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Over the years  Marli has  collected some fun quotes and short RP’s  in SL Gor….New followers of the blog….Some of you dont have a way to send  a message or anything so I wanted to say thanks for the follow!…..xoxo


Queen and huntress, chaste and fair, Now the sun is laid to sleep, Seated in thy silver chair State in wonted manner keep: The lakes entreats thy light, Goddess excellently bright.

A warrior girl dances, in rainbow luminescence, a ghost of the past, caught in spray and splash.

[07:42]  Marli leant against the tree and couldnt decide who was prettier, the waterlilly or the Seph

[07:43]  The Seph dips her face beneath the water blowing a few bubbles before whipping her hair around all wildly, sending beads of water flying thru the air: “mmmmpaahhhh! So refreshing!!”

[07:45]  Marli eyes lingered a moment on the bubble blowing Seph . her hair all bouncy and her body frisky , Marli smiled to herself , obviously the panther enjoyed her bathing time

[07:46]  The Seph humms contently without a care in the world, currently oblivious to the person nearby as she runs her hands back and forth across the shimmering surface of the water, fiddling with the rocks in the shallow little creek bed. She whistled a soft tune as she idly relaxed, occasionally arching her body forward and stretching out her flat stomach followed by a groan

[07:49]  Marli tilted her head to one side , she recalled seeing Seph or one that looked remarkably similar on the auction boards , it was such a sweet deal she mused , obviously the panther girl was worth every tarsk of the asking price

[07:51]  The Seph snickers softly to herself as she remembers a fantastic joke she told yesterday and slowly pushes herself up, sitting in the little creek bed on her bottom….idly lifting cupped hands full of water into the air and pouring it over herself. “Mmmhhhhh! A fresh spring is better than a city bath anyday!” she chimes with a smug sneer on her face

[07:55]  Marli giggles to herself , covering her mouth , Marli did like to compare herself with other cute girls , Marli wasnt one to pass the oppertunity to see what other panther girls looked like in natura , she made sure Seph could not hear or see her , she hid her slender body behind the tree

[07:58]  The Seph pauses briefly as she hears the sound of …. birds …. chirping nearby. Dismissing it easily since she is out in the middle of the forest. She goes back to what she was doing, reaching over behind her and taking a towel, wiping some of the water from her face before tossing it aside into a wadded ball. She lifts her knee and starts rubbing a small handful of stones cupped in her hand up and down against her right calf: “Aaahh……darn leg cramps get me every time….” and she massages the rocks slowly against her muscles

[08:02]  Marli withdrew silently, not wanting to be discovered , she smiled she would give Seph a nine out of ten , she surely was the prettiest Sa Sang Hrimgar

[08:02]  The Seph: 。◕‿◕。

[08:02]  Marli: 😉

[08:02]  The Seph splashes some water on her face as her cheeks start to blush all of the sudden: “What the heck….” she mumbles confused

[2011/08/07 11:55]  Liam Whitesong: By the way…. your look?

[2011/08/07 11:55]  Liam Whitesong: Heartstoppingly pretty

[15:43]  Sigfred: damn your sexy as hell

[11:27]  Carina Sahara: ((sorry, got to go , RL calls , have fun, and dream on, you’ll never gonna win,lol))

[11:27]  GM 4.02: Marlies Dasmijn Has Captured Carina Sahara!

[11:28]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): you were saying?

[13:15]  Raker Criswell (gage2): nice job with your av…she’s a cutie

[10:57]  Zarah Habilis look surprised ” but the SSH are evil?”

[10:58]  Marli (marlies.dasmijn): does that make me evil?

[10:59]  Zarah Habilis rubs her chin…”Reformed evil I guess.”

[06:20]  Jak Pak: for gods sake, you look cuter and cuter each time I see you

[06:20]  Jak Pak: 🙂

[06:21]  Marlies Dasmijn: 🙂 ty ty …i try

[06:21]  Jak Pak: hehe

[06:38]  Sappho Rieko smiles. I could hardly be better if all my dreams were fulfilled

[06:40]  Sappho Rieko: One of them is to be on your leash of course

[09:16]  Sappho Rieko: If I was not a panther I would beg you for a collar.

[09:17]  Marlies Dasmijn smiles sweetly….id never ask you to give that up

[09:18]  Sappho Rieko: I do not fully understand why but you really make my knees feel so weak, and that is unusual.

[08:40]  Meri(meridee.charisma): wow ,you look ..eehm yummy en ..grins

[16:32]  Reanna Dobson: so what is a cute slut like you doing so far away from home hehe

[16:33]  Marlies Dasmijn: What i normally do….be a pain in the ass

[16:33]  Reanna Dobson: rofl

[16:33]  Reanna Dobson: and i thought i was the only pain in the ass

[16:34]  Marlies Dasmijn: lol

[05:26]  Caranda Schreiner can’t stop staring at Mistress Marli, finding something irresistably fascinating about her

[16:47] Whyoming: the great and peowerful Huntress Marli, the En of dreams

[16:48] Marlies Dasmijn winks…..so very….very…..true

[12:05]  GrantAlbert: DAYMN!

[12:06]  GrantAlbert: errr i mean you look nice

[11:23]  Sir Guru O’Muras(omuras): yes indeed chieftess of luna trieb of lake las

[11:23]  Sir Guru O’Muras(omuras): ive heard about you

[11:23]  Marlies Dasmijn: That im an enslaver of men?  this is true

[05:22]  Ender Darkthief has begun an IM session with you.

[05:23]  Ender Darkthief: ok, at the risk of sounding like a noob…… you have a hot avi, well done on the build lol

[05:24]  Marlies Dasmijn: compliments are appreciated …..i spent a lot of time on creating Marli

[05:24]  Ender Darkthief: It shows well, I do alot of avi building as a hobby and notice the details, very well done

[06:27]  Marli(marlies.dasmijn) blinks at Branca ‘s earlier comment on female blonds

[06:28]  Branca Ikari(branca.coba): what

[06:29]  Branca Ikari(branca.coba): well you are a successful blonde story marli so no worries

[04:19]  Beast(beastt): beside if he was in your binds i don’t blame for submitting

[04:19]  Beast(beastt): blame him*

[04:20]  Marlies Dasmijn chuckles

[04:21]  Marlies Dasmijn: I suppose you are right there

[04:21]  Beast(beastt): hehe

[04:22]  Beast(beastt): hey am always ride

[04:22]  Beast(beastt) puffs his chest up proudly

[04:22]  Beast(beastt): beside i never seen anyone who is nasty in there ideas as you are

[04:23]  Marlies Dasmijn: its being creative 😉

[04:23]  Beast(beastt): so true

[04:24]  Beast(beastt): but hey one day i will face that myself

[11:32]  Tali Garnet: (Saved Mon 24 Dec 2012 01:25:43) i will come to your hut and feed you grapes and chocolate and fan your flawless skin and tell you tali stories

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Her name is Marli  and she  was born in the month of Se Var (the second resting), in the year 1029 (Rune Priest) , her mother’s name was Shy, a mighty and skilled huntress. She was born  in the cold north of Torvaldsland when the tribe was heading north to hunt. Despite not being a true Torvaldslander , she does share some characteristics with those rugged women of the north, for one she is quite bold.


Marli knew nothing of her father. He had been captured during a raid and was used for sexual pleasure by her mother before he was sold into slavery. Of her mother, Marli remembers little. Marli knows that she was very beautiful. She held a high rank among the panther women and was highly respected , she was deadly with her spear and bow.

Marli’s earliest memories is of her mother and her hunting near the outer forest when Marli was around the age of twelve. To this day Marli  does not understand why her mother would leave the safety of the swamps with only her daughter to accompany her. All panther women know to never leave the interior of the forest without the tribe at your side. Otherwise you run the risk of death or, worse enslavement. There were Askari men living outside the forest.

As they were walking, they heard something move. Before she  could react, her mother had thrust her to one side . Marli cried out in pain as she hit the ground. Marli heard a fierce growl and her mother screaming. Turning, Marli saw a huge black larl on top of her mother, its claws tearing into her flesh. She looked at her and screamed at Marli to run. Marli will never forget the sound of her and the larl as she ran away as fast as she could.  Marli had continued running home until she reached the swamps. The trade post where the tribe traded bonta fruits is where she finally stumbled and fell down. Tears rolled from her eyes, Marli was so tired and fell asleep on the hard wooden beams.

Marli awoke in the arms of Mars. Marli thought for a moment that it was her mother, but when she opened my eyes and heard her voice, Marli knew that she was mistaken. Marli was placed under the care of an elder by the name of Sophie Crabe, a healer from the Sa’ng Suri.  She herself had been born and raised a free woman , but was one day captured , branded, and sold as a slave. The man who bought her had been Red caste and warrior. She was the only slave he had ever owned. After she served him for a few years, he freed her and she agreed to become his companion in life. She became a physician in the city. They had two daughters, the youngest dying from the bazi plague. Their eldest survived , her name  was Lynn.  One day on a patrol near the outer forest their wagon had been attacked by a band of rival panthers. Somehow Sophie and her daughter had survived and found their way to the swamps. Proving herself worthy she was allowed to stay, her daughter renamed Scar , due to an unfortunate cut to her arm on that fateful day. Scar and Marli became like a sisters. By the time Marli was sixteen years old, she had learned all she could from the panther women. Sophie herself had began to teach her the ways of the green. She taught her of all the different herbs and poisons within Gor. Anytime Marli would ask a question Sophie didn’t know, she would fetch one of the books from her hut.

At first Marli struggled at first  with reading and writing.  Often using the feather quill as a dart rather than a pen , much to the dismay of Sophie. Through Sophie was very patient and helpfull, Marli learned the basics of writing and could write simple healing notes. She accepts that the writing skills of a physician are beyond her.

When Marli was about the age of eighteen, she noticed men looking at her in ways that sent chills down her spine whenever she was trading tanned skins with them. Without asking, Marli knew what these looks meant. It was times like this when she was very happy to be wearing the weapons of a panther girl.

Before, Marli had worn clothing that left her midriff, arms, and most of her legs bare so that she would not get too hot. Then, after Marli noticed the looks, she started wearing more modest outfits when she knew she was to be near men.  When amongst the tribe though, Marli wore minimal clothing, as it pleased her. Marli made braids  that she wore to keep her hair out of her face.  She kept her hair long, it fell to her lower back, so that she may braid in hair ribbons.  Marli has  been raped once by a man,  one good thing came of it , her sweet  daughter her name is Feathers. Often her daughter asks Marli about her father. All Marli remembers is that she was lured away foolishly by his good looks and charm, when she resisted he simply took her as any Gorean man would.

Marli was nineteen when she conceived her daughter. She did not discover she was pregnant until she was eleven weeks and the only way she did find out was when she went to try on one of her older leather skirts  and could not get into it. Ever since her first birth she never had a regular period. Marli had secretly always wanted to be a mom , but she never dreamed it would be so soon and the birth in such a brutal manner. But, despite this,  Marli felt so  blessed she  couldn’t ask for anything more than the smile on her daughters face, letting her know that even though it was a  struggle sometimes it was all worth it in the end. Marli was a firm believer that the Goddess makes  everything happen for a reason. She thanked the Goddess every night for putting her daughter in her life.

In the tradition of the panther healers in the tribe Marli placed an ornate shell necklace around her daughters neck. She cared for her daughter only for a few years, Marli was out hunting with her sisters when Askari men invaded the swamps taking with them her daughter and the female slave that was taking care of Feathers. Marli was devastated and heartbroken. Swearing to her Goddess that she would do all she could to find her daughter. The tribe discovered that a Priest King orb that had been hidden in their caves had also been taken.

Rumour quickly spread to the swamps that one of the Askari men whilst holding Marli’s  young daughter had touched the orb and in a blinding flash both had disappeared. Many years later Marli heard a tale of a kajira that had been to Earth , that she had aged miraculously to maturity when she had returned to counter Earth. Marli sought out this kajira in the city of Ko-Ro-Ba , when she first met her in the presence of her Master, Marli had intense feelings of recognition, these were confirmed when she saw the shell necklace around her daughter’s neck. She had to free her daughter and return her to her rightful side as elder in their tribe. Dressed in the robes of concealment and In a daring escape from the city they headed into the forests and found their way back to the swamps. Marli was so grateful to her Goddess for hearing her prayers, though at times Marli is concerned about her daughters Earthly ways.

By the age of twenty Marli was a skilled panther healer. Times were changing and a rival band encroached their  territory. Mars mustered all her panthers to fight against the Sa Sang Hrimgar. A fierce tribe  living in the weathered caves of Jorts. At the end of the bloody  fight, the Luna were victorious ,  most of the tribe were killed however , but a few had survived. Marli tended to the wounds on Mars and the others.

Marli rested near the river, then heard a grunt and spun around , Her spear at the ready. It was a Sa Sang Hrimgar , she jumped at Marli and thrust her dagger into her. Marli lost consciousness and awoke in Jorts.  She saw the dark pool of blood beneath her body and the deep gashes on her legs.  She could save Marli’s  life if she wished. Or, could allow her to die.

With a triumphant look on her face she offered Marli a choice , join her band as a healer or die on that very spot in the caves. Marli remembered that Mars always told them that panthers must survive by any means.

Two years passed . Mars had disappeared, yet rumours abounded that ferals now lived in the swamps. Scar had survived somehow and had founded a tribe near the river banks of Ven, she named her tribe Sa Caleeng, daughters of the water.

At the age of twenty two Marli owned two slaves , the first  her name was Shi.  Her second slave was Nala.

In her  early childhood Marli had known shi as the Tor and elder in the Luna Jerag. She had been the one Marli had sought advice from when certain things troubled her youthful mind. In retrospect , her roughness and matter of fact ways were endearing qualities. Though not always appreciated by some in the tribe. How different shi became when the fire of servitude started to burn in hear heart. Kneeling at Marli’s feet she has become the inspiration to the camp slaves. Aided in her duties by the second girl.

Nala didn’t serve Marli long , when one winter the Askari raided the swamps they took sweet nala , had her serve the men in the village and then they killed her mercilessly.

Returning from a successful raid Marli had proven myself a worthy sister, eyes were no longer tracking her every move. She packed her belongings and travelled to Ven , joining with Scar and telling her stories about the Luna Jerag now led by a feral girl.  The Sa Caleeng was a small tribe and they agreed that they needed to grow to survive.  The Sa Caleeng under Marli’s leadership now  headed to Lake Ias, in the swamps they were challenged  by wild feral girls. Marli  showed her old  Luna feathers , using her knife she drew the moon circle into the soft earth. The feral leader understood that Marli was claiming the tribe as her own. Twig spoke little as did the other feral girls but Marli felt at home once more.

To honour the Sa Caleeng  Marli named the new tribe Luna Caleeng, meaning  Daughters of the Moons water. And so the stories begin………….

Marli is online from  14:00 SLT.  Marli is a young Panther Girl, living in Lake Ias. Marli became a panther girl in SL Gor around 2010. The period 2009 a time when Marli was still learning about SL Gor and experimenting with roles is OOC , ICly she will not achknowledge that period.  In 2010 she started as healer and later became an elder in Luna Jerag and Sa’ng Suri. As a healer she travelled many places on Gor , sometimes offering her healing services to those in need. She was a panther in Jorts in Sa Sang Hrimgar. She was Chieftess in Sa Caleeng which later merged with Luna Jerag to form Luna Caleeng.

★★Spoiler alert★★

Player’s Name: Marlies Dasmijn

Character’s Name:  Marli

[ syll. marli, marli ] The baby girl name Marli is pronounced MAARLiy . Marli’s origin is Old English. Marli is a form of the English Marlee.  In Gorean it might be spelt Mah lee or Mali 🙂 The meaning of her name on Gor is sparkling eyes.

Gender: Female

Parents and siblings (if applicable):

Shy (mother, deceased)

Leyran (father, deceased)

Feathers (daughter)

Slave(s): Shi & Nala (deceased)

Husband (s): Liam (Marli was raped, whereabouts of Liam is unknown)

Wive (s): none

Position in the Tribe: Chieftess, hunter and healer

Height/Build/Shape of Face: She’s fairly tall and lean, with curved hips and strong legs. Her face is young looking and oval-shaped, with light, rounded cheekbones and a soft, rounded chin.

Eyes: (shape, colour): Almond shaped and slanted, with dark, long lashes and high, hardly visible, arched eyebrows.  Her eye colour is a pale brown with silver flecks, but they practically turn red when she’s angry.

Hair: (style, length, colour): It’s thick,  falling just above her bottom, though half of it is worn up in a Chief’s lock.  There are usually many braids, beads, feathers and shells decorating it.

Clothing: (keeping in mind that it’s mostly warm in the swamps): A brown top,  stitched with thick cotton, decorated with gold embroidered suns and moons along the low-hanging neck.  She also wears low-rise, beige leggings, cross-stitched with thick, black fur along the side that tuck into soft, yet sturdy, knee-high boots. In the winter she wears her goggles , which she stole in Ar from the builders caste.

Weapons: A set of folded spears. Sometimes she’ll carry a simple curved bow, but she prefers to use the small sword. She also has various daggers and cleaning knives.

Jewelry: healing amulet,  she also wears various gold bracelets and rings.

Items of Importance: The healing amulet. Her mentor Sophie passed it down to her.

Tattoos/Scars: At the base of her neck ” SS”  carved by her En Dani during her initiation into Sa’ng Suri. She has a few small scars on her fingers , she is slightly clumsy with the bow and arrow sometimes. She has no birth marks , tats, pierings  or brandings.  She has a few tell tale stretch marks around her lower belly from her pregnancy.

Personality: Overall, she’s loving, patient, over-protective and a great leader.  There is a catch however.  Because she is young, Marli is still learning how to become a better Chief, and with the eye of a perfectionist, she can easily become upset, stubborn and bossy with what she doesn’t understand or finds to be a challenge. With Shi’s advice, she can easily become grounded and reasonable again.  She is quite bold , sometimes this gets her into trouble , as does her temper. When it comes to love, she often spits at the question, because she isn’t ready for such a commitment. She feels it’s better to be lonely than to be hurt. She is affectionate with those around around her , both men and women, but she seeks no permanent companionship. She is vain and obessed with her looks , she can be found staring at herself in the mirror for hours in the privacy of her hut.  She can be very mean to slaves , since she fears that one day she could be enslaved by men.  She is only kind to her own slaves and the slaves in her camp. She is wary of men since she was raped as a young woman, men will have to make an extra effort to get to know her.  When she captures a man in her swamp she will try to scare him, she will put on a tough act,  but she won’t harm him personally, she may ask a sister though.

Likes: Being Chieftess and having the role as the leader, hunting, exploring, learning new skills and understanding concepts, telling stories and just being with her people ❤

Dislikes: Rule breaking, separation, dishonesty, submission, drunkards, pregnancy and periods.

Skills: Leading in general, hunting and using the small sword. She carves notches in her bow for every capture. She has basic reading and writing skills. She is a skilled healer , adept at making poisons and has extensive herbal knowledge. She has delivered babies , removed brands, healed arrow wounds though has no experience with difficult surgeries.  Having lived in the forests most of her life she knows how to hunt small to medium size game, can sew and stitch clothing, can mend her weapons,  has some basic tanning skills, can cook , can sing with an angelic voice ❤

Weaknesses: Committing herself to someone and her plain stubborn attitude towards the unknown. Her vanity and diva behaviour.

Fears: The unknown and that her tribe will be wiped out under her leadership, recognition, getting old, collars, pain & torture and death.

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