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Rarwwww-meow-Luna [RP]

Blah blah blah blah ….turtles and crackers b*shes…Nakies day in Lake Ias…..Sooo yea ill draw all pretty colours over ya’ll. . Make your own photo’s …lol. …I am only doing 3  on request, im only doing body shots too….. ❤




[06:31]  Marli smirks “another slave for the di jan”

[06:32]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: This little brat is a Gurbux like I

[06:32]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: I think we need to teach her a lesson

[06:33]  FAN: ohoh more bratts!

[06:33]  Leyla Gavilan: i think we let Wikk spank her niece….

[06:33]  Tig Gavilan: grins

[06:33]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: grabs Ash’s bow and flicks over my shoulder as i grab for a piece of rope wrapping around her ankles and ties off with a capture knot

[06:34]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: grabs a second piece and wraps around her wrists as i pull her hands behind her back tieing off with a capture knot

[06:34]  Alma Fushikizoh shouts: *Those outlaws really woke you up, didn’t they? I see you are keeping the odds up, what is it these days? 7 to 1?* she laughs out loud

[06:35]  Ashlyn Gurbux: hhhhuuuhhhh she moans as she wakes

[06:35]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: grabs a third piece of rope and wraps around her torso leaving a short length for a leash and ties off with a capture knot.

[06:35]  Ashlyn Gurbux: and finds herself bound

[06:35]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: bad bad Ash

[06:35]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she struggles agains the bonds and yelps out Ouch as she is spanked

[06:36]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: lets get in camp little one.

[06:36]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she turns her head for the voice is familiar

[06:36]  Ashlyn Gurbux: My auntie..it is you…you run with this mustart scum

[06:36]  Ashlyn Gurbux: mustard

[06:36]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ouch

[06:37]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: spanks my neice again as not having seen her since i was an outlaw..”these here are my sisters not scum..there is alot you need to learn young one!”..

[06:38]  Ashlyn Gurbux: I have not heard from you for so long…I thought you dead Auntie

[06:38]  Ashlyn Gurbux: it is good to know you are still alive

[06:38]  Ashlyn Gurbux: but as i can see not in very good company

[06:39]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: chuckles as i listen to my neice..”something you need to learn is Wikk will live forever and in the forests..who are you running with lately certainly not a real tribe like ours?”.

[06:40]  Ashlyn Gurbux: No..I keep much better company sister

[06:40]  Tamar Baxton: I would be upset with that one but she blonde and in your family she has enought problems i life wikk ” chuckles

[06:41]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: shakes my head..”have you been around my mother lately and been playing with her poisons because you really are delirious Ash”..shaking my head.

[06:41]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she looks up at the woman and flashes her teeth at her

[06:41]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: laughs at Tam

[06:42]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ouch…stop that Auntie

[06:42]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: spanks Ash a little harder..”don’t go flashing those teeth at Tam because i will bite you missy..respect my Tor or life will be hard for you when i give you to dad in a collar!”.

[06:43]  Ashlyn Gurbux: a collar..you know our family not wear collars

[06:44]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: laughs..”something you don’t realise Ash is if you misbehave our family slips the collar on and cages until we behave once again”..

[06:44]  Ashlyn Gurbux: My Poppy would not do such a thing to me

[06:44]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: looks to marli with a smile..”you want a playmate to sort out Marli?”.

[06:45]  Marli grins at Wikk “Is she a Sang Sar? then it would be my pleasure ”

[06:45]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: chuckles..”you don’t know your poppy very well then..maybe i will have a talk with him”..

[06:45]  Ashlyn Gurbux: yes..maybe you should

[06:46]  Ashlyn Gurbux: let me go

[06:46]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: nods to marli..”I know she used to be sis ..I still think she is but not sure”..passes the leash to Marli

[06:46]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ouch..she yelps

[06:46]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: ”now Ash you need to respect marli she is a EN.

[06:46]  Marli reaches for the leash and gathers it tightly

[06:47]  Tamar Baxton: seeing i saved the day again i am heading to camp

[06:47]  Ashlyn Gurbux: You pass me off…I thought we are family

[06:47]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: grins..”I didn’t just pass you off to just anyone!”..

[06:48]  Marli chuckles “the di jan and luna are like family”

[06:48]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: winks at marli..”one day my neice will realise this and join us!”..

[06:48]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she looks up at her auntie…I will speak with Poppy about this

[06:48]  A flock of well trained vulo shouts: “Someone’s coming.”, and squawks loudly

[06:49]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: daddy loves me and knows i put no family in harm’s hands.

[06:49]  Ashlyn Gurbux: and then turns to the one called marli..and flashes her a bright smile..so how about lettig me go

[06:50]  Marli grins down at Ash “you should be honoured , being the trophy of an EN,” she nods at Wikk “If she is smart she will join the stronger tribe ”

[06:50]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: Marli just careful of her teeth sis..she will bite.

[06:50]  Marli laughs “then if she does bite….I will smash her teeth out”

[06:50]  Ashlyn Gurbux: ooo she frowns

[06:51]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: shakes my head..”is the only way she will learn i am afraid!..take care marli and behave neice and you will be fine”..

[06:51]  Ashlyn Gurbux: where does she take me

[06:51]  Marli tilted her head and gathered the leash and prepared to drag her to camp

[06:51]  Marli: “To the swamps !”

[06:52]  Wikk Blackburn Gurbux: chuckles and heads to camp.

[06:52]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Swamps? you live in swamp

[06:52]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ouch…Ouch she yelps as she is dragged along behind her

[06:53]  Ashlyn Gurbux: untie my feet….pleeeeeeaaaasssse

[06:53]  Marli: call me Mistress then …..hehe

[06:53]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Mistress she says weakly..untie me please

[06:54]  Marli sneers “call yourself a panther ”

[06:55]  Marli looks down at the sang sar with a smirk on her face “Almost there”

[06:56]  Ashlyn Gurbux: almost where

[06:56]  Marli: in my lair….of course

[06:57]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she looks up from the ground she lies on..so this is your lair? giggles

[06:58]  Marli squats beside the sang sar huntress and grins “lets see what we have here ” Marli starts to remove the spear and places it to one side “this is my lair …..yes”

[06:59]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Hey..my auntie take my bow and you take my spear..it is as I have been told…you are all thieves

[07:00]  Marli removes the blowdart on the womans left thigh “hehe……correct we are all thieves in Lake Ias …..I will be taking the blow dart too ”

[07:01]  Ashlyn Gurbux: dammit she curses

[07:02]  Marli rolls Ash over so she can look in her face “You are very pretty ” she remarks , the caresses the woman’s left cheek

[07:02]  Ashlyn Gurbux: moves her face away from her caress

[07:04]  Marli chuckles when ash moves away , then her hand moves to her hip , she removes her nife from her sheath , Marli looks at the skirt , she slips her knife through the leathery material and cuts off the skirt

[07:04]  MF ~ Black Panther Skirt: Marlies Dasmijn approaches and takes off AshlynWainright Resident’s skirt

[07:05]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Hey..she wiggles her hips as best she can as the woman removes her skirt

[07:06]  Marli laughs sotly , Marli ignored the wriggling, actually it was kinda cute , she then tugged at the bra and cut through the bra straps and then tossed the bra to one side , adding it to the heap with the spear and the skirt

[07:07]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she looks back defiantly at the huntress

[07:08]  Marli winked , then raked her blade through Ash’s hair , examining nearly each strand of golden hair “mhm, so pretty ” she mused

[07:09]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she turns her head away from her..as she feels the blade in her hair

[07:10]  Ashlyn Gurbux: does the huntress always paint her body in such way?

[07:13]  Marli looked behind Ash ‘s ears too , she had once captured a huntress that had hidden a needle there once , Marli found nothing , she lifted an eyebrow “No , today is a special day….” she then looked at the boots , then slid her body down ash’s legs , her back to Ash , then Marli proceeds to remove the left and then the right boot , the pile off clothes complete now

[07:14]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Hey..you have all I have I am a poor huntress….why not just let me go on your special day

[07:15]  Ashlyn Gurbux: and next time you must tell me when this special day is ..i would enjoy see you in such way again..she giggles

[07:15]  Ashlyn Gurbux: naked and painted that is

[07:17]  Ashlyn Gurbux: I have learned my lesson today..you may tell my Auntie that and let me go

[07:18]  Marli shifted her weigth , then slithered her body around , she sat now on Ash’s belly , peering deeply into her eyes “You think these baubles , these rags , this spear is worth a damn thing?” she laughs out loud “of course not……its not enough to pay for your freedom…” she leans in closer , breathing in your scent “You sang sar’s are all sluts ”

[07:19]  Ashlyn Gurbux: a look of anger comes over her face…I am not slut…huntress

[07:19]  Ashlyn Gurbux: I give myself to no one

[07:20]  Ashlyn Gurbux: I am Gurbox and we are brave and strong

[07:20]  Ashlyn Gurbux: no slut for you to use

[07:21]  Marli tilts her head to one side “Oh? Verna told me quite differently ……mind if I test the theory” she grinned “not that you can say No….” she giggles insanely for a moment “You are tied up and all” her slender fingers sliding down the womans lower belly

[07:22]  Marli shouts: “who approaches ?”

[07:22]  Marli: Tal JJ !

[07:22]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she bites her lip in anticipation to what she feels is coming

[07:22]  jJenifer Violet: happy new years…oooh…is today painted day?

[07:23]  Marli: aye ….all di jan and luna ‘s are painted or naked today

[07:23]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she lifts her head to the sound of the womans voice

[07:24]  Ashlyn Gurbux: and smiles as the naked redheads naked body

[07:25]  jJenifer Violet shouts: ohh what we have here ? as she looks down at the bound woman…sniffs and sniffs the air…”HMM

[07:25]  jJenifer Violet: smells lik lauruis

[07:25]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grins at JJ “A Sang Sar …..one that needs to be taught a lesson in humility ”

[07:25]  jJenifer Violet: that unmistakable river smell

[07:26]  Ashlyn Gurbux: growls at her as she slumps back onto the ground

[07:27]  Marli smiles teasingly at Ash , her fingers starting to softly massage Ash’s lower belly “relax and you might enjoy this ”

[07:27]  jJenifer Violet: oooh…ok lets see….scratches her head a few times…Ok as she reaches into her pouch and pulls out some different vials of berries then places them down on the bround next to the woman and opens each one and places the cap down next to each file….Shall we sis?…winks

[07:28]  Marli turns her head to JJ , still massaging Ash in the never regions “Please do JJ, Im very curious about the vials you have there”

[07:29]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she pinches her legs together as she feels her touch upon her skin…she looks at the vials of berries…you mean to poison me?

[07:32]  jJenifer Violet: ok as she kneels down besides the bound ashly then grabs some berries out of one vila then places them in the palm of her hand then takes the heal of her other hand and priesses it into the berries smashing them then squishing them around as shre berries oose it’s berry juices out all over the [palm of her hand staining her hand then places the [almms of her hands covered with the berries and starts to smear them all over her body making pretty colored designs all over her naked body then does the same with the other vials of berries makoing all different colors over body then when finished stands up and admires her own work,.

[07:35]  Marli tickles Ash ‘s belly button , then leans in and kisses the left nipple softly , Marli then places some tender kisses on Ash’s right nipple , momentarily to preoccupied with Ash to notice what JJ was doing

[07:35]  jJenifer Violet: what ye think sis…humility?

[07:35]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she squrims as she woman paints her naked body…stop that she screams as she feels the various colored berris color her skin…

[07:36]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Humility..you paint my body as yours and you mean to humiliate me..what are you being punished for

[07:36]  Marli: ” mhm…..yes ” Marli opening her eyes and then giggles “Oh ! you painted her !”

[07:36]  jJenifer Violet: hahhaa…we aren’t, we decided to be like this, on your case…….laughs

[07:37]  Ashlyn Gurbux: her nipples grow hard to thier kisses as she tries to hide her excitement

[07:37]  jJenifer Violet: maybe we should go to her lands and paint the rest of her tribe sis

[07:38]  Ashlyn Gurbux: good luck … my sisters will enjoy two new painted slave girls

[07:39]  Marli growls and then slaps Ash hard accross the face , now no longer in a good mood after that comment

[07:39]  jJenifer Violet: hmmm…I wonder sis..since she is painted and it seeped into her skin and all, maybe if you force her to cum she will cum in pretty colors also?….giggles

[07:40]  Ashlyn Gurbux: the slap burns on her cheek..but she says nothing

[07:41]  Marli wriggled her ass on Ash’s legs “I dunno now sis……I need to get in the mood again” then starts to stroke Ash softly around the breasts

[07:42]  jJenifer Violet: hehehe…aye..that you do after a comment like that one

[07:42]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ashlyn tries to fight back the emotions as she feel her massage her ample breasts..her nipples stand erect and she waits to see what follows

[07:43]  jJenifer Violet: ooh btw sis…my Tor, tam has beencaptured in the woods some wheres then sold off to a city somewhere so if you hear anything

[07:45]  Marli traced a heart shape around Ash’s belly button with her fingernail , then glances at JJ “Of course sis , if I hear anything , I will let you know …..I hope your Tor isnt a drunk like mine …hehe”

[07:45]  jJenifer Violet moves over to Ashly then places her foot over her heat then qith the bals of her feet grinds into her heat softly rubbing it in a sence

[07:47]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ashlyn wiggles her naked body to the touch of her finger nail as she traces a heart upon her stomach..she squirms more as the huntress massages her heat with her foot…but since she is boudn it is all she can do

[07:48]  jJenifer Violet: with that she then angles her foot so her toes are down and the top ofer her foot is flat against her heat then wedges her foot down in between her legs so the top of her foot is smack right up against the whole of her heat now then starts to move her foot up and down over her heat

[07:49]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal En

[07:49]  jJenifer Violet: tal……giggles

[07:49]  Marli puckered her lips a little , then leant in places a tender kiss on the left nipple , having noticed it getting erect , Marli then heard a noise from the swamps , she looked up and smiles at her sister “Tal Lune ! we have a sang sar captive !”

[07:50]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ashlyn begins to purr softly to her touch

[07:50]  Lunellaa Destiny: Very nice

[07:50]  jJenifer Violet: Luna come here fr a second

[07:50]  jJenifer Violet: you to Hot

[07:51]  Hot Lavendel: Tall all :))

[07:51]  jJenifer Violet: stand on either side of me

[07:51]  Marli continued to play with the left nipple , placing soft wet kisses

[07:51]  jJenifer Violet: come Luna

[07:51]  Hot Lavendel wonders what she’s up to

[07:52]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ashlyn fights back the emotions she feels welling up inside her as she is played with..she closes her eyes and enjoys her kisses

[07:53]  jJenifer Violet: then they are both standing next to her she takes her hands which are still covered with all the different covered berries starts to smear her hands over the both of them and fast to painting thier bidies and trying not to laugh at ther san=me tie

[07:53]  jJenifer Violet: colored*

[07:53]  Hot Lavendel: eeeew?

[07:55]  jJenifer Violet: hehhee….can’t stop laughig as she still rubs Ashly’s heat and watches thier faces as they are paointed

[07:55]  Hot Lavendel: sheeesh…now look what you’ve done?…..i look like an easter egg

[07:55]  jJenifer Violet: hehehhe

[07:55]  jJenifer Violet: hehehhe

[07:56]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ashlyn laughs at her joke

[07:56]  jJenifer Violet: there…naked new years day…I think paint don’t count as clothes

[07:56]  jJenifer Violet: hhehehe

[07:57]  Hot Lavendel: if you ask me…we will be running targets like this…laughs

[07:57]  jJenifer Violet: heheh

[07:57]  Lunellaa Destiny: heheh

[07:57]  Marli grins

[07:57]  Marli: Tal Aanna !

[07:57]  Aanna: Tal all

[07:57]  Ashlyn Gurbux: give me a bow and let me test that theory

[07:57]  Hot Lavendel: Tal Aanna

[07:58]  Aanna: love the paint job

[07:58]  Hot Lavendel: its fruit jelly…you can lick it off sis

[07:58]  jJenifer Violet: hehehe…yes

[07:59]  Marli: “mhm……” Marli traces a wet lick over Ash’s breasts to see if its indeed flavoured

[07:59]  Aanna: looks as tho you’ve had an ” interesting” time

[07:59]  jJenifer Violet: I think I better run and hide now…you think sis?

[07:59]  Aanna: who’s that

[07:59]  Lunellaa Destiny: ohhh

[07:59]  jJenifer Violet: ooh anna step next to mer

[08:00]  Aanna poiting to the girl on the floor

[08:00]  jJenifer Violet: oh good, then proceeds to smear her hands of berry juices all over her to painting her

[08:00]  Aanna: grins

[08:00]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ashlyn turns her head as she samples the jelly on her nipples. She bites lower lip to hide her feelings

[08:01]  Marli: “she is ash…….a sang sar huntress……here to be humiliated ” she snickers

[08:01]  Hot Lavendel: is that why she’s all coverd in jelly?

[08:01]  Marli: yep

[08:01]  Aanna: and us

[08:01]  jJenifer Violet: hehehhe

[08:02]  Aanna: did she cover us

[08:02]  Marli: hehe

[08:02]  Aanna: grins

[08:02]  Ashlyn Gurbux: it is humility day today..here in this camp

[08:02]  Hot Lavendel: oooh thank , then how do you call this…ponts at herself licking some of the running jelly of her nipple

[08:02]  Lunellaa Destiny: hehehe

[08:02]  jJenifer Violet: hehehhe

[08:03]  jJenifer Violet: I guess the juices did stick to lune

[08:03]  Aanna: her eyes are closed – I think she may be sleeping lol

[08:04]  Feeneekas Resident shouts: dilan here

[08:04]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ashlyn lies till as they joke and talk…she feels the sticky jelly all over her body except for the part that has been licked away

[08:04]  Aanna: whos dilan?

[08:04]  Marli nuzzles her nose into Ash’s warm left breast “is possible sis ”

[08:05]  Lunellaa Destiny: Hot’s gonna enjoy licking her clean

[08:05]  Marli: hehe

[08:05]  Aanna: There’s a lot to lick

[08:06]  Aanna: need a big tongue

[08:06]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she flashes a sharp look at the woman as she rubs her nose agains her breast..some if it coming of and on to her nose

[08:06]  Hot Lavendel: well i will start with Marli coss there is a thing i wanna know

[08:06]  jJenifer Violet: I think kalana is gonna disapear for a bit by the priest kings

[08:06]  Branca Coba: Happy Nude Day !!!!!!!!!!

[08:06]  Hot Lavendel: she claims she’s not a nutral blobe and i want proog

[08:07]  Hot Lavendel: oooh excelent typing again

[08:07]  jJenifer Violet: we should go out and raid and be the painted tribe

[08:07]  Hot Lavendel: well thats what you get when you have a mouth full of jelly

[08:07]  Marli licks her lips , tasting the flavours , then glances up at Hot “Oooo… ?”

[08:07]  Aanna: that would be fun

[08:08]  Aanna: raiding in pait

[08:08]  jJenifer Violet: I know just where we can go to

[08:08]  Aanna: *paint

[08:08]  Aanna: oh where

[08:08]  Marli grins at JJ …..good idea

[08:08]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Yes..you should let me go and then go raiding

[08:08]  jJenifer Violet: well my sevret

[08:08]  Aanna looks down and d notices she’s trampling on the girl

[08:08]  jJenifer Violet: no…you are to be caged,,..we will bring you back some company fopr the cage…winks

[08:11]  Aanna: /kneels next to the girl

[08:11]  Aanna: hmm she is rather pretty

[08:11]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she looks back defiantly at the woman

[08:12]  Aanna runs her hand along the girls face

[08:12]  Aanna: “very soft” she says

[08:12]  Aanna stands

[08:12]  Aanna: “My En – could we not sell her?

[08:13]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she turns her face away from her touch..it seems all today find her pretty

[08:13]  jJenifer Violet: or just stick her on the cross till we return

[08:13]  jJenifer Violet: up here

[08:13]  Marli glances to Aanna “welllll……we do have a trade agreemnet with the slaver in Kamba ……Hot and Luna already traded with him too”

[08:14]  Hot Lavendel: yeah i wonder what has become of that male…grins

[08:14]  Lunellaa Destiny: Nods and he’s very welcoming to new slaves

[08:14]  Aanna: “Oh the cross sounds much better

[08:14]  Aanna grins

[08:14]  Ashlyn Gurbux: sell me…No..she fights against the bonds…I will not be sold like a bosk

[08:14]  Aanna: I could wait here with her

[08:15]  Aanna: make sure she’s safe

[08:15]  Aanna sniggers

[08:15]  Marli: hehe

[08:15]  Aanna: “Then we could sell her when I’ve made sure she’s been saved

[08:15]  Aanna laughs to herself

[08:16]  Aanna: “But perhaps not

[08:16]  Branca Coba: Kalana , Armando is shy and does not want to get nude , Make him plzzzz

[08:17]  Ashlyn Gurbux: Ashlyn lies still as they make jokes about her

[08:18]  jJenifer Violet: well…shall we go raid?

[08:18]  Aanna: yes – lets raid

[08:18]  Hot Lavendel: Sa Vella?

[08:19]  jJenifer Violet: stick her on this post here

[08:19]  jJenifer Violet: NOOO

[08:19]  Hot Lavendel grins

[08:19]  Aanna: but some where they are dressed – wont know what ‘s happened

[08:19]  Lunellaa Destiny: Giggles fun raid Moons

[08:19]  Hot Lavendel: hehehe

[08:20]  Marli wriggles her but deeper on to Ash’s belly “Your such a sweety , I could keep you, but only if you submitted your heart ” she sighs softly

[08:20]  Hot Lavendel: only 1 there

[08:20]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she looks her in the eye..I could never submit..I would dishonor my tribe and my famiily

[08:21]  Lunellaa Destiny smiles

[08:21]  Marli places a wet kiss on Ash’s nose “I had to ask…..but I understand ”

[08:21]  Aanna looks at he girl

[08:21]  Aanna: “Hmm well spoken

[08:22]  jJenifer Violet loosens her feet and helps her up onto them then backes her against the post and fastens her to it

[08:23]  Ashlyn Gurbux: No that you have covered me in this jelly and taught me humility will you let me go

[08:24]  Lunellaa Destiny: I think we should keep her a little longer after all she is cute

[08:24]  Aanna: We shouldn’t leave her covered in jelly. A terrible job but I dont mind staying and licking, oops I mean cleaning it off

[08:24]  Aanna licks her lips

[08:25]  Lunellaa Destiny sighs “Aanna always taking the fun jobs

[08:25]  jJenifer Violet: oooh….A panther lolly pop

[08:25]  Marli laughs

[08:25]  Ashlyn Gurbux: she feels her body being lifted and placed upon the stake

[08:26]  jJenifer Violet: ok, don’t go anywhere…winks at Ashly…we shall return with some company fpr you

[08:26]  Aanna thinks to herslef- that looks uncomfortable

[08:26]  jJenifer Violet: last one to the docks is a rotton bosk

[08:26]  Ashlyn Gurbux: let me go she screams as she kicks wildly

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Warrior Woman Has Fully Awoken!

Warrior Woman Has Fully Awoken!

This poem is dedicated to domestic violence against women. Sometimes it seems real life flows over into virtual life . When playing in SL Gor there is absolutely no need for men to be overly abusive and cruel towards female players. Imagine you are abusive to your sister or mother…..what kind of man does that make you?


This woman has been kind, gentle, and has much love, All of this has been given with the blessing of the Great Spirit above, But Great Spirit gave her something else and she didn’t know it… The Great Spirit gave her the blessing of being a warrior woman as now her light is lit!

This warrior woman has come fully alive today, She is no longer anyone’s slave or prey, She is taking back her life today, And those who know who she truly is, can stay. No longer will she live the lives of others, She will give back the blames and responsibilities of others where it belongs, For she also has the bear and wolf inside her, which is now so very powerful and uniquely strong.

The warrior woman now knows what road she must follow, For others it will be to hard to swallow. Her life was taken from her unknowingly many years ago, And this warrior woman is taking back her life before the next winds blow.

Oh Sister Moon you give me the strength as a warrior woman to conquer what’s on my path, high above and way beneath, and the much needed strength to take on the wrath.

This warrior woman is fully awakened and is taking a stand, taking the problems by the horns with my hand. I will conquer all that is there, all and who comes as they dare.

Warrior woman has fully awoken, and many will see that they were mistaken in robbing her of her life. They as a thief, Warrior woman will conquer and have no grief!

This warrior woman will protect her people, her son, and those who need her. If anyone hurts them, look out! They will hear a GGGGGGRRRRRRRRR, As they run and shout!

This warrior woman is taking back her life, taking back the respect that was taken from her throughout the years ever so slow. This warrior woman is removing pain and hurt from within the heart caused by the knife, from all those who are both family and foe.

I am claiming what’s mine, and my dignity, From those who live in this society of vanity. I am claiming back in full my heritage. And as a warrior woman, I am going to clean up many years of carnage.

For now standing in front of you, you see this warrior woman… you see me. Someone special has taught me to be free, From this day forward for me no more slavery… Gentleness, kindness, and love is part of me, and so is my dignity. This is NOT WEAKNESS, as others believe. But this strength is within me and within you.

I will listen to the spirits and grow, I will travel in the whispering winds as they blow. All the work I now do will be for Our People and all nations, I will protect and guide the future generations.

Now it is time for me to travel on my new path, As a warrior woman conquering all wrath. If you ever see and want to meet me, Please come, and I will also teach and share with you how to be free.

Poem copyright © Lady J-Ann Lady J-Ann has dedicated this piece to Survivors of Domestic Violence.

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Panther girls are sexually attractive to men , I suppose most men see panthers  as strippers in pelts with face lights that could light up the deepest caverns of Hrimgar……

For most female players choosing the role of panther girl, it  means they can show off some skin  and  look sexy, without having to sit in nadu all day and slinging puny rocks whilst dressed in a silky camisk.

There is however a change taking place in the raiding patterns on SL Gor, it is becoming noticeable that warrior and mercenary groups are raiding the panthers less, largely due to mistrust between both groups. So why is there so much distrust lately towards panther girls from Free Women and in particular Free Men? There used to be a time that warrior men would charge into a panther camp, bind up the panther girls and drag them back to their lands. Once there an IM would open and terms of capture  would be discussed between the warrior and the panther. Then the role play would start.  Nowadays , the men charge in, hogtie the panthers , then charge right out again.

Some women, tired of being hit on all the time by their sisters,  have started leaving panther groups and are joining outlaw groups.  Some men complain that role play with panthers just isn’t fun anymore. If the man captured a panther, the first thing she would do is get into his IM’s and curtly explain that she wasn’t into men, leaving him with limited RP possibilities. If the panther captured the man, he generally had a couple of hours of very unpleasant torture to look forward to. The result is that the word spreads amongst the men in the warrior groups and panther tribes are avoided.  Read  The degredation strip [Background info,RP]  on how panther girls should role play with male captives.

There is another reason why men are avoiding RP with panthers.  The panther role seems to be attracting male players…..yes…you heard it right…..male players!….like ewwww!  Not content with being restricted to she male tribes they are now infiltrating all female panther tribes!  There is now a term for men playing panthers , they are called manthers….they are a man…get it…MAN-ther . And this disturbs many male players as they do not want to capture and to role play with another man.  The result is an RP environment lacking in trust with men  seldom intimate with panther girls. The solution would be that these “other panthers” of Gor clearly mention in their profile that they are men in RL.  That they are playing the female role but are not a RL female….it could solve the current mistrust.  According to the website for the Gorean Meter, one of the combat meters for SL Gor, there are 14,223 regions taking part in Gor with 6,338 listed male avatars and 10,124 listed female avatars. Clearly more females than males ,imagine if just  50% were gender swappers ?  For gender roles please also read :  Gender roles in Second Life Gor [Background info]

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The Female of the Species [Rant, Poem]

Yeah,  I’m a female gamer<3 ….. A girl gamer , not a gamer girl.  So I was online in SL Gor today.…

Fair warning this is a rant so if you dont wanna read it just keep scrolling down to the next post or the poem.

I don’t understand where this sterotype of every female gamer comes from , that female gamers being one or all of the following : fat, ugly, lonely house wife or has  no social life.

I would like to say that I am a female gamer. I have many friends who aren’t gamers.  I have a full time job, unlike  most of the guys saying this shit to me in IM’s , so  yeah I might not be a Victoria’s Secret Model,  but I can’t complain about the attention I get.  I have a sweet partner who loves me and is cool with my SL Gor addiction.

So just because you lost to a girl online doesnt mean you have to say nasty shit to me.

That is all….now you can read the poem…

The Female of the Species

WHEN the Himalayan peasant meets the he-bear in his pride, He shouts to scare the monster, who will often turn aside.  But the she-bear thus accosted rends the peasant tooth and nail. For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

When Nag the basking cobra hears the careless foot of man, He will sometimes wriggle sideways and avoid it if he can. But his mate makes no such motion where she camps beside the trail. For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

When the early Jesuit fathers preached to Hurons and Choctaws,  They prayed to be delivered from the vengeance of the squaws.  ‘Twas the women, not the warriors, turned those stark enthusiasts pale. For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Man’s timid heart is bursting with the things he must not say, For the Woman that God gave him isn’t his to give away; But when hunter meets with husbands, each confirms the other’s tale— The female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Man, a bear in most relations—worm and savage otherwise,—Man propounds negotiations, Man accepts the compromise. Very rarely will he squarely push the logic of a fact To its ultimate conclusion in unmitigated act.

Fear, or foolishness, impels him, ere he lay the wicked low, To concede some form of trial even to his fiercest foe. Mirth obscene diverts his anger—Doubt and Pity oft perplex  Him in dealing with an issue—to the scandal of The Sex!

But the Woman that God gave him, every fibre of her frame Proves her launched for one sole issue, armed and engined for the same; And to serve that single issue, lest the generations fail,  The female of the species must be deadlier than the male.

She who faces Death by torture for each life beneath her breast  May not deal in doubt or pity—must not swerve for fact or jest. These be purely male diversions—not in these her honour dwells— She the Other Law we live by, is that Law and nothing else.

She can bring no more to living than the powers that make her great  As the Mother of the Infant and the Mistress of the Mate. And when Babe and Man are lacking and she strides unclaimed to claim  Her right as femme (and baron), her equipment is the same.

She is wedded to convictions—in default of grosser ties; Her contentions are her children, Heaven help him who denies!— He will meet no suave discussion, but the instant, white-hot, wild, Wakened female of the species warring as for spouse and child.

Unprovoked and awful charges—even so the she-bear fights, Speech that drips, corrodes, and poisons—even so the cobra bites, Scientific vivisection of one nerve till it is raw And the victim writhes in anguish—like the Jesuit with the squaw!

So it comes that Man, the coward, when he gathers to confer With his fellow-braves in council, dare not leave a place for her Where, at war with Life and Conscience, he uplifts his erring hands To some God of Abstract Justice—which no woman understands.

And Man knows it! Knows, moreover, that the Woman that God gave him  Must command but may not govern—shall enthral but not enslave him. And She knows, because She warns him, and Her instincts never fail,  That the Female of Her Species is more deadly than the Male.

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)

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An “alt” or alternate account is easily set up in SL and works alongside your main or primary account . There can be many reasons to get one. I use my alternate account as a piggy bank for my Lindens and as a backup for  my main account. I just wish sometimes that I could transfer inventory like clothes from one avatar to another, but that only works for a limited number of “transfer“ clothes.  Like ,why is that? Both accounts are mine and I have paid for the clothes , yet I can’t transfer them. idk.

Perhaps you need a change…lol…  and want to try something different, then a “alt” account can help you do that. Ok, like another thing is the abuse of “alt” accounts in roleplay and in panther tribes, we discuss that too……

 One of the coolest things about SL Gor  is the chance it gives you to be somebody else. What would your life be like if you were a Free Woman in a city? Would it really be fun to be a slave in a busy tavern? Could you be a successful tribal leader?

The ease with which you can become a different person carries some moral risks though. How often have you committed some  blunder in real life, and wished that you could turn back the clock  and start over? In SL Gor, you can do just that and many players do.

Tired of being reminded that you were once a slave? Wish you had been a panther girl right from the start?  No problem…just make an alt…..and start over.

An “alt” is an alternate Second Life account. It’s easy to make one, just go to the SL website and sign up the way you did when you created your first account. You can even give them the same RL information; you may have up to five SL accounts, by Linden Lab’s policy.

Using an panther girl alt to join other tribes by joining as a pledge is wrong, so please don’t do this.  I know it’s tempting to use an panther girl alt as a spy and there are some players that do this. Using their panther girl alt to aid their main in an escape or trading their main free, it’s just silly.

Also please don’t use your alt to create drama. Sometimes a panther alt will be used  to try to tempt one’s free companion into infidelity, or to harass a another player over and over.

Second Life is a virtual world, but it’s full of real people. Our interpersonal relations are just the same here as in RL. No difference. No difference. In this respect SL  Gor is not a game, it’s another part of life, and we can use it to become better people, or worse.

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Panther girl fashion [Background info]

Getting that oh so important fashion statement look for your panther girl. Being more than a pretty face . You see,  unlike some panther girls , Marli is not always an angry woman who cant find decent pelts whilst living in the swamps…She has her own distinctive style …..She call’s  it Steampunk Panther Girl….. 


 She has quite an extensive wardrobe and mixes and matches all her outfits….she hates off the peg outfits because they lack originality…it also avoids that oh so embarrasing moment of deja vu, like seeing another panther in the same outfit….Kinda reminded of  real life moment.  So I walked over to another flex area at work. Then it happened.  As I left, I saw some one behind her laptop  wearing the exact same skirt I was wearing at that exact moment. Lol….so what are you supposed to do in this situation? Do you acknowledge the fact that you and this person had the same answer to, “What should I wear today?” or try to ignore it? Of course, I was lucky in that I was heading to another part of the office building. It would have been worse if we were in the same place for an extended period of time…I guess I should look at this positively…cause obviously we both have great taste;)

❤  Do you like what she is wearing? then have some shopping fun and check out these great stores in SL ❤

Hair:  Truth hair  Cady
Skin:  *Hush*  Skin Hanna – Smoked Fire Caramel

!SHADE! Steampunk micro skirt (I got my try hard skirt on – lol)
* Long Branch * Steampunk corset

[knickknack] leggings

*Mixx*  feathers


!SHADE! Steampunk Goggles

Claws and beads healer necklace (this was made to order by Wendy Foxchase)

LR Weapons zen bow
LR Weapons narsil blade
LR Weapons kirikay spear

Boots & long furry  gloves from * Mays *  Soul panther strap

★AO Poses★
taisaya**Sweet girl AO(ZHAO-II MB2) & Vista Animations AO Bad girl


★★★Elle’s World★★★

Panther Girl LOTD 091511-2

Ok, I have to say the prettiest outfits and photographs I have ever seen of panther girls is on Elle’s fantastic internet site. So like, get inspired and check her out on:


Panther LOTD 091511-1

★★★Gorean freebie market★★★

Ok, new to SL Gor and short on cash?  No worries, read on……

Gorean market with freebees

Anyone travelling around Gor knows that one finds more markets and places where one can buy things than one ever could need..

So.. why visit this Gorean Market?

Personally I am rather fond of the Gorean Free Woman outfits and Panther outfits. Also the rugs, cuddling poses, beds… they have a lot here. For new panthers to SL Gor it’s the first place I direct them too.

For the males …. Yes, some nice things for you too. You might be somethimes lesser off on other places, but not here.

It is hard to find good Gorean freebees, and also for the non-Goreans amongst us, they have nice stuff. Don’t expects lots and lots here, but you’ll find quality.

★Gorean Panther Girls how they SHOULD dress:

– Belly Button Covered
– Short Tunic
– Forest Panther Hides
– Golden Adornments
– Weapons: Bow, Spear, Knife, Club, Axe

★Gorean Panther Girls how they SHOULD NOT dress:

– Earrings, piercings, brandings, tats…..all these can be interpreted as being slavish….

– Huge swords…..sorry, but you aren’t strong enough to carry one….lol

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When you start as a player in SL Gor, at one point or another you will hear the terms Godmod, metagaming , IC and OOC.  So what do these terms mean?


What is God modding ? It’s actually correctly called “godmoding”, in reference to the “god mode” you can enter in a computer game to become invincible.

In roleplay, it means trying to exert too much control over the plot and other characters, usually because the player has no concept of in character or out of character and is there to “win” and satisfy their ego rather than be creative and collaborative. Examples:

1) Invincibility
Creating a character so powerful and invulnerable that it cannot take any damage, be incapacitated or hindered, lose a fight, feel pain etc.

2) Dictating other players’ responses
Swinging a punch and telling the other player that they are down, that they are unconscious, cut, dead or whatever. In sexual roleplay, it might mean dictating someone else’s level or signs of arousal.

3) Impossibility
Drawing a knife when your hands are tied. Pulling a bow out of your rectum when you’re on the ground and hogtied (I wish I were making this up). Drawing a bow out of your rectum at all, come to that. Being held by the hair and with a knife at your throat but whizzing round and slapping your captive and disarming them.

4) Just plain silliness
Taking the plot to  avoid your character having to suffer a misfortune too weak for your manly fictitious self. Being shot at and deflecting the arrow with a shield so that it flies back up the bow! Again, I wish I were making this up.

5) Forcing the plot 

Anything that is used to let one character force the plot and does not enable the story to be a properly collaborative effort with plausibility.

It’s annoying, anti-social, counterproductive and makes you look stupid. Nobody thinks the godmoder is strong, hard, cool or intelligent. We think you have no consideration, no understanding of roleplay and no intelligence whatsoever. Please don’t do it.

When you do talk to these players, remember to do it diplomatically. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being picked on, so don’t come down too heavy on the offending player. There’s a good chance they just don’t realize what they’re doing is a problem. Like everyone else in the game, they’re putting in a lot of effort when writing their posts, and thinking up ideas for stories, so they’ll likely be insulted if you say it’s all crap. Make them realize that it would be better if they did it some other way, and make them realize. They’ll think you’re trying to help them, and not punish them.


Let’s use Moana  as an example. Imagine she has just walked into the Lakes, dressed  as a Free Woman. You have never seen, or even heard of her before.
The key to this is keeping everything ‘real’. When we are in-world, in character, then as far as we are concerned everything is ‘real’ and Moana here is real too. And if we are all real, then all the writing floating in the air above Moana’s head simply doesn’t exist.

The first and most important bit of meta-gaming is also the hardest. You have to try as hard as you can to pretend that that writing simply isn’t there on your computer screen.

You can’t see Moana’s name. So unless you have already met her, or someone else has, (icly) told you she is a Free Woman, then you don’t know what her name is. You can’t see her tag, you can’t see her meter. You don’t know she is a FW. This is really a lot harder than it looks, because the people sitting behind keyboards HAVE seen all this stuff and it’s really hard to ‘unsee’ it – which is what makes this so difficult. Add to that that you can click on her profile and read her SL details.

Some people have great difficulty trying to remember what they know ICly and what they don’t. One way of solving this problem is to have an awful memory ICly. Other people use pen and paper, or note cards to keep track. Or you might just have a really awesome memory.

Also, if this is real (and remember, that’s the effect we’re going for), if you try to right click Moana, she’ll punch you in the face. So her profile doesn’t exist, and in fact nothing you can read anywhere in the real world exists either unless it’s been said in open chat, or specifically marked as IC. Her back-story doesn’t exist.

So that all sounds simple right? Just pretend the stuff doesn’t exist. But as we know, it’s not that easy is it? It can’t be that easy, otherwise 50% of Moderator calls wouldn’t be for meta-gaming.

So let’s approach the problem from another direction. Here are some strategies that help make the ‘meta-gaming’ problem go away:

1. Open your eyes

Look at Moana, remembering that you don’t know her from a bar of soap. You can garnish a whole ton of information, simply by looking at her…..

For example what? (Look carefully and you might notice the veil, the gown, lack of visible weapons . .and maybe other things too)

…. Some people also have abilities beyond vision – they can detect smells, auras etc. But please be very careful as this verges on god-moding.

2. Listen

As you can see, you figured out a whole heap just by looking carefully. Imagine what you’re going to learn once Moana opens her mouth.

3. Use IM

If you are going to make a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style deduction, (in other words if you are jumping beyond the obvious ‘I see you are wearing a blue dress, so now I know you are a scribe’ ) it’s good manners to IM the person first, and tell them what you are planning to do. Doing this will smooth a lot of waters, and if the person is unhappy, then you can talk about it calmly before problems arise

. . . . and (here’s the biggest source of Moderator calls) please please please try not to clutch successfully at too many straws… too often  people make huge logical leaps, and consistently reach the correct conclusion. We all know people like this, and they aren’t much fun to rp with, are they? Always ask yourself if the (correct) conclusion that you have reached is truly valid, based on all the evidence, or is it just an excuse to meta-game?


If you ask Moana if she’s a Free Woman she’ll quite possibly tell you the truth. Then again, she might not. Figuring out the difference is fun rp. And don’t forget to ask other people too, but again, don’t forget that they might be lying too

IC and OOC:

IC (in character), means the things that relate to you when you are playing the role you have chosen.

OOC (Out of character) means the things that relate to the person at the keyboard. In other words, things that relate to your real life, as opposed to your character’s life.

It’s important to take a step back and try to remember that in SL Gor, we are playing roles which may or may not bear any relationship with our real lives.

If we go back to ‘Moana’ who we have used as an example , she is completely different in real life from the character she plays in the game. In real life she is a gentle patient and forgiving person. In contrast, the character she plays is arrogant beyond belief, bloodthirsty, and violent. In other words, a complete and utter cow.

ICly, Moana acts and behaves in accordance with her own motivators, her own beliefs, her own back-story, and her own knowledge. When you meet Moana in-world, she will be 100% IC. Conversely, when you IM her, your conversation will be an OOC one, and you’ll be talking with the player at the keyboard.

For roleplay to work well, players need to keep clear boundaries between these two worlds. Allowing overlap between OOC and IC destroys the authenticity of role-play.

Another even bigger issue is the potential for drama that results from OOC/IC bleed.  Moana is not a nice person, the RL person is. When Moana cuts your fingers off and whips your slave , remember that it’s Moana’s doing that (she’s playing a role), not the RL person. IC conflict is brilliant roleplay. After your character loses her fingers, she’ll probably hate Moana with a passion and take every possible opportunity for revenge. If however, you, the player at the keyboard decide that you also now hate the player at Moana ‘s keyboard, and (for example de-friend her), then not only is that stupid, but it’s an almost inevitable trigger for drama.

Why is it stupid?: It’s stupid because it’s just like the movies. When we watch a film, most of us are able to separate actors from the roles they play in films. For example I don’t think Alan Rickman is really a Professor at Hogwarts, or that Kate Beckinsdale is a vampire. People don’t spit in Hugh Grant’s face because he was horrid to Bridget Jones. Remember that SL Gor is no different, and that it is no more ‘real’ than a film. It’s true that it is harder because in role-play you are much more personally invested in what’s happening, but the principle is exactly the same.

So keep OOC and IC separate and try to keep your personal feelings and emotions out of your roleplay.


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