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 Luna Jerag the beginning

The Luna Jerag (sisters of the moons) began with a violent confrontation in the notorious tribe called the Verus Var. This tribe was the home of the finest bows in Gor, but they were harsh, unforgiving, and savage. Mars, the eventual founder of the Lunas, and the Var En got in an argument about a kajira, and the other Var gunned her down and pulled her to the outskirts of their territory.  As she limped off, Mars vowed that she would never again be in a tribe that would turn on its own sisters.

Mars Sirbu

In the Var, Mars had been a scout, and knew Gor territory well. She knew of a dense swamp, one that males would never enter, in a land called Terra de Luna. This land was the home of a large and aggressive outlaw clan named the Askari. Once, long ago, Mars had rescued the Askari matriarch from being capped, and she negotiated a peace treaty and made the decision to form a new tribe, one that ws different than those that came before. The tribe would be founded on the concept of sisterhood, and loyalty to each other.

Mars persuaded a core group of panthers who were close to her to come on this venture: Zarah, Katana, Terr, Eclair, Kit, and Shi courageously left their tribes and homes and followed Mars into the swamp. The swamp proved to be an excellent home, discouraging males from entering, and offering escape routes if a large raid materialized.

The nature of the tribe attracted positive attention, and numbers quickly grew. Soon, the Lunas started leaving the swamp and going out on raids.They learned more about the swamp, and the nature of the fruits and flowers that grew there.

Throughout these early times, the Askari, though having a peace treaty with the Luna, were routinely insulting and aggressive. One evening Mars returned home with a small raiding party to find Shi leading a battle against a much larger Askari force. It seems that the outlaws had finally crossed the line and violence had erupted. However, the battle did not go as the Askari had expected. The battle hardened Lunas wiped the field with their forces and quickly overran their keep. The same thing happened the following night. The Askari were no longer in charge of their own lands.

Being males, this situation was not tolerable to them, and they began burning our huts and messing up the swamp anytime we were not around. Efforts to calm things down were to no avail, and the decision was made to leave Terra de Luna.

One of the interesting elements of panther life is that tribes often make friends with the people they raid the most. The Lunas were very fond of raiding the Dijans, with their complex fort and rolling hills. Their lands were well known to the Luna, and the existence of the large and dense swamp, also uninhabited, became of great interest. Mars and her officers approached the Dijan leadership about moving to Lake Ias. This idea was embraced by the Dijan, who knew the Luna were honorable and skilled panthers. So, one moonless night, the Luna took their belongings, got into their canoes, and paddled to Lake Ias, not to raid, but to live. The new swamp was even more beautiful than the old one, and the Dijan were certainly more beautiful than the Askaris!

The tribe continued to flourish, and Luna raiding skills were unparalleled. The Luna’s secret was a signaling system, which allowed coordinated movement and attacks. The Lunas nearly always attacked camps with many more defenders than panthers attacking. However, due to the coordination, and excellent bow skills thanks to training from Niccole and Eclair, they very rarely lost a raid.

Such success would make any En happy, but Mars had always been a free spirit. Scouting suited her far more than leading a large and robust tribe. Her sisters saw that she was unhappy and tried to help, and to cheer her up. Mars continued to withdraw, and began to go out on journeys by herself, much to the tribe’s distress.

It was 3 am, and the tribe was asleep. The swamp was calm and fragrant with summer blossoms. Mars awoke and stepped out into the blazing moonlight. The Crone and the Huntress were both full. As if in a dream, the En gathered her bow and few possessions and kissed her sleeping slavegirl on the forehead. Walking silently to the tied up canoes, she picked the one she had used to go to Terra de Luna so long ago. Pushing out into the still, silver water, she sat a moment with her head bowed in thought. Then, she picked up her paddle and sailed away.

She did not look back.


In the period between Mars and Marli there were three other Chieftesses of the Luna Jerag.

Niccole was chieftess from late 2010 to early 2011. Had come from the Di Jan tribe. Well known in SL Gor for her excellent bow skills , she worked her way up from En bow to En. She left the tribe to form her own mercenary group. She is presently back with the Di Jan once more.

Terr was chieftess from 2011 to early 2012. Elder in the Luna Jerag and present in the tribe since it’s formative years. Known for her down to earth approach. She is presently retired from SL Gor.

Twig was chieftess feral during 2012. Was elder feral in Luna Jerag. She is presently elder feral in the Luna Caleeng.

If you wish to join us , you can find our tribe in SL Gor in Lake Ias


The birth of Luna caleeng

The Luna Caleeng  are the daughters of the Moon water, they pray to Artemis who was the goddess of the hunt and Selene a luna diety.

Her name is Marli  and she  was born in the month of Se Var (the second resting), in the year 1029 (Rune Priest) , her mother’s name was Shy, a mighty and skilled huntress. She was born  in the cold north of Torvaldsland.


Marli knew nothing of her father. He had been captured during a raid and was used for sexual pleasure by her mother before he was sold into slavery. Of her mother, Marli remembers little. Marli knows that she was very beautiful. She held a high rank among the panther women and was highly respected , she was deadly with her spear and bow.

Marli’s earliest memories is of her mother and her hunting near the outer forest when Marli was around the age of twelve. To this day Marli  does not understand why her mother would leave the safety of the swamps with only her daughter to accompany her. All panther women know to never leave the interior of the forest without the tribe at your side. Otherwise you run the risk of death or, worse enslavement. There were Askari men living outside the forest.

As they were walking, they heard something move. Before she  could react, her mother had thrust her to one side . Marli cried out in pain as she hit the ground. Marli heard a fierce growl and her mother screaming. Turning, Marli saw a huge black larl on top of her mother, its claws tearing into her flesh. She looked at her and screamed at Marli to run. Marli will never forget the sound of her and the larl as she ran away as fast as she could.  Marli had continued running home until she reached the swamps. The trade post where the tribe traded bonta fruits is where she finally stumbled and fell down. Tears rolled from her eyes, Marli was so tired and fell asleep on the hard wooden beams.

Marli awoke in the arms of Mars. Marli thought for a moment that it was her mother, but when she opened my eyes and heard her voice, Marli knew that she was mistaken. Marli was placed under the care of an elder by the name of Sophie Crabe, a healer from the Sa’ang Suri.  She herself had been born and raised a free woman , but was one day captured , branded, and sold as a slave. The man who bought her had been Red caste and warrior. She was the only slave he had ever owned. After she served him for a few years, he freed her and she agreed to become his companion in life. She became a physician in the city. They had two daughters, the youngest dying from the bazi plague. Their eldest survived , her name  was Lynn.  One day on a patrol near the outer forest their wagon had been attacked by a band of rival panthers. Somehow Sophie and her daughter had survived and found their way to the swamps. Proving herself worthy she was allowed to stay, her daughter renamed Scar , due to an unfortunate cut to her arm on that fateful day. Scar and Marli became like a sisters. By the time Marli was sixteen years old, she had learned all she could from the panther women. Sophie herself had began to teach her the ways of the green. She taught her of all the different herbs and poisons within Gor. Anytime Marli would ask a question Sophie didn’t know, she would fetch one of the books from her hut.

When Marli was about the age of eighteen, she noticed men looking at her in ways that sent chills down her spine whenever she was trading tanned skins with them. Without asking, Marli knew what these looks meant. It was times like this when she was very happy to be wearing the weapons of a panther girl.

Before, Marli had worn clothing that left her midriff, arms, and most of her legs bare so that she would not get too hot. Then, after Marli noticed the looks, she started wearing more modest outfits when she knew she was to be near men.  When amongst the tribe though, Marli wore minimal clothing, as it pleased her. Marli made braids  that she wore to keep her hair out of her face.  She kept her hair long, it fell to her lower back, so that she may braid in hair ribbons.  Marli has  been raped once by a man,  one good thing came of it , her sweet  daughter her name is Feathers. Often her daughter asks Marli about her father. All Marli remembers is that she was lured away foolishly by his good looks and charm, when she resisted he simply took her as any Gorean man would.

In the tradition of the panther healers in the tribe Marli placed an ornate shell necklace around her daughters neck.  She cared for her daughter only for a few years,  Marli was out hunting with her sisters when Askari men invaded the swamps taking with them her daughter and the female slave that was taking care of Feathers. Marli was devastated and heartbroken. Swearing to her Goddess that she would do all sheI could to find her daughter. The tribe discovered that a Priest King orb that had been hidden in their caves had also been taken.

Rumour quickly spread to the swamps that one of the Askari men whilst holding Marli’s  young daughter had touched the orb and in a blinding flash both had disappeared. Many years later Marli heard a tale of a kajira that had been to Earth , that she had aged miraculously to maturity when she had returned to counter Earth. Marli sought out this kajira in the city of Ko-Ro-Ba , when she first met her in the presence of her Master  Marli had intense feelings of recognition, these were confirmed when she saw the shell necklace around her daughter’s neck. She had to free her daughter and return her to her rightful  side as elder in their tribe. Dressed in the robes of concealment and In a daring escape from the city they headed into the forests and found their way back to the swamps. Marli was so grateful to her Goddess for hearing her prayers, though at times Marli is concerned about her daughters Earthly ways.

By the age of twenty Marli was a skilled panther healer. Times were changing and a rival band encroached their  territory. Mars mustered all her panthers to fight against the Sa Sang Hrimgar. A fierce tribe  living in the weathered caves of Jorts. At the end of the bloody  fight, the Luna were victorious ,  most of the tribe were killed however , but a few had survived. Marli tended to the wounds on Mars and the others.

Marli rested near the river, then heard a grunt and spun around , Her spear at the ready. It was a Sa Sang Hrimgar , she jumped at Marli and thrust her dagger into her. Marli lost consciousness and awoke in Jorts.  She saw the dark pool of blood beneath her body and the deep gashes on her legs.  She could save Marli’s  life if she wished. Or, could allow her to die.

With a triumphant look on her face she offered Marli a choice , join her band as a healer or die on that very spot in the caves. Marli remembered that Mars always told them that panthers must survive by any means.

Two years passed . Mars had disappeared, yet rumours abounded that ferals now lived in the swamps. Scar had survived somehow and had founded a tribe near the river banks of Ven, she named her tribe Sa Caleeng, daughters of the water.

At the age of twenty two Marli owned two slaves , the first  her name was Shi.  Her second slave was Nala.

In her  early childhood Marli had known shi as the Tor and elder in the Luna Jerag.  She had been the one Marli had sought advice from when certain things troubled her youthful mind. In retrospect , her roughness and matter of fact ways  were endearing qualities. Though not always appreciated by some in the tribe. How different shi became when the fire of servitude started to burn in hear heart. Kneeling at Marli’sy feet she has become the inspiration to the camp slaves. Aided in her duties by the second girl.

Nala didn’t serve Marli long , when one winter the Askari raided the swamps they took sweet nala , had her serve the men in the village and then they killed her mercilessly.

Returning from a successful raid Marli had proven myself a worthy sister, eyes were no longer tracking her every move. She packed her belongings and travelled to Ven , joining with Scar and telling her stories about the Luna Jerag now led by a feral girl.  The Sa Caleeng was a small tribe and they agreed that they needed to grow to survive.  The Sa Caleeng under Marli’s leadership now  headed to Lake Las, in the swamps they were challenged  by wild feral girls. Marli  showed her old  Luna feathers , using her knife she drew the moon circle into the soft earth. The feral leader understood that Marli was claiming the tribe as her own. Twig spoke little as did the other feral girls but Marli felt at home once more.

To honour the Sa Caleeng  Marli named the new tribe Luna Caleeng, meaning  Daughters of the Moons water. And so the stories begin………….

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