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Mamba! [Background info]

Mamba!  Recently spotted in  Lake Ias , human like  predators calling themselves Mamba…..hissing and bearing sharp teeth….eekkk….they look like zombies from resident evil….lolz

“Within the stockade of the Mamba people there was much light and noise. I could hear the sounds of their musical instruments, and the pounding of their drums. Within the stockade, too, we could hear the chanting of the people and the beating of sticks, carried in the hands of dancers.” ~ Explorers of Gor

The Mamba Askari(Warriors): These were the entities who lurked high above, obscure with calculating quickness. They gave life to the jungles of the sacred Mamba territory. They lurked.. waited.. watched from the lush, shadowy foliage of the jungle tops. Any moment, raining down in dozens upon unsuspecting intruders. Intruders whose remains might be found in the stockade refuse dump after a ritual ceremony of cannabalistic feast. Beware upon the grounds you wander, once the Askari are upon you, there may be no return. If one is unfortunate to come face to face one, such a grim visage would be seen. Rib cages hang ornamental over there torso like some grisly shield, tribal markings of ebony swirl in contrast to bone powder that artisans their visage in some macabre tradition.

Furs, Skins & Shields: The men wear “skins” that hang from their waists, and the kind of skin indicates the social status. For example, only the royal family and chiefs can wear larl skins. The Mamba warriors wear the tufts of bosks’ tails around their upper arms and knee joints, supposedly to make them look bigger and more frightening. They also carry leather shields, which tell how experienced a warrior is by how much white is on them. Another interesting fact about their shields are the tufts of fur. When it lays to the bottom, they hunt animal. When it lays to the top, they hunt the flesh of human.

Cooking: In Mamba culture, general cooking is the domain of women, free or enslaved. The only exception is that of the ritual ceremony given when an enemy falls prey to the hands of the flesh eaters. Then it would be the men who prepare the body and it is at most times cooked over a large open spit near the central fire of the village. It is not uncommon that they feast upon raw flesh as well.Hence the reason for sharpened teeth.

Family & Mating: Family was extremely important to the Mamba. He choses the one who will be his mate carefully. It is common that this will be the woman he lives his life out with. The woman who will give him a son. Sometimes males will seek the help of the a village Sangoma to help him choose a mate who is seen to be fertile and able to give him a son. Therefor, the female mate is chosen mostly for her fertility, and also for her dowry and beauty.

Beads: Beads are the pride of the Mamba nation. Mamba beadwork encompasses a symbolic language that may include reprimands and warnings, messages of love, and encouragement. Different beads carry symbolic meanings that may be used during courtship.


Female slaves: are kept naked save for a long narrow skirt of simple brown and their breasts are sometimes painted with intricate designs. Their nipples and ears are also pierced once they have appeased the ancestors in the eyes of the Sangoma. Some owners even choose to have their slaves genitalia pierced. The female slave works hard and her place is in the home with the women and to help in the caring for the children. They also work in the fields, helping to cultivate and caring for the crops.

Male slaves: are kept naked save for either a simple loin cloth or light leathers made within the village. It depends on his status with his owner(s). He, too, will have his nipples pierced when seen worthy of such. The males work alongside the males of the village in all things save for village meetings. He, too, is called upon by the women of his village to assist in chores when he is available. They also work in the fields, helping to cultivate and caring for the crops.



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When I think of animals , I immediately think of  my gorgeous loan horse zippy! she now has a tendon injury 😦 but I love her alot, even though we can’t do what we used to 😦 xx    The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom……much like a panther girl…..grace, beauty, spirit and freedom<3

Panther role play doesn’t have to be bitchy and mean. Sometimes it can be really funny.  Mitty makes her bosk camoflage into an art form 🙂

[15:05] Mistka jumps out from her canoe and starts to drag on the dock some bosk’s furs

[15:06] Mistka looks the sun that is quite at the azimut but she still to works

[15:06] Mistka takes some shaped long rod and starts to tie them making sonething like a lil hut

[15:07] Mistka a stranger can think that she is making a tent

[15:08] Mistka takes the rods and starts to assemble them making the skeleton of somehting that looks like a hut

[15:08] Mistka places over the two main rods soem leather straps

[15:09] Mistka looks her work and places the bosks furs over covering the wooden skeleton

[15:09] Mistka at the end places the head and hold it whit two ropes

[15:09] Mistka insets inside the two furs layers soem strews and leafs

[15:10] Mistka: tos hape it like a true bosk or maybe a lil one

[15:10] Mistka insert on a lil space her bow and then sneaks inside from the bottom

[15:11] Mistka stands on her knees and grans whit ehr hands the leather strapes and lifts the dummy

[15:11] Mistka mumbles feeling it heavy

[15:16] jJenifer : Look….some one dropped off some bosk meat to us…….smiles

[15:16] Mistka feels some steps close and lifting the heawy wooden skeleton turns slowly like a normal movement the dummy to see from the lil holes on the head

[15:16] Mistka makes a deeply voice and mubles “MOOOOUUUUUUUU”

[15:17] Mistka bends down the foward part over some flowers like the dummy was eating them

[15:17] jJenifer shouts: sounds likea female, gorean like sick bosk!

[15:18] Mistka turns a lil the dummy on the left to see better and she is in a sweat lake

[15:18] jJenifer shouts: Shall I shoot it and shin it’s hide? [15:18] jJenifer : *skin

[15:19] Mistka : MOOO? * stands from her knees and starts to wiggle the big dummy like a normal slowly bosk movement

[15:21] Mistka looks from two holes on the side first on the left: a huntress…then on the right an other one….slowly starts to slips down to the lake

[15:21] Lupus laughs, I would count the feet on that Bosk Sister. It may not be all it seems

[15:22] Mistka makes a pause to breath

[15:23] Mistka breaths heavyly and drags the dummy to the corcyrus woods

[15:25] The region you have entered is running a different simulator version. Click this message for details.

[15:25] GM 3.3: Region synchronized

[15:25] GM 3.3: Note: This region has stronger melee weapons.

[15:26] Mistka moves near the Viking’s gate

[15:28] Mistka waits and moves very slowly to become a part of the nature and the landscape till the dark

[15:34] Zino Davidov laughs

[15:34] Mistka : MUUUU

[15:34] Mistka ears heawy steps running away, breaths faster and deeply scared to be discovered

[15:37] Mistka sits and eats some bosk smoked meat while lifts a bosk’s fur on the top part to chek the situation

[15:40] Mistka looks the darkness incoming and keeps her eyes on teh walls looking some sentinels

[15:43] Mistka slowly and lazy stands up lifting the dummy and drags it till the next ferns group

[15:45] Mistka starts to assemble a lil bad luck pole

[15:46] Mistka uses her scimitar to shape the extremity to place in the ground

[15:47] Mistka ties the lil skull of a rat that she founds during the slowlt Bosk movemente at the other extremity

[15:49] Mistka removes from the dummy some red piece of a old dress of a captured free woman, and uses both like the lil red flags that she usually places on the bad luck rod

[15:50] Mistka sneaks a lil foward

[15:50] Mistka waits keeping here ears open….her heartbeat is faster and loudly like a drum

[15:54] Mistka covers herself behind a tree and pushes out the dummy the bad luck pole

[15:55] Mistka removes the leather string from ehr hand and moves a lil them

[15:56] Mistka then poses on the ground the bosk dummy and sneaks out from the back

[15:56] Mistka takes from the ground the pole and wear it on ehr shoulders

[15:57] Mistka takes also her bow from the bosk that she will leave at the bottom of the tree

[15:58] Mistka takes a long breath and runs to the viking gate keeping an hand on her back to the pole

[15:58] Mistka places the pole on the ground

[15:59] Mistka pushes it on the gras then runs away

[16:00] Mistka slips under the bosk dummy again and lits it on ehr shoulders

[16:01] Mistka walks faster to the dock

[16:04] Mistka starts to dissassemblre the dummy bosk: slips out and breaths the fresh air then starts to palce the furs over the canoe pushing on a side the strews and teh leafs

[16:05] Mistka unties the ropes that are holding the bosk’s head and tosses it into the canoe

[16:05] Mistka starts to unties also the leather strings to disassemble the rods skeleton tossing all on the ship bridge

[16:13] Altair: whispers…look saliva provider

[16:13] Selena nods.. “ooh yes.. lets go get some.. ” she whispered back…

[16:13] Altair : tal butterfly…smiles softly

[16:13] Mistka : tallies * waves*

[16:14] Diane : tallies

[16:15] Selena smiled innocently.. “tallies huntress.. ” she looked curiously over at her as she stepped closer.. she bit on her lip as she hoped the cute little panther would speak with consumption so she could catch a bit of her salvia, but instead she looked at her son and knew he would manage to forfill their mission

[16:15] Selena : Diiiiii tallies

[16:15] Altair : smiles and nods– you know you may find strange what i will ask of you now, but my lips are just the breeze that my heart ebss, and no truer breeze could ever soften your facees features by its warm fan..

[16:15] Mistka lifts an eyebrow looking the two strangers

[16:16] Mistka moves her head first to the woman then to the man ” something is wrong?”

[16:17] Selena stepped a bit back as she didn’t want the cut little pannie feel threatned and grinned at the wordings of her son… “ooh no huntress all is fine… ”

[16:17] Altair: i could taunt you, tease you till your face reddened in a crimson rage, until you looked at me with anger and hate and won your spat…but that would be meaningless, no nothing is wrong..i just ask you for a gift from your lips sweet scent , one that will not flow forom your hearts fury, but from other emotions ..

[16:18] Mistka : uh oky * bends down and continues to put inside ehr canoe that is under the ship some bosk’s fur

[16:18] Altair : smiles–hear me butterfly

[16:18] Mistka waits tossing an bosk head on her canoe….looks at the man ” are you asking for a kiss?”

[16:19] Altair : that is what you are, a beautiful butterfly chasing those rainbows that light her destinys horizons, as she weaves her spell to the sound of her beautiful silken wings

[16:20] Mistka looks to find some kanda’s leafs on the ship bridge

[16:20] Altair smiles softly and shakes his head…and slowly moves his finger softly through her lips,tracing the texture of a warm caress–no dont be alarmed–

[16:22] Altair tilta his hand inwards and gently whispers–to safe a life i need you to spit on my hand, i know,,its absurd..but i will hold it as a gift from your lips heart

[16:22] Mistka feels the man’s fingertip on her lips and he taste a lil weird ” did you cleaned your hands?”

[16:23] Altair : aye, smiles–how else could i dare touch those lips which are a veil of dreams

[16:23] Mistka looks at her canoe that is full of furs and wooden rods whit a bosk head then looks at the male…” sure”…gently takes ehr hand ..smiles innocently

[16:24] Mistka opens it moving his fingers on a side then closes her eyes… looks up the sky….inales deeply from her nose making a loudly and deeply sound then spits over his hand

[16:24] Altair : smiles–please spit on my hand, just think of why a man could ask you that…and remember, i hold it as a gift from your essence…[16:24] Altair : smiles–i thank you wild rose of the woods,

[16:25] Mistka you welcome then jumps on her canoe and paddles it to the fog


When I was a small girl, I was scared of birds.  As great as my parents were about letting their kids explore the world  and letting us develop our own opinions about the organisms we encountered, I think my fear of birds was largely my dad’s fault.  He told me stories about how our house would have been “overrun with black  crows – overrun!!”……any wonder my avatar is scared of  birds?…..shivers …

[11:34]  LR Kirikay Spear (melee) 2.12: Fast stance: delay 0.90 seconds, range 3.00 meters. Hit report enabled. Fighting Style: Normal.
[11:35]  Marli unsheaths her spear and turns briskly when she sees the huge bird in her camp
[11:35]  This Doughboy eyes the woman and her spear.. he puffs up his chest and spreads his wings so he looks bigger then he actually is.
[11:36]  Marli assumed the colder weather was attracting all sort of wildlife to the lakes , she had already seen a beast down below
[11:37]  This Doughboy claws the ground in front of him which normally got him something to eat from his trainer in treve. He flaps his massive wings to add to the specitcal of his food demand.
[11:38]  Marli watched the awesome bird , still holding her spear , she slowly grasped for something in her leather pouch , she tossed a beef jerky at the birds feet , she thought a predator bird might like that
[11:39]  This Doughboy didn’t understand why no food had been thrown at him yet so he gets a bit more demanding. Craning his massive head up he chatters his beak at the woman. He’d been lost for a few days now and been unsuccessful at getting anything to eat so his mood was a bit cranky. When the treat lands near him he descended over it in a flash, snatching it up in one bite and then moving in closer to her to demand more of whatever that was..
[11:40]  This Doughboy bobs his head up and down at her before shrilling loudly once again.
[11:43]  Marli shakes her head , so typical of a male bird to want more , Marli wasnt in the habit of feeding the wildlife , she was a panther girl and hunted beasts , not feed them “There is no more ” she lowered her spear to shoo it off
[11:44]  This Doughboy was a bit spoiled from his time in the aviary and since this was a woman he was not as timid as he might have been around a male. Opening his wings he decides this was a good place to roost so he plops down with a heafty thud. He’d been up and down the coast today and this seemed like a nice place to rest. The woman had given him something to eat so he figured there was more of that coming soon. When she goes to shoo him off he just bites at the tip of the spear but didn’t really move much. He was a big thug of a bird and had already decided this is where he wanted to sit.
[11:48]  Marli grumbles, why did she have a soft spot for runaways ? , she couldnt really blame the young tarn from wanting to stay after she had fed it one piece of jerky, Marli decided it was best to ignore it , since the spear didnt impress it much , she didnt want to hurt the bird , she turned and looked off into the distance, hoping a caravan would cross the lands so she could raid it
[11:50]  This Doughboy he too just sits there and waits. He really had nothing else to do and since his encounter with the other tribe he was not very keen to go flying around, they had already shot at him more then once. Getting a bit more comfortable he extends his wing to preen it with his beak and int he process knocks over the horn that was next to him. The sudden crash of the horn on the ground startles him and he shrills loudly at the horn.


There are a wide variety of animals on Gor, some which were originally transported from Earth to Gor, others which are native to Gor and some which have come from other planets. The following is a list of many of the animals mentioned in the Gor series but does not include all of the animals that do exist on Gor. Not all varieties of some animals, which are mentioned in the series, are named. Some animals are described but are not given names. I have not provided descriptions for animals that are similar or identical to Earth animals.

Not all Earth animals exist on Gor. Most specifically, the horse and dog are not known on Gor except in legend and myth. There are no canine type animals, such as wolves or coyotes, known to be on Gor. There are Gorean animals that are similar to some Earth animals but are native to Gor. The theory of convergent evolution states that there are certain optimum configurations for animals that would be similar on similar planets. This explains why larls and Earth cats are similar. On Gor, the larl is the optimum configuration for a land predator while on Earth it is the Bengal tiger. It is unknown whether some men evolved from Gor or all were originally brought from Earth. There are some anthropoidal fossils on Gor though which may indicate that at least some men may have independently evolved on Gor. There are no mention of any other types of fossils so it is largely unknown what other creatures may have existed in Gor’s past or may exist in isolated wilds. Dinosaurs may have also once walked the world of Gor millenia ago.

Bosk:There are fifteen varieties of bosk, a cattle like animal. These varieties include the brown bosk, red bosk, and milk bosk. They are commonly the long-haired wild ox of the plains. They have a thick, humped neck, a wide head, and tiny red eyes. They also have the temper of a sleen. With their two, long, wicked horns they can be quite deadly. The horns reach out and suddenly curve forward and may even reach the length of two spears. They are very important animals to the Wagon Peoples and also many others on Gor. Bosk meat and milk is available over much of Gor.

Herlit:This is the Gorean eagle. It is also called Sun-Striker or Out-of-the-Sun-it-Strikes, from its habit of striking with the sun above and behind it. It lives in the Barrens. It has a wingspan of six to eight feet and stands about four feet high. It is carnivorous. It has yellow feathers tipped with black. It has fifteen tail feathers which are the mostly highed prized of its feathers. They they are fourteen to fifteen inches long and used by the Red Savages to mark coups. The wing, or pinion, feathers are used for ceremonial and religious purposes. The breath feathers, light and delicate, from the base of the bird’s tail, are used with the tail feathers in the fashioning of bonnets and complex headdresses. Feathers from the right side of the tail are used in the right side of the headdress and the left side used in the left side. To make a headdress requires several birds. Two to five Herlits may be traded for a kaiila.

Larl:There are several varieties of this tawny leopard-like beast that is indigenous to the Voltai and other ranges. It is six to eight foot tall at the shoulder. Its head is broad, sometimes more than two feet across, and shaped roughly like a triangle. This makes its head viper-like. Their heads are in constant motion. It has an unobtrusive bony ridge which runs from its four nasal slits to the start of its backbone. The ridge can be penetrated by a spear but an imperfect cast would glance off the bone. It has an eight-valved heart in the center of its breast. They sometimes visit the civilized plains. When it hunts alone, it is silent until it roars preceding its charge. When hunting with others, they emit hunting cries, cries to drive their prey toward a certain direction, into the path of quiet larls of the same pride. A larl prefers to ruin a hunt, even with a number of other quarry, if it means that one might escape. No one had ever tamed a larl. Even when raised from a cub, a larl will go wild at sometime and run away. They are hunted with spears. They usually only attack men when provoked or no other prey is available. Hunters of larls use the Gorean spear. They go in single file. When they see a larl, the first man in the line casts his spear and then drops to the ground,covering himself with his shield. If the larl is not dead, the next man in line will cast his spear. The last spear must stand his ground if the larl is not dead and face it with his sword alone so the others can escape. The First Spear is usually the best spearsman and Last the worst. Its pelt is normally a tawny red or sable black. The black larl is predominately nocturnal and both male and female are maned. The red larl, the more common type, hunts whenever hungry and has no mane. Females of both types are smaller but are quite as aggressive and sometimes even more dangerous particularly when they are hunting for their cubs during the late fall and winter. The white larls have upper canine fangs that are a foot in length and extend down like a saber tooth tiger. There tails are long and tufted at the end. There are also larls in the jungles near Schendi. The heart of the mountain larl allegedly brings great luck, even more luck than that of the sleen. There is even a larl hunter dance that is performed by men. They dance in a file, dancing the stalking of the beast including the confrontation and the kill.

Sleen:There are several varieties of this six-legged, long bodied carnivorous mammal. It is almost like a snake. Some can get as big as twenty feet long and up to twelve to fourteen hundred pounds. They have two rows of teeth in a wide and triangular head. Their paws have six claws. They smell like a weasel or ferret but only stronger. Sleens are very dirty animals. It is an efficient, tireless, almost infallible hunter. It is capable of pursuing a scent, days old, for hundreds of pasangs. Sleens in the wild are burrowing and nocturnal. They do not climb. Their preferred prey is the tabuk. They mate once a year in the spring. Their mating ritual is interesting. If a female has never mated before, she will flee and fight a male sleen. The male must finally take her by the throat and, belly to belly, mate with her. After mating once, a female never needs to be forced again. The mating season is usually confined to the spring. Their gestation period is six months and there are usually four young born. The young are commonly white furred and darken by the next spring. Young sleen are about eight feet long and adults are nineteen to twenty feet long. A young sleen’s attack is noisy, a whistling rush, a clumsy squealing charge. An adult sleen sometimes makes kills swiftly and silently. There is also a hunting frenzy underwent by some sleen that is a function in part of the secretions of certain glands. Most domestic sleen are bred as it is hard to tame a wild one and a wild sleen could revert. If young sleen are taken from their mother within the first two months of their life, there is a good chance they can be tamed. It may still revert though, especially in the spring, during the mating period. The specific verbal signals between a master and his trained sleen are private. Verbality is important as a sleen on the hunt may not look at his master. Sleen are used for herding verr and bosk, tracking tabuk and slaves, guarding and patrolling, and many other activities. In Thentis, sleen sniff out the smuggling of black wine beans. Assassins even sometimes use them. The Gray sleen is the best tracker. The forest sleen is large, and commonly either brown or black. Prairie sleen are smaller than forest sleen, usually only seven feet in length. They are domesticated as herd sleen and used as shepherds and sentries by the Wagon People. Aquatic sleen, or sea sleens, are common in the north. There are four varieties of sea sleen in the north including the black sleen, brown sleen, tusked sleen, and flat-nosed sleen. Many migrate though some remain largely dormant in the winter. Their principal prey are parsits and they follow their migrations. A medium-sized adult sea sleen is about eight feet long and weighs 300 to 400 pounds. There is a white snow sleen in the north as well. Sleen hunters, for luck when they kill one, eat its heart. The heart of the mountain larl brings the most luck. There are no sleen in the rainforests. The sleen is considered Gor’s most perfect hunter. 

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I just love some of the panther lore in BtB tribes. Like Moon dances and initiation rites. When I was first initiated by my En it was an experience I will never forget. It made me so proud to be part of that sisterhood. The Sa’ng Suri may no longer be active but it lives on in the heart and mind of  those who where part of that great tribe.  Marli former elder and healer of the Sa’ng Suri talunas.



The overall principle is that the Pledge is brought to the sacrificial altar where she is threatened with death or giving her undying and unbreakable allegiance to the En and the tribe of Sa’ng Suri.

It is important to RP a lot of the ceremony according to the individual and to ensure a rotation of speakers so the ceremony flows.  All involved are invited to join in and RP as appropriate. shouts of  ” sacrifice her ”  ” Is she worthy ”  ” Kill her ”  etc.



EN :   Growling,   I want her ready for sacrifice to our gods



EN: rounds the corner her eyes cloudy and emotionless, fixing on the kneeling woman there. Her face doesn’t shift as she steps up into the pit casting a glance over her Elders  as she stops in front of the kneeling woman

EN : standing there she looks over her shoulder, each word dropping from her lips as if ice smashing on stone… “Strip her”… *she says nothing else only waits*

ELDER : steps forwards and with a sharp knife starts to cut away the clothing , pulling it from the Pledge and throwing it to her sisters.

EN : looks down at the now bare huntress her pride dashed, her hands move slowly as she walks around behind her, she takes an arm, she isn’t rough but doesn’t allow her an inch of struggle as she knots the rope around her wrists yanking it tight

EN: she stands her eyes looking with that of her elders…  ” Bring me the Blade of the Sa’ng Suri ”

ELDER  :  bends and pulls the long heavy blade from beneath the altar , admiring its weight and wickedly serrated edges , swiftly wiping the old dried blood from it she holds it up in the air before her En and the Pledge sacrifice.

ELDER WITH THE BLADE MOVES FORWARDS  :       ” Here my En ” ….* places the Dagger into her En’s hand *

EN :  fingers lace around the hilt of the dagger, the sharp click of steel on stone the only thing audible, the dagger hangs by her leg purposly in the vision of the woman in front of her as she circles behind her once again, her knee rests against her back her free hand falling into the hair on the woman, not a force but a guide as she tips her head back, far enough to see the whites of her eyes, the dagger the image of it knarled and horrifying the serrated edge sticky with old  blood not cleaned, she presses it against her skin the spikes creating little dots along her neck where slow lines of blood spring from still ,not a word spoken to the pledge

ELDER :   looks at her En and laughs excitedly as this is the part she loves , that spurt of the first blood as the artery is cut.

EN : voice comes with not a waver on any word but slips from her mouth, every word cold and  purposeful……” I am your En”  *she plainly states*   “Who is your En…”


THE ELDERS ALL SHOUT ” YOU ARE OUR EN ”   after the pledge has answered

EN : hand shifts slightly with the weight of the blade on the womans throat increasing,  the lines of blood now dripping over her collar bone…… ” I am Sa’ng Suri…….. What are you? ”

THE ELDERS ALL SHOUT ” WE ARE SA’NG SURI ”  after the pledge has answered

EN :  voice changes the ice given way to a turn that demands attention, that demands a heart to hear it……   ”  You are Sa’ng Suri and will always be from this day forth… Tell me this  ”

THE ELDERS SHOUT ” I AM SA’NG SURI, YOU ARE SA’NG SURI , WE ARE SA’NG SURI ”  after the pledge has answered

EN :  hand retracts the dagger from the womans throat she takes a step around her to look down on her again, her free hand raises up and pulls the the tattered fabric covering her own breast exposing the two sliced s’s running along her skin……  ” Do you have the heart to carry this mark ? ”

EN she turns her head to her elders… Bring me the charcoal and the knife

ELDER :  moves to the side and bends to pick up a number of items, sorting them out moves forward carrying a bowl of burnt charcoals and another knife used for skinning animals its blade sharpened to split a hair …… moving up to the kneeling Pledge being careful to avoid being splattered with blood… her eyes glittering hoping infection does not set in… she hands both the bowl of charcoal and the knife up to her En ..offering her hand to take back the Blade of the Sa’ng Suri.

EN : places the long horrific Blade of Sa’ng Suri  back into the hands of her elder as she takes the bowl of charcol and the knife dropping to one knee in front of the woman, her hands dance with an old known dexterity, the point of the blade first pushing and with guidence piercing the womans skin, the blade sways down the S taking shape in her skin a reddening trail following each line, as the second line is carved she drops the blade at her feet,  her hands stained in the womans blood and scoops a fistful of the charcoal pushing it against her skin and holding it there

ELDER :  takes the tribe Blade of Sa’ng Suri holding its weight carefully and moves silently back to replace it in its hiding place without cleaning it..the pledges blood joining that of many others before her on the blade..turning looks back at the scene

EN : removes her hand, the small fountain of dusted ash falling from it,  as she picks the dagger up one last time, sliding it between the ropes binding her hands, with a flick they are servered……. ”  Rise Sa’ng Suri and join your tribe as a sister now and forever.”




source: the Sa’ng Suri Taluna’s

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Marli awakens serenely from under her furs, she hears sounds of the swamps, the insects beating their own soft drumbeat, Feeling an emptiness in her heart so bittersweet, she rises upwards gracefully, moving towards the doorway of her hut, she thinks of the victim she will emotionally defeat. Her heart pounding erratically when she sees the victim bound in the dancing circle ,slender fingers of light cascading over his tanned naked body , ghosts with unseen hands propel her forwards like a thief in the night. She squats silently at the doorway of her hut , imagining her victim in the erotic embrace of a Panther Moon Dance in which her victim will be totally enslaved.
The silvery steel caress of her blade over her victims skin , at that touch she moans in need, though she knows not for what. Her soft hands clawing upwards towards the Moons, she sways gently in the night, as her Goddess watches her dance with delight.
She dances to her Goddess seductively begging her victim’s blood, her eyes pleading as she looks up , praying to release her from this buildup of want. The Goddess does not answer her plea, for She is not through with her yet, she is but a helpless captive In Her game of lust and needs.
So under Moons she will wait until her Goddess is satisfied with her dance, her victim bound and right there, she will stay by her victims side till her sisters wake………


Dance of the Luna Caleeng Panther girls

In the winter solstice a small group of  Luna Caleeng panther girls knelt around their male captive. They surrounded him in a tight circle in the center of their camp. They remained silent for now. For a few ihn  Marli  glanced up at the large white  Gorean moons. There were three of them casting an eerie light over the Lake Ias swamps. His name was Arthur, a mighty Gorean warrior who had been too proud and daring, caught and leashed by five panther girls when he had entered their swamps.  He now lay naked and bound in the dance pit, totally at their mercy.

The panther girls were breathing heavily with their breasts heaving. They had set aside their bows and spears on the soft earth. Their eyes set on the captive for now. They squatted with their hands on their feline thighs, occasionally lifting their eyes to the moons. Their eyes began to blaze with fire as they shook back their heads, their lips parting as soft moans escaped.  In the background the drumbeats grew louder the panther girls beginning to sway from side to side.

Arthur pulled at his bindings “Let me go you savages ! My brothers will come soon  and collar each and every one of you! ”

Kay lept to her feet and she screamed  and tore at the moons with her fingernails. In an instant another panther girl, and then another, and another,  followed.  Only their Chieftess, their  Marli still squatted, her hands on her thighs, her dark brown eyes staring  at the moons. From her parting lips she spoke soft prayers to her Goddess “Our Goddess , we the Luna Caleeng,  your daughters,  offer this male and his blood to you on this night of winter solstice”

Beneath the moons Arthur tried in vain to free himself. He could not do so, the bindings were too tight and secure. Marli and her sisters had done her job well, almost cutting off the blood supply to his hands and feet.

Kay now, the others following, crying out, tore away the layers of larl furs that had yet concealed her beauty. They now wore only their gold bracelets, and their shell ornaments.  Now, moaning, crying out, the panther girls, hands lifted, clawing, began to  sway and dance beneath the brightness of the Gorean moons.

Then suddenly the drumbeat stopped, they stood still, their hands lifted to the moons.

Marli threw back her head, her red silken hair cascading down her bare shoulders, her tiny  fists clenched on her thighs, she cried out a primal scream “Aaayeeee!!”
The young red headed panther leaped to her feet , her fearless brown eyes giving Arthur a piercing look.  Marli tore away her leathers, revealing her curves and womanhood. Arthurs heart missed a beat as he regarded  the red headed  beauty.  But with a wicked smile on her face , she had turned away  , her hips swaying as the drum beat resumed.

The panther girls  stood around him , the drumbeat fading as Marli rejoined her sisters, her breathing was heavy , her red hair wild and disheveled. Her almond shaped eyes now wide and fierce. Her lips curling in a crooked smile “Strike at him !” Marli hissed.

Arthur lay on the dance pit before them. He was helpless, there was a flicker of fear in the eyes of the stronger male.

Marli lifted her spear . then suddenly, another panther girl, and then another, and another, had followed her example.  The Luna Caleeng panthers swayed to the soft drum beat . their spears lifted , they began to circle him.

Marli was the first to thrust her spear , but it did not strike him in the heart,  it drew blood as the sharp point pierced  his left thigh . It was then withdrawn.

“I can kill you if I wished “ Marli sneered at him , she admired the fresh blood on the point of her spear. She grinned looking at the wound, she thought it just to strike at the place were normally a brand was set.

Then the others followed, in a slow stalking dance as if to kill their prey, each panther girl took a turn to thrust her spear, in the very same spot. He cried out in agony “Stop , no more !”, a pool of blood surrounding his vulnerable and naked body.

Then the drumbeat picked up pace,  their dance became progressively swifter and wilder, with a blood curdling cry Marli thrust her spear  down savagely toward his heart.

He cried out in a cold sweat  “No , Please don’t, I beg of you! Do not kill me “

Marli  tilted her head to one side and  laughed “ We do not kill you yet , first we rape you”

He fought the binds and ropes, but it was useless, Marli slid over his naked body , her head leaning in. He felt Marli’s teeth bite savagely into his shoulder. The red head tasted the sweetness of his blood , she was consumed with a primal need to ravage his body.

Inspired by Hunters of Gor, page, 137, 138, 139


………..During Moon dancing ceremonies panther girls have been reported to be the most active and dangerous. Each band of panther girls customarily has a semi or permanent camp, particularly in winter, but each band, customarily, has what is known as it’s dancing circle. Panther girls, when their suppressed woman-hood becomes sometimes too painful, natural urges raging, travel to such places, there to dance the frenzy of their needs. But, too, it is in such places, that the enslavement of men is often consummated. No research has concluded how often the dancing ceremonies take place but their snare drums and stirring music are heard frequently deep within the forests. Unless the Chieftress of the camp protects them, by placing a bag over a man’s head, virtually all men are subject to being prey and taken into captivity during or following the dancing. No man who has ever watched the ceremony it is reported has ever desired to leave the camp after witnessing these dance ceremonies, and often will attempt escape if sold, at peril of their own execution, to return, only to be captured all over again and sold back into slavery. The dancing and the music are said to be intoxicating, mesmerizing, and all men are extremely vulnerable to its allure……………..

……………A man bound in the panther dancing circle; he has strong wide shoulders , his muscles ripple across his back as he tenses in his binds. His sight is intoxicating to a panther at this time. His big body, gleaming in the light of night, glistens with rivulets of sweat streaming down following the pathways formed by sinew and muscle forged from long hours in hunting, training, and battle. Her belly tightens as she looks upon the Moons of Gor, shining in the sky like huge silver tarsk each luminous in the blackness of the night, capturing the eyes and minds of panthers in lust everywhere, the drums calling me to the Fire. Fighting, her hunger rising and clawing at her insides; a panthers body pushing her into the moons as they beckon to her. A deep need coiled ; slowly unfurling, slithering into the light of the moons like a hungry Larl of the forest. Leaning forward pulling at the lacing on her black leathers, shoulders rolling, she weaves from side to side. The sounds of the drums caress her like the kiss of the wind, a touch like fire imprinting on the soul as the body moves with each beat. Spinning to watch him; A panther’s mind lost to the sounds, moving slowly with the drums as her body sways, head tossed back arms raised, blonde curls falling like a cape down a smooth back to curved hips. Her mind races as the darkness of her thoughts move to a place a panther should NEVER go…..

………..She hears the sound of drums beating louder, their call like a siren of the earth sea beckoning her to follow. Her eyes glazed lost in the sounds of panther drums her hands roam over her body slowly caressing soft supple skin; long nails tracing a pattern along her ribs over the curve of her hips to her thighs lingering to touch and caress. Dropping to her knees, hands raised high reaching, clawing her hair, she  arches back and sways more deeply, hips rolling to and fro lifting high hip to hip, long blonde hair flying in the wind, that uncontrolled hunger more than One can bare. she  moves with the drums, thighs quivering as if gripped by fatigue. The ache of lust seduces her body, swirling through her blood like a fire in the swamps consuming the land; burning white hot. Leaving nothing but hunger in its wake. She watches him, transfixed as the hunger calls to her on a level only the animal can sense. Pulling, clawing, screaming, it rises and builds with each panther scream and pounding of the drum; as thunder rolls across the sky. Rising she begins to peel the clothing away piece by piece, the scrape of skins against tender flesh maddening. Her skin stings as the leather slide from aroused flesh trailing like fingers and nails scratching, touching, and seducing. Her body free of all restraints she  spins, leaps, and cries out her frustrations; leaping into the night as she  visualizes her camp lost in that moment of “animalistic weakness.” Her skin wet and burning. Knowing her Luna sisters are also lost to the moons. Turning she  falls to all fours, hands claw like in the soft sweet grass.  Clothes gone now, the body arching and swaying lips parted in a silent pant. Hips swaying and lifting like a panther in heat and need, as the lustful fire rages. Dark feral eyes hooded, hungry, and glazed fall on him; tall, strong, deadly, naked; smooth skin stretched across hard steel muscle, He tenses knowing he is watched every muscle signaling his readiness for what-ever comes. The sound of drums, louder now, bringing her to a fevered pitch; flipping to fall back, watching the darkness around her, as the primal need of panther desires rise higher and shrieks of my sisters ride the wind enticing me even further. Dropping back close to the dirt and grass of the forest floor, she arches high in to the moons. Hot hands run over her body as panther Moons drive  wild rage to its conclusion some to completion most to frustration. Hissing softly; hands caress wet velvet petals, a ravenous passion rides high on the heat of a panther’s blood as it courses through her veins, like flames from a fire so intense it consumes the soul………….

Creating circles with different parts of her body. Head, spine, hips, feet,   elbows, wrist, and fingers, each would find their own rhythm or melody to   follow. The drums beat became louder and louder echoing inside her mind. Each   movement she made the frenzied dance would take a different turn.
Her slender body had a certain sun-kissed sheen; the sweat accentuated her   curves more than ever. Her pinkish-brownish nipples pebbled in the cold air,   leaving a trail of Goosebumps around the areola. The sensations of the   seductive dance radiated her body. Instead, her face would relax and a smirk   curled the edges. Her hands searched out her face like a lover in the dark.   They played over her heart, tapping out a seductive cryptogram. Her hips   would appear to move in a certain way one at a time only to be snatched up by   invisible hands only to be released, over, and over again.
Her desperate cries grew to a primitive hunger. Undulating her arms she moved   faster and faster quickening her pace as she clawed at the moons an inaudible   noise escaped her lips. Only to groan louder the drums had ceased to a halt   her breathing patterns were turmoil. She dropped to the earth clutching the   leaves moaning. Only to her the soft thuds of her heart and the silence of   the earth beneath her.

source: nina barineaux

There was a long silence, of some Ihn, and then, at a nod from Hura, who threw her long black hair back and lifted her head to the moons, the drum began again its beat. Mira’s head was down, and shaking. Her right foot was stamping. The panther girls put down their heads. I saw their fists begin to clench and unclench. They stood, scarcely moving, but I could sense the movement of the drum in their blood.

The men of Tyros glanced to one another.

It was few free men who had ever looked, unbound, on the rites of panther girls. Hura’s eyes were on the moons. She lifted her hands, fingers like claws, and screamed her need.

The girls then, following her, began to dance…  How starved must be the lonely, hating panther women of the forests, so gross is their hostility, so fierce their hatred, and yet need, of men. They twisted, screaming now, clawing at the moons. I would scarcely have guessed at the primitive hungers evident in each movement of those barbaric, feline bodies. They would be masters of men. Proud, magnificent creatures. And yet by biology, by their beauty, by their aroused inwardness, could not, in fact, own but only, in their true fulfillment, belong, be taken, be conquered….

The drum was now very heady, swift. The dance of the panther girls became more wild, more frenzied. Vicious, sinuous, clawing, lithe, these savage beauties, in their skins and gold, with their knives, their light spears, weapons darting, danced. They were terrible, and beautiful, in the streaming, flooding light of the looming, primitive moons of perilous Gor. I could hear their cries of rage and need, hear their heels striking in the earth, their hands slapping at their thighs. I saw the teeth of some, white, bared, at the moons, their eyes blazing. The hair of all was unbound. Several had already, oblivious of the presence of the men of Tyros, torn away their skins to the waist, others completely. On some I could hear the movement of the necklaces of sleen teeth tied about their necks, the shivering and ringing of slender golden bangles on their tanned ankles. In their dance they danced among the staked-out bodies of the men of Marlenus, and about the great Ubar himself. Their weapons leapt at the bound men, but never did the blows fall…

The dance would soon strike its climax. It could continue little longer. The women would go mad with their need to strike and rape. Suddenly the drum stopped and Hura stopped, her body bent backward, her head back, her long black hair falling to the back of her knees.

She was breathing deeply, very deeply. Her body was covered with a sheen of sweat.

Hunters of Gor, page 197

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Second Life is a free online virtual world. A number of free viewers, enable Second Life users, called residents to interact with each other through avatars. Residents can explore the world , meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another. Second Life is intended for people aged 16 and over.

Getting started:

Deciding on your role:

When deciding what role you will play in Gor, consider several factors before making a final decision.

  • Knowledge of Gor – If you haven’t read any of the books or spent time learning and watching, you are probably not equipped to take on just any role as a Gorean.   Even a slave has some basic knowledge when they start out in their role-play.
  • The specifics of your Caste – If you play a Free person you will need to choose a Caste, as therefore learn the in’s and out’s of that caste.  If you pick a high Caste like physician, you may have a hard time making your character believable without doing some research into the Caste and profession you chose first.
  • Know what is expected of slaves – If you choose to be a slave, understand the basics of slavery in Gor.  If you are a free, know what slaves will expect from you.
  • Being a Warrior or panther is not as easy as it seems – If you choose to pick a warrior type character, learn how to fight with the rules used for combat on the site you are role-playing on.
  • Be sure you are ready! – Don’t engage in role-play unless you are sure youre ready for all that the role-play entails.

Deciding on your avatar:

New Second Life users select their avatars from generic male and female templates (residents and their avatars don’t necessarily share the same gender). Although a resident could use an unmodified template, everyone else would know that he or she was a newb — a new user who doesn’t know how things work. Most residents customize their avatars a little before leaving Orientation Island. One important factor in avatar customization is the inventory. The inventory holds hair, skin, objects, animations and body parts and has an infinite capacity. A user can open his or her inventory and choose to put on or remove items, like clothing or hairstyles. Residents can add to an avatar’s inventory at any time, creating a practically limitless number of avatar customization options.They can change their avatars’ appearance as often as they like.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Life


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We take a look at the role of thief and the punishment you can expect if caught thieving. I once caught a slave girl stealing in our camp , I asked a sister to notch her ear , then place one copper in the girls mouth, the copper was compensation to her Owner and her tribe. Panther girls being wild women and outlaws will steal from cities. In Lake Ias the Di Jan and Luna Caleeng panther tribes will steal from caravans and lone travellers…..be warned , we will ask a toll when you cross our lands…..Let us look at some thief roleplay…….

The Luna Caleeng return from hunting to find their stores stolen. Some one who was very lucky that day , who didnt get captured in the Luna swamps, thieves will have their ears notched or worse !

PÂИÐØRÂ (pandora.oxhall) ran up to the sign that read ‘panther territory KEEP OUT’ and grimaced. She wasn’t keen on them, and they usually hated her on sight. From a distance she couldn’t see any rising smoke from their campfire, so was a good a sign as ever that it was empty. She ran despite this, anxious to get what she needed and scram.

PÂИÐØRÂ (pandora.oxhall) follows the logs gingerly and got the sinking feeling she was running in circles, panicking like the cool person she is – Pandora attempted to head back, before getting stuck in some giant plants, “GAH!! FUCK!!” she began slicing everything out of her way and running blindly – if anyone was home, they’d definitely know she was coming. “AAAAAHHHH!!!” she yelled before stumbling back to the sign she’d met on her way in. “What the ?……….. sheeeeeeit”

PÂИÐØRÂ (pandora.oxhall) had known what to expect the second time, so prepared her scimitars and simply sliced and screamed her way through the maze, stumbling often but eventually making it to a high vantage point i the panther camp. She glanced up and read the flag, “Luna Caleeng Panther?…” she scoffed, “Sounds gay.” with that said she began her hunt for any of the items, rushing into each hut and throwing everything around as she searched

PÂИÐØRÂ (pandora.oxhall) came to the hut that looked like it fed everyone, there was bread and jerky and other dry foods, opening the sacks one by one she finally came across one with some yellow grains inside, she lifted a handful to her nose and sniffed. “Nice.” closing up the sack she threw it into her back pack and made like a banana…. split.. aha. But no really, there were plenty of zip lines, so with those at her disposal, she made her way out of there!

PÂИÐØRÂ (pandora.oxhall) ran like a maniac, sweat dripping from her forehead as her hands pumped at her sides, tightly dripping her scimitars. Suddenly she broke out of the forest and actually saw a road! “Yes!!” mentally she ticked of Sa Tarna from her list and kept on going.

source: http://skerryofeinar.wordpress.com/2012/05/29/pandoras-first-task/ 

So what do goreans do with thieves?  Well,…….

Thievery on Gor is not much approved.
Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 92

His right ear had been notched, doubtless in some accident. Such notching, I knew, is usually done to the ears of thieves; a second offense is normally punished by the loss of the right hand; a third offense by the removal of the left hand and both feet. There are few thieves, incidentally, on Gor. I have heard, though, there is a Caste of Thieves in Port Kar, a strong caste which naturally protects its members from such indignities as ear notching. Nomads of Gor Book 4 Page 85

The man, who wore a simple dark tunic and sandals, dropped out to the ground. His hair was dark and clipped short; his face intelligent, but hard. On his right cheek, over the cheekbone was the Thief brand of the Caste of Thieves of Port Kar, who use the small brand to identify their members.
Assassin of Gor Book 5 Page 96

There is even, in Port Kar, a recognized caste of Thieves, the only such I know of on Gor, which, in the lower canals and perimeters of the city, has much power, that of the threat and the knife. They are recognized by the Thiefs Scar, which they wear as caste mark, a tiny three-pronged brand burned into the face in back of and below the eye, over the right cheekbone.
Raiders of Gor Book 6 Page 104

“This penalty brand,” said Rask of Treve, lifting another iron from the brazier, again with a tiny letter at its glowing termination, “marks you also as what you are, as a thief.”
Please, no, Master!” I wept.
I could not move a muscle of my left leg. It might as well have been locked in a vise. It must wait for the iron.
I screamed again, uncontrollably. I had been branded as a thief.
Captive of Gor Book 7 Page 310

Some free girls, without family, keep themselves, as best they can, in certain port cities. That her ear had been notched indicated that, by a magistrate, she had been found thief. Ear notching is the first penalty for a convicted thief in most Gorean cities, whether male or female. The second offense, by a male, is punished with the removal of the left hand, the third offense by the removal of the right. The penalty for a woman, for her second offense, if she is convicted, is to be reduced to slavery.
Hunters of Gor Book 8 Pages 22 – 23

“In Port Kar,” said I, “there is a caste of thieves. It is the only known caste of thieves on Gor.”
She looked at me.
“You will have little difficulty,” I said, “in earning entrance into that caste.”
“I have seen the thief’s brand!” she cried. “It is beautiful!” It was a tiny, three-pronged brand, burned into the face over the right cheekbone. I had seen it several times, once on one who worked for the mysterious Others, a member of a crew of a black ship, once encountered in the mountains of the Voltai, not far from great Ar itself. The caste of thieves was important in Port Kar, and even honored. It represented a skill which in the city was held in high repute. Indeed, so jealous of their prerogatives were the caste of thieves that they often hunted thieves who did not belong to the caste, and slew them, throwing their bodies to the urts in the canals. Indeed, there was less thievery in Port Kar than there might have been were there no caste of thieves in the city. They protected, jealously, their own territories from amateur competition. Ear notching and mutilation, common punishment on Gor for thieves, were not found in Port Kar. The caste was too powerful. On the other hand, it was regarded as permissible to slay a male thief or take a female thief slave if the culprit could be apprehended within an Ahn of the theft. After an Ahn the thief, if apprehended and a caste member, was to be remanded to the police of the arsenal. If found guilty in the court of the arsenal, the male thief would be sentenced, for a week to a year, to hard labor in the arsenal or on the wharves; the female thief would be sentenced to service, for a week to a year, in a straw-strewn cell in one of Port Kar’s penal brothels. They are chained by the left ankle to a ring in the stone. Their food is that of a galley slave, peas, black bread and onions. If they serve well, however, their customers often bring them a bit of meat or fruit. Few thieves of Port Kar have not served time, depending on their sex, either in the arsenal or on the wharves, or in the brothels.
Hunters of Gor Book 8 Page 304

Marli wakes up, she had leant against the tree she had been sleeping on, the second spear she had made  standing next to her. She rubs her eyes and looks around, mumbling ‘strangers…’A vagabond slave is found picking flowers in the swamps

[11:36] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches
[11:36] lacyrose1: greeting Huntress
[11:36] Marli: greetings Gabs
[11:36] Gabriella Silverpath: [ cznt find any good flowers to fil teh baskedt with but I will girl]]
[11:36] Gabriella Silverpath: tal sis
[11:36] Gabriella Silverpath: smiles
[11:36] Gabriella Silverpath: hoep yoiu dont mind
[11:36] Marli looks at the slave girl
[11:36] Marli: greetings slave
[11:36] Gabriella Silverpath: we were just collecting some flowers
[11:37] lacyrose1: lacy hold up her basket of flower for the Huntress to see
[11:37] Marli smiles at gabs “of course sister , pick any flower you need , the di jan are welcome in the Luna swamps”
[11:39] Gabriella Silverpath: it is good to be back home
[11:39] Gabriella Silverpath: thank you
[11:39] Marli smiles
[11:39] Gabriella Silverpath: this girl si very sweet but I do not know her name
[11:40] lacyrose1: thnak you for the pretty basket Mistess
[11:40] Marli: I just came to see who was in the swamps , ill leave you to collect your flowers …….she seems a pleasing slave
[11:40] Gabriella Silverpath: you are very welcome girl
[11:40] Gabriella Silverpath: oh yes she does
[11:40] Gabriella Silverpath: smie
[11:40] Gabriella Silverpath: how are things here in luna?
[11:41] Marli: quiet lately, many sisters are still out hunting in other lands (though some good rp now and then)
[11:42] lacyrose1: listen to the Huntress thinks she is alway willing please a free
[11:42] Gabriella Silverpath: nods well I hope the are well
[11:42] Marli: I hope so too
[11:45] Marli looks at the girl “you seem new to these lands ? ”
[11:46] lacyrose1: yes Huntress this girl is very new here never been her to pick flowers before got this on my Map the other day want to try it
[11:47] Gabriella Silverpath: smiles warmly
[11:47] Gabriella Silverpath: [brb]]
[11:48] Marli noted the slave girl was wearing silks more akin to those of a city slave “you are fortunate you ran into my sister, she is very helpfull” she peered into the flower basket “what will you use the flowers for?”
[11:51] Gabriella Silverpath: aye she seems too innocent to be in Di’ Jans clutches
[11:51] Gabriella Silverpath: shudders just think what carrie would do!
[11:52] Marli chuckles , gabs should shudder about what Marli would do too
[11:52] Gabriella Silverpath: oh?
[11:52] Gabriella Silverpath: you wouild kneel in nadu beside this girl and beg me to dom you?
[11:52] Gabriella Silverpath: giggles
[11:52] Gabriella Silverpath: that is what carrie would do laughs
[11:53] Gabriella Silverpath: shudders
[11:53] Marli laughs loudly “No”
[11:53] Gabriella Silverpath: I did not think so sis
[11:53] Gabriella Silverpath: grins a bit
[11:54] Gabriella Silverpath: hmm the basket shoud attach to your arm girl
[11:54] lacyrose1: smile sweetly at the Huntress as she look up in the sky knowing she has long trip home ” may this girl go her haome Huntress ”
[11:55] Marli looks sternly at the slave girl “tell me , what you will use the flowers for , you didnt answer my question…..girl”
[11:55] lacyrose1: thank you Mistress
[11:55] Gabriella Silverpath: your welcome
[11:55] Gabriella Silverpath: girl im going to leave you in my sistres hands
[11:55] Gabriella Silverpath: I believe my en wishes to uhm spank me
[11:55] Gabriella Silverpath: laughs
[11:55] Marli: hehe
[11:55] Gabriella Silverpath: serve well girl
[11:56] Gabriella Silverpath: I will come visit you again soon sis
[11:56] Gabriella Silverpath: love you
[11:56] Gabriella Silverpath: and i have missed you
[11:56] Marli: love you sister
[11:57] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches
[11:57] lacyrose1: may this girl go to the boat Huntress
[11:58] Marli leans in closely to the girl “My sister is sweet , I am not, you may leave for the docks , after you have answered my question…..understood?”
[12:00] Marli: “good girl, now you will tell me where you live and what you will use the flowers for……If i am satisfied you tell the truth , then you may leave ”
[12:03] lacyrose1: smiel sweetly at the Huntress ” this girl form viktyrie forest im a black pearl this girl picks flower for her Mistress house so they smell good this girl was show this place on her map yesterday so she thoughshe come check see what the flower look like here
[12:04] lacyrose1: she smile again before talking ” before she pick any flowers she ask first so no one would get up set with her
[12:05] Marli noted the sweet smile and the look of innocence on the girls face ” very well, if you ask permission then you may pick any flowers in the swamps you wish”
[12:05] lacyrose1: thank you Huntress
[12:05] lacyrose1: may this girl go to the boat now it getting very late
[12:06] Marli: “come , i will escort you out the swamps ”
[12:06] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches
[12:07] Marli: I will take you to the docks , so no one will harass you
[12:08] Marli: be safe and serve with fire girl
[12:09] lacyrose1: thank you Huntress wave bye as she jump on the boat sail way
[12:09] beth Sheryffe: tal marl
[12:09] Marli: Tal Beth
[12:10] Marli: Tal bac
[12:10] Bac join the huntress hands behind her back, wrap one of the ropes siveral times around her hands and tie them with a triple knot
[12:10] Bac: Tal marli
[12:10] Marli looks down at the fallen panther and shakes her head
[12:11] Bac then wrap the other rope siveral times around the huntress arms and torso and tie her with other triple knot …. “Marli do you knoew her?”
[12:11] Bac then wrap the other rope around her neck and tie it in a way that she will be forced to follow or choke to death
[12:12] Jynx Ninetails rolls her eyes a bit as she wakes up and just shakes her head. “well so much for the idea of coming here here in hopes of perhaps talking to someone. Attacking a person not even having weapons out. same old as always baca”
[12:12] Jynx Ninetails: you can sail me to get me on my way
[12:13] Marli smirks “depends …..the Luna may talk first …if you have something worthwhile to say”
[12:13] Bac pull the leash and look at the huntress face …….. “i know you”
[12:13] Jynx Ninetails: you should Baca. Had i faught back you be the one in binds.
[12:13] Jynx Ninetails: I just did nto think you where worth eh effort as i had come here peacefuly
[12:14] Bac: second time that you come here in so short time, that you only can be scouting
[12:14] Jynx Ninetails: Second time had come here to scout? you smoking kanda again Bac? i not been in your lands in 4 months
[12:14] Bac: you sure
[12:15] Bac: i suere that was your smell
[12:15] Jynx Ninetails just shakes her head and looks to teh docks “well how about you sail me then. Pretty sure after this little ordeal my interest in joining here just been squashed”
[12:15] Bac: well lets go to the camp, i think that i go collar and brand you
[12:16] Bac: Marli, you invited
[12:16] A flock of well trained vulo shouts: “Someone’s coming.”, and squawks loudly
[12:17] A flock of alarmed vulo shouts: squawk, sqwark and even sqaark in the multilingual manner of Gorean vulos
[12:17] A flock of vulo shouts: ‘squawk’, then pretty much ignore you as they are so used to people by now
[12:19] Marli looks over at the stockade and lifts both eyebrows , marli wondered if that was where bac would take her captive
[12:19] Bac points with her nose to the ground as she looks at Jynx ……… “sit there, that way i dont need to push you”
[12:21] Jynx Ninetails rolls her eyes and looks to bac “the purpose of this is what? you trying to get your jollies off collaring and torturing someone who did nto even bother to fight you? We both know i do not want to be here or have to deal with you after this. We both know i will not wish to stay a slave and will just leave first chance i get. i had come here to see if dijans was even worth joining as a panther tribe. Obivious not if this is how you treat people”
[12:22] Bac: sit there
[12:22] Bac: is not the first time that i capp you
[12:22] Bac: did i tortured you before?
[12:23] Jynx Ninetails laughs “Bac you never have beaten me in a 1 on 1 fight. You usally find some reason to get out of it, like last time in whispering moons”
[12:23] Marli listened to bac and jynx , whilst doing so Marli inspected her fingernails
[12:24] Bac: we can have some fun sparing after this
[12:24] Jynx Ninetails: So do us all a big favor and take me to teh docks and sail me so i cna get on my way looking perhaps for a place to call home
[12:24] Bac: well Jynx, Di’jan are agressive and thats how i want them
[12:24] Bac: many saay bad things about Di’jan, but they fear us
[12:25] Bac: so yes thats how we treat who come here
[12:27] Jynx Ninetails shrugs a bit “well get on with ever you plan. we already established I rather not be here or deal with you. but as I am in the binds not like get much say do i?”
[12:29] Bac pull the leash and walk …… “you didnt shot me back, so yes i go to free you, and i think that you know that i always respected you, but well ….”

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We have all seen what passes for Panthers these days, the romanticized versions of what life is like as an outcast.  This is a travesty, to be honest, because what is currently being portrayed as the social norm is NOT what the books would tell.  It is not Gor.  With that in mind, I think it is time that some light was shed on the harsh reality of the factual existence of a Panther.

With this in mind, let’s begin at the beginning and take a look at what a Panther IS:

A Panther, above all things, is a runaway slave.  A SLAVE, pure and simple.  Nothing more and nothing less.  This reality lends itself to the understanding that not only does a Panther find herself in the position where her mere survival is her sole interest, but also means that she fights with herself time and again.  She is imbued with all the needs, desires, and urges that any other slave possessess.  The need for a man, his touch, his domination is NOT lost in her, but for whatever reason she has chosen such, she does not wish to give in to these needs, desires and urges.  She is a brazen thing, a wild animal just like any other, only her struggles begin inside and carry beyond that.

A Panther is a lonely creature, solitary, forced into being an outcast by her choices made.  Certainly, Panthers would gather together and the reasons for such are twofold. One, simple survival.  Survival against the harsh climes and tough times was absolutely necessary.  It stands to reason when understood in the context that there is safety in numbers, though those numbers were usually very small.  It was necessary for it to be so, for a large number would attract the attentions of the men, their worst fear.  Two, it provided the necessary social interactions that would allow them to make it another day, that might hold their urges at bay long enough to see another sunrise without a collar on their neck.  It would lend them the strength to face their inner demons, as it were.

A Panther is a frightened, skittish, prideful, selfish animal.  Yes, animal.  She has sacrificed much to be in her position.  She lives with the constant terror that she may be found.  A sort of Mad Max meets US Marshals thing.  She is always jumpy, ever watchful, deeply terrified that she may be found.  Unlike what is seen now, a Panther would NOT be lounging on a dockside talking trash to men, she would be hiding away in her trees praying to the Kings that she was not seen.  Prideful, oh yes!  Very prideful creatures.  After all, for as much as she fears the men, she also revels in the thought that she has escaped them.  She has trumped their domination and she struts her stuff as near an equal as she could ever be.  Selfish, oh yes, her safety was her main concern.  Every breath she took and thought she had was for herself above all others.  When push came to shove, a Panther would honestly not think twice about sacrificing a pack member to save herself. It is a harsh thought, but so was Gor.

A Panther was a Huntress, yes, but she did not do so foolishly.  *IF* a panther wished to hunt *a* man, she would do so only with the pack beside her.  Panthers were women, they did not have formal weapons training, they did NOT have the strength of a man, nor his ability.  If one man happened into her forest, the pack would consider taking him down.  They might trap him, and they might capture him, but it would take ALL of them to get him boud, to drag him off and keep him under their control.  If a group of men were found in the forests, Panther’s would scatter, they would flee and hide unless they were extremely well versed in actions, and then they would only fight just enough to get themselves to safety.  Survival of the fittest applies here, because if a pack member were to fall, she would be considered weak by the tribe.  There would be no heroic rescues, she would be gone, that simple.

All of that said, let’s take a look at what a Panther was NOT:

A Panther was not an attention seeking skank.  She did NOT seek out men.  She ran from them.  She did NOT lounge around in public places issuing challenges.  She did NOT threaten men with collar for fun.

A Panther was NOT a trained warrior.  She was not capable of standing on her own against a trained male.  She possessed only what knowledge in weapons that hunting for food would provide, or whatever she had learned under a seasoned Panther, but even then, such training was lacking in the extreme.

A Panther was NOT Xena, Warrior Princess with strength granted by the Kings themselves.  The book states that women possessed the strength of a twelve year old boy, and that was strong for a woman.  It is important to remember that in all things.  Panthers would rely on cunning and speed, not brute strength and a skill they wouldn’t have.

A Panther was NOT a lovey-dovey sister-poo sort of person, she did not have that mentality.  There was no all for one, one for all creedo to which they all adhered.  A tribe was NOT a sorority with secret handshakes and public outings.

A Panther was NOT prone to fighting alongside men, never EVER would this happen.  Not ever, in any circumstance.

There is a lot more to be said, intricacies that could be addressed, but that will come with time and experience.  This guide is just a rough outline, a brief overview into the REAL world of Panther existence.

This is not fair, no. This is harsh, yes. This is not romantic, comforting or terribly attractive… But this IS Gor.

Source :  Khryssiene Lubitsch, 2007


BTB Panther Girls

DISCLAIMER: The RP Guides are free to share! I just demand that my Name (Violetta Daviau) keeps in the NCs / Copies and is being mentioned as creator. The classes and guides are to not being altered.

In this guide I would like to gather lore, thoughts and realism derivations that may allow over time to compile a guide for players of the panther girl role to be a viable BTB addition to SL Gor and lose the often unfair, often though also not so unfair but rather sadly well deserved, reputation as bad players, cutsies, saddists, city raiders, lesbos, man haters, cap whores, and whatever else they get told. It shall help turning “GE Pannies” into “BTB Panther Girls” – GE/BTB not as term for sim classification in this context, but as a categorization of the panther girl player’s mind and roleplay. One important thing in my opinion is that one may not forget that panther girls don’t stand for themselfes. They are a part of the Gorean Community, they interact with others, often also non-panther girls, i.e. city people, villagers, outlaws, eventually even torvaldslanders. So one part of the guide should also be for those that interact with panthers, telling them what they can expect when facing a panther, also to tell panther girls of course what they can expect from others. For me this thread is meant also as a try to bring back some serious panther girl roleplay to SL Gor, in this context BTB Gor, where it feels and felt for me in the last months that the role is being much discredited and that more and more – also really great – panther players vanish, either into GE Gor or, even worse, into slavery. Please help me so to compile this, maybe even spread this, and to keep it in a mature discussion. I want and hope to be able to accept any opinion, yet please keep the books in mind, keep in mind how little panther girls are described in them, and how realism would fill the gaps which the books leave.


  • Clothing
  • Weaponry
  • Vocabulary
  • Encampments
  • Society Internal
  • Sexuality
  • Society Within And Towards Gor
  • Panther Girls As Slaves
  • Panther Girls Enslave
  • Panther Raiding & Fighting
  • Contacts with others




In SL Gor we see the common panther girl usually clad in some kind of fur or leather bikini, often versions that reveal or direct focus more than that they conceal. Given above quote it might though be more realistic for a panther girl to cover herself more. “Brief Tunics” are for the opinion of a Gorean about clothing related dignity already very revealing. I assume that the ones written about above are a bit longer than slave kamisks, maybe going to the middle of the thighs or even to the knees, covering eventually the entire chest with not too much cleavage, free arms. Reasons that speak for this try of interpretation: Panthers move through a thick and dense wilderness. There are sharp thorns from which they would protect their skin, the sun maybe not everywhere reaches the ground so it is cool/cold. Goreans consider the display of belly buttons as slave-like. Given Panther Girls despise especially female slaves, they might not want to display themselfes like a slave. Being stripped is also for a Panther Girl humiliating. If she wears barely anything anyways, how could that concept still work? Panthers are, even if some would not admit it, women in the end, escaped free women or run away slaves. Sewing and Tanning would surely be a woman’s work which the Panther Girls so had learned while still living in the society. Means: They would be able to craft somewhat quality leather/fur outfits (spinning/weaving fabrics would though certainly be too much efford in the wilderness, compare to earthen wild tribes) In the end my personal perception would be that those scant bikinis are more fitted for Talunas or for very poor and alone panther girls that do not have the safety of a well hidden camp. Also: According to the above quotes, it appears that panther girls are not so very pale (their skin is exposed to the sun anyways), that they eventually not necessarily wore boots (“I saw a pair of slim, tanned ankles”) and that they used golden arm-/bracelets/necklaces.



The most obvious weapons of a panther girl are spear and bow, assumingly rather self crafted ones, maybe with stone tips even. If the band is someone established and at least remotely close to a tradepost, village or city, I would assume that they could also trade for steel tools like arrow heads, spear heads, daggers. Due to men often, not always, relying rather on spear and sword – in the northern forests I would expect mainly the central Gorean shortsword or the torvaldslander broad sword – I could also imagine that some panther girls kept the blades of the men they had defeated and enslaved. Surely they would, if so, train a bit on their own – it is neither given that every scribe or physician, even male, would be more skilled with a sword, and not every outlaw is a born/trained fighter either.



Often we hear the word tribe being used in SL Gor and all kinds of fancy names, Sa here, Tre’sha there, Sang ching chung. In the books, people though do not talk about tribes but about bands, and the band is usually called like their leader: Verna’s Band, Hura’s Band. Given with leader changes in SL it is not easy to reform groups, there is always the risk of losing people. I would assume so that a band in SL Gor can well have two names, e.g. “Sa Tor, the girls of Kara’s band” or such. According to



Panther girls live in the northern forests. They do not live in torvaldslands, they do not live at the Vosk or in the shadow of Ar’s walls, they do not live in the Vosk delta and if they are in the jungles, they are not panther girls but talunas. The camp of Verna is described as a gathering of crude huts at a very remote location in the northern forests, surrounded by a sleen fence only. The question for this topic though is if panther girls would not also live in other sceneries if they can find them, i.e. if they find a place that renders the tedious building of huts unneeded for panther girls. In the end it is heavy work and panther girls usually do not have a lot of builder tools or good tools at all. They are also surely not trained to build houses due to their past as FW or kajirae. In my perception so, a panther band living in caves, ruins, tents, eventually even more difficult to build encampments like treehouses could be realistic still. Would a band though of about 15 women build a war camp with palisades and battlements, maybe even towers? That I would consider rather unlikely, given also that they have to or will move on at some point anyways. Would they find such a fortified camp and inhabit it then for a summer? IF they would find it, surely yes, but who would build such a camp deep and remote in the northern forests and then abandon it?

Society Internal


What can be seen at least in these quotes is that panther girl bands can indeed have various sizes. A good average though surely is the given number of 15 members – in SL terms active people on somehow matching timezones/playshifts. Hura’s band is said to be about 100 girls, but she was also tweaked, “pimped”, by Marlenus of Ar. To enter a band, at least Verna’s band, one has to slay another panther girl. This – being clearly impractible in SL Gor – can be discussed about if it is an exception in Verna’s band, given Verna is the rolemodel of the most fierce panther girl, or if it is common that way. Also panther girls seem, surely with gaining experience, to have very good senses and thus also skills in the wilderness that includes to craft all kind of things by products nature alone offers them. How relasitic so is it for others that roam the forests, to have similar skills? A Torvaldslander maybe feels that the wind will turn on the Thassa ocean, but can he smell a hiding sleen or panther girl? Can a city warrior differ the soft motions of grass leafs and bushwork due to a panther girl sneaking through it from the normal sounds of the forest? What happens if a panther girl gets enslaved? How does her band react to it.



Panther girls are – like most of the people of the world Gor – sexually straight oriented. As Gor stresses the stereotype basics of the genders, and panther girls forsake themselfes to live together with men, their needs stay unfullfilled, making them crave for sexual experiences, those mostly being released when the band made a captive and the three moons of Gor are about to stand high over the northern forests.

Society Within And Towards Gor


Panther girls are outlawed, by own choice: Either kajirae that ran away or free women that fled from being enslaved or forced into a free companionship or similar. They hate men as it appears, but in real fear just to meet their true master. Why is that? Gor is set up as a very basic society, in which the genders are reduced to their very stereotypes, also, as percieved by many, to the liking of men. Not judging if that is good or bad, it means that also panther girls are in truth women that wish to find such a strong, protecting, demanding man whom they can love and who loves them too as his true kajira. The path to find that though is often a very hard and eventually deadly one, filled with humiliation and shame. Panther girls have the desire to be seen as equal to men, and to act towards this desire is easier than to follow the hope of finding the true master. The reduction to the basics of nature also means that panther girls are usually straight oriented, and they do feel their physical needs as many women do on Gor. They just cannot go into the civilized areas of Gor to aquire that need fullfilled, as – being outlawed and being desired in collars – they would be made slaves faster than they could turn to flee once more. They hate men for what men could make of them, not the slave itself, but the woman that accepts her feminity and her needs even if it means to kneel and cater to a man. Also men hunt panther girls, seeing them as a tremendous trophy, as a marvellous slave due to them expecting that, once broken into slavery, a former panther girl would release all her suppressed sexuality, feminity on him. Else some men, outlaws, share the living grounds with panther girls, at times it goes peacefully, at times one snags the other and puts them to the block. Also trading happens, mostly for wares (e.g. at night with city merchants outside the walls) but also – like the examples of Marlenus/Hura and Rask/Verna show – for services. This means too that panther girls and men can actually work together, even fight alongside, often surely with the risk for the panther girls to end in slavery themselfes too, but that is pretty normal for Gor. If a 2 man group would work aside 15 panther girls on e.g. a caravan raid, it could well be that the 2 men get collared as well in the run of the events. As for panther band / panther band alliances happening or not I need to yet find quotes.

Panther Girls As Slaves


Panther girls are precious prizes, trophies, when captured, and bring much honor to the name of the captor. They are not easy to capture, and even if they fell, they need yet to be broken, which is not easy neither. Marlenus did not manage to break Verna, although he would surely be able, he feared that this wonderfull prize would be tainted, and as his hunter pride was turned into love that he would take the glow off her. Yet even without those emotions, Verna shows that she can endure a lot, while many other women that are caught in the fields, do not even require a weapon drawn or a clear threat spoken. They try to babble proudly, the man barks once, and the woman submits. Not so with this panther girl who endured quite a lot more. Surely though also a panther girl is not unbreakable, for if she would be, her fate would not be the collar, but the impaler.

Panther Girls Enslave


Panther girls despise slavery, they sell slaves once those are not to their liking anymore. The first part of the last sentence surely says that slavery under panther girls is a very cruel and for a slave not much fullfilling but rather degrading slavery, the later part is commonf for Goreans all over the different kinds. All free rid themselfes of slaves they grew tired of in one way or another, stating this about panther girls means nothing special. I personally neither have found quotes that clearly say that panther girls would not hold female slaves. I would just assume that their fate is even more cruel within the band, more humiliating as panther girls have a deep inner fear of being made slave and for that hate men and slaves.

Panther Raiding & Fighting


There are barely any references about fighting panther girls at all, so for this topic there comes a lot of speculation from all sides, leading to mega alliances of panther bands on the one side and the complete raid ban of e.g. city sims on the other side. Due to the lack of quotes in the books about it – and I consider that books being a limit rather than a guide to the culture and realism of Gor is a very flawed approach – one can only try to interpret and consider a possible reality on a world like Gor. Regarding alliances: Panther girl bands are territorical, they claim their hunting grounds and surely do not want anyone else hunt in there – not only because of the need for the prey, the natural resources, and maybe also the pride of a big teritory, but also surely because of the fact that they hide their encampment in their hunting grounds and do not want other bands to spoil its location to e.g. men that then come to enslave them. Yet with Marlenus and Rask we have two prominent Goreans already that work together with panther girls, which could lead to the conclusion that panther girls can well ally with men for certain purposes. A mutual vigilance and distrust will surely stay in place, and the weaker faction in terms of numbers or skills always risks to be collared in the end. So even if using the books as a limiting factor, one can well say that panther girls do not ally with each other, but that they ally with groups of men now and then, that men even care for bands to grow in strength if it uses them. Regarding raiding itself: The main reference is that Hura’s band, tasked and pimped by Marlenus, seeks to raid Verna’s camp to capture her for him. It is said that panther girls hunt and enslave and/or kill people that enter their hunting grounds. There is no reference of panther girls attacking bigger encampments or settlements (that I have found, so correct me if I am wrong please), at least not alone. This is where I think considerations about realism has to kick in: While panther girls are not of any of the interpretations of earthen amazons (ranging from a tribe of women in the South American Amazonas area to a clan of she-warriors in ancient Greece), they can well be compared to wild tribes itself, a bit more skilled in some aspects of civilization, a bit less skilled in other aspects. Panther girls try to hide in the wilderness, to appear in sight when and how they want, and surely it is realistic that they want it only if they consider themselfes to be in bulletproof advantage. So I personally believe that their attacks within their own territory would be looking remotely like an attack of Robin Hood’s band: Out of cover, from behind, as surprise attacks with higher numbers and already drawn weapons, be it on single wandering victims or small caravans. SL Gor is fishy in the aspect because people do not take the hit of an arrow as serious wound and the drawing of a weapon is just a button click. In real one would see the hand move to the weapon, and in that moment already an arrow would be in the chest of the one trying to draw clear, a deadly or at least highly painfull wound. In terms of raids on settlements and encampments, I believe that also Robin Hood would be a good, yet remote comparison. He and his band would never attack a fortress with many soldiers as long as being only few themselfes. They would sneak in disguised rather. Yet, if there is a reason, they would try to find someone “to rally the bands” and go in big force. This way an attack on a town even could be valid, yet to amass enough to have a chance to take over Ar is very unlikely. Also an attack on a small village somewhere is – in my eyes – quite possible. A panther girl band can exceed 15 members as well, and given they are all combatative, they could consider an attack on a village as possibly successfull. Villages though in SL are often not made as one would expect them in a world like Gor, even with given descriptions: In a village one would expect mostly low caste people, non combatative, like merchants (also tavern keepers, rarely slavers) and a lot of peasants. While peasants are said to be main users of long bows and also battle staffs, they surely do not have them always at hand. Villages are mostly protected by the city under which laws they stand, and need to hope for warriors from the nearest garrison to arrive should enemies approach – and near can mean still many pasangs. A village would very unlikely have a big garrison of warriors within its own confines, a village would unlikely have more of a wall than a wooden pallisade or sleen fence at max. Even the next Physician might be away half a day of a tharlarion cart ride. So while still, for BTB Gor in SL, panther girl raiding should be more a special event, one also needs to consider that the “prey side” is often made up wrongly. In BTB SL every man but maybe physicians are combatative, villages often have huge walls and tons of Warriors, barely one plays trade caravans. One should consider to make panther raiding a concession to SL really. Defensively also it is hard for panther girls, people use cam and radars to find camps and sims and script possibilities are just too low to hide a panther girl camp properly. This so would have to be another concession to playability in SL.

Contacts with others


Tradeposts are the spot where panther girls come to to trade with others, be it male outlaws or merchants from civilized Gor.

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