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THE THREE PILLARS OF GOR (#23, Version 5.0)


Effectively understanding the Gorean mindset requires an understanding of the differences between Gorean society and Earth society.  Civilized Gorean society has three primary societal institutions that differ from most of Earth.  By civilized Gor, I mean the cities, towns and villages of Gor.  It does not include the barbaric lands of such people as the Torvaldslanders, the Wagon Peoples, the Red Savages, or the Red Hunters.  These three differences permeate Gorean society and make it a vastly different world from Earth.  They are not the only differences but they are very important matters and may be difficult for Earth people to understand.

The three pillars of civilized Gor are the Homestone, Caste System and Slavery.  Each one of these items is essential to Gorean society.  Earth has nothing like the concept of the Homestone.  The patriotism of the United States as evidenced by the American flag is a pale comparison to the Home Stone.  India is one of the last bastions on Earth with a caste system though it is still very different from the system used on Gor.  Slavery exists in some corners of Earth but no where even close to the extent it exists on Gor.  Understanding these three areas will enhance comprehension of the Gorean mindset.  You will be able to think and act more Gorean for either your role-play or real-time.


Home Stone:

“Do not ask a Gorean what the Home Stone means because he will not understand your question. It will puzzle him. It is the Home Stone.” (Magicians of Gor, p.485-6)

To define the concept of a Home Stone is a difficult task.  It is a cultural concept that resists definition by outsiders and needs no definition within its own society.  “It is not a word, or a sentence. It does not really translate. It is too important, too precious, to mean. It just is.” (Magicians of Gor, p.485)  A Home Stone has very deep meaning to a Gorean.  The very word “Gor” means Home Stone in all of the languages of Gor.  I shall try to give one an idea of the basics of a Home Stone though this will be insufficient in actually truly defining the idea.

Goreans view their cities as almost living things.  They see a city as an entity with a history, tradition, heritage, customs, practices, character, intentions, and hopes.  To be “of” a city gives a person a sense of immortality though Goreans know that even a city can be destroyed.  This love of their city is invested in the Home Stone, that in many respects is the very soul of a city. The Home Stone is a valuable symbol of sovereignty and territory.

Home Stones can be of various shapes, sizes, and colors.  There is no standard for them. Some are intricately carved while others simply have a single letter etched into them, the initial letter of the city.  Some large cities have small stones of great antiquity.  The Home Stone of Ar is accepted by tradition as being the oldest Home Stone on Gor.  It is allegedly over ten thousand years old.  Other cities have only recently acquired a Home Stone.  Port Kar acquired a Home Stone in 10120 C.A.  A rock was picked up from one of the streets, Tarl Cabot etched the initials of the city into it and the people accepted it as their own.

Long ago, in peasant villages, each hut was built around a flat stone placed in the center of a circular dwelling.  The stone was carved with the family sign and called the Home Stone.  Each peasant within his hut thus became a sovereign.  Later, Home Stones were used for villages, then towns and cities.  In the villages, the Home Stone was commonly placed in the market area.  In most cities, it is usually placed freely in the top of the highest tower, though it is well guarded.  All it takes to have a Home Stone is for someone or a group to choose to have one.

There is no clear origin for Home Stones though there are several mythical accounts.  One of the most popular legends involves Hesius, the mythical first man of Gor.  Hesius once performed great labors for the Priest-Kings and was promised a reward greater than gold and silver.  When he finished his toils, he was presented with a flat piece of rock with a single character inscribed upon it, the first letter of the name of his home village.  Hesius confronted the Priest-Kings, feeling that he had been cheated.  They told him that this item was truly more valuable than gold and silver and was called a “Home Stone.”

Hesius brought the Home Stone to his war torn village, placed it in the market and told them what the Priest-Kings had said.  A wise man stated that it must be very valuable if the Priest-Kings had so spoke.  The warring factions wanted to know who’s stone it was.  Hesius told them that it belonged to all of them.  All of the factions then put their weapons away and peace came to the village.  This village was named Ar.

Where a man sets his Home Stone, he claims, by law, that land for himself.  “The Home Stone says this place is mine, this is my home.” (Magicians of Gor, p.485)  There is also a hierarchy of Home Stones.  Men who would fight each other over an acre of land will join together to protect their village or city.  “The sharing of a Home Stone is no light thing in a Gorean city.” (Slave Girl of Gor, p.394)  The common bond of a Home Stone unites such people and they will support and protect all those who share their Home Stone.  Some hope or dream of a single Supreme Home Stone for all of Gor.  Others believe that the Priest Kings already have such a Stone and it is the source of their power.  “A palace without a Home Stone is a hovel; a hovel with a Home Stone is a palace.” (Slave Girl of Gor, p.142)

The Home Stone is the center of various rituals in each city such as the Planting Feast of Sa-Tarna in Ar.  Each city has a citizenship ceremony where children, who reach intellectual majority, swear an oath of allegiance to their city while touching or kissing the Home Stone. This ceremony may also require vouching by existing citizens.  Another requirement may also be a questioning by a committee of citizens to determine your worthiness to the city. Nonperformance of this ceremony can be cause for expulsion from the city.  You can renounce your Home Stone and change your citizenship to another city but this is rarely done.  You cannot be a citizen of a city without pledging yourself to its Home Stone.  You cannot belong to two Home Stones of different cities either.

You may have multiple Home Stones due to the hierarchical nature of such items.  But those Home Stones must fit within the hierarchy to be acceptable.  That is why you cannot belong to the Home Stones of two different cities as that would be outside the hierarchy.  You could have your own personal Home Stone and also belong to the Home Stone of your city.  If you once lived in a town or small city that was subsumed into a larger entity, such as Tetrapoli, then you muts also have a Home Stone for the town or small city as well as the larger entity.  Thus, you might belong to three Home Stones.

Stealing a Home Stone is a heinous sacrilege and punishable by the most painful of deaths. It is also the greatest of glories to steal one from another city.  In Tarnsman of Gor, Tarl Cabot steasl the Home Stone of Ar.  This earned him glory in the eyes of many though the city of Ar wished him to die horribly.  Even when Tarl and Marlenus become almost friends, Marlenus cannot forgive him for the prior offense of stealing the Home Stone.  As Ubar, Marlenus could never do so.  The theft of a Home Stone does not automatically signal the death knell for a city.

While a Home Stone survives, then so does the city.  When Koroba was destroyed by the Priest-Kings, Matthew Cabot retained the Home Stone, thus still keeping the city alive.  Even though all of its people were scattered all over Gor and no building stood on the spot where the city once was, the survival of the Home Stone ensured that the city was still living.  Ko-ro-ba was later rebuilt around its Home Stone at its same location.

Stealing a Home Stone is not an easy task as it engenders great reservoirs of strength in those who belong to it.  “One does not lightly dispute the passage of one who carries his Home Stone.” (Nomads of Gor, p.1)  Even a trained warrior would be very wary of a mere peasant who was carrying his Home Stone.  The loyalty and pride in your Home Stone seems to release the floodgates of hidden strengths.  When it is directly threatened, a Gorean is able to overcome many obstacles to ensure its safety.

A Home Stone unifies the people of a city.  It is more important than caste prejudices or other forms of prejudice.  It inspires intense loyalty, great enough that everyone would die to protect it.  There is a popular Gorean saying that: “One who speaks of Home Stones should stand for matters of honor are involved.” (Tarnsman of Gor, p.27)  This is taken to an extreme where a man might be killed who does not stand when he speaks of his Home Stone. There is no symbol on Earth which has a similar function to a Home Stone.  Patriotism to our flag is but a pale analogy to the Home Stone.  Flag burning would horrify Goreans who would treat it as a capital offense rather than an exercise of free speech.  Goreans look down on Earth because it has no Home Stone.  Thus there is no reason why Earth people cannot be enslaved.

In your role-play, you should try to put your Home Stone in its proper perspective.  You should love your city and be intensely loyal to it.  You should be proud of your city.  You should participate in matters important to your city.  You should unite with your fellow citizens against intruders and outsiders who threaten your city.  Warriors will defend their city and Home Stone to the death. Take an active role in your city and make it worthy.

Caste System:

Gorean society has a firmly established Caste System and almost all Free Persons belong to a Caste.  The Caste system is a vital component of civilized Gorean society.  In its most basic form, a Caste is your profession though there is much more involved than that.  Your Caste defines your codes of conduct, generally limits those you interact with, sets your place within the Gorean hierarchy, and so much more.  Your Caste defines much of who you are on Gor, far more than any job on Earth ever would.

There are three basic categories outside of the caste system: Priest-Kings, outlaws and slaves.  Priest-Kings are the “gods” of Gor and live hidden away in the Sardar Mountains.  A man who refuses to practice his livelihood or strives to alter status without consent of the Council of High Castes is by definition an outlaw.  Outlaws belong to no city and usually live hidden in the forests, mountains or other isolated areas.  Outlaws do not have identifying devices on their garb.  Most cities will impale outlaws if they try to access the city gates.  There are few outlaws on Gor as being cut off from Gorean society so to such a degree is a great onus.  Slaves are considered property and have no status in the caste system.  Any Caste they once had is stripped from them when they are enslaved.

There are also some peoples who do not fall into these three primary exceptions but are still outside the caste system.  There are some people who have lost caste or been deprived of caste for various reasons.  Some are born outside of the caste system.  A few occupations are not traditionally associated with a caste, like gardening, domestic service and herding.  There are also cultures and peoples on Gor without any caste system.  But these peoples are traditionally considered barbarians and not a part of civilized Gor.  These include such cultures as the Wagon Peoples, Torvaldslanders, Red Savages and the Tribesmen of the Tahari.  All of these people are not considered outlaws though and are able to enter cities realatively freely.

Caste is primarily governed by birth.  Children take on the caste of their father.  If the mother does not share the caste of the father, there might be a problem if their Free Companionship eneded.  In this case, it makes sense that the children would remain with the father as the children belong to his caste.  Caste is far too important a matter to let the children go off with someone not of their caste.  If mother and father shared caste, then the children could go with either parent.  The books though do not make clear what happens to children when a Free Companionship ends.

The Caste system has little upward mobility though the opportunity does exist.  Changing your Caste is generally not an easy task.  Free Companionship is one method for free women to change their caste.  Normally, relationships remain within the same caste.  But, if of mixed caste, the woman can keep her own caste or take her partner’s caste.  This can serve to raise her caste.  Generally, a woman would not change her Caste to a lower one.  Though her Caste changed, the woman could not fully practice her new Caste until she had been properly trained and met all other prerequisites.  Another way for man or woman to change is their caste is through a showing or lack of ability.  This can serve to either raise or lower your caste.  To lower your Caste through a lack of ability, the High Council of the Caste would have to make that decision.  To raise your caste or willingly change caste, the High Council of the city must approve the change, based on your qualifications for the new Caste and the willingness of the new Caste to accept you.  Women are promoted and demoted by the same criteria as men though it varies from city to city.

To most Goreans though, it is unthinkable to alter their caste.  Most Goreans are proud of their caste, even peasants and laborers.  It is recognized that all, or at least most, castes perform necessary, useful or commendable tasks.  Their skills are appreciated by others and not generally looked down on.  Each caste views itself as special in some way.  Each Caste has its place and worth in Gorean society.  Metal Workers state: “Where would the dwellers of cities be without us?” (Dancer of Gor, p.293)  This is a way of saying that their skills are essential for civilization.  Even the lowest Caste, the Peasants, consider themselves the “Ox on which the Home Stone Rests.”  They are the ones that provide the food for all other Castes.

Despite this respect for the place of each Caste within Gorean society,  Caste discrimination is very common.  “Language and city, and caste, however, are matters of great moment to them, and provide sufficient basis for the discriminations in which human beings take such great delight.” (Beasts of Gor, p.156)  Entertainment and Free Companionships generally follow Caste lines.  There are paga taverns that cater to the different Castes and a Peasant would not dare enter a High Caste tavern.  Many Castes will not use the Long Bow because it is seen as a Peasant weapon and beneath higher castes.  The Double Knowledge is a method of discrimination meant to keep the Lower Castes in their place.  The Low Castes are generally not permitted to vote or be on the High Councils.  The Castes are ranked from Highest to Lowest which alone signifies that some are better than others.

Castes are divided into High Castes and Low Castes.  There are only five High Castes and include Initiates, Scribes, Builders, Physicians and Warriors.  Each has its own color, respectively white, blue, yellow, green, red, which is also their ranking of order of importance. The High Castes elect the Administrator and Council of a city for stated terms.  There are subcastes of some of these castes.  For example, cartographers and lawyers belong to the Caste of Scribes.  The Lower Castes includes all the other established castes.  These includes such castes as assassins, bakers, bleachers, carriers of wood (woodsmen), charcoal makers, cloth worker, cosmeticians, dyers, goat-keepers, growers of rence, leather workers, metal workers, musicians, peasants, potters, saddle makers, singers (poets), smiths, tarn keepers, vintners, and weavers.  There are many more castes and some subcastes.  These castes are also ranked in order of their importance with peasants at the bottom of the ranking order.

Each caste has its own Caste Code to govern the conduct of its members.  “The ethical teachings of Gor, ?,amount to little more than the Caste Codes—collections of sayings whose origins are lost in antiquity.” (Tarnsman of Gor, p.40-41)  Unfortunately the books provide little details on the Caste Codes for each different Caste.  Only the Warrior Caste receives any siginificant details on its Caste Codes.  These Codes are vitally important to the Caste members and are generally followed by all.  “It is the codes which separate men from sleen and larls,” (Slave Girl of Gor p.227)  Failing to follow the Codes could lead to sanctions from your Caste.

Belonging to a Caste also gives you certain privileges.  Charity is administered through the caste structure.  Goreans do not favor begging and some even view it as an insult. When charity is in order, the caste or clan comes to the rescue.  Caste Sanctuary, the protection of caste members in times of need, is another privilege.  A Caste protects its own members and they form a cohesive unity.  Caste rights are a matter of birth and you are entitled to them automatically, even if you never practice your caste work.

One commonly cannot practice a craft in a Caste until an apprenticeship is done though you might be able to do some subsidiary work in that craft without such practice.  A Metalworker, who has not completed his apprenticeship, might be able to paint iron or transport it though he could not work the iron.  An apprenticeship helps to guarantee the quality of the Caste’s products and services.  Thus a Caste will consist of full working members of the Caste, members in training, and non-practicing members.  Women of a caste often do not engage in caste work.  Women generally do not work in Castes where physical strength is required.  For example, women of the Metal Workers do not commonly work at a forge and women of the Builder’s do not supervise the construction of fortifications.

But, women do commonly work as Scribes and Merchants.  There are even female slavers. Another notable exception is that of the Physician’s Caste.  The Physician’s Caste though does restrict women in one way.  The Caste will not permit a woman to practice medicine until she has first born two children.  In many cities, at age fifteen, a woman of the Physician’s Caste dons two bracelets.  One is removed for each child born, and when both are removed, she is allowed to practice medicine.  The reason behind this is that it is understood that professional women tend not to reproduce themselves.  This would serve over time to diminish the quality of the caste.  Thus, the rule helps to preserve the future of the caste.

The future of the caste is vitally important to Goreans.  The welfare of the caste takes priority over the ambitions of specific individuals.  The welfare of a larger number of individuals is more important than the welfare of a smaller number of individuals.  Caste is crucially important to Goreans in ways that those of Earth cannot easily comprehend.  The importance of the caste to Goreans cannot be underestimated.  Thus, the logic behind this restriction on women in the Physician’s Caste should apply as well to the Warrior Caste.

Why would the Warrior Caste allow women to risk their lives in combat?  There would be more women dying in combat which would lead to fewer births.  In addition, dead women could not raise their existing children.  Goreans would not want their children to grow up with mothers.  This would all diminish the quality of the caste over time.  With the welfare of the caste at stake, Warriors would not permit women to engage in combat.  In addition, women would not want to endanger the welfare of the caste so they would accept their role in the Caste.  This may be one of the strongest single arguments against female warriors.

There are a number of key differences between the High and Low Castes.  First, each learns a different type of knowledge concerning their world.  The Low Castes learn the First Knowledge that is a simpler knowledge with a number of falsehoods and half-truths.  They learn that the world is flat and are not taught of the existence of Earth.  The High Castes have the Second Knowledge.  They know about Earth and most of the true information about Gor though they know little of the true nature of the Priest-Kings.  Most of them would have uncovered these truths on their own anyways.  There is a Third Knowledge belonging to the Priest Kings, a knowledge of the many secrets of Gor.

The Low Castes are also very superstitious normally.  They are reluctant to reveal their true names.  They thus have both a use name and a real name.  Often only close relatives know their real name.  High Castes usually use their names freely though the Lowers believe they have use names.  Knowing a real name supposedly gives one power, a capacity to use the name in spells and insidious magical practices.  Many of the Low Castes believe in magic and that some people can read thoughts.  They believe the stories of the wizards and monsters of Anango.

There is an accent that differentiates the High and Low Castes, though some of the higher artisan castes speak almostlike the High Caste.  Illiteracy is common on Gor and is not taken as a mark of stupidity.  Literacy usually follows by caste lines and many Goreans of the Low Castes cannot read.  Even some of the High Castes, primarily warriors, may be illiterate.  Some warriors feel that they should not be literate so they hide the fact that they can read.

The caste system is vital to the proper functioning of Gorean society.  The caste system contributes considerably to the stability of society.  It reduces competitive chaos, social and economic, and prevents the draining of intelligence and ambition into a small number of envied, prestigious occupations.  By making each Caste important and instilling an attitude that the good of the Caste outweighs individual ambitions, people tend to remain in their Caste.  Gorean society is not a battle over climbing a social ladder.

In your role-play, you should be proud of your caste and participate in Caste matters such as Caste leader elections.  Goreans care about the future of their Castes.  They place their personal desires below the welfare of their caste.  If you are a Low Caste, remember the differences from the High Castes.  Remember that you only have the First Knowledge and are likely illiterate.  Respect those of Higher Caste than you. Follow your Caste codes.


On Gor, slavery is a complex institution, with its hundreds of aspects and facets, legal, social, economic and aesthetic.  It is an ancient institution with a lengthy history of development. Gorean mythology even provides a story justifying the creation of slavery.  Long ago, there once was a war between the men and women of Gor.  The women were defeated.  But, the Priest-Kings did not want all of the women killed so they made them beautiful.  But as a price for their beauty, the Priest-Kings decreed that they would forever be slaves to men.

Long ago, there were a series of wars called the Slave Wars.  They occurred among various cities in the middle latitudes, off an on, for over a period of about a generation.  Though the wars involved large-scale slaving there were other causes too, like the levying of tribute and control of trade routes.  Much of the merchant law about slaves grew out of these wars.  The wars also developed some of the standardization of the slave as a commodity.

Goreans view slavery as a natural institution.  Slavery has its basis in the biological differences of men and women.  Male dominance is pervasive among mammals and universal among primates.  Men see it as their right to be dominant.  Many women also feel that is true. Female slaves are normally very satisfied in their bondage.  Though initially they may rebel at the idea, they eventually grow to revel in their slavery.  Feminism does not really exist on Gor. There are very few Goreans who wish an end to slavery.

Slavery is an important part of the economic fabric of Gorean society.  The business of slavery keeps many castes working.  From Metalworkers who create slave steel to Perfumers who make slave perfume, almost every caste benefits from slavery.  Even Peasants benefit by using slaves as beasts of burden.  Slaves perform many tasks on Gor, from the fields to the cities.  Without the institution of slavery, there would be a vast economic hole in Gorean society.

The primary thing to consider is that slavery was not instituted solely to bring pleasure to men.  Slavery has many other effects throughout society.  Do not think only about paga slaves. Think of the many kettle and pot girls out there working.  Think of the slaves to peasants toiling in the fields.  Think of the state slaves cleaning the streets and working in the public laundries. Slavery is a vast entity with many aspects.  Slavery is about far more than just sex.

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Healing roleplay


Suggesting someone to become a healer of a band due to bow skills is not the smartest idea as I see it. As healers in panther girl bands are not told about in the novels of John Norman, but it is possible a a physician escaped and was captured by panther girls…..

Be aware that a panther  healer  has to pull her weight in daily life of the tribe – since  it means raiding, hunting,  trading, scouting, and the like……don’t expect your tribe to ask you for daily slave exams or removing arrowheads…you have to create the roleplay environment….

You will find out like I have that every 3rd panther in SL Gor  knows how to heal because she was physician, headphysician or even only physician-kajira at one point of her role play career, so the competition is high.  …… . You should really prevent the “/me applies some salve” ….. it is very poor role play.  An option is to think of a storyline like the one below….its an old one from when I was healer in Sa Sang Hrimgar…


[13:19]  Nala Spires smiles ” marli ! ” giggles and hugs her tight [13:20]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) turns and smiles “Nala!” and hugs her tightly [13:20]  Jale (jaenelle.cortes): Arr! (Arr!) [13:21]  Nala Spires: well few days ago a male here talked about priestkings oil he sayed that will help sars memmory and that it heals almost everything “Takes out a small vial has about 3 doses in for wounds ” but i prefer to give it to you i know you will use it wise and right “smiles wide and handing you the small vial ” [13:22]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) takes the small vial , its glass clear and she holds it up to the sun light “Priest king oil….i only saw this once before” then carefully tucks the vial in her belt “Thank you Nala” [13:23]  Nala Spires: well hope you will never need to use it sis but just in case “giggles” you now have it [13:23]  Nala Spires: ((and all the nc to back up how you find it )) [13:23]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) giggles (ty ) [13:52]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) watches Sar with some interest, her hand resting on her belt containing the vial “I plan to find out if this pk oil Nala has gifted us can help your mind in some way Sar” [13:53]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks over at Marli, it is good that Marli has used the shortened version of the Priest Kings’ title, otherwise she would be blacking out, then she nods her head, “if you think it will bring me back to me, then I welcome the attempt.” [13:56]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods “I will prepare a small dose , perhaps in combination with some hypnotic herbs to induce a trance like state ” [13:57]  Marlies Dasmijn: thanks for the hints 🙂  anyway have you thought about how you would like to rp this out? [13:59]  Sar (sarena.penucca): well, I know that this is because of a pk orb, I worked on the parameters of the affliction, as far as the hypnosis is concerned, I would suggest ask questions, get involved with finding the deeper cause, it will be more fun if you kind of form your own strategy for that.



[15:29]  Sar (sarena.penucca) sighs [15:31]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) leans forward “Bran and Priscilla , neither have shown up yet” [15:31]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods, “I don’t think they know we are here, we might have to go capture Bran and bring her.” [15:32]  Sar (sarena.penucca): as for the Shaman, perhaps if we can catch her also. [15:33]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) grins “yes…..she might be useful as well” () [15:34]  Sar (sarena.penucca): the otherday, I ate as I was bound up, and I was eating raw meat, and enjoying it. [15:35]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) lifts an eyebrow “mamba tendencies? how odd” [15:36]  Sar (sarena.penucca) shakes her head, “I don’t know what mambas are.” [15:36]  Sar (sarena.penucca): or I don’t remember [15:37]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods “mamba are flesh eater….they have sharp teeth….i know of one that tried to join Sang Suri….i examined her ” [15:38]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods, “well my teeth are normal, so far as I can see anyhow,” bares her teeth and smiles at Marli. [15:38]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) giggles as she takes a good look “Yes they are normal” [15:39]  Sar (sarena.penucca): some keep telling me my affliction is because of some herb, or a potion, or some kind of crystal, but I don’t know, something tells me that a potion would not be so selective on when I black out. [15:41]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods “a potion that would cause similar ailments is a cypher drug…also known as iskander potion….names after a famous gorean physician….i wouldnt expect many healers or shaman to have this knowledge” [15:42]  Sar (sarena.penucca): me nods, and then after thinking some more for a few moments, “but what bothers me most, is I have been told that on three seperate occasions I have tried to kill three sisters here, and I don’t remember it, I have also been told I completely black out at times.” [15:44]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) listens carefully , then feels her belt, the vial Nala gave her yesterday still tucked there “As i mentioned yesterday , im playing with the idea , well that if you agree to it, to induce a trance in you using herbs” she paused [15:45]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods, “I have heard of such trances, but aren’t they dangerous?” [15:45]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) shakes her head “If done in a controlled manner and perhaps you should be bound when we try it” [15:46]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods slowly, “I understand that, and I agree, it is probably safer for all involved.” [15:47]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) shows the vial , its contents glistening in the sun “This may help also…..its unique properties could cure your mind…..its been known to regenerate tissue” [15:49]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks at the vial and smiles, “it is a pretty thing, what is it?” [15:50]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) eyes widen and she looks around mysteriously , then whispers “Priest King oil taken from Srimgar” [15:52]  Sar (sarena.penucca) as the words Priest King are muttered Sar goes completely slack on the stump she is sitting on, her face blanks out and she just sits there with no life in her eyes for about an ehn. [15:53]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) stands up as she sees Sar slump, she slowly moves closer , having heard Sar mention her black outs , she opens her pouch and produces some smelling salts “Wake up Sar” [15:55]  Sar (sarena.penucca) makes no effort to wake up or even move away from the smelling salts, whatever process is going on her mind right now keeps her unresponsive whatever the stimulous, Sar’s eyes are not even blinking as she keeps staring straight ahead but unseeing. [15:57]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) mutters to herself “Thats odd ….she blacked out when i mentioned ….Priest king oil…..mhmm” she ponders “a cypher like key perhaps…..though how to undoe it ” she flicks her fingers infront of Sar ‘s eyes , as the smelling salts had no effect [15:58]  Sar (sarena.penucca) comes out of the brief fugue suddenly and then brushes Marli’s fingers away in annoyance, then looking at Marli she asks again, not realising the question had been answered, “so what is in the vial?” [16:00]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) curls her lips , she was cautious now “just a special oil ….to be used in small doses….some call it, ummmm…..healing oil” [16:00]  Sar (sarena.penucca) nods and smiles, “it will be interesting to see if it works, for certain.” [16:01]  Sar (sarena.penucca): anyhow Healer, I must find my furs, I am exhausted and it has been a big day today, I will try to wake up a little later [16:01]  Sar (sarena.penucca) smiles [16:02]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) smiles [16:02]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Sleep well sister [16:02]  Sar (sarena.penucca): you also when it finds you Sister



[12:24]  Sar (sarena.penucca) stands on the platform and looks at bran, she clenches her fists at her side and then lowers her head, her green eyes though are staring at Bran, she clenches her teeth in rage. [12:24]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic): oh look someone else arrived. Do you need a dentist?”- she smiles [12:25]  Bran (brandi.bressig) steps back after checking the construction… “This thing is safe it seems. But i think you two need a better home to start your life together” then spying sar she looks up curious, not really sure what to expect. “Greetings there…” then seeing the expression she pauses. Prefect she was putting on the show just they had rehearesed. “I see you are home again Sar, and as cheerful as ever. I wonder what lies they have beens rpeading to you about me here. TTrying to manipulate you i am sure.” [12:26]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic) turns to Bran -“Is this one of our new sisters?” [12:26]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) turned hearing Gem’s reference then stopped, not certain she could rely on Sar for sanity given recent events, she said nothing, instead gazed between all of those present and regretted it as her neck cricked with each exagerated movement. [12:26]  Bran (brandi.bressig) looks over to Sar hearing gem she just shakes her head.. “no no this one is one of Morr’s . She spent some time with us recently, there ws errrr and incident.” [12:27]  Sar (sarena.penucca) her teeth still clenched in rage she breathing is quick and shallow, inside her gut she feels like she is about to explode then she hisses out at Bran, “I…………AM…………NOT…………YOUR…………..KAJIRA!!” [12:28]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) flinched and jumped out her skin hearing the hissing, she’d witnessed much odd behaviour from Sar but .. here she was .. unarmed exposed and looking like a walking .. well. Blossom! [12:28]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic) takes Blossoms hand -“well I know nothing about that but please let us announce our marriage to you”- she looks at Blossom -“we are now Panther Companions” [12:29]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) if it had been anyone else she’d have somehow asked for help, in some fashion, still unsure of her own sanity at this point all she could do is allow the hand holding and hope that Sar was too preoccupied with Bran to notice [12:31]  Bran (brandi.bressig) looks away a bit disapointed… “I never said you were.” she says thinking sar is doing an excellent sell. “well i think everyone hear knows that, unless there is someone who wants to contest it. That is a pretty large protest. But i dont see a colalr or a marking i guess you are corect” [12:31]  Bran (brandi.bressig): “But ther eis no reason to be angry right now, its a happy time, one of your sisters as found true love and has joined with our family to Companion with my sister” [12:32]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) standing behind Gem she leaned to the side and shook her head; with both their backs to her it was possible they wouldn’t see this motion. [12:33]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic): yes we are Panther Companions which unites our bands. It is time to rejoice and listen to how my sweet companion purrrs [12:33]  Sar (sarena.penucca) crouches to the ground, and starts swinging her head back and forth, then she inches closer as she does she still hisses in a stilted voice, “You ………….told …………….me ………..on …………..the mountain …………..that I am ………………your ……………..kajira!” Sar manages to spit out the last words with much difficulty, the spit flying from her mouth as she struggles to get the words out. [12:34]  Wikk (wikked.crystal) is Offline [12:35]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ (orianna.denimore) she backed away recalling the last time Sar got like this and being unarmed she couldn’t afford to get injured even with a healer to hand “i’ll um, t ry to find uh. the camp then.” and backed away quickly [12:35]  Ⓖⓔⓜ (gem.magic): good let us go [12:37]  Bran (brandi.bressig) did not like the look of this. And her mood suddenly changed. Position shifted tohte balls of her feet, and the grip on her bow changed sliding down a bit making it more a melle type wepaon if needed to fend off the couched beast. “Hey wait i thought i was coming with you ….. ” she said but eyed Sar still her other hand gripgging towards her belt holding thenhil t of her small knife if needed. She watched. “I only ever spoke the truth, And you would be dead to the world if not for me and my actions” her words cold and cold with truth. “You would be a vegabtle acatatonic and senile. I brought you back. I saved your life. You know this place we live in. My words were true” [12:40]  Sar (sarena.penucca) coils her legs under her, her head still swaying back and forth, she is now drooling from her mouth uncontrollably, she manages to blurt out, “You Lie!!” then springing suddenly she launches herself at Bran her fingers clutching for the woman’s throat, as she springs her voice now a deep growl like a beast. [12:43]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) eyes widened with complete surprise , seeing Sar jump at Bran, her left hand slid to her belt, its where she kept her poison darts, they were quick and effective if she needed them, she took some steps back [12:44]  Bran (brandi.bressig) had positioned herself ready, her back foot slid to the side behind herself as the woman spreang from her crouch. There was no surprise at all. As her foot slid back atothe side her shoulders followed and body leaned back from the wasit. Every muscle alive and tightened yet loose. Her century and a half of forest toned body twisting like an ost. Rear foot planting and dpping her front knee she overhand swings the bow shaft acros her face withthe turning of her shoulders…. striking down and hard across Sar’s back looing to knock her to the ground. feet steady under her poised and ready. [12:47]  Sar (sarena.penucca) lands heavily on the ground, the strike of the bow across her face drawing a huge gash on her cheek, Sar now smells blood, her own blood but blood just the same. landing heavily on the ground face down she rolls to her side and curls up in a fetal position then in a plaintive wail she starts to rock herself back and forth cradling her hands into her chest, “somebody end this, tell me who I am, but somebody end this! I don’t even know who I am!” [12:50]  Bran (brandi.bressig) stalks around Sar as she slumps. Part of her wants to approach her. But the woman is not that foolish still holding the bow in hand ready, dancing on the balls of her feet, the blade sheethed still. bran points forcefully with the bow… “You. You are Sar. That much you know. Your name. Its a start” then holds her hand from her blade… holding it up open palmed… showing the scar across her hand.. “Look at your right hand.. LOok at it! What do you see.. Do you see the Sister to this scar? Tell me” her tone commanding. Demanding. [12:52]  Sar (sarena.penucca) draws her hand slowly from her chest, then for the first time she sees the scar on her hand, it is a thin line across the palm and she had no idea it was there, then she looks at Bran’s palm, then as suddenly as her attack her eyes roll up in her head and she slumps to the deck of the platform, the blood from her cheek pooling under her head. [12:54]  Bran (brandi.bressig) watches Sar slip unconcious again and looks to Marli… “well tend to her” she states in a firm command. Bran holds back for now still. Not tursting at the moment. But not gonig to seek to steal the woman away at the moment either. [12:57]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) slid her poison dart back in her belt, she walked quickly to where Sar lay, she squatted and unfastened her medical pouch, a leather pouch containing salve and rep cloths, she moved Sars head to one side as she examined the cut [12:59]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s eyes are still opened and rolled up into her head showing only the whites of them, but something is different this time, her eyelids are fluttering, like she is in deep thought, her breathing goes shallow again and she breathes out two words, but Sar is in no state to know that she even spoke them, “blood sister.” [12:59]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) wiped the blood gently from the wound using the rep cloth, her fingers dipped in the bottle of salve as she smeared it on the wound, she had ofcourse the vial of pk oil, but a small wound like this did not merit its use , she feels some relief when Sar speaks [13:04]  Bran (brandi.bressig) nods looking down as marli tends to Sar. “blood sister” she repeats and relaxes a bit… not tnetirely but a bit seeing she is bening well tended. “When she comes too. Tell her to come see me if she wants to know the truth of who she is.” looking knowing the woman will hear deep inside if not abel torespond right away.. “I did save your life sar. I saved your very being perhaps. From a fate worse then death. There is hope for you to be who you once were still. But you know what the saving of a life means as well as i do. YOu know it deep down. Come see me when youare well. Or send a runner and i will return.” there was no doubt or fear in her fvoice… as she backed towards her caone… “take care of her Marli and be well” [13:06]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s eyes still flutter, she had not heard or understood anything that was said by Bran, her mind was pasangs away from where she lay, she said one more word before her eyes closed and she slumped right where she lay, “Mountain.” [13:09]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) watched Bran leave in her canoe, she then focused back her attention to Sar, she cleaned off the last of the blood , the salve was doing its work and slowed down the bleeding , She sighed as she put back the salve and bandages in her pouch , she whisperd “The mountain is your home sister….i will take you ther” [13:12]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) stood up and pondered a moment “Hmmm….i could try and carry you but im not that big….maybe i should bind and drag you to camp” she was talking to herself [13:13]  Cari (carina.iadyl): Tal (Such) [13:13]  Cari (carina.iadyl): what ‘s wrong ith Sar? [13:13]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) watched Cari approach “Tal Cari, Sar has passed out” (watched Search Approach “Tal Search, Sar has passed out”) [13:13]  Sar (sarena.penucca) senselessly lays on the ground, her manner more of a deep sleep now as she lays on the platform, she doesn’t hear much from anybody, but at least her breathing is slow and normal, like sleep. [13:14]  Cari (carina.iadyl): well, spat some water over her, i thought you where learning to be a healer? [13:15]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) frowns “yesterday i tried smelling salts , they had no effect…..meh….maybe ice cold water works” she looked around and searched for a well [13:16]  Cari (carina.iadyl) looks a bit helpless at Sar, as she’s only used to put people in this situation not to help them [13:16]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) tossed the bucket down the well with a thud ….she heard a splash and tugged on the rope pulling up a half full bucket of ice cold mountain water [13:18]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) giggled “If this wakes her up ill tell her it was your idea” and she tossed the water over Sar and stepped back , slinging the empty bucket far away from her [13:20]  Cari (carina.iadyl): if it doesn’t work drag her over to see Wendy the healer [13:20]  Sar (sarena.penucca) spits and sputters as she wakes up, she stands slowly looking about then with a flip of her head she tosses her long hair behind her, then looking around and not even noticing the two around her she says in a low and gruff voice, as if a woman is trying to imitate a man, “what in the name of an Ubar’s ball sack?” then hitches her thumbs in her skirt and stands there looking around some more, addressing nobody in particular she says, “I think I have been here before, but I am not sure when.” still using that lowered voice. [13:24]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) snaps her fingers as she looks at Sar “Snap out of it sister, you are Sar , a panther” she recalled the hypnotic herb formula Rhen of the pa ri tor had given her many moons ago , she hoped she wouldnt need to use it , so waited for a reaction [13:26]  Sar (sarena.penucca) doesn’t even react to the fingersnaps or acknowledge that Marli was there, she just kept looking about, then she pats her hand on her left shoulder, and starts to grasp at what would be the hilt of a sword if it was there, she frowns when she grasps nothing and then looks down at herself, “who dressed me in these abominations of clothes, is this some sort of a joke?!!” [13:29]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) shaked her head and steps up to Sar and moves her body to the North West she leans into Sars ear and whispers in a dull hypnotic tone “Go to the camp in the mountains……go there …..go there” [13:30]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s eyes glaze over and slowly she starts to walk up the trail to camp, it is one that she knows well now, she walks rather clumsily, almost drunk, but she manages to maintain her footing as she walks up the trail. [13:33]  Sar (sarena.penucca) stops at the campfire in the middle of camp and just stands there motionlessly, now stance to her body and no expression on her face. [13:34]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) caught up with Sar and made her face one of the tree stumps “Sit down ….sit down on the tree stump” she repeated in a low tone , keeping her fingers crossed it would work once more [13:35]  Sar (sarena.penucca) sits on the stump, and then putting a hand on each knee, her back straight she stares into the fireplace, again expressionless. [13:36]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) shook back her hair and then unslung her pouch and started rummaging through its contents “Ah here it is ” she found the scroll with Rhens ingredients for the hypnotic herb formula [13:38]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) muttered “Lets see …..i need white poppy seeds…..3 parts….then 1 part Hops, 1 part Motherwort,5 parts Passion Flower and 2 dried Wild Lettuce [13:38]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Mmmm…..Add dried ingredients to mortar and grind into a find powder… avoid inhaling. Once ground pour into a leather pouch and keep in a dry cool place. To use, inhale a pinch or mix with vegetable oil and rub on arm, then cover with bandage [13:39]  Sar (sarena.penucca) still sits totally motionless, her breathing is slow and her expression still blank she repeats the ingredient list in a dead cold empty voice, “white poppy seeds, 3 parts, 1 part hops, 1 part motherwort, 5 parts passionflower and 2 dried wild lettuce.” [13:40]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) looked around “Thats right no infirmary here yet …..” she then saw the servery “worth a try ….should be herbs and stuff there….and a mortar maybe ……stay here …..stay here” she then walked over to the servery [13:41]  Sar (sarena.penucca) repeats deadpan again, no inflection in her voice, “worth a try, should be herbs and stuff there, and a morter maybe, stay here, stay here.” [13:43]  Lilfoot Aeon: Holy hell that is a workout [13:43]  Lilfoot Aeon: Greetings Mistresses [13:43]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) made lots of noise as she looked through the servery and clutterd through the pots and pans ….finally finding a mortar…..she found some wild lettuce and the other ingredients , much to her relief it seemed the herbs had been left here, she started to mix and grind , then placed its contents on a cloth a returned , smiled at Lil “Tal girl” [13:44]  Sar (sarena.penucca) is still under whatever trance she has been in since seeing Bran and just repeats the words she hears around her, “holy hell, that is a workout, tal girl.” [13:44]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) whispered “this is a hypnotic herb formula” [13:46]  Sar (sarena.penucca): me repeats with no inflection, “this is a hypnotic herb formula.” [13:47]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) unfolded the cloth and held its contents to Sars nose , making sure she inhaled it “I am Sar……I am Sar huntress……I live with my sisters in Srimgar…..my mind will become clear” [13:49]  Sar (sarena.penucca) repeats as she breaths in the aroma of the herbs, “I am Sar, I am Sar Huntress, I live with my sisters in HRIMGAR, my mind will become………..” Sar then breaks off and says softly, “do what you were bid to do girl.” [13:50]  Lilfoot Aeon looks at the Mistress and makes a circular motioon with her finger by the side of her head, indicating Sar is crazy [13:50]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Hmmmm” her eyes shifted to the servery “we have guests” [13:51]  Lilfoot Aeon: Greetings Huntresses, may I help you? [13:51]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Tal (Such) [13:51]  Elysia Pau: hello [13:51]  Elysia Pau waves [13:51]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): Tal (Such) [13:51]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): Yes… what are you doing on Sadi Sani land? [13:51]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): I flagged this land weeks ago… move and find another place! [13:52]  Caliegh Cerise: Tal Joy.. Ely (Such Joy .. Ely) [13:52]  Lilfoot Aeon looks at Cali and smiles, “Greetings Mistress” [13:52]  Elysia Pau: hello carli [13:52]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) pushed Joy back “Care to repeat that?” [13:53]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane) laughs ands nods “Ehmmm… i said… WOULD YOU MOVE ON::: THIS IS OUR LAND”! [13:53]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods “Needed to make sure you said that” and then unsheathed her bow [13:53]  dutch Royce is Online [13:53]  Zen Bow [Gen1] v2.04: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset: 0.10 (0.97). Forward aim: 1.00. Full report enabled. Autofire disabled. [13:54]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): laughs [13:54]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): dont be silly [13:55]  Lilfoot Aeon looks at Joy all serious like, “My acorns could down you Huntress” she says bravely a smile curling on her lips [13:55]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): why dont you stay and see our special area ? [13:56]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): “You said -our- “! [13:56]  Josie Seubert is Online [13:56]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Ooooo…yes ofcourse…hehe…i meant your special area [13:57]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): I don’t know of a special area. [13:57]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): We use this land to grow kanda only. [13:57]  Caliegh Cerise: and obviously use it *snorts [13:58]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) chuckled “Oooo……we ….i mean you keep the kanda in the caves ” points below her [13:59]  Elysia Pau: well lets come back another time [13:59]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): “You didn’t touch it… did you”? [13:59]  Elysia Pau: ((i need to go)) [13:59]  Caliegh Cerise: ((Nice seening you again Ely *smiles)) [13:59]  (no name): Lilfoot Aeon OOC : be well [13:59]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): sighs [13:59]  Elysia Pau: 🙂 same)) [14:00]  (no name): Lilfoot Aeon OOC : muwahahahaha, now it is more fair [14:00]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): take care )) [14:00]  Elysia Pau: be well sshs [14:00]  Joyce Woodget (joy.thane): I ll be back soon. Make sure your things are packed and you are moved then! [14:00]  Caliegh Cerise shouts: take less kanda on your next visit [14:00]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) sheathed her bow [14:01]  Caliegh Cerise: Well, that could have gotten worse [14:02]  Caliegh Cerise: Tal Tal Smexah Sar (Tal Tal Sar Smexah) [14:02]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) giggles [14:02]  Sar (sarena.penucca) sits still staring blankly into the fire, then hearing Cali she repeats deadpan, “Tal Tal Smexah Sar.” [14:02]  Caliegh Cerise blinks [14:02]  Carla Sarjeant is Online [14:02]  Caliegh Cerise: did she get into the kanda also? [14:03]  Sar (sarena.penucca) is in a trance [14:03]  Caliegh Cerise waves her hand in ront of her face “hmmmm.. i could have my way with her.. and should counldn’t tell a soul” as she grins evily [14:03]  Caliegh Cerise: *front [14:04]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) sighs “I am Sar….I will recall what happened in the pa ri tor camp and i will telll this to Marli when i awaken” [14:04]  Caliegh Cerise eyes widen [14:04]  Sar (sarena.penucca) says nothing now, something in her mind is blocking the response and her eyes roll up in her head and her eyelids start to flutter very fast again. [14:05]  Caliegh Cerise takes a shiney object from her belt, ties it to a piece of string, and rocks it back and forth in front of Sar’s face “Take off your clothes….. Take of your clothes…” speaking in a monotone fashion [14:06]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) steps before Sar, waits for the stripping to begin and adds “The priest kings want me …..Sar…… to tell Marli what happened in the pa ri tor camp” [14:07]  Sar (sarena.penucca) her eyelids still fluttering she arches her back as if in pain, then she says loudly, “the Orb, they made me touch the orb!” [14:09]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): Aha….” she nodded “a clue at last” [14:09]  Lilfoot Aeon looks to Marli and whispers so quietly, “She touched a man’s balls?”



[06:43]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks at Marli and says softly, “whenever you are ready, I would like to try the herbs again, I think it helped last time, I don’t feel so far out of place.” [06:46]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nods and stepped up closer to Sar, she examined her belt and found the cotton wrapping containing the ground hypnotic herbs “I have some here ” she then held the herbs close to Sars nose letting her breathe them in “Breathe in and clear your mind” [06:48]  Sar (sarena.penucca) breathes deeply and closes her eyes, her hands go to rest comfortably on her thighs as she breathes in the aroma of the herbs, then her breathing slows and she sits motionless at the log, perfectly comfortable and peaceful. [06:49]  maya love (shiann.quicksand) is Offline [06:50]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) squatted beside Sar as she places the empty cotton pouch back in her belt , she leant forward and lifted Sar’s eyelids to see if the pupils had dilated [06:51]  VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD3.9d* BADGIRL GIRL AO V2: Forze sitground ON (Forces sitground ON) [06:51]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks straight out of her eyes to the fire, her eyes not reacting to anything she just sits there at peace, her pupils wide and dialated but she responds to nothing. [06:54]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) cleared her throat and spoke in a soft monotone voice “listen to my voice….travel back in your mind….now repeat…..I am Sar…..huntress with the SSH….i was in the pa ri tor camp….I remember what happened there…i must tell Marli what happened …..I must remember what happened” [06:55]  Sar (sarena.penucca) her voice off in a distance she says softly, “I am Sar, I was in the Pa Ri Tor camp, I remember what happened there, I must tell Marli what happened, I must remember what happened.” [06:57]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): “I am in a dream state….I can see what happened to me in the pa ri tor camp…..when i awaken i will remember…..I will remember who I am, what happened in the pa ri tor camp…..when i awaken i will feel a terrible urge to tell this to my sisters” [06:58]  Sar (sarena.penucca) licks her lips once, and she repeats again, her voice far off, “I am in a dream state, I can see what happened to me in the Pa Ri Tor Camp, when I awaken I will remember, I will remember who I am, what happened in the Pa Ri Tor Camp, When I will awaken I will feel a terrible urge to tell this to my sisters.” [07:01]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) nodded and gently stroked Sars forehead “I will remember my past and who i am……I am Sar huntress with the SSH……when i awaken i will tell my sisters what happened to me” she paused “now i will sleep and in my sleep i will dream…..i will dream all my past and remember…..” her voice trails off “dream and remember……dream and remember…..dream and remember” [07:02]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s head slumps down and she starts to sleep deeper, as she falls deeper into the sleep she says quietly, “I must dream now, so I may tell my sisters what I remember.” [07:11]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) cleared her throat “Uhum……wake up sister” she loudly snapped her fingers close to Sars ear “Wake up sister!” [07:13]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) waits for a response , thinking to herself that she will get some cold water otherwise and splash it over Sar [07:13]  Sar (sarena.penucca)’s head snaps up and she is fully awake, she looks around and her eyes lock on Morr, she remembers what she had done to her En a hand ago and looks down, tears coming to her eyes, getting up she walks in front of her en taking the bow off her back, as she sits down she lays the bow down between her and Morr and says softly, ‘there is so much I need to say to you, and so much I need to apologise for, it was wrong of me to try to kill you En, there is no excuse.” [07:13]  VISTA ANIMATIONS *HUD3.9d* BADGIRL GIRL AO V2: Forze sitground OFF (Forces sitground OFF) [07:14]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) sighs with relief , so happy that Rhen ‘s hypnotic formule was so effective (Sighs with relief, so happy that Rhen’s Hypnotic formula was so effective) [07:20]  Sar (sarena.penucca) waits for Morr to respond before she goes on, she sits antsy, feeling an uncontrollable urge to tell all that had happened to her since she met with Kao that day [07:20]  Morrighan Serendipity: (lol sorry was tabbed out let me read)) [07:23]  Morrighan Serendipity has listened to the exchange, and by now has gotten a pretty good idea of what has happened to you. I smile softly as I stand and give you a hug. “Pick up your bow huntress. What you did was not your fault. We understand this now and welcome you back to our ranks.” I sit back down and gesture to you to do the same. “If you can, we would like to hear what you remember.” [07:28]  Sar (sarena.penucca) picks up the bow and sheathes it on her back, then she says softly, “you sent me to see Kao, and Kao had an item of interest to show me, she said it was an Orb, and willingly I went with her, she said after I examined it she wanted me to help her move it out of the camp, when I got there, she had me relinquish my bow, as was proper, I was a stranger in that camp.” takes a breath, and then continues. “when I got to the hut there was an orb on the floor, it was glowing and had a faint sound coming from it, I squatted down and reached out and touched it, but I felt nothing from it, and Kao and I continued to talk, Bran and Priss came by as well. All of a sudden I felt something probing deep into my mind, probing my secrets I try to hide and it found where I have connections to the Kurii, then I felt absolute and terrifying anger from the probe, and it blocked off me, myself, my inner being and I slumped to the floor, I felt like I was outside my body and watching all that was around me, but I couldn’t respon [07:28]  Sar (sarena.penucca): d (d) [07:29]  Morrighan Serendipity listens, never having heard such a story before [07:33]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) felt a cold shiver down her spine as she listened, clearly this orb had great power [07:34]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks up, “I spent a long while in that state until Priss moved me away from the orb a few feet, then she stripped me down and left me there on the floor of Kao’s hut, Bran came back after a while and carried me to her hut, and I could react more, but I remembered nothing in my body, not even the ability to move, stand or speak, I was a shell, Bran then tried to make me well and took me into the mountain in Panther Ridge, she had me touch the object I showed you in there, but no reaction, but there was another orb, I ran from that like a frightened urt and tried digging through the solid rock to get out of that chamber, and finally Bran had to tie my hands and leash me, she handed my leash to a slave that was there, then told me I was her slave, Brans, and told me she had sent me here long ago to spy on the Sa Sa’ng Hrimgar and on you in particular, and that I had infiltrated well, she then had me serve the Pa Ri Tor to show that I was a slave, then one morning as I was cleaning Alt’s hut, Q of the Di’Ja [07:34]  Sar (sarena.penucca): n came and decided to get me out of there.” [07:36]  Morrighan Serendipity feels my jaw tightening as I hear of the treachery of my former slave. “It seems we owe Brandi a little payback for this action against you Sar.” [07:39]  Sar (sarena.penucca) takes a breath and continues on, “Q brought me to Shadowlands, and announced what Bran had done to me, but I was convinced I was Bran’s slave, and that my cover was blown in the Sa Sa’ng Hrimgar so I started acting as a slave should, I didn’t realise what I was doing, I had also been given an armband by Q, one that I wear when I am working for the Lords of the Enclave, and I felt a sudden urge to study it intently, and in my mind all I could feel was intense pain and shame as I studied it, then Shimmer came and licked my face, something she had done a million times, but to me it was blocking whatever message I felt I was getting from that armband, and that is when I tried to choke her to death. Imani took the armband away from me, and hid it from my sight so I forgot about it [07:40]  Sar (sarena.penucca): then Imani told me about what I was here, and how valuable I was to this band, she equipped me with a bow and some clothes, and told me to live in her tent for a while.” [07:41]  Morrighan Serendipity nods as the events you describe match up with the actions I remember. I ponder on all you have said so far, but wait for you to finish. “Go on” [07:41]  Caliegh Cerise yawns and stretches, waking up from her nap, catching the conversation.. but not wanting to interupt [07:41]  Morrighan Serendipity turns and smiles. “Tal Cali.” [07:41]  Cari (carina.iadyl) waves at Cali [07:42]  Caliegh Cerise waves back “Morning Sisters” wearing an ear-to-ear smile [07:42]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) waves to Caleigh smiling [07:43]  Caliegh Cerise plops down against the log, getting comfy [07:43]  Sar (sarena.penucca): Then I remember talking to you in camp when we were alone, you asked me about the Kurii and my work for them, but the armband, or seeing it had set up a conflict in my mind, the Orb was of the Priest Kings, and it was influencing me to forget about the Kurii, and gathering information for them, but then you said the word, the name, Kur, and the conflict I felt inside exploded, and for whatever reason that part of my mind thought that killing you and silencing you would resolve that conflict within me.” [07:44]  Morrighan Serendipity unconsciously rubs my neck as I listen, remembering that encounter all too well. I nod at you, understanding. [07:46]  Sar (sarena.penucca): the third time I tried to kill, it was Imani, she had taken out the armband to show me, and in my mind I had to have it, no matter the cost, so I tried to choke her to death to remove it from her, and that is when the Tu’atha Mor came and captured us, there wasn’t even a fight, as Imani was fighting for her life from me, and I was intent on getting that armband back, we were an easy target for them, it was then that Ice decided to try to take advantage of my mental state, and convince me also that I was her slave. [07:49]  Morrighan Serendipity nods. ‘Yes, rather bad timing on that raid, for us anyway.” [07:51]  Sar (sarena.penucca) looks down again, she is nearly spent, “and the night I had the captive, I think when the Priest Kings were mentioned, it was whatever was implanted in my mind, was trying to repair the damage or the broken connections, call it what you want, but I think that influence was trying to repair itself.” [07:59]  Morrighan Serendipity nods once more, glancing at Marli. ‘ANd how do you feel now?’ [08:01]  Sar (sarena.penucca) answers the question by standing in front of Morr, she takes her dagger out of it’s sheath and a strip of cloth out of a pouch, she uses the dagger to make a slice in her right palm cutting across it and letting the blood flow freely, she then turns the dagger over and offers the hilt to Morr, she nods to the En to respond in kind. [08:02]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn) catches Mo’s glance and repeats “yes, how do you feel Sar?” she guessed the whole episode was exhausting for Sar [08:03]  Morrighan Serendipity smiles gently and nods. taking the dagger and making a small shallow incision, but one that bleeds easily and I extend my hand to clasp yours, a strong welling of emotion washing over me as our hands clench together, and I wait for your words. [08:04]  Sar (sarena.penucca) wraps the two hands in the strip of cloth, binding them together, she then says very slow and steady, “I am Sarena, former slaver of Tampica, former Tu’atha Mor, former Verus Var, now I am just Sar, and with this bond of blood between us Morr, I swear to you I am myself again, and my oath is, if I cause harm to you or any of this band again, my life is forfeit.” [08:07]  Morrighan Serendipity nods, my gaze steady on yours. “And I am Morrighan, leader of the band of the Sa Sa’ng Hrimgar, and I welcome you back to our ranks as a huntress and trade negotiator. You have been through an ordeal that would have broken many. I am proud to have one of such strength to stand beside and call sister.”

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Ehem , I will say this ….I am a very bad captive ..My serves are dreadful and epic …..I pee in  paga bowls ….Smash  dinner plates because I’m so clumsy…..so if they ever ask you to cook a chicken dinner for them , remember, forget to take the plastic wrap off of it. Give the guards a shrinky-dink chicken for dinner!  (^__^)

Collaring [Background info,RP]

keep in mind this is gor, while it was at times violent and midevil, goreans were never cruel for cruelty sake.  In the books, person were arrested and sent to mines for  cruelty, cities valued any possible slaves and would punish those that devalued them.

Whippings were a punishment.  So was restricting clothing movement etc.

For captives, the goal is always to either get them to submit or keep them for trading.  Now would you seriously damage something you wish to own or use to get goods or a member of your tribe back?

Goreans used their minds and trickery to force slavery.  They relied on the pillars of gor, which apply to slaves and free alike.  Submission if freely given was something  the person could not take back.  if forced through torture it means nothing, But if gotten through trickery, it still was free submission.

A captive that eats form your hand, is submitting.  A captive that say what you want because they will die if they don’t is not.

Slavers were taught to “Bring out the slave” in captives.  Once brought you it was said, they could never be free again.  This was accomplished many ways.  The most effect ones, were to force a captive to act like a slave.  Keep them leashed and naked, forced to mover around a city or camp as slave, forced to kneel etc.  forced to serve in taverns etc.

Sexual torture was also used a lot, bring out the heat in a girl, but not permitting her to fully  enjoy it till she admits to wanting it and submits.

Cutting off fingers, hands etc, was usually saved for males, who were thieves and occasional females that were thieves, though in the females cases they were usually whipped and then handed to slavers to  attempt to get them to submit.

Goreans did not torture captives violently.  In war they were known to  put those not able to survive to a quick death of honor.  Take the spoils, free women, and slaves.  Drive the free women to submission.

Healers and greens were taboo to  attack.  Greens moved freely.  Those in the wild when captured in  panther tribes, outlaws etc, were treated with great respect and many times left to tend to their own captive members and slaves, or released.

The violent use of torture would be seen as a crime in gorean cities, and i would imagine  merc and outlaw camps as well.  The same can be said for Panthers that in their own right considered themselves free and gorean, using many of the same codes as the warriors.

Be creative with captives.

– Whippings, acceptable if a captive refused to obey commands. – withhold food  – force submission by starving and then offering food form your hand. – Stripped naked, collared and leashed.  Very gorean. – Treated as slave, when captive,  Held on leash, forced to do slave duties in city or camp.  Forced to serve.  Very gorean. – Piercing captives.  Very gorean.  Pierced persons were considered slaves. – Branding.  – Very gorean but normally only done after submission is freely given, though it was forced in the books on  others as well, such as the girls brought form earth. – Forced to use thrid person.  contrary to some, third person talk is not normal for slaves, but is a punishment, and perfect for captives.  make them think like a slave. – Caging, threats, force feeding if refuse to eat, trickery, mind games.  all very gorean.

– Mutilation –  Very ungorean.  it only happened in battles normally, when someone was  wounded while fighting. – Damaging slaves.  Normally the most common was cutting the tendant only on slaves that  ran away.  Saves are property.  do you cut the leg of a  expensive dinning room table?  Your favorite chair, do you cut off the padding?  Do you kick in your car doors?  NO, so why would you do it to a slave or possible slave.

Beating captives you wish to keep as slaves or torturing them is like buying a new car and taking a sledge hammer to it.

Torturing captives you want to trade for goods or your own people is like a car dealer getting cars to sell and taking a sledge hammer to them, then expecting you to pay full price for it.

One of the most gorean tricks in the book is to  try to convince your captive your helping them.  Make them indebted to you.  Treat wounds, explain how they are far better off now.  protected, cared for etc.

Obtaining submission was never an easy task, which is why most cities had experts.  Slaves also were very good at  helping.  Telling captives how much better off they were.  The “Wonders of slavery” protection, pride in service, love, devotion, etc. Lets all think a little more gorean.


[09:43]  Hot Lavendel: Tal Branca

[09:43]  Branca Auditore looks at marli and smiles ” tal marli ”

[09:43]  Alleraia shivers at the running of the blade up her skin, “You have my demand for getting the information free. Otherwise you’re free to figure it out yourselves.”

[09:44]  Marli nodded and smiled at branca “Tal ”

[09:44]  jJenifer Violet: tal branc

[09:44]  Cherry Avro growled in anger…a mere bag of sugar, for her? She lifted her chin some more, and looked at the woman who spoke, haughtily.

[09:44]  Lidia laughs “I do like a challenge” she withdraws the blade and positions herself in front of her, she takes the fine tip of it and lifts her chin up roughly to eye level

[09:44]  Branca Auditore: ” i have seen some battle remaining arrows , near our camp , your tribe’s arrows were one of the feathers i have found , no one in camp to tell me what is going on or what happened , thought you might be knowing something , do you ?” she loks at jj ” tal JJ ”

[09:46]  Marli glances at Branca “Mine ? maybe ….I did shoot at Alika and her band when they attacked near the di jan camp earlier today”

[09:46]  Alleraia grins back, “I suppose you found yourself one. What is your answer?” she asks, staring back at Lidia as she allows her to life her chin.

[09:47]  Branca Auditore looks at marli ” alika’s tribe , i did not think that they would come here that far , anyone of the di’jan was caught there ?”

[09:48]  Marli nods “I heard Ani say they took Devi……no one else ”

[09:48]  Branca Auditore narrows her eyes ” do you know if she is still caught ?”

[09:48]  Lidia looks sternly at raia “You will not play games or you will regret it”

[09:49]  jJenifer Violet: heheheh…they an easy tribe Branc, you could prob go there and cap them all single hadedly

[09:49]  Marli shrugged , truth was Marli had been too busy in a raid and these new captives “I do not know Branca ”

[09:49]  Branca Auditore nods ” very well , thank you very much marli ” she looks at jj and chuckles ” be a good girl now ”

[09:50]  Alleraia smirks, “I’m not playing any games with you, I’m making you a deal. It’s up to your whether to refuse or decline my offer.” she says, balancing her stance a bit as she begins to dry. Her boots will not dry for some time while worn though, she worries about infections she heard LaRo talk about caused by wearing sopped boots for too long.

[09:51]  Hot Lavendel grins at the girl when she walks to the end of her leash for the thirt time

[09:52]  Lidia looks over to jj “What shall we do?” she keeps the blade under raias chin

[09:52]  jJenifer Violet: so whats the outcome with these Mar….winls

[09:53]  jJenifer Violet: well since Marli invited us to go collecting with her tribe I surely think it is all up to her what to do with these here, trthough IUi think they will make her some very noce slaves here don’t you tinh?..winks

[09:53]  DarkflameRising: Lunges forward knocking Lavanda to ground with leash wrapped about her feet slams knees int her chest as she falls

[09:53]  Hot Lavendel: aye they will sis

[09:53]  Marli grins when she hears Hot , “she can pee in a paga barrel, you now the ones we keep for our trades ”

[09:53]  Hot Lavendel: unless we sell them untrained

[09:54]  Hot Lavendel: aah right…laughs

[09:54]  Lidia grins “Aye” she looks back to raia and withdraws the blade about a foot away. She grabs her arm bindings and kicks her feet out from under her to land her on the ground

[09:54]  jJenifer Violet: Hey….you tryig to deminish yourself here Dark as she sees what she just domne to Hot!

[09:55]  DarkflameRising: bite at Lavandels throat

[09:55]  Marli then glances at JJ “we have a nice deal set up with a slaver in Kamba ……he will trade for untrained slaves …..even girls like these ” she points at the captives

[09:55]  Hot Lavendel: as i see it, selling them to Kamba will bring us 3 bags of sugar and when they want to trade for their freedom with the slacer he wants to have a profit and he will ask 6 bags from their tribe

[09:56]  Lidia is distracted by the scuffle “Fiesty one aint she?” looking over to dark.

[09:56]  jJenifer Violet: Ahhh that is a very good idea…kamba will pay handsomely for these here…smiles

[09:56]  Cherry Avro grew tired of waiting around for the women to make up their minds…her eyes still locked on Raia…trying to read her, what she had in mind.

[09:56]  Marli nods in agreement with Hot , sees the scuffle go on

[09:56]  Hot Lavendel: so we can sell them to their tribe for 5 bags and then their tribe will be having a profit to

[09:57]  Alleraia hits the ground with a grunt, not offering any resistance. She watches Dark and shakes her head, knowing they don’t have enough of a chance to act as such. “My value with increase ten times with my bit of information. Surely that’s worth letting the pledge go?”

[09:57]  Hot Lavendel: that meaans aat the end all are happy..a win win situation for all i think

[09:58]  jJenifer Violet: so shall we escort these with you marli to kamba or you got it all under control

[09:58]  Marli grins and rubbed her hands “sweet deal for all concerned ”

[09:58]  Rogue: buttons you stay at my side understood

[09:59]  Marli laughs “…..well not for the captives….obviously”

[09:59]  Lidia curiously observes her non-resistance and raises an eyebrow. She rolls her onto her belly and presses down on her arm bindings.

[09:59]  jJenifer Violet: hahaha….true and pokes cherry in the ribs

[09:59]  Hot Lavendel: even for the captives En…they will be one bag cheaper thatway

[09:59]  buttons: yes Mistress

[10:00]  Rogue: smiles good girl

[10:00]  Alleraia clenches her jaw, hissing as she presses down. “Think of how much candy you could buy with 10 gold pieces. You could even afford chocolate.”

[10:00]  Hot Lavendel: you will tell your En we are a reasonable tribe girls…smiles

[10:01]  Cherry Avro growled out again as she got poked in the ribs, feeling already uncomfortable with her arms bound behind her back…trying to wiggle a little bit to keep some feeling in them and the blood flowing.

[10:01]  jJenifer Violet: hahhaa…like they even have 10 gold peices….snorts

[10:01]  Lidia laughs “10 gold pieces? for you? ” she cant keep herself contained

[10:01]  Marli laughs “……..indeed ……the Ubar paid them 10 gold for services rendered in the sheets”

[10:01]  Lidia: “What are you, the offspring of an Ubar?” she continues to laugh

[10:01]  jJenifer Violet: hahahhaha

[10:02]  Lidia takes her dagger and slices away her shirt and underwear

[10:02]  jJenifer Violet: well shall we go to kamba then with these here. oh…I think we should get them ready first….don’t ya think?

[10:02]  Marli: mhm…..strip em

[10:03]  Lidia looks to the others “Before trading.. we should perhaps break them in”

[10:03]  Alleraia laughs, “If you don’t know, you must not have handled much slave trade.” she says as Lidia slices away her undergarments. “You can even verify it here. So, where is your answer?”

[10:03]  Hot Lavendel grins taking her dagger and cuts the band of her quiver then trows it behind her

[10:04]  Marli smirks , she and her sisters had already had many dealing with the slaver

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel: then cuts the girls skirt and lets it drop were she stands

[10:04]  jJenifer Violet takes a knife and cuts the straps off of cherry’s top letting it fall to the ground

[10:04]  Lidia grins and flips her onto her back to rip away the front cloth

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel hooks her blade behind the strin of her top and cuts it to

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel spanks the girls ass….now you ready girl…grins

[10:05]  jJenifer Violet: /ne then unstraps the side pouch on her left upper leg and lets that fall to the grouns thinking it is a quiver

[10:05]  Lidia cuts away her leggings and removes her shoes

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel watch it jiggles

[10:06]  Lidia: “Do we have someone who can do a slave exam?” she inquires having figured it out.. possibly..

[10:06]  Hot Lavendel: bigger then mine En…you tell Lune

[10:06]  jJenifer Violet then knocks her onto her ass asnd pulls her boots off her and tosses them aside

[10:06]  jJenifer Violet cuts her leg band off her as well smiling at her the whole time

[10:06]  Cherry Avro shuddered a little in the cool air as her brief skins were cut and torn off her body, gritting her teeth in anger…Crying out in surprisement and pain and her feet got knocked from under her and she fell onto the ground.

[10:07]  jJenifer Violet then at last cuts her arm bands off her as well leaving her ready for selling

[10:07]  Rogue: so girl

[10:07]  Rogue: what tribe are you

[10:08]  Marli grinned widely , showing her pearly whites to Hot “olie bollen ” she winked at her

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: hehehe

[10:08]  Alleraia closes her eyes as her clothing is removed piece by piece, eventually left near naked on the ground. “Think you may have figured it out, hmm? What do you think you might have figured out?”

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: we are the Reasonable tribe girl

[10:09]  Lidia takes one of her soggy leggings and presses it into her mouth (attempts to) in order to quiet her

[10:09]  Cherry Avro looked up to the woman before her, laughing bitterly. “You don’t even know? I am of Jan Tri’Shena. What does it matter, to you?”

[10:09]  Rogue: kicks the girl in the face

[10:09]  Rogue: im sorry did i say you can speek to me like that

[10:10]  Alleraia keeps her jaw clamped shut, looking over at Lidia with glare. She grunts uhuh as she shakes her head.

[10:10]  Rogue: your not jan tri your a wannbe

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm…..carefull with the merchandise…grins

[10:10]  Cherry Avro cried out in pain, her head jerked to the side as she suddenly got kicked in the face, spitting out some blood and snapping her mouth shut this time.

[10:10]  jJenifer Violet: well we all reaedy fr the journey?

[10:11]  Lidia: “Need some time breaking this one in before travel”

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel nods

[10:11]  jJenifer Violet: soon as Lidia finishes that is….smirks

[10:11]  Marli looked at the sorry state of the women and nodded

[10:11]  Rogue: now i asked your name best learn to speek with respect

[10:12]  zombiegirl25 Resident shouts: pulling the flag out of her bag.she looks over to her friends before yelling”we come in peace we just wanted to bring your some fish of the sea,,or is that chicken of the sea”shrugs. pushing the flag in the dir.shaking her cute ass at all the people

[10:12]  Lidia tosses the legging aside. She looks the girl over.

[10:13]  Cherry Avro would not even look at the woman anymore, she didn’t care to as she replied to her simply “I am Cherry.”

[10:13]  Rogue: you are cherry the slave girl

[10:14]  Lidia trails her blade along her collarbone, without pressing it under the skin.

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel lookes at the girl next to her…and you will be called Oliebol from now on

[10:14]  Cherry Avro stayed silent again, staring at the ground firmly…hoping it would open up and swallow the arrogant woman before her.

[10:15]  Marli: “cherry the slave girl……at least untill her new owner decides to give her a name…..like lil urt ”

[10:15]  Rogue: who are you cherry

[10:16]  Cherry Avro gritted her teeth together…the woman was sorely mistaken if she thought of her to give in so easily. “I am Cherry, the panther girl.” She replied.

[10:16]  Alleraia looks up at her cautiously, waiting for the next move. She steadies her breathing while she has the chance, not believing that they could do any worse than the 20 lashes she received from a whipmaster in Kassau for attacking their regent.

[10:16]  Rogue: kicks the girl in the head again

[10:17]  Rogue: then begins to step down on her toes with my boot puting more and more pressure on her ankle as she sit now lets try this again cherrry what are you

[10:17]  Rogue: do you want me to step down completly best learn your place

[10:18]  Lidia follows the contours of her torso, keeping a firm grip on the blade to keep control of its depth. She trails it down to raias groin then presses the cold part of the blade to her lips. She watches her, curious of her reaction.

[10:18]  DarkflameRising: breathing inn slowly deels rope slip a bit

[10:19]  Cherry Avro groaned out in pain as she got kicked again…her lip was bloody now, and her face was starting to get bruised…but she would not call herself slave, not to these women. SHe whined in pain as the woman stepped on her foot, trying to squirm away from her..

[10:19]  Rogue: puting more and more pressure down as i wait for the responce

[10:19]  Alleraia looks down at the blade nearing her lips, pursing her lips and beginning to look rather worried. She continues to practice steady breathing while this is happening, trying to keep calm.

[10:19]  Marli calls over to JJ “We should l head to the docks , the sun is going down and the last ship will leave soon ”

[10:19]  Rogue: puting more down maken it allmost touch the toes to the ground

[10:20]  Rogue(: now answerr right girl

[10:20]  jJenifer Violet: Aye…I think we should….help me get her to her feet rogue’

[10:20]  Cherry Avro cried out in anger and pain, yelling “You will gain nothing for me, if you render me useless!”

[10:20]  DarkflameRising: loosining knot

[10:21]  Rogue: pulls cherry to her feet

[10:21]  Rogue: and punshes her in the stomack

[10:21]  Rogue: rips off her necklace

[10:21]  Lidia feels a bad omen travelling on the winds

[10:21]  Lidia: withdraws her bow

[10:22]  Cherry Avro doubled over, grimacing in pain as she was punched in the stomach harsly this time…but still keeping her mouth shut, barely wincing as her necklace was torn from her throat.

[10:22]  Rogue: checks darks ropes seen that there a lil lose and tighens them back up

[10:22]  Lidia secures raias bindings tight

[10:23]  DarkflameRising: as she tightens knots I kick her hard in groin

[10:23]  Hot Lavendel: cOme girl we travell

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So , I was visiting with an animal activist friend recently.  She devotes her time and resources to rescuing and caring for abandoned animals in a nearby province .  On a recent beach walk, she found a cat buried in sand and debris.  Somebody had cut and forced a plastic bottle  on to the cat’s head.  When she found the cat, the bottle was partially full of sand and salt water, because the cat, now starving, was too weak to move away from the edge of the water. This detestable cruelty to an innocent creature, left her feeling violated and emotionally weakened….felt so sad when she told me ….I almost cried too…

There has been a lot of discussion lately in panther tribes about having larls and baby larls wandering about camp, Shelly writes down her thoughts on the subject, all credit of this article to Shelly.

— What I see as the CONS —

(1) It’s impractical for a panther tribe to have trained larls at their disposal.

From a BTB perspective, larls acting like pets or allies of a panther tribe simply never happened. In the books Norman describes larls like this:

” the larl in its native haunts in the Voltai Range, that incredible pantherlike carnivore which may stand six to eight feet high at the shoulder.”  — Outlaw of Gor, page 21.

A kitty that stands 8 feet tall at the shoulder isn’t exactly the cuddly little fur ball that I’ve seen RP’ed so often in SL! Norman describes them as massive, ferocious killing machines! They are driven by instinct to avoid humans and seek the mountains:

“None of the men below the mountains, the mortals, had ever succeeded in taming a larl. Even larl cubs when found and raised by men would, on reaching their majority, on some night, in a sudden burst of atavistic fury slay their masters and under the three hurtling moons of Gor lope from the dwellings of men, driven by what instincts I know not, to seek the mountains where they were born. A case is known of a larl who traveled more then twenty-five hundred pasangs to seek a certain shallow crevice in the Voltai in which he had been whelped. He was slain at its mouth.” –Priest-Kings of Gor, pages 19-20.

Now, I realize both the Priest Kings and the Pani used larls. The Pani actually had larls trained from birth, for Lord Nishida’s use. They also used them for hunting in the wands:

“A cage wagon rolled past, in which, turning and twisting about one another, agitated, were several larls. These were the beasts, primarily, who had patrolled outside the wands. They were trained from cubhood, to respond to secret commands. Accordingly, one who knew these commands might command them, venture beyond the wands, and so on. Ashigaru prowled the edges of the road, lest any of Lord Nishida’s minions, primarily mercenaries, be tempted to avail themselves of an unobstructed highway to another prince, one with perhaps a deeper purse.” — Swordsmen of Gor pg 635

I would say though, both examples of ‘tamed larls’, Pani and Priest King, represent extremely rare special cases. As a panther tribe, I think it is very unlikely we would have the wherewithal to keep and train larls from birth. Even if they were raised from cubs, they would still eventually turn on us. SL doesn’t make such a battle realistically possible, since a beast 8 feet tall at the should would decimate our tribe with very little effort. I’m envisioning a beast with something like 800% GM meter health and instantaneous kill with its paws…  *shakes her head at the thought*

(2) Domesticated larls will drive people away from our sim, and our tribe.

This point probably depends on how we use larls and what we restrict them to. But, I think having larls in the forest is enough to discourage some people from visiting. Having them trail individual panthers around is much more likely to result in calls for a mod (I would ask for a mod if I was battling a panther and a larl jumped in to help her out). Having them defend the camp is going to cause additional heartache. Sending them along with us on raids will damage our reputation – even in the GE community, which is much more forgiving than the BTB crowds.

(3) Larls will drive sisters away from our tribe.

Some people love RPing with animals, so this doesn’t apply to everyone, but some don’t want animals interjecting themselves into the RP. Some simply don’t know how to deal with them. I admit that I often find myself in that crowd. When I think how I would likely respond to the presence of a larl I see myself acting out of fear – for myself and my tribe. If I was true to that feeling (IC of course) I would kill every larl I encountered, I actually took this approach when I first encountered larls in the forest though and I have since learned that killing a beast is no different than killing a person, in that it creates drama and heartache and generally isn’t worth it.

— What I see as the PROS —

(1) I have come to appreciate the diversity.

I admit I was a little steamed when Dani first allowed beasts in the forest. After watching for awhile though, I have come to appreciate that they add elements to our forest that don’t exist on other Gorean sims. I think part of what makes Valkyrie Forest special is that we have such a variety of characters. We have panthers, mercs, slave hunters, ferals, city folks, outlaws … and yes, even beasts. I think we need to decide some guidlines for using larls, with the books as a guide. I think we should put something in the sim rules so visitors understand what to expect from our beasts. I think if we do that then the larls could become a benefit to our sim.

(2) I have come to appreciate individual role players.

I will single out brigid the larl here. He (using the gender of his avie) spends a good bit of time on our sim each week and contributes to the role play whenever he is around. He defends the camp and individual tribe members. He has also attracted other beast avies, who are also contributing (As a recruiter this is gold to me). I’m told he has even made a donation to the sim. This is exactly the kind of people we should be looking to attract. Whether they RP in the tribe, in the village or in the forest remains to be decided but I think we should do everything possible to make a home for dedicated, contributing members of our virtual family.

(3) Defense

I must point out that larls have the potential to be very, very effective defensive tools for our camp. Larls can jump, climb and run around. They can strike with paws and are deadly in close quarters. We can use them in camp. We can send then around behind attacking forces. I think the possibilities are only limited by our own imaginations. Do we really want to turn away such a potential source of defensive strength when we have so much trouble fielding enough bows to defend our camp?

— Ideas —

I’m not going to ask for ideas and not supply one or two of my own. These are just ideas …

(1) What if we made a larl cave at the base of camp, or near the back door? Then they wouldn’t technically be domesticated.

(2) What if we kept them outside camp, but allowed them in the forest? This might prevent some of the problems with tribe members.

~  source : Shelly (Asia Chun)

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Luna Caleeng Roleplay

HAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYY NEW YEAR ! ! !   LOVE U ALLS  from Lake Ias Panther girls  xoxox


A role play writer’s lot is a hard one. Why are you scoffing at the back? Well, I suppose it does all depend on the type of role play writing that one undertakes and how successful they are, but I reckon most role play writers are in the same boat……A new Di Jan enters the Luna lands and is challenged…..

[08:57]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal
[08:57]  Marli: Tal stranger
[08:57]  Kuri: Tal
[08:57]  Hot Lavendel: Tal
[08:57]  Kuri thinks she shouldn’t have left her camp
[08:57]  Marli: “what brings you here to Luna ?”
[08:58]  Kuri bows
[08:58]  Kuri: “I am exploring
[08:58]  Hot Lavendel: the womaan has no face En
[08:58]  Hot Lavendel: she might be hiding something
[08:58]  Kuri smiles at the strange girls words
[08:59]  Kuri: “Would you like to see my face?
[08:59]  Marli grins “That is fine ….you can explore when you pay tribute to the Di Jan and the Luna ”
[08:59]  Kuri: “But i live here?

[08:59]  Hot Lavendel: nope you dont
[08:59]  Marli raised an eyebrow “prove it ”
[08:59]  Hot Lavendel: we know all the faces arround here
[09:00]  Kuri: argh
[09:00]  Lunellaa Destiny: Do you have the feather of your tribe?
[09:00]  Kuri: “No
[09:00]  Hot Lavendel takes her bow, raising a brow
[09:00]  Kuri: “I’m not in it yet”
[09:00]  Marli: Who is your En, Se and Tor ? name them
[09:01]  Kuri: “I would need to ask my friend that
[09:01]  Hot Lavendel shouts: i bet she cant
[09:01]  Kuri: Her name is Tig
[09:01]  Marli smirks
[09:01]  Kuri: and Branca
[09:02]  Lunellaa Destiny giggles
[09:02]  Marli laughs
[09:02]  Hot Lavendel: Tig?
[09:02]  Lunellaa Destiny: Aye
[09:02]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tig and leyla
[09:02]  Hot Lavendel: never seen a Tig around

[09:03]  Lunellaa Destiny: She’s there right now actually Hot
[09:03]  Hot Lavendel: tigger?
[09:04]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tig or Tigger8
[09:04]  Hot Lavendel: nods
[09:05]  Marli: i wonders if she will come back with the info? giggles
[09:05]  Lunellaa Destiny: I think we scared the poor girl
[09:05]  Lunellaa Destiny: It’s understandable looking at Hot

Sooo, Marli and her sisters head to the Di Jan camp

[09:08]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal Tig Tal Leyla
[09:08]  Tigger8 Resident: smiles and eyes them all
[09:08]  Leyla Gavilan: tal Lunas……. our potty say you want capp her, it is true?
[09:08]  Hot Lavendel: Tall Di Jan
[09:08]  Tigger8 Resident: giggles
[09:09]  Marli: Tal Di Jans
[09:09]  Tigger8 Resident: Tal
[09:09]  Hot Lavendel: who’s that?
[09:09]  Kuri: should i come down
[09:09]  Hot Lavendel raises a brow
[09:09]  Lunellaa Destiny: Your potty …….. no
[09:09]  Tigger8 Resident: we painted your En yesterday
[09:09]  Leyla Gavilan: her name is Kuri.. like those fluffy beasts
[09:09]  Tigger8 Resident: Kuri come down
[09:09]  Marli: ew….potty
[09:10]  Lunellaa Destiny: We just asked …….ohh her what she was doing in the woods
[09:10]  Leyla Gavilan: btw Hot.. naked day was yesterday,, *giggles*
[09:10]  Tigger8 Resident: grins
[09:10]  Hot Lavendel: i’m fully dressed now
[09:10]  Kuri: Tall all
[09:11]  Kuri thinks she’s dressed!

[09:11]  Leyla Gavilan: ah… invisible top… *scratch her head*
[09:11]  Hot Lavendel: and besides that…i will raid you all single handed later on coss you didnt wait with the picture till i was there^^
[09:11]  Tigger8 Resident: this is Kuri….she is with us…lol while Cally decides what to do with her !
[09:11]  Lunellaa Destiny: Well Met Kuri
[09:11]  Kuri: Tal
[09:11]  Kuri: Kon’nichiwa
[09:11]  Hot Lavendel: thats not the woman we met
[09:11]  Hot Lavendel: that one didnt had a face
[09:11]  Lunellaa Destiny shakes her head at Hot
[09:11]  Tigger8 Resident: yikes
[09:12]  Kuri smiles and removes her claok
[09:12]  Marli: Nice meeting ya Kuri
[09:12]  Kuri: and you too
[09:12]  Kuri bows respectfully
[09:13]  Leyla Gavilan: i am glad this everything is explained.. *smiles*
[09:13]  Tigger8 Resident: this is Marli…she is the great En…..looks great covered in paint too…laughs

Later at the docks the Marli impersonator turned up…..MHmmmm
[09:30]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grumbles “No there is only one REAL Maril……..and that is Me !”
[09:30]  Hot Lavendel: you are here to tell us you changed your name into Denice dont you?
[09:30]  Lunellaa Destiny grins
[09:30]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): *Marli
[09:30]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) smiles on the words of marli
[09:31]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): me is not in your land
[09:31]  Kuri looks utterly confused
[09:31]  Lunellaa Destiny laughs and moves behind Kuri whispering the tale
[09:31]  Hot Lavendel: she has apoint there En
[09:31]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) dont dare to leave the ship
[09:32]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grumbles “its a loop hole ”
[09:32]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) sings a song and enjoys the view from ship
[09:33]  Hot Lavendel: mmm…i was thinking En…Gertrude would be a good name for you to…you look like a gertrude
[09:33]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) giggles silent
[09:33]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) rubbed her chin , Marli then nodded “Aye……Gertrude is a good name for HER” pointing at the other Marli
[09:34]  Hot Lavendel: i mean blonde aan all?
[09:34]  Lunellaa Destiny: I thought we agreed on Marlii En
[09:34]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) listen nosey to the spoken words there, shakes then the head as she hears some of this words
[09:35]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shrugged “I dont care ….as long as it is NOT …..Marli”
[09:35]  Hot Lavendel: well i always like to Polder^^
[09:35]  Kuri: You could call her Nisemono?
[09:35]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) tapped her lil boot on the ground
[09:36]  Kuri: sounds nice don’t you think?
[09:36]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) mumbles bad words, the way through the harbor seems to be to dangerous
[09:36]  Lunellaa Destiny giggles
[09:37]  Hot Lavendel: well as the situation is now, its most confusing…sighs
[09:37]  Hot Lavendel: if i say Hi marly i get a stereo answer
[09:38]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) turns to the crew, asks when the ship contiues the journey
[09:38]  Lunellaa Destiny: Why confusing Sis she changes her name and we leave her alone it’s not confusing after all shes been pretty nice for all we’ve put her through
[09:38]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) removes one poison tipped arrow from her sheath , she wondered if she could drug the woman and then hypnotise her
[09:38]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) watches carefully what happens there

[09:39]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “you vere heard of iskander potion?” she looks at the woman on the docks “it is said to effect the mind …..open the the mind to suggestion”
[09:39]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) hopes the ship continue soon the journey, feels strong danger from harbor

[09:40]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) shakes the head…. shouts to them… i have never heard about it

[09:40]  Kuri this sounds interesting

[09:40]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) chuckles “take that potion and Gertrude is the name you will love to have ”
[09:41]  Hot Lavendel: Marli…what do you think of my ass?
[09:41]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) smiles at Hot “your ass is purrrrrfect”

[09:41]  Hot Lavendel didnt looked to either of one putting them to the ultimate test
[09:42]  Lunellaa Destiny: Nods “purfectly olie”
[09:42]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) lifts an eyebrow
[09:42]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): hehe
[09:42]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm…well its obvious who’s the real Marli here
[09:42]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) shakes then the head… tanks for your kind offer, but me dont want to wear this all my long journey
[09:42]  Hot Lavendel: I realy think woman at the docks you are Gertrude
[09:43]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): but… holds on a view seconds to hot lavendel
[09:43]  Marlene Lenroy: but … holds on a view seconds to hot lavender
[09:43]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): you can show me on you how it works
[09:44]  Hot Lavendel raises her brow at the woman…Yes Gertrude?
[09:44]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): perhaps i am interested to deal with you

[09:44]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) shakes angry the head, wonders what silly words they all talk
[09:44]  Hot Lavendel: how works WHAT?
Right at that moment Ama arrives with Noe, a Sang Sar huntress that has been flagging and stealing from both the Luna and Di Jans !

[09:44]  Kuri(sakuratakeko): behind you
[09:45]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Tal Ama
[09:45]  Ama Galaxy: Tal
[09:45]  Kaoru Slade: “Too.”

[09:45]  Ama Galaxy smiles
[09:45]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal Ama that’s a pretty one you have there
[09:45]  Kuri: Tal huntresses
[09:46]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) chuckles seeing Noe all naked and cute
[09:46]  Hot Lavendel: you call that pretty love?
[09:46]  Lunellaa Destiny: Kuri stay with me please
[09:46]  Ama Galaxy: she is a bad criminal..but I agreed to let her plea bargain
[09:46]  Lunellaa Destiny: Well she’s pretty in binds
[09:46]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): /em mumbles a silent tal and leaves quickly the harbor by ship

[09:46]  Lunellaa Destiny: She stole from your camp as well Ama?
[09:47]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Bye Gertrude !
[09:47]  Hot Lavendel grins
[09:47]  noemie Ling: i stolen nothing
[09:47]  Ama Galaxy bit her lower lip wishing she had not been so generouse with her plea barain..”Umm well I have said I will sail her”…ama sees a profit slip though her fingers
[09:47]  Marli: She stole from our camp too and the di jans
[09:47]  Hot Lavendel: looking at your ass girl i would say you stole my Oliebollen
[09:48]  Marli grins at Hot
[09:48]  Ama Galaxy: it was attempted theft

[09:48]  Marli: Oooo…..you notch her ear then Ama ?
[09:48]  Ama Galaxy: I reduced the charge to …accidental miaspropriation
[09:49]  Hot Lavendel: is that contagious?
[09:49]  Ama Galaxy: i hope not but it made my palms sting
[09:49]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm…sounds nice…looks at Lune
[09:50]  Marli whispers “noe likes the spankings ….Mel told me ”
[09:50]  noemie Ling: hem
[09:50]  Lunellaa Destiny grins
[09:50]  Ama Galaxy drew her hunting knife and cut Noes binds pointing to the canoe at the end of the dock…”best run..I think these Luna are trying to come up with charges
[09:50]  (GM)Bindings: Ama Galaxy starts to unbind noemie Ling
[09:51]  Lunellaa Destiny: What do you think En
[09:51]  noemie Ling: nods
[09:51]  Hot Lavendel: Weeee?
[09:51]  Hot Lavendel: Noooooo
[09:51]  Lunellaa Destiny: She’d make a nice present
[09:51]  (GM)Bindings: Ama Galaxy finishes unbinding  noemie Ling, allowing them to stand free.
[09:51]  (GM)Bindings: noemie Ling was bound for 1 hour and 18 min.
[09:51]  Marli grins ……she is a fast runner
[09:51]  Marli: how fast can she say the words though
[09:52]  Hot Lavendel: yeah i would say…she will be running against atree some day
[09:52]  Lunellaa Destiny: I say we keep her En
[09:52]  noemie Ling: jump on the boat and sail away without pay the captain , luna pay for me
[09:52]  Marli laughs
[09:52]  Kuri smiles

Mhm….then Ama makes the MISTAKE of asking Luna’s for a toll

[09:52]  Ama Galaxy smiles..”So..do you have your tol?..looks at marli
[09:53]  Marli: “she owes us a toll” Marli grins
[09:53]  Ama Galaxy: well no I was thinking you owe us one..for use of our dock”..smiles
[09:54]  Hot Lavendel: naaaah we were just guarding it for you coss you were…uuuhm absent
[09:54]  Marli laughs out loud “For old times sake Ama …..I hope that you joke ”
[09:54]  Hot Lavendel: so you ow us
[09:54]  Lunellaa Destiny laughs “Who used it we chased dangerous person of it”
[09:56]  Hot Lavendel: i suppose your En wouldent like to hear you wrent on your post Ama

[09:56]  Marli: MHm…..Ems wouldnt like that

[09:57]  Hot Lavendel: guarding these docks collecting toll is a serious matter
[09:57]  Ama Galaxy rubed her hand across her nose..”Seems there is a bit of confusion between you as to the whole situation.. but as you are a poor tribe I will take an IOU for umm lets see there are..ummm four..yes four of you so one salt each toll that makes let me see…yes four salt”..tilts her head..”I was watching over your camp so that was fair exchange..so no discount for gaurding”
[09:58]  Kuri smiles inwardly admiring the womans cheek
[09:58]  Hot Lavendel: do you know what i think my En?
[09:58]  Lunellaa Destiny shakes her head a the delusional woman
[09:58]  Marli wriggled her nose , she had no intention to pay Ems or Ama for anything , Marli curles her lips thinking off bringing four sacks of bosk dung to the Sa Verus
[10:00]  Marli nods at Hot “I am thinking the same ”
[10:00]  Ama Galaxy looked about the group and raised her eyebrows a slight smile playing at her lips
[10:01]  Ama Galaxy: decides best take law into her own hands
[10:01]  GM 4.2: Ama Galaxy Has Captured Hot Lavendel!
[10:01]  ArrowS2 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00: Direct Hit on Ama Galaxy
[10:01]  Ama Galaxy: hehe just
[10:02]  Marli laughs

[10:02]  Hot Lavendel: i think..the woman had a captive…now we all saw the captive was naked..stil she cut her binds here at the docks instead of trading her, wich in my mind draws a picture of a huntress not watching the tribes profit but …thats unpolite…you cant even RP here

[10:02]  Marli leans down and grabs the bow and then the spear from Ama and sheaths both around her own shoulders

[10:03]  Kuri: I’m not sure what to do now
[10:03]  Kuri: Do we tie her up?

[10:03]  Marli: she is your captive
[10:03]  Kuri: OK

Then Ama had  to do a poof….to be cont.

[10:03]  Marli: [10:03] Ama Galaxy: I GOT LOG TIME TO EAT..YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT FOR REVENGE
[10:03] Ama Galaxy: opps xx

[10:04]  Kuri: thats OK
[10:04]  Kuri: YAY
[10:04]  Kuri: I caught some one
[10:04]  Lunellaa Destiny: It’s kinda better on both side anyway
[10:04]  Marli: we get her next time ….Kuri
[10:04]  Lunellaa Destiny: Yes you did Kuri

All are safe and we head back to Lake Ias….

[10:06]  Lunellaa Destiny: Ok Kuri I’d run back to the Di Jan first though
[10:06]  Kuri: Thank you for playing with me it was fun
[10:06]  Hot Lavendel: aye enjoy Kuri
[10:06]  Kuri: Oh OK ty u
[10:06]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): 🙂
[10:07]  Kuri: where is it?
[10:07]  Lunellaa Destiny: Anytime and come over anytime you want
[10:07]  Hot Lavendel: oooh well
[10:07]  Kuri: oops
[10:07]  Kuri: oh ty u
[10:07]  Hot Lavendel: the other two are insane
[10:07]  Lunellaa Destiny: I’ll run you back
[10:07]  Kuri: 🙂
[10:07]  Hot Lavendel: but i’m normal


Mhm…so a guy once looked in my hand bag at work ….He thought I hadn’t noticed …..I can’t tell you how stressed out that made me feel …It’s so personal ..Like all my stuff is in there …A small mirror, Lip gloss or chap stick, Concealer ,Mascara, Hair bands,Breath mints , An emergency “tampon!’ , Cell-phone,  light body spray,  brush and a small bottle of Spa water……so ehem ehem….when some one picks the same avatar name it gets personal too…



[07:28]  Hot Lavendel: now we have one Marli to many

[07:29]  Lunellaa Destiny ties to give Tor a sweet kiss but can’t walk over to the hut and get out her ladder and then climbs up and give a kiss on the cheek

[07:29]  Lunellaa Destiny: *walks

[07:29]  Marli: I say cap the other Marli…..tickle her and make her change her name …..stamps foot on ground

[07:29]  Foxie Love: lol

[07:30]  Foxie Love: well she is near our side now

[07:30]  Lunellaa Destiny: sure

[07:30]  Foxie Love: lets go hunt her

[07:30]  Marli: time to get her !

[07:31]  ArrowS2 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00:Let the pew pew begin….lolz

[07:35]  Lunellaa Destiny takes the third and longest and wraps it around her chest leaving enough rope for a leash and then ties it off in a gorean knot

Hehe…two marli’s  guess i will leave the full names

[07:36]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) looks at the woman and says in the language “es gibt nur ein Marli , und das bin ich”

[07:36]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): no

[07:36]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): me is Marli

[07:37]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): Marli the merchant from southern gor

[07:37]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) narrows her eyes “Gor aint big enough for two Marli’s ……besides I was first !”

[07:37]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) mumbles more bad words

[07:38]  Foxie Love: mom lets take her to camp its sorta cold over here

[07:38]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) pokes her bow at woman “Best you change name to Marlena ”

[07:38]  Lunellaa Destiny pinches Tor’s nipples

[07:38]  Marlene Lenroy: gor is big enough for two persons with the same name wonderful marli

[07:38]  Foxie Love: ouch sis

[07:38]  Foxie Love: my nipples are already hard for this cold

[07:39]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nods to foxie “drag this imposter back to our camp ”

[07:39]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) swallows snow out of the mouth

[07:39]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): me is not a imposter

[07:39]  Aanna points to the girl on the ground “Perhaps you chould change the way you spell your name?

[07:40]  Aanna: Maybe with 2 i’s

[07:40]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) nods a little now

[07:40]  Aanna: Marlii – perhaps

[07:40]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grins “be better for you Marlii”

[07:40]  Aanna smiles

[07:40]  Aanna: just an idea

[07:40]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) i will change it

[07:40]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Do that and I wont torture you

[07:41]  Marli(marlene.lenroy) sighs

[07:41]  Lunellaa Destiny shakes her head giggling

[07:41]  Aanna: Actually i think Marlene is a lovely name

[07:42]  Marli(marlene.lenroy): let me free and i never visit this land again



Every girl likes to be approached by a man in SL , don’t they? Even if you’re not single, it’s probably nice to know you’ve still got it. If you are single, it’s exciting to meet someone, on SL right? 
What if that man behind the keyboards is pushing 50 (or 60 but tried Botox…lolz), has a big enough beer gut that he can’t remember what his toes look like and yet still thinks he’s God’s gift to women? Thought so…..lolz

[06:46]  Sarjii: than untie me orjust leave me

[06:46]  jJenifer Violet: bye

[06:46]  Marli: Tal JJ

[06:46]  Marli: Tal Lil

[06:46]  jJenifer Violet: tal marli…yopu luck might have changed thrall

[06:46]  Marli: greetings thrall

[06:46]  Lil: tal

[06:46]  Marli grins

[06:47]  jJenifer Violet: he sys he can cook and clean and chop some wood……grins

[06:47]  Lil: can cut a hole in the ice and drop him in

[06:47]  Marli looks at the male lying in the snow “Good , I hate useless males , ones that think women should do all the work”

[06:47]  jJenifer Violet: hehehe

[06:48]  Lil: it would be the last time he ever got stiff

[06:48]  Lil: laughs

[06:48]  jJenifer Violet: hahahhaa….indeed

[06:49]  jJenifer Violet: well I must be heading out,…must get to work on me cammp….smiles

[06:49]  Marli: “how did you come by this male sis? did he threaten to collar you?”

[06:49]  jJenifer Violet: well he was drasgging one of Cat’s siters right past me

[06:49]  Marli: enough said

[06:50]  jJenifer Violet: kk…do have fun…I am suere he won’t…winks

[06:50]  Marli: take care JJ

[06:50]  Lil: i need to get to my camp make sure it is still there

[06:50]  Marli: ok Lil, you take care too , i will come visit some time

[06:50]  Lil: be well

[06:51]  Marli rolls the male over with her boot so she can see his face

[06:51]  Sarjii: ok if you would untie me now.. would be really nice..

[06:52]  Marli smiles “all in good time ”

[06:52]  Marli squats and takes the leash and then stands up , ready to drag him along the snow

[06:53]  Sarjii: i can walk lonely to the dock.. just get the ropes at my feet off..

[06:53]  Sarjii: sighs as I realize she did take the leash .. looks around but all other seems to be gone

[06:54]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “the snow will make it easier to drag you along , we will talk in my camp” she raises an eyebrow “untie your legs ? perhaps if you say please Mistress ”

[06:55]  Sarjii: pfft .. shakes my head

[06:55]  Marli: “i know ”

[06:57]  Marli dragged him to the centre of her camp, she wiped her brow and caught her breath

[06:58]  Sarjii: you could it have easier.. ih you would have opened the ropes at my feet

[07:00]  Marli: “The camp affords me safety , its not wise to stay out in the open with a captive ” she shook her head , Marli was an experienced panther , she wouldnt untie feet unless the boots were removed “These was no time for that , I knew you wouldnt ask me nicely”

[07:00]  Marli rolls him over to check he wasnt carrying a bow or sword on his back

[07:01]  Sarjii: as she start to roll me over I follow her force.. to make it easier.. for her

[07:02]  Marli unsheathed her blade , she carefully ran the knive though his short hair , she checked behind his ears , then rolled him back over again so she could check his mouth for any hidden sharp objects

[07:03]  Sarjii: my minds follows the moving of her hands over my body.. at least she rolls me back and i look up in the sky

[07:04]  Marli pressed down his lower lip “open your mouth wide ” her blade under his throat “dont do anything stupid”

[07:06]  Sarjii: opens the mouth.,. as I feel the blade .. I dont do any fast moving now

[07:10]  Marli checked his teeth , they were almost flawless , as a panther healer she knew this meant he was gorean , she shifted her weight now , her slender body resting on top of his belly , her deep brown eyes gazing into him , she spoke softly , her tone neutral but not unfriendly “I am Marli , this swamp belongs to the Luna Caleeng ,” she held the blade to his throat still “now you know my name and where you are , so tell me yours and what you are doing here in panther lands ”

[07:12]  Sarjii: as she do inspect me I say nothing , let her simple do waht she like . I feel her weight at my belly – as she speak up I look up to her.. look in her brown eyes “I was simple crossing the land.. looking for a nice quiet place – that was all . a place to rest”

[07:12]  Sarjii whispers: “And.. I´m called Sarjii..:”

[07:15]  Marli tilted her head , her red locks of hair close to his face , she held the flat of her blade against his left cheek “Sarji….i have a problem with your story …..my sister JJ told me clearly just earlier that you were dragging cats sister” she narrowed her eyes a little “best you speak the truth now , tell me the full story ”

[07:17]  Sarjii: nods as she tells about this story “Yes I was dragging her.. I was at travel as they did top me.. this one I had dragged and another one.. they did treat me.. to collar me.. to steal my property.. my Kanda and all.. so I had to defend.. and tied both up .. it did end that I dragged this one with me.. it looks i did use the wrong path at least.. if I would have known that here did live friends around of them.. ”

[07:20]  Marli grins “it is not uncommen for panthers from both tribes to ask a toll for crossing the lands ….its how we survive here , stealing from caravans and lone travellers like yourself ” she patted you left cheek “so they underestimated you and lost ……..I can understand that ……..now tell me , what did you plan to do with her ?”

[07:21]  Sarjii: “I did like to have a .. talk .. with her.. as im most lonely at my travels.. thats all.. ” feels the pats at my cheek

[07:24]  Marli lips curled in a thin smile “..so you did intend to keep her then ? not release her back to her tribe ?” she shifted her weight , slithering like a snake down to his lower belly , where she rested her blade , she flicks off a blouse button , revealing the belly button , she makes sure you see what she does

[07:24]  Sarjii: peeks down “Sure she would be gone .. later.. after .. the talk.. ” see the buttin flys away

[07:28]  Marli flicked off the second button and then the third , untill his chest was bare , the fabric falling to the side “you dress well for a traveller , this is why they they chose you ” she rested her hand on your naked belly , her long fingernails now applying some pressure “……just talk you say ? like we are doing now ? or did you have more in mind with her?” Marli looked into his eyes again

[07:31]  Sarjii: my eyes follow each button which fly away .. at least the fresh cold air reach my skin as the shirt is gone .. feeling the nails at my chest “only talk.. was in my .. thought.. but who know s who it would have ended.. ”

[07:32]  Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[07:33]  Marli growls “we are not alone ”

[07:34]  Marli stood up and unsheathed her bow

[07:34]  Zen Bow Draw [Gen3] v3.00: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset 0.30. Forward aim 0.60. Hit report: full splash. Autofire OFF.

[07:34]  Sarjii: listens to teh sounds into the nature.. but after the broken twig its now quiet

[07:36]  Marli waited a moment , her hearing was finely attuned to the sounds of her swamps , she was ever vigilent , after a few ihn it seemed quiet once more , she sheathed her bow and squatted besided sarji

[07:38]  Sarjii: as she returns with her attention to me..i look up at her again .. and waits what will happne more

[07:40]  Marli flicked back her hair , she then took the blade from the soft earth where she had thrust it in when she had heard the noise of breaking twigs , she manouvered her small frame over his legs , her mind now focused on removing his belt and pants ” I see ” she continued “who knows where it might have ended ” repeating your last words slowly

[07:42]  Sarjii: feeling how the pants goes away now also.. the belt .. shiver a bit as the fresh wind goes over my now bare skin

[07:44]  Marli sucked her breath through the slits of her teeth , she removed his heavy leather belt and then his pants , adding them to the heap along with his blouse , she turned around , her back to his face , she began tearing at his boots with her knife , removing first the left and then the right boot

[07:47]  Sarjii: wiggles my toes as they are now freed from the boots.. but cant still move my legs much as they are still tied up.. “Why you undress me.. ”

[07:49]  Marli slithered her body around again like those snakes that were found in her swamps , she flicked out her tongue at him “I allways strip male captives , also to satisfy my curiousity, since you anticipated something with that panther you captured …..or am I mistaken ?” Marli lifting an eyebrow as she stressed that last question

[07:51]  Sarjii: sigs and look at side.. simple not say anything now.. my eyes follow the movement of her body

[07:55]  Marli smiled down at him , she may look angelic , but in reality she was a sly and cruel panther girl , men that had crossed her path knew this , sarji was simply her next victim “Sarji, men should fear panthers , it is not good when a lone male comes into our lands and captures two females , word will spread and more men will come here ….soo” she took a long deep breath “….I make sure men come to fear these lands ”

[07:57]  Sarjii: raise my eyebrow.. “fear .. I ll fear this lands already.. ” nods to my words.. as im wondering what she means.. but i get the thougt she does not mean good things now..

[07:58]  Foxie Love: tal Mother

[07:59]  Marli: Tal daughter

[07:59]  Foxie Love: new cap i see

[07:59]  Foxie Love: has he submitted yet

[07:59]  Sarjii: looks up at the woman in the white furs.. which me simple now remind how cold it is here to lay naked like this

[08:00]  Marli looks down at the male , she was still lying on his belly “My daughter has learned to be cruel with men , perhaps you would like to show him why my baby ?”

[08:00]  Foxie Love: gladly

[08:01]  Foxie Love takes her her featherless feather and shows the boy

[08:01]  Foxie Love: see this boy

[08:01]  Foxie Love: this alone will make you submit so i would submit if i where you

[08:02]  Foxie Love gives the boy a chance to answer as i kneel by his member ready to do her ritual of making men Submit

[08:03]  Sarjii: “noone did speak about submit.. we was just .. talikng.. that is all.. no need to disturb this.. ” after a bit i add “Lady..”

[08:03]  Foxie Love grabs her cock and sighs as the poor boy. i then place the tip of the feather on his pee hole

[08:04]  Foxie Love: now boy this feather will go in if you do not submit to my mother

[08:04]  Sarjii: looks at the feather.. the tip clsoe to the tip of my cock “She did not even ask for this. so why.. ”

[08:05]  Foxie Love: because i say so but seems i should show you that i am for real. -slips an inch of the feather in his cock letting him feel teh pain

[08:06]  Sarjii: bite sthe teeth together.. feeling how the feather goes in a bit .. my eyes search the eyes from Marli, which dont say even anyting ..

[08:06]  Foxie Love: do you submit to my mother boy or do i continue i say with an evil grin

[08:07]  Marli smirked as she held him down with her weight , he could try to buck , but it wouldnt do much good “time for talk is over , now you learn why men should fear us ”

[08:08]  Sarjii: “please stop this.. yes.. you are a feared panther.. but .. stop .. thhis.. ” nods down there in the direction from this crazy woman who still hold the feather

[08:08]  Marli: “go deeper my daughter ”

[08:08]  Sarjii: “ysay her you dont need me.. that is all what is needed ”

[08:09]  Foxie Love: very well another inch goes in. -slides the feather deeper in his

[08:09]  Sarjii: feels more pain .. as the feather gos deeper.”stop it .. please.. I ll tell all how bad you are.. no one will come again here.. ”

[08:10]  Foxie Love: say i submit to Marli on this day of the Priest Kings declare me a thrall of teh Luna caleeng of 12/02/2012 and iw ill stop

[08:11]  Foxie Love: or the whole thing goes in and i will force you to drink water to pee it out

[08:13]  Sarjii: you cant be so bad.. please.. i look over to the woman in the white furs hope she will stop now

[08:14]  Foxie Love: very well i will continue.

[08:14]  Marli chuckles “how deep can you go daughter ?”

[08:14]  Foxie Love carefully slips the rest fo the feather in his cock then takes a piece of pink ribbons she says for the ritual. Taking the ribbon i tie a ribbon tightly around hsi cock

[08:15]  Foxie Love: now boy can you imagine trying to pee this feather out while its forced to remain in your cock

[08:15]  Foxie Love: i am sure it wil hurt like hell but if you submit i will remove the feather will care and ease

[08:15]  Foxie Love: yoru choice next will come the water

[08:16]  Sarjii: looks down .. get this off.. moans ofor pain as the feather did widen the canal “ok .. I ll do.. get uit out .. please ”

[08:16]  Foxie Love: SAY IT

[08:16]  Marli already glanced at the water barrels , they were full with cold ice water

[08:17]  Sarjii: i submit to Marli on this day of the Priest Kings declare me a thrall of teh Luna caleeng of 12/02/2012

[08:17]  Sarjii: I say and hope .. and wait now the feather will go out . the pain will stop ..

[08:17]  Foxie Love: very godo boy

[08:18]  Foxie Love unties the ribbon and slows removes the feather with care

[08:18]  Foxie Love: your a good thrall

[08:18]  Marli looked at him sternly “Be aware of your words , should you try to escape I will whip you raw , the second time you try i will hamstring you ”

[08:18]  Sarjii: grids the teeth and nods at her words

[08:19]  Foxie Love: mom do teh honor of collaring him

[08:22]  Marli reached for the collar she carried on her belt , it was a light collar more suited for a kajira , but it would do for now , Marli lifted his head , then snapped the collar shut around his neck , she twists the small key clockwise so it is shut tight , finally placing the key in her leather pouch for safekeeping “You are now my beast and property , you may keep your name for now , but will remain naked ”


Ah, the role play message board . You have to love it, don’t you? How did we ever live without it? Communicate with our friends?  Leave naughty messages to our foes? Would I ever do that ?  Perish the thought!….lol
[06:18]  Roleplay Message Board v1.2 whispers: Type in message to post on the board:
[06:18]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Its quiet here ? are all of you serving somewhere else ? feel free to come serve in my furs in Lake Ias. xoxox Marli
[06:18]  Roleplay Message Board v1.2 whispers: Your message has been posted

Mhmmm….some one sneaks into camp

[13:57]  Foxie Love: get this knife off my neck now

[13:57]  Marli growls “what is going on here daughter ?”

[13:58]  Foxie Love: this this sleen here pulled a knife on my neck

[13:58]  Less holds the blonde woman close, she enjoys the softness of the fur coat, just as she is about to answer, she hears a footstep and sees another one “don’t get any closer” she hisses, keepng the sharp tip of her blade held against Foxie

[13:58]  Marli unsheaths her spear

[13:58]  LR Kirikay Polearm (melee) 2.14: Autofire off. SLOW stance: delay 1.70, range 3.80 m. Hit report enabled. Fighting Style: Normal. Swing IN & OUT Mouselook. Soft trigger on

[13:58]  Foxie Love: i was napping and this happened

[13:59]  Marli: “One ….that is my daughter you are threatening , two you are threatening her in MY camp !”

[13:59]  Less realises the odds have turned “we took a wrong turn … and ended up here … we will back away .. sheath your weapons and I will let go of your daughter”

[13:59]  Calida does as her Mistress does and puts back her sling

[13:59]  Foxie Love turns around

[13:59]  Less: cal, back away

[14:00]  Foxie Love: no one outs a knife to my neck

[14:00]  Foxie Love: prepare to fight me

[14:00]  Foxie Love: moe stay out fo this

[14:00]  Less let’s go of Foxie and carefully steps back, keeping a close eye on both of them

[14:00]  Marli narrows her eyes “Leave now, and i wont harm your slave ”

[14:00]  Marli grimbles about her daughter

[14:01]  Less kicks the spear away from Foxie, looks at Marli and says “I will take her cloak as my award!” she kneels down, removes the cloak and tosses it at Calida “bag it”

[14:01]  Zen Bow Draw [Gen3] v3.00: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset 0.30. Forward aim 0.60. Hit report: full splash. Autofire OFF.

[14:01]  Marli: Run whilst you can then

[14:01]  Calida  takes her cloak and bags it

[14:01]  Marli: Now leave !

[14:02]  Less: me brushes the blonde hair from Foxies face “she will be ok”

[14:02]  Marli shouts: Run faster , my patience wears thin today


In my own life there are two women who I aspire to be just like: my mother and feminist icon Gloria Steinem.  They’re both incredibly smart, compassionate and driven women. I hope to be just like them…..In SL Gor  it drives me to be a better Chieftess…

[05:32]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[05:33]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: im familiar with this door. if you bash it enough it’ll give

[05:33]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 runs up to the gate and bashes her body full force up against the wooden beams

[05:33]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 72

[05:33]  SdS Gate shouts: Spirit Lapis’s attack damages the door slightly

[05:33]  Marli swhips out her lockpicks and starts to fiddle at it “Ok be my guest and bash it down”

[05:33]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 moves (( Back )) a few steps ‘this’s the most fun breakin i know laughs

[05:34]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 runs up against gate again bashing full force against it

[05:34]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 44

[05:34]  SdS Gate shouts: Spirit Lapis’s attack damages the door conspicuously

[05:34]  Marli laughs “all that anger against SDS put to good use ”

[05:34]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 stepped (( Back )) again, taking a deep breath before rushing at the gate again bashing up against it grunting

[05:34]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 19

[05:34]  SdS Gate shouts: Spirit Lapis’s attack almost smashed the door

[05:34]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 grumbled as she stepped (( Back )) and once again smashing up against the door full force, trying break it in

[05:35]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 4

[05:35]  SdS Gate shouts: Spirit Lapis’s attack almost smashed the door

[05:35]  Marli kicks hard at the gates as well

[05:35]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡(spirit.lapis) pondered ‘just one more time i think’ she giggled trying push against the gate

[05:35]  SdS Gate whispers: Door condition: 0

[05:35]  SdS Gate shouts: Spirit Lapis smashed the door!

[05:35]  Marli: hehe

[05:35]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: and voila! open gate

[05:36]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 moves up to the battlements grasping the flag, she carefully plants it for all to see, “This camp claimed, for the Luna Mori!”

[05:36]  Marli shouts: Luna Caleeng

[05:38]  Roleplay Message Board v1.2 whispers: Type in message to post on the board:

[05:38]  Marli: Luna Caleeng demands tribute , or you may collar yourselves , your choice

[05:38]  Roleplay Message Board v1.2 whispers: Your message has been posted

[05:38]  Paeth shouts: Dips my hand into the jar of kanda, grabs a rep cloth and wraps it up, and ties it to my belt to carry

[05:40]  Marli grabs and steals all of the Priestesses cloaks

[05:41]  Zen Bow Draw [Gen3] v3.00: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset 0.30. Forward aim 0.60. Hit report: full splash. Autofire OFF.

[05:41]  Marli shouts: Luna Caleeng grab your stuff and we leave now

[05:41]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 nods returning with a sack

[05:41]  Vulos shouts: A covey of cackling vulos blusters up alerting the woods about intruders

[05:42]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 laughs…. think they might notice the flags?

[05:42]  Marli: hahah

[05:42]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 snickers

[05:42]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: flagged bridgette’s lil love nest too


And next the battle of the bites !  A hit and run on the Sa Vella in that other part of Gimli woods..we already hit the slutty side with SDS  ..now its  the seedy side …..lol

[05:46]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: we could always go after sa vella while we around

[05:46]  Marli: ok

[05:46]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: i see 2 of them

[05:46]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: shirin and laura

[05:47]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: and i know their secret way in

[05:47]  Marli: ok , you lead us

[05:47]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: but it involves lockpickin

[05:47]  Marli: we cover you

[05:47]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: see the water

[05:48]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: head for water and follow stream up beneath their exchange point

[05:48]  Marli: yes , you mean the tunnel

[05:48]  An alarmed flock of vulos harshly shouts: squawwk!

[05:48]  An alarmed flock of vulos harshly shouts: squawwk!

[05:48]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 slips up to the gate and grabs a lockpick, carefully starting to jam it in the /1klock

[05:49]  LR Kirikay Polearm (melee) 2.14: Autofire off. SLOW stance: delay 1.70, range 3.80 m. Hit report enabled. Fighting Style: Normal. Swing IN & OUT Mouselook. Soft trigger on

[05:49]  HIDDEN door (how did you find it?) : ⚒ Spirit Lapis starts to lockpick… (wait here 3 min till end of timer at top)

[05:49]  Zen Bow Draw [Gen3] v3.00: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset 0.30. Forward aim 0.60. Hit report: full splash. Autofire OFF.

[05:49]  LR Kirikay Polearm (melee) 2.14: Autofire off. SLOW stance: delay 1.70, range 3.80 m. Hit report enabled. Fighting Style: Normal. Swing IN & OUT Mouselook. Soft trigger on

[05:49]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 letting the metal piece slide into the tumblers, she fumbled within the lock, trying to find the right way of fiddling with it, trying remember how she did it before

[05:49]  Marli: use melee in the tunnels

[05:50]  Paeth: Ok

[05:50]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 pressing her weight against the door to help the rod to shift in further, quickly and silently, she worked the lock, listening to the tumblers

[05:50]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: once we get further in will need try stay quiet they can easily hear us so whispers only

[05:51]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 fumbled more within the /1klock grumbling ‘theres several of these, if i recall , 5 total’ she said ‘along the tunnels, then the doorway leading out of the holding area’ she continued

[05:51]  Marli: we got your back

[05:51]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 hearing another tumbler fall loose, she continues to fumble within the lock, trying to get the last tumbler to fall out of place

[05:52]  HIDDEN door (how did you find it?) ⚒ Lockpicked by Spirit Lapis

[05:52]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 moved up to the tunnel more, seing the next door, she remained silent and still, gathering the /1klock picker and jams it quickly into the lock with precision

[05:52]  secret tunnel door : ⚒ Spirit Lapis starts to lockpick… (wait here 3 min till end of timer at top)

[05:53]  彡 Spirit Hax  glances (( Back )) to see where paeth an marli are, she nodded, quickly turning and moving closer, jamming the pick into the lock securely

[05:53]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 twisting and turning the pick within the lock, as she listened to the mechanism, trying to work the first of the tumblers loose

[05:54]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 continuing to twist and turn the pick within the lock, fumbling with the tumblers, hearing first fall out of place, and listening for the next

[05:55]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 carefully letting her pick work the lock., trying to get it the tumblers to cooperate, hearing second and third tumbler falling out of place

[05:55]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 letting her fingers and pick work the mechanism, kicking her boot up against the door as she struggled with the last tumblers

[05:55]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 twisting and turning the pick in the lock, finally hearing the door open

[05:55]  secret tunnel door ⚒ Lockpicked by Spirit Lapis

[05:56]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 looks (( Back )) “2 more doors”

[05:56]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 she moves to the holding area’s door and jams the pick in the lock, carefully

[05:56]  secret tunnel door : ⚒ Spirit Lapis starts to lockpick… (wait here 2 min till end of timer at top)

[05:57]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 twisting and turning the pick in the lock, as she glanced back, still twisting and turning it though, gently listening for the tumblers

[05:57]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 wrists starting ache, she ignored the strain, continuing to twist and turn in the lock, hearing first tumblers fall out of place

[05:58]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 carefully letting wrists twist and turn, listening for movement above, hearing the birds, she mumbled under her breath, carefully picking the /1klock

[05:58]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 hearing tumblers fall out of place one by one, she continued to do what she was doing, until finally the gate swung open

[05:58]  secret tunnel door ⚒ Lockpicked by Spirit Lapis

[05:58]  Marli: ok , in camp switch to bow

[05:59]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 moves up to the last gate, “this one leads into the camp ” she giggled “not far from storage just above us” she smirked proudly, jamming the picker in the /1klock

[05:59]  ::Sa’Vella kennel door : ⚒ Spirit Lapis starts to lockpick… (wait here 2 min till end of timer at top)

[05:59]  Zen Bow Draw [Gen3] v3.00: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset 0.30. Forward aim 0.60. Hit report: full splash. Autofire OFF.

[05:59]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 nodded lightly as she began to pick the lock, fumbling within the mechanism

[05:59]  Shirin Pfeffer shouts: “Who is there?”

[05:59]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 giggled… “dont say nothing… someone else is nearby i heard birds disturbed’

[06:00]  Shirin Pfeffer shouts: “Verna? Tal…. wait i come”

[06:00]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 continuing to work the lock, hearing tumblers fall out of place one by one, “it’ll work in our favor’

[06:00]  Marli makes loud urt noises “squeek……squeeK”

[06:00]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 continues to work within the lock, hearing more and more tumblers fall into place, giggling at marli’s urt impressions

[06:01]  彡 Spirit Hax  continued to work the lock, until finally the last tumbler fell out of place

[06:01]  ::Sa’Vella kennel door ⚒ Lockpicked by Spirit Lapis

[06:01]  Calibur Northstone Alarm Horn #1 v2.0 shouts: Sa’Vellas! Our home is under attack! Get your bow and hurry to the walls!!!!

[06:01]  Calibur Northstone Alarm Horn #1 v2.0 shouts: Sa’Vella camp is under attack, get your bows and run to the walls!

[06:01]  Calibur Northstone Alarm Horn #1 v2.0 shouts: Sisters! Our camp is under attack. Get your bows and run to the walls! Slaves get ready to bind the raiders!

[06:01]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 seses door swin open

[06:01]  GM 4.2: Spirit Lapis Has Captured Kara Juisser!

[06:02]  An alarmed flock of vulos harshly shouts: squawwk!

[06:02]  Marli shouts: Luna Caleeng this camp

[06:02]  Marli shouts: is ours !

[06:02]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 shouts: this camp claimed for Luna Caleeng!

[06:03]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: ♦i think shirin ran off

[06:03]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: store is up here

[06:04]  Roleplay Message Board v1.2 whispers: Type in message to post on the board:

[06:04]  Marli: Sa Vella , now you will pay Luna Caleeng tribute ! we take your slaves too !

[06:04]  Roleplay Message Board v1.2 whispers: Your message has been posted

[06:04]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 shouts: im gobsmacked… they destroyed all their supplies!

[06:04]  Paeth: pulls th girl to teh door i lean down and pat her down moving my hands up and down her legs

[06:04]  Heart feel pain when i was dragged thru the field

[06:05]  Paeth: moves around her waist looking for keys ” I know you have them some where”

[06:05]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: they burnt their supplies! but i managed to get a bag of grain that wasnt touched by the flames

[06:05]  Marli: we take the girl back to our camp

[06:05]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: aye

[06:05]  Paeth: feels some thing that feels like keys i pull them from her waist ” ah ther trhey are” pulls them out keeping them for myself

[06:05]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: id leave the Huntress thats out there shes a pain in ass

[06:05]  hut curtain shouts: ((OOC: ⚔ Aashii Resident stole the doors key from Kara Juisser))

[06:05]  Marli: we leave through the tunnels ?

[06:05]  Paeth: grabs some bandages

[06:05]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: aye we can do

[06:05]  Heart: me feel the woman taking the key from me

[06:05]  Kara Juisser: I feel the woman taking the key from me

[06:06]  Paeth: and takes some more kanda

[06:06]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: or take front gate

[06:06]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: we have a key now

[06:06]  Marli: ok

[06:06]  Marli: front gate

[06:06]  Marli: lets go

[06:06]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: okay all seems clear

[06:07]  ::Sa’Vella camp door opened by Aashii Resident (⚔ stolen key)

[06:07]  ::Sa’Vella camp door : Spirit Lapis, you have not the key to close this door.

[06:07]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: this way to docks

[06:07]  An alarmed flock of vulos harshly shouts: squawwk!

[06:07]  An alarmed flock of vulos harshly shouts: squawwk!

[06:09]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: this way

[06:09]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: paeth

[06:09]  Marli: over here sis

[06:09]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: lets go

[06:09]  Kara Juisser: / I try to avoid being swept, but nothing can

[06:09]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡jumps onto the awaiting boat, and pays the drunk sailer ‘take us home’ she waited for her sisters and the slave

[06:09]  Paeth: runs onto the boat with the cap adn tells the captain to sail me and heart to lake las

[06:09]  Marli helps bndle the slave into the boat

[06:10]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡 sails with the others

[06:10]  Marli jumps on board and pays the captain

[06:11]  Marli: hehe

[06:11]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: giggles. not a bad raid

[06:11]  彡 Spirit Hax 彡: grins


Hair. We all have it – never mind shoes; hair is the first thing we notice about other people. And first impressions do count, which makes the fact that hair often has a mind of its own more than a little bit of an obstacle when it comes to making oneself presentable to the outside world. I’m one of those people who have to wash & blow dry their hair every day (anything less than squeaky clean locks triggers post traumatic flashbacks to my greasy teenage years). So for me it is essential to have hair that is easy to style – as in wash and go easy.  This kinda flows over into my SL Gor  life , I wear more than one hair style and colour on my avatar…..

[05:15]  Marli looked down at the free woman , taking a good look at the expensive robes

[05:16]  Emma Gerhadsen stops dead in her tracks and begins to edge backwards as the huntress approaches.

[05:16]  Marli: “So far from civilisation and without an escort” Marli stated flatly

[05:18]  Emma Gerhadsen looks around nervously, following the panther’s eyes as she looks her up and down. ‘My useless slaves sailed away along with my luggages without me. I have no doubt they are being punished by my father at this very moment,’ she said, with a weary voice, as if she had already explained this story many times.

[05:21]  Marli grinned , her keen eye surveying the lakes , she saw no one nearby , not even Di Jan panthers “No doubt they are ” Marli replied with a smirk on her face “….however , should you continue down this path , you will have to pay a small fee …….for your own protection…naturally”

[05:23]  Emma Gerhadsen nodded, not finding anything wrong with the idea of a toll, after all her father collected many tolls and taxes in the city. But there was a problem. ‘I keep my money in my luggage, huntress, for coins would ruin the line of my dress. And my luggage is missing. I will be happy to send a slave with payment after I arrive home, if you would allow it.’

[05:26]  Marli laughed and slapped her left thigh “Ofcourse , the slave would be more than happy to enter a panther camp to deliver coins” she shook her head “You will remove your necklace ……I love sparkles …..give it to me and I will let you pass unharmed through Luna and Di jan lands”

[05:30]  Emma Gerhadsen raised her velvet gloved hand to her necklace, touching it lightly. ‘This necklace for nothing more than passing by a road? For this I would expect an escort all the way home!’ She raised her chin defiantly, staring at the huntress. ‘If you will not allow me to pass for a fair toll, I will find another route, it is no matter.’

[[05:33]  Marli notched an arrow in her bow , her dark brown eyes piercing those of the free woman, when Marli had set her mind on getting something she would take it by force “The necklace is a small price to pay for your freedom and safety Lady…..remember these are our lands …..in a moments notice I could capture you and make you our slave …..so do yourself a favour and be smart…….hand me the necklace ”

[05:36]  Emma Gerhadsen narrowed her eyes at the huntress as she saw her drawing an arrow. ‘Are you threatening me huntress? Or do you simply mean to rob me? If you would shoot me for this necklace, why should I believe that you will not shoot me anyway? I find the reception in this land rather hostile. I will retrace my steps to the north and find another route. She begins to turn away.

[05:38]  Marli: “stop!” Marli said in a commanding tone “you have already sset foot in our lands ….believe me the Di jan will do much worse if they catch you ! …..now last chance Lady …….hand over the necklace and I will escort you to the docks myself ”

[05:41]  Emma Gerhadsen stopped and turned back to face the huntress. ‘Which docks? If I am to receive such a reception in every land in these parts, I will quickly run out of items to trade. I will give you the necklace, after you escort me safely all the way to Abydos. It is a good deal for you huntress, you will get the necklace and no fear of revenge from my father.’

[05:43]  Marli shook her head “time for negotiation is over , you had plenty of chances , now I simply take it and maybe enslave you too”

[05:43]  ArrowS2 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00: Direct Hit on Emma Gerhadsen

[05:43]  GM 4.2: Marlies Dasmijn Has Captured Emma Gerhadsen!

[05:44]  Marli smirked , she squatted beside the free woman and tugged the necklace from her neck , then stuffed it in her boot for safekeeping “Foolish woman……A chieftess keeps her word ”

[05:45]  Marli removed a length of binding fibre from her leather belt , Marli grabbed the womans wrists and bound them behind her back in a tight gorean knot

[05:46]  Marli then turned and reached for the womans legs and feet , using a length of rope to secure them tightly , depending on how the woman behaved she might untie them later

[05:47]  Marli with the last length of her binding fibres Marli fashioned a make shift leash and tied it around the womans waist , so she could be dragged along the ice

[05:48]  Marli gathered the leash and checked the womans injuries

[05:49]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Tal

[05:49]  Marli: Tal sister

[05:49]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): /smiles

[05:50]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): what do you have there my En?

[05:50]  Marli: I gave this free woman at least three chances to pay the toll for crossing our lands

[05:50]  Emma Gerhadsen groaned as she began to regain consciousness, finding herself face down in the snow, the cold burning her cheek. She craned her head upwards, trying to look at her captor. ‘That,’ she growled, ‘was rude.’

[05:50]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) grins

[05:51]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Should we turn her onto her back. She may be able to speak more freely to us if her mouth isn’t full of snow

[05:51]  Emma Gerhadsen wriggled in her bindings, testing to see whether she could pull her hands free from them, but the huntress was obviously skilled with knots. ‘I told you I would pay when I was reunited with my luggage,’ she snapped, ‘you would have received your toll with interest.’

[05:52]  Marli turned the woman over with her boot

[05:52]  Aanna: aanna kneels beside the prone female

[05:52]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Do tell me your name

[05:52]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): lady

[05:52]  Emma Gerhadsen grunted in a rather unladylike way as she was rolled over. ‘Your boots are dirty, huntress. Please keep them away from my clothes.’

[05:53]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): she adds aftera brief pause

[05:53]  Marli: “I told you I wanted the necklace in advance …as payment ……now I have simply taken it ” she laughs

[05:53]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) strokes the girls hair

[05:53]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): she has such beautiful hai

[05:53]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): she has such beautiful hair she thinks

[05:54]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): I wonder i I can make use of it

[05:55]  Emma Gerhadsen: Her eyes moved to the second huntress. ‘Most people call me Mistress, but Lady is also acceptable. Perhaps if you could talk sense into this other huntress, we could be…on friendly enough terms for you to know my name.’

[05:55]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) stares at the girl and smiles secretively to herself

[05:56]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “This is my En and her word is law here”

[05:56]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “Only she can decide your fate”

[05:56]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “Not I”

[05:57]  Marli smiles at her sister “you want her hair sister? then use your blade and remove it ” she kicked at the womans legs now “Here you are no longer a Mistress or Lady………you are now just a slut”

[05:57]  Emma Gerhadsen looked from one huntress to the other. Her home was far to the south of these forests and she was not familiar with panther titles. ‘You take orders from a hen?’ Her voice seemed genuinely confused.

[05:58]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) laughs

[05:58]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Tal huntress

[05:58]  Ino Auer: Tal

[05:59]  Marli: Tal Ino

[05:59]  Ino Auer: nice

[05:59]  Ino Auer looks at the captive and grinns

[05:59]  Emma Gerhadsen scowled a the dark haired huntress, ‘A SLUT?’ She seemed horrified, ‘no, no, I do not like that sort of thing at all. It is most unladylike.’

[05:59]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) continues to stroke the girls luxurious locks

[06:00]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): enjoying the feel of the texture between her fingers

[06:00]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): her hand moves to her hip belt and the knife sheath that dwells there

[06:01]  Emma Gerhadsen turned her head towards the redhead, mistaking the touch of her hand for a sign of affection. ‘You seem nicer than the other one,’ she commented.

[06:01]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “You look so ladylike”

[06:01]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “charming and beautiful

[06:01]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): would you look so good if you are bald

[06:02]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) jumps up

[06:02]  Marli lips curled in a cruel smile “she would still fetch a good price on the slave market , even without her pretty hair ……imagine that Lady…….you a slave in some tavern serving males ”

[06:03]  Emma Gerhadsen smiled at first, then her eyes widened in horror. ‘Bald!’ The word lingered on her lips as she stared at the huntress. ‘Bald!?’ she repeated.

[06:03]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “Lets trade” she says in a soft and dangerous voice

[06:03]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Tour hair for your name lady

[06:03]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): *Your

[06:04]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): and I shall tell you mine

[06:04]  Emma Gerhadsen turned back to the dark haired huntress . ‘I am not a slave, so I would fetch no price. And I find your suggestion that I would even enter a tavern, very rude.’

[06:04]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) laughs softly

[06:05]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “Bald it is then”

[06:05]  Emma Gerhadsen: ‘I will tell you my name if you promise to leave my hair alone!’

[06:05]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Slowly she extracts the razor sharp blade

[06:05]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “hmm”

[06:06]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) smirks “you are a slow learner ……you will be whipped many times as a slave”

[06:06]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): she test the keeness with her thumb

[06:06]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): drawing a tiny droplet of blood

[06:06]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “You name then lady?”

[06:07]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): and i shall sheath my knife

[06:07]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): the red of her blood stands ot stark against the whiteness of the snow

[06:08]  Emma Gerhadsen rolled her eyes, looking at the dark haired huntress again. ‘I already told you I am not a slave. A good kajira requires years of training, very different from mine. But I suppose you would not know that, been a tree s…’ she managed to curb her anger just in time to avoid the insult which might have made her situation worse, turning to the other huntress instead. ‘My name is Emma.’

[06:08]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) smiling “Greetings Emma”

[06:09]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): my name is liar

[06:09]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) grins

[06:09]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): your hair is so beautiful

[06:09]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) sighs

[06:09]  Emma Gerhadsen seemed not to have understood the joke. ‘Lyre, that is a pretty name, if a little unusual.’

[06:09]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): She slides her knife back into its sheath

[06:10]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) ponders the girl – Is she deaf

[06:10]  Marli grinned , Marli had the necklace safely tucked in her boot , she now began to take an interest in the womans robes , feeling the soft texture “that would make a lovely soft pillow” she remarked

[06:12]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) kneels once again by the girls side and places a hand on her face, touches her hand.

[06:13]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “The girl is getting cold my En. She isn’t used to this clime me thinks

[06:13]  Emma Gerhadsen looks a little relieved as the knife was put away, but looked suspiciously at the dark haired huntress, whom she did not trust at all, as she began to touch her clothes. She was very proud of her dress, which had been made specially, a birthday present from her father, but she realised that discussing the value of her posessions would probably not made her situation any better, so she said instead, ‘it is rather thin for a pillow. A simple cotton bag filled with goose down is much better.’

[06:15]  Marli shrugged “she should have thought about that…..I now like her robes , so soft to the touch of my fingers….and I like the colour” Marli started reaching for her knife “what is it ? silks ? yes I bet a wealthy woman like you wears silk”

[06:15]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “Her voice is muffled my En

[06:15]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): I can’t hear her properly

[06:15]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): perhaps if i remove her viel

[06:16]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): it will clear her mouth

[06:16]  Marli nodded

[06:16]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): aanna sidles across to the girls face

[06:16]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): hands search for bindingd

[06:16]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): claspswhatever hold the device in place

[06:17]  Emma Gerhadsen snapped at the dark haired huntress. ‘I DID think about that. Had you not tied me up, I would be well on my way to the warmer lands in the south by now, and you would be closer to receiving your toll with interest.’

[06:17]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): being unfamiliar with such things it is a moment or too until she finds what she is loking for

[06:17]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): !Ha ha

[06:17]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Aanna pulls the viel from the girls face

[06:18]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) thinks a useful cloth for cleaning with and places it in her hip pouch

[06:18]  Emma Gerhadsen pulled her head away. ‘What are you doing? Stop that!’ She glared at the huntress as her face was revealed. ‘That was rude,’ she said in a resigned tone.

[06:19]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): argh now we can hear you better

[06:19]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) looks intently at the girl Emma. Stares at her lovely face

[06:20]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “She is beautiful my En

[06:20]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “Worth much i think

[06:21]  Marli looked at the womans face , she indeed was a pretty high caste “whats the matter? first time you have been face stripped?” Marli laughed even louder , she despised city dwellers, Marli had only known the harsh life of the forests “Aiiiii……she is worth several silvers ….perhaps even more if we knew her background and caste ”

[06:21]  Emma Gerhadsen: ‘I have already told you I will pay you well to escort me to Abydos. If it is profit you seek, I can provide it when I arrive home with your help.’

[06:22]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) looks bemused

[06:22]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Where is abydos?

[06:23]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): continues to kneel by the girl, stroking her hair, her face

[06:24]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “I would like to take you to Abydos; alas I do not know where it is.”

[06:25]  Emma Gerhadsen remained silent as they began to discuss her background. She stopped herself from muttering something about tree sluts under her breath. ‘You should know my caste by looking at me,’ she replied flatly. ‘And Abydos is at the southern most tip of this continent. I do not expect you have ever been there, but it is simply a matter of leading me on the safest path all the way to the south. It should be an easy and profitable job for two huntresses such as yourselves.’

[06:25]  Marli spat on the ground , Marli wouldnt venture into a city dressed as a panther , she also knew the womans father would want revenge , Marli found the option of enslaving or selling the woman more appealing “I think not , I rarely enter cities”

[06:26]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Marlii?

[06:26]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Do u know a guy called

[06:27]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Egnatius4Eternium?

[06:27]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): He was looking for you yesterday

[06:28]  Marli: Mhm……yes is do as a matter of fact……I burned his house down

[06:29]  Marli: He lives in the valkyrie forest

[06:29]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): He doesn’t like you then I’d guess

[06:29]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): he was very rude

[06:29]  Marli laughs “No he does not”

[06:29]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): if i can’t have Marlii I’ll u

[06:30]  Marli: “Next time fire an arrow at him….that will shut him up”

[06:30]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): and goes for me

[06:30]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Oh i capped him

[06:30]  Marli laughs “lovely , well done sister”

[06:30]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): he didn’t see I’d got me sword out

[06:30]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): ha ha

[06:30]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): well i wasnt alone grins

[06:30]  Emma Gerhadsen looked frustrated. ‘I am not asking you to enter any cities. You may simply lead me into the land of Abydos. I will make the last mile of the journey to the city by myself – I will be safe there. My useless slaves will no doubt be locked up by my father by then, and I will send one of them out to you with your payment. If you choose to capture the slave, it will be a good punishment for her for deserting her mistress. I cannot be fairer than that.’

[06:31]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): My friend Livian from the Dijan was with me

[06:31]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) thinks

[06:32]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): A slave in the hand is worth more than than the promise of 2

[06:32]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): My En is right

[06:33]  Emma Gerhadsen: ‘A trained kajira is worth more than a free woman that has been put in a camisk and passed off as a slave.’

[06:33]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Why risk so much to take you to your city

[06:33]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) laughs

[06:33]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “I think you will look very fetching in silks

[06:33]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): very fetching indeed

[06:34]  Marli: “you forget…all i wanted was the necklace ….selling you off is just a small bonus …..no you had your chance at freedom , no your fate is in our hands ”

[06:35]  Emma Gerhadsen: ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained, huntress. You will be paid handsomely and you if you treat me well, you may find a secret ally in my father. He would not of course ever openly assist panthers, but as an influential scholar of the law there are things he can arrange behind the scenes, should it be needed.’

[06:36]  Marli: “I do not want the help from males , I do not want your father knowing about me or my tribe …..so im sailing you far …far…..away”

[06:36]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “sorry Emma but my En has spoken

[06:36]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Dont worry

[06:37]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): your beauty should ensure you are bought by a good Master

[06:37]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): rich at least

[06:37]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) laughs

[06:37]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): you should still have nice things

[06:37]  Emma Gerhadsen looked at the dark haired huntress with disinterest, then back at the redhead. She still did not understand the hierarchy or the concept of an En, and surmised that the redhead was the wiser of the two, and more likely to make a deal. ‘Your friend is missing out on a good thing, and I think you know it.’

[06:38]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): You’ll be a nice thing your self

[06:38]  Emma Gerhadsen snorted and raised her head as proudly as she could from her position on the ground. ‘I already am a nice thing,’

[06:38]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) grins. “Yes she is my friend but she is also my En. Her word is my command and i will obey”

[06:39]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): without hesitation

[06:39]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) smiles at her sister

[06:39]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) bows

[06:39]  Emma Gerhadsen wrinkled her nose. ‘I still don’t understand why you take orders from a bird.’

[06:39]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Emma tell me – have you pleasured many males?

[06:40]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Because I think you are about too

[06:40]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) smiles at the girl

[06:40]  Emma Gerhadsen opened her mouth in horror. ‘Pleasured…males? That’s disgusting.’

[06:40]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): It is said you will grow to need the pleasuring

[06:41]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): It would be interesting to see

[06:41]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): but we shant be there obviously

[06:41]  Marli prods the womans ribs “I am Chieftess in the tribe ……now i am allowing you to stand …..dont do anything stupid like kicking…..you will find I have a knack for dishing out pain”

[06:42]  (GM)Bindings: Marlies Dasmijn loosens Emma Gerhadsen’s feet allowing them to walk.

[06:42]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Well if you don’t want to end your life on your back Emma you’ll be very nice when you stand on the auction block

[06:42]  Emma Gerhadsen: ‘Perhaps a kajira may do that. They are trained for it. I already told you, it takes years of training. If you sell me for that purpose, you will find the purchaser may return looking for his money back.’

[06:42]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): you’ll be naked of course

[06:42]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Oh I dont think so

[06:42]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): you are too beautiful to return

[06:43]  Marli looked deeply into the womans eyes “I am selling you so that your father will never find you……..”

[06:43]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): strokes the girls cheek

[06:43]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): and he never will

[06:44]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): if i where wealthy I would buy you

[06:44]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): you would earn so much in the taverns

[06:44]  Emma Gerhadsen finally understood as Marli explained her position, then shuddered a little, realising that the less reasonable of the two was the one in charge. ‘I am sorry, huntress, I am not familiar with your culture,’ she hoped that politeness might help her situation.

[06:46]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): I would give you 2 things before you go. Firstly a word of advice. Forget your previous lif and embrace your new position as a slave, an object to be used at the will of your owner

[06:46]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): moves closer to the girl

[06:47]  Emma Gerhadsen laughs. ‘You have no idea who my father is. He is a very…influential man, who is owed favours by those who operate on the edge of the law he works to uphold. You will find that, sooner or later, somebody will offer him information of my whereabouts in return for a favour.’

[06:47]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): softly and with great tenderness she kisses her

[06:47]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): the last kiss you will have as afree woman

[06:48]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): my second gift

[06:48]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): /smiles sadly

[06:48]  Emma Gerhadsen turned to the redhead, expression softening slightly, surprised by the unexpected kiss.

[06:49]  Marli: “No doubt he is Marlenus of Ar” Marli smirked “…..your father and his men will lose themselves in the dangerous ambrace of our swamps” Marli chuckles as she sees her sister kiss the young woman “….my sister gives you good advice ….perhaps you will listen this time ”

[06:50]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): “it is in the best interest of our tribe that you disappear Emma. your knowledge endangers us

[06:50]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): I do not wish to see beauty caged but there is no choice for us

[06:51]  Marli: Indeed , we have no choice

[06:51]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): That or death

[06:51]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): and we are not murderers

[06:52]  Emma Gerhadsen looked from one huntress to the other. ‘Every minute you continue to delay my return home is what endagers you.’

[06:53]  Marli: “Then we should sail you at once ” Marli grabbed the leash and gave it a harsh tug “come ”

[06:53]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): looks at the proud and beautiful young woman. Imagining the life she is about to embark upon. Not one that Aanna would like or wish on another

[06:53]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) a small tear rolls down her cheek

[06:54]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): dashed away before it is noticed

[06:55]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Obey your owner Emma

[06:55]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): do not misbehave

[06:55]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): and try to live with yr new life

[06:55]  Melasina: Tallies Aana, Marli and girl

[06:55]  Marli: Tal sister

[06:56]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Tal sister

[06:56]  Emma Gerhadsen looks at the huntresses in alarm. ‘You would put me into the hands of sailors with no escort?’ She looks horrified again. ‘Please huntress, you are a strong woman and you know these lands. You will make far more for me by escorting me home than by selling me to these men.’

[06:56]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) shakes her head sadly

[06:57]  Melasina waves, then she jumps into her Kayak, takes the paddle and is paddling away over the dark blue sea

[06:57]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): safe paths Melasina

[06:57]  Hot Lavendel: Tal my En

[06:57]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Emma listen to me. Call the men you meet Master

[06:57]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Tal sis

[06:57]  Hot Lavendel: Tal Aanna

[06:58]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Remember you are nothing but a slave now

[06:58]  Marli hands the captain she knew several copper tarsks, the captain having sailed captives many times and he could be trusted “Sail her to the isle of sin , 150 pasangs from here ” she smiled at Hot and Lune

[06:58]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): My En should she not be dressed as a slave

[06:58]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): or undressed before she boards

[06:59]  Marli: “captain, you men are free to use her body , the clothes are an added bonus ” she shoved Emma onboard

[06:59]  Hot Lavendel: she would freeze to ead sis….laughs

[06:59]  Lunellaa Destiny grins at Hot “Perhaps we are right on time”

[06:59]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) waves to departing ship and the cargo it now contains

[06:59]  Emma Gerhadsen scowls. ‘When an informer from the underground chooses to profit by revealing my location, this isle of sin will receive a visit from a force stronger even than your tribe, huntress. Perhaps that is your intention.’

[07:00]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Tal Hot

[07:00]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): Tal Lune

[07:00]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal Sis

[07:00]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Tal sisters

[07:00]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal En


Time to slip on my try hard skirt , gather some sisters and do some verbal kicking…..ermmm…I mean shoot some arrows at some one …..lol

[07:52]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): lets go

[07:52]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[07:52]  GM 4.2: noemie Ling hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[07:52]  GM 4.2: mixorroxim Resident hit you with VF1-<arrow>-(2.5)-12-L (15%) – strike type: arrow

[07:52]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[07:53]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[07:53]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) gets her lockpicks out and starts to fiddle at the locks

[07:53]  Sa’ng Sar : ⚒ Marlies Dasmijn starts to lockpick… (wait here 2 min till end of timer at top)

[07:53]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[07:53]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) pushes the lockpick in deeper and twists around in the locks

[07:54]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[07:54]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) keeps her eyes on the lock making sure the tumbler is being moved correctly

[07:54]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[07:55]  Sa’ng Sar ⚒ Lockpicked by Marlies Dasmijn

[07:55]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shouts: GATES ARE OPEN !!!

[07:55]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[07:56]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[07:57]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shouts: Search the camp for one huntress

[07:58]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): any one here?

[07:58]  Aanna(aanna.padgett) shouts: I’ve found a secret door

[08:00]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shouts: Luna Caleeng ! plant our flag ! We move out !

[08:00]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[08:00]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): there’s a secret door inthe cliff

[08:01]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shouts: All Luna to center of camp now !

[08:01]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): where is Kay ?

[08:01]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): I had to drag her out of the water

[08:02]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shouts: Kay !!

[08:02]  Kayleewinters shouts: help me

[08:02]  Lunellaa Destiny shouts: where are you?

[08:03]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): she up top

[08:04]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): how do we get yp there

[08:05]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shouts: Keep shouting Kay

[08:06]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): drop the leash

[08:07]  Lunellaa Destiny shouts: “Where are you Hot?

[08:08]  Kayleewinters: thank you growls!

[08:08]  Kayleewinters: can somebody unleash me please

[08:08]  Lunellaa Destiny takes a fiber from here pack and leans over securing her ankles tightly

[08:10]  Lunellaa Destiny smiles Taking another piece of fibre this time securing her wrists tightly

[08:11]  Lunellaa Destiny then takes a long fibre and secures it around her chest leaving a small length for a leash

[08:11]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grumbles “hogtie the sang sar , then we leave ”

[08:16]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[[08:16]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[08:17]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[08:17]  Lunellaa Destiny slices her knife along the binds

[08:18]  Lunellaa Destiny: /mestarting to loosen the binds and release the other panther and then waves

[08:18]  (GM)Bindings: Lunellaa Destiny starts to unbind noemie Ling

[08:18]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) motions to her sisters to start boarding the canoes

[08:18]  noemie Ling: ty

[08:18]  Lunellaa Destiny waves

[08:18]  noemie Ling: waves back

[08:18]  (GM)Bindings: Lunellaa Destiny finishes unbinding  noemie Ling, allowing them to stand free.

[08:18]  (GM)Bindings: noemie Ling was bound for 0 hour and 11 min.

[08:18]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) smirks

[08:18]  Kayleewinters: steps in here canoe end head off

[08:18]  Aanna(aanna.padgett): climbs into the second canoe and pushes off

[08:19]  Hot Lavendel: Lune,its your turn to paddle..she said climbing up front and lays to her back :))


Despite the Luna being a bunch of heathen outlaws….some times it’s  ok to talk with like minded people to see if we share a common goal , in this case the downfall of the evil Sang Sarian Empire….hahaha

[08:24]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “that is good,” They did flag us recently” chuckles

[08:24]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): hehe…..

[08:24]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “we know them very well, don’t we siss”

[08:24]  Sa’jesuil Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills.

[08:24]  MaryEllen(maryellen.beresford): aye well we will no doubt return the favour

[08:25]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “you will know when sa’ngs attack you Marli” “They will use seduction to achieve there aims”

[08:26]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “bah….they sound like Donnie’s tribe in Laurius ……fur sluts ”

[08:26]  MaryEllen(maryellen.beresford) haha – yes that seems to be their main weapon

[08:26]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “mainly collar you and make you sumbit”

[08:26]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “thats the ones”

[08:26]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny):    …Giggles…

[08:26]  MaryEllen(maryellen.beresford): and if you will not submit – they fur you till you are sore

[08:28]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) rolls eyes “yeah , we have fought with them in the past”

[08:29]  Noberto(noberto.decuir) yells furious “i will hunt that damm larl or whatever that peed on the water while i was downed and eat for dinner”

[08:30]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “well, we have a common enemy which is something to keep aware of, its not uncommon for two panther tribes to sometimes attack a larger enemy, but rare

[08:31]  Matilda(matilda.gata) shouts: oh shuttup….i told him too…better he pee on you than me” growls back

[08:31]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nods slowly “that is up to your En ….Mary…..but im game for revenge on Donnie if you have anything in mind ”

[08:31]  MaryEllen(maryellen.beresford): the Luna Caleeng have always been curteous to me and I would be happy to help them in anything that does not threaten the Sa Jesuil

[08:31]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): oooo

[08:31]  Noberto(noberto.decuir) shouts: then maybe i shoud hunt you, laughs

[08:32]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “Well,”

[08:32]  Matilda(matilda.gata) shouts: looks at her puppies..”you gotta get past my sleens first and they eat small things off” growls

[08:32]  saige2153 shouts: growls at the man loudly for threaten her owner

[08:32]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “see Marli, I have a desire not to be captured by the sa’ngs

[08:33]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): because the ones named verna and angela have got collars ready for me”

[08:33]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) smiles at Mary, then looks at Micha “I know verna and angela is ex SDS ”

[08:33]  MaryEllen(maryellen.beresford) giggles – a desire that we all share – but then revenge on that prima donna Donnie would be sweet

[08:33]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): giggles

[08:33]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): pima donnna 😀

[08:34]  MaryEllen(maryellen.beresford): I will think on your offer Marli and if we can combine I will speak with you again

[08:34]  MaryEllen(maryellen.beresford): I need to go now – my sisters have needs

[08:34]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Thats fine , you think on it

[08:35]  MaryEllen(maryellen.beresford): be safe Marli and good luck catching up with Egnatiuos

[08:35]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Be safe both of you

[08:35]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): “safe paths Marli , been a pleasure meeting you”

[08:35]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): hehe

[08:35]  Micha Destiny(michaelatv.destiny): smiles


If you’ve ever believed “slave girls are  loved and accepted,” or “beautiful girls are worth more,” then you’ve been lied to…..here in the Luna swamps you will be treated for what you are …..a slave

[04:55]  Hot Lavendel: there is something out there..points to the north

[04:57]  Hot Lavendel: nods

[04:58]  Hot Lavendel: catch her?

[04:58]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): deffo, when she comes closer

[04:58]  Hot Lavendel: aye

[04:59]  Zen Bow Draw [Gen3] v3.00: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset 0.30. Forward aim 0.60. Hit report: full splash. Autofire OFF.

[05:04]  Ana’Cara(arrys) sighs soft while looking arround for some flowers seing the mistress below her at the begin of the hill ‘greetings Mistress’

[05:04]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) looks up at the slave girl that had been scouting too close to her camp “greetings slave ”

[05:05]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) pointed her bow at the slave “What are you doing girl?”

[05:06]  Ana’Cara(arrys) tries to smile innocent as she can not sure what the Mistress was looking for and just hoping that she wasnt after her while i had other intensions then pickingflowers ‘oh nothing Mistres i was just looking for some nice flowers for My Mistress Mistress’

[05:09]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grinned “picking flowers ? show me what you have picked ? do you have permission?” stepping up closer to the girl

[05:09]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nodded at her sister in the background , the slave girl had no chance to escape now

[05:12]  Ana’Cara(arrys) swollows bites on my lip ‘i havent find yet nice flowers Mistress i was looking arround her but nothing found yet’ raise her eyebrow while seing the nodding not sure if it was for her or that there was some one behind her that i didnt notie so quieckly looking over her schoulder as my eyes goes wide open turns quieck her head back facing the Mistress sighs deep and thinks that this wasnt after all a good idea to snoop around here

[05:14]  Hot Lavendel: you wont find flowers here in winter girl, how ever we do know a place were you can pick many, Just follow my sister and we will bring you there

[05:15]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) tilted her head to one side , the devious red head was just grinning more and more as she listened to the slave girl “My sisters tells you the truth , we know a place in the swamps where flowers still grow, even in the heart of winter” she motioned at the girl to follow , not that the girl had much choice anyway

[05:18]  Ana’Cara(arrys) scratching on her arm nervously wasnt sure if the Mistresses had good intentions with her looking arround if there was a way out of it but knows aswell it would be pointless to run away sighs again ‘i will follow Mistress ‘smile’s warm to her and will take her change if there would be any sign of trouble try to run as fast as i can

[05:20]  Hot Lavendel: the other way girl, she said pushing her to her sister

[05:20]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) lips curled into a thin smile , she nodded at her sister at the back ground , a sign to keep aclose eye on the girl “Follow me ”

[05:20]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “this way to Lake Ias girl” her tone commanding as she spoke at the slave

[05:21]  Ana’Cara(arrys) feeling the push ‘y yes Mistress’stumblet a bit in her word turns on her heels and follows the Mistres

[05:23]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): In here girl

[05:24]  Hot Lavendel: go on girl…

[05:24]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): see , much more green in here , in the swamps , and later pretty flowers too (ok)

[05:25]  Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[05:25]  Ana’Cara(arrys) standing on her toes as i peeking in the swamp

[05:26]  Ana’Cara(arrys) ‘ohhh pritty ‘ examens the flower ‘could i pick some of these nice flowers Mistress?’

[05:26]  Hot Lavendel: go on girl..further down tere are more.she chuckles, pushing the girl to her front

[05:27]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Of course dear , but we have much more prettier flowers deeper inside the swamps

[05:29]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shouts: over here girl

[05:31]  Hot Lavendel: well?

[05:31]  Ana’Cara(arrys) shaking my head again ‘no no no i wont go ther Mistress ‘

[05:32]  GM 4.2: Hot Lavendel Has Captured Arrys Resident!

[05:32]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) taps her boot “whats taking the girl so long ? she resisting ? then cap her ”

[05:32]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm…she doesnt wants flowers all of a sudden…shakes her head

[05:33]  Hot Lavendel takes a fiber from her belt and binds the girls wrists together

[05:33]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) rolls eyes “then we do it the hard way , bind her up please sister”

[05:33]  Hot Lavendel then takes a longer one aand attaches it to the binds

[05:34]  Hot Lavendel shakes her head…

[05:34]  Hot Lavendel: come girl..nice flowers

[05:34]  Ana’Cara(arrys) blinks with her eyes as i waking up from the unconsions wonders what hit her so hard on her head feels the fibers arround her arms ‘what did i done wrong ?’

[05:35]  Hot Lavendel: you took a wrong turn girl

[05:35]  Hot Lavendel: we ont like it when people step on our pressious flowers

[05:36]  Hot Lavendel: now kneel

[05:36]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) swats the slave girls ass hard with the back of her bow “……and you didnt listen to the En ”

[05:37]  Ana’Cara(arrys) looking in the camp ‘there are no flowers here you set me up Mistress ‘ curses in her head that she was naive that she followt the Mistresses ‘please Mistress let me go’kneels down on the ground

[05:37]  Hot Lavendel kicks the girls legs from under her when she didnt respnd fast ennough

[05:38]  Hot Lavendel trows the leash to the ground….right En. What will we do with a girl that doesnt seems to like our hospitality and the effords we do?

[05:41]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) rubbed her chin as she paces around the slave girl inspecting her “…..any one who refuses our hospitality gets stripped for starters ……” she ran her fingers delicately through the girls hair “…….its very cold here on the snow …..best you answer our questions truthfully ”

[05:41]  Hot Lavendel smiles….

[05:42]  Hot Lavendel: So tell us what were you doing out there?

[05:43]  Hot Lavendel looked at the gir, thinking to cut her ear of if shecame with the flowers stor again, how ever En would probably protest to that..she grinned

[05:43]  Ana’Cara(arrys) lifts her head a inch feeling the finger under my chin ‘but but but Mistress i hate that spider and i am affraid of that beast i wasn refussing your hospitalty Mistress i just not wanted to passing by that ugly thing’shiver a bit as i think back of the horrible creature looking to the other Mistress’like i said Mistress i was here for picking flower snothing els ‘

[05:44]  Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[05:45]  Hot Lavendel: in the middle of winter?..she asked slowly taking her dagger of its sheath

[05:45]  Hot Lavendel: Tal love..she said to her sister appeaaring

[05:45]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal love

[05:46]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal Sisters

[05:46]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) looked at her sister , almost sensing what she was thinking, Marli had in the past notched the ears and even branded thieves that has crept into her swams thinking they could get away with it without harsh punishment , she twisted a lock of hair around her fingers , keeping the the girls head straight , she would grab more hair if needed “….an unlikely story ”

[05:46]  Hot Lavendel: you know…from all my sisters here arround i’m the one with the east patience

[05:46]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “Tal sister” smiling at Lune

[05:46]  Lunellaa Destiny nods knowing that all toooo well

[05:46]  Hot Lavendel: *leas

[05:47]  Ana’Cara(arrys) shifting my weigth on the ground and shuffles a bit more backwards as i see the dagger in the hand of the mIstress’yes Mistress i was looking for snowflowers’notice th frim grip on my hair ‘eeppss M Mistress i am telling the thruth i i dont lie’

[05:48]  Hot Lavendel: so lets see if you can remember about your bussiness, your true bussiness that is…..what were you doing here girl?….she bows taking the girls earlob and lets the blade rest or her ear

[05:51]  Lunellaa Destiny pokes Hot’s bumm with her arrow

[05:51]  Ana’Cara(arrys) clossing my eyes tight while i feel the cold steel on my earlob sighs deeeply and knows that her lies wont help if i wanted too keep my ear lower my head just carefull a bit ‘i was scouting here M Mistress as i i always do i am be a slave but My Mistress let me keep my own thing i was a proud scout of my tribe before i become a slave girl ‘i talk with a ligth tremble in my voice

[05:52]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grasped more hair from the slave girl ,Marli wanted to rende the girls head immobile , she instictively knew that Hot was planning to notch the girls ear , Marli had no qualms about that what so ever , notching was commen practise when a thief was caught , Marli hissed “WHo do you scout for girl ?”

[05:54]  Hot Lavendel ads a little pressure t the blade seeing the skin burst a little and a smal drop of blood slowly starts to find its way downthe girls cheek

[05:56]  Ana’Cara(arrys) sits perfectly still not wanted that the blade will further sink in her ear ‘auch auch ‘ feelign the pain on her ear and the drip of blood slide’s down on my cheek ‘pl please Mistress n n no more i i told you the thruth now’

[05:57]  Kayleewinters: Tallies all smiles

[05:57]  Hot Lavendel: My sister did ask you aspecific question and wants answers…..you better be quick about it

[05:57]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal Kay

[05:58]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) hisses more loudly into the girls ear this time “who are you scouting for ? my patience wears thin ”

[05:58]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Tal Kay

[05:58]  Kayleewinters: oh.. i see we have a new pat

[05:58]  Ana’Cara(arrys) lower my eyes to the ground’the sa’sang sar Mistress’

[05:59]  Hot Lavendel: Tal Kay..she said without taking her eyes of the girl adding a ittle bit more pressuer again

[06:02]  Hot Lavendel looks up at her En seeing if she was sattisfied with the girls answer or wanting to know more..she still kept theblade on the girls eaar, ready to slice it of as soon as Mari woud nod

[06:03]  Hot Lavendel looks overto Lune…you look awsome sis…i betwhen we get raided an you show up they will al run

[06:04]  Hot Lavendel grins wide

[06:04]  Lunellaa Destiny: pfffttt

[06:05]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): ” a sang sar !” Marli ‘s face almost contorted with disgust , “….so now they send a slave girl to find out our strength ……” she nods at Hot “…..give her ear a small notch to remind this slave that she was caught scouting …….a warning to Donnie ”

[06:05]  Hot Lavendel: En when we hide her in that tree there, she could be our secret weapon

[06:05]  Lunellaa Destiny: That’s ok Sis I have a present for you

[06:06]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grinned “Good idea Hot, so be it ”

[06:07]  Lunellaa Destiny: I have the best prezzies

[06:07]  Hot Lavendel quickly added half an inch to the cut in the girls ear so it realy sterted beeding and whiped her knive clean at the girls shoulder before sheating it

[06:09]  Ana’Cara(arrys) clossing my eyes as i heard the Mistress talking to her sister and screams as i feel the blade cut further in my ear ‘OUCHHSSS’wants to grab her ear struggles a bit in he ropes feeling the tears popping up in her eyes from the pain and notice aswell that a small strema of blood runs over her cheek

[06:11]  Hot Lavendel: You want to send the Sa ‘ngSaar a message En?

[06:12]  Hot Lavendel: or as the girl stated…they dont know were she is and we sell her?

[06:12]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) watched the stream of blood flow down the girls cheek , Marli had a satisfied grin on hre face , with her thumb she roughly made a streak accross the girls cheek “Our message is clear and simple , scout our lands comes at a high price ” she chuckles “You may kennel her if you like or release her with our message ”

[06:16]  Ana’Cara(arrys) curse in her mind thatshe was caught by these Mistresses and that she was treated in this way feeling the strok of the thumb on her face smells the blood on her cheek ‘p p please Mistress let me go back to My Mistress ‘


In an attempt to bring Christmas joy to the Sa Vella En was captured but Myself and Hot were sailed. Nelly of the Sa Vella said she intends to never let EN Leave ((RP)) “i suppose…you startd claiming to be the new EN of your band. Your old one will never return to you. *nelly gestured* Do not dare again to come here and speak up to us” Too bad they didn’t open their exploding prezzies.

You’re loving Lunatic Elder Lune

[11:23]  noobwarrior101: “Planning to go through to look into the tunnel she stops and seeing the bound woman in the cage tuns aside to see who she is. “What is it that you are doing all bound and locked up in there?”

[11:25]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) glances up , all kinds of smart ass answers going through her head , this panther she didnt recognise so she replied “Be a dear and untie me , I will make it worth your while”

[11:27]  noobwarrior101: Stepping up to the gate of the cage and then looking it over for a way to open it. She reaches up to rattle it and pull on it trying to find the locking device. Then when it opens she steps forward and kneels down by you. “Now why would I be letting you out of binds if someone here decided that you should be bound?” The question does not come with malice but just a mater of fact voice.

[11:31]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) had gathered her strength since yesterday , the grazes from the arrows partly healed , Marli had a strong constitution, though her neck ached from being tied up all night , this hadnt improved her temper , she rolled her eyes , attempting to stay calm, she knew her temper could get her into trouble “Because ….” Marli was thinking rapidly “…..if you release me I will be gratefull and reward you with goods ” she paused “I have the authority in my tribe to see to that”

[11:34]  noobwarrior101: Gripping the ropes about you and then pulling you out of the cage onto the floor. She rolls you over and then looks you over. The words you spoke of having authority and in your tribe the choice of words did not pass without notice. “Your tribe is it? So what is your name and what is the name of this tribe? It can not be here for you would doubtless be bound if you belonged here.” She bends and starts looking you over for things of use or even weapons seeming her hide covered hands still have all the dexterity of not having the gloves on as she searches you slowly and methodically.

[11:38]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) clicks the roof of her mouth with her tongue “aye , my tribe , the Luna swamp panthers ” she watched you from an angle as you began to search her body, Marli keeping a small leaf hidden in her hair , in it was a small thassa pin, she hoped it would go unnoticed , because the woman wore clothes it might not penetrate , still Marli lived in hope , she shifts her weight “I am Marli ”

[11:41]  noobwarrior101: The wrist gauntlets inspected and each of them checked by the woman in white then the little bone necklace with teeth in it. The collar comes as a bit of a surprise and she looks at it then turns here head on side. “So now tell me what is it that you wear here?” The question comes and here fingers move over the round steel ring locked to your throat.

[11:45]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) hated the feel of the collar , her eyes becoming darker as she felt you touch it “That …..” she exclaimed “…is mine , it was given to me by my mentor when i was learning to be a healer” she stared at you “I was a member of the Sa’ng Suri” If the woman looked properly she would find a SS carved in each small pearl, her En had also carved a SS in the back of her neck, something done to all initiates of the Sa’ng Suri

[11:49]  noobwarrior101: A low laugh and then shake of her head. “Well then you are what I am learning is the way of many of the forest girls. Seems there are many slaves among them what better tribute to that you are a slave and should be such in life no matter if you hide in the woods than a collar about your throat as a reminder of your lowly state.” The light and pale eyes of the woman show a light in them of some amusement. She moved down you and started to check the hide wraps about your calves unlacing the ropes that held them and then checking them over with great care. Finally she looks back up at you. “So then girl named Marli it would seem you know your natural state. Why is it you do not simply go to a city and simper like so many girls? Isn’t the life in the woods far harder for you than to simply server a man on your back?”

[11:55]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) spat on the ground near your boot, Marli lost her temper “Firstly , you call me girl or slave again and when im untied I will teach you the meaning of being panther girl!” her eyes reddening “Trust a Sa Vella to think of mens dicks and being pleasing !” She hisses “You will find out how crazy I am !” Mari aware the woman wont trade

[11:56]  jamie Zahm: grins hearing the girl ,she dont sound happy sis

[11:56]  jamie Zahm: so hard to please all ,shakes her head and walks off laughing

[11:57]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “You damn right ! I am pissed off ” Marli growled , spit drooling past her lips and eyes wide with anger

[11:57]  jamie Zahm: then our pledge is doing well she calls over her shoulder

[11:58]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “moron” Marli hissed

[11:59]  noobwarrior101: Burst out laughing and then looking up from the red head to the other. Then the eyes turn back. “G.I.R.L you wear a collar and so you are no more than a slave.” The eyes of the white one turn hard and then she moves in closer over you. “I would beat you and or give you a bow to let you attempt to prove your boast but a girl with a bow would deserve a beating. If you are unbound girl then do your very worse against me but be it known to you I normally only do great harm to men so if you have brains you will simply avoid me. I have no clue why you are here but you will stay until the one that has bound you decides you are to be sold as the slave you seem to be or you are done with what she wishes.” The facial features of the woman and the only partly healed cut on her cheek are close when she leans in. “Why is a slave still in collar is she wishes to escape it?” The question is low and there is some undertone of menace in it.

[12:04]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) was no longer in a sensible state of mind , the womans words and attitude just worsening the red heads temper , she was almost foaming at the mouth and spitting out her words like a animal with rabies “This damn collar means squat , I am no GIRL , I am a free woman and you are scared like shit or you would let me challenge you” Marli tried a show of dramatics “….this is a force collar and you all damn well know it ” she growled, momentarily her mind a blanc before she would rant rage some more

[12:08]  noobwarrior101: She leans in and then pats the girls cheek almost gently. “Well bondmaid I will make you a bargain if the one holding you decides to free you and you wish to match your strength to mine with bow or blade then I will welcome you to make the attempt. Should you choose to challenge me however when I have seen an end to that challenge then you will no longer belong to the one you do now but you will belong to me. Be content that you do not. I am not like those you see here and will never be there is likelyhood I will not live so long. That is of little concern so long as my vengeance is done before I am taken up in the fires of Freya to settle in my final home. Now Marli why are you bound here as you are did you attack them or did they come and take you from your Mistress?”

[12:11]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) narrowed her eyes “I have no Mistresses , no owners , no companions , its just me and my band …..which I LEAD !” she violently struggled in her bonds . losing track of half of what the woman had said “Give me a bow and if you beat me you can kill me , but I die as a panther , NOT as slave !”

[12:15]  noobwarrior101: Shaking her head. “I will not kill the prey of another you are not mine to kill. And you are woman not man were you man I would welcome the chance to kill you. Now you say you are not a girl but you wear a collar. You say you are a free woman? I see no fancy dress or even the hides of a northern free woman? I see a nearly naked bound woman in a collar? Does that sound like a free woman to you?” The question coming in the many words and then the blond leans in close to you once more. “So now so you know I am not a free woman, I am not a slave, I am not any of them. I am called outlaw and the name those that fear to sleep until I was driven out called me the “White Witch”. It is my place to kill men and keep killing of that vile village until the world be purged of their evil to the last of them.”

[12:38]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) blew some red strands of ragged hair from her face , her reddened face was glowing from her verbal outbursts, she took a breather , the red headed panther once again testing the knots on her wrists, would they loosen over time ? she didnt know for sure , but would keep on trying, once something was set in her mind she kept at it , one of her character traits “I will repeat then ….this is a force collar” she directed a question back at the woman “….would a collar around your neck make you a slave ? would torn off clothing mean you were not a free woman? ” she nodded “White witch , it is commendable that you dont kill women , but I have and I will in the future, I am a panther and its all about mind set , I am no slave ”

[12:42]  noobwarrior101: “All about the mind set. That I can agree there are many weak and they succumb to the wishes of men. There are also those men that would be killing and destroying. For not killing women it is not that I feel for them. So much as they are simply not my objective. Now you have not said how you came to be here and who it is that is keeping you? I see nothing of value left ot you other than your body so there must be a reason you have been kept and not yet sold as a slave?”

[12:45]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “Why I am here ? I attacked the Sa Vella with my band , they I am assuming have been released or sold or are dead ” Marli was concerned that no one had raided yet , she then hissed “Talra is the bitch that captured me !”

[12:51]  noobwarrior101: “Hmm so it would seem that if you are here and the only one I have seen then maybe the others were sold or they have been sent to go and return with something for you. I know not of that but seems that it was not wise to come here and attack those in the woods. There are many escaped slaves and even I guess some free women that have fled men they feared. But there are also I have found some here that have been long in the woods like I have. I recently come to them but then it is that I found them to be strong. In fact stronger than I had expected. They are not what I believed women to be hiding in the woods. They are like little larls stalking what they will. They do not stalk men to kill them as I do but yet they are strong now weak if they were weak I would never have remained here. My point in telling you that is to give you insight so if you are every sold back to whatever band you belong to you might consider before you attack as a cub what is surely a full grown larl.” The woman looks about the room

[12:51]  noobwarrior101:  and then back at you. “So you have told me you are the leader of this band of panthers as you call them. Where are they the ones you speak of?”

[12:58]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) yanked at her bindings , she was frustrated and angry , the red glared at you ” I have lived in the woods since childhood , I damn well know how to survive in the woods” she grumbled “damn ropes …..the Luna are an oppertunistic and aggressive band ……..its how I like them to be ” She looked you in the eyes “I expect the same of my sisters ……..try and escape by yourself , dont waste valuable trade items” she scoffed “I would have double crossed you ”

[13:00]  noobwarrior101: Having seem to consider it and then after some long thought she smiles. “I think that there are things you might do which if you do lead a band and are not simply a lying slave there might be an advantage for me.” I only have one goal and it is not gold, goods or even the silly trinkets that so many of the forest wants. If you would be free I will set you so. If you take a man then bring him to me. I will see to the end of him and his death be nothing to you.” She draws a small axe and cuts the binds on your ankles and then grips the other. “I will leave it to you to decide if you are ally to men or their enemy in your choice to bring them to me.” Then pulling you toward the door.

[13:03]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nodded slowly “you are a smart one white witch …….I owe you a favour , the value of a En is higher than that of a slave ”

[13:03]  noobwarrior101: Slipping the bones white bow from her shoulder and then turning to face you the arrow looking a sharp and ugly.

[13:08]  noobwarrior101 shouts: Run before it wakes up that is the beast from the North they are terrible and one has come after us!

[13:08]  jamie Zahm: come girl

[13:08]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:08]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:08]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:08]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:08]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) shouts: get lost !

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[13:09]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on jamie Zahm

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm hit you with ArrowL1 Blood [by LR] Gen 3.00 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[13:09]  GM 4.2: jamie Zahm Has Captured Marlies Dasmijn!

[13:10]  Lita Lungu shouts: yes good idea white! give her to him

[13:10]  jamie Zahm: hahaah she is a wild one i was about to let her go

[13:10]  noobwarrior101: OH hmmmm “I was going to let her go when I saw it coming and I thought it would get me before I could get inside. “Lets give her to it and maybe it will leave?”

[13:10]  jamie Zahm: the beast can have her


Exchanging the greeting “Tal” can spread air borne germs ….Butt slaps would be safer , easier and in tune :))

[05:43]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) raises eyebrow “Tal”

[05:43]  Xita(xita.kira) looks at the strange huntress and keeps silent

[05:43]  Mel(melissacee) grins “tal there”

[05:44]  Mel(melissacee) smiles at Marli “what is this a suicide mission huntress?”

[05:44]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) looks at the mute one , then at the cute blond “Where is your trade post huntress ?”

[05:45]  Mel(melissacee): “we do not have a trade post, just dig you spear of sword in th ground where you stand and that is it

[05:45]  Mel(melissacee): sheaths her bow, no longer sensing danger!

[05:46]  Xita(xita.kira) grumbs a bit, Xita doesnt like strangers …….’so what are you bringing to trade huntress’ ?

[05:46]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grins and unsheaths her spear and thrusts it into the soft earth before here . then folds her arms “I seek trade with your tribe , I am Marli , of the Luna Caleeng of Lake Ias ”

[05:46]  Miko Zagato walks up to join her sister around the unknown visitor, tilting her head softly to the side as she inquires..”What do we have here?”

[05:48]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “…bonta fruits ….freshly picked from our swamps” she looked at the dark one “……the fruit has many qualities ”

[05:50]  Xita(xita.kira) frownsa bit and looks closely to the huntress …’so you come here to offer trades or are you comming here to scout our lands too’?

[05:50]  Miko Zagato becomes very animated as she talks, her index and middle finger walking across her other hand as she speaks. “so you just thought to run into the lands of a tribe you know nothing about assuming they’ll be friendly and trade with you? That’s a little nieve I feel.”

[05:50]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grinned “…..if you have a healer …..I will explain the other uses to her…….” she laughed “…..no I am not here to scout dear”

[05:52]  Mel(melissacee): I got bad lag so cannot speak

[05:52]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) points at her spear “trade remember”

[05:53]  Xita(xita.kira) shakes her head …’yes a bit easy isnt it … perhaps you feel threatened and desided to talk trade’ ….’isnt it huntress??’ she grins

[05:54]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) rolls eyes “I doubt ……so any way you have to honour it…..unless you want tribes to know your trade is meaningless”

[05:54]  Miko Zagato looks at the spear and shrugs “Marli, is it? Well Marli seems you are in quite a pickle. See, we don’t take kindly to women of other tribes just roaming…And you should have thought more carefully before running in. I dunno, like shouting who you are and why you’re here rather then one of ours catching you.”

[05:54]  Miko Zagato laughs!

[05:55]  Miko Zagato: We have to honor -your- trade..in -our- lands? You’ve been chewing too much kanda, honey.

[05:55]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) laughs “Oh ,well, finding your trade bell was a bitch”

[05:57]  Xita(xita.kira) nods … ‘yes we arent the bell loving types ….to much abuse’ … Xita steps closer to Marli ….’you are taking some risks comming here you see that?’

[06:06]  ɑɭɨʞɑ(alika.vyper): stopped as she came to the clearing. Looking at Marli as she walked past she nodded to her sisters “tal Xita, Miko” she said looking back “long time Marli, what brings you here?”

[06:06]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “trading Alika” she nods at Alika “it has been a long time since Jorts ”

[06:07]  Miko Zagato nods softly to her En, listening as she already knew the woman

[06:09]  ɑɭɨʞɑ(alika.vyper) nodded “Jorts. That was a long time ago it seems. So what is it you are trying to trade off, or perhaps it is something you seek?”

[06:11]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “I live with tribe in the swamps of Lake Ias formerly of Mars Sirbu , I trade bonta fruits , snake skins , spider silks ” she snorted “….I seek nothing else , nor am I here to scout ”

[06:13]  ɑɭɨʞɑ(alika.vyper) grinned “oh i know where you live, you see, i keep track of all my old…friends” Alika looked you over as she thought of times gone by “quite the array of specialties you offer, though i dont know what use i would have for them”

[06:16]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) smirked “Imani said much the same when I paid her a visit , not so long ago, ofcourse she knew of Mars ” she grinned “however , when I told her the bonta fruit could be used as poison she changed her mind ” Marli shrugged “of course Imani has always been interested in poisons , perhaps you are not , however , would you want another tribe to have an advantage like that ?” Marli was doing her sales pitch

[06:17]  Xita(xita.kira) hears all the specialities she could bring …..and wonders what it all is ….’can you make lecklaces and such from those strange thingies you trade huntress’ ?

[06:18]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) looked rather disapointed , here she was doing a sales pitch for poisons and they wanted baubles and trinkets , she sighed “sure , I suppose I could set the slaves the task to make necklaces to trade …..if that is what you prefer”

[06:19]  ɑɭɨʞɑ(alika.vyper) laughed as she waited for the throwing in of a slightly used blackwine kettle or something similar “poisons?” i said, my curiosity now piqued “perhaps my sister Miko would have some use of that, she mixes up her own concoctions to either heal or make ill, depending on the circumstances of course”

[06:21]  Miko Zagato just stood there and smiled, well aware of how to make poisons especially with her skill set. Not speaking she looked to her En, hearing what she said then turned back. “I have traveled in my years but never heard of the…bonta fruit? Bonta means mercy..and still, I’ve never heard of the mercy fruit ether so please, enlighten me..”

[06:24]  Xita(xita.kira) looks to the trading huntress …’yes i dont like poisons and stuff … i prefer necklaces and shiny things over dangerous and smelly poisons’ !

[06:25]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grinned , she looked at Miko “I am not surprised you havent heard of the bonta fruit as it only grows in swamps …..even the sa vella with all their hot air dont know about the fruits and they live near a swamp!” She laughs and slaps her thigh “bonta meaning mercy ? well I suppose it could , another use is to heal mosquito bites ”

[06:27]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nods at Xita “…the bonta looks like a melon a thick, leathery rind covering and protecting the sweet flesh inside….you need to peel with a knife ……when the flesh is boiled …..it makes an effective poison for arrow tips”

[06:29]  Miko Zagato looked at marli, not wanting to give a grammar lesson like a scribe she simply nodded. ” I see..Well if they are as useful as you say they are then two or three might be useful if I can derive an extract from it and test to see if it carries lethal toxins.Unforunately I need some medical equipment not often found here..so if you come across a few clean , empty vials, maybe a beaker from some cities hospital or medical building I’d be interested in anything you might get technology wise as well..”

[06:33]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) lifted an eyebrow , Marli being formerly a healer knew her mentor Youvebeen would trade her vials , she considered a moment “What you are asking is a great risk on my part, entering a city as a Free Woman to trade or buy vials from a physician……..but……..I shall see what I can do ……shall we say I return in one week with the vials and ” she chuckles “……shout my presence at the docks ? seeing that you have no trade post”

[06:35]  Xita(xita.kira) feels very dumb since she isnt into poison and stuff ….’well it all sound very dangerous to me and i once was poisoned by a kiss and never want that to happen again’ ….’i ended up in a collar when i woke’ …

[06:35]  Xita(xita.kira): /Me looks to the arrows the huntress carries …’are those poisoness to ?’

[06:36]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) chuckles “ah the infamous poison kiss …….yes……my advice is ….never kiss a stranger” she notices Xita looking at her arrows “yes the arrows I carry are poisoned”

[06:38]  Miko Zagato looked at Marli and gave a soft nod, she knew well the risks of getting such items as well as a cost of them.She’d thought to enter a city in disquise herself but it was risky, especially right now.

[06:38]  Xita(xita.kira) widens her eyes and makes a smile to try to cover her fear …she steps back a few steps to create a more safer distance …’hmmmm i see wel euh …. just be carefull with hose thingies on your back !! and bring me some shiny things when you return please’ !

[06:40]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): ‘yes…yes….some shiny sparklies ” she laughes

[06:40]  Xita(xita.kira) nods …’yes yes, i cant help loving them more then poison’ Xita winks

[06:41]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): hehe

[06:42]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) lifts her spear from the ground and slings it around her shoulder “I wont waste any more time then , Safe paths Alika, safe paths huntresses ”

[06:43]  Miko Zagato waved a hand softly “May your hunt be successful.”


WANTED SLAVES :  yes the Luna need YOU!  Doesn’t matter if you are a free, male or female, young or old, or have a sexual preference…..Just wander into our swamps and we will COLLECT you…..alternatively you may ring the trade bell and KNEEL…collars are FREE…..we are waiting for you !

[05:04]  LR Kirikay Spear (melee) 2.14: Autofire off. FAST stance: delay 0.90, range 3.00 m. Hit report enabled. Fighting Style: Normal. Swing IN & OUT Mouselook. Soft trigger on

[05:05]  Thadeus III(peacemale): who goes there ?

[05:06]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): The chieftess of Luna , bringing you all xmas cheer

[05:06]  Thadeus III(peacemale): Aye

[05:06]  Thadeus III(peacemale): thank you

[05:06]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): your welcome

[05:06]  Thadeus III(peacemale): and in what form will this cheer take ?

[05:07]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): in words ……

[05:07]  Morrighan Serendipity is Online

[05:07]  Thadeus III(peacemale): oh .. yes ..

[05:07]  Thadeus III(peacemale): of course

[05:07]  Thadeus III(peacemale): thats good too …

[05:07]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grins

[05:07]  Kool Door opened by PeaceMale Resident Ⓜ [Clicked: will stay opened till you leave range or click me]

[05:08]  Thadeus III(peacemale): we have not met

[05:08]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): we have not…….I am Marli

[05:09]  Thadeus III(peacemale): I am Sir Thadeus , slaver here

[05:09]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): the Zima and my tribe have a trade agreement

[05:09]  Thadeus III(peacemale): I see

[05:09]  Thadeus III(peacemale): just recently , huntress?

[05:10]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): well met then Sir Thadeus, a slaver is interesting to me …..would you take slaves off my hands ?

[05:10]  Thadeus III(peacemale): I would

[05:10]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): male ones too?

[05:10]  Thadeus III(peacemale): in fact I was hoping your cheer included a donation .. or two … ha ha ha

[05:10]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) laughs

[05:11]  Thadeus III(peacemale): do you have that many that you seek to unload a few ?

[05:11]   amelia(shyla.snowfield): Greetings huntress

[05:11]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): possibly two , one male…one female ,,,,both untrained

[05:12]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nods at slave girl “greetings slave gil”

[05:12]  Thadeus III(peacemale): well we do train them well ..

[05:12]  Thadeus III(peacemale): what would you seek in return, or would we simply be doing you the favor of not having to feed them ?

[05:14]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): one …like you say……slaves arent much to us to keep ….they are mouths to feed …….two……after they are used they are disposed of…..mhm……perhaps a bag of sugar for each slave I bring you , fair compensation for travelling down here and feeding them

[05:15]  Thadeus III(peacemale): that is very fair , huntress

[05:15]  Thadeus III(peacemale): I shall discuss with our head merchant .. and arrange

[05:16]  Thadeus III(peacemale) looks around ..

[05:17]  Thadeus III(peacemale): unfortumately i dont see Lady Inanna but I am certain I can get some of the sugar from the back and bring it to you

[05:17]  Thadeus III(peacemale) looks to amelia

[05:17]   amelia(shyla.snowfield): looks up at Master

[05:17]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nods and spits on her hand , she was a rough woman of the woods “its a deal then ” holding out her hand to shake

[05:17]  Thadeus III(peacemale): “girl . go to the bakery and in the back Lady Cinn keep two large bags of sugar … please get them and bring them here ..

[05:18]   amelia(shyla.snowfield): yes Master

[05:18]  Thadeus III(peacemale) extends his hand and shales it

[05:18]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grins satisfied with the deal

[05:20]  Thadeus III(peacemale) looks around and awaits the slkaves return

[05:21]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) expected a female slave would usually get distracted

[05:21]  Thadeus III(peacemale): so .. huntress .. you have many slaves ?

[05:22]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): camp slaves ? just two

[05:22]  Thadeus III(peacemale): yes

[05:22]  Thadeus III(peacemale): may ia sk how you came across these two ?

[05:23]  Thadeus III(peacemale) looks at the girl ..

[05:23]  Thadeus III(peacemale): ahh ..excellent .. we have one of our containers which is equal to two sacks

[05:23]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): free men and women enter our swamps…..get lost……. and the we catch them

[05:23]   amelia(shyla.snowfield) carfully glides back to her knees and sets the bags at the huntress’s feet

[05:24]  Thadeus III(peacemale): ahh so these were wandering wandas .. and willys

[05:24]  Thadeus III(peacemale) nods to teh slave ‘

[05:25]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) squats on the ground , she opens a bag and inspects the contents , sifting her hands through the sugar , then tasting a little , sugars were hard to find in the swamps and thus a precious commodity “yes , wanderers mostly ”

[05:25]  shyla Snowfield gave you Sack of Sugar.

[05:26]  Thadeus III(peacemale): to your liking?

[05:26]  Thadeus III(peacemale): its is pure cane ..

[05:27]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) tasted the sugar on her tongue , the blond huntress nodded , then tied a knot around the bags and slung them both over her left shoulder “excellent” she replied curtly

[05:27]  Thadeus III(peacemale): huntress

[05:27]  Thadeus III(peacemale): we shook hands .. and since you are allied with Zima, I take you at yoru words

[05:28]  Thadeus III(peacemale): i would expect nothing less than prompt delivery of the slaves

[05:28]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nods “you have the word of a Chieftess , that carries some weight ……..slaver”

[05:28]  Thadeus III(peacemale) hands the huntress a scroll with his information on it ..

[05:29]  Thadeus III(peacemale): of coirse m Chieftess

[05:29]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) had healer training , so was fortunate she could read and write

[05:30]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): …….takes the scroll and slips it into her leather purse for safekeeping

[05:30]  Thadeus III(peacemale): if you return and you do not fiund me here , you can leave the slaves with any of the high caste

[05:31]  Thadeus III(peacemale): may this girl serve you in any manner today Chiefstress?

[05:31]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): so it shall be ……the slaves maybe a little worse for wear when they arrive here ……i dont treat them gently….after all they entered forbidden swamps

[05:31]  Thadeus III(peacemale): understood

[05:31]  Thadeus III(peacemale): we will have our physician see to them

[05:32]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) smiles at slave girl “I am fine thank you ”

[05:32]  Thadeus III(peacemale): very welll

[05:32]   amelia(shyla.snowfield): smiles sweetly …yes huntress

[05:33]  Thadeus III(peacemale): if she can assist you woith those bag please let me know , otherwise I bid you a fair day

[05:33]  Thadeus III(peacemale): girl .. stay woith the Chiefstress and assist her as needed

[05:33]   amelia(shyla.snowfield): yes Master

[05:34]   amelia(shyla.snowfield) may girl help you with the bags huntress?

[05:34]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) unslings the sugar “walk with me to the docks , my canoe is there”

[05:35]   amelia(shyla.snowfield): yes huntress..picks up the bags and follows the huntress

[05:36]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) points at her canoe “place the bags at the rear of my canoe ”

[05:36]   amelia(shyla.snowfield) sets them at the rear of her canoe and smiles..there you go huntress

[05:37]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “thank you ” she smiles down at slave girl “you may continue with your other chires now”

[05:37]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): *chores

[05:38]   amelia(shyla.snowfield): thank you Huntress

[05:38]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): serve with fire


Mhm…so yet another daring escape by our herione Marli……

11:47]  noemie Ling: giggles

[11:47]  Carrie Jestyr: raisesd a brow hearring about thralls ” what you need thrall for melian?

[11:47]  noemie Ling: oh sorry about this carrie , hugssss you

[11:47]  noemie Ling: smiles

[11:48]  noemie Ling: oh i think she want a kiss of me

[11:48]  noemie Ling: wait

[11:48]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grumbles , though noticed her feet were loose and withdraws silently

[11:48]  Isabeaux Rembrandt: my thrall will be happy to meet you

[11:48]  Isabeaux Rembrandt: noe

[11:49]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): mhm….candy barrel

[11:49]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[11:49]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): Tal

[11:50]  Arina(argros.whitesong) frowns seing the huntress in the rope’s” tallies girl”giggles

[11:50]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): hehe

[11:50]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): panther girl

[11:50]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): so….im on my way out

[11:51]  Arina(argros.whitesong) cups my hands arround the mouths shouting loud “Melian, here is a captive,that you was fogetting to drag away”

[11:51]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): oh fuck

[11:51]  Arina(argros.whitesong) “dont think that you will leave this tribe girl”

[11:51]  Isabeaux Rembrandt shouts: my sis what are you talking about?

[11:51]  noemie Ling: you no like my kisse

[11:51]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:51]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:51]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:51]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[11:51]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (15%) – strike type: arrow

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Ready to fight…

[11:52]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) shouts: inside

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on argros Whitesong

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on argros Whitesong

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on argros Whitesong

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on argros Whitesong

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on argros Whitesong

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on argros Whitesong

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on argros Whitesong

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Kick on argros Whitesong

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong hit you with Primus Long Arrow 3.2 (20%) – strike type: arrow~direct

[11:52]  GM 4.2: argros Whitesong Has Captured Marlies Dasmijn!

[11:52]  FistFight LR Weapons 3.12: Fighting mode is off…

[11:52]  Isabeaux Rembrandt shouts: arina you need help?

[11:52]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): (lol….not the easy to catch Marli)

[11:53]  Arina(argros.whitesong): (( “lol” ))

[11:54]  Arina(argros.whitesong) sighs deep “that wasnt so nice from you girl”wrapping a strong rope arround the ankle’s of the girl ,place a good and firm knot in the rope ‘hope that you wont kick anymore”

[11:54]  GM 4.2 shouts: Marlies Dasmijn has been aided by argros Whitesong

[11:54]  GM 4.2: Marlies Dasmijn has recovered!

[11:55]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) snorts “I bite and kick when im pissed off”

[11:55]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) look the huntrees tied up”how she did run..with wings?

[11:55]  Arina(argros.whitesong) “well i have a nice gag for that problem,but oke if you will behave i wont gag youy”

[11:55]  noemie Ling: look like

[11:56]  noemie Ling: mean wee have of peoples of quality today in our camp

[11:56]  noemie Ling: smiles

[11:56]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) rolls eyes “behaving is not someting i do”

[11:56]  Arina(argros.whitesong) “dont know sis,the only thing i knkow is that i bumpt on too her,and not a good thing to let captives lay arround every where sis”

[11:56]  noemie Ling: silent girl , speak just when a free tell you

[11:56]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) hisses at noe “gerroff ”

[11:56]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon): seem so….maybe i should treat her…cutting her tendons..so she will not run more

[11:57]  Arina(argros.whitesong) hands the leash too Noe”she is yours?”

[11:57]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) narrows eyes at Donnie “that wont stop me trying to poison your tribe ”

[11:57]  noemie Ling: nope give her at donnie

[11:57]  noemie Ling: i m already busy with foxie

[11:57]  noemie Ling: can not have 2

[11:58]  Arina(argros.whitesong) looking to her En “here my En a new toy too play with”

[11:58]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) hold the leash”thanks sis….i will teach her the good manners

[11:58]  noemie Ling: nods

[11:59]  Arina(argros.whitesong) “good and if she wont listen sis,then just give a yell am glad too help with that ”

[12:03]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) start to drag her”come blondie huntrees we will see where can reach your temper..or if you change attitude being wise

[12:04]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon): oppps the ladder”she say mnaking fall her down”i did forgot

[12:05]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) she make fall her down again”still forgot…you re lucky because arent more..but we should make the ladders tour if you want

[12:05]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grumbles “maybe you blind and deaf in old age”

[12:06]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) nods”should be…but you must know that the old age can make bad joke at my mind, i should suddently lost the reasons and cut your body in many peices

[12:07]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “i have been a panther all my life huntress….I know the risks and laws of the forest”

[12:08]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) nods”this is our risk..but why pushed up one for doing this?

[12:10]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) blinks “my sister ran too close to your camp……this was a miscalculation on her part….i had two choices …….leave her behind or try and save her……so I lost the dual”

[12:11]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) stand arrogant at her side look down listen her words”and your sister peraphs are Foxie?

[12:13]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) grumbles “actually ……..she is my wayward daughter…….so unlike me……it must be her fathers genes ”

[12:14]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[12:15]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) shrugs”you have courage for call sister Foxie..she only a slut…a easy one i must say, and i wonder because you have not collarede her yet and keep cheined…you should avoid many and many troubles

[12:17]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) eyes grow darker “huntress……i have chained her in the past…….hoping the shame would change her….but this larl that is my daughter , cant change her spots …..she is not a panther like her mother”

[12:18]  Sa’ng Sar Tribe Warning shouts: A wild Vulo screams aloud, startled by your clumsy running skills

[12:20]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) nods”she not a panther like her mother….she not a panther at all, she only have a big mouth..she unable to fight…her only skills are to be willingly for being used as slut”continues to steres at her”but you seem more reasonable…maybe you should find a good reasons for convinced me to release you?

[12:22]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) pondered a moment “I have no wish to start a war with your tribe ……certainly not for slaves or sluts…….maybe we can come to some trade agreement and a compensation for any loss you may have suffered …….I can be reasonable when its required ”

[12:25]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) sit next to her”well, this is up to you..i guess you know what type and how many supplies you have available..make an offer and I will see if I will feel reasonable , but remember .. this trade is only for you

[12:29]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nodded slowly , Marli wasnt going to rush a deal “allright…i will offer you items that come from my swamp…….these things you wont find at other panther tribes ….” Marli thought a moment “…….do healing items or poisons interest you?……..or maybe day to day items like clothing or spear heads?”

[12:32]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) blinks thinks about her words look at her”yes i know that what should be find in the swamps cant be find in other places…poisons and healing items..yes…i think can be a reasonable offer

[12:36]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) lips curles into a thin smile, truth was that Marli enjoyed making trade deals “allright…..tell you what……I can have two crates of bonta fruit freshly picked from the swamps , no the bonta fruit have two uses ……one , if boiled they are poisonous ……..two, when eaten raw they cure delerium and other fevers ”

[12:42]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) offer a briefly smile listen, but her eyes run also along her body smooth , lithe and sinuous..istinctively would keep this girl finding her so beauty biting lip thinking about how it could be delicious her taste..but the primary thought is the need of her band..”ok..huntrees..seem we have reach one agreement..and I will try as you may be huntrees of honor and keep a word gave

[12:43]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) nods “you have my word as Chieftess of the Lunas”

[12:44]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon): one deal betwen Chieftess then…you may know that i am the En here

[12:44]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): “I will also tell you my name ……I am Marli ”

[12:45]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) nods leans down start to cut her ankles ropes”well met Marli, i wrong or you was sister of my Tor..long ago?

[12:47]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) stands up “which tribe ? truth is I have been in quite a few …..sa sticazzi…….luna jerag…….sa sang hrimgar……sang suri talunas”

[12:48]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon): her name are Witchy….she was also a Djan…and luna Mori…and im very proud to have her as our Tor

[12:49]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) smiles “yes witchy and I were in the same tribe …….the luna jerag”

[12:50]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon): so…two crates of bonta fruit…agreed?

[12:51]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): agreed …..i will deliver two crates of bonta fruit to your trade dock in one day

[12:52]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) nods firmly”ok..i will escort out and cut yoiur ropes..then you can reaches the dock safe

[12:52]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): ok

[12:54]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon) stop looking around sniff the air”seem a quite moment marli”she say starting to cut her ropes”i think if you do in a hurry can reach a boat safety

[12:54]  (GM)Bindings: Donnie Flagon starts to unbind Marlies Dasmijn

[12:54]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): I shall

[12:54]  (GM)Bindings: Donnie Flagon finishes unbinding  Marlies Dasmijn, allowing them to stand free.

[12:54]  (GM)Bindings: Marlies Dasmijn was bound for 5 hour and 41 min.

[12:55]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): allright…..see you or your sisters in one day

[12:55]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon): i whish a safe travel then….and think about Foxi…keep her chained..is my advice

[12:55]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn): be well !

[12:55]  đσηηίε(donnie.flagon): be well!

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