. Are any of your characters made from individuals met within your life, over the years.

A I think this question cannot well be answered. I would suppose that the individuals one has met, and the individuals that one has read about, and so on, might influence one. That might well be the case. Indeed, one might take one aspect from A and another from B, and so on. I think the character of Torm, the Scribe, might be based on the Dutch Humanist, Erasmus of Rotterdam,. On the other hand, I think the safest general answer to this question is either “No,” or “Not to my knowledge.” Sorry.

13. Q: Where do you see Ar going, once Cos, Tyros, and the other occupational forces have been driven from her walls?

A. I prefer not to publicly speculate on these matters. I think it is much better to wait and see where the books go, and what they do. To be sure, in Mariners of Gor, we discover the series risking the vastness and turbulence of Thassa, the sea, as the ship of Tersites essays its perilous voyage to the World’s End. At this time, Marlenus is restored to power in Ar, and Talena, who served as a puppet Ubara during the occupation, has become a fugitive.

14. Q: There are a number of lengthy plot arcs within the books. How far in advance did you plan them? Did you take it a book at a time, or did you have some grand vision from the start? How far back were you thinking about the fall of Ar, for instance?

A. The series is constructed in a rather Ptolemaic manner, namely, in terms of a great cycle associated with its epicycles. In short, each book, though complete within itself, should advance the series as a whole. For example, the “others,” “those who are not Priest-Kings,” the Kurii, did not emerge immediately in the series. It did seem appropriate to balance the power of the Priest-Kings, which otherwise would not seem challenged, by a counterpower, one vast enough, and of sufficient sophistication, to threaten them. The Gorean humans would seem caught between these two dangerous, titanic forces. They seem scattered, small, and weak, but even a mighty scale, suitably poised, weighing worlds, might be tipped by so little as a grain of sand. Both Priest-Kings and Kurii, of course, enlist humans as allies, when it is thought to their advantage.
I do not know what will happen in the series. The books have not yet told me.

15, Q: There are rumors, due to the change in style of writing in some of the later novels, that you have been getting help and/or others, such as your sons and students, are writing them. What is your response to individuals who are stating this?

A. I am not personally aware of any changes in a style of writing, or such, in the series. On the other hand, Tarnsman of Gor was first published in 1966. So it is quite possible that changes, in one thing or another, or of one sort or another, may have taken place. As far as I know, however, things are pretty much the same. In any event, I am, and remain, at least to date, the only author of the series. I wish you well, John Norman

source :http://ereads.com/2011/10/an-in-depth-interview-with-john-norman.html

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To newcomers in Second Life Gor the word furring won’t immediately mean much. So when a roleplayer mentions furring , what does it mean ? Is furring mentioned in the novels? We also take a look at how to avoid pregnancy if you are a panther girl. Oh, and fellas….No means No….seriously !


Furring is, well to be completely honest in all of the books of Gor, the words “furring”, “to fur”, and “furred” are NEVER made in reference to sex between Goreans. But in plausibility, I believe the word “Furred” is used because that is where the Goreans may have partaken in sex.  So, let’s just be clear … Furring for our purposes means sex.  Let us also be clear about the following, captives in the Luna Caleeng do face the prospect of being used sexually.

So what is good and what is bad roleplay cybersex?

Bad roleplay sex –

Male:  kisses your neck.

Panther girl:  yawns

Male :  removes your top.

Good roleplay sex –

Male : gently lifts panther girls long silken hair from her swanlike neck. He leans in to inhale her sensual fragrance, exhaling softly in her ear before brushing his lips tenderly upon her velvety skin

Now you understand…

Cybersex should be like reading a smutty little bodice-ripping romance novel…well at least for women. It’s merely an added benefit that it happens to be an interactive novel, thanks to Second Life chat.

 There are many descriptive words that can be used while bedding in the furs. Keeping these in mind can make it all the easier to come up with ideas, such words as….:

Sway, seductively, rotate, glassy, glossy, satin, satiny, shine, silken, silk like, silky, sleek, slick, smoothen, velvet, velvety, waxlike, waxy, modest, narrow, petite, slender, slim, angelic, devilish, curvaceous, sweep, radiate, forlorn, thrust, thrill, cast, arouse, vision, excite, spiral, force, bold, hasten, agitate, urge, tingle, induce, shiver, chime, jangle, torrid,  scorching,  captivate, stoop, Provocatively, siren, Vixen,  flutter, flicker, flitter, quiver, fluttering, delicate, dainty, fragile, frail, hard, pastel, sensitive, skilled, soft, subtle, tender, ticklish,  Smoldering, trembled,passionate, scalding,  fiery,  sultry, fantasy, divine, hot-blooded, dream, shimmer, tantalize, taunt, enthusiastic, careen, immersed, icy, idealism,

Many, many words to choose from….and that is just a beginning list. I would be curious to see if, over time that list grows and expands through your own use, desires, and actions.  However, you need to remember to be VERY descriptive in all of the actions and activities. This would include from the very beginning tender touches of shimmering skin, to the either rough or slow removal of the clothing, which would lead to the naked glistening sweat covered bodies that would roam on top of or around each other, to after tantalizing moments of pure passion him grabbing her soft hips and firmly entering the warm moistness of her heat, as backs arch and muscles tense repeatedly bringing themselves closer to the end of no return, the ever building passion or lust which is created leads fully to the climax of scorching action between the two, flashes of light in closed eyes for an ever brief moment, lead to minds and bodies laying spent but wonderfully energized by the feeling of pleasure and fulfillment.

source: Leel Chaffe & atiya broek

Two playfull panther girls

[16:31]  Panthergirl A comes closer and she eyes your boobs. “you’re topless..!!”
[16:32]  Panthergirl B jiggles her boobies…yesh
[16:32]  Panthergirl A : “ah right” and she pops a hand on one boob and softly massages it….”they are gorgeous”
[16:32]  Panthergirl B pursss softly….mhmmm
[16:32]  Panthergirl A : “they’re slightly bigger than mineand fuller ” and she plays wiv your nipp softly and grins
[16:33]  Panthergirl A : “all this week actually i have been really really excitable..”
[16:33]  Panthergirl B steps closer and slides her hand below your cup “yes they are”
[16:33]  Panthergirl A  kisses the nipp and she looks at you as she softly sucks it and nibbles it in her mouth
[16:34]  Panthergirl A : “fuck i love feeling it harden in my mouth”
[16:34]  Panthergirl B lips curl in a delicate smile “you made my nip very erect”
[16:35]  Panthergirl A : “i know i feel like that” and she flicks her tongue back and forth accross the nipp and watches it, licking it
[16:35]  Panthergirl A : “god it’s so unlike me to be so overt… i must be hormonal”
[16:36]  Panthergirl B leans in and nuzzles your neck…..her tongue licking the rim of your ear she whispers “yeah…..must be”
[16:36]  Panthergirl A : “you know Panthergirl you are .. no… actually i’ve always thought of you as lovely… but tonight you look gorgeous.. extra gorgeous”
[16:36]  Panthergirl A  murmurs softly as she feesl your tongue on her ear “i love that”
[16:37]  Panthergirl B tilts her head and grins to herself as she then teases your cute little earlobe between her lips
[16:38]  Panthergirl A : “ohhhhh….” and she sighs and nestles close to you popping her arms round you and running her fingernails all the way up your back, and then softly scraping them down again and over your bum cheeks
[16:39]  Panthergirl B pursss as she flicks out her tongue tracing a wet line to your mouth….she stops…then plants a soft lingering kiss on your warm moist lips
[16:41]  Panthergirl A  kisses you back, softly, she pops her lips either side of your upper lip and kiss you lightly and then she closes her eyes and presses her lips firmer against yours and kisses you properly, her eyes closed and she smells your breath and tastes your taste as she plays wiv your tongue
[16:44]  panthergirl B entwines her silken tongue around yours , she presses her body closer to yours , her breasts against your perky boobs, she inhales your scent as you did with hers ,as her tongue slides back her teeth gently biting your lower lip
[16:47]  Panthergirl A  shudders and she feels tremors run all the way through her body as she feels our tongues playing wiv each other, she softly rubs her nose against yours and slips her thigh between yours and presses her body closer sliding her hips against yours and murmuring softly as she moves hersef against you, she feels our boobs pressing against each other and she feels her tummy tight and her body all tingly


·         How to avoid pregnancy: Calendar Method

The calendar method is based on the hypothesis that the minimal possibility for a woman to become pregnant is on 11th up to 15th day of her menstrual cycle.

Disadvantages: This method is effective only if a woman has a steady menstrual cycle that lasts 28 days. Besides, this method cannot protect a woman from sexual infections.

·         How to avoid pregnancy: Syringing

Syringing is washing out vagina with different solutions killing spermatozoon.

Disadvantages: Frequent syringing can wash out not only sperm but also wholesome micro flora that can result in dysbacteriosis, thrush, and other health problems.

·         How to avoid pregnancy: Slave Wine

The effect of the slave wine endures several cycles, or moons; it may be counteracted by another drink, a smooth, sweet beverage, which frees the girl’s body for the act of the male slave, or, in unusual cases, should she be freed, to the act of the lover; slave girls, incidentally, are almost never freed on Gor; they are too delicious and desirable to free; only a fool, it is commonly said, would free one.
Slave Girl of Gor   Book 11   Page 70

She did not need the sip root, of course, for, as she had pointed out, she had had some within the moon, and, indeed, the effect of sip root, in the raw state, in most women, is three or four moons. In the concentrated state, as in slave wine, developed by the caste of physicians, the effect is almost indefinite, usually requiring a releaser for its remission, usually administered, to a slave, in what is called the breeding wine, or the “second wine.” Disadvantages: None, its very effective and can be reversed with breeding wine.

·         How to avoid pregnancy: Herbs

It is possible to cause a miscarriage or abortion if you will by ingesting a tea.  Healers have provoked late menses before by using herbal methods. Disadvantages: Does not prevent pregnancy , but can be used for abortion.

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We  discuss the open collar and how it works in Secondlife Gor. In roleplay a free woman is collared and whipped by a panther, the many types of collar are discussed. Most importantly for us panther girls , we want to know how to remove a collar….I know , many panthers have a magic lock pick, but lets get realistic ❤

 “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.”  Said Marli to her sister. Her normally soft features turned hard as she spoke. “If we are one like the sleen pack, we win always.” She added, then pointed at the figure that approached from the early morning mists. A   Free Woman is  captured and enslaved by a panther.

[05:09] Marli looks the girl over, having just removed her from the slave pens, her mother had been a pretty free woman, so was her daughter, she would learn the harshness of slavery , she walked around the girl her whip in her hand as she appraised the slave
[05:11] Kimberly looks at the woman as she walks around me with a whip in hand, wishing so bad to return to my father..”why am i here, and dressed as this..I will never be a slave, my mother was a fool to accept such things..now let me go, and return my colthing..I will never submit to you or anyone”
[05:13] Marli runs the back of her black whip down the girls legs, she grins hearing the girls petty plea, she pushes the whip close to the girls heat, noticing a slight shiver, she chuckles “you are already sensitive to the slightest touch of my whip…girl”

[05:16] Kimberly gives a sharp look of anger..”I don’t know what to say, I am still pure down there, perhaps anything to touch me there would make me shiver and shake as i am starting to…I will never submit, and no one will ever have me..now lets save you the trouble, and perhaps my Father will pay you for My safe return”
[05:17] Marli runs her fingers through the girls long dark hair like she would any common slave, but this one was a beauty and her spirit would be broken, she had seen and heard this many times, at first there would be resistance, in the end the girl would kiss her whip, begging for it in fact
[05:18] Kimberly looks around for a possible escape..as I grow fully awakened..looking down i see slave cloth on myself, and feel the weight of something heavy..”A collar, and camisk…never take these off of Me..and let me go..” as i set my body to be prepared to run and try to get away.
[05:22] Marli faces the girl, she roughly makes her face her with the blunt edge of her whip, she looks at the girl with deep emotionless eyes “I have bought you from the slavers house…three silver tarsks…..i care nothing of your Father or of your past…” she pulls on the camisk “You are dressed a slave, deep inside you is the mind of a slave….I will find it”
[05:24] Kimberly shivers abit as i worry what will happen, seeing no emotion or anything comming from her eyes..”please i will do anything please just let me go..you say three silver tarsks..I will get you a slave worth a gold tarn anything just please let me go”.
[05:29] Marli doesn’t reveal any emotion as she notices the girls shiver, she leans forward, running her finger along the thick collar “Silly girl, you have been sold to a taluna tribe, we have no need for slaves worth a gold tarsk, naye, you are perfect for our needs” she grins running the whip down the girls youthfull breasts as she catches a glimpse underneath the thin silken material
[05:31] Kimberly shivers again, a strange but pleasent sensation coursing through my body at the touches..i flinch a little, and try to pull away..having begged and pleaded, but getting no where i look to try to escape..thinking best to do so now then later
[05:34] Marli roughly grabs the girls arm, she attaches a leash to the girls collar, the slave bell chimes as the girl struggles, but she is no match for a strong willed and athletic taluna, she pulls on the leash leading her to the whipping post, saying nothing as she begins to bind her using the ropes from around her waist

[05:37] Kimberly starts to struggle and pull against the post..growing more afraid..”let me off of here, i did nothing to you..why would you tie me here and keep me..for what reason could you want me?

[05:39] Marli firmly secures the girl to the post using thick ropes, she takes the leash off and attaches it to her belt , she removes her whip , it uncurls as it reaches the ground she walks to the girls side so she can see it , she waits to see the girls response

[05:40] Kimberly : “No put that away..don’t hit me with it, I have seen what it does to those girls..please my skin is so beautiul, just cut away this cloth and see, just please don’t hurt me”

[05:42] Marli grins placing the whip back on her hip, she reaches down for her sharp knive, she skilllfully removes the girls camisk . watching it drop slowly to her feet

[05:44] Kimberly gasps and takes a deep breathe as those thin clothes are removed from me, standing here nude for all to see, i start to cry..”ohh thank you for not hitting me..please take off this collar, and help me find my clothing..ohh thank you”

[05:45] Marli smiles to herself seeing the pretty rounded figure of the girl, she was indeed of good stock, the slaver had an excellent eye, she listens to the girls plea, oh how familiar it sounded to her ears

[05:46] Kimberly : please what will it take, I will never submit, i have nothing now except my virtue..the only thing i have left is between my legs, my pure untouched heat..is that what it will take, me offering my body for your furs, to be allowed release?

[05:49] Marli places her knife back in its sheath, she waits a moment, her right hand reaching for the whip once more, with a low thud the tip drops to the rocky ground, she walks behind the girl ,she touches the girls ass with the the edge of her whip, letting her feel it on her bare skin, she still says nothing , waiting and watching
[05:50] Kimberly jumps in fear as the whip touches my rear, my body nearly hugging the pole as i try to get away from it..”please say something please what will it take to not feel that on my beautiful body?”

[05:52] Marli lets the whip slide slowly down the girls hind legs, she leans forward, her warm breath in the girls ear “you are my property , my slut, you offer your heat but you are already mine”
[05:53] slave Modan blinks, regaining his senses, looks around disorientated

[05:54] Kimberly tries to move away..not wanting to be here anymore..”no I will never be fully yours, and I will never give you all of me sure, you can beat me here, but i will close my legs, and never let them open and I promise I will run at first chance I get

[05:57] Marli sees the slave awaken in the cell, but ignores him, she will attend to him later, she hears the girl “You will be whipped into submission, when you try and escape you will be whipped again and harshly, if you do not please me or my sisters we will beat you” pauses a moment “foolish girl, try and escape a second time and i will personally hamstring you and make you my coin slut”

[06:00] Kimberly whimpers and stops struggling the woman having great skill with knots and rope..i let myself hang here, speaking softly..”do as you wish, just please don’t hamstring me..please i don’t wish to lose the ability to walk or stand

[06:02] Marli steps back the whip trialing on the ground, she moves four paces from the girl, an ideal whipping distance , she speaks in a low voice “feel the sting of my first strike….remember it….know what it means to be whipped by a taluna”

[06:02] Kimberly screams out, as She hits me..”please OWWW! please stop!”

[06:04] Marli lets the whips drop to the floor , she hears the girl cry , she calls out “Adress me as Mistress”

[06:05] Marli her heart already filling with hate, as she hated all free women, how she despised them , she would make this girl know , feel to be a slave in every bone
[06:06] Kimberly screams out..”NEVER, just please no more with the whip..I will never call you that!”

[06:08] Marli eyes filled with hatred , even more determined to break this girl and have her wriggle and serve at her feet, her arm reaches back and with all her anger focused in her strike she whips the girl brutally and harshly, seeing the whip marks deep, the blood trickling down the girls back

[06:10] Kimberly starts to scream more and more harshly..the whip breaking through my skin and the blood trickling down my back..i start to believe thise woman will not stop till i utter the word She longs to hear..having had many harsh strikes..”please no more M M M istress!” i scream out..as I can barely take much more.

[06:12] Marli let the whip drop to the ground , she grins with some satisfaction “Good girl…you are learning …”
[06:14] Marli walks to the crate, finding a rep cloth she soaks it in the bowl of water, normally used for captives after a harsh beating, she walks to the girl holding the moist rep cloth , she offers it to the girls mouth

[06:18] Marli looks deeply in the girls eyes , letting her know her determination “Mistress …..will cut you down now…you will be allowed to rest in the slave pens”

OpenCollar is a Second Life™ open-sourced project that strives to create a fully open-sourced submission collar for use in the Second Life ™ virtual metaverse environment. This wiki is where the documentation for the project is developed and stored. OpenCollar (OC) is a set of scripts for a D/s collar similar to other scripted collars in Second Life. Unlike the other collars, however, OpenCollar is open source. You are free to copy and redistribute the OC scripts, provided that you leave them full perms. Read the entire OpenCollar License in the notecard accompanying the scripts. The OpenCollar architecture is plugin-based, allowing for new features to be added in the future.

Features not found in other collars include:

  • menu-driven support for the Restrained Love Viewer (formerly Restrained Life Viewer), usually referred to as RLV
  • ability to automatically punish a sub for saying any word from a list you specify
  • optional group control, in addition to control by owners and secondary owners (secowners)
  • menu-driven color and texture settings
  • automatic updates
  • online database settings that survive script resets and are automatically transferred if/when the collar is updated
  • best of all, free open-source code! source: http://code.google.com/p/opencollar/wiki/UsersGuide

“Collar!” I said. Eta frowned. “Ko-lar,” she repeated, again indicating the neck band of steel fashioned on her throat. “ko-lar,” I said carefully following her pronunciation”
~Slave Girl of Gor, page 81~

Turian Collar:

The Turian collar lies loosely on the girl, a round ring; it fits so loosely that, when grasped in a mans fist, the girl can turn within it; the common Gorean collar, on the other hand, is flat, snugly fitting steel band. Both collars lock in the back, behind the the girls neck. The Turian collar is more difficult to engrave, but it, like the flat collar, will bear some legend assuring that the girl, if found, will be promptly returned to her Master
Nomads of Gor, p. 19

Message Collar:

A high leather collar which a contains a message sewn within it. Normally the recipient would also keep the slave as a gift.

Kamchak and I regarded one another. “Did you note the collar she wore?” I asked. He had not seemed to show much interest in the high, thick leather collar that the girl had had sewn about her neck. “Of course,” he said. “I myself,” I said, “have never seen such a collar.” “It is a message collar,” said Kamchak. “Inside the leather, sewn within, will be a message.”
Nomads of Gor, p. 40

Northern Collar

The Northern collar is flat black metal, literally riveted on with a hammer, it is normally unmarked and is used in Torvaldsland and surrounding areas.

“Look up at me,” said the smith. The slender, blond girl, tears in her eyes, looked up at him. He opened the hinged collar of black iron, about a half inch in height. He put it about her throat. It also contained a welded ring, suitable for the attachment of a chain. “Put your head beside the anvil,” he said. He took her hair, and threw it forward, and thrust her neck against the left side of the anvil. Over the anvil lay the joining ends of the two pieces of the collar. The inside of the collar was separated by a quarter of an inch from her neck. I saw the fine hairs on the back of her neck. On one part of the collar are two, small, flat, thick rings. On the other is a single such ring. These rings, when the wings of the collar are joined, are aligned, those on one wing on top and bottom, that on the other in the center. They fit closely together, one on top of the other. The holes in each, about three-eighths of an inch in diameter, too, of course, are perfectly aligned. The smith, with his thumbs, forcibly, pushed a metal rivet through the three holes. The rivet fits snugly. “Do not move your head, Bond-maid,” said the smith. Then, with great blows of the iron hammer, he riveted the iron collar about her throat.A man then pulled her by the hair from the anvil and threw her to one side. She lay there weeping, a naked bond-maid, marked and collared.
Marauders of Gor, p. 105-106

Kur Collar

A high, locking, leather collar which is used to identify Kur slaves

“She approached me. From my pouch I drew forth a leather Kur collar, with its lock, and sewn in leather, its large, rounded ring. “What is it?” she asked apprehensively, I took it behind her neck, and then, closing it about her throat, thrust the large, flattish bolt, snapping it, into the locking breech. The two edges of metal, bordered by the leather, fitted closely together. The collar is some three inches in height. The girl must keep her chin up. “It is the collar of a Kur cow,” I told her.”
Marauders of Gor, p. 322-323

Lock Collar

A slave collar normally for a female slave, which locks in the back. The key would be kept by her Owner. Most locks are six pin or six disk locks, one pin or disk for each letter of the word kajira.

“A small, heavy lock on a girl’s slave collar, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disk variety. In a girl’s collar lock there would be either six pins or six disks, on each, it is said, for each letter in the Gorean word for slave, Kajira ”
Assassin of Gor, p. 51

Dance Collar

A collar to which light-weight chain has been attached in order to set off the dancer; a common type consists of a large oval of chain , to which wrist cuffs are attached; once the two sides of the oval have been attached to a ring on the collar; there are variations depending on the region.

“A wrist ring was fastened on her right wrist. The long, slender, gleaming chain was fastened to this and, looping down and up, ascended gracefully to a wide chain ring on her collar, through which it freely passed, thence descending, looping down, and ascending, looping up, gracefully, to the left wrist ring. If she were to stand quietly, the palms of her hands on her thighs, the lower portions of the chain, those two dangling loops, would have been about at the level of her kneels, just a little higher. The higher portion of the chain, of course, would be at the collar loop ”
Kajira of Gor, p. 143

Capture Collar

The capture Collar is a loop of chain controlled by two wooden handles so that it is easy to block off the slave’s air supply as a measure of control.

“I looked in the rear-view mirror, terrified. About my throat, closely looped, was a narrow golden chain. It was controlled by two narrow wooden handles, in his hands “It was a girl-capture chain,” I said “It is to be distinqued from the standard garrote, which is armed with wire and can cut a throat easily. The standard garrote, of course, is impractical for captures, for the victim, in even a reflexive movement, might cut her own throat.”
Savages of Gor p. 180

Cord Collar

A light cord tied about the slave’s throat with a small disk hanging from it which identifies the name of the Owner. This type of collar is used in the Delta where metal can only be traded for.

“On some rence islands I have heard, incidentally, that the men have revolted, and enslaved their women. These are usually kept in cord collars, with small disks attached to them, indicating the names of their masters.”
Vagabonds of Gor, p. 341

Coffle Collar

A slave collar with a ring upon it to thread chain through, the chain is either a permanent attachment or removable depending on the amount of slaves in the coffle.

The collars had front and back rings, were hinged on the right and locked on the left. This is a familiar form of coffle collar. The lengths of chain between the collars were about three to four feet long. Some were attached to the collar rings by the links themselves, opened and then reclosed about the rings, and some of them were fastened to the collar rings by snap rings. Another common form of coffle collar has its hinge in the front and closes behind the back of the neck, like the common slave collar. It has a single collar ring, usually on the right, through which, usually, a single chain is strung. Girls are spaced on such a chain, usually, by snap rings.
Savages of Gor, p. 135

Plate Collar

A plate collar is used most often on male slaves or untrained female slaves. It is hammered onto the throat and only a metal worker can remove it.

“I could see the heavy metal collar hammered about the man’s neck, not uncommon in a male slave. His head would have been placed across the anvil, and the metal curved about his neck with great blows.”
Hunters of Gor, p. 13

Plank Collar

A plank collar is used on slave benches. It is a heavy wooden plank with five semicircular openings, when the plank is lifted it provides holding collars for five slaves. The plank is then chained down.

The primary holding arrangement for women on the benches, however, are not chains. Each place on the bench is fitted with ankle and wrist stocks, and for each bench there is a plank collar, a plank which opens horizontally, each half of which contains five matching, semicircular openings, which, when it is set on pinions, closed, and chained in place, provides thusly five sturdy, wooden enclosures for the small, lovely throats of women. The plank is thick and thus the girl’s chins are held high. The plank is further reinforced between each girl with a narrowly curved iron band, the open ends of which are pierced; this is slid tight in its slots, in its metal retainers, about the boards, and secured in place with a four-inch metal pin, which may or may not be locked in place.
Savages of Gor, p. 60

Shipping Collar

A shipping collar is a temporary collar used to identify the slave as part of the cargo of a particular ship.

“What sort of collar do you wear?” “A shipping collar, Master. It shows that I am a portion of the cargo of the Palms of Schendi.”
Explorers of Gor, p. 79

Collar Sleeve

A sleeve made out of cloth of some type which goes around the collar and normally would match the outfit the slave is wearing. Used only in some cities.

I reached out, timidly, towards her throat. I touched the object there. “What is this?” I asked. “The silk?” she asked. “That is a collar stocking, or a collar sleeve. They may be made of many different materials. In a cooler climate they are sometimes of velvet. In most cities they are not used.”
Kajira of Gor, p. 46

How to remove a collar on a Panther girl

No magic lock picks , no disney Gor , just facts and qoutes:

“Remove the collar immediately,” commanded Kamras, plenipotentiary of Phanius Turmus, Administrator of Turia.
Kamchak smiled. “It seems,” he said, “that I have forgotten the key.”
“Send for one of the Caste of Metal Workers!” cried Saphrar.

“I will send for one of the metal workers tonight,” he said, “and we will get this collar and tag off your neck. Then, afterward, we will see that you are chained. And, in the morning, when we leave, I will put you in the coffle.”
Prize of Gor   Book 27   Page 374

In a few minutes a fellow in the black and gray of the metal workers appeared and removed her collar, with the attached tag. He then made use of her, briefly, and then freed her from the trestle. She was then, held bent over, in common leading position, her head at his hip, taken back about the tent and chained for the night.
Prize of Gor   Book 27   Page 375

Unless you can find a metal worker , black smith or thief , the only valid way to remove a collar is to ask a sister in the tribe with lock picking experience , for example the sister who emotes the lockpicking lines on each raid , or who is adept at stealing. Asking a random panther to remove the collar is …..just disney.

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Kurii [Background info]

Kur have come to  Lakes Ias ! to conquer it for themselves.  The Kurii are a rabid species with a code of honor all their own, they are imposing beasts to fight and roleplay with. Only a large pack of panther girls can defeat them.

Normally I avoid roleplaying with huge Kur avatars, I wont even begin to think about attacking one, best to retreat rather than being captured by one !  I made one exception when I heard of a new kur sim, decided to try and roleplay trading with them….

We know little about that species of animal called the Kur. We do know it is blood-thirsty, that it feeds on human flesh and that it is concerned with glory. Beasts of Gor

In the doorway, silhouetted against flames behind them we saw great, black, shaggy figures. Then one leapt within the hall. In one hand it carried a gigantic ax, whose handle was perhaps eight feet long, whose blade, from tip to tip, might have been better than two feet in length; on its other arm it carried a great, round, iron shield, double strapped; it lifted it, and the ax; its arms were incredibly long, perhaps some seven feet in length; about its left arm was a spiral band of gold; it was the Kur which had addressed the assembly. It threw back its head and opened its jaws, eyes blazing, and uttered the blood roar of the aroused Kur; then it bent over, regarding us, shoulders hunched, its claws leaping from its soft, furred sheaths; it then laid its ears back flat against the sides of its great head. No one could move. Then, other Kurii behind it, crowding about it, past it, it shrieked, lips drawn back, with a hideous sound, which, somehow, from its lips and mien, and mostly from its eyes, I took to be a sign of pleasure, of anticipation; I would learn later that this sound is instinctively uttered by Kurii when they are preparing to take blood. Marauders of Gor

…slaves are chained at night to avoid becoming the snack of Kurii…“The soft flesh of the human female, I knew, was regarded as a delicacy among the Kurii.” Marauders of Gor

The sun was rising, the sounds from the swamps could be heard.  Marli sat cross legged at the log fire in the middle of camp. The early morning started with a plan. Marli slips in her canoe  and paddles down river to trade with Dreaded claws.

[11:37]  Netis: she growls again as she catches the scent of another human

[11:38]  Marli steps back some paces from the huge beast

[11:38]  Thorgrims inga: watches as she moves to the new girl

[11:38]  shakti busies herself back with arranging the food, breathing easier as the Kur moves away

[11:39]  Netis: she snarls at the human animal – do you have business her female

[11:40]  Thorgrims inga: it was nice ot meet you

[11:40]  Marli gauges the distance to be safer and out or arms length , she noticed it growling , Marli stood her ground “I come to trade ” she asumed it would know what panther girls traded

[11:40]  Thorgrims inga: I think I need to go work.

[11:40]  HopefullLilly watches the kur move, she was a bit afriad of its rather large size, but did find herself rather curious, as she tends to be at times, eyes gazed back to the girl ” nice meeting you as well” she said, watching her leave

[11:40]  Netis: she watches the new arrival closely and snarls – what do you have to trade panther

[11:41]  shakti flips her cloak over her shoulders out of the way, dragging a heavy barrel of rice from the corner, setting it beside the another her mouth watering as she looks at the sugary sweet pies laying on the counter

[11:43]  Marli unslung her leather travelling pouch , she held it an an angle so it could see and sniff the contents “I have healing herbs, fruits to trade from our swamps ” she quickly added “Our tribe also trades …ermm” she was cautious “larl furs ” then grinned “….and slaves …..but those are too large to bring with me in a small canoe”

[11:45]  HopefullLilly: excuse me Lord, my I beg to be excuse to hea back to the village? * she asked softly with a smile

[11:45]  HopefullLilly: head*

[11:45]  Netis: she sniffed the contents and looked at the items…then listens to the words of the panther and rumbles out the sound of laughter…..she turned and nodded to the female – yes…go back to the village human

[11:46]  Netis: she looked at the items again and nodded – what do you want in return then

[11:48]  Marli lips curled in a thin smile , the prospect of a trade was something that made Marli happy “mhm….I heard the Kurri might have oils and such to trade ….if not , then anything else that is small enough for me to carry home would be fine ”

[11:49]  HopefullLilly shrugs her shoulders as they spoke buisness, spun around on her heel and skipped off to the village

[11:53]  shakti lifts the lid of the black wine barrel, closing her eyes blissfully for a moment as the fine smell of the beans wafts over her, fingers numb from the cold, the lid slips to the side landing with a loud thud on the floor, hurrying to pick it up, “apologies, Lord, a girl begs forgiveness!” not liking to startle the Kur

[11:54]  Marli glances at all the supplies near the tavern , the sight of food reminded her she needed to hunt soon, her tummy rumbled a little , then startled from her thoughts she heard the loud thud

[11:56]  Netis: she snarls low – we the kur do have oils and lots of other items to trade – she turned to move to the storage box ….unlocking the lock that kept their items safe…she lifted and small box containining 3 bottles of oil…she then turns back and looks at the items on the ground again then she growled from the thud of the lid – be more careful human…that may get you killed – she turns with the box in hand and slides a paw under a cherry pie and returns to the panther…she snarls in her raspy voice – i heard your stomach grumble so eat….this will be good for the first trade with my clan…..if you should return with more items….there will be more to trade – she hands the box and pie to the panther girl

[12:00]  Marli lips curled in a thankful smile , despite the growl from the Kur , she takes the box in one hand and the piece of pie in the other, she then tucks the pie in a napkin for safekeeping “thank you , may this be the first of many trades between your clan and my tribe ….I am Marli” she said with a smile and then handed the leather pouch containing her herbs and fruits to the large Kur

[12:02]  shakti “a girl will be more careful, Lord,” swalowing hard as the Kur moves breathing easier as it takes an pie and hands it to the girl, turning back to the balckwine barrel, rubbing her hands together to try to warm them

[12:04]  Marli: “Good to have met you Netis …..I shall return to my lands and in a few moons return with more goods to trade ” she grinned “perhaps even a runaway , they tend to get lost in our swamps ” she then tilted her head to one side as an leaving gesture “Be well Netis ”

[12:05]  Netis: she growls – the kurii do not have need for furs or fruits…..but the humans on our lands can use them….and we are always looking for slaves to trade…..so keep that in mind as you travel …..stay safe and good trading Marli


The Kurii, the word itself means beast in Torvasland, it is a Gorean corruption for the word they use to describe themselves. The Kur found upon Gor are the specimens of an alien race that are in a war with the Priest Kings for Control of both Gor and earth. The Priest Kings find and destroy the Kurii ships that crash but do not usually hunt down the survivors, permitting them to live on Gor so long as they abide by the laws governing technology.

They are highly intelligent, incredibly strong and vicious. As a shark, blood drives them into a frenzy. They have only ship loyalty and ship law, much as the Priest Kings have nest trust and nest law. It is believed that the Kurii lost their world and so, seek another.

The kurii of Gor are generations removed from the kurii that battle the Priest Kings, however, it is always a concern that contact might be made.

Kurii and men made contact mainly only in the northern regions of Gor and regarded each other as mortals enemies. Kurii often feed upon men,being particularly fond of their flesh and they are only hunted ever within the territories of men if protecting bosk or herds requires it. Kurii are described as having sable fur, mottled with white. The kurii do not frequently inhabit areas inhabited by men, most that are seen by men are actually dark furred,either a brownish red or black. It is theorised that they have not yet over generations developed the mottled furs that help them blend into the northern environment or shed the winter coats. They have large pointed, wide ears that lay flat back against the head,rising when listening, the head of which is about the width of a man’s chest. They are about 9 feet tall and about 500-800 pounds, though they can come in varied sizes. They have wide,leathery snouts with two nostrils that are slitlike, dark tongues, two rows of fangs (The first four are most prominent, in the first row, top and bottom,canines. The upper two are long and curved.) The mottled white markings are often sign of disease. In darkness, their pupils can fill their eyes, growing to about three or four inches in size. They are adapted for both diurnal and nocturnal hunting.

It is physiologically impossible for a Kur to attack without it’s shoulder’s hunching, it’s ears lying flat and it’s claws emerging. They have an extraordinary sense of smell. Their trailing abilities are equal to the larl, though not superb to the sleen. Their hearing is also equated to the larl, the sleen reigning supreme in these areas. Their day vision is equal to men if not superior and their night vision, much superior to that of man. They are rational, single brain organisms like man, limited by a spinal column and are said to be equally intelligent to man. What makes them such fierce foes is not a superiority to man, but their persistance,agressiveness,emotional commitments,savagery and their need to poulate and expand. The greatest difference between man and Kur is that the Kur finds no inhibition at all in killing.

While Kur can speak in Gorean tongue, they do so much as a tiger or lion might, growling and snarling the words. It’s mouth is big enough to fit a human head within it, the interior of the mouth is reddish and when it closes this mouth, the prominent fangs project over the lower lip and jaw. They are known to carry wide round shields made of iron that are about 4 feet in diameter and large double bladed iron axes that are about 4 feet in width. The handles are made of carved green needle wood are about 4 inches in diameter. These axes are 7-8 feet in height.

Kurii often wear adornments signifying rank, a spiraling golden armlet or golden pendants hanging from the bottom of each ear. The paws of the Kurii are 6 digited and multiply jointed while the legs are thick and short. The Kur uses it’s upper appendages like a baboon to move very swiftly. It runs on effectively four feet. It does have an upright posture which permits brain development and acute binocular vision, increasing their scanning range as with most bi-peds. It can outrun a full grown tarsk in short distances and is said to have great stamina, though the stamina has not been proven.

Kurii see the flesh of females, slaves, as an absolute delicacy and in their wish to move southward over Gor demanded numbers of them as part of the provisions required for their trek from Torvalsland as Torvalsland stands between them and the rest of Gor. A Kur’s word for female slave or human means cattle and is the same word used for Bosk or any other meat.  A Kur’s idea of negotiations involve asking for what they want, their only offer in return being your life should you give them what they request. Kur are entirely carnivorous as was shown in these “negotiations”, they will throw up and be nauseous if trying to eat grains or breads. The Kur can eat and digest quantities of meat that would kill a man, their blood is red and much like humans, but has a higher salt content, acting in water as a protein solvent.

Kurii are methodical in war, dispatching every single last person alive,looking through bodies and leaving no survivors behind if at all possible. They have long leashes, fifteen feet in length to bring home captured women as prey and thick leather metal insert collars with flat metal blots that spring into place and welded metal rings. The reason for the length of the leashes is so that a single Kur might drag,screaming, up to 40 or so bond maids at a time.

Kurii are land animals, not found of water, but will use naval attacks and ships, being rational creatures. Their shelters are made of skins and furs which are arched over bent saplings. These are four to five feet high, very wide and between 50 and 100 feet in length. They are often curved and irregular, often adjoining and giving mutual access. They resemble caves,networks of caves,constructed in the open which they enter and leave upon all four feet. They do not like being exposed. If in a field, they will bury themselves, burrowing into the ground like a sleen,covering the opening with grass and sticks from the bottom,sleeping with their head towards the opening.

A typical Kurii foraging squad is made of 6 fingers and called a hand, the leader is called it’s eye. Two hands with an eye is called a beast or Kur. This military body of Kur is commanded by a Blood. Kurii believe that thought is a function of blood, that one thinks with their entire body. Contemporary Kurii have come to understand that thought is brain centered but the old ways of thought still center in their songs , wordings and customs. Twelve Kurs is one band, 180 animals commanded by a Blood, who wears two rings on the left arm. Twelve bands constitues a march made of 2160 animals, or 2172 including the commanders. A march is commanded by a Blood wearing one ring on the left arm. These rings are bland, made of a reddish substance and not the ornate bands that Kurii are fond of. These rings are welded on the wrists of the beasts. Iron files will not cut this alloy, the only way to remove them is to server the arm. Twelve marches is called a people, the Blood of which is a Blood Of The People, said to be outside of the rings.

The Kurii consist of serveral peoples, not all speaking the same language and with differences in marking,fur,temperament,tooth arrangement,ear shape and such. These differences are extremely important to the Kur as they were torn by internal war and strife which is believed to be the possible cause of the loss of their home. Kur use a base twelve mathematics system. Everything goes by divisions of twelve.

Sometimes foraging squads are accompanied by trained sleen, usually four of them. These are watch animals,guard animals,points before a squad some of which are trained to attack enemies while others are trained to return upon spotting them. Some are trained to hunt humans, of which some are trained to kill them while others are trained to run the quarry to a holding area. Some are trained to kill males and herd females. They may herd them over great many pasangs to the waiting “herd” of females in the kurii camps. If a female cannot be herded, it is killed. There can be three or four thousand females in a herd.

Bond maids and thralls in a march are kept in the center and carry the spoils. Thralls carry the bulk of the weight as Kur believe hard labour spoils the meat of the females. Bondmaids are seperated from males to prevent leadership and prisoners are kept single file,seperated by feet, to prevent possible conversation. Sleen prowl between these lines so that if a prisoner should move too close to another or attempt to step out of line, they will be killed. Flanking those lines are the Kur. Prisoners are always stripped, Kur see no reason to give animals clothing. It is key to note that humans are only kept by Kur for two reasons, carrying things and of course, to eat as needed, for their is always more new humans to bring in to carry stuff and to eat.

Kurii fight in a war square, lines of Kur kneeling and standing with those further in ready to charge if the square is weakened or to support it if needed. Rank and princehood in the Kurii is gained only by blood and battle.

source: http://furmesnest.tripod.com/id43.html

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 The strip which had been shaven on his head, from the forehead to the back of the neck, signified that he had been captured, and sold, by the panther girls of the northern forests. It is among the greatest shames that a man can know, that he had been enslaved by women, who had then, when weary of him, sold him, taking their profit on him. 

Hunters of Gor

We take a look at the degredation strip and explain with qoutes from the novels. Below is a summary of what you can expect if you enter our Lair. To illustrate how males are treated I have included some roleplay examples for your amusement.



Lake Ias is based on the Gor novels by John Norman. This sim works around Book 7, Captives and Book 8, Hunters. Ignorance of the books is no excuse for being surprised by how you are received here.

You find yourself walking through the dense Northern Forest of Gor… All is still and quiet… A feeling of danger is in the air… In the blink of an eye you are surrounded… Beautiful, strong, tanned Women, barely clothed drop from the trees… each carries a weapon that is pointed at your quivering flesh… You are quickly bound, searched, stripped of all weapons and blindfolded!

There is no way to find and enter the hidden Swamp Lair of the Panthers otherwise!
this is Our home… if you don’t like this policy find another camp… there are many in Second Life Gor…

If you are a Free Woman or Panther of another Lair… You are asked to state your business and come in peace and respect… if not then you will be caged and the men of your home disturbed with a message to meet at the EXCHANGE POINT. Only Free Women and Panthers whose names are in the Friends Group  will be allowed to keep their weapons in the Lair.

If you are a Freeman, or thrall, be aware the guidelines will have you in danger..
There are too many Panthers to fight… you are helpless… They quickly take your weapons, shackle your ankles and cuff your wrists behind your back! … You are blindfolded and led through the forest to the Lair in chains… you feel the sting of many points of steel prick your flesh along the way…. as you enter the camp  you are met by the snakes and  sleens… they roam freely about the camp and will attack… few strangers are welcomed!


Panthers, Free Woman and slaves may come here seeking Membership and in certain cases they will be given such… depending on the mercy of Panthers is a gamble at best… those given Pledge tags may be accepted as Panthers with full Membership tags ONLY if they meet Our standards…


Runaway Slaves: slaves did not wander Gor freely. Female slaves occasionally would flee to the forest seeking freedom. Your reception will depend on what we think of you. Male slaves did not flee to the forest and did NOT voluntarily seek to serve women.

Animal r/p is allowed, as long as it is realistic. Know your animal. Animal r/p is for fun only, and animals will not be allowed to kill tribe members.

Men, you may have your head shaved in a reverse mohawk, the degradation strip… you may be used and sold, but at least you will have your life!

Free men: be aware that you will be seen as a danger, and thus will be killed or neutralized as soon as possible. Weapons may be taken, and you may be bound, collared, used, shaved (degradation stripe), and/or sold. If you wish to discuss trading or the ransom of a captive, send a messenger (i.e. Messenger for “your name”), and you will be met in the Forest or at an Exchange Point.

She was magnificent. She might have been bred from pleasure slaves and she-panthers. She was sinuous and arrogant, desirable, dangerous, feline. I had little doubt that she was swift of mind. She was surely proud and haughty. She was lithe. She was perhaps two inched taller than the average Gorean woman, and yet, due to the perfections of her proportions, as vigorous and stunning as a girl bred deliberately in the slave pens for such qualities.” Panther girls are arrogant. They live by themselves in the northern forests, by hunting, and slaving and outlawry. They have little respect for anyone, or anything, saving themselves and, undeniably, the beasts they hunt, the tawny forest panthers, the swift, sinuous sleen.
~ Hunters of Gor

Marli captures a male in the swamps and begins the process of giving him a strip. I suppose I wouldn’t have minded so much if he wasnt’t calling me ” luv”  all the time and being so condescending. Nowadays, when I speak to guys on SL, they say they are attracted to “hot” avatar girls, but they’d  never take the woman behind the keyboards  seriously. “Hot” girls or avatars  are just seen as objects in men’s eyes. It’s a very superficial way to judge someone, and unrealistic. I have guys call me ,  well actually my avatar “hot” quite often, but I kinda dislike it because they’ll never see me for who I am as if I’m just an image or even just a thing.



[14:47] Marli looks down at the man, her eyes roaming over his naked body, since he had been stripped by her
[14:47] GrimWolf Darkstone looks up at the girl. “say that’s a nice knife madam mind if i barrow it?”
[14:48] Marli grins at him “my knife is mine , its never borrowed out”
[14:49] GrimWolf Darkstone smiles. “ah a shame, well never mind lets talk about those pretty eyes of yours.”
[14:50] Marli smiled back as she unsheathed her blade “you can look into my pretty eyes whilst i give you a degredation strip”
[14:50] GrimWolf Darkstone smirks. “i don’t think that is a good idea luv.”
[14:50] LR Ottar Dagger (melee) 2.12: Fast stance: delay 0.50 seconds, range 2.00 meters. Hit report enabled. Fighting Style: Normal.
[14:52] Marli tilts her head “im not your love, and whether you think its not a good idea is of no consequence” she squatted beside him and checked the ropes.
[14:52] GrimWolf Darkstone laughs. “suit your self, don’t say i didn’t warn you.”
[14:54] Marli chuckled “talk all you like, it may give you comfort whilst i cut off your hair” she roughly grabbed a handfull and with her blade started to pull and cut at the hair, starting at the front and working her way back
[14:55] GrimWolf Darkstone raises his brow in annoyance. “oh its not the talk that will make me feel better, its what i’ll do to you after, and well if i can’t find you i’ll just take it out on your little friends.” he shrugs. “then i’ll feel better.”
[14:57] Marli had managed a bald spot , she too got annoyed with threats , she presses the flat edge of her blade into flesh part of his skull to catch his attention “not wise to threaten me”
[14:58] GrimWolf Darkstone smiles ignoring the pressure on his head. “its not a threat luv, just a fact.”
[15:01] Marli patted the flat part of her blade on his skull “im not your love, and i will tell you a fact, you have lost some of your hair already, soon you may loose your freedom,” she shook her head “i live for now, the future , bah, who knows what it brings me”
[15:06] GrimWolf Darkstone smiles. “take as much as you want, it will grow back.” he looks up at her. “i should hope so i’d hate for you to miss the chaos your actions will bring you.” he nods. “i don’t know why you think its in your power to take my freedom, or that i would be intimidated by you.” he his brow furrows as his smiles grows wide. “you’re nothing but a little scavenger, you don’t know me or what i am, you only know is that there is a tied up and for the moment incapacitated person on the ground.” he his tongue clicks the roof of his mouth. “so what does she do, lets go over and do something not so nice so she doesn’t feel so weak and powerless in her own world, because that would prove to everyone what exactly?” he ask. “that you’re too insucure with your own powerlessness? or is it that you get off on being an ignorant slut?” he winks. “you tell me luv which is it?”
[15:12] Marli leant over him as her deep brown golden eyes tried to pierce at his very essence , she spoke softly yet defiantly despite her youth “the strip marks you as a captive of a panther….and i could do much much more to than this if i wished” she dropped some hairs on his lips and hoped this would make him upset “…i am a scavenger…..thief ……outlaw…..very perceptive of you ….and what i do to you amuses me”
[15:16] GrimWolf Darkstone smiles. “as good of reason as any i suppose.” he rolls his neck to work out the kninks. “might i have the pleasure of your name, so i may send your regards to those i play with if we don’t cross paths again?”
[15:19] Marli chuckled as she ran the flat of her blade down his chest, not finding any hairs of consequence she focused on the hairy dark bush around the belly , taking a few plucks to make the next point ” some call me evil……some a bitch……” she grinned and turned to face him “Remember my name well…..it is Marli”
[15:22] GrimWolf Darkstone smiles. “oh don’t worry i won’t forget.” he nods. “i will consider each mark you leave on me a debt to collect on, one for you and all the others will be paid off by girls of this camp one at a time till the debt is payed luv, ” he smiles. “but don’t worry they’ll live long enough to thank you for it.”
[15:24] Marli was amazed he didnt flinch and just smiled as she plucked at the belly hairs and pulled them out “now tell me your name boy and where you are from, so i can have a good laugh around the camp fire”
[15:26] GrimWolf Darkstone smiles. “just call me Al.” he grunts as she pulls at his hair. “tell me luv, are you from this camp? it would stand to reason that you are but i never like to assume.”
[15:31] Marli twisted a long belly hair around her pinky and gave it a tug , she enjoyed listening to a male grunt , it gave her a sense of primal satisfaction “whether or not i am is of no consequence……if you escape and i suppose you will eventually you may come hunt me individually or these panthers you see around the camp fire” she grinned “al is a easy name to remember…..now al…..where do you live? do you have a slut that whimpers at your feet?”
[15:34] GrimWolf Darkstone smiles. “its ok if you’re not from here, i am sure one of them will know of you and tell me where to find you.” he grins. “oh it is luv, and as far as whimpering little sluts i have no taste for them, they are nothing but hallow shells, dead meat puppets.” he licks his teeth. “i like my victims to be fresh and alive.”
[15:38] Marli laughs at him “you and a handfull of other boys that made such idle promises about capturing me….and here i am …still very much a free and alive” she gave him a twisted look ” the fact you wont tell me where you live means you are a loner….”
[15:45] GrimWolf Darkstone laughs. “oh my dear they aren’t idle or threats i’ll simply collect from this camp here, till we meet again, it will amuse me ether way.” he tilts his head.
[15:50] Marli smirks “then stew on those thoughts you pathetic man, all those dark nights wasted trying to find me” she shrugs back and stands up , she withdrew to join the others around the camp fire.

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The Luna Caleeng have some members who have chosen to play a feral character. Wild girls  that have sought shelter in the swamps of Lake Ias. Let us have a look at feral characters.  This short blog will seek to educate players on what is and what is not by the book for “feral acting” characters, and then attempt to give further guidelines and expectations for players who choose to play a feral character outside of the fiction.


YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THIS: Just because you choose to play a feral girl, you ARE NOT going to get a free pass on behaviour.  You are not going to escape capture  and you are not going to get a pat on the head for stealing just because you are an feral person.

A feral child (or wild child) is a human child who has lived isolated from human contact from a very young age, and has no (or little) experience of human care and, crucially, of the Gorean language. Some are alleged to have been brought up by animals; some are said to have lived in the wild on their own.

Role-Playing a Feral: Alright, so if you’ve read through all of this information and you decided you’re going to play a “feral” girl  anyway, make no mistake, you should expect some resisitence from fellow role-players.

  1. To some Gorean role-players, ferals are as bad as wookies, i.e. they believe them to be completely outside of the fiction and nothing you say is going to change their mind.
  2. To some Gorean role-players, ferals are worse than princess kajirae, i.e. they believe feral characters are nothing more than an excuse to being cute and baby talk. You’re going to have a hard time changing their mind.
  3. Some Gorean role-players, will accept the concept that a feral character could have happened, i.e. it’s not completely implausible given the vast wilderness of Gor, and are still going to hold you to the same standards of any other Free or slave on Gor.

Most feral girls use some kind of animal as the basis of their role play. Here’s a few things to keep in mind that will help you avoid aggression in situations and therefore save your skin while maintaining a naturally aggressive character.

NO animal (unless it was sick with rabies) would get into a fight that it cannot win. It would tuck tail and run away. Why? Because if that animal were to fight and get injured it would be a death sentence. An injured animal cannot forage for food, it cannot hunt for food, and it will die.

To learn more about the role observe the feral girls in Lake Ias. Above all, have fun with your role !!  We are a feral friendly tribe 🙂

New tribe feral Sun 30 Dec 2012 07:46:29

Please welcome Feral Gurl (feralgurl), she is a new tribe feral and will need to be protected as she is with cub.

Twig adopted her as twig cub so, she family now,

Elder Feral

Source: http://www.tormarkfell.com/wiki/index.php?title=Feral_Characters

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