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You have heard of the counter-earth, the mysterious fantasy planet on the other side of the sun called Gor and it sparked your curiosity! You do not have to play your real life gender. It is commonly accepted within the Gorean role play community to play the opposite gender if you want to. However, if you do switch gender roles , please be honest and mention that in your profile.

So you are interested to join the Gorean role play community in Second life, but you don’t know how to get started. Ok, let me give you some little tips what your initial steps should be.

The following is only applicable to what is called BTB (by the books) regions. There are other Gor regions, which are loosely based on the books and typically labelled “Gor evolved”. They really have nothing to do with Gor, but the label and are very focused on combat aspects of the game.

1. Adult Theme!

First of all you need to realise that Gor is an adult theme. In Gor things like sex scenes, rape, slavery, forced enslavement, violence and assassinations are part of Gorean every day live. It is a harsh world and not for the faint hearted. If you are easily offended by such content then Second life Gor is not for you. In fact, in that case you should not even be reading this blog at all.

Most Gor regions in Second Life are for those reasons adult rated. To participate in the game you need to verify your account as being an adult’s account. The way to do this is: Login at www.secondlife.com and go to account verification. There you can verify your age using your passport number or s.s. number. If you have given Linden Lab your credit card details to make payments, your account is automatically adult verified.

Kat (friends of Luna Caleeng)

2. Choose Gender!

You do not have to play your real life gender. It is commonly accepted within the Gorean role play community to play the opposite gender if you want to. This is especially important for women, who would like to have some of the fighting action. However, if you do switch gender roles , please be honest and mention that in your profile.

As a general rule there are no female warriors on Gor. The only female fighting role on Gor, are the so-called Panther Girls or Forest Girls, which are outlaw women living in small bands in the forests, outside of regular Gorean civilisation . So if you are a female player but you want to play a warrior, mercenary, pirate or a similar role, choose the male gender!

3. Choose Status

What I mean by that is: Choose whether you want to play a slave or a free person to start with. Both genders can be slaves on Gor. The female version is called a Kajira the male version is a Kajirus.

When you choose the slave-role be aware that it is very hard to develop your character realistically into a free person, actually almost impossible if played correctly. However changing status from free to slave within your storyline is easy.

This is why I recommend always to start as a free person, even if the slave-role does intrigue you.

At this stage there is one important thing that you need to understand: In-game we make a difference between IC = In Character and OOC= Out of Character. If you choose the slave role you decided to play a slave IC with all consequences not to be one, but OOC you are NOT a slave and not considered as such. If you speak to other players in OOC mode (for example in IMs) you are equal to anybody else.

If anybody demands from you, to behave as a slave in OOC mode (this does actually happen!) tell him/her not to bother you! Those people belong to a group called “online livestylers” and are not worth your time as a role player, unless you want to experience their “lifestyle” (which is a D/s relationship with a Gorean touch to it).

4. Choose cultural background!

Gor is not Gor from a cultural perspective. Gor is a mix of several different cultures based on different ancient Earth cultures. If you would look at a map of the planet Gor, you could divide the planet in cultural regions. In which one you want to play is totally up to you and only depends on your personal preference. Bear in mind that for some Gorean cultures there might be more choice of different sims than for others.

For the most part, Gor consist of a culture that is based on ancient Greek/Roman civilisation. This part is the civilised center of Gor and includes the majority of the big Cities. Imagine an environment like Rome during the punic wars and you are not far off. The advantage of choosing this “mainstream” Gor is the choice of different cities you can play.

Another important part of Gor would be the maritime powers of Gor which are based on ancient Carthage. Those would be the cities of Tyros, Cos and Port Kar. In the book’s story line the hostilities between the city of AR ( counter earth to Rome) and the Island power of Cos ( counter earth of Carthage) are one of the main plots which follow through the entire series.

The Gor story is predominantly the counter earth version of the punic wars.

If you don’t know what that is, please take a minute and read the Wikipedia article about it:

Punic Wars in Wikipedia

Other popular cultural setting in Second Life Gor would be:


Located in the very North of the planet and resembles medieval viking cultures of earth.

Tahari Desert

Located in the South East of the planet and resembles ancient ottoman/arabic cultures of earth

Plains of Turia

Located in the South West of the planet and resembles Mongol/tartaric riders and the ancient cities of Samarkand (Turia), Bagdad (Tor) and Kairo (Kasra).

Northern Forests

Located in the North of the planet. A waste area of forests and small towns along the Laurius River. The Cities of Lydius, Kassau and Laura would be located in this area. The forest itself is home of many outlaw bands including the famous Panther Girls ( Gorean version of the Scythian Amazons in Greek mythologies).

There are some more cultures described in the books but those have a negligible presence in Second Life. It is paramount to understand that customs and roles in these areas vary substantially, which is why you will often hear different opinions about what is and what is not Gorean.

5. Choose your role

Mainstream Gor is based on a caste system. It is assumed that Goreans are born into a caste. Hence you need to choose a caste for your character. There are low and so-called high castes on Gor. The five high castes are in order of importance: The initiates, the scribes, the physicians, the builders and the warriors. What distinguishes the high from the low castes is that the high castes serve the public and form the city governments. Low castes would for example be : The merchants, the peasants , the fishermen and so on…Choose your caste wisely as it is very unusual to change caste in the life of a character.

This does not apply to the desert tribes or Thorwaldsland where the caste system does not exist.

6. Dress the Part

Second life is a visual medium. Role play starts at the point of getting the correct attire. There are a lot of shops In-World, where you can get the right attire. unfortunately there are also a lot of shops which sell stuff labelled as “Gorean” which has hardly anything to do with how Goreans are described in the books.

7. Read at least one or two of the Gor books

It doesn’t take much time to read one book does it? Ideally you read the first one “Tarnsmen of Gor” which gives you a pretty good overview about what Gor is all about and then one that is about the region or the role you have chosen to play.

Here some recommendations based on popular regions or roles:

Turia and Plains: Book 3, Nomads of Gor

Port Kar, Cos and Tyros: Book 5, Assassins of Gor

City of Ar: Book 6, Raiders of Gor

Forest Region and Panther Girls: Books 7, Captive of Gor and book 8, Hunters of Gor

Thorwaldsland: Book 9, Mauroders of Gor

Desert Region: Book 10, Tribesmen of Gor

Slaves: Book 22, Dancer of Gor

8. Choose a SIM

Take you time on that one. Most sims offer observer tags. That means you wear a tag that identifies you as non-role playing avatar and just watching whats going on. As an observer do not use open chat as you might disturb ongoing role play. However you will find that Gorean role players are very helpful if you IM them to ask questions about whats going on.

This way you also will see the methods of role play such as using emotes, weapons or animations used.

9. You think you are ready?

Then don’t be shy, get going. We all made mistakes in the beginning and we still make them. Not a big deal, not the end of the world. And don’t forget what it is all about: have fun!

Welcome on the other side of the Moon!

P.S: Beware, Gor is highly addictive!

source: http://www.magdalenasiemens.com/gorean-role-play/


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Lake  Ias, home of the Luna Caleeng and  Di Jan

Around 750 pasangs south of the city of Argentum, lay the hidden encampments of two tribes of panther women. These women were thieves, outlaws and those just hiding from men. They were rumored to be located in the region around Lake Ias, the woodlands and swamps of the Vosk. The Di Jan band lived among the ruins of an abandoned mining fort , the Luna Caleeng had their settlement about 15 pasangs south from the DI Jan, living deep within the swamp marshes.

The encampments lay on the vask, aptly named the famed “Treasure Road” , where both tribes would often prey upon travelers and caravans heading further south towards the lower half of Kalana Woods and beyond to  Siba owned lands. Or those heading east to the lands of Primus. Those travelers who paid the toll for the use of this road were considered fortunate , those who refused risked losing all their trading goods, coins , clothes and in the worst case their freedom. It was generally a bad idea for travelers to refuse either tribe a tribute!


Hidden from view, far away from the vask,  a small trade post was located at the entrance to the swamps of the Luna Caleeng. A worn and faded blue flag with a roughly painted white moon upon it signified that these were Luna lands.  When a copper trade bell  , believed to have been stolen from pirates a long time ago,  was rung,  panther girls from the upper camp would slowly emerge from the thick fog that hung around the swamps. Those fearless travelers who ventured deeper into the swamps on their own,  would find a narrow winding foot path , leading past treacherous traps like deep snake pits , silken webs spun by giant mutated spiders and stagnant watering holes surrounded by flesh eating plants. Once, and if they survived,  they reached the Luna Caleeng encampment, campfires and smoke, small cattle milling, anything that was stolen was seen there.


There were no free men or warriors in this encampment –the only men present would be humiliated male captives- their hair shaven in a strip – it’s the one rule of thumb. To lead one of the red caste or any free man to this encampment was considered treason by the sisterhood.  The Luna Caleeng prided themselves on avoiding those of the scarlet. It was just bad for a thieves trade.


Near the center of the camp, close to an oval shaped sand pit , was a tall weathered pole, ornately decorated with carvings giving praise to the Goddesses. On full moons,  panther girls would gather around the pole ,  tie a battered young man to it and use him during their Moon dance. Simple wooden shacks and tree huts were the make shift dwellings of the tribe, the one exception being the huts used by the Shaman’s and Priestesses, they too were decorated with carvings and surrounded by small rune stones. A visitor  might have concluded these wild women missed their home stone. Hidden by chopped down tree branches,  at the rear of the camp was a small foul smelling cave used to keep those wretched captives , shackled close together in thick irons , chained to the rocky  walls before they would be traded for goods. Branching off to the left through the dense undergrowth,  a small path led to another  cave ,dimly lit with yellow bees wax candles,  the Luna had named this the “Chamber of Glana”.  In the center of this cave lay an ancient sacrificial stone, its rough top surface had a pale red hue, the sides had been chiseled with mystic symbols. Any panther girl having reached the right age , or was brave enough to enter,  she would hear the soft prayers of the Chieftess , see her hold the crooked blade  passed down by generations of Chieftesses.  If the young girl survived the initiation rites, she would be free from men and protected by the sisterhood. This was the life here, survival.

The Luna Caleeng encampment might be considered by some to be a vastly poor living place in the middle of nowhere, but every mouth here was fed, the spoils equally shared.

This was the way of the Luna Caleeng panther girls, outcasts, and runaways.

This was their place, this was their time.



Traffic was 18000  and made to 20 on top 33… Keep up the great work and show why Lakes is best panther sim in gor! ;p


Location according to the novels:

“Did your troops enter Argentum?” I asked. “Our generals did not feel it was necessary,” said Ligurious. “It seems that our first victory, after the seizure of the mines, occurred on the Fields of Hesius,” I said. “Yes,” said Ligurious. “Our second occurred on the shores of Lake Ias,” I said, “and our third east of the Issus.” This was a northwestward-flowing river, tributary to the Vosk, far to the north. “Yes, my Tatrix,” said Ligurious. “Now we have been victorious once more,” I said, “this time on the Plains of Eteocles.” “Yes, my Tatrix,” said Ligurious. “They lie within a hundred pasangs of Corcyrus,” I said.

Kajira of Gor, pg158-159

The Western Subvosk Northern Plains

Two rivers and one lake are identified in the region. The Thassa Cartius leaves the rainforests and flows to join the Vosk at the eastern apex of the Vosk Delta. The Issus River has its origin at an unidentified location and enters the Vosk at an undisclosed point. Lake Ias is named but is not described as to size or definite relationship to any other feature although it is clustered with other places and seems to be near Argentum and Corcyrus.

The Fields of Hesius are mentioned in connection with the battles fought atLake Ias, Argentum mines, East of Issus, and the Plains of Eteocles. Book 19 Pages 158, 159. One can therefore conclude that it is located within that general vicinity. Hesius is the alternative rendering of the name Hersius.

Lake Ias is mentioned with regard to battles fought at Argentum mines, the Fields of Hesius, East of Issus, and the Plains of Eteocles. Book 19 Pages 158, 159. One can therefore conclude that it is located within that general vicinity.

So we can conclude that Lake Ias is located somewhere between Corcyrus and Argentum.

source: http://www.pantheus.com/TGV/archive32005/TGV/geography.shtml

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