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Marli gathers her sisters around the campfire. She glances around the circle “winter is coming soon and we need to prepare” . Marli squats and draws her blade, she marks the soft earth with the tip of her knife “the deer and other animals will be harder to hunt” . She then looks at Arial her Se,  Marli continues  “make a list of chores for our tribe,  for both panthers and the slaves , everyone must help”.

  • Gathering wood to keep the camp fires burning brightly;
  • Helping with the salting and pickling of various meats;
  • Helping with keeping the fruits and nuts dry in the storage areas:
  • Hunting for game daily;
  • Making candles;
  • Mending worn clothing and stitching fur clothing;
  • Huntress Bows and spears mended;
  • Restocking supplies in the servery.

The following roleplays took place during the winter months of Gor. I seriously don’t know how people live without pixi pants….so why didnt’t we find any in the Sa Verus camp?……lol❤

[07:14]  Lunellaa Destiny: “It was a late night late night last night Hot and I ran into the Sa Versus”
[07:14]  Lunellaa Destiny laughs
[07:15]  Marli: Sa Versus ? would that be the new tribe over there in primus ? what did they want?
[07:15]  Roleplay Message Board v1.2 whispers: Sandra42 Snoodle (2012-11-03T21:11:32.990213Z) : took your food & supplies ..luv Sa,Verus
[07:16]  Lunellaa Destiny: “The one named Sandy shot at us while by the falls”
[07:16]  Marli grumbles “I know Sandy, she used to be a Luna , now she has turned on us ”
[07:17]  Lunellaa Destiny: Aye she said as much

So like, naturally Marli heads with her sisters to the Sa Verus camp in Primus

[08:19]  Marli unfolds her flag , she then attached a sturdy wooden pole and dug it deep into the ground
[08:20]  Marli grinned “the least we can do is leave our flag to remind them who their neighbours are ”
[08:21]  Hot Lavendel: mmm…
[08:21]  Lunellaa Destiny takes the broken wagon and loads up all the supplies leaving three barrels of paga and then writes this note “I’m leaving three barrels as my sister said said she is worth more then two but taking everything else love your crazy panther Lune hug and kisses”
[08:22]  Lunellaa Destiny then takes a knife from near the fire and then stakes the note to the newly planted flag

“Fearless are those who need not say they are Fearful are those who boast they are fearless”

Marli slips into her canoe, she travels down river to a much colder climate.  Ice starts to form on her canoe, she decides to row no further and finds a place to get on land. She finds herself on the docks amongst a small crowd , some faces looked familiar , some were new. A fight starts and Marli swiftly runs to a hill to overlook who will be victorious……you know how Glitter nail polish is so hard to remove! ):< ……well ,using a bow breaks my nails…lol

[16:51]  XxKaiserSozexX Resident: yeah why not”

[16:51]  Lava Vlodovic waves “Tal there”

[16:51]  Leia the Dragonfly™ cuts through imani’s binds and she pulls them off of her.

[16:53]  Zadit Inglewood grabs for her bow and loads it. “just so you knowI’m the girl the ESRB warned you about.”

[16:55]  Kίɱɱί: pulls the man over and take his bow keeping it for myself then takes some binding rope and begins to tie his hands behind his back

[16:55]  Zadit Inglewood runs over and grabs the mans bowtaking it for herown then wraps his hands behind his back and ties his wrists in binding fibers.

[16:55]  Kίɱɱί: wrapping the rope around his wrists and tieing a capture knot then moveing to his legs crossing them at the ankle

[16:56]  Kίɱɱί: takes some more rope and wraps around his ankles tieing it in another capture knot

[16:56]  Zadit Inglewood then she grabs his sword and drags it away dropping it into the water and moves back to tie his feet together with binding fibers next. making sure they were tight.

[16:57]  Kίɱɱί: pulls a third rope out and loops it around the binding on his wrists leaving enough to pull him along

[16:57]  Zadit Inglewood clears her throat and smiles. sorry I didn’t get down here sooner I thought you two would have been ok.”

[16:57]  XxKaiserSozexX: “umm, I did not cause trouble, she did” nods in direction of leia

[16:57]  Kίɱɱί: “Well do you want a new boy En?”

[16:57]  XxKaiserSozexX: “I merely defended myself

[16:58]  Kίɱɱί: looks at the man..”he is all yours”

[16:59]  XxKaiserSozexX: “dont even go there, i will rather die than be a boy to you, I was merely defending myself, now unbind me, this is no way to treat a warrior ”

[16:59]  XxKaiserSozexX: steel, I challenge anyone of you here for freedom”

[16:59]  Kίɱɱί: looks at the panther that I do not konw on the dock..”And you there ..what do you want?” Kimmi asks

[16:59]  Zadit Inglewood glances down at the man and sighs as she would rest a foot on his back. “Oh no big fella… you hurt my sisters…. I think it’s time to pay the piper for that.”

[17:00]  XxKaiserSozexX: “shut up whore, and free me already”

[17:00]  Kίɱɱί: nods..”what ever you want En..is fine with me”

[17:00]  Zadit Inglewood growls and draws her blade resting it at his throat.”What?”

[17:01]  Zadit Inglewood switches to her sword and howls out wildly as she charged forward, ready to slide and dice her enemy.

[17:01]  XxKaiserSozexX: “I come from the land of ghost”

[17:01]  XxKaiserSozexX: “now free me”

[17:02]  Kίɱɱί: laughs..”Land of Ghosts…this is the land of Black Ghosts..which land is your ghost land”

[17:02]  XxKaiserSozexX: “it is not my fault you have no logistical sense”

[17:03]  XxKaiserSozexX: “no, I was jesting”

[17:04]  Zadit Inglewood growls once more and looked toward the other strange panther. “Well what will be done about him and his little friend there?”

[17:05]  XxKaiserSozexX: “look if you thing you are brave I challenge anyone of you, if you not take this, then free me and say sorry for attacking me”

[17:07]  XxKaiserSozexX: “i often stand here causing no trouble, this a nice spot, and well I have permission to stroll on the other camp that is here as I saved one of them one from an attacker ”

[17:09]  Zadit Inglewood switches to her sword and howls out wildly as she charged forward, ready to slide and dice her enemy.

[17:10]  Zadit Inglewood blinks and goes wide eyed. “Opps sorry sister.”

[17:10]  Leia the Dragonfly™ looks to zadi and then almost forgets that Marli was standing there..”tal marli” she turns to her.. “can i help you?”

[17:11]  Zadit Inglewood looks around and shrugs as she stared at the man next. “Well what about this big fella?”

[17:11]  Marli dusted off her bow , still grumbling about the male who had shot a wayward arrow at her , she waved to Leia “tal !”

[17:11]  Leia the Dragonfly™ watches her..”i mean where are youheaded off to into our lands?” she narrows her eyes at marli curiously

[17:12]  XxKaiserSozexX: i did before you panthers where hardly here

[17:12]  Maddison Ramir shakes her head “Yes we get it you often stand here. What is your name”

[17:12]  XxKaiserSozexX: i drink tea with the owner of the other fort

[17:12]  XxKaiserSozexX: often

[17:12]  XxKaiserSozexX: well a lady

[17:12]  XxKaiserSozexX: draggo or somthing like that is her name

[17:12]  Marli points at the bound man “I wasnt planning to stay around at the docks with a crazy male shooting arrows ” she points her thumb back “So this is where you live now eh?”

[17:13]  Zadit Inglewood laughs and squats down. “What lady? you mean Dretta?”

[17:13]  Leia the Dragonfly™ nods..”aii it is.. we have claimed these ands as ours.”

[17:13]  XxKaiserSozexX: “yes”

[17:13]  Maddison Ramir sighs and takes a gag from her belt and listens to the man and then uses the gag and would attempt to push it in his mouth. If this man couldnt answer one simple question she didnt wan’t to hear him anymore.

[17:14]  Leia the Dragonfly™ smiles to marli in respect as an En but Leia of course knew better to han to trust any panther who wasnt her own…”so were you just exploring? you are quite safe now.”

[17:14]  XxKaiserSozexX: the panther that over reacts he just things is a male more than a female as a woman would never be like this “are you a male panther” he asks her

[17:15]  Kίɱɱί: nods to Marli a tal and listens to Leia speak to the woman

[17:15]  Marli grins “…….interesting ….well , perhaps there is something in these lands that our tribes could trade ” she shrugs “You can show me your trade post”

[17:15]  Maddison Ramir rolls her eyes and just gags the man yanking it tight and ties it off

[17:15]  Leia the Dragonfly™ laughs at the man’s comment about her.

[17:15]  Marli: “Tal Kimmi” giving her a brief smile

[17:16]  Zadit Inglewood laughs and shakes her head curiously as she would glance up toward Imani. “En, I know the woman he speaks of personally. she does live in the outlaws fort…. though I have heard little from that camp in some time.”

[17:16]  XxKaiserSozexX: says nothing and falls asleep as its always exciting to be gagged Not, when he done no wrong, and just said he knows as a friend Dretta

[17:16]  XxKaiserSozexX: “they never trade, will kill you first ”

[17:17]  Leia the Dragonfly™ looks over her shoulder..”gag him.. we wil sell him. this will be a lesson for him.”

[17:17]  Maddison Ramir looks at leia “He is gagged”

[17:18]  Leia the Dragonfly™ nods..”okay thanks”

[17:18]  Maddison Ramir retightens the gag as apparently first time she tied it wasn’t enough to shut him up.

[17:18]  Marli grins , she could finally hear herself think , now that the male had been gagged

[17:19]  Leia the Dragonfly™ looks to marli…she smiles a bit….”marli.. we have to eave but i hope not to return to these lands finding a flag or any repreentation of your band here.. and i hope not to find thing missing from my camp.. i would be highly disappointed. but be well.”

[17:19]  Leia the Dragonfly™: leave*

[17:19]  Zadit Inglewood shakes her head and shrugs as she stood up and spoke. “well umm I was going to say we could just let him leave since, he does know the outlaws… let them sort him out when they are around… but whatever works for you I guess.”

[17:20]  Maddison Ramir looks at zadi and shrugs ” he threatened Leia and I . He is lucky i am letting him live.”

[17:20]  Marli blinks “ummm….very well Leia ” her offer to trade ignored , she prepared to leave

[17:21]  Zadit Inglewood nods and waves toward Marli. “Tal Marli long time no see! oh you’re leaving too… well alright safe paths dear!”

[17:21]  XxKaiserSozexX: thinks they are daft, he will be here on the dock often as he friend dretta lives here

[17:21]  Leia the Dragonfly™looks at maril…”marli.. did you say something abotu a trade earlier?” the confusion mixing her up a bit.

[17:22]  Zadit Inglewood grabs for her bow and loads it. “just so you knowI’m the girl the ESRB warned you about.”

[17:22]  XxKaiserSozexX: thinks he could do a deal and take them to raid a panther tribe

[17:22]  Marli walked back and nodded “yes I did Leia , there might be trade between our tribes ” she looked at Imani “in your previous lands we traded bonta with you”

[17:23]  Leia the Dragonfly™ nods..”aii we did. but your band broke it when they paid for me in a trade. what do you have to offer?” she asks a she couldnt pass up the opportunity. Leia loved the idea of getting richer in resources.

[17:24]  Maddison Ramir yanks the man towards the boat letting him think and steps on his leash as she reaches down and grabs her skirt and slides it on then the top of her dress and pulls it down over her head.

[17:25]  XxKaiserSozexX: yawns

[17:26]  Marli lips curled in a thin smile , Marli preferred to trade for her tribe , it meant an oppertunity to rid herself of some stolen goods or just trade in general “well….we have bonta fruits , snake skins and oils to trade ……all resources from our swamps ”

[17:27]  XxKaiserSozexX: cant talk as he is gagged so he imagines eating grapes and drinking paga

[17:27]  Kίɱɱί: looks at Leia when Marli says oils..”These oils are they the nice smelling kind or ones you use for cooking?” Kimmi aks cuiously

[17:28]  Kίɱɱί: asks*

[17:28]  Leia the Dragonfly™ nods..”very well then. you will negotiate with my Se on all trades. we can have a bit of peace between us, but i only promise peaceful trades with you and if any of your sisters are captured y us, we will trade them upon request. is this a deal?” she bites her bottom lip as she hears Kimmi..”Kimmi is my Se. she can take care of you”

[17:28]  Kίɱɱί: smiles and nods

[17:29]  Marli chuckles “they are the perfumed kind……made from the sweet scented flowers that grow deep within the swamps ” she nods at Leia “Its a deal”

[17:29]  Leia the Dragonfly™ nods and looks to Kimmi..”all yours, dear.”

[17:29]  Leia the Dragonfly™: be well marli

[17:29]  Marli: be welll Leia

[17:30]  Kίɱɱί: “I will see you soon Marli ..safe paths to you till then” smiles

[17:30]  Zadit Inglewood smiles and looked over toward Marli. “Oh oh! and and healers supplies! what do you have there? I know you heal still Marli… so what do you have that I can trade for?”

[17:30]  Marli: Take care Kimmi

[17:30]  Leia the Dragonfly™ sighs and jumps on the boat and counts her coin..”anyone coming with iman and i, lets move”

[17:30]  Zadit Inglewood blinks and looks back “where you going?

[17:31]  Marli turns and looks at Zadit “I will see what herbs i can trade ”

[17:31]  Kίɱɱί: “Nan is coming to I think” hops into the canoe with the Ens and picks up a paddle knowing she will have to paddle most of the way there

[17:31]  Zadit Inglewood: me smiles and nods as she would wave to the others. “I’ll stick here and talk business with Marli where you going so I know where to look if trouble happens!”

[17:31]  Leia the Dragonfly™ pays the captain for her sisters and then sails them all, grinning

[17:32]  Nanny Gothly hops into a canoe and grabs a paddle “you betcher breeches I’m comin – you know, yer MAN breeches” and winks at imani

[17:36]  Zadit Inglewood looks over to Marli and waves her on. “Come on you can sit with me I have a nice warm place in camp we can talk business. if you like.

[17:36]  Marli nods “allright”

[17:37]  Marli: Oh

[17:37]  Zadit Inglewood: yes?

[17:37]  Marli: its dark here

[17:38]  Zadit Inglewood smiles and reaches out taking your hand. “Here follow me.”

[17:40]  Zadit Inglewood: you ok there Marli?

[17:41]  Marli blinks “i was watching you actaully and waiting….are we there yet?”

[17:41]  Zadit Inglewood laughs and nods. well almost. it’s just around this corner

[17:41]  Marli: hehe

[17:42]  Zadit Inglewood: climb on up!

[17:47]  Leia the Dragonfly™ looks around…”we are back, my fledglings!”

[17:48]  Zadit Inglewood looks about and hollars out. “Welcome back Marli left a lifesized drawing of herself over here!”

[17:48]  Zadit Inglewood giggles and holds a finger to her lips with a light laugh

[17:49]  Leia the Dragonfly™ frowns..”hmm”.. and she turns ..”over where? where are you and where is marli? i told her not to leave anything. damn her!”

[17:49]  Marli thinks zadit is a cheeky minx

[17:49]  Zadit Inglewood shouts: in the cave! quickly it’s one of her making a very rude gesture!

[17:51]  Zadit Inglewood smirks and speaks calmly. “Opps you just missed it En… but Marli is still here so it’s ok.”

[17:51]  Marli looks all innocent “omg…….as if i would ”

[17:51]  Zadit Inglewood laughs out and pokes a tongue playfully out toward Leia and snickers. “Gotcha.”

[17:52]  Leia the Dragonfly™ blinks as she sees marli and she smiles..”tal Marli.. how nice to see you in my camp without a collar or binds on. ” she says cordially and her eyes only just glance to Zadi.

[17:53]  Zadit Inglewood looks about and smiles. “What?!? I’m talking trade talk with Marli for Medical supplies… I am the healer after all… and we need more supplies to keep us all healthy.”

[17:53]  Marli cringes at the mention of collars and stuff “…..i was invited as a friend ” she adds rather hastily , glancing at zadit “…..and for medical supplies ” nodding

[17:54]  Zadit Inglewood: besides it’s safer here than out in the open of the docks while you all went to go play with a man and left me here to watch over things and make sure I wouldn’t be part of the mass of captured sisters we’ve had to contend with today.”

[17:55]  Kίɱɱί: scratches my head..”I think I will let you do all the trading with Marli’s band …Zadi..you seem to know her well and will do good with it”

[17:56]  Leia the Dragonfly™ smiles and she nods to Zadi..”of course. well please continue your meeting. i would not wish to interupt. nice DAGGER by the way, marli” she says and she turns from marli’s sight and her eyes narrows at Zadi, a hint that something unpleasant would come her way soon.

[17:57]  Marli pats her sacrificial dagger “this old thing ?” then leans forward to zadi and winks

[17:59]  Leia the Dragonfly™ nods and smiles. Leia was diplomatic above all and her fury at Zadi well hidden.. she offers a pleasant tone to Marli..”oh yes it is beautiful. anyways.. continue your talk of trade. i am curious to hear what will be exchanged.”

[18:00]  Marli was aware there was some frost in the air between leia and zadit, though she pretended not to notice , Marli decided it might be best to quickly discuss the healing trade and then leave , details could allways be discussed later

[18:01]  Kίɱɱί: turns and heads back up to keep guard with Nan

[18:02]  Zadit Inglewood blinks and looks at Leia with a nervous glance. “We…well I umm well I have several furs I had been working on to offer and there’s even a few extra leaves of kanda I can part with for bandages, and some other more needed herbs you might have to offer, Marli. I’m perfectly happy with that for a start. I need them for my salve making and well bandages are starting to get thin around here.”

[18:04]  Marli smiled briefly “furs in exchange for herbs , bandages and kanda….and i will throw in some scented oils and fresh honey ”
 “Skill of a Panther Lair is not judged by the amount of Panther Girls in the Lair, but rather the amount of skilled Panther Girls that are well trained.”

Marli gathers her bow and spear heads to nearby  Primus.  Scouting reports mentioned that the Ki Var had been wiped out during a bloody raid. Marli, was curious if the camp had been raised to the ground, perhaps there were still things to be found, she prepared to scavenge or salvage anything that could be of use for her own band…..seeing that empty camp made me feel crappy, I remember at a point maybe like 2 years ago, I ALWAYS made sure I had money to do my nails and feet and eyebrows and shit…..made me feel way better…lol…It was my way of de-stressing and cheering myself up.

[07:33]  PixieDust Magic shouts: who is there?

[07:33]  Marli cups her hands and shouts “I am Marli of the Luna caleeng”

[07:35]  PixieDust Magic shouts: “I am Pixie of the Var Kuro, Hvae you come to my land in peace?” pix then stood frim o nthe small mound of moss and squinted for a sign as she waited

[07:37]  Marli frowned as she surveyed the lands before her “Var Kuro? you have killed the Ki var ? ” she rubbed her chin , perhaps this new tribe would be interested in trade “Aiii, I come in peace” she replied

[07:39]  PixieDust Magic shouts: motioned with her small hands a signal to approach her as she shouted ‘The tribe that called this home was killed by meranceries and their huts burned to ash. Approach me and we can talk peacefuly, I will not harm you”

[07:41]  Marli: “Tal” she said , folding her arms and looking at the camp that had been rebuilt upon the ashes of the old

[07:43]  PixieDust Magic as the huntress approached, pix was surprised as she saw the huntress with beautiful red hair. she appeared healthy and pix assumed she knew how to fend for herself. “Tal, well me Marli. It is sad to see any tribe attacked by bandits or whatever they call themselves. I assume most that lived here died, but I have recently started a new tribe on this land”

[07:45]  Marli pointed her thumb back towards the SW which lay behind her “I am of the Luna of Lake Ias ….and I for one will not weep about the death of the Ki Var …” Marli remembered how Des and she had struggled in a death embrace , she shrugged “The Ki Var and Luna were not friends ” she replied somberly

[07:49]  PixieDust Magic The huntresses honesty was a great relieve to pix as many are not so truthful. “I understand, I did not personal know them. But you are welcome to join me by the fire and share a drink while we discuss your visit here today.” pix turned and pointed to the smoke rising up behind her and then looked at Marli “I don’t have much in ways of food to offer, but you are welcome to it”

[07:50]  Marli nodded slowly “thank you for your invite , please lead on ”

[07:51]  PixieDust Magic please have a seat”

[07:54]  Marli: “the swamps of the Luna have fruits , herbs ” she leant forward “…also snake skins and spider silks…..our tribe has these items to trade with other peaceful tribes ” she added a brief smile

[07:56]  PixieDust Magic “I have only recently started my tribe here. I have a few sisters that hunt with me. But I am used to having to defend myself alone since I was a small child. I am glad that you have not come here with demands. I am in need of many things as I get ready for the winter. I have no concern that I can’t defend and live off the land, but I am worried for my younger sisters that are still learning. Trade would be welcomed”

[07:58]  Marli: “I am pleased we can trade with you , I will inform my sisters of our understanding ……we have a small trading post at the camp entrance and a bell which can be rung for trade ”

[08:00]  PixieDust Magic “very good. How many live in your family? I was aware of the D’Jan tribe there but not yours. Are you on friendly terms with them? she asked curiously as she stretched her legs out on the chair

[08:02]  PixieDust Magic shouts: who is there?”

[08:11]  PixieDust Magic shouts: hears a noise and motions for nala to get behind her “Who is there?”

[08:12]  sharrissae: nods to the woman and smiles…tal

[08:13]  PixieDust Magic “I am pixie, welcome to my land” she then pauses to look her over as she turns to Marli “I don’t rcognize you , but tell me why you have come?”

[08:14]  sharrissae: looks to marli and and nods to her, tat sis then loks back to pixie. well exploration

[08:15]  Marli nodded and smiles at sharissa

[08:15]  Nala looks with wide eyes at the big dangerous spear she is carrying…..

[08:16]  kearalee: she looke up from her Mistress feet and smiled.”Greetings Hunteresses….and sister”

[08:16]  PixieDust Magic “I see, well met, I have claimed this land and abandoned mines below. My sisters and I have started to hunt these forests and hills, but you are welcome to explore as long as you respect the wild. Pix then rest a small hand on Nala’s head and whispers don’t worry about her spear”

[08:18]  sharrissae: looks around the lands and she nodded to pixie. i am called sharrisae, well met and fondled my spear as i then looked to the slave and winked to her

[08:19]  Nala looks at the two strangers closely, wondering if they have sharp teeth.. ducking behind the Mistress… ‘ are you mamaba’s’.

[08:19]  PixieDust Magic pix smiled at Marli and softly spoke “Thank you for coming by and your offer is welcomed. If you need to travel I understand. She then nodded to Sharissae in response “Well met. Where do you live?”

[08:21]  Nala tugs on Mistress’s leg whispering… ‘there are some bodies buried in the caves from when we lived here, we could give them one…then they might go away Mistress’

[08:21]  sharrissae: well at the moment with marli

[08:21]  kearalee: she put her finger in her mouth to feel if it was sharp….she could feel a lil snap in it…a sharp bit….and nodded…to the girl…and snap her jaw..”aye i does have sharp toff” told her grrrs

[08:21]  Marli: “These are sisters ” she looked at Pixie

[08:23]  Nala gulps…’Im really thin… ave not eaten in days… see…’ lifting her slim arm to show her…

[08:23]  PixieDust Magic nodded to marli as she listened and then stroked the girl’s hair to calm her nerves “No need Nala, I am not fearful and nor should you, I have made an agreement with Marli to offer trade between our tribes. ”

[08:24]  sharrissae: loks to the girl and i smile, then lilone e need to get you fed. she then looked to pixie. if you ned help to hunt?

[08:26]  PixieDust Magic smiles, “Nala I have some food cooking over the small fire, it is a small rabbit, but take something to eat” she then turned backto Sharrissae, Marli and her girl “Hunting is welcomed. I was planning on setting out later to search for dinner”

[08:28]  Marli: “I have seen some fish in the rivers down below , they should be easy to catch with some practise ”

[08:29]  Nala smiles… turning her nose ot sniff back towards the campfire…. ‘ there are ducks in the river in Lake Ias.. but the dijan dont like one taking them’

[08:31]  PixieDust Magic smiles “aye, the fish and streams here are healthy and clean.I went skinny dipping late last night in them and nearly caught a fish while doing so. Next time will bring my spear and net”

[08:31]  Marli chuckles , she knew the di jan were picky about who they allowed to hunt on their lands

[08:32]  Nala returns with chunks of cooked rabbit meat placed in a large leaf… reaching up she hands it to Mistress…

[08:34]  PixieDust Magic leans down and sniffs the meat briefly and take a small bit between her tiny fingers and nibbles on it. thank you girl, but you eat the rest, it is tasty” As pix looks out over the land she stretches “Marli, I will need to get going but will return later. I appreciate you and your sisters comign by”

[08:35]  Nala bites down on a chunk of the rabbit meat seeing how tasty it is…..

[08:35]  Marli: “Pixie , i wish you and your tribe well ”

[08:36]  Nala: sucking and licking her fingers not having anything so tasty in long time…

[08:36]  PixieDust Magic nodded thankfully “aye, well met and safe paths to your tribe as well”

[08:37]  kearalee: smiles to the hunteress..”safe pathers Mistress”

Marli held her spear, she lowered it slowly as she inspected the stranger approached. She looked the stranger over, she would look good in a collar , Marli mused to herself .  She had a collar , Marli had a spear. No time for me to go spend all day doing my hair and getting ready ❤ 

[13:33]  Marli: “ahh, you caught the tresspasser ” she looks at the bound slave

[13:33]  Aanna Padgett: “i meant no disrespect”

[13:33]  Foxie Love: explain yourself girl why did you trespass

[13:33]  Aanna Padgett: “I was looking for help”

[13:34]  Foxie Love: funny way looking for help when you ran from me on first sight

[13:34]  Aanna Padgett: ” to live free”

[13:34]  Aanna Padgett: “you had a weapon” “I was afraid”

[13:34]  Marli: “hah, another slave that thinks she has what it takes to be a panther girl”

[13:35]  Foxie Love spanks the girls ass

[13:35]  (GM)Bindings: Slave Foxclaw spanks Aanna Padgett hard!

[13:35]  Aanna Padgett: Yelp

[13:35]  Foxie Love: what makes you think we will take you in as a Panther girl

[13:35]  Foxie Love: when I need a Paga slut

[13:36]  Aanna Padgett: “I dress as a kajira ”

[13:36]  Marli grins looking down at the silken skin of the girl “Has she been branded ?”

[13:36]  Aanna Padgett: “but I never gave myself to that way of existence”

[13:36]  (GM)Bindings: Katarina Smithson spanks Aanna Padgett hard!

[13:36]  Aanna Padgett: “I did not submit to the collar”

[13:36]  Eclavdra: lean voer na pasanks the captive

[13:36]  Foxie Love: checks her for any brands

[13:36]  Eclavdra: * leans over and spanks the captive

[13:37]  Foxie Love: no brand mom

[13:37]  Aanna Padgett: “Please – I beg a boon”

[13:38]  Aanna Padgett: “May I tell my story”

[13:38]  Marli: “then she hasnt been slave for so long , try her out as a paga slave my daughter”

[13:38]  Aanna Padgett: “You decide if I’m to be trusted”

[13:39]  Foxie Love: first you will serve up paga

[13:39]  Foxie Love: us*

[13:39]  Aanna Padgett: “I was never a slave”

[13:39]  Aanna Padgett: I was born free”

[13:39]  Aanna Padgett: “just not on this world”

[13:39]  Foxie Love: mom lets take her into camp to have her serve us

[13:40]  Foxie Love: then she can tell her story

[13:40]  Aanna Padgett: “thank you”

[13:40]  Marli: “we were all born free , but few of us remain free ……and this is our world ” she looks at the girl sternly “take her to camp then ”

[13:40]  Foxie Love cuts the girls feet free but keeps her arms bound

[13:40]  (GM)Bindings: Slave Foxclaw loosens Aanna Padgett’s feet allowing them to walk.

[13:40]  Foxie Love: bring my future slave to

[13:40]  Foxie Love: ehehehe

[13:40]  Marli: come Kat

[13:41]  Eclavdra: iggkes oaky

[13:41]  Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[13:42]  Foxie Love: now girl i will untie you. If you run then no story and no freedom

[13:42]  Foxie Love: you will serve us paga first

[13:42]  Aanna Padgett: “I shall not run”

[13:43]  Marli points at the servery “new paga , fresh from Bac’s hidden stash”

[13:43]  Foxie Love giggles

[13:43]  Foxie Love: wonder if she noticed yet mom

[13:43]  Marli: hehe…..not yest

[13:43]  Marli: *yet

[13:44]  Foxie Love: my paga is to be cold girl

[13:45]  Foxie Love: mom come sit with md

[13:46]  Foxie Love shouts: me

[13:47]  Foxie Love: ready to submit to me girl

[13:47]  Eclavdra: mm not yet

[13:47]  Aanna Padgett: Argh – I am sorry i cant find a bottle

[13:48]  Foxie Love: the barrels have the paga girl

[13:48]  Marli: “mhm……a paga slut that cant find a bottle …then bring us the barrels ”

[13:48]  Aanna Padgett: oocoopsa

[13:48]  Marli laughs when she sees the girl take some paga herself

[13:49]  Foxie Love glares at the girl for drinking her paga

[13:49]  Marli: “I like her already ” she grins at her daughter

[13:49]  Eclavdra: Ress t my head on your lap softly ~

[13:50]  Aanna Padgett: your wine mistress

[13:50]  Foxie Love: mm this girl likes me Mom

[13:50]  Foxie Love: you sure she is a friend fo the tribe I cant collar her

[13:50]  Foxie Love caresses her hair

[13:51]  Aanna Padgett: Aanna smiles

[13:51]  Eclavdra: soft lil purrrr~

[13:51]  Aanna Padgett: Thank you mistres 🙂

[13:51]  Foxie Love: tell us your story girl and it better be good

[13:52]  Aanna Padgett: It’s interesting:)

[13:52]  Marli looks at Kat and smiles , then motions to the girl that she may speak

[13:52]  Aanna Padgett: Thank you

[13:52]  Aanna Padgett: I am not from this place

[13:52]  Eclavdra: similes lokng back at marli ~

[13:52]  Aanna Padgett: this world

[13:52]  Eclavdra: similes lokng back at marli ~

[13:52]  Aanna Padgett: this world

[13:52]  Aanna Padgett: I was taken, stolen, abducted

[13:53]  Foxie Love massages your shoulders as I feel your soft skin

[13:53]  Aanna Padgett: by the men of thie world

[13:53]  Aanna Padgett: yr world

[13:53]  Aanna Padgett: Oh they tried to mold me to their ways

[13:53]  Aanna Padgett: using pain and

[13:53]  Aanna Padgett: other things

[13:53]  Foxie Love: mm pain

[13:53]  Aanna Padgett: but I wasn’t goinf to let them break me

[13:54]  Eclavdra: pursssssss

[13:54]  Marli listens to the young girl , she nodded , she had heard of earth , the place her daughter had also been

[13:54]  Aanna Padgett: Grins – I’m used to pain

[13:54]  Aanna Padgett: On my world i’m a dancer

[13:54]  Aanna Padgett: and pain is part of the training

[13:54]  Aanna Padgett: I decided to obey

[13:55]  Aanna Padgett: to make them believe I was Kajira

[13:55]  Aanna Padgett: One dy I was given the collar

[13:55]  Aanna Padgett: I accepted

[13:55]  Aanna Padgett: but not in my heart

[13:55]  Eclavdra: wiggnig backk up agianst feathers legs keyiyng my head lean softy

[13:55]  Aanna Padgett: I wanted only to escape

[13:55]  Aanna Padgett: and KILL them

[13:56]  Aanna Padgett: Kill all of them

[13:56]  Marli: stgrab

[13:56]  Lace Choker-added anims: You grab Shiloh Tachikawa’s leash

[13:56]  Aanna Padgett: smiles

[13:56]  ʂհἶ smiles…hello my Mistress

[13:56]  Aanna Padgett: well the firat part succeded

[13:56]  Aanna Padgett: i escaped

[13:56]  Foxie Love smiles moving my hands down your arms slowly massaging them

[13:56]  Aanna Padgett: hmm

[13:56]  Eclavdra: my eyes clso eltting out soft purrr as your finger glide laong the flesh of my arms ~

[13:57]  Aanna Padgett: So I plead for your acceptance

[13:57]  Foxie Love: girl if you wish to be a Panther what makes you can bare a bow

[13:57]  Aanna Padgett: I can learn

[13:57]  Marli smiles at her girl , then listens to the girl “prove you have the heart of a panther and you may join us ”

[13:57]  Foxie Love: also any panther would of destroyed their silks by now and be seen in silks

[13:57]  Aanna Padgett: How mistress

[13:58]  Foxie Love: yoour first strp remove your silks

[13:58]  Aanna Padgett: True

[13:58]  Foxie Love: and place them in the fire pit

[13:59]  Aanna Padgett: AAnna removes her silks – the symbol of servitude and places them in the fire pit

[14:00]  Marli removes a tribal feather from her wooden bow and passes it to the girl “wear this proudly , we are sisters of the Luna caleeng”

[14:00]  Foxie Love: if you ask Eclavdra nicely maybe she will remove your collar she is a doctor

[14:01]  Foxie Love: how are you Shi

[14:01]  Aanna Padgett: Eclavdra – would you be able to remove my collar?

[14:01]  Eclavdra: sure i will be able to sit down for a few

[14:02]  Eclavdra: reaches graspsin at a coull of lokc pick thne looook over the colalr before thne checks the lockc pressin the first lock pick in thne movves it before pressing the second on in

[14:03]  Eclavdra: filding movving th pick as lsitneeing to hear movving fieeklnig gleein the first loock begni to utumbble creakaing the colalr a i worrk thr pick lokcs

[14:03]  Foxie Love: now my advice is for you to keep that collar, and save it for the Male who places it on your neck

[14:03]  Aanna Padgett: I shall be delighted

[14:04]  Aanna Padgett: to do so

[14:04]  Eclavdra: lsitens hearing presin wiglgnig the pick locks tryni to hearring as trhe seocndd tubmbles downn the colalr creakaing more loose and open

[14:04]  Aanna Padgett: and thank you

[14:04]  Aanna Padgett: it feels good to have it from me

[14:04]  Eclavdra: thne moves wiglgnig pressin the the the pick loks in more hearring and thne feahs the ocls snap ope nand pull the collar form your neck and hands oy iut ” there ya goo one collar

[14:04]  Eclavdra: thne moves wiglgnig pressin the the the pick loks in more hearring and thne feahs the ocls snap ope nand pull the collar form your neck and hands oy iut ” there ya goo one collar

[14:05]  Aanna Padgett: I shall keep it for the kneck of one more deserving

[14:08]  Foxie Love: now take a cusion and sit like the free

[14:08]  Aanna Padgett: I shall

[14:08]  Aanna Padgett: thank you

[14:08]  Foxie Love: i am feathers Tor of the Luna caleeng

[14:09]  Foxie Love: the nicer woman to my left is my Mother and En of the tribe

[14:09]  Aanna Padgett: It is a pleasure to meet you Feathers

[14:09]  Aanna Padgett: En I am honiured

[14:09]  Aanna Padgett: *honoured

[14:09]  Foxie Love rubs her back

[14:09]  Aanna Padgett: My name is Aanna

[14:09]  Marli: “she will need clothes and a bow ” she looked at her daughter , then looked back at the new sister “I am Marli and i welcome you to our sisterhood , new sister”

[14:10]  Eclavdra: letting out int y lil purrss as i fele your hands ryn over my back ~

“Do not doubt your ability to become a true and wild Panther Girl, learn well from Elders, seek truth and knowledge, practice with precision and develope the Panther mind.”


Marli’s healer skills are called upon.  She and her sister Kaylee head to the mountains of Hrimgar where the Sa Ki Fori tribe lives. I was having a really hard time picking out an outfit to wear …panther or healer clothes?  ..lolz

[06:07]  Marli: okay , let head to the trade bell and announce ourselves

[06:08]  Kayleewinters: looks a bit nervous end looks around

[06:09]  Marli: its okay , this is where i used to live

[06:09]  Someone steps on a twig and sends birds flying alerting others to your presence

[06:09]  Kayleewinters: pff nods okay

[06:10]  tara Fairlock came jogging over to the trade bell seeing Marli but didnt recognize the other one “Tal Marli, Tal. ”

[06:10]  Marli: “Tal , a message was sent , it read a healer was needed ” Marli smiled at kit and then nodded to tara “Tal Tara …..and this is Kay , my sister ”

[06:10]  Kayleewinters: see the two strangers jogging to here “tal there”

[06:11]  Kit followed the Mistress down, kneeling at her side as she peered to the traders curiously. Seeing Marli, she’d gasp and smile brightly, but did not interrupt the Mistresses talking.

[06:11]  Kayleewinters: nods “i’m called Kay Tal Tara”

[06:14]  tara Fairlock nodded at Marli “yes.. Honey has been away on travels for some time and wont be back for awhile.. I am in need of a healer.. Kit, Rhu and I were taken down by a Large torvie male about 2 weeks ago now.. I was the only one taken…. ” as I breathed in heavily then let it out as I turned to kit for a moment then turned back and looked at marli square in the eye “I fear I could be pregnant as he made sure to give me enough breeding wine and kalana with little to no food… I have seen one green who checked me over and the results were fuzzy.. at first the test vial was clear then became murky and sort of turned blue.. would you mind?”

[06:17]  Kit sat quietly, listening and watching, waiting to be called upon if needed.

[06:17]  Marli listened intently , she rubbed her chin as tara explained that honey was on her travels , it now made sense to Marli why the Sa Ki fori needed a healer , Marli was an ex sister and did not mind , besides she had left SKF on good terms and there was no hostility with Mo “I can help I think , would it be fine to use the infirmary in the camp ? if it makes you feel easier I would be willing to leave my bow in your care ”

[06:18]  Kayleewinters: hears here sister talks en listen carefully what she says

[06:19]  tara Fairlock shook my head .”No No please.. we have had torvies coming into the camp recently leaving flags and raiding us on a regular basis.. I called you here and you have come.. I couldnt ask you to leave your weapons with all that has been happening lately.. ”

[06:20]  Marli nodded slowly “thank you ” then looked at Kay “follow us closely , but keep your bow sheathed unless we are attacked by outsiders and need to help defend the SKF”

[06:21]  Kayleewinters: she nods slowly end follows here sister

[06:21]  tara Fairlock: Kit I will need you to keep watch on the bridge while we are in the greens..

[06:22]  Kit: yes Mistress

[06:25]  Marli smiled as she looked around the familiar infirmary

[06:25]  Kayleewinters: sees a well made informary

[06:27]  Marli looks at tara “i will look for a small glass container ” she pointed at the room divider “when i give you the container then i need you to pee pee in it ”

[06:27]  tara Fairlock let out a soft sigh as we entered the infirmary “I thank you again for coming.. im” as I shivered a little and looked a bit worried “Im obviously a bit shaken and still a bit worse for wear.. its not often I get captured and he was anything but gentle.. ive been resting and trying to regain my strength”

[06:27]  tara Fairlock nodded “Ok I had to do that once already..”

[06:28]  Fire: babe is all ok?

[06:28]  Fire: tal all

[06:28]  Kayleewinters: Tal

[06:29]  Marli gasped as she listened to tara , she wanted to hug her , but wasnt sure she should , then nodded “i need a new sample ” and marli looked around for a glass vial , finally finding a suitable and clean one amongst the shelves in the infirmary , she turned and saw Fire and smiled “tal ”

[06:29]  tara Fairlock: Tal Fire… This is Marli and a huntress from her band.. she is a green and recieved the note.. she is also an ex SKF.. so I trust her.”

[06:29]  Fire kisses Marli’s cheek.. ” long time no see woman”

[06:30]  Marli smiles at Fire “Good to see you”

[06:30]  Fire: aye I know Marlie.. and you are?? asking the other huntress.. I am Fire

[06:31]  Kayleewinters: smiles i’m called Kay nice to meet you Fire

[06:31]  Fire puts my arm protectively around taras waist in support… nodding at the other huntress” aye and well met Kay.. thank you both for coming

[06:32]  tara Fairlock smiled a bit as Fire put her arm around me as I watched Marli move about the infirmary. I swallowed a bit and breathed in as I saw the vial “well here goes I guess”

[06:33]  Marli waited a moment , she held the empty glass vial in her left hand “I know it must seem a bore tara , but i need a sample of your pee”

[06:34]  tara Fairlock nodded “its ok.. im just well understandably a little worried.. ” as I took the vial from your hand giving a bit of an unsure smile then looked at Fire doing the same then headed behind the screen

[06:36]  Fire watches her disappear behind the screen and is not sure what to hope for.. as a huntress if she is pregnant she cannot fight… and I will collar her.. if she is not then I will claim her as my mate… worry crosses my brow as i wait

[06:38]  tara Fairlock stepped in behind the screen and removed some of my weapons to make this an easier process on myself.. taking off my spear, bow, blades placing them all down then moving them to the side I sighed a bit then hooked my thumbs into my pants and pulled them down then wiggled them down so they were down to the tops of my boots.. with the vial still in hand I sighed again and looked up at the roof then let out a sigh “remind me Fire to beat rhu for her mouth next time I see her will you please.. this is her fault” as I did what needed to be done to fill the vial up then placed it down on the edge of the tub washing my hands then dried them. pulling my pants back up then took the vial off the tub and came back out.

[06:40]  Fire nods and realizes she cannot see that and curses myself for a fool and says” aye baby will do.. I will slap her around some if you wish.. her mouth is what caused this.. he was probalby here to see me when she challenged him and threatened him… and hes a huge son of a bitch

[06:41]  Marli waited patiently with her arms folded , then she heard the trickle of pee and smiled to herself , she listened quietly to Fire and Tara speak of Rhu , then held out her hand “may i have the vial please ?”

[06:43]  Kayleewinters: whats fire end tara speak to eachother end notice the tension

[06:43]  tara Fairlock breathed in and hesitated for a breath moment looking down at the vial then looked up at marli and handed it over “thank you again for doing this Marli it means a lot” I said softly as I stepped back after handing it to you and swallowed hard again letting out another sigh of frustration.

[06:44]  Fire starts chewing my bottom lip worriedly now… very unsure for probably the first time since I was brought here from earth.. from wanting to kill my brother.. to wanting to protect tara as best I can.. tara being the priority here

[06:45]  Fire  moves over close to tara and holds her agianst me.. wondering..hoping sort of she is… my niece or nephew would be born here..and if its a son Tanner/ Hawk would be back for him.. a girl I would defy him on

[06:48]  Marli carefully took the vial in her nimble fingers , she then walked to the wooden desk behind her , she placed the vial in a holder , then unfastened the cotton pouch from her hip , placing a small splash of whitish powder into the vial , Marli speaking softly explained the process now “i am going to stir the powder with your urine , if it turns red , then you ra e pregnant without a doubt ” marli then turned around , still stirring the vial

[06:49]  Kayleewinters: cross here fingers for a good result

[06:50]  Marli feels the tension in the cave build up as Marli sees the vial change colour

[06:50]  tara Fairlock shivered a little moving my hand to fires and gave it a squeeze moving in closer i let out another sigh of frustration putting my head to her shoulder “please dont be red..please priest kings dont be red.. with all I have gone through.. and now this.. please ” I said soflty breathing in short heavy breaths

[06:52]  Marli looked at tara “tell me , have you missed a period , or noticed any other changes ?” Marli wanted to make double sure , she felt her reputation as healer should never be tarnished , it made her carefull about jumping to conclusions

[06:56]  tara Fairlock sighed and nodded “since the ordeal where I was for a week.. Ive been extremely tired.. felt like I had the flu almost but I was kept underground in the cold…. ive been resting more spending more time in the springs trying to get rid of this.. and catch my strength back up.. you should have seen the size of him marli.. he was almost twice my hieght and as wide as both of you put together at the shoulder.. and scary.. ive never had a man talk to me the way he did before it was like he just didnt care..

[07:01]  Marli shivered as she listened to the description of the man , she remembered how four years ago she had been raped , that she had given birth to a daughter and then lost her , the priest kings playing a cruel trick , returning feathers to Gor much aged “I see , tiredness , flu symptoms are indications you could be pregnant” Marli saw the vial clearly now , she held it up close to a candle light “it is red !” she exclaimed , she would be happy , though under the circumstances she knew not what would happen next , she looked nervoulsy at fire

[07:03]  Kayleewinters: shivvers a bit hearing here sisters bringing the news of a coming child

[07:04]  tara Fairlock closed my eyes and hung my head as I breathed in heavily then moved my hands to my face and covered my eyes rubbing at them for a moment fighting off tears.. as I looked up at you then to the vial as I swallowed hard and tried to speak but had a frog in my throat and croaked “are you sure marli? no way it could be wrong?” I said as I shivered a bit and looked about the room then visibily shivered from head to toe.

[07:07]  Marli was visibly moved , she had the proof in her small hand , she held the vial to the candle light again “It is red , there is no doubt ” she looked at tara and noticed the shiver

[07:10]  tara Fairlock rubbed at my eyes again and breathed in heavily as my hand went to my tummy and I looked down at myself unsure what to say or do as I had a million thoughts run through my mind. Lifting my head back up to see you I smiled a bit but it was more out of courtesy then anything “Thank you Marli.. thank you for coming.. I umm.. well I dont know whats going to happen now.. ill have to umm.. ya.. ” as my voice sort of trailed off and I looked back over at the vial seeing it was a ruby red I breathed in again then let it out slowly moving a hand to my tummy and softly ran my fingers across it as I imagined myself with a big tummy waddling around.

[07:15]  Marli placed the vial on the wooden desk , she turned and tried to make the tension ease a bit “You will have a healthy daughter or son, i am sure , i know it is not the ideal situation ” marli managed a small smile “I went through a similar experience , but i have a lovely daughter now ”

[07:15]  Kayleewinters: thinking off here sisters feathers right know end nods

[07:17]  tara Fairlock smiled a bit as I had heard of several panthers in other bands who had had children who were now running around causing trouble.. “well I dont know what will happen.. but i suppose one step at a time and just go from there i guess.. I hope honey gets back so she can help me.. ive never been pregnant before.. ive managed to be very lucky really.. ”

[07:19]  Marli swept back her hair over her shoulder , she tilted her head to one side “yes , take it one step at a time , of course in the meantime you may contact me any time untill honey returns , you know you should not hesitate if ther are pains ”

[07:20]  tara Fairlock nodded “thank you Marli that means a lot.. I will come see you.. umm where does your band call home now? ”

[07:21]  Marli looked in her leather pouch , reaching for a small scroll , it was a simple map with directions “We live in the swamps , 25 pasangs south of the di jan camp in Lake Ias ”

[07:23]  Fire grasps the table for support my eyes narrowing in anger .. my brother suceeded in doing what he said he would do .. impregnating her and my hands curl into fists.. but one thing has to be done first… ” tara I hate to do this but I Have to collar you.. you will be mine at my side and I will protect you.. even Tanner will not cross me.. and your child will be born freee.. as you are giving birth I will free you.. but until then you will not be carrying or using weapons at all.. I will gather the weapons you took off behind the screen and put htem away… you will live with me from here on out… is this perfectly clear”?? I move in front of you and take out the collar I had for just in case and place it on your throat and close it… locking it on you then kisses you gently.. you are mine tara.. have been for awile.. and it was gonna be one way or the other… Marlie thank you and Kay for coming…

[07:25]  Marli motioned to kay that it was time to leave , “Be well fire ” she gave tara a brief smile “and tara”

[07:26]  tara Fairlock rubbed at my eyes as i reached out and took the scroll from Marli then heard Fire behind me speak of enslaving me as you move in between us with haste and place a collar around my neck I shake my head no “wait a minute fire wait just a damn minute.. you cant just enslave me for being pregnant its my choice!!” as Marli spoke I turned and looked to Marli and Kay “thank you again Marli I will let you know how things go and come see you to let you know how things go”

[07:26]  Fire: I know where she lives tara… I can get you there… no fears no worries.. and as for Tanner he won’t be around for awhile.. I basically raised him,. .. he fears me.. .like he does our momma… or maybe thats reviers me I dont know but he wont mess wiht me until its about that time

[07:26]  Kayleewinters: nods to here sisters wish Tara end Fire good luck end hopes the baby would be fine end healthy

[07:27]  Fire: mp argument here tara.. it is done.. and it will stay done.. or maybe you would like to argue with Mor and Willow about it to



“I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.”  Said Marli to her sister. Her normally soft features turned hard as she spoke. “If we are one like the sleen pack, we win always.” She added, then pointed at the figure that approached from the early morning mists……there I am looking online at bridesmaid dresses even though the wedding is in februari of next year…….*le sigh* I just want to wear a pretty dress in SL too

[05:47]  jJenifer Violet: Oh looky Mali…winks

[05:47]  jJenifer Violet: Marli*

[05:47]  Marli: well …well

[05:48]  Marli chuckles

[05:48]  jJenifer Violet: hey thrall,….better watch out with dem wea[ons there..yopu might poke your eye out with thekm

[05:49]  jJenifer Violet: hmm///…he looks like a male panther…chuckles

[05:49]  Deek grins” i have another weapon to do my umm .. poking..”

[05:49]  Marli:  thrall……why dont you kneel for us ? mhmmmm??

[05:49]  jJenifer Violet: AYE

[05:50]  Deek: because i’m not a little silk boy.. i don’t kneel.. Huntresss

[05:51]  Marli: what makes you different from a silk boy ? you look just like them ? what makes you so special?

[05:51]  Deek points to his weapons” a silk boy isn’t dangerous”

[05:51]  jJenifer Violet: kneel boy!!!!

[05:52]  Deek: why.. what purpose does kneeling serve.. kjust makes me slower and less ready..

[05:52]  Marli taps her boot “two of us are dangerous for you nevertheless …..I suggest you show us respect and kneel , call us Mistress ”

[05:53]  jJenifer Violet Startrs to loose patience while waiting

[05:53]  Zen Bow Draw [Gen3] v3.00: PEWWYYYYYYY  lol

[05:55]  jJenifer Violet: some thrall! as she plucks a few arrows out of her butt

[05:55]  Marli: “tsskk…tsk ” shaking her head and grabbing some ropes to help bind him up

[05:55]  jJenifer Violet takees his bow and cuts the string and throws it in the river

[05:56]  jJenifer Violet takes his arm bands off witht eh weons on them and tosses them also

[05:56]  Deek grumbles half unconscious

[05:56]  jJenifer Violet then unties his kilt and tosses that as well

[05:56]  jJenifer Violet pulls his boots off him and discards them as well

[05:57]  jJenifer Violet: there…now he looks like a slave

[05:57]  Marli squats beside him and uses her ropes to start binding his legs , shoving them together so they are nice and tight and snug

[05:58]  Marli: “he will learn to be a silk slave ” she laughs evilly then grabbing his arms and begins to tie his wrists together in a tight gorean knot

[05:59]  jJenifer Violet: Aye…he acts more like a warrior than a boy

[05:59]  Marli then gathers a last piece of rope to fashion a leash and ties it securely around his wrists and then his neck ,

[06:00]  jJenifer Violet: NOw..the next time you are in presence of a huntress…An EN on top of it no nmatter which tribe they from you greet them, properly

[06:01]  Deek struggles back to his feet and tries to push off the bindings as he slowly recovers”.. Wha.. I did show respect..”

[06:01]  Marli: “you will learn your place , show respect ….YOU will address both of us as Mistress !”

[06:01]  jJenifer Violet: By Standing then drawing your bow and taking off!….sighs as she taps her foot

[06:03]  jJenifer Violet: Marli/…see that mountain over there pointing to the North North west…thats SN camp

[06:03]  Marli takes the leash and tugs him “well”

[06:04]  Deek grumbles” Aye well i was threatened, al i wanted was to be on my way.>”

[06:04]  Deek coughs slightyl then corrects hims self Mistress..”

[06:04]  Marli looks over at where jj is pointing

[06:04]  jJenifer Violet: when in presence of any one higer in power that you you always kneel and greet them and offer your assistance

[06:05]  Marli raises an eyebrow as she looks at deek

[06:05]  jJenifer Violet: I have to go…..

[06:05]  Marli: Be well JJ

[06:05]  Deek stares blankly with his gaze switching between the two panthers” I see.. Well i am not a god slave Mistress, still elarning”

[06:06]  Marli: “You will learn quickly …or you will find your life short and miserable ….thrall” she said matter of factly

[06:08]  Deek lowers his head and looks down at the panther feet, her warning hitting home with her stern tone” Aye Mistress, i will try to fix that.”

[06:08]  Marli slapped his naked butt “good ” she then tugged the leash “we move to the docks”

[06:11]  Deek flexes his ass cheek as it tingles from her spank then slowly trots along behind her at a slow pace

[06:12]  Marli pointed to her hidden canoe “this way ” she then removed the branches and leaves , she pushed him towards the rear of the small canoe , it would just about carry both their weight , she then fastened the leash around the base of the canoe

[06:16]  Marli: “so you will impress me with what you have learnt today , you will kneel for your tribe ”

[06:17]  Deek lets out a low grunt and nods, deciding just to do as she says then drps down to his knees” aye Mistress”

[06:17]  Marli nods slowly in approval

[06:18]  Sin eyes the huntress and Deek “tal huntress… seems you got something that belongs to us..”

[06:20]  Marli looks down at the thrall , she was pleased he was kneeling and addressing her as Mistress , then she heard the huntress approach and saw the male that accompanied her “Tal huntress ……indeed I have ” she yanked the leash

[06:21]  Raiden Netizen simply leans up against the lamp and watches the exchange.

[06:21]  Sin eyes deek with not a happy look, then looks at the huntress again ” good to see you bring him back.. had something in mind you want to trade him for?”

[06:22]  Deek groans feeling the sharp tug at his leash and looks up to Sin, his lips sealed as he gives a small wave after noticing her less than happy gaze

[06:24]  Marli noticed the way Sin looked at her slave , this was not her concern , Marli had wanted to teach the thrall respect , any other benefit of trading him back to his tribe would be an extra benefit to Marli “He says he is a thrall and better than a silk slave boy , so ther fore I expect a reasonable offer for his return ” Marli ruffled his hair and grinned “isnt that so boy ?”

[06:24]  Desires leaps easily fromt he boat.. then notices the group on the dock…tal Sister… deek ,,,her gaze lands on the strangers as her fingers twitch on her blade hilt….she asks…trouble?

[06:25]  Sin looks up at Deep sending her a smile “tal sis… seems our thrall got himself in trouble again.. think we need to get him a castity belt ” chuckles

[06:26]  Sin: “what you think would be reasonable? maybe a nice kur fur? great for the upcoming winter”

[06:26]  Desires eyes roam over deek’s fine form…taking in the nicely rounded arse… hmmm and maybe some covering sister?

[06:26]  Sin laughs “normally he is”

[06:27]  Deek shakes his head in reply to the Huntress as he hand ruffles his hair” i merely said i was not a silk boy, i maid no claims of being better than anything..” he nods slowly and glances up at Deep as she jumps from the boat” Tal Huntress”

[06:27]  Raiden Netizen scratches his chin and just obverses everyone with a small grin on his face.

[06:28]  Desires: Tal trouble… grins at his new nickname , seems you are for a good hard…er punishment

[06:28]  Marli lips curled into a thin smile “very well , one kur fur and the thrall is yours again ” she kept an eye on the second huntress

[06:28]  Sin: then let me get the fur for you… one moment”

[06:29]  Marli still holding the leash she folded her arms and waited

[06:30]  Raiden Netizen smiled wide at everyone. “Nice warm weather for the season eh?”

[06:30]  Desires shivers int he cold brisk air…wondering where she left her boots..then smiles remembering where she spent a pleasurable nite…she begins to whistle a happy tune..but never takes her eyes off the strangers

[06:32]  Deek shivers heavily and clutches at his manhood to try keep warm his eyes looking up at the man briefly as his head shakes side to side silently in disagreement.

[06:32]  Desires: welcome back my En

[06:32]  Sin comes back to the dock, a nice black kurfur wrapped around her arm

[06:32]  Sin: thank you sis

[06:33]  sinead Moonites gave you Black kur fur.

[06:33]  Sin hands it over to her and holds up her hand to get the leash

[06:34]  Marli watched only Sin return , the plight of the naked thrall not her concern , she looks at the fine fur “welcome back , the fur is acceptable ” she then took the fur and handed over the leash “the deal is concluded ”

[06:35]  Sin smiles takes the leash and yanks it … sending Deek a evil eye “seems you have to pay back for that boy”

[06:36]  Desires grins he needs some training it seems… would you like me to take him back to camp?

[06:36]  Marli slipped the fur over her shoulder and headed back to her canoe

[06:36]  Raiden Netizen shakes his head. “Go easy on the boy Sin. Being out with his manhood hitting this cold dock should be punishment enough.”

“If honor is claimed by many, and supposedly Panther Girls need it according to half of Gor, then why is it They are Outlaws? A Panther Girl’s honor is based upon how reliable She is to Her Sisters, rather than to the rest of Gor.”

Marli and her daughter and Kat return to camp with a new camp girl. As the night appoaches more sisters return and join Marli around the camp fire…..I’m like thinking about this new camp girl…..oh. god.. so… many… zits. …she is never going… to be… pretty……ever….again…..lolz

[07:23]  丂乇尺乇 刀 ノ イ リ: all those people for one slave they capped

[07:23]  Iŝђêץ TêαЯŝ laughs “or any other master…” he shakes his head “For a slave to declare war upon another village” he shakes his head move disgusted than before “and to lie to the free!” he spits on the boy “shame, boy!”

[07:24]  Marli looks at feathers and raises both eyebrows , then whispers “slaves ”

[07:24]  ムしĎ尺ノㄈ extends his long tongue and licks master saliva on his cheek ” war? master? i am a slave, only Rarii declare war!!

[07:24]  ムしĎ尺ノㄈ: tal mistresses

[07:24]  Foxie Love: oo i am looking get a Paga slave

[07:25]  丂乇尺乇 刀 ノ イ リ: a paga slave you need a mae or a female one or does it maytetyr as it just happens we have a skilled paga slave here at the end of my leash she is very good

[07:25]  Foxie Love: i want a female one

[07:25]  Iŝђêץ TêαЯŝ grins “the boy is strong, he was tied to the oars the whole ride home and didnt get devourd by the sea sleen!”

[07:26]  Foxie Love: i only buy female slaves

[07:26]  Foxie Love: she look interesting

[07:26]  Sina: buy? that must be a mistake Mumbles

[07:26]  ムしĎ尺ノㄈ looks up to master and bites a piece of his kilt , pulls on it ” you won’t sale us to panthers, master!!! we didn’t do anything wrong!!

[07:27]  Iŝђêץ TêαЯŝ puts the tip of his boot in the boys mouth “you’ll be silent, free are talking and i wish for you not to!”

[07:27]  丂乇尺乇 刀 ノ イ リ: well this female just happens to be for trade huntreesses:: opens her hand flat and grins:: make an offer and she shall be yours she is poorginally from redeption lands but sicne I dont know what lands your from and please dont tell me and there is no one but this thrall who will know only a panther traded for her she will be yours free and clear make an offer and she shall be yours my hand uis open waiting for offer ;p

[07:27]  ムしĎ尺ノㄈ grumbles ” shrrmm pgggttkksffftttt

[07:27]  Foxie Love: mm how about some fine furs from Lake las

[07:28]  Marli peered over at the male captive , he looked strong enough to do some heavy work , Marli worked male slaves hard and unrelentless , till either they became sick or died

[07:29]  丂乇尺乇 刀 ノ イ リ: aye that would work a fine fur and the slave is yorus.. I always look forwrd to doing business with huntresses it is very profitable for both sides

[07:30]  Eclavdra: wowa blooddy neko

[07:30]  Foxie Love hands you some furrs. here you go these ar the best that i have

[07:30]  Iŝђêץ TêαЯŝ smiles “just watch them…they think its ok to declare war on villages” he shakes his head “is why they were hunted down!”

[07:30]  Sina: looks verdattert to her high

[07:30]  Fasina Firehawk: looks flabbergasted to high ago

[07:30]  Alderic Petrolhead sensually strokes down the length of JadeeSerenity Resident’s tail

[07:31]  丂乇尺乇 刀 ノ イ リ: :: takes the fur and hands over the leash” be good for them sina and thank you huntess a pleasure as always

[07:31]  Foxie Love takes the leash from her and smiles as I see her new paga slave

[07:32]  Iŝђêץ TêαЯŝ scratches my head “this one is special though…a strong male to a few huntresses….he will cost more than a few fine furrs”

[07:32]  Foxie Love: mom do you want the male

[07:33]  Marli nods slowly “men seem to die around me , perhaps i work them too hard ”

[07:33]  Foxie Love bends down and cuts the girls legs free so she can stand.

[07:33]  (GM)Bindings: Slave Foxclaw loosens Fasina Firehawk’s feet allowing them to walk.

[07:33]  Foxie Love: come girl kneel by my side

[07:34]  丂乇尺乇 刀 ノ イ リ: laughs hearing the women” well IO haveppen to know that thrall name is alric he is a tough one willbe hard to kill him a good worker we caught the pair of them flagging here chased them back to their land and grabbed them and brought them back

[07:34]  ムしĎ尺ノㄈ stayes silent , just looks up to master with imploring gaze and wets eyes seeing his sister sold to panthers

[07:34]  Sina: looks to alderic and than to her… not sure but kneel than

[07:35]  Iŝђêץ  TêαЯŝ shrugs “on second thought i think ill keep this one…he and I have history” he smiles “the beast furrs well”

[07:35]  Foxie Love: yoru a pretty thing girl

[07:35]  Foxie Love: nice doign business with you

[07:35]  ムしĎ尺ノㄈ shivers and tights his ring , he mutters between his teeth ” i am a virgin , master!!!

[07:35]  Foxie Love: well met to you both and safe passage

[07:36]  丂乇尺乇 刀 ノ イ リ: a pleasure:: steps back so they can get to the boat behidn them: anytime oyu want to buy slaves you jsut let us know we are happy to provide them

[07:36]  Foxie Love: lets go mom

[07:36]  Marli: “Be well ” Marli motioned to her sisters to head to the docks

[07:37]  Iŝђêץ TêαЯŝ snickers “i dont kow whats worse boy, getting captured, or watching your sister get sold to panthers”

[07:37]  Sina: AAAAAAALdericcc!!!!

[07:37]  Fasina Firehawk: AAAAAAALdericcc!!

[07:37]  Marli jumps in her canoe and helps feathers with her captive

[07:37]  丂乇尺乇 刀 ノ イ リ: be well huntresses


[07:37]  Eclavdra: Jumps in my vcanoe never ever com nfg ever back

[07:37]  ムしĎ尺ノㄈ shouts: will come and save you !!!

[07:37]  Foxie Love: careful with her i dont want her hurt

[07:38]  Marli tries to be carefull not to hurt the girl with her spears and arrows

[07:38]  Foxie Love gets in the boat with her mom helping her with the girl then turns to Ecla helping her in the boat

[07:38]  Eclavdra: i dont need any glepp ont osne biut not any more

[07:42]  Sina: looks around… i never was here….

[07:42]  Foxie Love: welcome to your new home girl

[07:42]  Eclavdra: why did you let your sdelf get capped by cvat girl

[07:42]  Marli: “Good , we head to camp ”

[07:42]  Sina: wa both was alone in the camp… and a bow is faster Mistress

[07:42]  Marli: “we question her in camp ”

[07:43]  Marli: Tal Tig

[07:43]  Tig Gavilan: smiles Tal Marli !

[07:43]  Foxie Love: tal tig

[07:43]  Tig Gavilan: smiles at Foxie too

[07:44]  Sina: Greeting Forrest Mistress

[07:44]  Tig Gavilan: um…this is….well actually I never asked

[07:44]  Marli points at Sina “new girl ”

[07:44]  Foxie Love: my new paga slut -smiles

[07:44]  Tig Gavilan: nods…and grins at her whispering ” serve with fire etc etc ”

[07:45]  Marli chuckles “in this case ….serve with the paga ”

[07:45]  Foxie Love giggles

[07:45]  Foxie Love: lets go mom

[07:45]  Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[07:48]  Sina: looks around.. in the middle from a forrest.. whispers and besinnt sich… öhm.. thanks Mistress

[07:48]  Fasina Firehawk: looks around .. in the middle from a forrest .. whispers and remembers … uhm .. thanks Mistress

[07:48]  Foxie Love: you do know how to serve paga dont you

[07:48]  Foxie Love: i would like my paga chilled and in a large mug

[07:49]  Sina: nods .. yes mistress… but not sure how i serv a Forrest Mistress.. Mistress

[07:49]  Foxie Love: let me see you serve and iw ill tell you if yoru wrong

[07:49]  Foxie Love: the paga is over here

[07:49]  Sina: yes Mistress

[07:50]  Sina: Mistress… can you cut the binds?

[07:50]  Sina: i cant serv in bindings..

[07:50]  Fasina Firehawk: i can not serv in bindings ..

[07:50]  Foxie Love: yes but do not run

[07:51]  Sina: no Mistress…. dont would know the ways out here

[07:51]  Marli: “we hamstring runners ” Marli stated matter of factly

[07:51]  Sina: sounds not good Mumbles quiet and go to the kitchenplalce

[07:56]  Sina: looks around and picks up a beaker from the shelf and rinsed it out, dry off the beaker and thoroughly checked with the finger tips whether she find cracks or fissures … begins to check the Barrels she find and taste a little what it is…. find the paga with taste chilled and fills the beaker to two fingers below the rim full with Paga

[07:57]  Sina: bends to the Mistress and goes to her.. not sure how she will it and knees vorsichtshalber into tower

[07:57]  Fasina Firehawk: bends to the Mistress and goes to her .. not sure how she wants it and knees precaution into tower

[07:57]  Foxie Love smiles at the girl

[07:58]  Marli nods approvingly at the serve

[07:59]  Sina: she slide slow the beakers with a shy smile high along her belly, holding him for a few heartbeats before long her breasts and softly murmurs … the PKs always watch over your ways and your health will receive ..

lead the beakers high to her lips for a moment and give the beakers high to her hands, look down to the ground… i hope that the Paga is chilled enough.. how you like it Mistress

[07:59]  Fasina Firehawk: she slide slow the beakers with a shy smile high along her belly, holding him for a few heartbeats before long her breasts and softly murmurs … the PKs always watch over your ways and your health will receive ..\nlead the beakers high to her lips for a moment and give the beakers high to her hands, look down to the ground … i hope that the Paga is chilled enough .. how you like it Mistress

[08:00]  Foxie Love takes the paga and then sips it. The chill of the paga makes her content and she turns to the girl

[08:00]  Foxie Love: very good girl you have pleased me now serve my mother

[08:01]  Sina: yes Mistress.. slips back and goes on her side before she ask

[08:01]  Marli settles on her furs , she crossed her legs , unsheathes her curves knife , Marli starts to use the blade to clean the souls of her boot , she glances at the young kajira , she must have been around the same age as her

[08:02]  Sina: looks nervös on her knife.. swallow and ask her….what will you drink Mistress?

[08:02]  Fasina Firehawk: looks nervously on her knife .. swallow and ask her …. what will you drink Mistress?

[08:04]  Hot Lavendel: Tal sisters

[08:04]  Sina: greeting Mistresses.. mumbles

[08:04]  Eclavdra: Yal sorry for not greettine earielri

[08:04]  Hot Lavendel: tal kajira

[08:04]  Foxie Love: talles Hot

[08:04]  Marli lips culred into a thin smile , her deep eyes meeting those of the kajira “No need to fetch me anything , you may tell your story” she glances at her sisters “tal sisters”

[08:04]  Foxie Love: come closer to me ecla so we can cuddle

[08:05]  Foxie Love continues to sip her paga

[08:06]  Sina: zuckt with the schoulders.. there is not many to erzählen Mistress

[08:06]  Fasina Firehawk: shrugs with the schoulders .. there is not many to tell Mistress

[08:06]  Marli nods at Hot “perhaps the kajira can bring you something , afterwards she can tell us her story”

[08:06]  Hot Lavendel: naaah i’m fine, i had some fresh waater

[08:06]  Sina: my first Mistress was Trader.. and handelte with panthers

[08:06]  Fasina Firehawk: my first Mistress what traders .. and acted with panthers

[08:07]  Foxie Love gives her a massage

[08:07]  Eclavdra: pursssss

[08:08]  Sina: so i was oftenin the forrest to visit..

[08:09]  Marli listens

[08:09]  Hot Lavendel takes her pipe from her belt and snd a small dagger and starts cleaning it, then she takes a small leather pouch and opens it, filling her pipe with fresh leafs…..carefull pressing it

[08:10]  Sina: she let me often there.. but one day she sellme to a Master.. so i come to a town and learned in a school what a slave must could

[08:10]  Fasina Firehawk: she let me often there .. but one day she SellMe to a master .. so i come to a town and learned in a school what a slave could must

[08:11]  Hot Lavendel sucks on it to check it then presses it a little more. She walks over to the fire taking a small branche out and lit her pipe, inhaling it with joy, then walks back to the circle and sits

[08:11]  Sina: later i come more to the north… first to a Master.. and now to a Mistress…

[08:13]  Foxie Love: you will be must more happier with us girl

[08:13]  Marli continued to pick the dirt off her boot with her blade , listening to the girls story as she did so

[08:14]  Sina: oh i know the life in the forrest.. perhaps a little forgotten.. but i think my Mistress will me back Mistress

[08:14]  Fasina Firehawk: oh i know the life in the forrest .. perhaps a little forgotten .. but i think my Mistress wants me back Mistress

[08:15]  Foxie Love: well if your Mistress can find you girl or what would she trade to get you back

[08:15]  Marli lifted an eyebrow “you would still want to return to your Mistress ? what would she offer us ?”

[08:16]  Sina: i dont know.. bite on her lips.. she know that her Mistress is on travel in moment

[08:16]  Fasina Firehawk: i dont know .. bite on her lips .. she know that her Mistress is on travel moment

[08:17]  Foxie Love: girl we would not force you to stay here we want you happy but we will need a good trade fro you

[08:18]  Foxie Love shouts: LEDA wake your ass up and come join us

[08:18]  Sina: nods.. i think Alderic would say and come to trade

[08:18]  Foxie Love giggles

[08:19]  Leda: stop yelling at me or I take the paga away again

[08:19]  Foxie Love: no its my paga

[08:19]  Foxie Love: you can now have it

[08:19]  Eclavdra: ooh you can kepe all the paga not like iut

[08:19]  Marli waves at Leda “tal sister”

[08:19]  Foxie Love: mom what do you think should we allow this girl to go back home

[08:20]  Foxie Love: who is the Thrall sis

[08:20]  Marli glances at her daughter “If the price is right , she can be returned ”

[08:20]  Leda flops down and smiles* Tal sister Marli, Feathers, and I see we have a new sister

[08:21]  Foxie Love: also meet Ecla she is a friend of the tribe

[08:21]  Eclavdra: Tal theress

[08:21]  Hot Lavendel: Ifyou mean me…i’m ╬╬Ⓞ〒

[08:21]  Foxie Love: mayne we can convince Elca to stay with us -smiles

[08:21]  Foxie Love massages her hands down her back as we chat

[08:22]  Leda nods to Ecla * I am Leda, Shaman to the Luna

[08:22]  Foxie Love: and our future slut i say giggling

[08:22]  Hot Lavendel: yes i’ve seen you arround..smiles

[08:22]  Hot Lavendel: although it was from a distance

[08:23]  Leda yanks he boy closer to her and gribs hold of his collar*

[08:23]  Hot Lavendel: well met Leda

[08:23]  Leda nods her head to Hot* Well met

[08:24]  makis: *looks around then looks to Mistress*

[08:24]  Leda: this boy is one that has been intrusted to me for a time, Feathers, try not to hurt him….much

[08:24]  Foxie Love takes a sip of her paga

[08:24]  Foxie Love: oh but sis we need to feed the sleen a nice thrall

[08:24]  Foxie Love giggles

[08:24]  Marli lets her eyes roam over the slave boy , she appraises him keenly

[08:25]  Leda lets the leash fall and points to the kitchen…giving his thigh a slap she says ” Fetch me some paga…har-ta”

[08:26]  Leda: no feeding him to the sleen… He pleases me to much

[08:26]  Foxie Love: you need a nice kajira sis

[08:26]  Hot Lavendel: ooh he sings?

[08:26]  Foxie Love tickles Ecla

[08:26]  Hot Lavendel smirks

[08:27]  Eclavdra: giggles na tickles back ~

[08:27]  Leda: I have two, they are out on loan though

[08:28]  Foxie Love: why would you loan them when you know I need my paga sluts

[08:28]  Foxie Love: i cant serve my paga myself

[08:28]  makis: Yes Mistress paga rocks back on his feet and heads to the kitchen keep his eyeson the others

[08:28]  Sina: looks around to all and relaxes slowly

[08:28]  Leda: and I have told you. my girls are not your paga sluts… their mine* grins* get your own

[08:29]  Foxie Love: you dont drink paga sis you dont need them

[08:29]  Marli laughs softly

[08:29]  Leda: but I do drink paga, just not like you do, I dont need to empty the barrels

[08:29]  Leda laughs

[08:30]  Leda: a paga a day keeps the shaman at bay… just make sure you serve it to her with a nice smile

[08:30]  Leda slaps her thigh and laughs*

[08:30]  Foxie Love: its because you dont know how to drink sis. i could even out drink Blanca

[08:30]  Hot Lavendel grins

[08:32]  Foxie Love: though last time i woke up from a hangover you had a collar around my neck sis that wont happen again

[08:32]  makis: looks around raching up with his thighs straining looks for the perfect vessel

[08:33]  Leda lets a grin curl her lips* well thats what you get sister…. for getting so drunk…what if it was a man?

[08:33]  Foxie Love: i would die

[08:34]  Hot Lavendel: good point….she would be on her knees now

[08:34]  Leda: well then, be lucky it was me

[08:34]  Leda winks to Marli*

[08:34]  makis: one that matches Mistress beautiefull red hair

[08:34]  Eclavdra: ooh lucky i dont drinkk alchol that much My Mommy says am not allwo3d to

[08:34]  Marli chuckles and winks back to Leda

[08:35]  makis: spots a goblet that would be fitting for such a lovely Mistress.. He pulls down a crystal goblet with a fine etching of a sun set on the waters of an unknown lake.. He reaches up for it and his loin cloth raises a bit showing of his well shaped bottom to her. He takes a rep cloth and start to rub the goblet and remove any dust that may have collected on it, making sure it is clean enough

[08:36]  makis: places the goblet to his chest and moves over to the cooling well.. He kneels down next to the cooling well and sets the goblet down .. he reaches into the well and tests several of the bota by placing them to his chest.. nodding he has found the best he places the strap over his shoulder and stands up taking the goblet back to his heart.

[08:37]  Leda gets distracted and leans back to watch the mucsle move nicely as he works*

[08:38]  makis: looks to the Mistress as he approaches her and then lowers his eyes as he gets near to her. He lowers to his knees gracefully and spreads them apart for her viewing pleasure as the loin cloth raises up. He sets the goblet between his legs and takes the bota from his shoulder

[08:38]  Hot Lavendel scratches her bumm, then slowy stands to her feet…i’ll be right back, gonna check something

[08:39]  Leda shakes her head and turns to Marli*so, this is a new slave or a caputre ?

[08:39]  Marli: Be safe sister

[08:39]  makis: brings the bota to his lips and presses his teeth into the cork as he pulls it from the bota.. he then lowers the bota to the goblet and slowly fills it to just below the rim of the goblet. Raising the bota once again to his lips he places the cork back in and sets it to one side.

[08:39]  Foxie Love: a trade sister

[08:39]  Foxie Love: but we may trade her back to her family

[08:39]  Marli chuckles as she looks at Leda “yes a trade ”

[08:39]  Sina: chuckles to the thrall ,, but fast looks to the ground

[08:39]  Fasina Firehawk: chuckles to the thrall, but almost looks to the ground

[08:40]  makis: ifts the goblet up from the floor and places it to his sucked in belly. He slowly traces it up to his heart where he holds it there for 3 longs heart beats, one for submission, one for devotion, and one for the joy of serving. He then raises the goblet to his lips and kisses the rim, turning it in his hand so that the kiss now faces the Mistress he holds it out to her with outstretched arms and lowered head. he says softly :

[08:41]  makis: hopes that you will find it cooling and refreshing on this day. this boy hopes that you find some small pleasure in his serve and honors his Mistress with this serve

[08:42]  Leda: and when do you plan and trading her? if at all * chuckles as she looks over the girl with an appraising eye*

[08:43]  Marli waved her hand nonchalantly “there is no rush , in the meantime she can be pleasing”

[08:43]  Leda grabs his collar and then the paga, looking at him she takes a sip*

[08:43]  Sina: blushes a little



Tali , tali , you silly boy! the Luna caleeng slave was not impressed with your deed to the swamps !

[11:40] Tali Garnet shouts: tal!

[11:40] pepper waves

[11:41] Tali Garnet shouts: when are you leaving gril?

[11:41] pepper shouts: Leaving? I am not leaving here

[11:41] Tali Garnet shouts: but you got to! I own it now!

[11:42] pepper shouts: you own what?

[11:43] Tali Garnet shouts: i bouthgt it!

[11:43] Tali Garnet whispers: maybe you come with it?

[11:43] pepper : what did you buy? the Panther camp?

[11:43] Tali Garnet: liek the furniture?

[11:43] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:43] Tali Garnet: oh yes!

[11:43] Tali Garnet: i got a deed!

[11:44] Tali Garnet: see?

[11:44] Tali Garnet: hold out a paper

[11:44] pepper : you and you phony papers, like your Man papers

[11:44] Tali Garnet: it says ‘sole to Tali for two coppens, the panther camp of your choice”

[11:44] Tali Garnet: huh?

[11:44] Tali Garnet: this is real and i chose you

[11:44] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:44] Tali Garnet: this has a nice view

[11:45] Tali Garnet: andd lots of pretty blonds go by too

[11:45] pepper : you are welcome to try to take this camp but i am sure you will have to fight many panthers to claim ownership

[11:45] Tali Garnet: but….

[11:45] Tali Garnet: but…

[11:45] Tali Garnet: i got a deed!

[11:45] Tali Garnet: smirks

[11:45] Tali Garnet: did you come with it?

[11:45] pepper : Panthers have no use for flimsy pieces of paper

[11:46] pepper: my Mistress would probably eat that

[11:46] Tali Garnet: frowns an studies the paper

[11:46] Tali Garnet: gulps

[11:46] Tali Garnet whispers: eat my papers?

[11:46] pepper : do you not know my Mistress?

[11:46] Tali Garnet: tucks his papers away

[11:46] Tali Garnet: frowns ‘well sorta i guess’

[11:47] pepper: i have seen her chew the boots of Masters they capture in her swamp

[11:47] Tali Garnet: oh dear

[11:47] Tali Garnet whispers: boots like mione?

[11:47] pepper : yes they help keep her teeth sharp

[11:47] Tali Garnet: oh

[11:47] Tali Garnet: ummm

[11:47] Tali Garnet: can i talk to a En?

[11:48] Tali Garnet whispers: one without claws maybe?

[11:48] Tali Garnet: you are a pretty dancer

[11:48] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:48] Tali Garnet: i could get you a full time job as a dancer in Tyros

[11:48] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:49] pepper shrugs “i suppose you could speak to Her when She returns from her travels bt i am sure She will not be pleased to see that you want to take her camp as your own

[11:49] Tali Garnet: but

[11:49] Tali Garnet: but

[11:49] Tali Garnet: i paid three coppers for it!

[11:49] Tali Garnet: and i got papers

[11:49] Tali Garnet: and you

[11:49] pepper : the En and the Panthers have arrows

[11:50] Tali Garnet: you are a witness and …ummmm…

[11:50] Tali Garnet: maybe i shoul go and come back

[11:50] pepper : as you wish Master, i wish you luck with your efforts to find a home

[11:50] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:51] Tali Garnet: i will come back when there is no one here

[11:51] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:51] Tali Garnet: tell your mistress she has got to go

[11:51] Tali Garnet: or else!

[11:51] Tali Garnet: growls softly ‘she will be in a collar at my feet’

[11:51] pepper: i will and you should expect a visit from a very angry Feral with sharp teeth and claws

[11:52] Tali Garnet: oh…ummm

[11:52] Tali Garnet: on second thought maybe youshould tell her you did not see me

[11:52] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:52] pepper : as i have heard very many times “TWIG”S SWAMP”

[11:52] Tali Garnet: gulps

[11:52] Tali Garnet: i heard that once too i think

[11:52] Tali Garnet: tell her i was not here girl

[11:53] Tali Garnet: that is an order

[11:53] Tali Garnet: from a Free boy

[11:53] pepper : SHe doesnt even like people looking at it from a distance let alone claim ownership

[11:53] Tali Garnet: snorts

[11:53] Tali Garnet: umm

[11:53] Tali Garnet: tell her you did not see me at all

[11:53] pepper : there is not such thing as a Free Boy

[11:53] Tali Garnet: shudders

[11:53] Tali Garnet: oh

[11:53] Tali Garnet: i am a free man!

[11:53] Tali Garnet: not a boy

[11:53] pepper : that is like saying a Free Girl

[11:53] pepper : there you go

[11:53] Tali Garnet: sighs

[11:53] pepper : keep working on it Master

[11:54] Tali Garnet: i orderr you as a free something not to say tali was here

[11:54] Tali Garnet: grins

[11:54] Tali Garnet: thats it

[11:54] Tali Garnet: no Tali came today

[11:54] Tali Garnet: can you say that?

[11:54] Tali Garnet whispers: you got pretty legs

[11:54] pepper whispers: i work out

[11:54] Tali Garnet: giggles

[11:54] pepper laughs

[11:55] Tali Garnet: just tell her that i was not here and did not take her camp away

[11:55] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:55] Tali Garnet: please?

[11:55] Tali Garnet: i will give you chocolate

[11:55] pepper : i will not tell my Mistress that a boy named Tali came here today

[11:55] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:55] Tali Garnet: that is good

[11:55] Tali Garnet: umm

[11:55] Tali Garnet: wait

[11:56] Tali Garnet whispers: can you also tell her that tali did not take her camp today?

[11:56] pepper : what about your paper?

[11:56] Tali Garnet whispers: and that you did not evern see or talk to a Tali?

[11:56] Tali Garnet: oh

[11:56] Tali Garnet: umm

[11:56] Tali Garnet: i think i will get my coppers back

[11:57] Tali Garnet: the man was tall and said his name was oscar

[11:57] pepper : i wish you you good luck Master

[11:57] Tali Garnet: thank you girl

[11:57] Tali Garnet: smiles

[11:57] Tali Garnet: serve with passion and stuff

[11:58] Tali Garnet whispers: how to i get out?

[11:58] Tali Garnet: sighs and trys to find his way

[11:59] pepper : If you own this place you better learn how to find your way around


“I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.” Said Marli to her sister. Her normally soft features turned hard as she spoke. “If we are one like the sleen pack, we win always.” She added, then pointed at the figure that approached from the early morning mists. The slave claims to be the spokeswoman of a tribe…..Marli and her tribe don’t believe a word……like yeah, it’s crazy how some people will smile in your face , lie to you, try to use you….then get mad when you get wise and stop letting them

[15:50] Ana smiles

[15:50] Ana: Tal

[15:51] Ana: where’s the trade post please?

[15:51] Marli lifts an eyebrow “greetings oh naked one ”

[15:51] pepper smiels to the girl behind her “Greetings”

[15:51] ʂհἶ looks up at the slave and wonders if she is really a slave

[15:51] twig perks and growls at the standing slave

[15:51] twig twists her neck snarling, with razor sharp teeth gleaming in the sun light.

[15:51] Ana smiles..”I know some people stole my clothes and stuck this collar on my neck”

[15:51] Marli: “what are you trading ? your collar ?” chuckles pointing at it

[15:52] Ana: “I’m an ambassador and nooo

[15:52] Ana: “I know that very important people will recongnise me and buy me back

[15:52] Ana: “and you wll be reimbursed and rewardeed well”

[15:52] Marli: “ambassador ? and whom do you represent ? ” she laughs “we have an EN of slaves already”

[15:52] twig growls louder at the slave with a shiny collar

[15:52] twig her eyes go narrow, looks directly at you, and growls fiercly!

[15:52] ʂհἶ notices she bears no brand on her thigh

[15:53] twig pats the ground to remind the slave to kneel

[15:53] twig twists her neck snarling, with razor sharp teeth gleaming in the sun light.

[15:53] Ana twitches nervously at the girl on all fours

[15:53] twig lowers her head and growls menacingly!

[15:53] pepper raises an eyebrow “Who the En of slaves?”

[15:53] twig snows ehr claws to the slave, geting annoyed at her

[15:53] twig growls sensing danger and unwraps the coverings on her long worn claw like nails.

[15:53] Marli points to the ground “best you kneel naked one …….our feral is getting nervous”

[15:54] twig twists her neck snarling, with razor sharp teeth gleaming in the sun light.

[15:54] twig raises a a hand extending her claws and snarls viciously!

[15:54] Ana: “The zima tribe or the sadinas or many others would pay you well for my freediom..its all been a misunderstadning”

[15:54] ʂհἶ whispers to her Mistress that the girl may not be a runaway slave but an escaped free

[15:54] Foxie Love: girl you better kneel i am in no mood and i will kill you for standing

[15:54] Ana laughs a little forcedly

[15:54] twig growls one last time in warning

[15:54] twig raises a a hand extending her claws and snarls viciously!

[15:55] twig snuffs as the slave finally kneels and breaths fish breath on her

[15:55] twig sees danger pass and takes the drity cloth, re-wrapping the sharp claw like nails

[15:55] Ana drops to her knees..”but please hear me out! goodness..”

[15:55] Marli: “well Zima we have a non aggression with , the sa dinas are merely pests , so they would want you eh?” Marli rubs her chin “oh pepper , that is argent , she is EN of slaves ”

[15:56] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[15:56] pepper: oh i had no idea. I better be more respectful to Argent

[15:56] twig perks, “zima?”

[15:56] Ana: I am a highly respected spy

[15:56] twig hears spy and growls

[15:56] twig twists her neck snarling, with razor sharp teeth gleaming in the sun light.

[15:57] Marli narrows her eyes “spy ?”

[15:57] ʂհἶ wonders why anyone would confess to being a spy…

[15:57] Ana: and yes, they would pay well…I mean diplomat

[15:57] Ana: I negotiate..of course and trade

[15:57] twig snarls at the slave, knowing what spy means

[15:57] twig her eyes go narrow, looks directly at you, and growls fiercly!

[15:57] Marli: “who is the Zima diplomat ?” Marli tested the truth

[15:58] Ana: “well it is me, nowadays after the previous one disappeared”

[15:59] twig: Heather Zima!!!

[15:59] pepper sighs at the weak story

[15:59] Marli: “uhuh…..and who was the previous one ?” Marli tapped her boot , whuch meant only one thing, she didnt believe the girl

[15:59] Ana: Nooo..Heather is my En

[15:59] Ana glances around

[16:00] Ana: Heather is my En!

[16:00] twig snuffs

[16:00] Marli rolls her brown eyes “yes , you were told this ”

[16:00] twig looks at Marli, “Twig get Heather?”

[16:01] Marli nods “yes , tell them we have a Zima spy ”

[16:01] twig bounds off after ordering pep per to stay with en

[16:01] pepper shouts: yes Mistress

[16:01] Marli: “you stay here for your own safety” Marli looked at the girl

[16:01] Ana looks up into Marli’s eyes..flutters her eyelashes..”Do I seem dishonest to you? you know I speak truly”

[16:02] Ana nods and looks down

[16:02] Marli: “…..we shall see when Heather comes …shall we not” Marli shrugged , if Heather said she didnt know the girl , then Ana would make a nice camp slave

[16:04] Ana glances up..”please I am no slave..I am skinny and useless in the furs and don’t know how to serve..Heather knows I am a good diplomat…she would buy me straight away”

[16:05] Marli: “oh please …..i have heard such excuses before …..some training and you will be one of the best kajira ” she glances at the first and second camp girl

[16:06] pepper pipes up “skinny girls can be kajirae too”

[16:06] ʂհἶ laughs to herself

[16:06] Ana gazes at the slave girls..”I…I don’t have long hair”

[16:07] pepper looks at the girl “Who put the collar on your neck?

[16:07] Ana: a crazy Dijan Huntress

[16:08] pepper raises an eyebrow “then why were you looking for their trading site?”

[16:08] A flock of irritated vulo shouts: ‘Do you mind, we are pecking here!’, followd by a loud squawk

[16:08] pepper: if i was trying to get away i would have run far from here

[16:09] Ana: “I was tricked..they said that to negotiate..we needed to go to the camp..but I had to give them my dagger, bow, and bag and cloak”

[16:09] Ana: “Then before I could say anything or explain myself like now, to you good people..I got in trouble”

[16:10] Ana shuffles closer to Marli

[16:11] Ana: see..thats how things all just get confused

[16:11] Marli: “well then you were foolish ……no panther will give up her bow willingly” Marli smirked “…..you only have yourself to blame ….you must pray that the Zima know you” Marli wonders why the girl is shuffling closer to her and pats her blade “uhuh”

[16:11] twig: twig zima mesage

[16:11] twig wiggles proudly

[16:11] Marli: yes twig?

[16:11] pepper smiles as heer Mistress returns

[16:11] twig bounds off to di jan with information

[16:12] A flock of irritated vulo shouts: ‘Do you mind, we are pecking here!’, followd by a loud squawk

[16:12] Marli watches twig bound of to her neighbours

[16:12] pepper watches her Mistress leave w ith the message she is proudly delivering

[16:13] Ana gazes up again..”I was foolish, niave, yes”

[16:14] Marli nodded slowly , even though Marli was young , she had learned survival in the harsh forests the hard way

[16:14] pepper glances over at the girl “perhaps the Panthers of the DiJan saw the slave inside of you that you have tried to hide”

[16:15] Marli crooked an eyebrow and watched for the girls reaction to that statement

[16:16] Ana feels her cheeks burn and looks down…”I…I don’t think so..I think I was careless and too trusting, but I do not think I have a slave’s heart…I like to stand and travel and be free..perhaps I was confused..they gave me lots of paga tooo”

[16:17] Marli laughs softly “ahah”

[16:17] twig: twig zima message

[16:17] twig: tiwg find di jan too

[16:17] twig smiles proudly finding a captive di jan at the kamba port as well

[16:18] pepper grins at her Mistress “you were gone a long time. What happened?”

[16:18] Ana smiles..”and they..they would exchange us?”

[16:19] twig: zima no come, not want slave

[16:19] twig giggles

[16:19] Marli looks at Twig

[16:20] pepper: is she a slave?

[16:20] twig shurgs

[16:20] Marli grins “ahah”

[16:20] pepper: do they know her?

[16:20] twig looks confused

[16:20] pepper: is girl from Zima?

[16:21] Ana: I am Ana, not girl…girl

[16:21] twig: slave spy

[16:21] twig snuffs

[16:21] Ana: I am a Huntress in trouble

[16:22] twig looks over the collar anbd tugs it, “slave!!!”

[16:22] Ana turns and slaps twig…”dont sniff me!”

[16:22] twig her eyes go narrow, looks directly at you, and growls fiercly!

[16:22] twig growls sensing danger and unwraps the coverings on her long worn claw like nails.

[16:22] twig snarls and strikes out with erh claws

[16:22] Marli: “yes , slave spy …….and you know what happens to slave spy” then growls and slaps at the girl hard

[16:23] pepper wrinkles her forehead “You may try to act like a free ana, but i think we all know who you are”

[16:23] twig paces aorund snarling at the girl

[16:23] Ana winces..”ahhh….noo…I am no slave and wasnt spying on you..” falls over

[16:24] pepper sighs “it might be time to start telling the truth before you get into more trouble…. ana”

[16:24] Marli huffs “she is no panther ……too weak ”

[16:24] Ana glances back up and gets back onto her knees…”ok I will tell all…”

[16:26] Ana: I fought with the Dinas and Zimas..and so I thought

[16:26] Ana: If Im good, I could do things by myself

[16:26] twig sees danger pass and takes the drity cloth, re-wrapping the sharp claw like nails

[16:26] Ana: I struggle with authority

[16:26] Ana: I fought with the Dinas and Zimas..and so I thought

[16:26] Ana: If Im good, I could do things by myself

[16:26] twig sees danger pass and takes the drity cloth, re-wrapping the sharp claw like nails

[16:26] Ana: I struggle with authority

[16:27] Ana: so I work alone…and I was on a mission but only to communicate

[16:27] Ana: and then it all went a bit wild

[16:27] Marli: “go on” Marli inspected her fingernails

[16:27] Ana: and I got…well..like you see…in a mess I guess

[16:28] Marli: “so you are just another belly to feed ……”

[16:29] Ana gazes up into Marli’s eyes..”I am a very good person..I was just ..nooo..I can hunt and fend for myself”

[16:29] twig sniffs the girl then frowns and eye light up as she sniffs collar

[16:29] twig: Cally slave!!!!

[16:30] Marli laughs “yes , perhaps cally will want a slave ”

[16:30] Ana snarls back…”don’t you try it!”

[16:30] twig: /mer points at the collar

[16:30] pepper: is that a Mistress from the Dijan?

[16:30] twig: Cally slave!!!!

[16:30] twig twists her neck snarling, with razor sharp teeth gleaming in the sun light.

[16:30] Ana: “I’ll get you..dont say that”

[16:31] twig ynasks on the colalr to show it callys, “Cally slave!!!”

[16:32] pepper turns to her Mistress “Did you see that Panther at the camp when you are over there?”

[16:32] Ana looks down..”I am not!..we furred..if you must know…and while I was in my most intense..she collared me….it is true..may be in me there is a part that is like a slave…but I fight too and like to walk and roam and be me always…”

[16:32] twig looks frustrated and sniffs the girl’s collar again gettgin Cally’s scent on it, “Cally slave”

[16:33] pepper grins using the girl’s name “ana you have yet to tell us anything truthful”

[16:34] Marli rolls her eyes “so she is a fur bunny , we should have known” Marli steps up to the girl and twists the exposed left xxx “yes , tell us something useful…..spy”

[16:35] twig: bad di jan slave!!!

[16:35] twig snuffs

[16:36] Ana winces and rolls her head back…”I am not ..it had just been a long time for me..so..I …wanted to…and…” glances around nervous as she hears running

[16:36] twig wiggles at Jay and points to the girl ana, “Bad di jan slave”

[16:36] twig snuffs

[16:36] pepper smiles as the Dijan Panther approaches “Greetings Mistress”

[16:36] Jay: Tal

[16:36] Jay: Greetings girl..

[16:36] Jay: sees ana and smirks…..

[16:36] Ana turns and wrinkles nose

[16:37] Jay: Tal En. I take it you have met ana?

[16:37] twig looks very annoyed at the bad di jan slave

[16:37] Jay: grins.

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Sisters who are proud to wear the feathers of the Luna Caleeng. 

Contact Marlies Dasmijn (Marli) for more info or Inticement Resident (Twig)

The Luna Caleeng is a panther tribe in Second Life Gor and has an in world application form , which can be found at the docks of Lake Ias, we offer a two week pledge period max, to see if there is a fit. There are no pledge tasks, all we ask is that prospective panthers try and role play their way in, or show a willingness to bring role play into our camp.

The tribe has a council  made up of the En, Se, Tor, First Bow, Second Bow and Elders. The council manages tribal matters and determines decisions on all subjects from issues, promotions, and any other tribal matters raised at council.

The roles below define the individual tribe responsibilities by position.

The En is the tribal Chieftain, her decisions are final on all matters relating to the tribe, everyone is answerable to her.

The Se is second only to the En and in all matters has the same authority but she is answerable to the En.  The Se acts as a council member, and advisor to the En, their main roles are:
1.   Takes charge in the absence of En. 
2.   Enforce all tribal rules , ensuring all sisters comply.
3.   Maintaining harmony in the tribe, resolving internal issues that are raised.

The Tor is third in line in the tribe and responsible for the welfare of the tribe and the slaves.  Tor is responsible for camp supplies.  She acts as a council member. The Tors roles are:
1.   Enforce all tribal rules, ensuring all sisters comply.
2.   Maintaining harmony in the tribe, resolving internal issues and where needed raising these to the Se or council.
3.   Working with the Traders and Scouts to establish relations for trade and alliance.
4.   Maintain a record of Alliances, RP Bans and KOS and COS.
5.   Deal with all matters relating to the tribe in the absence of the En and Se.

The Elder is a well-rounded sister, with patience. They act as council members.  Elders are responsible for training new pledges and seeing that they reach the status of full sister.  The Elders roles are:
1.   Train the pledges in the basic skills of fighting.
2.   Provide mentoring to the pledges on Gorean matters, helping them to learn the topics outside of fighting.  Assigning      experienced  sisters to  pledges.  
3.   Identifying potential sisters and new recruits and inviting them to the group.

So here we go , introducing me and my sisters ❤


Marli (Marlies.Dasmijn)  [En] [Healer]

Aanna Padgett (no picture)


aicha Inaka

Alaric666 [Beast]  (no picture)

Amelia Woodside

Andrix Hirons [Feral]

Aphrodite Luminos [Slaver] (no picture)

Arial(arial.nizna) [Se]

BastianRS  (no picture)

Leda(bellateufel.silverblade)  [Shaman] [Elder]  (no picture)

Bee(bemy.footpad) [Feral]

Eclair Tammas (no picture)

Eiri Huntress [Beast] (no picture)

Valentina(evangelina.dinzel)(no picture)

Eve(evelina.congrejo)(no picture)

Gil(gil.glom) [Feral](no picture)

Celestine(hobo.footpad)  [Feral](no picture)

Hot Lavendel(no picture) [Elder]

twig(inticement)  [Feral] [Elder]

Soraya(jane.melgund)(no picture)

Jen(jennie30) [Sout] (no picture)

jJenifer Violet [Trader][Scout]

Kalie4ever (no picture)

Kayleewinters  [Scout]


Kimbberley (no picture)

Topaz Star(ladyfishbait)

Angry Bird(lino.vernet) (no picture)

Lunellaa Destiny [Elder]

ѕςαя(lyndall.edenflower) [Scout]

Nami(mamba.namiboo)  [Feral] (no picture)

Melody Dirval(melody.dirval) (no picture)

Meri(meridee.charisma) [Shaman]


Moon(mucklepuppy.moonwing)  (no picture)


Måne Tigerauge(ninaswahn)

nira Hatchuk

OdinHanni  (no picture)

Onyx Myst(onyxmyst)  [Beast] (no picture)

kitten purrs(pamela.mcnally) (no picture)

pepper(pepper.snowbear) [2nd girl]

PinkSky Summerwind (no picture)

kitten(py.cheng) [Beast] (no picture)

Qwara Destiny  [Priestess]

crystal(rose2929)  (no picture)

halima(rosecotton)  (no picture)

cadence(sara35)  [Feral]

ʂհἶ(shiloh.tachikawa) [1st girl]

Foxie Love(slave.foxclaw) [Tor] (no picture)

Atra(solar.legion)  (no picture)

کţøгm(storm.debbel) [Scout] [En bow] (no picture)

εɗεη (stormie.edenflower)

TARA(thymia.yalin) (no picture)

FeRaL TaK(timmy.miggins)  [Feral] (no picture)

Tomoe(tomoe.abbot)  [Scout] (no picture)

Trish(trish30) [Slaver] [Elder]

Urshula Aida (no picture)

Gemma(yaki.longfall) [Feral] [Elder] [Se bow] (no picture)


[10:01]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal

[10:01]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm..narrows her eyes

[10:01]  Marli  nods slowly “Tal”

[10:02]  Marli: “venture futher into the swamps and it will be considered tresspassing” Marli stated bluntly

[10:02]  Lunellaa Destiny looks back to her sis and shrugs “I told you not to go in here?”

[10:03]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm…..its a good hide out….grins

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel: so whatts the swamp to yoy?,….she said to the woman

[10:04]  Lunellaa Destiny nods “I think so too but I don’t think it’s worth trading arrows for?”

[10:05]  Marli: “Indeed the swamp is a excellent hide out ” Marli inspected both of them “These swamps belong to my tribe , the Luna caleeng”

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmmm…gues were not the only smart ones arround…laughs

[10:06]  Lunellaa Destiny looks her over and slowly slides her bow into it’s sheath “Well met then we are just wanderers looking for a place to stay”

[10:06]  Hot Lavendel: very well then

[10:06]  Marli: “and what smart tribe do you belong to ?” Marli asked curiously

[10:06]  Lunellaa Destiny smiles “My sister and I don’t have a tribe right now

[10:07]  Marli smiles back “I see , well both the Luna Caleeng or the Di jan are allways looking for new panthers ”

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: who’s the En of Di Jan?

[10:08]  Lunellaa Destiny looks at her sis “What do you think it might be fun never lived in a swamp before have we?”

[10:09]  Marli: Bac is still En of the Di Jan , I am Marli and En of the Luna

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: nods….the Di Jan came a long way i think

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: i’m ╬╬Ⓞ〒 and this is Lune

[10:10]  Lunellaa Destiny arches her brow at her sis?

[10:10]  Marli: “well met Hot and Lune ”

[10:10]  Lunellaa Destiny: Well met Marli

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel: i was in that tribe years back sis

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel: but Pera was En then

[10:11]  Marli: “The Luna have been in Lake Ias in one form or another since three years , Mars Sirbu was the founding En”

[10:12]  Hot Lavendel: mmm…Di Jan lina were speaking of?

[10:13]  Marli blinks “The Di jan have been around longer , Bac is the only En that I recall”

[10:13]  Lunellaa Destiny looks at Hot and wonders if discussing the rival tribe is a good path and smiles nervously back at Marli

[10:13]  Hot Lavendel: Bac…nods

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel: yeah that her name

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm…could be fours back now

[10:15]  Marli: “Both the Luna and Di Jan have treaty to share these lands , we are not rivals” Marli added

[10:15]  Hot Lavendel looks at Lune…you wanna live in a swamp?

[10:16]  Lunellaa Destiny grins and sighs a bit of relief “I don’t mind it could be fun at least people usually don’t like swamps”

[10:16]  Hot Lavendel: you get dirty feet you know?

[10:16]  Marli grins “I promise the camp is more civilized ”

[10:17]  Lunellaa Destiny: Since when have I cared about that it’s you who’s all not wanting to get dirty all the time?

[10:17]  Hot Lavendel: mmm…well i happen to like the warm mud between my toes comming up…grins

[10:18]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm..i have a standard to live up to, remember?

[10:18]  Hot Lavendel: best dressed slut of the forrest

[10:18]  Marli: “Follow me , I will show you the camp ”

[10:18]  Lunellaa Destiny shakes her head

[10:20]  Hot Lavendel: mmm..its pretty dry op here

[10:20]  Marli: “much drier and comfortable ”

[10:21]  Lunellaa Destiny smiles and then looks at Hot “And see there is even a dance pit for you to dance for me” snickers

[10:21]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm..you would like that huu?

[10:21]  Lunellaa Destiny laughs

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Panther girls [Background info, RP]

Panther Girls as per the books are either Free Women  that left a bad Free Companionship, or a forced one, or are runaway slaves.  In SL Gor is plausible to have been born a panther girl.  As I get older, I’ve come to understand something. A woman with the wrong attitude is an unhappy woman. An unhappy woman won’t enjoy being a woman. And a woman who doesn’t enjoy being a woman is simply missing the point….oh yeah….when you fight, Have your hair back and nails long…hehe

There is nothing in the books that supports nor denies lesbianism.  However any female that flaunted her sexual nature even among other panthers openly, were subject to being collared, even by their own panther sisters. In RP flaunting amongst panther girls would be frowned upon. Also bear in mind that some women are put off by unwanted advances from their sisters.
Panther girls are not large muscle bound amazonian type women, so the Xena Warrior Princess persona never existed on Gor. So be aware of that when selecting an female avatar shape for SL Gor. Panther girls are small in stature, said to be in the books about the size of a young boy around the age of 12, small and thin, well toned yes from hunting and foraging. Yet still not large enough to face a man of Gor on her own, she would only stand a chance  in a small party. In RP that translates in panther girls being wary of men and approaching with caution.

Panther girls were not hulky women, they caught most of their quarry by using another panther staked out, or running semi-naked like a game of tag in the forest to lure a man into a trap. They did not collar men unless he was the type to kneel before them, in most cases if the man was trapped, his head was shaved and either released or held for ransom.
Panther girls did not hate men, They were strong minded women that did not desire cruel, weak, honorless, inattentive men. “Most” panthers wanted a strong honorable Warrior of a man. Panthers wanted a Larl of a man, not an urt of a man. SL men should not come into a panther camp expecting Dominatrixes, they are playing the wrong game if they do.

On the edges of the Northern Forests, panther Girls had trading posts of a sort, called Exchange Points. These such exchange points were the only “Safe Zones” ever mentioned in the books, in SL Gor these are also safe zones for RP trading. It is not done to start shooting arrows at a trade post , bows should be sheathed at all times. There were other “safe times” such as burials on Gor or even the safety of the Sardar Fairs. or inside the temples of the Initiates.

Now this paragraph is not just for newbie panther Girls, this is for all newcomers of Second Life Gor. If You are going to pick a “Gorean” persona then be true to it. Don’t flip it around to suit your own misguided delusions. SL Gor is SL Gor and if you can’t live by it’s laws, then maybe you are in the wrong venue. It is best to be in the right venue than to make a fool of yourself in the one you are in. Xena Warrior Princess was not on SL Gor, women living in the wilderness were.

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Luna Caleeng camp [story, RP]

The young girl awoke with a yelp, a kick to her foot made her shrink further into her make shift shelter near the swamp entrance as a wild red headed woman towered over her, it was Marli,  she was beautifully dressed in animal skins and wore thick fur booties, a crudely crafted wooden bow notched with markings was in her left hand as she parted her lips to speak to the girl.


” well…. I hope you know how to use that thing” Marli pointed towards the bow that the girl was hugging close to her chest. In complete shock the girl nodded her head dumbly her mouth opening and closing like a fish before she found her voice as she pulled herself to her feet “im not great but i can shoot at a bosk if need be”

The girl could feel Marli’s eyes on her, scanning her body curiously,  Marli’s eyes resting on the girls neck before Marli chuckled and reached into her wild red hair and pulled out a lock pick and in an easy manner laughed out her words as if this was just an everyday occurance “Hehe…. turn around girl and let me get that collar off you”

A moment of fear filled the girl as she turned slowly and felt Marli expertly push the pins into the lock of her collar, Marli worked fast and cleverly till the timbles in the lock clicked and released the collar falling uncerimoniously from the girls neck landing at Marli’s  feet. The girl took a deep breath and kicked it away with a few determined nods of her head and she looked up to Marli with a weak smile and pushed forward her hand and spoke with as much strength in her voice could muster “Kelly…… I am Kelly”

Marli’s  face broke into a warm smile as she clasped the girls hand  “Well met Kelly, my name is Marli, I am Chieftess of the Luna Caleeng……….now let’s get out of here,  i’ll show you our camp…which is close”

Confused the girl just grabbed up the few belongings she had and followed in Marli’s footsteps as they walked around lake Ias and to the astonishment of the girl she saw an amazing structure of wood and branches, swamp undergrowth and trees. Hidden there was the place that Marli had made her home.  Marli quickly looking over her shoulder opened the door to her hut , dragging the girl inside and slammed it shut before turning and speaking “well…. this is my hut,  make yourself comfortable but keep your eyes peeled, we are never safe, the Askari men come hunting us daily”

With a flick of her red hair and a grin on her face , Marli started towards some ropes and hauled herself up to the zipline and called over her shoulder “i have to go hunting for food, be safe sister” and with that Marli disappeared over the rocky cliff and headed to lake Ias, again the girl was alone. The girl started to walk around the Luna Caleeng camp in awe,  unsure of whether she really was in a Panther camp only having heard tales about such places, the reality suddenly hit her, Kelly, the Kajira was now a panther, a wild woman of the forests. At this realisation she fell to the ground and sat cross legged at the camp fire and just shook her head in disbelief. Before she knew it, she was surrounded, they seemed to come from nowhere jumping over the undergrowth,  all pointing bows at her, her eyes darting around looking for an escape as she felt a dull thud to her head as she fell to the ground, she felt her wrists and feet being bound and looked up blinking trying to focus as a dark sinister character covered in jewellery and bone decoration all over his strong body and heard his words cutting into her head “Mhmmm…….. I like you, quite the find” he laughed a cruel evil laugh as he grabbed hold of the binds and started dragging her along the ground “come on lets get you home……. mine”

Complete anger filled the girl as a growl came from her lips , her mouth snarling as she spat out the words “get your hands off me you bosk scum I am not yours…..I am a panther girl” He just laughed and continued to drag her towards his tarn and tossed her like a rag doll over the back of the saddle before jumping on himself and whistling to the large black bird as its powerful wings started to beat raising up above the luna caleeng camp………

The Luna return to camp to find their bell stolen…..The following role play published with kind premission of Ama Galaxy, former Sa’ng Suri and now Sa Verus…..

[09:42] Ama Galaxy steps out onto the planks that seem to form a rickety path into the swamp..she looks at the bell for a moment then taking out a sack and placing this on the ground draws her knife and starts to cut through the rope that holds the bell to the frame

[09:43] Ama Galaxy with care she ballances the bell as the last strands part and lowers its weight to the sack..standing she looks around and then sheaths her knife

[09:46] Ama Galaxy lifts the sides of the sack and ties the top over the bell fasions a loop to go over her shoulder then lifts it up..it was not as heavy as the sa vella bell but then that she believed to have been long melted down and the bosk bell stollen by livi was more than compensated for by the Luna Caleeng bell. Turning ama headed off for the docks eager to sell her ill gotten gains

The Luna bell then ends up in the hands of the Sa Vella

[2012/10/12 14:13]  Måne Tigerauge: Tal

[2012/10/12 14:14]  Ama Galaxy: Tal..*tilted her head slightly and eased the heavy bag on her shoulder

[2012/10/12 14:15]  Måne Tigerauge : You live here?

[2012/10/12 14:15]  Ama Galaxy shifted the wieght of the bag again…”No..I am looking for the Di’jan..are you one of them?”

[2012/10/12 14:16]  Måne Tigerauge : No, but I can tell them you here, think one of them is talking to my sister

[2012/10/12 14:17]  Måne Tigerauge : Come I take you to the trading poste, they like to meet people there

[2012/10/12 14:18]  Måne Tigerauge : It is safe, they do not attac at trading post

[2012/10/12 14:18]  Ama Galaxy glanced towards where she knew the Di jan trade point to be, the other two huntress had not escaped her notice but she did not know if these were Di’jan or with the one that had moved up from behind her..glaced back at the other two now..”Your tribe is friendly with the Di’jan?”..her misty gray eyes turned their gaze back..”I am Ama..last of my name”

[2012/10/12 14:20]  Måne Tigerauge : Me is Måne, Luna Caleeng

[2012/10/12 14:20]  Måne Tigerauge : Luna is at peace with Di J’an

[2012/10/12 14:22]  Ama Galaxy placed the heavy sack down on the ground, it had left a red mark on her shoulder..”Well met Mane of the Luna Caleng”..this was a new tribe to her..pulling a battered old flask from her belt uncorks it the sweet smell of larma juice drifting in the air as she sipped from it before offering it to the otther huntress..”Where are your lands..maybe I could bring you trade”

[2012/10/12 14:22]  Måne Tigerauge : If you not in conflict with Di J’an, I can promise your safty

[2012/10/12 14:23]  Måne Tigerauge  smiles

[2012/10/12 14:23]  Måne Tigerauge : My land is were the prey is, but I live on hills in swomp SWfrom here

[2012/10/12 14:24]  Ama Galaxy chuckled slightly..”Well it is good of you to offer me your protection..I am slightly in your debt now..what goods are the Luna short of”..her eyes now scanning the south west

[2012/10/12 14:25]  Måne Tigerauge  wrinkles her forehead thinks

[2012/10/12 14:25]  Ama Galaxy takes another sipp from her flask as waits, she is not offended that her offer of a drink had note been accepted..

[2012/10/12 14:25]  Måne Tigerauge : I do not know, me hunt, bring meat, other do other things, do not know if anything is missing

[2012/10/12 14:26]  Ama Galaxy: you use bone or metal arrow heads?

[2012/10/12 14:26]  Måne Tigerauge  shakes her head

[2012/10/12 14:27]  Måne Tigerauge : I am learning humans way mayby I shall ask my sister about trading

[2012/10/12 14:28]  Måne Tigerauge  sniffs the air .

[2012/10/12 14:28]  Måne Tigerauge : We have male behind us, this do not wash often

[2012/10/12 14:29]  Ama Galaxy recorked her flask rubbed the battered flask on the leather of her kilt to try and give a bit of shine to its dull surface then put it back on her belt..”I have good bone arrowheads very reasonable price and also strong sleen gut bow strings..if you need quivers I have cheep leem ones and expensive snow larl ones..also I have kuri scrotum pouches”

[2012/10/12 14:29]  Måne Tigerauge  gets dark eyes

[2012/10/12 14:30]  Måne Tigerauge : I do not want anything from you…

[2012/10/12 14:30]  Måne Tigerauge : My mother was larl, and my father saw kurii

[2012/10/12 14:31]  Ama Galaxy picked up the heavy bag and put it over her shoulder sensing some unease in the other huntress..”well then I should be on my way..thank you for your help”..ama frowned slightly at the change in tone but then smiled..”and for your safe paths”

[2012/10/12 14:31]  Måne Tigerauge : Leave now

[2012/10/12 14:32]  trade Horn: shouts: A piercing blast fills the air. Someone wishes to trade with Di’jan

[2012/10/12 14:32]  trade Horn: shouts: A piercing blast fills the air. Someone wishes to trade with Di’jan

[2012/10/12 14:32]  trade Horn: shouts: A piercing blast fills the air. Someone wishes to trade with Di’jan

[2012/10/12 14:32]  trade Horn: shouts: A piercing blast fills the air. Someone wishes to trade with Di’jan

[2012/10/12 14:35]  Ama Galaxy ran her fingers over the horn as she waited..her eyes narrow in concentration as she considers its worth

[2012/10/12 14:36]  Martina  reaches the trading post “ah .. Ama .. tallies, it was a while”

[2012/10/12 14:37]  Ama Galaxy gave a small grunt, it was not horn, its ribbed surface seemed to be man made..it could be metal she suposed..a good blacksmith might know..turning she smiled..”Tal..it has”

[2012/10/12 14:38]  Martina  nods “how can we help you, Ama?” she asks .

[2012/10/12 14:40]  Ama Galaxy lowered the heavy bag to the ground a red mark left where it had been slung on her shoulder..”How is the tribe Martina?”..pulls a pouch from her belt..”I have come to ask if I might hunt these lands for a while..I will pay tribute and leave the meat of any beast I kill..it is just the hides I want”

[2012/10/12 14:42]  Martina  smiles looking at the bag on ground and she just hopes that is nothing for trade as she feels so lazy to drag kind of such up to camp “The tribe is well, Ama, thank you, how are you doing?” she asks and then she hears about that is the tribute “who asked tribute of you, Ama? is the meat fresh at least?”

[2012/10/12 14:42]  liviajan Resident looks at the blonde, “I think you know”

[2012/10/12 14:43]  Ama Galaxy bounced the pouch in her hand as looks at the new arrival..”Tal..I am Ama..last of my name”..she did not recognise the young huntress but then ama felt she was getting old now

[2012/10/12 14:44]  liviajan Resident: I’m Livi

[2012/10/12 14:44]  liviajan Resident: why you took the Sa’Vella bell?

[2012/10/12 14:44]  Martina  thinks about Ama and permission to hunt in the land and nods “how long are you hunting in these lands, Ama? as before winter it will be pretty lack of animals in the forests to feed tribes living here”

[2012/10/12 14:44]  Måne Tigerauge : Trade female, give my yor larl quvier and kurii pouches

[2012/10/12 14:46]  Ama Galaxy: well met Livi”…looked back to Martina who was still considering…”Well maybe a hand at most..as I said I will deliver the meat to you so you will not lose the food..just the hides and in return I will pay a pouch of these each day..”…she held out the pouch of finly crafted arrowheads

[2012/10/12 14:47]  liviajan: Well meet Ama, answer me, why you took the Sa’Vellas bell?

[2012/10/12 14:49]  Martina  looks at the arrowheads and counts in her mind “well, Ama, I think it’s not as long .. the few hands … long enough before winter, I just hope you will hunt rationally here and not waste all the tabuks living here, I guess the cave at waterfall would work well as shelter if bad weather, Ama”

[2012/10/12 14:49]  Ama Galaxy looked back at the other huntress..”You are sa vella?”..she smiled slightly

[2012/10/12 14:49]  liviajan Resident: it does not matter, I want that bell

[2012/10/12 14:50]  Måne Tigerauge : You do not hunt on Luna land, Trade female, I do not permitt

[2012/10/12 14:51]  Ama Galaxy tilted her head..”I will trade you the bell for..”..she thought a moment and looked at martina surprised a Di’jan would want the sa vella bell..”…for this horn and three larl pelts”

[2012/10/12 14:52]  liviajan Resident: I have nothing, now I have even tribe, but I want that bell

[2012/10/12 14:52]  Måne Tigerauge  gets darker in her eyes

[2012/10/12 14:52]  Martina  shakes her head “I don’t want Sa’Vella bell, Ama ….we have got such a Branca’s horn”

[2012/10/12 14:53]  Ama Galaxy looking over the firsts shoulder she sees the strange huntress from earlier..”Who are these that stand on your trade point demanding I trade my bell?”

[2012/10/12 14:53]  Måne Tigerauge : And you shall not buy or sell larl… nor Kurii

[2012/10/12 14:54]  Martina  shakes her head “the huntress is not ours and Mane is from neighbour tribe, Ama”

[2012/10/12 14:54]  liviajan: Im Livi, i join to D’Jan soon, but before i want that bell, only that

[2012/10/12 14:55]  Martina  shakes her head again “Di’Jan don’t need Sa’Vella’s bell … Sa’Vella’s is Sa’Vellas and Di’Jan’s is Di’Jans

[2012/10/12 14:55]  Ama Galaxy slipped the battered old flask from her belt..she stood at ease no hint of fear in her eyes as pulling the cork sips the juice before responding..”Then what do you offer for it?”,,, it surprised her that the two tribs were close but then things where sometimes not what they seemed as with the bell..”I will make you a good price..a kuri pelt for it”

[2012/10/12 14:55]  liviajan: yes, i dont want bell for D’jan, its a personal matter

[2012/10/12 14:57]  liviajan Resident: if I had something to offer maybe I would, but like I said, I have nothing, only the line between your life and mine

[2012/10/12 14:57]  Måne Tigerauge  growls

[2012/10/12 14:58]  liviajan Resident: Now give me that bell, I have to make one last trip to the camp of Savella

[2012/10/12 14:58]  Martina  nods and sighs “well, Livi … I’m Martina .. well met, but we just doing trade with Ama ….still didn’t finish …. and the bell is really not ours issue”

[2012/10/12 14:59]  Ama Galaxy slipped some more from her flask….”a kuri pelt for a bell with the proud history of the Sa Vella behind it ..that is a very fair offer by me..you seem to think that trade is just saying you want something”…her eyes narrow slightly..”Nothing buys nothing..safe paths huntress”..waved a dismissive hand

[2012/10/12 14:59]  liviajan: well met, Martina, then finish your trade with Ama, i will wait here

[2012/10/12 15:00]  liviajan: the bell is not yours, you did stole it

[2012/10/12 15:02]  Martina sighs “well, I guess between us deal, Ama” she says and grabs the back on her shoulder grumbling for herself as it’s really heavy one, she turns “Well met so … and please honor the trading place … no quarrels, no fight here ….” and leaves towards their camp waving at Ama

[2012/10/12 15:02]  A flock of alarmed vulo: shouts: squawk, sqwark and even sqaark in the multilingual manner of Gorean vulos

[2012/10/12 15:02]  Ama Galaxy turns back to Martina…ignoring now Livi who seemed to think steeling was wrong now..”These are the Di Jan lands are they not Martina..or should I be trading the right to hunt them with the Lunna?”..laughs at the persistance and turns back to Livi..”You are an honest outlaw are you?”..lightens her tone..”Think carefuly huntress..it is wise not to threaten on a trade point”

[2012/10/12 15:02]  A flock of alarmed vulo: shouts: squawk, sqwark and even sqaark in the multilingual manner of Gorean vulos

[2012/10/12 15:03]  liviajan Resident: prefer to talk out of the marketplace?

[2012/10/12 15:04]  Ama Galaxy picks up the sack and moves over to the crates and sits herself down

[2012/10/12 15:05]  liviajan Resident: / Me waits for the woman who stole the bell

[2012/10/12 15:07]  Fire : tal here

[2012/10/12 15:07]  liviajan: Tal

[2012/10/12 15:07]  Ama Galaxy reaches into her pouch taking out a lump of bread and a quarter of blue cheese..pulling her hunting knife out she cuts a good slice from the cheese and makes a rough sandwich which she proceeds to eat..the sa vella bell had long been sold so she could sell it again..looking over her shoulder with her mouth full shouts..”Why do you want to buy this bell..or rather steel it from me?”

[2012/10/12 15:08]  liviajan Resident: to whom you sold the bell?

[2012/10/12 15:08]  Arial : shouts: looking for something woman?

[2012/10/12 15:12]  Ama Galaxy eats some more from her sandwich as she considers her options, it would be difficult to fight with a heavy bag over her shoulder but at the same time she would not surrender the bell in the bag for no profit..looks towards the shout but having already sorted her trade with martina did not bother to reply..”Some she urt sold me the bell”..she meant the one in the sack and it was an honest enough answer..”Make me a sensible offer for the bell and I will trade..”..bits some more of the sandwich

[2012/10/12 15:14]  liviajan Resident: / Me his blood goes to your head to hear Mistress, “do not lie, I saw you steal the bell, now give it back”

[2012/10/12 15:15]  Ama Galaxy burshs the crumbs from her lap and places the makings of her lunch back in her pouch, stands up and looks at Livi with a soft smile..”if you saw me steel this bell then you will be able to describe it and tell me when I stole it”

[2012/10/12 15:16]  liviajan Resident: you stole the bell after talking with me in the camp of Sa’Vella

[2012/10/12 15:17]  Ama Galaxy: so you are a Sa Vella?..or a Luna..or a DiJan”..amusment lit her eyes…”I will trade this bell for your furs”..moved forward placing the bag bak on the ground at the edge of the trade point

[2012/10/12 15:19]  liviajan Resident: now I’m Savella, no moon, no D’Jan, but I want to return that bell

[2012/10/12 15:19]  liviajan: im not Savella*

[2012/10/12 15:19]  Måne Tigerauge : shouts: Is she trouble sister?

[2012/10/12 15:21]  Ama Galaxy shakes her head..”well..I will tell you what..if your story is good enough as to why you would risk your life for a bell of the sa vella..good as impresses me..then I will accept that as fair trade for it”..smiles..”Or you can give me the furs you wear and all is good”

[2012/10/12 15:21]  Arial : shouts: no just not answering my question

[2012/10/12 15:21]  liviajan: shouts: all right

[2012/10/12 15:22]  liviajan Resident: it hides you mean?

[2012/10/12 15:22]  liviajan: which fair you mean?

[2012/10/12 15:23]  Ama Galaxy: no..I mean the fur you wear around your middle”..points..”Or the good story..which ever you wish”

[2012/10/12 15:25]  liviajan Resident: ‘re the second woman asked me to tell my story, my story is intimate, not going out there counting. Regarding the skins I’m wearing are all I have, I’m not going to go out there naked

[2012/10/12 15:27]  Ama Galaxy: I have heard intimate storys before and seen heats before as well..but a bell..well a bell is worth twenty hands of silver disks to a blacksmith”..this was not the price ama sold them for but what she had been told by Mani was a fair price

[2012/10/12 15:29]  liviajan Resident: Well, you talk about a fair price, go out there and draw our spears, if you win you’ll leave you alone forever if I win I’ll take the camp of Savella and give it back the hood and will ask forgiveness for having stolen

[2012/10/12 15:29]  liviajan: bell*

[2012/10/12 15:31]  Måne Tigerauge : Me want to have the larls and kurii items you have

[2012/10/12 15:32]  Ama Galaxy sighs slightly, this women was stubborn as the Bosk that would have once worn the bell….”why would I offer to fight to keep something I own allready..ownership is nine fingers of the law”..there was increasingly little room for ama to manoeuvre unless she was to sleep on the trade point..looked over the womens shoulder she knew that there were others out there but how far..”Your sister misses you”..she smiled..”how much will you give for the kuri pouch?”

[2012/10/12 15:33]  Måne Tigerauge : Me will not give you less then your life

[2012/10/12 15:34]  liviajan Resident: Finish your trade, I’ll wait here

[2012/10/12 15:34]  Måne Tigerauge : its cheep

[2012/10/12 15:35]  Ama Galaxy frowned at the answer..tilted her head as her eyes changed colour to that of deep ice..”Poor child..who told you that you were born of a larl and kuri..what crule creacher would do such a thing to a baby”

[2012/10/12 15:35]  Måne Tigerauge: Give it to me

[2012/10/12 15:37]  Ama Galaxy sighs again..shook her head…”give you what?..the bell..i have told your sister what I want for it”

[2012/10/12 15:37]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): Drawn

[2012/10/12 15:37]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): You hit NinaSwahn Resident

[2012/10/12 15:37]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): You hit NinaSwahn Resident

[2012/10/12 15:37]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): You hit NinaSwahn Resident

[2012/10/12 15:37]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): You hit NinaSwahn Resident

[2012/10/12 15:37]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): You hit liviajan Resident

[2012/10/12 15:37]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): You hit liviajan Resident

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: NinaSwahn Resident hit you with Holy Sword V. 3.2 (40%) – strike type: sword

[2012/10/12 15:38]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): You hit NinaSwahn Resident

[2012/10/12 15:38]  Ama Galaxy: .unleash

[2012/10/12 15:38]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): Sheathed

[2012/10/12 15:38]  *VF-Bow of the Lykin-bow-2.51-(Draw):  Drawn

[2012/10/12 15:38]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): Drawn

[2012/10/12 15:38]  *VF-Bow of the Lykin-bow-2.51-(Draw):  Sheathed

[2012/10/12 15:38]  Ama Galaxy: .unleash

[2012/10/12 15:38]  Primus Cayma Glaive Sword 3.1 (small): Sheathed

[2012/10/12 15:38]  *VF-Bow of the Lykin-bow-2.51-(Draw):  Drawn

[2012/10/12 15:38]  VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-5: liviajan Resident~direct

[2012/10/12 15:38]  VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-5: liviajan Resident

[2012/10/12 15:38]  VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-5: liviajan Resident

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: liviajan Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-11 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[2012/10/12 15:38]  VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-5: liviajan Resident

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: liviajan Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-11 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[2012/10/12 15:38]  VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-5: liviajan Resident

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: liviajan Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-11 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: liviajan Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-11 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[2012/10/12 15:38]  VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-5: liviajan Resident~direct

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: liviajan Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-11 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[2012/10/12 15:38]  VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-5: liviajan Resident

[2012/10/12 15:38]  VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-5: liviajan Resident

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: Region synchronized

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: Note: This region has weaker females option enabled.

[2012/10/12 15:38]  GM 4.2: Note: This region has stronger melee weapons.

[2012/10/12 15:39]  GM 4.2: You are falling. (18% fall damage)

[2012/10/12 15:40]  GM 4.2: Region synchronized

[2012/10/12 15:40]  GM 4.2: Note: This region has stronger melee weapons.

[2012/10/12 15:55]  Ama Galaxy with a sort of skip jumps to the boat, throws the captain a coin and waves a map his face, turns and wiggles fingers; bye

****RP sent by Liviajan****

[15:49]  liviajan Resident: / Me returns to the center of trade, seeing the bag that had the woman, seeing that opens the hood is in the closed again and he throws his shoulder undertaking the journey to the camp of Savella

[15:55]  liviajan Resident: / Me two coins to the boatman and teaches a map to take her to the camp of Savella

[15:56]  Teleport completed from Lake Ias (252,235,25)

[15:56]  GM 4.2: Region synchronized

[15:56]  GM 4.2: Note: This region has stronger melee weapons.

[15:57]  Script Checker liviajan Resident you have, Scripts : 33 (Running) / 34 (Total) – Script Memory : 1785 Kb

[16:00]  liviajan Resident: / Me goes to camp Savella, is directed towards the center of commerce and the bell out of the bag

[16:00]  liviajan Resident: / Me happy smiles

[16:01]  liviajan: Tal María

[16:01]  Maria: livi what are you do so alone here at the trade dock

[16:01]  liviajan Resident: here is your hood

[16:02]  Maria: my hood?

[16:02]  liviajan: your bell

[16:03]  Maria: o we have a new bell

The Luna now hear rumours of their bell being in Sa Vella hands, Marli summons her sisters around the camp fire to hatch a plan to get the bell back….

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Captured in Lake Ias [story]

“Death is at your back, in front of you, at your sides, underneath you, and above you, but the True Panther Girl will live on and walk through those barriers of death.”

Throughout that abominable world know as Gor.  Men ruled with an iron fist.  All women accepted it. Most women were contented with it. Some women even enjoyed it. However, far from the civilized world was an area in Lake Ias, two panther tribes lived there. The Di jan and the Luna Caleeng. The Luna Caleeng were a band of barbaric heathen girls or at least that was how their Askari overlords viewed them in the relentless pursuit to eradicate or enslave them.

They were panther girls, fearless and brutal in combat, merciful in victory. The Luna Caleeng  lived free of the shackles and whims of men. A man who ventured into their swamp had little zest for life or liberty. For once he was in the clutches of a Luna Caleeng  his life was forfeit, for they reversed Gorean law. Women reigned and men perished under the Luna Caleeng by whip or by spear.

They were led by a young woman named Marli, she was as beautiful in thought and deed as she was in face and form. She carried herself with pride and dignity.

It was a dangerous life. Their enemies left them little time to cultivate the small plot land in their camp. They lived by the hunt and by raiding caravans that crossed Lake Ias. A monthly affair, the hunt was a dangerous time for the Luna Caleeng, taking them away from the relative safety of their swamps. At risk from the Askari warriors they kept ever alert. None were safer than those who hunted with Marli. With her, most Askari men became their prey, slain or enslaved. One day though even Marli’s luck ran dry.

An ambush was set for her and her panthers. Outnumbered but not outmatched, she fought like a wild larl. She stayed behind fighting the many Askari warriors, desperately trying to let her own sisters escape into the swamps. With so many upon her she had no chance, so when once her spear was gone, broken into by a Askari warrior’s sword, she fought with her own hands till a noose was tied about her neck and she was dragged down to her knees.

They took her through the town of Siba as their prize. She was paraded in a wagon, bound to the cart, her hands up in the air, tied. The villagers threw rocks and pebbles and insulted her…

Through this all this she kept her head held high and didn’t say a word to no one. In the village center she was tied to a post and whipped senseless to reveal the location of her sisters camp. Again not a word passed her lips, not a cry of pain or shout of fright although the agony was beyond all understanding.

The wealthy villagers put her at night in the cages with the males thinking this would degrade her. The males did not hurt or touch her they just grumbled. Marli was strong of will and it was known she had killed many men,  so they knew better. They just insulted and mocked her.

So she squatted  not saying a word, ignoring everyone in cool silence, waiting for her chance to escape. Her captivity did not last long. Marli’s wits went far beyond those of her captors and she escaped. It is not important how she managed it. Maybe we shall chronicle her triumphant return one day, but for now let it be that she, with her cunning and guile outwitted the supposedly superior men of Askari.


Marli tears the note from the trade post , her features hardening with anger as she reads


We admire you for the patience and skill that you have established in your gardens. I am sure the veggies will taste wonderful

May the Priest Kings lead your path into our collars!

The Sa Nahele Panther girls

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