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Creating a character for  role play can be frustrating if you are new to it. You want them to feel realistic so that your audience or fellow role players will find them interesting. Some of the development comes over time, especially if you role play. My character started as Mia in 2009, then when I decided that I enjoyed the panther role the most she became Marli in 2010, the previous history resigned to the dustbin of SL Gor.  Marli has been fleshed out since then as a stand-alone character.  However you can start with a fairly deep character if you take some time to think certain things through.


Create the general information for your character. This is just a few short statements about your character.
Flesh out your character a bit, and give thema sense of presence. You will be explaining  personality, appearance and the like. For the appearance, you can either upload a picture from Second Life (upload to computer is free , uploading a picture to Second life costs 10 Lindens).

Add more specific character traits such as: Appearance: Personality: Likes: Dislikes:
Give your character a background to explain why they are the way they are. This can be as short or as long as you like, but the longer the description, the more complex the character is, which makes the character all the more interesting. Insert a couple lines and add to the outline these following points: History: Relatives: Relations to other characters: Status: Weapons: Other information:
Submit a sample of your RP along with your character profile. Make a separate line for this, apart from the outline itself. Title the subject “RP Sample” and write away. This sample is like handing in a resume. The sample shows people what your abilities and skills are like as a role player and just how into detail you can get. It’s best to make your sample show what your character is like. Think of it as writing out your first post. Remember, first impressions are the key.
No “God Moding.” What this means is that your character should not be completely invincible. Your character shouldn’t be the best of the best without any flaws or faults whatsoever. To make sure your character is not a Xena Warrior  Princess of SL Gor. One example I came across recently was a  panther I role played with  , she may have been a pledge or new but I’m not sure. Her profile read as follows, she had military training on earth as special ops , she had a medical background, and was a famous sports woman back on Earth. When she was kidnapped from Earth she was not enslaved because she kicked ass in the space craft, once on Gor she was allowed to practice as a full physician, because she had special ops training she quickly found a panther tribe to join and quickly rose up the ranks due to her medical and military background on Earth. Needless to say , when she was captured by us and tortured , she felt no pain because of her military training , at least that was her excuse 😛

First determine where your character was located. Was it a Gorean city? Was it with Panthers? Or with mercenaries? Are they from Earth? Or are they pure Gorean? .

Then you can write out a background for them. This is what helps really make them who they are. Start at the begining. Where were they born? Who were their parents? Was their childhood happy or sad? What did they accomplish? What major events shaped their personality? Even just a general setting gives you a base to begin your characters personality. Get inspiration from the Gor novels or from other people in SL Gor.
Finally you can choose a name for your character. Make a name that is unique but also realistic. A name like Felonious Darkblade could work for an evil warriors name. Or you can avoid any clues to their character by using a name like Desiree. It is up to you. I would avoid names for role play like PinkBubblePanther unless you really do not want to be taken seriously.
source: http://www.ehow.com/how_2276959_deep-character-role-playing-book.html

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On SL Gor the world is divided into sims,  each sim has an admin and they  have the option to eject people and ban them from entering it …yes , it happens in some cases …we eject and ban people …But, why do we do that ?

Griefers – these people are the terrorists of SL Gor , some don’t agree with Gor and try to crash and mess up the sim, these kinds of people are permanently banned and ejected from the sim at all times.

Cheaters – these players use gimmicks to win a fight , like battle HUD enhancers , speed enhancers and the like. Or they may be godmodding in roleplay, teleporting in mid battle , shooting from bubbles , shooting through locked doors, you name it , they will think of it ! Bans can last up to a week.

OOC abusers- some players find it hard to separate IC  from OOC and start swearing all kinds of horrible words in IM, even to a Sim admin. This usually happens when the player doesn’t agree with the outcome of the admin decision.  The period of ban varies from 3 days to a week.

Personally, I would prefer for our tribe not to have any role play bans on people or on groups as it seriously hampers role play and is childish when some-one gets in IM’s and says “sorry, I will fight you but I wont role-play you because I had some troubles with your group in the past” ….Derp.

There are various role play story threads that can cause a player or groups to end up on our wanted list. We as group inform the player personally when this is the case and if mutually agreed upon a role play will follow.

The following persons or groups are WANTED:

A reward of one fine quality larl fur , one barrel of sweet mead and one bag of salt for the following person (s) delivered to the Luna Caleeng trade post ( feel free to whip them harshly): 

– WANTED ALIVE – The Marli imposter, a petite female with long brown hair; wanted for impersonating the real and only Marli ! Last seen in Lake Ias depositing a heap of bosk dung near the swamp entrance. Punishment: enslavement and a new name.

– SEND NC TO: Marlies Dasmijn (Marli)  or Inticement resident (Twig) to arrange role play with.

The following persons or groups are BANNED:

(No persons or groups are banned)

UNBAN REQUEST?  SEND NC WITH MOTIVATION  TO: Marlies Dasmijn (Marli)  or Inticement resident (Twig).

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Ehem , I will say this ….I am a very bad captive ..My serves are dreadful and epic …..I pee in  paga bowls ….Smash  dinner plates because I’m so clumsy…..so if they ever ask you to cook a chicken dinner for them , remember, forget to take the plastic wrap off of it. Give the guards a shrinky-dink chicken for dinner!  (^__^)

Collaring [Background info,RP]

keep in mind this is gor, while it was at times violent and midevil, goreans were never cruel for cruelty sake.  In the books, person were arrested and sent to mines for  cruelty, cities valued any possible slaves and would punish those that devalued them.

Whippings were a punishment.  So was restricting clothing movement etc.

For captives, the goal is always to either get them to submit or keep them for trading.  Now would you seriously damage something you wish to own or use to get goods or a member of your tribe back?

Goreans used their minds and trickery to force slavery.  They relied on the pillars of gor, which apply to slaves and free alike.  Submission if freely given was something  the person could not take back.  if forced through torture it means nothing, But if gotten through trickery, it still was free submission.

A captive that eats form your hand, is submitting.  A captive that say what you want because they will die if they don’t is not.

Slavers were taught to “Bring out the slave” in captives.  Once brought you it was said, they could never be free again.  This was accomplished many ways.  The most effect ones, were to force a captive to act like a slave.  Keep them leashed and naked, forced to mover around a city or camp as slave, forced to kneel etc.  forced to serve in taverns etc.

Sexual torture was also used a lot, bring out the heat in a girl, but not permitting her to fully  enjoy it till she admits to wanting it and submits.

Cutting off fingers, hands etc, was usually saved for males, who were thieves and occasional females that were thieves, though in the females cases they were usually whipped and then handed to slavers to  attempt to get them to submit.

Goreans did not torture captives violently.  In war they were known to  put those not able to survive to a quick death of honor.  Take the spoils, free women, and slaves.  Drive the free women to submission.

Healers and greens were taboo to  attack.  Greens moved freely.  Those in the wild when captured in  panther tribes, outlaws etc, were treated with great respect and many times left to tend to their own captive members and slaves, or released.

The violent use of torture would be seen as a crime in gorean cities, and i would imagine  merc and outlaw camps as well.  The same can be said for Panthers that in their own right considered themselves free and gorean, using many of the same codes as the warriors.

Be creative with captives.

– Whippings, acceptable if a captive refused to obey commands. – withhold food  – force submission by starving and then offering food form your hand. – Stripped naked, collared and leashed.  Very gorean. – Treated as slave, when captive,  Held on leash, forced to do slave duties in city or camp.  Forced to serve.  Very gorean. – Piercing captives.  Very gorean.  Pierced persons were considered slaves. – Branding.  – Very gorean but normally only done after submission is freely given, though it was forced in the books on  others as well, such as the girls brought form earth. – Forced to use thrid person.  contrary to some, third person talk is not normal for slaves, but is a punishment, and perfect for captives.  make them think like a slave. – Caging, threats, force feeding if refuse to eat, trickery, mind games.  all very gorean.

– Mutilation –  Very ungorean.  it only happened in battles normally, when someone was  wounded while fighting. – Damaging slaves.  Normally the most common was cutting the tendant only on slaves that  ran away.  Saves are property.  do you cut the leg of a  expensive dinning room table?  Your favorite chair, do you cut off the padding?  Do you kick in your car doors?  NO, so why would you do it to a slave or possible slave.

Beating captives you wish to keep as slaves or torturing them is like buying a new car and taking a sledge hammer to it.

Torturing captives you want to trade for goods or your own people is like a car dealer getting cars to sell and taking a sledge hammer to them, then expecting you to pay full price for it.

One of the most gorean tricks in the book is to  try to convince your captive your helping them.  Make them indebted to you.  Treat wounds, explain how they are far better off now.  protected, cared for etc.

Obtaining submission was never an easy task, which is why most cities had experts.  Slaves also were very good at  helping.  Telling captives how much better off they were.  The “Wonders of slavery” protection, pride in service, love, devotion, etc. Lets all think a little more gorean.


[09:43]  Hot Lavendel: Tal Branca

[09:43]  Branca Auditore looks at marli and smiles ” tal marli ”

[09:43]  Alleraia shivers at the running of the blade up her skin, “You have my demand for getting the information free. Otherwise you’re free to figure it out yourselves.”

[09:44]  Marli nodded and smiled at branca “Tal ”

[09:44]  jJenifer Violet: tal branc

[09:44]  Cherry Avro growled in anger…a mere bag of sugar, for her? She lifted her chin some more, and looked at the woman who spoke, haughtily.

[09:44]  Lidia laughs “I do like a challenge” she withdraws the blade and positions herself in front of her, she takes the fine tip of it and lifts her chin up roughly to eye level

[09:44]  Branca Auditore: ” i have seen some battle remaining arrows , near our camp , your tribe’s arrows were one of the feathers i have found , no one in camp to tell me what is going on or what happened , thought you might be knowing something , do you ?” she loks at jj ” tal JJ ”

[09:46]  Marli glances at Branca “Mine ? maybe ….I did shoot at Alika and her band when they attacked near the di jan camp earlier today”

[09:46]  Alleraia grins back, “I suppose you found yourself one. What is your answer?” she asks, staring back at Lidia as she allows her to life her chin.

[09:47]  Branca Auditore looks at marli ” alika’s tribe , i did not think that they would come here that far , anyone of the di’jan was caught there ?”

[09:48]  Marli nods “I heard Ani say they took Devi……no one else ”

[09:48]  Branca Auditore narrows her eyes ” do you know if she is still caught ?”

[09:48]  Lidia looks sternly at raia “You will not play games or you will regret it”

[09:49]  jJenifer Violet: heheheh…they an easy tribe Branc, you could prob go there and cap them all single hadedly

[09:49]  Marli shrugged , truth was Marli had been too busy in a raid and these new captives “I do not know Branca ”

[09:49]  Branca Auditore nods ” very well , thank you very much marli ” she looks at jj and chuckles ” be a good girl now ”

[09:50]  Alleraia smirks, “I’m not playing any games with you, I’m making you a deal. It’s up to your whether to refuse or decline my offer.” she says, balancing her stance a bit as she begins to dry. Her boots will not dry for some time while worn though, she worries about infections she heard LaRo talk about caused by wearing sopped boots for too long.

[09:51]  Hot Lavendel grins at the girl when she walks to the end of her leash for the thirt time

[09:52]  Lidia looks over to jj “What shall we do?” she keeps the blade under raias chin

[09:52]  jJenifer Violet: so whats the outcome with these Mar….winls

[09:53]  jJenifer Violet: well since Marli invited us to go collecting with her tribe I surely think it is all up to her what to do with these here, trthough IUi think they will make her some very noce slaves here don’t you tinh?..winks

[09:53]  DarkflameRising: Lunges forward knocking Lavanda to ground with leash wrapped about her feet slams knees int her chest as she falls

[09:53]  Hot Lavendel: aye they will sis

[09:53]  Marli grins when she hears Hot , “she can pee in a paga barrel, you now the ones we keep for our trades ”

[09:53]  Hot Lavendel: unless we sell them untrained

[09:54]  Hot Lavendel: aah right…laughs

[09:54]  Lidia grins “Aye” she looks back to raia and withdraws the blade about a foot away. She grabs her arm bindings and kicks her feet out from under her to land her on the ground

[09:54]  jJenifer Violet: Hey….you tryig to deminish yourself here Dark as she sees what she just domne to Hot!

[09:55]  DarkflameRising: bite at Lavandels throat

[09:55]  Marli then glances at JJ “we have a nice deal set up with a slaver in Kamba ……he will trade for untrained slaves …..even girls like these ” she points at the captives

[09:55]  Hot Lavendel: as i see it, selling them to Kamba will bring us 3 bags of sugar and when they want to trade for their freedom with the slacer he wants to have a profit and he will ask 6 bags from their tribe

[09:56]  Lidia is distracted by the scuffle “Fiesty one aint she?” looking over to dark.

[09:56]  jJenifer Violet: Ahhh that is a very good idea…kamba will pay handsomely for these here…smiles

[09:56]  Cherry Avro grew tired of waiting around for the women to make up their minds…her eyes still locked on Raia…trying to read her, what she had in mind.

[09:56]  Marli nods in agreement with Hot , sees the scuffle go on

[09:56]  Hot Lavendel: so we can sell them to their tribe for 5 bags and then their tribe will be having a profit to

[09:57]  Alleraia hits the ground with a grunt, not offering any resistance. She watches Dark and shakes her head, knowing they don’t have enough of a chance to act as such. “My value with increase ten times with my bit of information. Surely that’s worth letting the pledge go?”

[09:57]  Hot Lavendel: that meaans aat the end all are happy..a win win situation for all i think

[09:58]  jJenifer Violet: so shall we escort these with you marli to kamba or you got it all under control

[09:58]  Marli grins and rubbed her hands “sweet deal for all concerned ”

[09:58]  Rogue: buttons you stay at my side understood

[09:59]  Marli laughs “…..well not for the captives….obviously”

[09:59]  Lidia curiously observes her non-resistance and raises an eyebrow. She rolls her onto her belly and presses down on her arm bindings.

[09:59]  jJenifer Violet: hahaha….true and pokes cherry in the ribs

[09:59]  Hot Lavendel: even for the captives En…they will be one bag cheaper thatway

[09:59]  buttons: yes Mistress

[10:00]  Rogue: smiles good girl

[10:00]  Alleraia clenches her jaw, hissing as she presses down. “Think of how much candy you could buy with 10 gold pieces. You could even afford chocolate.”

[10:00]  Hot Lavendel: you will tell your En we are a reasonable tribe girls…smiles

[10:01]  Cherry Avro growled out again as she got poked in the ribs, feeling already uncomfortable with her arms bound behind her back…trying to wiggle a little bit to keep some feeling in them and the blood flowing.

[10:01]  jJenifer Violet: hahhaa…like they even have 10 gold peices….snorts

[10:01]  Lidia laughs “10 gold pieces? for you? ” she cant keep herself contained

[10:01]  Marli laughs “……..indeed ……the Ubar paid them 10 gold for services rendered in the sheets”

[10:01]  Lidia: “What are you, the offspring of an Ubar?” she continues to laugh

[10:01]  jJenifer Violet: hahahhaha

[10:02]  Lidia takes her dagger and slices away her shirt and underwear

[10:02]  jJenifer Violet: well shall we go to kamba then with these here. oh…I think we should get them ready first….don’t ya think?

[10:02]  Marli: mhm…..strip em

[10:03]  Lidia looks to the others “Before trading.. we should perhaps break them in”

[10:03]  Alleraia laughs, “If you don’t know, you must not have handled much slave trade.” she says as Lidia slices away her undergarments. “You can even verify it here. So, where is your answer?”

[10:03]  Hot Lavendel grins taking her dagger and cuts the band of her quiver then trows it behind her

[10:04]  Marli smirks , she and her sisters had already had many dealing with the slaver

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel: then cuts the girls skirt and lets it drop were she stands

[10:04]  jJenifer Violet takes a knife and cuts the straps off of cherry’s top letting it fall to the ground

[10:04]  Lidia grins and flips her onto her back to rip away the front cloth

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel hooks her blade behind the strin of her top and cuts it to

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel spanks the girls ass….now you ready girl…grins

[10:05]  jJenifer Violet: /ne then unstraps the side pouch on her left upper leg and lets that fall to the grouns thinking it is a quiver

[10:05]  Lidia cuts away her leggings and removes her shoes

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel watch it jiggles

[10:06]  Lidia: “Do we have someone who can do a slave exam?” she inquires having figured it out.. possibly..

[10:06]  Hot Lavendel: bigger then mine En…you tell Lune

[10:06]  jJenifer Violet then knocks her onto her ass asnd pulls her boots off her and tosses them aside

[10:06]  jJenifer Violet cuts her leg band off her as well smiling at her the whole time

[10:06]  Cherry Avro shuddered a little in the cool air as her brief skins were cut and torn off her body, gritting her teeth in anger…Crying out in surprisement and pain and her feet got knocked from under her and she fell onto the ground.

[10:07]  jJenifer Violet then at last cuts her arm bands off her as well leaving her ready for selling

[10:07]  Rogue: so girl

[10:07]  Rogue: what tribe are you

[10:08]  Marli grinned widely , showing her pearly whites to Hot “olie bollen ” she winked at her

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: hehehe

[10:08]  Alleraia closes her eyes as her clothing is removed piece by piece, eventually left near naked on the ground. “Think you may have figured it out, hmm? What do you think you might have figured out?”

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: we are the Reasonable tribe girl

[10:09]  Lidia takes one of her soggy leggings and presses it into her mouth (attempts to) in order to quiet her

[10:09]  Cherry Avro looked up to the woman before her, laughing bitterly. “You don’t even know? I am of Jan Tri’Shena. What does it matter, to you?”

[10:09]  Rogue: kicks the girl in the face

[10:09]  Rogue: im sorry did i say you can speek to me like that

[10:10]  Alleraia keeps her jaw clamped shut, looking over at Lidia with glare. She grunts uhuh as she shakes her head.

[10:10]  Rogue: your not jan tri your a wannbe

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm…..carefull with the merchandise…grins

[10:10]  Cherry Avro cried out in pain, her head jerked to the side as she suddenly got kicked in the face, spitting out some blood and snapping her mouth shut this time.

[10:10]  jJenifer Violet: well we all reaedy fr the journey?

[10:11]  Lidia: “Need some time breaking this one in before travel”

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel nods

[10:11]  jJenifer Violet: soon as Lidia finishes that is….smirks

[10:11]  Marli looked at the sorry state of the women and nodded

[10:11]  Rogue: now i asked your name best learn to speek with respect

[10:12]  zombiegirl25 Resident shouts: pulling the flag out of her bag.she looks over to her friends before yelling”we come in peace we just wanted to bring your some fish of the sea,,or is that chicken of the sea”shrugs. pushing the flag in the dir.shaking her cute ass at all the people

[10:12]  Lidia tosses the legging aside. She looks the girl over.

[10:13]  Cherry Avro would not even look at the woman anymore, she didn’t care to as she replied to her simply “I am Cherry.”

[10:13]  Rogue: you are cherry the slave girl

[10:14]  Lidia trails her blade along her collarbone, without pressing it under the skin.

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel lookes at the girl next to her…and you will be called Oliebol from now on

[10:14]  Cherry Avro stayed silent again, staring at the ground firmly…hoping it would open up and swallow the arrogant woman before her.

[10:15]  Marli: “cherry the slave girl……at least untill her new owner decides to give her a name…..like lil urt ”

[10:15]  Rogue: who are you cherry

[10:16]  Cherry Avro gritted her teeth together…the woman was sorely mistaken if she thought of her to give in so easily. “I am Cherry, the panther girl.” She replied.

[10:16]  Alleraia looks up at her cautiously, waiting for the next move. She steadies her breathing while she has the chance, not believing that they could do any worse than the 20 lashes she received from a whipmaster in Kassau for attacking their regent.

[10:16]  Rogue: kicks the girl in the head again

[10:17]  Rogue: then begins to step down on her toes with my boot puting more and more pressure on her ankle as she sit now lets try this again cherrry what are you

[10:17]  Rogue: do you want me to step down completly best learn your place

[10:18]  Lidia follows the contours of her torso, keeping a firm grip on the blade to keep control of its depth. She trails it down to raias groin then presses the cold part of the blade to her lips. She watches her, curious of her reaction.

[10:18]  DarkflameRising: breathing inn slowly deels rope slip a bit

[10:19]  Cherry Avro groaned out in pain as she got kicked again…her lip was bloody now, and her face was starting to get bruised…but she would not call herself slave, not to these women. SHe whined in pain as the woman stepped on her foot, trying to squirm away from her..

[10:19]  Rogue: puting more and more pressure down as i wait for the responce

[10:19]  Alleraia looks down at the blade nearing her lips, pursing her lips and beginning to look rather worried. She continues to practice steady breathing while this is happening, trying to keep calm.

[10:19]  Marli calls over to JJ “We should l head to the docks , the sun is going down and the last ship will leave soon ”

[10:19]  Rogue: puting more down maken it allmost touch the toes to the ground

[10:20]  Rogue(: now answerr right girl

[10:20]  jJenifer Violet: Aye…I think we should….help me get her to her feet rogue’

[10:20]  Cherry Avro cried out in anger and pain, yelling “You will gain nothing for me, if you render me useless!”

[10:20]  DarkflameRising: loosining knot

[10:21]  Rogue: pulls cherry to her feet

[10:21]  Rogue: and punshes her in the stomack

[10:21]  Rogue: rips off her necklace

[10:21]  Lidia feels a bad omen travelling on the winds

[10:21]  Lidia: withdraws her bow

[10:22]  Cherry Avro doubled over, grimacing in pain as she was punched in the stomach harsly this time…but still keeping her mouth shut, barely wincing as her necklace was torn from her throat.

[10:22]  Rogue: checks darks ropes seen that there a lil lose and tighens them back up

[10:22]  Lidia secures raias bindings tight

[10:23]  DarkflameRising: as she tightens knots I kick her hard in groin

[10:23]  Hot Lavendel: cOme girl we travell

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An “alt” or alternate account is easily set up in SL and works alongside your main or primary account . There can be many reasons to get one. I use my alternate account as a piggy bank for my Lindens and as a backup for  my main account. I just wish sometimes that I could transfer inventory like clothes from one avatar to another, but that only works for a limited number of “transfer“ clothes.  Like ,why is that? Both accounts are mine and I have paid for the clothes , yet I can’t transfer them. idk.

Perhaps you need a change…lol…  and want to try something different, then a “alt” account can help you do that. Ok, like another thing is the abuse of “alt” accounts in roleplay and in panther tribes, we discuss that too……

 One of the coolest things about SL Gor  is the chance it gives you to be somebody else. What would your life be like if you were a Free Woman in a city? Would it really be fun to be a slave in a busy tavern? Could you be a successful tribal leader?

The ease with which you can become a different person carries some moral risks though. How often have you committed some  blunder in real life, and wished that you could turn back the clock  and start over? In SL Gor, you can do just that and many players do.

Tired of being reminded that you were once a slave? Wish you had been a panther girl right from the start?  No problem…just make an alt…..and start over.

An “alt” is an alternate Second Life account. It’s easy to make one, just go to the SL website and sign up the way you did when you created your first account. You can even give them the same RL information; you may have up to five SL accounts, by Linden Lab’s policy.

Using an panther girl alt to join other tribes by joining as a pledge is wrong, so please don’t do this.  I know it’s tempting to use an panther girl alt as a spy and there are some players that do this. Using their panther girl alt to aid their main in an escape or trading their main free, it’s just silly.

Also please don’t use your alt to create drama. Sometimes a panther alt will be used  to try to tempt one’s free companion into infidelity, or to harass a another player over and over.

Second Life is a virtual world, but it’s full of real people. Our interpersonal relations are just the same here as in RL. No difference. No difference. In this respect SL  Gor is not a game, it’s another part of life, and we can use it to become better people, or worse.

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When you start as a player in SL Gor, at one point or another you will hear the terms Godmod, metagaming , IC and OOC.  So what do these terms mean?


What is God modding ? It’s actually correctly called “godmoding”, in reference to the “god mode” you can enter in a computer game to become invincible.

In roleplay, it means trying to exert too much control over the plot and other characters, usually because the player has no concept of in character or out of character and is there to “win” and satisfy their ego rather than be creative and collaborative. Examples:

1) Invincibility
Creating a character so powerful and invulnerable that it cannot take any damage, be incapacitated or hindered, lose a fight, feel pain etc.

2) Dictating other players’ responses
Swinging a punch and telling the other player that they are down, that they are unconscious, cut, dead or whatever. In sexual roleplay, it might mean dictating someone else’s level or signs of arousal.

3) Impossibility
Drawing a knife when your hands are tied. Pulling a bow out of your rectum when you’re on the ground and hogtied (I wish I were making this up). Drawing a bow out of your rectum at all, come to that. Being held by the hair and with a knife at your throat but whizzing round and slapping your captive and disarming them.

4) Just plain silliness
Taking the plot to  avoid your character having to suffer a misfortune too weak for your manly fictitious self. Being shot at and deflecting the arrow with a shield so that it flies back up the bow! Again, I wish I were making this up.

5) Forcing the plot 

Anything that is used to let one character force the plot and does not enable the story to be a properly collaborative effort with plausibility.

It’s annoying, anti-social, counterproductive and makes you look stupid. Nobody thinks the godmoder is strong, hard, cool or intelligent. We think you have no consideration, no understanding of roleplay and no intelligence whatsoever. Please don’t do it.

When you do talk to these players, remember to do it diplomatically. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being picked on, so don’t come down too heavy on the offending player. There’s a good chance they just don’t realize what they’re doing is a problem. Like everyone else in the game, they’re putting in a lot of effort when writing their posts, and thinking up ideas for stories, so they’ll likely be insulted if you say it’s all crap. Make them realize that it would be better if they did it some other way, and make them realize. They’ll think you’re trying to help them, and not punish them.


Let’s use Moana  as an example. Imagine she has just walked into the Lakes, dressed  as a Free Woman. You have never seen, or even heard of her before.
The key to this is keeping everything ‘real’. When we are in-world, in character, then as far as we are concerned everything is ‘real’ and Moana here is real too. And if we are all real, then all the writing floating in the air above Moana’s head simply doesn’t exist.

The first and most important bit of meta-gaming is also the hardest. You have to try as hard as you can to pretend that that writing simply isn’t there on your computer screen.

You can’t see Moana’s name. So unless you have already met her, or someone else has, (icly) told you she is a Free Woman, then you don’t know what her name is. You can’t see her tag, you can’t see her meter. You don’t know she is a FW. This is really a lot harder than it looks, because the people sitting behind keyboards HAVE seen all this stuff and it’s really hard to ‘unsee’ it – which is what makes this so difficult. Add to that that you can click on her profile and read her SL details.

Some people have great difficulty trying to remember what they know ICly and what they don’t. One way of solving this problem is to have an awful memory ICly. Other people use pen and paper, or note cards to keep track. Or you might just have a really awesome memory.

Also, if this is real (and remember, that’s the effect we’re going for), if you try to right click Moana, she’ll punch you in the face. So her profile doesn’t exist, and in fact nothing you can read anywhere in the real world exists either unless it’s been said in open chat, or specifically marked as IC. Her back-story doesn’t exist.

So that all sounds simple right? Just pretend the stuff doesn’t exist. But as we know, it’s not that easy is it? It can’t be that easy, otherwise 50% of Moderator calls wouldn’t be for meta-gaming.

So let’s approach the problem from another direction. Here are some strategies that help make the ‘meta-gaming’ problem go away:

1. Open your eyes

Look at Moana, remembering that you don’t know her from a bar of soap. You can garnish a whole ton of information, simply by looking at her…..

For example what? (Look carefully and you might notice the veil, the gown, lack of visible weapons . .and maybe other things too)

…. Some people also have abilities beyond vision – they can detect smells, auras etc. But please be very careful as this verges on god-moding.

2. Listen

As you can see, you figured out a whole heap just by looking carefully. Imagine what you’re going to learn once Moana opens her mouth.

3. Use IM

If you are going to make a ‘Sherlock Holmes’ style deduction, (in other words if you are jumping beyond the obvious ‘I see you are wearing a blue dress, so now I know you are a scribe’ ) it’s good manners to IM the person first, and tell them what you are planning to do. Doing this will smooth a lot of waters, and if the person is unhappy, then you can talk about it calmly before problems arise

. . . . and (here’s the biggest source of Moderator calls) please please please try not to clutch successfully at too many straws… too often  people make huge logical leaps, and consistently reach the correct conclusion. We all know people like this, and they aren’t much fun to rp with, are they? Always ask yourself if the (correct) conclusion that you have reached is truly valid, based on all the evidence, or is it just an excuse to meta-game?


If you ask Moana if she’s a Free Woman she’ll quite possibly tell you the truth. Then again, she might not. Figuring out the difference is fun rp. And don’t forget to ask other people too, but again, don’t forget that they might be lying too

IC and OOC:

IC (in character), means the things that relate to you when you are playing the role you have chosen.

OOC (Out of character) means the things that relate to the person at the keyboard. In other words, things that relate to your real life, as opposed to your character’s life.

It’s important to take a step back and try to remember that in SL Gor, we are playing roles which may or may not bear any relationship with our real lives.

If we go back to ‘Moana’ who we have used as an example , she is completely different in real life from the character she plays in the game. In real life she is a gentle patient and forgiving person. In contrast, the character she plays is arrogant beyond belief, bloodthirsty, and violent. In other words, a complete and utter cow.

ICly, Moana acts and behaves in accordance with her own motivators, her own beliefs, her own back-story, and her own knowledge. When you meet Moana in-world, she will be 100% IC. Conversely, when you IM her, your conversation will be an OOC one, and you’ll be talking with the player at the keyboard.

For roleplay to work well, players need to keep clear boundaries between these two worlds. Allowing overlap between OOC and IC destroys the authenticity of role-play.

Another even bigger issue is the potential for drama that results from OOC/IC bleed.  Moana is not a nice person, the RL person is. When Moana cuts your fingers off and whips your slave , remember that it’s Moana’s doing that (she’s playing a role), not the RL person. IC conflict is brilliant roleplay. After your character loses her fingers, she’ll probably hate Moana with a passion and take every possible opportunity for revenge. If however, you, the player at the keyboard decide that you also now hate the player at Moana ‘s keyboard, and (for example de-friend her), then not only is that stupid, but it’s an almost inevitable trigger for drama.

Why is it stupid?: It’s stupid because it’s just like the movies. When we watch a film, most of us are able to separate actors from the roles they play in films. For example I don’t think Alan Rickman is really a Professor at Hogwarts, or that Kate Beckinsdale is a vampire. People don’t spit in Hugh Grant’s face because he was horrid to Bridget Jones. Remember that SL Gor is no different, and that it is no more ‘real’ than a film. It’s true that it is harder because in role-play you are much more personally invested in what’s happening, but the principle is exactly the same.

So keep OOC and IC separate and try to keep your personal feelings and emotions out of your roleplay.


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Welcome to Lake Ias Gorean Sim, Please read our rules and respect them. Ignorance is no excuse! Men/Women/Outlaws/Female Outlaws/Panthers/Slaves/Kurii/Gorean Animals ALL WELCOME

IMPORTANT: DO NOT raid for the purposes of just Pew Pewing, we are an rp first sim if you come and down please continue the role play and take captives. Leaving behind everybody without taking a captive will be frowned at and possibly result in a group ban. Residents come here to be role-played not to be downed and left without an afterthought… ***NOTE*** this doesn’t apply to rescues. If you come to rescue this is nulled… Also mock raids are fine and other games, but must be pre arranged.

A. Quick Sim Rules B. Quick Raid Rules C. Quick Slave Rules D. Quick Fem-law Rules E.  Quick Animal Rules F.  Quick Kurii Rules G. Quick Kill Rules H. Quick Weapons

Main Rule: Have Fun! Please don’t gripe about someone’s RP level. We have beginner to advance Role-players here give the newer ones a chance! ALSO USE COMMON SENSE! If it doesn’t seem possible to do in reality, then don’t use the limitations of SL to exploit to your advantage! And finally, be respectful to the players around you they are here for a good time as well. If something is a small infraction and probably won’t change the outcome of the role-play, then it’s NOT worth arguing about or seeking a mod… MAJOR RULE A: Use common Sense!!!!

A. Quick Sim Rules:

1. Safe zone is safe for 5 minutes to rez. Beyond that there is no safety 2. NO Tarn or other physical objects ride-able… They cause massive lag.

3. Fires/Grapples are allowed. Use ONLY Touch Die Objects. ((Please don’t abuse Fires. Use 3-5 to get point across more will be considered Griefing… No Fire arrows…))

4.  Mountains that have a sign that says no grappling is NO grappling.

5. Rivers/Large lake – IF your avatar is completely underwater you cannot shoot your bow or swing a sword effectively, nor can you bind captives.  Captors can RP dragging the unconscious to shore. If it is Role-Played you must accept TP or be considered Auto Capture by Mod. Requires 1 line of Role-play 10 words or greater to pull an unconcious player from the water

6. RP limits – As Long as it doesn’t take away from the theme of the Sim. No limits such as No Force collar or nudity or Death … Tough, this is Gor that happens in Gor. If something bothers you, please IM your captor and discuss, and don’t get dramatic and TP out or cause a scene in IC chat.

7. Exits from Sim- The exits points are the same as the entry points. Also you may leave via adjacent sim’s at their determined port of exits.

B. Quick Raid Rules:

1. Gorean Meter Only – Fighting without a meter or fighting in AFK, Arena, or OOC will be ruled auto-capture.

2. Sheaths: Sheaths must be worn for weapons the player intends to use. Most if not all weapon’s makers include low lag sheaths and SL provides multiple attachment points.

3. Rescue Time: 1 hour from Last captured person.

4. Resetting/Detaching meter: This is not allowed unless a mod gives you permission.

5. NO Jumping in Combat, NO Displacement AO’s, NO speed enhancers, NO NON GM meter Shields, NO fighting with captive leashed.

6. Draw Distance: 200 meters – This is a forest setting. With the trees of a forest seeing great distances is limited.

7. Max 3 groups allowed We don’t Accept Super Allied Groups.

7a. Mirrored Ratio… The ratio allowed is by the group with the lowest ratio of the group that raids Be reasonable if 3 or 4 people are in camp dont bring 20+.

8. Exiting with captives: Taking a captive from this sim requires 1 full emote. Captives must be taken to full combat sim’s that allow panther’s to raid. Rescue time for those taken is 1 hour from sailing.

9. NO Birds Allowed

10. No TP’ing out during combat. If you do you must wait 30 minutes before you can return

11. Self Unbinding – No Self unbinding during combat… Combat ends the moment the very last person bubbled is tied up.. Checkable by Sim GM Stats times… IF no combat.. 15 minutes 5 lines with a visible weapons sheath.. No hidden weapons allowed…Capture knots are supposed tobe unescapable.. But if we miss a visible sheath then you can use to unbind 12. Aiding: 3 emotes

13. Disarming: 1 emotes for each visible weapons.

14. Binding: 3 Emotes

15. Unbinding others: 3 emote – You cannot unbind someone if you are tied up yourself or unconscious.

16. Grappling: 3 lines Shouted 17. Lock Picking: All Locks can be picked therefore no prim pass through allowed. Due to proximity sensors in the door No RP required to pick locks. 18. Stealing Keys: 1 emote for searching and stealing the keys

19. No running or constant walking when you are fully bound. 20. Residents that awake mid-battle may enter battle to fight. Those that choose to log out only to log in to break this rule will be sim banned for 3 days. (Checkable by Login Notices)

21. Residents may only join a battle if they are on Lake Ias sim as an active player. If you come from off-sim or are in afk mode you must stay that way for duration of the battle.

22. Escapes: If nobody is role-playing with you for a time of 15 minutes and residents are standing around while you wait for rp, then you may begin role-playing your escape. If being tied up or caged is a part of the scene then you must wait caged or inform your captor that you will return later to finish RP if nobody is around to continue the role-play.  23. If the raiding group is a part of the continent Lake Ias is attached to, then the role-play timer begins when the last captive has crossed the sim border. Though, I would strongly urge groups to exit via the docks so issues don’t arise.

C. Slaves: Slaves may be armed, but will do so at their own risk if permitted by their owners. If a slave is armed, ANY free can, under Gorean law may slay the slave regardless of what their owner permits. Don’t cry to an Admin, please keep things IC and do what a Gorean would do. Kill the slave for wielding a free weapon.

D. Female Raiders: Yes we allow them! They not permitted to wear or use men’s weapons. Examples are large bows, swords or large axes… They are allowed to fight with normal bows, spears, daggers, scimitars, small hatchets, pins and poisons approved on the weapon list provided.  Any combative woman showing too much skin or dressing more like a slave can be collared by any Free.

E. Gorean Animals: Yes Allowed  They can use the Beast Gorean Meter or Normal Gorean meter.  They can be killed per the same rules for killing listed below. Though, I would encourage attempts to role-play first

F. Kurii: Allowed – It’s really difficult for Panthers to bind Kurri properly or even drag one to camp if they captured one, nor could they most likely role-play one… Don’t gripe on how you are role-played. It’s really a hard combination not many Kurri spoke native Gorean… Don’t gripe just role-play. If a Kurii is tied up with ropes. They can Unbind with 3 solid lines of roleplay. However, Chains used will result in the same Unbinding rule stated above in the Raid Rules Kurii’s can be killed as well and must adhere to the same killing rules listed below.

G.  Killing:  Kills are Five (5) Complete Descriptive Posts and only after and at the end of 30 Min of active RP.  Kills that are for personal reasons not related to RP will result in an Estate wide ban.  There MUST be a good reason for kills, because you’re bored is not a good enough reason! Go get your kicks else where please. There is a limit, of one killing per Group per day. No mass killing sprees allowed and such could result in a Permanent sim ban. Assassinations will be carried out by Black Caste assassins ONLY wearing the appropriate mark (there is NO such thing as a FEMALE assassin).  There will be NO interfering with an assassin going about his business if he is wearing a mark.  Should he fail in his task he does NOT require 30 minutes RP before his death, should you decide to kill him.

Suicides – Suicides are quite frowned upon and terrible way for RP we do not condone it… If you choose to role-play a suicide, it’s a 7 day death on sim… Returning before then in IC mode will ban you for the duration of the time. Those that rp death to wiggle out of rp will be treated the same as committing suicide. Example instant death from battle wounds or drowning etc will receive a 7 day banishment from sim per mod discresson. Give your captors a chance to heal. If your captor continues to ignore, please IM them kindly first and be sure they are aware the consequences before finishing out… Then the death will be need to-be approved by a moderator before finalized as a normal 24 hour death

H.  Quick Weapons -Refer to weapons list -Women Max 35% damage – Small Crossbows for women are fine. They are exactly same damage and speed as a normal bow. If GM team decides to change dynamics and make them do more damage than this might change -Weapons must be similar to weapons found in the Books of Gor. Priest kings kept control of weapons technology so nothing NON Gorean here -No friendly Fire weapons

Thank you Las Lakes Management


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:::: Lake Ias Sims Allowed weapons  as of 1.5.2012 :::: disclaimer: If there are Any Errors Please Inform Niccole Inglewood shes only human… They are overlooked and not anything done intentially on purpose

GENERAL FEATURES TO BE ADMITTED IN THE LIST – Autosheath after fallen – Autofire must Comply with the Latest Weapons rules delay timers – Hud block (the weapons must be not mountable as hud) – Legal parameters in according with “GM 4.3 Weapon Guide” ADDED RULES SPECIFIC TO LAKES – Arrow size cannot exceed .58 in size. – No More than 2 Scripts in Arrow… LSL arrows only No Mono Arrows

LONG ARROWS- – Long Range Arrows Must fire with .1 second delay…

KATANAS & ORIENTAl SWORDS – – Katanas and oriental swords are welcome if used by people Playing the oriental Pani people described in book 29. HOWEVER… Women are still only allowed 35% weapons…

NOT ADMITTED ANTICHEATING HUD Any hud made to evaluate the arrow legitimacy is banned. For this reasons: – it’s not always accurate: – generates drama: – generates lag: – and, finally, cannot replace the legal list and the moderators.

NOT ADMITTED WEAPONS – Hybrid weapons (autoswitching melee/thrown mode) – Throwing swords – Bolas – Climbing Claws – Special Arrows (cage, fire, poison) – Non gorean weapons – Any non sword weapon with 40% damage – Custom weapons designed and made or modified by/for individuals – Weapons not available on public licence (must be for sale) – Any modifiable weapons

FEMALE OUTLAWS /  PANTHER – Any normal Bow or crossbow – No Damage weapons greater than 35%

LEGAL WEAPONS ========== – AKWeapons(BOWS) – Alexis Blanchard (H.A.B. Weapons & Armor Division) – alika Sao (alika Sao weaponry) – All Paule (A&S) – Alvar Nurmi (Weapons by AN) – only with Autosheath working – Arcturus Itano (Infinity Weapons) – only BOWS (v3.1 and higher) – Braydon Randt (Snatched Weaponry) – BOWS and SWORDS – Bull77 Tyran – SWORDS ONLY – Centipede Weapons (Bows only) – China Lubitsch (Reckless Life Design) – only SWORDS – Doremi Ultsch (Melody Weapons Design) – FATA Bows – GTS Weapons – HZ Engineer HZ Weapons – Bow Swords – Jake Molinaro (Ancient Builds inc.) – Jaraziah Lowell (Jara Creations) – JShark Weapons (Bows only) – Kirina Drake (Kirina’s Creations) – only SWORDS – Larah Oh (Larah’s bows) – bow version 2.41 or higher – Larion Rhode (LR Weapons) – Markz McMahon (Markz’s Weapons) – Navar Harbinger (Navar & Stormie Designs) – no HYBRIDS – no AXES – no Fist Fight Hud – Nihil Weapons (Bows Only) – Osith Emmons [Ancient Lore] – PL Designs [Patrick Ling] – Rhubardin Fluffball (Ordo Kivsungai)  – Romper Barbosa (EZ Weaponry) – Sephiroth Juran (Medusa Weapons) – only SWORDS – Slip Barrett (Weapons of the Warlord) – Sylvia Hawks (Panther’s Gear) – only BOWS – Tala Nagy (Tala’s weapons & specialities) – Thord Karu (Primus) – VoFhang Weapons (VF) –  ((Tungsten Inventor secured account))

** Slave weapons allowed (with legal specs 9%/11% damage) ** Grapple and rope allowed ** Fist fight combat is admitted in according with legal parameters, and can be mounted as hud

If a maker is not listed here, their weapons are not allowed. All the weapons must be the latest updated version.

BANNED WEAPONS =========== – Anhandreu Riederer (AC)  – Not Publiclly for sale currently – Triton Paine (iPwn)  — No longer for sale publiclly currently – Bobbey Lane (DL Designs weapons) – Eve Mikazuki: The Hochburg v1 and Hochburg Javelin – Francesco Xevion (FX Weapons) – No Longer sold publically – Hamlet Hellershanks (H & J): swords (have illegal delay and range) – Kalsifer Zenovka: illegal parameters – KirstenLee Cinquetti: Immorata, and any weapon made with her scripts – Nicolas0 Homewood: have not hud block and long arrow with illegal specs – Nightmare Weapons – Phantom Kabuki: all swords – Sandy Sage (SS): free bow with illegal speed – Susan Whizenhunt (Forest Maiden & Whiplash Weaponry) – Weapons No longer being sold publiclly – TCJ Weapons – Xxander Snook (Double X): all melee weapons – Laura sword


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Sisters who are proud to wear the feathers of the Luna Caleeng. 

Contact Marlies Dasmijn (Marli) for more info or Inticement Resident (Twig)

The Luna Caleeng is a panther tribe in Second Life Gor and has an in world application form , which can be found at the docks of Lake Ias, we offer a two week pledge period max, to see if there is a fit. There are no pledge tasks, all we ask is that prospective panthers try and role play their way in, or show a willingness to bring role play into our camp.

The tribe has a council  made up of the En, Se, Tor, First Bow, Second Bow and Elders. The council manages tribal matters and determines decisions on all subjects from issues, promotions, and any other tribal matters raised at council.

The roles below define the individual tribe responsibilities by position.

The En is the tribal Chieftain, her decisions are final on all matters relating to the tribe, everyone is answerable to her.

The Se is second only to the En and in all matters has the same authority but she is answerable to the En.  The Se acts as a council member, and advisor to the En, their main roles are:
1.   Takes charge in the absence of En. 
2.   Enforce all tribal rules , ensuring all sisters comply.
3.   Maintaining harmony in the tribe, resolving internal issues that are raised.

The Tor is third in line in the tribe and responsible for the welfare of the tribe and the slaves.  Tor is responsible for camp supplies.  She acts as a council member. The Tors roles are:
1.   Enforce all tribal rules, ensuring all sisters comply.
2.   Maintaining harmony in the tribe, resolving internal issues and where needed raising these to the Se or council.
3.   Working with the Traders and Scouts to establish relations for trade and alliance.
4.   Maintain a record of Alliances, RP Bans and KOS and COS.
5.   Deal with all matters relating to the tribe in the absence of the En and Se.

The Elder is a well-rounded sister, with patience. They act as council members.  Elders are responsible for training new pledges and seeing that they reach the status of full sister.  The Elders roles are:
1.   Train the pledges in the basic skills of fighting.
2.   Provide mentoring to the pledges on Gorean matters, helping them to learn the topics outside of fighting.  Assigning      experienced  sisters to  pledges.  
3.   Identifying potential sisters and new recruits and inviting them to the group.

So here we go , introducing me and my sisters ❤


Marli (Marlies.Dasmijn)  [En] [Healer]

Aanna Padgett (no picture)


aicha Inaka

Alaric666 [Beast]  (no picture)

Amelia Woodside

Andrix Hirons [Feral]

Aphrodite Luminos [Slaver] (no picture)

Arial(arial.nizna) [Se]

BastianRS  (no picture)

Leda(bellateufel.silverblade)  [Shaman] [Elder]  (no picture)

Bee(bemy.footpad) [Feral]

Eclair Tammas (no picture)

Eiri Huntress [Beast] (no picture)

Valentina(evangelina.dinzel)(no picture)

Eve(evelina.congrejo)(no picture)

Gil(gil.glom) [Feral](no picture)

Celestine(hobo.footpad)  [Feral](no picture)

Hot Lavendel(no picture) [Elder]

twig(inticement)  [Feral] [Elder]

Soraya(jane.melgund)(no picture)

Jen(jennie30) [Sout] (no picture)

jJenifer Violet [Trader][Scout]

Kalie4ever (no picture)

Kayleewinters  [Scout]


Kimbberley (no picture)

Topaz Star(ladyfishbait)

Angry Bird(lino.vernet) (no picture)

Lunellaa Destiny [Elder]

ѕςαя(lyndall.edenflower) [Scout]

Nami(mamba.namiboo)  [Feral] (no picture)

Melody Dirval(melody.dirval) (no picture)

Meri(meridee.charisma) [Shaman]


Moon(mucklepuppy.moonwing)  (no picture)


Måne Tigerauge(ninaswahn)

nira Hatchuk

OdinHanni  (no picture)

Onyx Myst(onyxmyst)  [Beast] (no picture)

kitten purrs(pamela.mcnally) (no picture)

pepper(pepper.snowbear) [2nd girl]

PinkSky Summerwind (no picture)

kitten(py.cheng) [Beast] (no picture)

Qwara Destiny  [Priestess]

crystal(rose2929)  (no picture)

halima(rosecotton)  (no picture)

cadence(sara35)  [Feral]

ʂհἶ(shiloh.tachikawa) [1st girl]

Foxie Love(slave.foxclaw) [Tor] (no picture)

Atra(solar.legion)  (no picture)

کţøгm(storm.debbel) [Scout] [En bow] (no picture)

εɗεη (stormie.edenflower)

TARA(thymia.yalin) (no picture)

FeRaL TaK(timmy.miggins)  [Feral] (no picture)

Tomoe(tomoe.abbot)  [Scout] (no picture)

Trish(trish30) [Slaver] [Elder]

Urshula Aida (no picture)

Gemma(yaki.longfall) [Feral] [Elder] [Se bow] (no picture)


[10:01]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal

[10:01]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm..narrows her eyes

[10:01]  Marli  nods slowly “Tal”

[10:02]  Marli: “venture futher into the swamps and it will be considered tresspassing” Marli stated bluntly

[10:02]  Lunellaa Destiny looks back to her sis and shrugs “I told you not to go in here?”

[10:03]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm…..its a good hide out….grins

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel: so whatts the swamp to yoy?,….she said to the woman

[10:04]  Lunellaa Destiny nods “I think so too but I don’t think it’s worth trading arrows for?”

[10:05]  Marli: “Indeed the swamp is a excellent hide out ” Marli inspected both of them “These swamps belong to my tribe , the Luna caleeng”

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmmm…gues were not the only smart ones arround…laughs

[10:06]  Lunellaa Destiny looks her over and slowly slides her bow into it’s sheath “Well met then we are just wanderers looking for a place to stay”

[10:06]  Hot Lavendel: very well then

[10:06]  Marli: “and what smart tribe do you belong to ?” Marli asked curiously

[10:06]  Lunellaa Destiny smiles “My sister and I don’t have a tribe right now

[10:07]  Marli smiles back “I see , well both the Luna Caleeng or the Di jan are allways looking for new panthers ”

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: who’s the En of Di Jan?

[10:08]  Lunellaa Destiny looks at her sis “What do you think it might be fun never lived in a swamp before have we?”

[10:09]  Marli: Bac is still En of the Di Jan , I am Marli and En of the Luna

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: nods….the Di Jan came a long way i think

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: i’m ╬╬Ⓞ〒 and this is Lune

[10:10]  Lunellaa Destiny arches her brow at her sis?

[10:10]  Marli: “well met Hot and Lune ”

[10:10]  Lunellaa Destiny: Well met Marli

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel: i was in that tribe years back sis

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel: but Pera was En then

[10:11]  Marli: “The Luna have been in Lake Ias in one form or another since three years , Mars Sirbu was the founding En”

[10:12]  Hot Lavendel: mmm…Di Jan lina were speaking of?

[10:13]  Marli blinks “The Di jan have been around longer , Bac is the only En that I recall”

[10:13]  Lunellaa Destiny looks at Hot and wonders if discussing the rival tribe is a good path and smiles nervously back at Marli

[10:13]  Hot Lavendel: Bac…nods

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel: yeah that her name

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm…could be fours back now

[10:15]  Marli: “Both the Luna and Di Jan have treaty to share these lands , we are not rivals” Marli added

[10:15]  Hot Lavendel looks at Lune…you wanna live in a swamp?

[10:16]  Lunellaa Destiny grins and sighs a bit of relief “I don’t mind it could be fun at least people usually don’t like swamps”

[10:16]  Hot Lavendel: you get dirty feet you know?

[10:16]  Marli grins “I promise the camp is more civilized ”

[10:17]  Lunellaa Destiny: Since when have I cared about that it’s you who’s all not wanting to get dirty all the time?

[10:17]  Hot Lavendel: mmm…well i happen to like the warm mud between my toes comming up…grins

[10:18]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm..i have a standard to live up to, remember?

[10:18]  Hot Lavendel: best dressed slut of the forrest

[10:18]  Marli: “Follow me , I will show you the camp ”

[10:18]  Lunellaa Destiny shakes her head

[10:20]  Hot Lavendel: mmm..its pretty dry op here

[10:20]  Marli: “much drier and comfortable ”

[10:21]  Lunellaa Destiny smiles and then looks at Hot “And see there is even a dance pit for you to dance for me” snickers

[10:21]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm..you would like that huu?

[10:21]  Lunellaa Destiny laughs

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The Luna Caleeng is a proud and independant tribe. Though because of the constraints of SL Gor some concessions have to be made. We have a peace (friendship) agreement with the Di Jan as we share the same lands. We have trading agreements with the Zima and Toki to stimulate trading roleplay.  We have a rescue alliance with the Forest Moon and Sa Sareem when a tribe has insufficient numbers of panthers online to mount a rescue raid.  Note that we do not aid the Forest Moon or Sa Sareem with rescue raids on the Di Jan.

Peace agreement between Luna Jerag and Di’Jan Lina

This agreement is that on a normal day by day basis there is NO inter-sim fighting. However luna Jerag and Dijan Lina have had good and fun RP between the groups in the past so these following exceptions are allowed in hopes we can continue rp together and give individuals the opportunity to continue roleplay

1. Every week or other week there can be a 1 time raid to generate RP between the groups.. Once losing side is down and bound, winner takes captives for capture rp and losing side must wait for the hour before trading or attempting rescue.. If rescue is made only to free the captives NO caps taken on rescue try again next week…     a. Lets see if we can be creative in trades we can do rolepay trades not trading for GM goods… could benefit both     b. No need for rough and tough rp… be fun about it start a storyline give reasons for future roleplays. Our tribes have had great  times in the past roleplaying so i know this will work and be fun

2. Other exception is, if you want person rp with one of the other group. however if u seek to rp with someone that is your choice and do so as an individual not apart of your tribe.  We live in a close sim but in reality would be miles apart…  If u seek this let your group know you want to rp with the individual and for how long u agreed.. No rescues for this option as you and the other party chose to enter this capture rp. I hope this works because i already know there are a few that wish to rp with one or another beyong the weekly or everyother week raid

3. Large merc, outlaw, pirate type groups are a threat to both tribes. Therefore, if one tribe is being raided by a large male group, they may sound a horn to call for aid. The other tribe promises to come to the aid of the beseiged tribe to the best of their ability. NOTE: only come if the horn is sounded. This agreement only applies to male groups, not raids by other panthers or talunas.

*This agreement now applies to the Luna Caleeng*

This documentation hearby expresses the intent and understanding of truce between the Toki Ak’am of Tarascon and the Luna Jerag of Terra De Luna.

Witness to this agreement is Cyn of the Toki tribe and  of the Luna Jerag.

It is within this truce that a cease fire is deemed appropriate to maintain peace among our groups. Within this truce, there is to be no assistance given to peoples that oppose either group by part of the agreed said parties. If asked upon to help in a negotiation with a third party each group will try to assist if possible. In addition to cease fire, safe travels in both lands are agreed upon at no risk of hostile actions from either group. When visiting each other’s camps, protection is to be afforded while inside  and if possible from the ship to the camp (Depending on the number of members available to help protect from the ship).

When travel requires a close passage to the other’s camp a shouted warning of passage is required. Hunting on the other Group’s lands is not accepted.   The Toki Ak’am will not lend any assistance to any allies choosing to raid the Luna Jerag. Neither will the Luna Jerag lend assistance to any allies choosing to raid Toki Aka’am.

The truce is meant to create peace so that trading can take place. Trades will be done in Gorean tradition and fair pricing.

There can be room for joint hunts, and joint practices to improve the defenses of the campements.

in agreement of the conditions of this truce and showing it to be a valid document, it shall be honored until such time as a change of Leaders occurs in either group, then may be renegotiated. Both parties being held accountable for it execution signing below:

En’s of the Toki Aka’am Cyn Ansar Piffle Stoop

*This agreement now applies to the Luna Caleeng*

Luna Caleeng and Zima Ak’am Tribes end hostilities

(6 July 2012) Ambassador for the Zima Ak’am, bambi has negotiated with the En’s of each tribe an agreement that each tribe will respect each other even though there is no alliance between the tribes. The truce is meant to create peace so that trading can take place. Trades will be done in Gorean tradition and fair pricing.~ends~

Luna Caleeng and Forest Moon Panthers and Sa Sareem Panthers make a verbal agreement on rescue alliance

The En’s of each tribe make a verbal agreement that each tribe will respect each other and to aid each other when a tribe has insufficient numbers of panthers to mount a rescue raid. The exception being a rescue raid on the Di Jan, see earlier treaty with the Di Jan ~ends~

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Second Life is a free online virtual world. A number of free viewers, enable Second Life users, called residents to interact with each other through avatars. Residents can explore the world , meet other residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, and create and trade virtual property and services with one another. Second Life is intended for people aged 16 and over.

Getting started:

Deciding on your role:

When deciding what role you will play in Gor, consider several factors before making a final decision.

  • Knowledge of Gor – If you haven’t read any of the books or spent time learning and watching, you are probably not equipped to take on just any role as a Gorean.   Even a slave has some basic knowledge when they start out in their role-play.
  • The specifics of your Caste – If you play a Free person you will need to choose a Caste, as therefore learn the in’s and out’s of that caste.  If you pick a high Caste like physician, you may have a hard time making your character believable without doing some research into the Caste and profession you chose first.
  • Know what is expected of slaves – If you choose to be a slave, understand the basics of slavery in Gor.  If you are a free, know what slaves will expect from you.
  • Being a Warrior or panther is not as easy as it seems – If you choose to pick a warrior type character, learn how to fight with the rules used for combat on the site you are role-playing on.
  • Be sure you are ready! – Don’t engage in role-play unless you are sure youre ready for all that the role-play entails.

Deciding on your avatar:

New Second Life users select their avatars from generic male and female templates (residents and their avatars don’t necessarily share the same gender). Although a resident could use an unmodified template, everyone else would know that he or she was a newb — a new user who doesn’t know how things work. Most residents customize their avatars a little before leaving Orientation Island. One important factor in avatar customization is the inventory. The inventory holds hair, skin, objects, animations and body parts and has an infinite capacity. A user can open his or her inventory and choose to put on or remove items, like clothing or hairstyles. Residents can add to an avatar’s inventory at any time, creating a practically limitless number of avatar customization options.They can change their avatars’ appearance as often as they like.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Life


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