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Most of the men I meet in SL Gor drawn to Gorean lifestyle are either seriously afraid of women (and thus desire to hurt and subjugate the thing they fear) or men who like the kinky aspect of the spanky/slavery stuff, but at heart are just nice guys who’d like a girl to make their coffee and cosely warm up their bed. The fact that upon admitting to a BTB city male  that I was a Panther Girl I was threatened with TWO “force collars” indicates just how far down the rabbit hole some of these men are. Turns out, in real life, you can’t just go kidnap a woman, slap a brand and a collar on her and call her yours !  As much as most  Gorean men  wish that were the case, but these BTB guys–jeez. They took themselves way too seriously !

Collaring [Background info,RP] 

// What is your name and identity? If you’re a woman practicing a Gorean lifestyle, you don’t have one. You identity is kajira, a slave, and you serve a master, who orders you to do whatever he pleases. You have no rights and never address yourself as “I” or “me” – instead, you address yourself as “master’s slave”. Refusal to do this results in punishment, usually a whipping. Would it surprise you that many women in America today practice this lifestyle willingly? This is a sobering look into the sexualized lifestyle of Gor: Gor’s bookish beginnings, why Goreans think slavery is necessary, living as a Gorean slave, and the controversy surrounding it, including stories of abuse and death.

How Gor Started
In 1967 John Norman (real name John Frederick Lange Jr.) released a book called Tarnsman of Gor, a book detailing life on Gor and its inhabitants. This turned into a series with 26 books in print today, called Chronicles of Gor. His books are carefully detailed that explain everything from Gorean food to Gorean rituals, and focus on adventures in Gor and the natural role of genders. Gorean philosophy believes that men have a natural drive to dominate women; women have a strong desire to submit to men and give up their rights. Women are either free or enslaved, but free women can be enslaved at any time.

Philosophy of Gorean Slavery
Here is Gorean philosophy concerning slavery of women:

– As stated before, Goreans believe that women have a natural desire to be slaves. Every woman has this desire.
– Also, they believe that women have a huge desire to please men. They strive for perfection. They want to be submissive. Women want to be controlled by men. A man’s word is final.
– Gor strictly believes in the ‘natural order’. There aren’t any exceptions to this rule. Men always dominate, women always submit.
– All women ‘beg the collar’ (desire a master). Women slaves are collared once owned and beg to be owned, according to Gorean philosophy. Here is an excerpt from Marauders of Gor explaining this view:

It is the nature of the female to submit; accordingly, it is natural that, when she is forced to acknowledge, accept, express and reveal this nature, that she should be almost deliriously joyful, and thankful, to her master; she has been taught her womanhood.” – Marauders of Gor, Pg. 155
– Masters consider their slaves property. They are to keep their property in top condition. If slaves don’t meet their standards, they are disciplined. This involves punishment, including imprisonment and whippings.
– Although Gorean philosophy says that all women have rights, free women can be enslaved at any time.
– Beautiful slaves are prized the most. If slaves are not beautiful, both in looks and personality, they are killed or do menial work.

Additionally, there isn’t much evidence of a traditional family in Gor. There is only a master and slave relationship. Free women are not slaves but they obey all men’s orders, because men are naturally stronger than women.

Rights of Gorean Slaves
Followers of Gor believe Gorean slaves have rights of being a woman. They want to perform, act, and be a woman. Being a woman, according to Gorean philosophy, is pleasing a man in various ways.

Here are other rights of Gorean slaves:

– Once you are a Gorean slave, you lose all human rights. Anything you did before enslavement is erased from your past. You are not to talk about it, since your identity is kajira, a slave.
– Slaves aren’t seen as people. They are, according to Gorean followers, human animals.
– Masters make decisions for them. They lose rights to their name. Their master chooses their name, although slaves are not allowed to refer to themselves by name.
– Their master can discipline or destroy their property at any time. Gorean law fully supports this.
– A kajira’s only goal in life is to bring pleasure and comfort to their master.
– There are different types of women slaves. Some slaves purely serve as sexual objects, while others are masterful at cooking.
– Slaves do not question anything. They do as they are told. Refusal to do anything results in discipline.
– Slaves must strive for perfection.
– Not only must slaves do their work well, but it must be done in a feminine, graceful way that expresses their sexuality.
– Gorean women retain the right to refuse slavery. If a master wants to enslave a woman and she refuses, however, she may be killed.

Types of Gorean Slaves
Here are the types of Gorean slaves.

White Silk Slaves: A woman slave who hasn’t lost her virginity. This is indicated by tying a white ribbon to her collar.
Red Silk Slaves: A woman slave that has had sex. This is indicated by tying a red ribbon to her collar.

These are how slaves are usually separated. From there they are separated into these categories:

Pleasure Slave. A slave trained in the arts of pleasure, including slave dance, slave positions (note: these are not sexual positions, but positions used in their culture), cooking, being pleasant, and sexual services.
Passion Slave. A slave trained and used for sexual services only.
Feast Slaves. A slave that serves food along with other personal services decide by their master.
Serving Slaves. A slave usually owned by a woman master. They prepare warm baths, help remove clothing, comb hair, and complete most domestic chores.
House Girls. Same as Serving Slaves, but they only complete domestic chores. They are owned by Masters.

This does not include all categories. Gorean slaves typically wear a tunic and a collar.

Controversy Over Gor
In the 1980s Norman’s Gor series was banned from bookstores and libraries. Feminists viewed his books as extremely misogynistic and petitioned against him, succeeding. Norman stopped the series in the 90s but returned when Gor was recognized in the BDSM community, where the Gorean lifestyle started.

Followers of the Gor series have applied Gorean teachings to their life, resulting in the Gorean lifestyle. In May 2006 an apartment in Darlington, England was raided by police, uncovering a sex cult directly influenced by Gor. The enslaved women said they participated willingly.

Gor Ruined One Woman’s Life
In July 2004 A. Vandis ran away to northern Illinois to participate in a Gorean lifestyle with a master she met online. Just weeks away from her senior year of high school, she dropped out. Living with another woman who was enslaved under him, she was repeatedly whipped and raped by her master for 3 months, unable to contact anyone because of no telephone access. She escaped in December 2004 but ran away to live with another master in Kentucky. Vandis returned home in March 2006 to receive therapy. She suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Anorexia Nervosa, which occurred from her treatment in Illinois. She successfully completed her GED but decided to find another master in July 2007 and is currently missing. She is possibly dead.

Why Do Women Choose Gor?
There are many theories, but the most common one is their desire to be submissive – to have a master control her life. This is known in the BDSM culture itself, so it’s not uncommon. Other theories are history of sexual abuse and manipulation (some Gor masters manipulate women to join them). Either way, most Gor slaves agree that they willingly participate in this.

For more information about Gor, visit Wikipedia’s entry on Gor.

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When thinking about panther camps for a group to move in to , there are three options. One , find a sim with a ready-made panther camp on it. Two,  find a builder and have them build you a camp on sim. Three build your own camp on sim……some sim owners offer free land in exchange for bringing in traffic

henchmen_012a crappapoop camp

1. Building your own panther camp:

So let me start with a tale of woe.  If you are going to build a camp at least know what you are doing! or get some professional help !  I was once asked by a vague friend who was En  (you know the type that sends out a friend request and then you never hear from again)  if I would consider being her Se, naturally at first I was flattered. The sim she had chosen was a BTB sim named “Greyfalls” with a city close by , the sim owners were very nice and thought a panther camp on sim would create extra traffic. The first week she started to build the camp I already had misgivings, instead of a panther camp the place looked like an ugly fort , I mean there were gates and tunnels and caves littered around the camp. Then she built dungeons and living quarters that literally caused lag because she used so many prims. Finally she built a moat and various traps around the camp.  I had no experience about building panther camps but my gut feeling was already telling me that this camp sucked !  So, some weeks pass and we had recruited like 10 sisters and were ready to fight off raids. The comments ….we got went something like this ….welcome to Noobville, where they do everything they can so not to lose……what crappapoop  panther camp….now to everyone who does not have a brain, this doesn’t look too bad. To people who got a brain, it looks like shite……Like I said , the sim owners were too nice , they let her have free hand at building this noob panther castle. After a month complaints start coming in to the admins about this camp. The En had a melt down and it ended in drama and her being ejected from sim. I later found out she had restarted her tribe in another sim and building another crappapoop camp…..

2. Find a sim builder:

8191328530_0015abc493_ba realistic panther camp

Fast forward to Luna Caleeng and Lake Ias. We were very lucky that the previous En of Luna Jerag and our Elder Twig are experienced panther camp builders. It truly is a unique camp in terms of design and feel. Truly one of the few panther camps that can claim to have been built in a swamp. There are no gates , the swamp acts as a natural defence.  Mars Sirbu was the first to introduce the fish bowl to a panther camp back in the day , and the current camp design allows for easy defence. For attackers the swamp is confusing as they have to traverse a myriad of paths to get close to our lair. ….

…..Camp design choice is usually made by the owners of the group and or by its leaders, the group tries it first by getting mock raids to it …fixes what needs to be fixed and then play with it by getting raids or rescues and so on …

The raiders,  other panther groups always find something to comment about that they don’t like. Then it gets back to the group in question and they have to decide whether to bend over to the peer pressure or not …

Looking at most panther camps the designs are very similar,  most are made of levels , most have gates , some have tunnels systems and so on …all have tree huts …basically the same routine all over GE gor…

You see, to each their own taste, we at Luna Caleeng are a swamp panther tribe …you can choose to raid us and get lost in our swamp , if you can’t handle that and are a cry baby because you can’t handle the challenge.. take a left turn and pass us by to go raiding groups with  boring pew pewers …however those that persist will find good RP awaiting them.

3. Find a ready made panther camp:

Panther Camp’s are some times offered for free on a sim and are ready made…..

The new panther camp is waiting for its owner in the middle of the beautiful Northern Forest. The camp will host a tribe with 15 sisters and each will have an amazing hut over the trees. They will sleep with the song of wind and wake up with the warmth of sun… They will get out from their huts and smell the freedom… They are the beautiful survivers of the forests…. They are Panther Girls…The next thing we will add to northern forest will be an outlaw camp… We must not leave the girls alone in the forest… winks

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Creating a character for  role play can be frustrating if you are new to it. You want them to feel realistic so that your audience or fellow role players will find them interesting. Some of the development comes over time, especially if you role play. My character started as Mia in 2009, then when I decided that I enjoyed the panther role the most she became Marli in 2010, the previous history resigned to the dustbin of SL Gor.  Marli has been fleshed out since then as a stand-alone character.  However you can start with a fairly deep character if you take some time to think certain things through.


Create the general information for your character. This is just a few short statements about your character.
Flesh out your character a bit, and give thema sense of presence. You will be explaining  personality, appearance and the like. For the appearance, you can either upload a picture from Second Life (upload to computer is free , uploading a picture to Second life costs 10 Lindens).

Add more specific character traits such as: Appearance: Personality: Likes: Dislikes:
Give your character a background to explain why they are the way they are. This can be as short or as long as you like, but the longer the description, the more complex the character is, which makes the character all the more interesting. Insert a couple lines and add to the outline these following points: History: Relatives: Relations to other characters: Status: Weapons: Other information:
Submit a sample of your RP along with your character profile. Make a separate line for this, apart from the outline itself. Title the subject “RP Sample” and write away. This sample is like handing in a resume. The sample shows people what your abilities and skills are like as a role player and just how into detail you can get. It’s best to make your sample show what your character is like. Think of it as writing out your first post. Remember, first impressions are the key.
No “God Moding.” What this means is that your character should not be completely invincible. Your character shouldn’t be the best of the best without any flaws or faults whatsoever. To make sure your character is not a Xena Warrior  Princess of SL Gor. One example I came across recently was a  panther I role played with  , she may have been a pledge or new but I’m not sure. Her profile read as follows, she had military training on earth as special ops , she had a medical background, and was a famous sports woman back on Earth. When she was kidnapped from Earth she was not enslaved because she kicked ass in the space craft, once on Gor she was allowed to practice as a full physician, because she had special ops training she quickly found a panther tribe to join and quickly rose up the ranks due to her medical and military background on Earth. Needless to say , when she was captured by us and tortured , she felt no pain because of her military training , at least that was her excuse 😛

First determine where your character was located. Was it a Gorean city? Was it with Panthers? Or with mercenaries? Are they from Earth? Or are they pure Gorean? .

Then you can write out a background for them. This is what helps really make them who they are. Start at the begining. Where were they born? Who were their parents? Was their childhood happy or sad? What did they accomplish? What major events shaped their personality? Even just a general setting gives you a base to begin your characters personality. Get inspiration from the Gor novels or from other people in SL Gor.
Finally you can choose a name for your character. Make a name that is unique but also realistic. A name like Felonious Darkblade could work for an evil warriors name. Or you can avoid any clues to their character by using a name like Desiree. It is up to you. I would avoid names for role play like PinkBubblePanther unless you really do not want to be taken seriously.
source: http://www.ehow.com/how_2276959_deep-character-role-playing-book.html

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“She opened her eyes, and shook her head. What is this? she said. Capture scent, I said.” …”Shall I hold again the vial beneath her nose? I asked. Soaked in a rag and scarf and held over the nose and mouth of a female it can render her unconscious in five Ihn. She squirmed wildly for an Ihn or two, and then sluggishly, and then falls limp. It is sometimes used by Tarnsmen; it is often used by slavers. Anesthetic dart, too are sometimes used in the taking of female; these maybe flung, or entered into the body by hand; they take effect in about forty Ihn; she awakens often, in a slave kennel.” (Marauders of Gor pg. 115-116)

A small group of Luna Caleeng panthers  were sleeping near a smoldering camp fire. The dawn sun was slowly rising from a soft red sky. The sounds of the wildlife in the swamps audible in the back ground as the beasts slowly awakened. There was no other sound , then suddenly a group led by Nelly had stealthily entered the camp, capture scents were used , female cries of surprise were heard in the swamps.    

After attaching the chain to the necks of three captured Luna Caleeng Panthers, Nelly and her band of ten sisters marched their captives out of the camp, ordering them to start out on their left foot. At the command of the ones that now held the Luna Caleeng,  was a Panther named Lita , she was moving the coffle outside the swamps, marching them naked, wrist bound behind their backs and a chain running from one slender neck to the next.

Nelly Looks around the empty camp one last time, nodding her head with a crooked smile on her lips, happy with the way they were able to easily enter the camp, that was exactly where the treacherous Sandy said they would be sleeping.  Remembering how they moved in silently, covered by the semi darkness of the early morning sun rise. Using pieces of rep cloth and small bottles filled with capture scents , slavers call it “Bottled sleep “ and works effectively when forced to breathe in. 

Nelly and her band of sisters had entered the camp, silently as a Larl stalking its prey. Splashing the liquid on a rag to cover the mouths and noses of the sleeping Panthers. Each of her sisters picking a Luna Caleeng Panther , with almost no struggle, dragging each semi unconscious Panther to the center of camp.

Feeling proud of herself for making the plan to take this tribe into binds, not getting any of her sisters hurt, and putting the Luna Caleeng Huntresses in chains. Taking in a deep breath as she focused on the task at hand.

“we have done well , very well indeed”, Nelly talking to herself , being the last one to leave, letting her dark eyes scan over the camp seeing a few skins that Panther girls wear as clothes, and several small capture scent bottles, scattered around inside the camp.  Then the dark skinned Panther turned to follow her sisters, leading the coffle of Luna Caleeng captives.

Five Huntresses lead by Marli, a brave young Panther, skilled with a bow, returning after a good hunt, stopping in her tracks at the small hill just outside the tribal trade post. To her horror she saw  three of  her sisters in chains, surrounded by ten Panthers.  Holding her small fist in the air, stopping the hunting party of five Panthers quietly, then opening her hand , a signal telling the others to get down in the thick undergrowth of the swamps.  She squats ,  getting as low as she could but able to watch the Panthers and coffle, she was staying  out of sight behind some bonta trees. 

Slowly pulling her bow from her shoulder, the others doing the same, as they moved closer to see who had taken their sisters captive.  Nelly and her tribe  believing they had the whole Luna Caleeng tribe were making jokes , laughing loudly and congratulating each other on their great victory.

Marli turned to her sisters, whispering in a hushed tone, “Get you bows ready….sisters”, she points to each of her five sisters, “pick your target, let each arrow count and  we should be able to even the fight, we have the advantage of knowing our swamps”. 

Then putting her finger to her lips as the coffle pasted on the trail which cut through the swamps, Marli taking in a few deep breaths to calm her nerves as her blood rushes through her heart, knowing she is outnumbered, if they failed they would all be captives. She relied on her most experienced sisters…. Hot , Lune, Aanni and Storm. The new pledge Cyanne looked nervous.  

Marli tightened her fingers around the arrow on her bow string, “wait …wait” she then nodded at Storm “Storm , you and Hot and Lune team up ……Aanni and Cyanne team up with me”.  Marli then fired her first arrow , the others followed , Nelly and her panthers totally surprised and trying to duck for cover.  The traitor Sandy ran from the swamps , that left nine of Nelly’s band for Marli to take down. As Luna Caleeng arrows found their target it was clear that Nelly would have to make a decision, it came a few ihn later , she shouted “All out !!  leave the captives !!”.

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On SL Gor the world is divided into sims,  each sim has an admin and they  have the option to eject people and ban them from entering it …yes , it happens in some cases …we eject and ban people …But, why do we do that ?

Griefers – these people are the terrorists of SL Gor , some don’t agree with Gor and try to crash and mess up the sim, these kinds of people are permanently banned and ejected from the sim at all times.

Cheaters – these players use gimmicks to win a fight , like battle HUD enhancers , speed enhancers and the like. Or they may be godmodding in roleplay, teleporting in mid battle , shooting from bubbles , shooting through locked doors, you name it , they will think of it ! Bans can last up to a week.

OOC abusers- some players find it hard to separate IC  from OOC and start swearing all kinds of horrible words in IM, even to a Sim admin. This usually happens when the player doesn’t agree with the outcome of the admin decision.  The period of ban varies from 3 days to a week.

Personally, I would prefer for our tribe not to have any role play bans on people or on groups as it seriously hampers role play and is childish when some-one gets in IM’s and says “sorry, I will fight you but I wont role-play you because I had some troubles with your group in the past” ….Derp.

There are various role play story threads that can cause a player or groups to end up on our wanted list. We as group inform the player personally when this is the case and if mutually agreed upon a role play will follow.

The following persons or groups are WANTED:

A reward of one fine quality larl fur , one barrel of sweet mead and one bag of salt for the following person (s) delivered to the Luna Caleeng trade post ( feel free to whip them harshly): 

– WANTED ALIVE – The Marli imposter, a petite female with long brown hair; wanted for impersonating the real and only Marli ! Last seen in Lake Ias depositing a heap of bosk dung near the swamp entrance. Punishment: enslavement and a new name.

– SEND NC TO: Marlies Dasmijn (Marli)  or Inticement resident (Twig) to arrange role play with.

The following persons or groups are BANNED:

(No persons or groups are banned)

UNBAN REQUEST?  SEND NC WITH MOTIVATION  TO: Marlies Dasmijn (Marli)  or Inticement resident (Twig).

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Ever wondered like I have, how to make your own bow in a realistic manner? I found the following on the internet and I think it would prove useful when role playing making a bow and arrow as a panther girl.  

1. Choose a long piece of wood for the bow

Find a piece of dry, dead but not gray and cracking hardwood –about 1 meter (about 1 yard) in length. The wood should be free of knots, twists or limbs.

Try to get a piece of wood that curves enough so that when you release arrows, the string doesn’t slap the side of your hand (which is very painful).

This piece of wood should be somewhat flexible.

2. Shape the bow

Using a knife to shave wood off the inside of the curve or the “belly”  on the thicker half of the stick until it has the same width and pull as the thinner half.

3. Cut notches to hold the bow string

4. Select a bow string

Some strong sinew or twine

5. Select sticks for arrows.

Some strong, straight plants for arrows are goldenrod and mullen. They can be found in fields.

6. Shape the arrows

7. Construct the arrowheads

You can also construct an arrowhead from metal, stone, glass, or bone and attach it to the arrow’s tip by notching the wood, inserting the arrowhead into the notch, and then lashing the arrowhead to the wood with some sort of string or cord.

8. Make fletchings

Find some feathers to make the fletchings and tie them onto the back ends of the arrows. Use feather from the tail of a bird, or from the wings. The feathers give the arrow its spinning during the flight.

9. Some  tips

Tightly wrap the bow with a wet strip of leather around the center two thirds of the bow (before stringing) and let it dry naturally. This will give your bow extra strength to resist breakage and should allow you to project arrows at a greater velocity.

You can carve a notch about a centimeter into the wood and an inch up to put your arrows on once your bow is pulled back(to rest the arrow on, and keep it from wobbling).

To make a fire using the bow, you will need to gather dry moss, dryer lint, or other suitable tinder, a piece of hard wood that fits into your palm, and a piece of soft wood (softer than your arrow shaft). Cut a nock in the soft wood approximately 3 centimeters deep running the thickness of the wood, place this nock directly upon the tinder. Drill a small hole into the hard, palm-sized wood slightly larger than the diameter of your arrow shaft and no deeper than 5-10 millimetres. Twist a de-headed arrow into the string of the bow and place the butt of the arrow into the hole drilled into the hard wood. Be careful, as the arrow will want to twist out of the string and may injure you. Place the tip of the arrow into the nock of the soft wood. Begin pulling the bow back and forth, keeping the motion steady and even. The soft wood will begin to heat, smoke, and will eventually produce a small ember. This ember should fall into your pile of tinder. If carefully nursed, and blown upon until small flames appear, the pile can be picked up and carried by the bottom, carefully, and quickly to a prepared fire site.

Source: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Bow-and-Arrow


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Quote from a captured panther girl

Verna had been a rude, proud, strong, defiant, ill-tempered, magnificent outlaw woman, hating men. Then she had fallen to Marlenus of Ar, who would not accept her as such. He had played a savage game, crushing her, turning her into a slave girl. Verna was now property, to be bid upon, and bought and sold by any free man. But, too, paradoxically perhaps, she was joyful in the discovery of herself, her sex and her body. It mattered not that the discovery had been forced upon her. Too long had she fought and denied her womanhood. As a slave, she would no longer be permitted to do so. She had been a proud outlaw woman, fierce, resenting men, hostile toward them. Marlenus had touched her. She was feminine, utterly feminine, unlocked, opened, a conquered, helpless, loving slave.

~ Hunters of Gor Page 173

Quote from the warriors codes

I was ashamed that I had been brutal with her, but I would not show it. I knew, in my heart, that it had been I, I myself, who had betrayed me, I who had fallen short of the warrior codes, I who had dishonored my own Home Stone, and the blade I bore. It was I who was guilty. Not she.
~Raiders of Gor   Book 6   Page 86

★★As a panther girl of  SL Gor I am the first to say I have the greatest respect for most of the men of SL Gor. They are not my equals. They are men and I am a woman. Simple truthful fact. As an outlaw I can discuss things as an equal with the men of SL Gor. I can even disagree. But my manner is at all times respectful and feminine, unless I am provoked or insulted. That said, I have no respect for men that treat women sadistically.★★

Panther girls entering a city disguised as a Free Woman run the risk of being caught. The guards in most cities seem to have a “sixth” sense for sniffing panther girls out.  Here is some advice :

–  hide all your panther group’s in your profile,

–  remove any text or clues in your profile that may give away your panther girl background,

– be ready to answer questions like : “what is your homestone ?” “where is your escort? ” “state your business” “can any one vouch for you in the city? “,

– change your GM meter label to 12/label Lady ….,

– address free men with “Sir” and free women with “Lady”, do not call the free men “male” this is panther girl slang! address all slaves as “slave “,

– dress and behave appropriately, that means cover your face with a veil, cover all skin , wear flat shoes or boots, behave in a Lady like manner,

– if you can, find a male slave and dress him up as a warrior , have him escort you to a city, beware though: only choose a male slave that is trustworthy.

So let’s say the panther girl is caught in her disguise.  What will happen to a panther? Well, in almost all  cases she will be treated extremely harshly, the warrior men in SL Gor seem to be a lot meaner than in the books. They will kick a pregnant women in the belly, use a hot poker to burn out eyes, cut out tongues , cut off breasts, hamstring legs , cut the tendons in the palms, drive iron nails through hands and feet.  Be warned entering a city is not for the squeamish or faint hearted ! If you are not prepared to enter into this kind of role play then it’s better to stay away from the cities in SL Gor!  Below are some examples of what I heard warrior men say whilst I was undercover in a city, I won’t mention which city in SL Gor , but this is pretty much what you will hear in most BTB cities……

What warriors really think of panther girls

[17:13]  Sterling: well you know panthers, they are most ungratful selfish immoral and all those nasty things , that is untill someone like me who sometimes gives up all his presious time to training them properly , even then they dont thank me unless i have beat them hard and made them”

What warriors have in mind when they catch a panther girl

[16:38]  Źĩʄεŗ: “Do as I would, collar them, cut their tongues, and then sell them for as much as you might be able to get. Coin is coin, after all.”

[16:42] Harif: “pick one and cut off her breasts.”

Warriors will kill a panther girl
[16:38]  Brogan: Pick one of them, and kill her, keep the leader in a collar, and cut the fingers of the rest, through the palm to keep them from lifting a weapon against us for a hand or so.”

[16:40]  Brogan looked to Harif, “Pick one and kill her, the others, we shall cut the hands of the rest of them across the palm.”

A warrior expects a panther girl to stay a slave

[16:41]  Brogan: I take it they are for the one that submitted, from what I surmise, she shall stay in her collar, and honor her submission, agreed Captain?”

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THE THREE PILLARS OF GOR (#23, Version 5.0)


Effectively understanding the Gorean mindset requires an understanding of the differences between Gorean society and Earth society.  Civilized Gorean society has three primary societal institutions that differ from most of Earth.  By civilized Gor, I mean the cities, towns and villages of Gor.  It does not include the barbaric lands of such people as the Torvaldslanders, the Wagon Peoples, the Red Savages, or the Red Hunters.  These three differences permeate Gorean society and make it a vastly different world from Earth.  They are not the only differences but they are very important matters and may be difficult for Earth people to understand.

The three pillars of civilized Gor are the Homestone, Caste System and Slavery.  Each one of these items is essential to Gorean society.  Earth has nothing like the concept of the Homestone.  The patriotism of the United States as evidenced by the American flag is a pale comparison to the Home Stone.  India is one of the last bastions on Earth with a caste system though it is still very different from the system used on Gor.  Slavery exists in some corners of Earth but no where even close to the extent it exists on Gor.  Understanding these three areas will enhance comprehension of the Gorean mindset.  You will be able to think and act more Gorean for either your role-play or real-time.


Home Stone:

“Do not ask a Gorean what the Home Stone means because he will not understand your question. It will puzzle him. It is the Home Stone.” (Magicians of Gor, p.485-6)

To define the concept of a Home Stone is a difficult task.  It is a cultural concept that resists definition by outsiders and needs no definition within its own society.  “It is not a word, or a sentence. It does not really translate. It is too important, too precious, to mean. It just is.” (Magicians of Gor, p.485)  A Home Stone has very deep meaning to a Gorean.  The very word “Gor” means Home Stone in all of the languages of Gor.  I shall try to give one an idea of the basics of a Home Stone though this will be insufficient in actually truly defining the idea.

Goreans view their cities as almost living things.  They see a city as an entity with a history, tradition, heritage, customs, practices, character, intentions, and hopes.  To be “of” a city gives a person a sense of immortality though Goreans know that even a city can be destroyed.  This love of their city is invested in the Home Stone, that in many respects is the very soul of a city. The Home Stone is a valuable symbol of sovereignty and territory.

Home Stones can be of various shapes, sizes, and colors.  There is no standard for them. Some are intricately carved while others simply have a single letter etched into them, the initial letter of the city.  Some large cities have small stones of great antiquity.  The Home Stone of Ar is accepted by tradition as being the oldest Home Stone on Gor.  It is allegedly over ten thousand years old.  Other cities have only recently acquired a Home Stone.  Port Kar acquired a Home Stone in 10120 C.A.  A rock was picked up from one of the streets, Tarl Cabot etched the initials of the city into it and the people accepted it as their own.

Long ago, in peasant villages, each hut was built around a flat stone placed in the center of a circular dwelling.  The stone was carved with the family sign and called the Home Stone.  Each peasant within his hut thus became a sovereign.  Later, Home Stones were used for villages, then towns and cities.  In the villages, the Home Stone was commonly placed in the market area.  In most cities, it is usually placed freely in the top of the highest tower, though it is well guarded.  All it takes to have a Home Stone is for someone or a group to choose to have one.

There is no clear origin for Home Stones though there are several mythical accounts.  One of the most popular legends involves Hesius, the mythical first man of Gor.  Hesius once performed great labors for the Priest-Kings and was promised a reward greater than gold and silver.  When he finished his toils, he was presented with a flat piece of rock with a single character inscribed upon it, the first letter of the name of his home village.  Hesius confronted the Priest-Kings, feeling that he had been cheated.  They told him that this item was truly more valuable than gold and silver and was called a “Home Stone.”

Hesius brought the Home Stone to his war torn village, placed it in the market and told them what the Priest-Kings had said.  A wise man stated that it must be very valuable if the Priest-Kings had so spoke.  The warring factions wanted to know who’s stone it was.  Hesius told them that it belonged to all of them.  All of the factions then put their weapons away and peace came to the village.  This village was named Ar.

Where a man sets his Home Stone, he claims, by law, that land for himself.  “The Home Stone says this place is mine, this is my home.” (Magicians of Gor, p.485)  There is also a hierarchy of Home Stones.  Men who would fight each other over an acre of land will join together to protect their village or city.  “The sharing of a Home Stone is no light thing in a Gorean city.” (Slave Girl of Gor, p.394)  The common bond of a Home Stone unites such people and they will support and protect all those who share their Home Stone.  Some hope or dream of a single Supreme Home Stone for all of Gor.  Others believe that the Priest Kings already have such a Stone and it is the source of their power.  “A palace without a Home Stone is a hovel; a hovel with a Home Stone is a palace.” (Slave Girl of Gor, p.142)

The Home Stone is the center of various rituals in each city such as the Planting Feast of Sa-Tarna in Ar.  Each city has a citizenship ceremony where children, who reach intellectual majority, swear an oath of allegiance to their city while touching or kissing the Home Stone. This ceremony may also require vouching by existing citizens.  Another requirement may also be a questioning by a committee of citizens to determine your worthiness to the city. Nonperformance of this ceremony can be cause for expulsion from the city.  You can renounce your Home Stone and change your citizenship to another city but this is rarely done.  You cannot be a citizen of a city without pledging yourself to its Home Stone.  You cannot belong to two Home Stones of different cities either.

You may have multiple Home Stones due to the hierarchical nature of such items.  But those Home Stones must fit within the hierarchy to be acceptable.  That is why you cannot belong to the Home Stones of two different cities as that would be outside the hierarchy.  You could have your own personal Home Stone and also belong to the Home Stone of your city.  If you once lived in a town or small city that was subsumed into a larger entity, such as Tetrapoli, then you muts also have a Home Stone for the town or small city as well as the larger entity.  Thus, you might belong to three Home Stones.

Stealing a Home Stone is a heinous sacrilege and punishable by the most painful of deaths. It is also the greatest of glories to steal one from another city.  In Tarnsman of Gor, Tarl Cabot steasl the Home Stone of Ar.  This earned him glory in the eyes of many though the city of Ar wished him to die horribly.  Even when Tarl and Marlenus become almost friends, Marlenus cannot forgive him for the prior offense of stealing the Home Stone.  As Ubar, Marlenus could never do so.  The theft of a Home Stone does not automatically signal the death knell for a city.

While a Home Stone survives, then so does the city.  When Koroba was destroyed by the Priest-Kings, Matthew Cabot retained the Home Stone, thus still keeping the city alive.  Even though all of its people were scattered all over Gor and no building stood on the spot where the city once was, the survival of the Home Stone ensured that the city was still living.  Ko-ro-ba was later rebuilt around its Home Stone at its same location.

Stealing a Home Stone is not an easy task as it engenders great reservoirs of strength in those who belong to it.  “One does not lightly dispute the passage of one who carries his Home Stone.” (Nomads of Gor, p.1)  Even a trained warrior would be very wary of a mere peasant who was carrying his Home Stone.  The loyalty and pride in your Home Stone seems to release the floodgates of hidden strengths.  When it is directly threatened, a Gorean is able to overcome many obstacles to ensure its safety.

A Home Stone unifies the people of a city.  It is more important than caste prejudices or other forms of prejudice.  It inspires intense loyalty, great enough that everyone would die to protect it.  There is a popular Gorean saying that: “One who speaks of Home Stones should stand for matters of honor are involved.” (Tarnsman of Gor, p.27)  This is taken to an extreme where a man might be killed who does not stand when he speaks of his Home Stone. There is no symbol on Earth which has a similar function to a Home Stone.  Patriotism to our flag is but a pale analogy to the Home Stone.  Flag burning would horrify Goreans who would treat it as a capital offense rather than an exercise of free speech.  Goreans look down on Earth because it has no Home Stone.  Thus there is no reason why Earth people cannot be enslaved.

In your role-play, you should try to put your Home Stone in its proper perspective.  You should love your city and be intensely loyal to it.  You should be proud of your city.  You should participate in matters important to your city.  You should unite with your fellow citizens against intruders and outsiders who threaten your city.  Warriors will defend their city and Home Stone to the death. Take an active role in your city and make it worthy.

Caste System:

Gorean society has a firmly established Caste System and almost all Free Persons belong to a Caste.  The Caste system is a vital component of civilized Gorean society.  In its most basic form, a Caste is your profession though there is much more involved than that.  Your Caste defines your codes of conduct, generally limits those you interact with, sets your place within the Gorean hierarchy, and so much more.  Your Caste defines much of who you are on Gor, far more than any job on Earth ever would.

There are three basic categories outside of the caste system: Priest-Kings, outlaws and slaves.  Priest-Kings are the “gods” of Gor and live hidden away in the Sardar Mountains.  A man who refuses to practice his livelihood or strives to alter status without consent of the Council of High Castes is by definition an outlaw.  Outlaws belong to no city and usually live hidden in the forests, mountains or other isolated areas.  Outlaws do not have identifying devices on their garb.  Most cities will impale outlaws if they try to access the city gates.  There are few outlaws on Gor as being cut off from Gorean society so to such a degree is a great onus.  Slaves are considered property and have no status in the caste system.  Any Caste they once had is stripped from them when they are enslaved.

There are also some peoples who do not fall into these three primary exceptions but are still outside the caste system.  There are some people who have lost caste or been deprived of caste for various reasons.  Some are born outside of the caste system.  A few occupations are not traditionally associated with a caste, like gardening, domestic service and herding.  There are also cultures and peoples on Gor without any caste system.  But these peoples are traditionally considered barbarians and not a part of civilized Gor.  These include such cultures as the Wagon Peoples, Torvaldslanders, Red Savages and the Tribesmen of the Tahari.  All of these people are not considered outlaws though and are able to enter cities realatively freely.

Caste is primarily governed by birth.  Children take on the caste of their father.  If the mother does not share the caste of the father, there might be a problem if their Free Companionship eneded.  In this case, it makes sense that the children would remain with the father as the children belong to his caste.  Caste is far too important a matter to let the children go off with someone not of their caste.  If mother and father shared caste, then the children could go with either parent.  The books though do not make clear what happens to children when a Free Companionship ends.

The Caste system has little upward mobility though the opportunity does exist.  Changing your Caste is generally not an easy task.  Free Companionship is one method for free women to change their caste.  Normally, relationships remain within the same caste.  But, if of mixed caste, the woman can keep her own caste or take her partner’s caste.  This can serve to raise her caste.  Generally, a woman would not change her Caste to a lower one.  Though her Caste changed, the woman could not fully practice her new Caste until she had been properly trained and met all other prerequisites.  Another way for man or woman to change is their caste is through a showing or lack of ability.  This can serve to either raise or lower your caste.  To lower your Caste through a lack of ability, the High Council of the Caste would have to make that decision.  To raise your caste or willingly change caste, the High Council of the city must approve the change, based on your qualifications for the new Caste and the willingness of the new Caste to accept you.  Women are promoted and demoted by the same criteria as men though it varies from city to city.

To most Goreans though, it is unthinkable to alter their caste.  Most Goreans are proud of their caste, even peasants and laborers.  It is recognized that all, or at least most, castes perform necessary, useful or commendable tasks.  Their skills are appreciated by others and not generally looked down on.  Each caste views itself as special in some way.  Each Caste has its place and worth in Gorean society.  Metal Workers state: “Where would the dwellers of cities be without us?” (Dancer of Gor, p.293)  This is a way of saying that their skills are essential for civilization.  Even the lowest Caste, the Peasants, consider themselves the “Ox on which the Home Stone Rests.”  They are the ones that provide the food for all other Castes.

Despite this respect for the place of each Caste within Gorean society,  Caste discrimination is very common.  “Language and city, and caste, however, are matters of great moment to them, and provide sufficient basis for the discriminations in which human beings take such great delight.” (Beasts of Gor, p.156)  Entertainment and Free Companionships generally follow Caste lines.  There are paga taverns that cater to the different Castes and a Peasant would not dare enter a High Caste tavern.  Many Castes will not use the Long Bow because it is seen as a Peasant weapon and beneath higher castes.  The Double Knowledge is a method of discrimination meant to keep the Lower Castes in their place.  The Low Castes are generally not permitted to vote or be on the High Councils.  The Castes are ranked from Highest to Lowest which alone signifies that some are better than others.

Castes are divided into High Castes and Low Castes.  There are only five High Castes and include Initiates, Scribes, Builders, Physicians and Warriors.  Each has its own color, respectively white, blue, yellow, green, red, which is also their ranking of order of importance. The High Castes elect the Administrator and Council of a city for stated terms.  There are subcastes of some of these castes.  For example, cartographers and lawyers belong to the Caste of Scribes.  The Lower Castes includes all the other established castes.  These includes such castes as assassins, bakers, bleachers, carriers of wood (woodsmen), charcoal makers, cloth worker, cosmeticians, dyers, goat-keepers, growers of rence, leather workers, metal workers, musicians, peasants, potters, saddle makers, singers (poets), smiths, tarn keepers, vintners, and weavers.  There are many more castes and some subcastes.  These castes are also ranked in order of their importance with peasants at the bottom of the ranking order.

Each caste has its own Caste Code to govern the conduct of its members.  “The ethical teachings of Gor, ?,amount to little more than the Caste Codes—collections of sayings whose origins are lost in antiquity.” (Tarnsman of Gor, p.40-41)  Unfortunately the books provide little details on the Caste Codes for each different Caste.  Only the Warrior Caste receives any siginificant details on its Caste Codes.  These Codes are vitally important to the Caste members and are generally followed by all.  “It is the codes which separate men from sleen and larls,” (Slave Girl of Gor p.227)  Failing to follow the Codes could lead to sanctions from your Caste.

Belonging to a Caste also gives you certain privileges.  Charity is administered through the caste structure.  Goreans do not favor begging and some even view it as an insult. When charity is in order, the caste or clan comes to the rescue.  Caste Sanctuary, the protection of caste members in times of need, is another privilege.  A Caste protects its own members and they form a cohesive unity.  Caste rights are a matter of birth and you are entitled to them automatically, even if you never practice your caste work.

One commonly cannot practice a craft in a Caste until an apprenticeship is done though you might be able to do some subsidiary work in that craft without such practice.  A Metalworker, who has not completed his apprenticeship, might be able to paint iron or transport it though he could not work the iron.  An apprenticeship helps to guarantee the quality of the Caste’s products and services.  Thus a Caste will consist of full working members of the Caste, members in training, and non-practicing members.  Women of a caste often do not engage in caste work.  Women generally do not work in Castes where physical strength is required.  For example, women of the Metal Workers do not commonly work at a forge and women of the Builder’s do not supervise the construction of fortifications.

But, women do commonly work as Scribes and Merchants.  There are even female slavers. Another notable exception is that of the Physician’s Caste.  The Physician’s Caste though does restrict women in one way.  The Caste will not permit a woman to practice medicine until she has first born two children.  In many cities, at age fifteen, a woman of the Physician’s Caste dons two bracelets.  One is removed for each child born, and when both are removed, she is allowed to practice medicine.  The reason behind this is that it is understood that professional women tend not to reproduce themselves.  This would serve over time to diminish the quality of the caste.  Thus, the rule helps to preserve the future of the caste.

The future of the caste is vitally important to Goreans.  The welfare of the caste takes priority over the ambitions of specific individuals.  The welfare of a larger number of individuals is more important than the welfare of a smaller number of individuals.  Caste is crucially important to Goreans in ways that those of Earth cannot easily comprehend.  The importance of the caste to Goreans cannot be underestimated.  Thus, the logic behind this restriction on women in the Physician’s Caste should apply as well to the Warrior Caste.

Why would the Warrior Caste allow women to risk their lives in combat?  There would be more women dying in combat which would lead to fewer births.  In addition, dead women could not raise their existing children.  Goreans would not want their children to grow up with mothers.  This would all diminish the quality of the caste over time.  With the welfare of the caste at stake, Warriors would not permit women to engage in combat.  In addition, women would not want to endanger the welfare of the caste so they would accept their role in the Caste.  This may be one of the strongest single arguments against female warriors.

There are a number of key differences between the High and Low Castes.  First, each learns a different type of knowledge concerning their world.  The Low Castes learn the First Knowledge that is a simpler knowledge with a number of falsehoods and half-truths.  They learn that the world is flat and are not taught of the existence of Earth.  The High Castes have the Second Knowledge.  They know about Earth and most of the true information about Gor though they know little of the true nature of the Priest-Kings.  Most of them would have uncovered these truths on their own anyways.  There is a Third Knowledge belonging to the Priest Kings, a knowledge of the many secrets of Gor.

The Low Castes are also very superstitious normally.  They are reluctant to reveal their true names.  They thus have both a use name and a real name.  Often only close relatives know their real name.  High Castes usually use their names freely though the Lowers believe they have use names.  Knowing a real name supposedly gives one power, a capacity to use the name in spells and insidious magical practices.  Many of the Low Castes believe in magic and that some people can read thoughts.  They believe the stories of the wizards and monsters of Anango.

There is an accent that differentiates the High and Low Castes, though some of the higher artisan castes speak almostlike the High Caste.  Illiteracy is common on Gor and is not taken as a mark of stupidity.  Literacy usually follows by caste lines and many Goreans of the Low Castes cannot read.  Even some of the High Castes, primarily warriors, may be illiterate.  Some warriors feel that they should not be literate so they hide the fact that they can read.

The caste system is vital to the proper functioning of Gorean society.  The caste system contributes considerably to the stability of society.  It reduces competitive chaos, social and economic, and prevents the draining of intelligence and ambition into a small number of envied, prestigious occupations.  By making each Caste important and instilling an attitude that the good of the Caste outweighs individual ambitions, people tend to remain in their Caste.  Gorean society is not a battle over climbing a social ladder.

In your role-play, you should be proud of your caste and participate in Caste matters such as Caste leader elections.  Goreans care about the future of their Castes.  They place their personal desires below the welfare of their caste.  If you are a Low Caste, remember the differences from the High Castes.  Remember that you only have the First Knowledge and are likely illiterate.  Respect those of Higher Caste than you. Follow your Caste codes.


On Gor, slavery is a complex institution, with its hundreds of aspects and facets, legal, social, economic and aesthetic.  It is an ancient institution with a lengthy history of development. Gorean mythology even provides a story justifying the creation of slavery.  Long ago, there once was a war between the men and women of Gor.  The women were defeated.  But, the Priest-Kings did not want all of the women killed so they made them beautiful.  But as a price for their beauty, the Priest-Kings decreed that they would forever be slaves to men.

Long ago, there were a series of wars called the Slave Wars.  They occurred among various cities in the middle latitudes, off an on, for over a period of about a generation.  Though the wars involved large-scale slaving there were other causes too, like the levying of tribute and control of trade routes.  Much of the merchant law about slaves grew out of these wars.  The wars also developed some of the standardization of the slave as a commodity.

Goreans view slavery as a natural institution.  Slavery has its basis in the biological differences of men and women.  Male dominance is pervasive among mammals and universal among primates.  Men see it as their right to be dominant.  Many women also feel that is true. Female slaves are normally very satisfied in their bondage.  Though initially they may rebel at the idea, they eventually grow to revel in their slavery.  Feminism does not really exist on Gor. There are very few Goreans who wish an end to slavery.

Slavery is an important part of the economic fabric of Gorean society.  The business of slavery keeps many castes working.  From Metalworkers who create slave steel to Perfumers who make slave perfume, almost every caste benefits from slavery.  Even Peasants benefit by using slaves as beasts of burden.  Slaves perform many tasks on Gor, from the fields to the cities.  Without the institution of slavery, there would be a vast economic hole in Gorean society.

The primary thing to consider is that slavery was not instituted solely to bring pleasure to men.  Slavery has many other effects throughout society.  Do not think only about paga slaves. Think of the many kettle and pot girls out there working.  Think of the slaves to peasants toiling in the fields.  Think of the state slaves cleaning the streets and working in the public laundries. Slavery is a vast entity with many aspects.  Slavery is about far more than just sex.

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Healing roleplay


Suggesting someone to become a healer of a band due to bow skills is not the smartest idea as I see it. As healers in panther girl bands are not told about in the novels of John Norman, but it is possible a a physician escaped and was captured by panther girls…..

Be aware that a panther  healer  has to pull her weight in daily life of the tribe – since  it means raiding, hunting,  trading, scouting, and the like……don’t expect your tribe to ask you for daily slave exams or removing arrowheads…you have to create the roleplay environment….

You will find out like I have that every 3rd panther in SL Gor  knows how to heal because she was physician, headphysician or even only physician-kajira at one point of her role play career, so the competition is high.  …… . You should really prevent the “/me applies some salve” ….. it is very poor role play.  An option is to think of a storyline like the one below….its an old one from when I was healer in Sa Sang Hrimgar…


[13:19]  Nala Spires smiles ” marli ! ” giggles and hugs her tight [13:20]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) turns and smiles “Nala!” and hugs her tightly [13:20]  Jale (jaenelle.cortes): Arr! (Arr!) [13:21]  Nala Spires: well few days ago a male here talked about priestkings oil he sayed that will help sars memmory and that it heals almost everything “Takes out a small vial has about 3 doses in for wounds ” but i prefer to give it to you i know you will use it wise and right “smiles wide and handing you the small vial ” [13:22]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) takes the small vial , its glass clear and she holds it up to the sun light “Priest king oil….i only saw this once before” then carefully tucks the vial in her belt “Thank you Nala” [13:23]  Nala Spires: well hope you will never need to use it sis but just in case “giggles” you now have it [13:23]  Nala Spires: ((and all the nc to back up how you find it )) [13:23]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) giggles (ty ) [13:52]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) watches Sar with some interest, her hand resting on her belt containing the vial “I plan to find out if this pk oil Nala has gifted us can help your mind in some way Sar” [13:53]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks over at Marli, it is good that Marli has used the shortened version of the Priest Kings’ title, otherwise she would be blacking out, then she nods her head, “if you think it will bring me back to me, then I welcome the attempt.” [13:56]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods “I will prepare a small dose , perhaps in combination with some hypnotic herbs to induce a trance like state ” [13:57]  Marlies Dasmijn: thanks for the hints 🙂  anyway have you thought about how you would like to rp this out? [13:59]  Sar (sarena.penucca): well, I know that this is because of a pk orb, I worked on the parameters of the affliction, as far as the hypnosis is concerned, I would suggest ask questions, get involved with finding the deeper cause, it will be more fun if you kind of form your own strategy for that.



[15:29]  Sar (sarena.penucca) sighs [15:31]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) leans forward “Bran and Priscilla , neither have shown up yet” [15:31]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods, “I don’t think they know we are here, we might have to go capture Bran and bring her.” [15:32]  Sar (sarena.penucca): as for the Shaman, perhaps if we can catch her also. [15:33]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) grins “yes…..she might be useful as well” () [15:34]  Sar (sarena.penucca): the otherday, I ate as I was bound up, and I was eating raw meat, and enjoying it. [15:35]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) lifts an eyebrow “mamba tendencies? how odd” [15:36]  Sar (sarena.penucca) shakes her head, “I don’t know what mambas are.” [15:36]  Sar (sarena.penucca): or I don’t remember [15:37]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods “mamba are flesh eater….they have sharp teeth….i know of one that tried to join Sang Suri….i examined her ” [15:38]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods, “well my teeth are normal, so far as I can see anyhow,” bares her teeth and smiles at Marli. [15:38]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) giggles as she takes a good look “Yes they are normal” [15:39]  Sar (sarena.penucca): some keep telling me my affliction is because of some herb, or a potion, or some kind of crystal, but I don’t know, something tells me that a potion would not be so selective on when I black out. [15:41]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods “a potion that would cause similar ailments is a cypher drug…also known as iskander potion….names after a famous gorean physician….i wouldnt expect many healers or shaman to have this knowledge” [15:42]  Sar (sarena.penucca): me nods, and then after thinking some more for a few moments, “but what bothers me most, is I have been told that on three seperate occasions I have tried to kill three sisters here, and I don’t remember it, I have also been told I completely black out at times.” [15:44]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) listens carefully , then feels her belt, the vial Nala gave her yesterday still tucked there “As i mentioned yesterday , im playing with the idea , well that if you agree to it, to induce a trance in you using herbs” she paused [15:45]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods, “I have heard of such trances, but aren’t they dangerous?” [15:45]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) shakes her head “If done in a controlled manner and perhaps you should be bound when we try it” [15:46]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods slowly, “I understand that, and I agree, it is probably safer for all involved.” [15:47]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) shows the vial , its contents glistening in the sun “This may help also…..its unique properties could cure your mind…..its been known to regenerate tissue” [15:49]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks at the vial and smiles, “it is a pretty thing, what is it?” [15:50]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) eyes widen and she looks around mysteriously , then whispers “Priest King oil taken from Srimgar” [15:52]  Sar (sarena.penucca) as the words Priest King are muttered Sar goes completely slack on the stump she is sitting on, her face blanks out and she just sits there with no life in her eyes for about an ehn. [15:53]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) stands up as she sees Sar slump, she slowly moves closer , having heard Sar mention her black outs , she opens her pouch and produces some smelling salts “Wake up Sar” [15:55]  Sar (sarena.penucca) makes no effort to wake up or even move away from the smelling salts, whatever process is going on her mind right now keeps her unresponsive whatever the stimulous, Sar’s eyes are not even blinking as she keeps staring straight ahead but unseeing. [15:57]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) mutters to herself “Thats odd ….she blacked out when i mentioned ….Priest king oil…..mhmm” she ponders “a cypher like key perhaps…..though how to undoe it ” she flicks her fingers infront of Sar ‘s eyes , as the smelling salts had no effect [15:58]  Sar (sarena.penucca) comes out of the brief fugue suddenly and then brushes Marli’s fingers away in annoyance, then looking at Marli she asks again, not realising the question had been answered, “so what is in the vial?” [16:00]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) curls her lips , she was cautious now “just a special oil ….to be used in small doses….some call it, ummmm…..healing oil” [16:00]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods and smiles, “it will be interesting to see if it works, for certain.” [16:01]  Sar (sarena.penucca): anyhow Healer, I must find my furs, I am exhausted and it has been a big day today, I will try to wake up a little later [16:01]  Sar (sarena.penucca) smiles [16:02]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) smiles [16:02]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Sleep well sister [16:02]  Sar (sarena.penucca): you also when it finds you Sister



[12:24]  Sar (sarena.penucca) stands on the platform and looks at bran, she clenches her fists at her side and then lowers her head, her green eyes though are staring at Bran, she clenches her teeth in rage. [12:24]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic): oh look someone else arrived. Do you need a dentist?”- she smiles [12:25]  Bran (brandi.bressig) steps back after checking the construction… “This thing is safe it seems. But i think you two need a better home to start your life together” then spying sar she looks up curious, not really sure what to expect. “Greetings there…” then seeing the expression she pauses. Prefect she was putting on the show just they had rehearesed. “I see you are home again Sar, and as cheerful as ever. I wonder what lies they have beens rpeading to you about me here. TTrying to manipulate you i am sure.” [12:26]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic) turns to Bran -“Is this one of our new sisters?” [12:26]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) turned hearing Gem’s reference then stopped, not certain she could rely on Sar for sanity given recent events, she said nothing, instead gazed between all of those present and regretted it as her neck cricked with each exagerated movement. [12:26]  Bran (brandi.bressig) looks over to Sar hearing gem she just shakes her head.. “no no this one is one of Morr’s . She spent some time with us recently, there ws errrr and incident.” [12:27]  Sar (sarena.penucca) her teeth still clenched in rage she breathing is quick and shallow, inside her gut she feels like she is about to explode then she hisses out at Bran, “I…………AM…………NOT…………YOUR…………..KAJIRA!!” [12:28]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) flinched and jumped out her skin hearing the hissing, she’d witnessed much odd behaviour from Sar but .. here she was .. unarmed exposed and looking like a walking .. well. Blossom! [12:28]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic) takes Blossoms hand -“well I know nothing about that but please let us announce our marriage to you”- she looks at Blossom -“we are now Panther Companions” [12:29]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) if it had been anyone else she’d have somehow asked for help, in some fashion, still unsure of her own sanity at this point all she could do is allow the hand holding and hope that Sar was too preoccupied with Bran to notice [12:31]  Bran (brandi.bressig) looks away a bit disapointed… “I never said you were.” she says thinking sar is doing an excellent sell. “well i think everyone hear knows that, unless there is someone who wants to contest it. That is a pretty large protest. But i dont see a colalr or a marking i guess you are corect” [12:31]  Bran (brandi.bressig): “But ther eis no reason to be angry right now, its a happy time, one of your sisters as found true love and has joined with our family to Companion with my sister” [12:32]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) standing behind Gem she leaned to the side and shook her head; with both their backs to her it was possible they wouldn’t see this motion. [12:33]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic): yes we are Panther Companions which unites our bands. It is time to rejoice and listen to how my sweet companion purrrs [12:33]  Sar (sarena.penucca) crouches to the ground, and starts swinging her head back and forth, then she inches closer as she does she still hisses in a stilted voice, “You ………….told …………….me ………..on …………..the mountain …………..that I am ………………your ……………..kajira!” Sar manages to spit out the last words with much difficulty, the spit flying from her mouth as she struggles to get the words out. [12:34]  Wikk (wikked.crystal) is Offline [12:35]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) she backed away recalling the last time Sar got like this and being unarmed she couldn’t afford to get injured even with a healer to hand “i’ll um, t ry to find uh. the camp then.” and backed away quickly [12:35]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic): good let us go [12:37]  Bran (brandi.bressig) did not like the look of this. And her mood suddenly changed. Position shifted tohte balls of her feet, and the grip on her bow changed sliding down a bit making it more a melle type wepaon if needed to fend off the couched beast. “Hey wait i thought i was coming with you ….. ” she said but eyed Sar still her other hand gripgging towards her belt holding thenhil t of her small knife if needed. She watched. “I only ever spoke the truth, And you would be dead to the world if not for me and my actions” her words cold and cold with truth. “You would be a vegabtle acatatonic and senile. I brought you back. I saved your life. You know this place we live in. My words were true” [12:40]  Sar (sarena.penucca) coils her legs under her, her head still swaying back and forth, she is now drooling from her mouth uncontrollably, she manages to blurt out, “You Lie!!” then springing suddenly she launches herself at Bran her fingers clutching for the woman’s throat, as she springs her voice now a deep growl like a beast. [12:43]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) eyes widened with complete surprise , seeing Sar jump at Bran, her left hand slid to her belt, its where she kept her poison darts, they were quick and effective if she needed them, she took some steps back [12:44]  Bran (brandi.bressig) had positioned herself ready, her back foot slid to the side behind herself as the woman spreang from her crouch. There was no surprise at all. As her foot slid back atothe side her shoulders followed and body leaned back from the wasit. Every muscle alive and tightened yet loose. Her century and a half of forest toned body twisting like an ost. Rear foot planting and dpping her front knee she overhand swings the bow shaft acros her face withthe turning of her shoulders…. striking down and hard across Sar’s back looing to knock her to the ground. feet steady under her poised and ready. [12:47]  Sar (sarena.penucca) lands heavily on the ground, the strike of the bow across her face drawing a huge gash on her cheek, Sar now smells blood, her own blood but blood just the same. landing heavily on the ground face down she rolls to her side and curls up in a fetal position then in a plaintive wail she starts to rock herself back and forth cradling her hands into her chest, “somebody end this, tell me who I am, but somebody end this! I don’t even know who I am!” [12:50]  Bran (brandi.bressig) stalks around Sar as she slumps. Part of her wants to approach her. But the woman is not that foolish still holding the bow in hand ready, dancing on the balls of her feet, the blade sheethed still. bran points forcefully with the bow… “You. You are Sar. That much you know. Your name. Its a start” then holds her hand from her blade… holding it up open palmed… showing the scar across her hand.. “Look at your right hand.. LOok at it! What do you see.. Do you see the Sister to this scar? Tell me” her tone commanding. Demanding. [12:52]  Sar (sarena.penucca) draws her hand slowly from her chest, then for the first time she sees the scar on her hand, it is a thin line across the palm and she had no idea it was there, then she looks at Bran’s palm, then as suddenly as her attack her eyes roll up in her head and she slumps to the deck of the platform, the blood from her cheek pooling under her head. [12:54]  Bran (brandi.bressig) watches Sar slip unconcious again and looks to Marli… “well tend to her” she states in a firm command. Bran holds back for now still. Not tursting at the moment. But not gonig to seek to steal the woman away at the moment either. [12:57]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) slid her poison dart back in her belt, she walked quickly to where Sar lay, she squatted and unfastened her medical pouch, a leather pouch containing salve and rep cloths, she moved Sars head to one side as she examined the cut [12:59]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s eyes are still opened and rolled up into her head showing only the whites of them, but something is different this time, her eyelids are fluttering, like she is in deep thought, her breathing goes shallow again and she breathes out two words, but Sar is in no state to know that she even spoke them, “blood sister.” [12:59]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) wiped the blood gently from the wound using the rep cloth, her fingers dipped in the bottle of salve as she smeared it on the wound, she had ofcourse the vial of pk oil, but a small wound like this did not merit its use , she feels some relief when Sar speaks [13:04]  Bran (brandi.bressig) nods looking down as marli tends to Sar. “blood sister” she repeats and relaxes a bit… not tnetirely but a bit seeing she is bening well tended. “When she comes too. Tell her to come see me if she wants to know the truth of who she is.” looking knowing the woman will hear deep inside if not abel torespond right away.. “I did save your life sar. I saved your very being perhaps. From a fate worse then death. There is hope for you to be who you once were still. But you know what the saving of a life means as well as i do. YOu know it deep down. Come see me when youare well. Or send a runner and i will return.” there was no doubt or fear in her fvoice… as she backed towards her caone… “take care of her Marli and be well” [13:06]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s eyes still flutter, she had not heard or understood anything that was said by Bran, her mind was pasangs away from where she lay, she said one more word before her eyes closed and she slumped right where she lay, “Mountain.” [13:09]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) watched Bran leave in her canoe, she then focused back her attention to Sar, she cleaned off the last of the blood , the salve was doing its work and slowed down the bleeding , She sighed as she put back the salve and bandages in her pouch , she whisperd “The mountain is your home sister….i will take you ther” [13:12]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) stood up and pondered a moment “Hmmm….i could try and carry you but im not that big….maybe i should bind and drag you to camp” she was talking to herself [13:13]  Cari (carina.iadyl): Tal (Such) [13:13]  Cari (carina.iadyl): what ‘s wrong ith Sar? [13:13]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) watched Cari approach “Tal Cari, Sar has passed out” (watched Search Approach “Tal Search, Sar has passed out”) [13:13]  Sar (sarena.penucca) senselessly lays on the ground, her manner more of a deep sleep now as she lays on the platform, she doesn’t hear much from anybody, but at least her breathing is slow and normal, like sleep. [13:14]  Cari (carina.iadyl): well, spat some water over her, i thought you where learning to be a healer? [13:15]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) frowns “yesterday i tried smelling salts , they had no effect…..meh….maybe ice cold water works” she looked around and searched for a well [13:16]  Cari (carina.iadyl) looks a bit helpless at Sar, as she’s only used to put people in this situation not to help them [13:16]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) tossed the bucket down the well with a thud ….she heard a splash and tugged on the rope pulling up a half full bucket of ice cold mountain water [13:18]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) giggled “If this wakes her up ill tell her it was your idea” and she tossed the water over Sar and stepped back , slinging the empty bucket far away from her [13:20]  Cari (carina.iadyl): if it doesn’t work drag her over to see Wendy the healer [13:20]  Sar (sarena.penucca) spits and sputters as she wakes up, she stands slowly looking about then with a flip of her head she tosses her long hair behind her, then looking around and not even noticing the two around her she says in a low and gruff voice, as if a woman is trying to imitate a man, “what in the name of an Ubar’s ball sack?” then hitches her thumbs in her skirt and stands there looking around some more, addressing nobody in particular she says, “I think I have been here before, but I am not sure when.” still using that lowered voice. [13:24]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) snaps her fingers as she looks at Sar “Snap out of it sister, you are Sar , a panther” she recalled the hypnotic herb formula Rhen of the pa ri tor had given her many moons ago , she hoped she wouldnt need to use it , so waited for a reaction [13:26]  Sar (sarena.penucca) doesn’t even react to the fingersnaps or acknowledge that Marli was there, she just kept looking about, then she pats her hand on her left shoulder, and starts to grasp at what would be the hilt of a sword if it was there, she frowns when she grasps nothing and then looks down at herself, “who dressed me in these abominations of clothes, is this some sort of a joke?!!” [13:29]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) shaked her head and steps up to Sar and moves her body to the North West she leans into Sars ear and whispers in a dull hypnotic tone “Go to the camp in the mountains……go there …..go there” [13:30]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s eyes glaze over and slowly she starts to walk up the trail to camp, it is one that she knows well now, she walks rather clumsily, almost drunk, but she manages to maintain her footing as she walks up the trail. [13:33]  Sar (sarena.penucca) stops at the campfire in the middle of camp and just stands there motionlessly, now stance to her body and no expression on her face. [13:34]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) caught up with Sar and made her face one of the tree stumps “Sit down ….sit down on the tree stump” she repeated in a low tone , keeping her fingers crossed it would work once more [13:35]  Sar (sarena.penucca) sits on the stump, and then putting a hand on each knee, her back straight she stares into the fireplace, again expressionless. [13:36]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) shook back her hair and then unslung her pouch and started rummaging through its contents “Ah here it is ” she found the scroll with Rhens ingredients for the hypnotic herb formula [13:38]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) muttered “Lets see …..i need white poppy seeds…..3 parts….then 1 part Hops, 1 part Motherwort,5 parts Passion Flower and 2 dried Wild Lettuce [13:38]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Mmmm…..Add dried ingredients to mortar and grind into a find powder… avoid inhaling. Once ground pour into a leather pouch and keep in a dry cool place. To use, inhale a pinch or mix with vegetable oil and rub on arm, then cover with bandage [13:39]  Sar (sarena.penucca) still sits totally motionless, her breathing is slow and her expression still blank she repeats the ingredient list in a dead cold empty voice, “white poppy seeds, 3 parts, 1 part hops, 1 part motherwort, 5 parts passionflower and 2 dried wild lettuce.” [13:40]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) looked around “Thats right no infirmary here yet …..” she then saw the servery “worth a try ….should be herbs and stuff there….and a mortar maybe ……stay here …..stay here” she then walked over to the servery [13:41]  Sar (sarena.penucca) repeats deadpan again, no inflection in her voice, “worth a try, should be herbs and stuff there, and a morter maybe, stay here, stay here.” [13:43]  Lilfoot Aeon: Holy hell that is a workout [13:43]  Lilfoot Aeon: Greetings Mistresses [13:43]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) made lots of noise as she looked through the servery and clutterd through the pots and pans ….finally finding a mortar…..she found some wild lettuce and the other ingredients , much to her relief it seemed the herbs had been left here, she started to mix and grind , then placed its contents on a cloth a returned , smiled at Lil “Tal girl” [13:44]  Sar (sarena.penucca) is still under whatever trance she has been in since seeing Bran and just repeats the words she hears around her, “holy hell, that is a workout, tal girl.” [13:44]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) whispered “this is a hypnotic herb formula” [13:46]  Sar (sarena.penucca): me repeats with no inflection, “this is a hypnotic herb formula.” [13:47]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) unfolded the cloth and held its contents to Sars nose , making sure she inhaled it “I am Sar……I am Sar huntress……I live with my sisters in Srimgar…..my mind will become clear” [13:49]  Sar (sarena.penucca) repeats as she breaths in the aroma of the herbs, “I am Sar, I am Sar Huntress, I live with my sisters in HRIMGAR, my mind will become………..” Sar then breaks off and says softly, “do what you were bid to do girl.” [13:50]  Lilfoot Aeon looks at the Mistress and makes a circular motioon with her finger by the side of her head, indicating Sar is crazy [13:50]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Hmmmm” her eyes shifted to the servery “we have guests” [13:51]  Lilfoot Aeon: Greetings Huntresses, may I help you? [13:51]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Tal (Such) [13:51]  Elysia Pau: hello [13:51]  Elysia Pau waves [13:51]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): Tal (Such) [13:51]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): Yes… what are you doing on Sadi Sani land? [13:51]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): I flagged this land weeks ago… move and find another place! [13:52]  Caliegh Cerise: Tal Joy.. Ely (Such Joy .. Ely) [13:52]  Lilfoot Aeon looks at Cali and smiles, “Greetings Mistress” [13:52]  Elysia Pau: hello carli [13:52]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) pushed Joy back “Care to repeat that?” [13:53]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane) laughs ands nods “Ehmmm… i said… WOULD YOU MOVE ON::: THIS IS OUR LAND”! [13:53]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods “Needed to make sure you said that” and then unsheathed her bow [13:53]  dutch Royce is Online [13:53]  Zen Bow [Gen1] v2.04: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset: 0.10 (0.97). Forward aim: 1.00. Full report enabled. Autofire disabled. [13:54]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): laughs [13:54]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): dont be silly [13:55]  Lilfoot Aeon looks at Joy all serious like, “My acorns could down you Huntress” she says bravely a smile curling on her lips [13:55]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): why dont you stay and see our special area ? [13:56]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): “You said -our- “! [13:56]  Josie Seubert is Online [13:56]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Ooooo…yes ofcourse…hehe…i meant your special area [13:57]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): I don’t know of a special area. [13:57]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): We use this land to grow kanda only. [13:57]  Caliegh Cerise: and obviously use it *snorts [13:58]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) chuckled “Oooo……we ….i mean you keep the kanda in the caves ” points below her [13:59]  Elysia Pau: well lets come back another time [13:59]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): “You didn’t touch it… did you”? [13:59]  Elysia Pau: ((i need to go)) [13:59]  Caliegh Cerise: ((Nice seening you again Ely *smiles)) [13:59]  (no name): Lilfoot Aeon OOC : be well [13:59]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): sighs [13:59]  Elysia Pau: 🙂 same)) [14:00]  (no name): Lilfoot Aeon OOC : muwahahahaha, now it is more fair [14:00]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): take care )) [14:00]  Elysia Pau: be well sshs [14:00]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): I ll be back soon. Make sure your things are packed and you are moved then! [14:00]  Caliegh Cerise shouts: take less kanda on your next visit [14:00]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) sheathed her bow [14:01]  Caliegh Cerise: Well, that could have gotten worse [14:02]  Caliegh Cerise: Tal Tal Smexah Sar (Tal Tal Sar Smexah) [14:02]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) giggles [14:02]  Sar (sarena.penucca) sits still staring blankly into the fire, then hearing Cali she repeats deadpan, “Tal Tal Smexah Sar.” [14:02]  Caliegh Cerise blinks [14:02]  Carla Sarjeant is Online [14:02]  Caliegh Cerise: did she get into the kanda also? [14:03]  Sar (sarena.penucca) is in a trance [14:03]  Caliegh Cerise waves her hand in ront of her face “hmmmm.. i could have my way with her.. and should counldn’t tell a soul” as she grins evily [14:03]  Caliegh Cerise: *front [14:04]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) sighs “I am Sar….I will recall what happened in the pa ri tor camp and i will telll this to Marli when i awaken” [14:04]  Caliegh Cerise eyes widen [14:04]  Sar (sarena.penucca) says nothing now, something in her mind is blocking the response and her eyes roll up in her head and her eyelids start to flutter very fast again. [14:05]  Caliegh Cerise takes a shiney object from her belt, ties it to a piece of string, and rocks it back and forth in front of Sar’s face “Take off your clothes….. Take of your clothes…” speaking in a monotone fashion [14:06]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) steps before Sar, waits for the stripping to begin and adds “The priest kings want me …..Sar…… to tell Marli what happened in the pa ri tor camp” [14:07]  Sar (sarena.penucca) her eyelids still fluttering she arches her back as if in pain, then she says loudly, “the Orb, they made me touch the orb!” [14:09]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Aha….” she nodded “a clue at last” [14:09]  Lilfoot Aeon looks to Marli and whispers so quietly, “She touched a man’s balls?”



[06:43]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks at Marli and says softly, “whenever you are ready, I would like to try the herbs again, I think it helped last time, I don’t feel so far out of place.” [06:46]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods and stepped up closer to Sar, she examined her belt and found the cotton wrapping containing the ground hypnotic herbs “I have some here ” she then held the herbs close to Sars nose letting her breathe them in “Breathe in and clear your mind” [06:48]  Sar (sarena.penucca) breathes deeply and closes her eyes, her hands go to rest comfortably on her thighs as she breathes in the aroma of the herbs, then her breathing slows and she sits motionless at the log, perfectly comfortable and peaceful. [06:49]  maya love (shiann.quicksand) is Offline [06:50]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) squatted beside Sar as she places the empty cotton pouch back in her belt , she leant forward and lifted Sar’s eyelids to see if the pupils had dilated [06:51]  VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD3.9d* BADGIRL GIRL AO V2: Forze sitground ON (Forces sitground ON) [06:51]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks straight out of her eyes to the fire, her eyes not reacting to anything she just sits there at peace, her pupils wide and dialated but she responds to nothing. [06:54]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) cleared her throat and spoke in a soft monotone voice “listen to my voice….travel back in your mind….now repeat…..I am Sar…..huntress with the SSH….i was in the pa ri tor camp….I remember what happened there…i must tell Marli what happened …..I must remember what happened” [06:55]  Sar (sarena.penucca) her voice off in a distance she says softly, “I am Sar, I was in the Pa Ri Tor camp, I remember what happened there, I must tell Marli what happened, I must remember what happened.” [06:57]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): “I am in a dream state….I can see what happened to me in the pa ri tor camp…..when i awaken i will remember…..I will remember who I am, what happened in the pa ri tor camp…..when i awaken i will feel a terrible urge to tell this to my sisters” [06:58]  Sar (sarena.penucca) licks her lips once, and she repeats again, her voice far off, “I am in a dream state, I can see what happened to me in the Pa Ri Tor Camp, when I awaken I will remember, I will remember who I am, what happened in the Pa Ri Tor Camp, When I will awaken I will feel a terrible urge to tell this to my sisters.” [07:01]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nodded and gently stroked Sars forehead “I will remember my past and who i am……I am Sar huntress with the SSH……when i awaken i will tell my sisters what happened to me” she paused “now i will sleep and in my sleep i will dream…..i will dream all my past and remember…..” her voice trails off “dream and remember……dream and remember…..dream and remember” [07:02]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s head slumps down and she starts to sleep deeper, as she falls deeper into the sleep she says quietly, “I must dream now, so I may tell my sisters what I remember.” [07:11]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) cleared her throat “Uhum……wake up sister” she loudly snapped her fingers close to Sars ear “Wake up sister!” [07:13]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) waits for a response , thinking to herself that she will get some cold water otherwise and splash it over Sar [07:13]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s head snaps up and she is fully awake, she looks around and her eyes lock on Morr, she remembers what she had done to her En a hand ago and looks down, tears coming to her eyes, getting up she walks in front of her en taking the bow off her back, as she sits down she lays the bow down between her and Morr and says softly, ‘there is so much I need to say to you, and so much I need to apologise for, it was wrong of me to try to kill you En, there is no excuse.” [07:13]  VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD3.9d* BADGIRL GIRL AO V2: Forze sitground OFF (Forces sitground OFF) [07:14]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) sighs with relief , so happy that Rhen ‘s hypnotic formule was so effective (Sighs with relief, so happy that Rhen’s Hypnotic formula was so effective) [07:20]  Sar (sarena.penucca) waits for Morr to respond before she goes on, she sits antsy, feeling an uncontrollable urge to tell all that had happened to her since she met with Kao that day [07:20]  Morrighan Serendipity: (lol sorry was tabbed out let me read)) [07:23]  Morrighan Serendipity has listened to the exchange, and by now has gotten a pretty good idea of what has happened to you. I smile softly as I stand and give you a hug. “Pick up your bow huntress. What you did was not your fault. We understand this now and welcome you back to our ranks.” I sit back down and gesture to you to do the same. “If you can, we would like to hear what you remember.” [07:28]  Sar (sarena.penucca) picks up the bow and sheathes it on her back, then she says softly, “you sent me to see Kao, and Kao had an item of interest to show me, she said it was an Orb, and willingly I went with her, she said after I examined it she wanted me to help her move it out of the camp, when I got there, she had me relinquish my bow, as was proper, I was a stranger in that camp.” takes a breath, and then continues. “when I got to the hut there was an orb on the floor, it was glowing and had a faint sound coming from it, I squatted down and reached out and touched it, but I felt nothing from it, and Kao and I continued to talk, Bran and Priss came by as well. All of a sudden I felt something probing deep into my mind, probing my secrets I try to hide and it found where I have connections to the Kurii, then I felt absolute and terrifying anger from the probe, and it blocked off me, myself, my inner being and I slumped to the floor, I felt like I was outside my body and watching all that was around me, but I couldn’t respon [07:28]  Sar (sarena.penucca): d (d) [07:29]  Morrighan Serendipity listens, never having heard such a story before [07:33]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) felt a cold shiver down her spine as she listened, clearly this orb had great power [07:34]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks up, “I spent a long while in that state until Priss moved me away from the orb a few feet, then she stripped me down and left me there on the floor of Kao’s hut, Bran came back after a while and carried me to her hut, and I could react more, but I remembered nothing in my body, not even the ability to move, stand or speak, I was a shell, Bran then tried to make me well and took me into the mountain in Panther Ridge, she had me touch the object I showed you in there, but no reaction, but there was another orb, I ran from that like a frightened urt and tried digging through the solid rock to get out of that chamber, and finally Bran had to tie my hands and leash me, she handed my leash to a slave that was there, then told me I was her slave, Brans, and told me she had sent me here long ago to spy on the Sa Sa’ng Hrimgar and on you in particular, and that I had infiltrated well, she then had me serve the Pa Ri Tor to show that I was a slave, then one morning as I was cleaning Alt’s hut, Q of the Di’Ja [07:34]  Sar (sarena.penucca): n came and decided to get me out of there.” [07:36]  Morrighan Serendipity feels my jaw tightening as I hear of the treachery of my former slave. “It seems we owe Brandi a little payback for this action against you Sar.” [07:39]  Sar (sarena.penucca) takes a breath and continues on, “Q brought me to Shadowlands, and announced what Bran had done to me, but I was convinced I was Bran’s slave, and that my cover was blown in the Sa Sa’ng Hrimgar so I started acting as a slave should, I didn’t realise what I was doing, I had also been given an armband by Q, one that I wear when I am working for the Lords of the Enclave, and I felt a sudden urge to study it intently, and in my mind all I could feel was intense pain and shame as I studied it, then Shimmer came and licked my face, something she had done a million times, but to me it was blocking whatever message I felt I was getting from that armband, and that is when I tried to choke her to death. Imani took the armband away from me, and hid it from my sight so I forgot about it [07:40]  Sar (sarena.penucca): then Imani told me about what I was here, and how valuable I was to this band, she equipped me with a bow and some clothes, and told me to live in her tent for a while.” [07:41]  Morrighan Serendipity nods as the events you describe match up with the actions I remember. I ponder on all you have said so far, but wait for you to finish. “Go on” [07:41]  Caliegh Cerise yawns and stretches, waking up from her nap, catching the conversation.. but not wanting to interupt [07:41]  Morrighan Serendipity turns and smiles. “Tal Cali.” [07:41]  Cari (carina.iadyl) waves at Cali [07:42]  Caliegh Cerise waves back “Morning Sisters” wearing an ear-to-ear smile [07:42]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) waves to Caleigh smiling [07:43]  Caliegh Cerise plops down against the log, getting comfy [07:43]  Sar (sarena.penucca): Then I remember talking to you in camp when we were alone, you asked me about the Kurii and my work for them, but the armband, or seeing it had set up a conflict in my mind, the Orb was of the Priest Kings, and it was influencing me to forget about the Kurii, and gathering information for them, but then you said the word, the name, Kur, and the conflict I felt inside exploded, and for whatever reason that part of my mind thought that killing you and silencing you would resolve that conflict within me.” [07:44]  Morrighan Serendipity unconsciously rubs my neck as I listen, remembering that encounter all too well. I nod at you, understanding. [07:46]  Sar (sarena.penucca): the third time I tried to kill, it was Imani, she had taken out the armband to show me, and in my mind I had to have it, no matter the cost, so I tried to choke her to death to remove it from her, and that is when the Tu’atha Mor came and captured us, there wasn’t even a fight, as Imani was fighting for her life from me, and I was intent on getting that armband back, we were an easy target for them, it was then that Ice decided to try to take advantage of my mental state, and convince me also that I was her slave. [07:49]  Morrighan Serendipity nods. ‘Yes, rather bad timing on that raid, for us anyway.” [07:51]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks down again, she is nearly spent, “and the night I had the captive, I think when the Priest Kings were mentioned, it was whatever was implanted in my mind, was trying to repair the damage or the broken connections, call it what you want, but I think that influence was trying to repair itself.” [07:59]  Morrighan Serendipity nods once more, glancing at Marli. ‘ANd how do you feel now?’ [08:01]  Sar (sarena.penucca) answers the question by standing in front of Morr, she takes her dagger out of it’s sheath and a strip of cloth out of a pouch, she uses the dagger to make a slice in her right palm cutting across it and letting the blood flow freely, she then turns the dagger over and offers the hilt to Morr, she nods to the En to respond in kind. [08:02]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) catches Mo’s glance and repeats “yes, how do you feel Sar?” she guessed the whole episode was exhausting for Sar [08:03]  Morrighan Serendipity smiles gently and nods. taking the dagger and making a small shallow incision, but one that bleeds easily and I extend my hand to clasp yours, a strong welling of emotion washing over me as our hands clench together, and I wait for your words. [08:04]  Sar (sarena.penucca) wraps the two hands in the strip of cloth, binding them together, she then says very slow and steady, “I am Sarena, former slaver of Tampica, former Tu’atha Mor, former Verus Var, now I am just Sar, and with this bond of blood between us Morr, I swear to you I am myself again, and my oath is, if I cause harm to you or any of this band again, my life is forfeit.” [08:07]  Morrighan Serendipity nods, my gaze steady on yours. “And I am Morrighan, leader of the band of the Sa Sa’ng Hrimgar, and I welcome you back to our ranks as a huntress and trade negotiator. You have been through an ordeal that would have broken many. I am proud to have one of such strength to stand beside and call sister.”

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Ehem , I will say this ….I am a very bad captive ..My serves are dreadful and epic …..I pee in  paga bowls ….Smash  dinner plates because I’m so clumsy…..so if they ever ask you to cook a chicken dinner for them , remember, forget to take the plastic wrap off of it. Give the guards a shrinky-dink chicken for dinner!  (^__^)

Collaring [Background info,RP]

keep in mind this is gor, while it was at times violent and midevil, goreans were never cruel for cruelty sake.  In the books, person were arrested and sent to mines for  cruelty, cities valued any possible slaves and would punish those that devalued them.

Whippings were a punishment.  So was restricting clothing movement etc.

For captives, the goal is always to either get them to submit or keep them for trading.  Now would you seriously damage something you wish to own or use to get goods or a member of your tribe back?

Goreans used their minds and trickery to force slavery.  They relied on the pillars of gor, which apply to slaves and free alike.  Submission if freely given was something  the person could not take back.  if forced through torture it means nothing, But if gotten through trickery, it still was free submission.

A captive that eats form your hand, is submitting.  A captive that say what you want because they will die if they don’t is not.

Slavers were taught to “Bring out the slave” in captives.  Once brought you it was said, they could never be free again.  This was accomplished many ways.  The most effect ones, were to force a captive to act like a slave.  Keep them leashed and naked, forced to mover around a city or camp as slave, forced to kneel etc.  forced to serve in taverns etc.

Sexual torture was also used a lot, bring out the heat in a girl, but not permitting her to fully  enjoy it till she admits to wanting it and submits.

Cutting off fingers, hands etc, was usually saved for males, who were thieves and occasional females that were thieves, though in the females cases they were usually whipped and then handed to slavers to  attempt to get them to submit.

Goreans did not torture captives violently.  In war they were known to  put those not able to survive to a quick death of honor.  Take the spoils, free women, and slaves.  Drive the free women to submission.

Healers and greens were taboo to  attack.  Greens moved freely.  Those in the wild when captured in  panther tribes, outlaws etc, were treated with great respect and many times left to tend to their own captive members and slaves, or released.

The violent use of torture would be seen as a crime in gorean cities, and i would imagine  merc and outlaw camps as well.  The same can be said for Panthers that in their own right considered themselves free and gorean, using many of the same codes as the warriors.

Be creative with captives.

– Whippings, acceptable if a captive refused to obey commands. – withhold food  – force submission by starving and then offering food form your hand. – Stripped naked, collared and leashed.  Very gorean. – Treated as slave, when captive,  Held on leash, forced to do slave duties in city or camp.  Forced to serve.  Very gorean. – Piercing captives.  Very gorean.  Pierced persons were considered slaves. – Branding.  – Very gorean but normally only done after submission is freely given, though it was forced in the books on  others as well, such as the girls brought form earth. – Forced to use thrid person.  contrary to some, third person talk is not normal for slaves, but is a punishment, and perfect for captives.  make them think like a slave. – Caging, threats, force feeding if refuse to eat, trickery, mind games.  all very gorean.

– Mutilation –  Very ungorean.  it only happened in battles normally, when someone was  wounded while fighting. – Damaging slaves.  Normally the most common was cutting the tendant only on slaves that  ran away.  Saves are property.  do you cut the leg of a  expensive dinning room table?  Your favorite chair, do you cut off the padding?  Do you kick in your car doors?  NO, so why would you do it to a slave or possible slave.

Beating captives you wish to keep as slaves or torturing them is like buying a new car and taking a sledge hammer to it.

Torturing captives you want to trade for goods or your own people is like a car dealer getting cars to sell and taking a sledge hammer to them, then expecting you to pay full price for it.

One of the most gorean tricks in the book is to  try to convince your captive your helping them.  Make them indebted to you.  Treat wounds, explain how they are far better off now.  protected, cared for etc.

Obtaining submission was never an easy task, which is why most cities had experts.  Slaves also were very good at  helping.  Telling captives how much better off they were.  The “Wonders of slavery” protection, pride in service, love, devotion, etc. Lets all think a little more gorean.


[09:43]  Hot Lavendel: Tal Branca

[09:43]  Branca Auditore looks at marli and smiles ” tal marli ”

[09:43]  Alleraia shivers at the running of the blade up her skin, “You have my demand for getting the information free. Otherwise you’re free to figure it out yourselves.”

[09:44]  Marli nodded and smiled at branca “Tal ”

[09:44]  jJenifer Violet: tal branc

[09:44]  Cherry Avro growled in anger…a mere bag of sugar, for her? She lifted her chin some more, and looked at the woman who spoke, haughtily.

[09:44]  Lidia laughs “I do like a challenge” she withdraws the blade and positions herself in front of her, she takes the fine tip of it and lifts her chin up roughly to eye level

[09:44]  Branca Auditore: ” i have seen some battle remaining arrows , near our camp , your tribe’s arrows were one of the feathers i have found , no one in camp to tell me what is going on or what happened , thought you might be knowing something , do you ?” she loks at jj ” tal JJ ”

[09:46]  Marli glances at Branca “Mine ? maybe ….I did shoot at Alika and her band when they attacked near the di jan camp earlier today”

[09:46]  Alleraia grins back, “I suppose you found yourself one. What is your answer?” she asks, staring back at Lidia as she allows her to life her chin.

[09:47]  Branca Auditore looks at marli ” alika’s tribe , i did not think that they would come here that far , anyone of the di’jan was caught there ?”

[09:48]  Marli nods “I heard Ani say they took Devi……no one else ”

[09:48]  Branca Auditore narrows her eyes ” do you know if she is still caught ?”

[09:48]  Lidia looks sternly at raia “You will not play games or you will regret it”

[09:49]  jJenifer Violet: heheheh…they an easy tribe Branc, you could prob go there and cap them all single hadedly

[09:49]  Marli shrugged , truth was Marli had been too busy in a raid and these new captives “I do not know Branca ”

[09:49]  Branca Auditore nods ” very well , thank you very much marli ” she looks at jj and chuckles ” be a good girl now ”

[09:50]  Alleraia smirks, “I’m not playing any games with you, I’m making you a deal. It’s up to your whether to refuse or decline my offer.” she says, balancing her stance a bit as she begins to dry. Her boots will not dry for some time while worn though, she worries about infections she heard LaRo talk about caused by wearing sopped boots for too long.

[09:51]  Hot Lavendel grins at the girl when she walks to the end of her leash for the thirt time

[09:52]  Lidia looks over to jj “What shall we do?” she keeps the blade under raias chin

[09:52]  jJenifer Violet: so whats the outcome with these Mar….winls

[09:53]  jJenifer Violet: well since Marli invited us to go collecting with her tribe I surely think it is all up to her what to do with these here, trthough IUi think they will make her some very noce slaves here don’t you tinh?..winks

[09:53]  DarkflameRising: Lunges forward knocking Lavanda to ground with leash wrapped about her feet slams knees int her chest as she falls

[09:53]  Hot Lavendel: aye they will sis

[09:53]  Marli grins when she hears Hot , “she can pee in a paga barrel, you now the ones we keep for our trades ”

[09:53]  Hot Lavendel: unless we sell them untrained

[09:54]  Hot Lavendel: aah right…laughs

[09:54]  Lidia grins “Aye” she looks back to raia and withdraws the blade about a foot away. She grabs her arm bindings and kicks her feet out from under her to land her on the ground

[09:54]  jJenifer Violet: Hey….you tryig to deminish yourself here Dark as she sees what she just domne to Hot!

[09:55]  DarkflameRising: bite at Lavandels throat

[09:55]  Marli then glances at JJ “we have a nice deal set up with a slaver in Kamba ……he will trade for untrained slaves …..even girls like these ” she points at the captives

[09:55]  Hot Lavendel: as i see it, selling them to Kamba will bring us 3 bags of sugar and when they want to trade for their freedom with the slacer he wants to have a profit and he will ask 6 bags from their tribe

[09:56]  Lidia is distracted by the scuffle “Fiesty one aint she?” looking over to dark.

[09:56]  jJenifer Violet: Ahhh that is a very good idea…kamba will pay handsomely for these here…smiles

[09:56]  Cherry Avro grew tired of waiting around for the women to make up their minds…her eyes still locked on Raia…trying to read her, what she had in mind.

[09:56]  Marli nods in agreement with Hot , sees the scuffle go on

[09:56]  Hot Lavendel: so we can sell them to their tribe for 5 bags and then their tribe will be having a profit to

[09:57]  Alleraia hits the ground with a grunt, not offering any resistance. She watches Dark and shakes her head, knowing they don’t have enough of a chance to act as such. “My value with increase ten times with my bit of information. Surely that’s worth letting the pledge go?”

[09:57]  Hot Lavendel: that meaans aat the end all are happy..a win win situation for all i think

[09:58]  jJenifer Violet: so shall we escort these with you marli to kamba or you got it all under control

[09:58]  Marli grins and rubbed her hands “sweet deal for all concerned ”

[09:58]  Rogue: buttons you stay at my side understood

[09:59]  Marli laughs “…..well not for the captives….obviously”

[09:59]  Lidia curiously observes her non-resistance and raises an eyebrow. She rolls her onto her belly and presses down on her arm bindings.

[09:59]  jJenifer Violet: hahaha….true and pokes cherry in the ribs

[09:59]  Hot Lavendel: even for the captives En…they will be one bag cheaper thatway

[09:59]  buttons: yes Mistress

[10:00]  Rogue: smiles good girl

[10:00]  Alleraia clenches her jaw, hissing as she presses down. “Think of how much candy you could buy with 10 gold pieces. You could even afford chocolate.”

[10:00]  Hot Lavendel: you will tell your En we are a reasonable tribe girls…smiles

[10:01]  Cherry Avro growled out again as she got poked in the ribs, feeling already uncomfortable with her arms bound behind her back…trying to wiggle a little bit to keep some feeling in them and the blood flowing.

[10:01]  jJenifer Violet: hahhaa…like they even have 10 gold peices….snorts

[10:01]  Lidia laughs “10 gold pieces? for you? ” she cant keep herself contained

[10:01]  Marli laughs “……..indeed ……the Ubar paid them 10 gold for services rendered in the sheets”

[10:01]  Lidia: “What are you, the offspring of an Ubar?” she continues to laugh

[10:01]  jJenifer Violet: hahahhaha

[10:02]  Lidia takes her dagger and slices away her shirt and underwear

[10:02]  jJenifer Violet: well shall we go to kamba then with these here. oh…I think we should get them ready first….don’t ya think?

[10:02]  Marli: mhm…..strip em

[10:03]  Lidia looks to the others “Before trading.. we should perhaps break them in”

[10:03]  Alleraia laughs, “If you don’t know, you must not have handled much slave trade.” she says as Lidia slices away her undergarments. “You can even verify it here. So, where is your answer?”

[10:03]  Hot Lavendel grins taking her dagger and cuts the band of her quiver then trows it behind her

[10:04]  Marli smirks , she and her sisters had already had many dealing with the slaver

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel: then cuts the girls skirt and lets it drop were she stands

[10:04]  jJenifer Violet takes a knife and cuts the straps off of cherry’s top letting it fall to the ground

[10:04]  Lidia grins and flips her onto her back to rip away the front cloth

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel hooks her blade behind the strin of her top and cuts it to

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel spanks the girls ass….now you ready girl…grins

[10:05]  jJenifer Violet: /ne then unstraps the side pouch on her left upper leg and lets that fall to the grouns thinking it is a quiver

[10:05]  Lidia cuts away her leggings and removes her shoes

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel watch it jiggles

[10:06]  Lidia: “Do we have someone who can do a slave exam?” she inquires having figured it out.. possibly..

[10:06]  Hot Lavendel: bigger then mine En…you tell Lune

[10:06]  jJenifer Violet then knocks her onto her ass asnd pulls her boots off her and tosses them aside

[10:06]  jJenifer Violet cuts her leg band off her as well smiling at her the whole time

[10:06]  Cherry Avro shuddered a little in the cool air as her brief skins were cut and torn off her body, gritting her teeth in anger…Crying out in surprisement and pain and her feet got knocked from under her and she fell onto the ground.

[10:07]  jJenifer Violet then at last cuts her arm bands off her as well leaving her ready for selling

[10:07]  Rogue: so girl

[10:07]  Rogue: what tribe are you

[10:08]  Marli grinned widely , showing her pearly whites to Hot “olie bollen ” she winked at her

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: hehehe

[10:08]  Alleraia closes her eyes as her clothing is removed piece by piece, eventually left near naked on the ground. “Think you may have figured it out, hmm? What do you think you might have figured out?”

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: we are the Reasonable tribe girl

[10:09]  Lidia takes one of her soggy leggings and presses it into her mouth (attempts to) in order to quiet her

[10:09]  Cherry Avro looked up to the woman before her, laughing bitterly. “You don’t even know? I am of Jan Tri’Shena. What does it matter, to you?”

[10:09]  Rogue: kicks the girl in the face

[10:09]  Rogue: im sorry did i say you can speek to me like that

[10:10]  Alleraia keeps her jaw clamped shut, looking over at Lidia with glare. She grunts uhuh as she shakes her head.

[10:10]  Rogue: your not jan tri your a wannbe

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm…..carefull with the merchandise…grins

[10:10]  Cherry Avro cried out in pain, her head jerked to the side as she suddenly got kicked in the face, spitting out some blood and snapping her mouth shut this time.

[10:10]  jJenifer Violet: well we all reaedy fr the journey?

[10:11]  Lidia: “Need some time breaking this one in before travel”

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel nods

[10:11]  jJenifer Violet: soon as Lidia finishes that is….smirks

[10:11]  Marli looked at the sorry state of the women and nodded

[10:11]  Rogue: now i asked your name best learn to speek with respect

[10:12]  zombiegirl25 Resident shouts: pulling the flag out of her bag.she looks over to her friends before yelling”we come in peace we just wanted to bring your some fish of the sea,,or is that chicken of the sea”shrugs. pushing the flag in the dir.shaking her cute ass at all the people

[10:12]  Lidia tosses the legging aside. She looks the girl over.

[10:13]  Cherry Avro would not even look at the woman anymore, she didn’t care to as she replied to her simply “I am Cherry.”

[10:13]  Rogue: you are cherry the slave girl

[10:14]  Lidia trails her blade along her collarbone, without pressing it under the skin.

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel lookes at the girl next to her…and you will be called Oliebol from now on

[10:14]  Cherry Avro stayed silent again, staring at the ground firmly…hoping it would open up and swallow the arrogant woman before her.

[10:15]  Marli: “cherry the slave girl……at least untill her new owner decides to give her a name…..like lil urt ”

[10:15]  Rogue: who are you cherry

[10:16]  Cherry Avro gritted her teeth together…the woman was sorely mistaken if she thought of her to give in so easily. “I am Cherry, the panther girl.” She replied.

[10:16]  Alleraia looks up at her cautiously, waiting for the next move. She steadies her breathing while she has the chance, not believing that they could do any worse than the 20 lashes she received from a whipmaster in Kassau for attacking their regent.

[10:16]  Rogue: kicks the girl in the head again

[10:17]  Rogue: then begins to step down on her toes with my boot puting more and more pressure on her ankle as she sit now lets try this again cherrry what are you

[10:17]  Rogue: do you want me to step down completly best learn your place

[10:18]  Lidia follows the contours of her torso, keeping a firm grip on the blade to keep control of its depth. She trails it down to raias groin then presses the cold part of the blade to her lips. She watches her, curious of her reaction.

[10:18]  DarkflameRising: breathing inn slowly deels rope slip a bit

[10:19]  Cherry Avro groaned out in pain as she got kicked again…her lip was bloody now, and her face was starting to get bruised…but she would not call herself slave, not to these women. SHe whined in pain as the woman stepped on her foot, trying to squirm away from her..

[10:19]  Rogue: puting more and more pressure down as i wait for the responce

[10:19]  Alleraia looks down at the blade nearing her lips, pursing her lips and beginning to look rather worried. She continues to practice steady breathing while this is happening, trying to keep calm.

[10:19]  Marli calls over to JJ “We should l head to the docks , the sun is going down and the last ship will leave soon ”

[10:19]  Rogue: puting more down maken it allmost touch the toes to the ground

[10:20]  Rogue(: now answerr right girl

[10:20]  jJenifer Violet: Aye…I think we should….help me get her to her feet rogue’

[10:20]  Cherry Avro cried out in anger and pain, yelling “You will gain nothing for me, if you render me useless!”

[10:20]  DarkflameRising: loosining knot

[10:21]  Rogue: pulls cherry to her feet

[10:21]  Rogue: and punshes her in the stomack

[10:21]  Rogue: rips off her necklace

[10:21]  Lidia feels a bad omen travelling on the winds

[10:21]  Lidia: withdraws her bow

[10:22]  Cherry Avro doubled over, grimacing in pain as she was punched in the stomach harsly this time…but still keeping her mouth shut, barely wincing as her necklace was torn from her throat.

[10:22]  Rogue: checks darks ropes seen that there a lil lose and tighens them back up

[10:22]  Lidia secures raias bindings tight

[10:23]  DarkflameRising: as she tightens knots I kick her hard in groin

[10:23]  Hot Lavendel: cOme girl we travell

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