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Tribe dinner [Story]

The following story was written by a Luna kajirus.  You can read more about this role in the post  Kajirus [Background info, RP]

After a long day of hunting by him self he looks around to see if any one is home. Not seeing any one he runs back and picks up the large tabuk that he downed.. As he brings it back into the camp he ties a peace of rope around its hind feet and lifts it up in the air and with the other end of the rope and he he ties it to a different tree.  He pulls out his nice and sharp knife and then cuts the throat of the fine tabuk letting the blood drain out so that he can get ready to cook parts of the tabuk.

As the tabuk bleeds out i start on other things like getting the stuff ready to go in the pot like some fresh suls, carrots and peas.  As i clean and sul’s and carrot’s chopping them in bight size bits.  When thats all down i run and get three buckets of water from the stream, I find a pot that is not being used so i clean it and use the water in that wash the blood away from the camp.  Now using the other two buckets i begin to make dinner.

As i clean the tabuk i get a nice size roast out of it as i clean the meat with some water i start seeking out just the right spices to enhance the tabuk roast’s flavor, choosing thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper, he carries the packets back to the roast, rubbing the spices tenderly into it, massaging it in as deeply as he can so the flavors will sink in, setting it aside, he dump in all the sul, carrots and peas into the water first, he then looks and sees the bread he made is still there as he pulls that off the rack he takes his sword and moves the rack from the fire.  He then takes the pot and puts it on a long bar to hold it over the fire, making sure it and the pot will not slip and fall off.

When this is all done he adds more wood to the fire so that the water will boil cooking all the goods inside that is when he will add the meat tell then he puts it on the top shelf to cook it a bit before cutting it up into bite size peaces.  Using a bit more salt, pepper, thyme and honey he make something for Twig and the rest of the feral’s pulling the ribs out i clean them and start to put the goodies on there for the feral’s hoping they will like it.

Seeing the water start to boil he pulls the big peace of meat down and cut it up then adds it to the rest of the food.  As i look in the pot i start to see that everything is mixing good and this should be nice for the Huntress when they get back from there raiding to have some roasted tabuk with carrots, sul’s, pea’s and sweet bread.. Then for the feral’s honey ribs with some sweet bread as well.  Seeing all this good makes him smile but it might draw in some bad people so he goes back to his rock and keeps look out. Ever free time he gets he makes sure to come back and stir and flip the rips.

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Buying a Gorean slave in SL Gor is something a panther may undertake when trading with a slaver. The prices are expressed in coinage. However, a panther would problably trade in furs , forest berries and small game. We take a look at slave papers and show an example of slave papers used in SL Gor.

Collaring [Background info,RP]

Infant Slave: (Cheapest Prices = 2 Tarsk Bits) The most inexpensive of slaves are infants. It is not unusual in the cities for free women to sell their infant daughters into slavery. Some women even do it on a regular basis, as an added form of income. Two tarsk bits is a standard price for an infant. The price could be higher depending on the qualifications of the mother. The women doing actually make a pittance when you consider all of their time and labor. Note: in SL Gor as in SL in general child avatars are frowned upon. So selling an infant slave would only be a roleplay situation , no child avatar would be used. A panther would not buy a child.
▪ FeMale Work Slaves: (Cheap Prices) Inexpensive slaves are female work slaves purchased for public kitchens, laundries, mills, etc. These are the kettle-and-mat girls, the pot girls and other such lowly slaves. These kind of slaves would be found in a panther camp. The price would be 10 rabbits, 10 fish or a large cotton bag filled with wild berries depending on the seasons.
▪ Male Work Slaves: (Low Prices = No more than 1 Silver Tarsk) The next level of slaves are the male work slaves who commonly work on cargo galleys, wharves, fields, and quarries. They are often criminals or war captives. Most male slaves are inexpensive and usually will not garner more than a silver Tarsk. These kind of slaves would be found in a panther camp. The price would be 10 rabbits, 10 fish or a large cotton bag filled with wild berries depending on the seasons.

▪ Basic Trained Slaves: (Moderate Prices) The next general level, the most common type of slave, are the ones who can be used as a pleasure slave. These slaves are not all trained pleasure slaves per se but only slaves for whom part of their duty is to sexually please their owner. Unlikely to be found in a panther camp, however if a panther did trade for one , I suppose a fair price would be good quality larl fur.
▪ Male Silk Slaves: (Good Prices = 4-6 Silver Tarsks) The next level are the male silk slaves, a rare breed on Gor. male silk slaves whom commonly sell for four to six silver Tarsks. A silk slave is a pleasure slave for a free woman. They usually bring higher prices than basic female pleasure slaves only due to their rarity. Most Gorean men make poor silk slaves.  Unlikely to be found in a panther camp , these types of slaves are rare.
▪ Highly trained Slaves: (Expensive Prices) The most expensive slaves though are generally special pleasure slaves, dancers, exotics and passion slaves. These slaves are generally all highly trained. Not found in a panther camp.
A panther healer or slaver can draw up slave papers in SL Gor. In cities a scribe would also sign the slave papers to make them official.  A slave in SL Gor can be asked for papers at any time.
T H I N G S   T O   C O N S I D E R :
“An individual slave’s value increases in value over time because they become used to their slavery and therefore how to serve, pleasure, fur etc…That is why an untrained slave is worth less than a trained one.” 

▪  Slave Previous Caste:
Slaves who were once High Caste generally are worth more than Low Caste ones.

▪  Slave Pierced:
Pierced ears, once a mark of degradation, now also increase a girl’s value.

▪  Slave Age:
If a slave is young when she is initially sold, her value may increase once her body matures into a more womanly figure.

▪  Slave Silk:
On Gor, a white silk (a virgin) is often praised higher then a Red silk (opened), surely not for her experience as pleasure slave, but more as symbolic matters. Untouched, virgin, fresh meat…..

“Cernus smiled. ‘Our Physicians ascertained,’ said he, ‘that she is only a Red Silk Girl.’
‘I scarcely supposed,’ said I, ‘that you would permit a White Silk girl to go alone on the streets of Ar.’
Cernus chuckled. ‘Indeed not,’ he said. ‘The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces.'”
(Book 5, Assassin of Gor, page 45)

” ‘But,’ had said Ute, ‘if a man seizes you, you are not to yield yourself to him, for you are white silk.’
A flash of irritation passed through me. ‘I am charged with the protection of my market value?’ I asked, ironically.
‘Yes,’ said Ute, matter-of-factly. ‘Though I, if I were a man, would pay more for a red-silk girl.’
‘I must do nothing,’ I said, ‘to diminish the investment of Rask of Treve?’
‘That is correct,’ said Ute.
‘What if I am simply seized, and my attacker is not prepared to listen to reason?’ I asked.
Ute laughted. It was the first time I had seen her laugh in the camp. I was pleased I had made her laugh.
‘Cry out,’ said Ute, ‘and the others will take you from him and get him a red-silk girl.’
‘All right,’ I had said.”
(Book 7, Captive of Gor, pages 306 – 307)

▪  Slave Training Level:
 As a girl’s training level and knowledge increases, her value also appreciates. Pleasure slave training and dance training are key elements in raising a girl’s price.

Cernus turned to Caprus, who stood near him.
“Is she trained?” he asked.
“No,” said Caprus. “She is Red Silk but she knows almost nothing.”?
“Let her be fully trained,” said Cernus to Caprus.
“Fully?” asked Caprus.
“Yes,” said Cernus, “fully.”
Assassin of Gor, pages 47 – 48

▪  Slave Auction House Fame:
The place where you purchase a girl may also affect the price.  The most expensive girls are sold at the Curulean, the most prestigious auction house in Ar.  Slaves desire greatly to be sold there because they are often guaranteed to be sold to a wealthy owner.  A slave girl is seldom sold here for less than two gold tarns.
A beautiful, High Caste woman commonly sells for thirty to fifty gold tarns while a Low Caste woman will sell for half that amount.  Based on the above mentioned Earth conversion rates, a High Caste woman might be sold for up to $1,000,000.  In other auction houses, the slaves would sell for much less.  A gold tarn in such other places might purchase a girl worthy enough for a Ubar’s Pleasure Gardens.

▪  Slave With Previous Free Status:
The most expensive slave would likely be the daughter of a Ubar or even a Ubara herself. In a private sale, she might bring up to 10,000 gold tarns.  In a public sale, where her status was unknown, such a woman might only be worth a few copper tarsks, dependent on their beauty.

▪  Slave Pedigree:
Exotics also get top prices due to their rarity, special abilities or talents.  Passions slaves are one of the more common exotics and they garner high prices.  Exotics such as poison girls or women who are raised never knowing the existance of men would be very expensive commodities.

▪  Slave Auction Participants:
Auctions generally bring the highest prices for girls due to the number of bidders.  An auction brings out the competitive nature of man and can cause girls to be sold for amounts higher than they are worth.

▪  Slave Purple Booths:
Purple booths are also used to girls in private sales though generally only to important or wealthy buyers.  These booths are commonly set within the courtyard of a slaver’s house or at a fair.  In each booth there will be a special slave, one of a slaver’s best.  A potential buyer can examine and try out the girl in the booth and then negotiate a price with the slaver.

▪  Slave Physical Attribute:
Certain physical types also garner higher prices in areas where those physical types are a rarity.  For instance, blue-eyed, blond women are rare in the Tahari region so they are more valuable there.  Other physical types are not so much as rarer but more desired in certain regions.  for example, in Torvaldsland they prefer large breasted women so pay more for them.  In general, and in many areas of Gor, auburn hair increases the value of a Slave.

▪  Slave Upkeep Costs:
Most men cannot afford to own more than one slave at a time.  But, a slave is often a good investment.  As many slaves appreciate in value over time, a man can eventually sell his slave for a profit and either buy a more expensive slave or multiple slaves.  Once you can afford a single slave, you will likely then always be able to own a slave.  A buyer must realise that his costs are not contained to the original price of the slave.  Upkeep costs are constant such as food, clothing, equipment or whatever other items a Slave might require.  Upkeep costs can be closely monitored by the owner though, spending only what he desires.  He could obviously keep a slave naked and feed her only the cheapest foods.  He could on the other hand keep her in fine silks with a jewelled collar.  It is all a matter of personal preference.

▪  Slave Collars: 
In general, slave collars were not made of precious metals and did not have expensive gems on them.  First, few could afford to do that. Second, such items are much more valuable than the slave and would leave her even more tempting to a thief.  Some would feel no compunction with killing a Slave to steal her bejewelled collar.  The few girls that possessed such items were the personal Slaves of the wealthy and those Girls did not wander around a city unaccompanied.

S L A V E   P R I C E   Q U O T E S :

▪General asses rules:
One man might feel a girl is worth only a silver tarsk while someone else might see her as a gold tarn girl.  Slave preferences vary greatly.  Like all other Gorean prices, there are also a multitude of variables involved.

“In a sense a woman is worth as much or as little as someone is willing to pay for her.” (Magicians of Gor, p.338)

    There are dozens of references in the novels to the prices of slaves.  The prices range from a copper tarsk to many gold tarns.  A mere list of these references is not that useful due to the great variation involved in such pricing.  Luckily, an analysis of the references does indicate some general guidelines. Other girls may be sold for set prices at a slaver’s house.

“The third woman cried out with anger, shaking her shackles. She was well curved, and diet and exercise could much improve her. I thought she might bring as much as sixty copper tarsks in a market. If that were so, and the inn sold her for that much, they would have made then, as I recalled, some twenty-five copper tarsks on her.”
(Renegades of Gor  pg(s) 42-43)

“Too, Miles of Argentum had speculated that I might bring as much as even a silver tarsk in a market. Was it then because I was free? Were Gorean men spoiled for free women by those collared, curvaceous little sluts they had crawling about their feet, desperately eager to please them?”
(Kajira of Gor  pg(s) 114)

“The general class of slave will affect one’s price.” 
(Fighting Slave of Gor. p.163-165)
gives some useful guidelines in this area. 

“I scarcely supposed,” said I, “that you would permit a White Silk girl to go alone on the streets of Ar”
    Cernus chuckled. “Indeed not,” he said. “The risk is too much, sometimes as much as ten gold pieces.”
(Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 45)

Elizabeth regarded the free woman. “Well,” she said, “you are rather beautiful, aren’t you?”
    The free woman stopped wailing. “Do you think so?” she asked.
    “Twenty gold pieces, I’d say,” appraised Elizabeth.
    “I’d give twenty-three,” said one of the men watching, the same fellow whom Elizabeth had slapped.
    In fury the free woman turned about and slapped him again, it not being his day in Ko-ro-ba.
    “What do you think?” asked Elizabeth of the cringing slave girl.
    “Oh, I would not know,” she said, “I am only a poor girl of Tyros.”
    “That is your misfortune,” said Elizabeth. “What is your name?”
    “Rena,” said she, “if it pleases Mistress.”
    “It will do,” said Elizabeth. “Now what do you think?”
    “Rena?” asked the girl.
    “Yes,” snapped Elizabeth. “Perhaps you are a dull-witted slave?”
    The girl smiled. “I would say twenty-five gold pieces,” she said.
    Elizabeth, with the others, inspected the free girl. “Yes,” said Elizabeth, “Rena, I think you’re right.” Then she looked at the free girl. “What is your name, Wench?” she demanded.
    The girl blushed. “Relia,” she said. Then she looked at the slave girl. “Do you really think I would bring so high a price Relia?”
(Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 73-7)

“Kneel to the whip,” he said. I obeyed. I put my head down, and, beneath my body, crossed my wrists, as though they were bound. My back was bowed, ready for whatever punishment he might see fit to administer to me. I was in consternation. I trembled. Could I be still a slave girl? Could he be serious? Was it his intention to keep me still as a slave?
    Surely not. Surely not!
    “I would not wish you to take a loss on her,” he was saying to the auctioneer. “Here is something which may cover the cost of the miserable little slave.”
    I heard a pouch, heavy, filled with metal, strike heavily on the smoothed beams of the surface of the block.
    “The gratitude of the house, Master!” cried the auctioneer. He untied the strings of the pouch and, crying out with pleasure, spilled coins of gold to the woods. Swiftly he sorted the coins, expertly. “There are a hundred tarn disks of gold here!” he cried.
    The crowd roared its approval.”
(Slave Girl of Gor  pg(s) 435-438)
“Slavery, for example, marvelously, subtly, tends to bring out the beauty in a woman. Many women, after a year or two in bondage, become so beautiful that they can double or triple their price.” (Players of Gor, p.23) 

▪  Slave Rental:
“To rent a slave for a quarter Ah in Ar costs one copper.”
(Assassin of Gor, p.156)

“I gestured to the two girls with the free woman. One of them slightly lowered her veil.
    “I will pay well for the use of one of these slaves,” I said to the free woman.
    “They are my personal slaves,” she said.
    “I will give a silver tarsk for the brief use of one, either that you might indicate,” I said.
    The warriors looked at one another. The offer was quite generous. It was unlikely that either of the girls would bring so much on the block.”
(Beasts of Gor  pg(s) 114-115)

▪  Slave Boarding: 
“To board a slave costs a copper tarsk a day and training would cost extra.”
(Tribesman of Gor, p.53)

▪  Slave Manuals: 
“These books on the feeding, care and training of slaves are relatively inexpensive.”
(Maurauders of Gor, p.144)

▪  Branding:
“It costs a copper tarsk to brand a slave.”
(Explorers of Gor, p.74) 
“A Metal Worker was given a silver tarsk for two brands and to saw off a metal collar.  He was very pleased with the payment.” (Beasts of Gor, p.137)

▪  Slave Locker: 
“It costs a tarsk bit to use a slave locker.  You put your coin into a machine and receive a key to the locker.  You can then leave your slave girl here and lock it.”
(Magicians of Gor, p.67)

▪  Bath Girl: 
“The cost for a bath girl with vary depending on the quality of the bath and the quality of the bath girl.  The cost generally ranges from a copper to silver tarsk for their use.”
(Assassin of Gor, p.160-1)

“I cost one tarsk. Nela was an expensive girl, thought there were pools where the girls cost as much as a silver tarn disk. The tarsk is a silver coin, worth forty copper tarn disks. All the girls in the Pool of Blue Flowers cost the same, except novices in training who would go for ten or fifteen copper tarn disks. There were dozens of pools in the vast, spreading Capacian Baths. In some of the larger pools the girls went as cheaply as one copper tarn disk. For the fee one was entitled to use the girl as he wished for as long as he wished, his use of course, limited by the hours of the pool’s closing.”
(Assassin of Gor  pg(s) 158-166)

▪  Brothel: 
“The prices of brothels depends on the quality of the place.  There are cheap tarsk bit places but also very expensive brothels.  A common price would be a copper tarsk, the same amount you would pay at a paga tavern.”
(Mercenaries of Gor, p.312)

“I rose to my feet and placed two copper tarsks on the table. I went to the girl and, with the side of my foot, kicked her, “Get to the alcove,” I told her.”
(Rogue of Gor  pg(s) 13)

▪  Camp Slaves (likely be a Copper Tarsk or less): 
“These are girls owned by merchants who hold contracts to supply girls to soldiers.  They rent the girls to the soldiers for a fixed fee, usually a very nominal amount.”
(Kajira of Gor, p.193)

▪  Coin Girl:
“These slaves go out into the streets at neck seeking to earn money for their use, generally only a tarsk bit.  The money is placed into a small locked box.  Satisfaction is guaranteed or you can get your money back from the girl’s owner.”
(Rogue of Gor, p.89-90, 234-5)

source: http://darkangel-gor.over-blog.com/categorie-11358268.html



Slave Papers ~ cyn ~~~~~~~~~~

Avatar name: cynthia Czarny Avatar skills:

Optional Picture:

General ~~~~~~

Slave name: cyn

Sex: female

Silk Status: red silk

Place of Birth: earth

Previous slave names:

Current owner:1234dls30 Resident (Duncan Fraser)

Previous owners: Raasay Gas of Tafa

Bill of Sale if Available:

Date of initial enslavement: in Turmus, 11/01/2011

History: Having permission to travel she came to Turmus to get her sister back and the Head Slaver Duncan captured her as well.

Medical & Physical ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Physician check: Done in Turmus by Elena Dreamscape 2011-11-01

Slave wine taken: full dose given 2011-11-01

Stablization Shots: I: done 2011-11-01 II: done 2011-11-02 III: done 2011-11-03 IV: done 2011-11-04

Hair colour: black

Eye colour: brown

Weight: 43 Stones

Height: 59 Horts tall

Age: 18

Virginity: open

Tributes ~~~~~~

Skills & Training:

Drink Service:



Literate or illiterate:

Attitude: pleasant , polite

Type of brand: kef brand left tight

Pierced Ears: earing

Any other Piercings: not yet

Back story Optional:


Name and Seal of Owner I certify the information above is correct (date) (name) (seal)

Name and Seal of Certifying Slaver This document has been properly prepared and is in accordance with the laws of City (date) (name) (seal)

Name and Seal of City Scribe Entered into the records of City (name) (seal)

Name and Seal of City Physican Entered into the records of Turmus on 11/01/2011 By: SirDragon Dreamscape, Head Physician of Turmus

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We  discuss the open collar and how it works in Secondlife Gor. In roleplay a free woman is collared and whipped by a panther, the many types of collar are discussed. Most importantly for us panther girls , we want to know how to remove a collar….I know , many panthers have a magic lock pick, but lets get realistic ❤

 “I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.”  Said Marli to her sister. Her normally soft features turned hard as she spoke. “If we are one like the sleen pack, we win always.” She added, then pointed at the figure that approached from the early morning mists. A   Free Woman is  captured and enslaved by a panther.

[05:09] Marli looks the girl over, having just removed her from the slave pens, her mother had been a pretty free woman, so was her daughter, she would learn the harshness of slavery , she walked around the girl her whip in her hand as she appraised the slave
[05:11] Kimberly looks at the woman as she walks around me with a whip in hand, wishing so bad to return to my father..”why am i here, and dressed as this..I will never be a slave, my mother was a fool to accept such things..now let me go, and return my colthing..I will never submit to you or anyone”
[05:13] Marli runs the back of her black whip down the girls legs, she grins hearing the girls petty plea, she pushes the whip close to the girls heat, noticing a slight shiver, she chuckles “you are already sensitive to the slightest touch of my whip…girl”

[05:16] Kimberly gives a sharp look of anger..”I don’t know what to say, I am still pure down there, perhaps anything to touch me there would make me shiver and shake as i am starting to…I will never submit, and no one will ever have me..now lets save you the trouble, and perhaps my Father will pay you for My safe return”
[05:17] Marli runs her fingers through the girls long dark hair like she would any common slave, but this one was a beauty and her spirit would be broken, she had seen and heard this many times, at first there would be resistance, in the end the girl would kiss her whip, begging for it in fact
[05:18] Kimberly looks around for a possible escape..as I grow fully awakened..looking down i see slave cloth on myself, and feel the weight of something heavy..”A collar, and camisk…never take these off of Me..and let me go..” as i set my body to be prepared to run and try to get away.
[05:22] Marli faces the girl, she roughly makes her face her with the blunt edge of her whip, she looks at the girl with deep emotionless eyes “I have bought you from the slavers house…three silver tarsks…..i care nothing of your Father or of your past…” she pulls on the camisk “You are dressed a slave, deep inside you is the mind of a slave….I will find it”
[05:24] Kimberly shivers abit as i worry what will happen, seeing no emotion or anything comming from her eyes..”please i will do anything please just let me go..you say three silver tarsks..I will get you a slave worth a gold tarn anything just please let me go”.
[05:29] Marli doesn’t reveal any emotion as she notices the girls shiver, she leans forward, running her finger along the thick collar “Silly girl, you have been sold to a taluna tribe, we have no need for slaves worth a gold tarsk, naye, you are perfect for our needs” she grins running the whip down the girls youthfull breasts as she catches a glimpse underneath the thin silken material
[05:31] Kimberly shivers again, a strange but pleasent sensation coursing through my body at the touches..i flinch a little, and try to pull away..having begged and pleaded, but getting no where i look to try to escape..thinking best to do so now then later
[05:34] Marli roughly grabs the girls arm, she attaches a leash to the girls collar, the slave bell chimes as the girl struggles, but she is no match for a strong willed and athletic taluna, she pulls on the leash leading her to the whipping post, saying nothing as she begins to bind her using the ropes from around her waist

[05:37] Kimberly starts to struggle and pull against the post..growing more afraid..”let me off of here, i did nothing to you..why would you tie me here and keep me..for what reason could you want me?

[05:39] Marli firmly secures the girl to the post using thick ropes, she takes the leash off and attaches it to her belt , she removes her whip , it uncurls as it reaches the ground she walks to the girls side so she can see it , she waits to see the girls response

[05:40] Kimberly : “No put that away..don’t hit me with it, I have seen what it does to those girls..please my skin is so beautiul, just cut away this cloth and see, just please don’t hurt me”

[05:42] Marli grins placing the whip back on her hip, she reaches down for her sharp knive, she skilllfully removes the girls camisk . watching it drop slowly to her feet

[05:44] Kimberly gasps and takes a deep breathe as those thin clothes are removed from me, standing here nude for all to see, i start to cry..”ohh thank you for not hitting me..please take off this collar, and help me find my clothing..ohh thank you”

[05:45] Marli smiles to herself seeing the pretty rounded figure of the girl, she was indeed of good stock, the slaver had an excellent eye, she listens to the girls plea, oh how familiar it sounded to her ears

[05:46] Kimberly : please what will it take, I will never submit, i have nothing now except my virtue..the only thing i have left is between my legs, my pure untouched heat..is that what it will take, me offering my body for your furs, to be allowed release?

[05:49] Marli places her knife back in its sheath, she waits a moment, her right hand reaching for the whip once more, with a low thud the tip drops to the rocky ground, she walks behind the girl ,she touches the girls ass with the the edge of her whip, letting her feel it on her bare skin, she still says nothing , waiting and watching
[05:50] Kimberly jumps in fear as the whip touches my rear, my body nearly hugging the pole as i try to get away from it..”please say something please what will it take to not feel that on my beautiful body?”

[05:52] Marli lets the whip slide slowly down the girls hind legs, she leans forward, her warm breath in the girls ear “you are my property , my slut, you offer your heat but you are already mine”
[05:53] slave Modan blinks, regaining his senses, looks around disorientated

[05:54] Kimberly tries to move away..not wanting to be here anymore..”no I will never be fully yours, and I will never give you all of me sure, you can beat me here, but i will close my legs, and never let them open and I promise I will run at first chance I get

[05:57] Marli sees the slave awaken in the cell, but ignores him, she will attend to him later, she hears the girl “You will be whipped into submission, when you try and escape you will be whipped again and harshly, if you do not please me or my sisters we will beat you” pauses a moment “foolish girl, try and escape a second time and i will personally hamstring you and make you my coin slut”

[06:00] Kimberly whimpers and stops struggling the woman having great skill with knots and rope..i let myself hang here, speaking softly..”do as you wish, just please don’t hamstring me..please i don’t wish to lose the ability to walk or stand

[06:02] Marli steps back the whip trialing on the ground, she moves four paces from the girl, an ideal whipping distance , she speaks in a low voice “feel the sting of my first strike….remember it….know what it means to be whipped by a taluna”

[06:02] Kimberly screams out, as She hits me..”please OWWW! please stop!”

[06:04] Marli lets the whips drop to the floor , she hears the girl cry , she calls out “Adress me as Mistress”

[06:05] Marli her heart already filling with hate, as she hated all free women, how she despised them , she would make this girl know , feel to be a slave in every bone
[06:06] Kimberly screams out..”NEVER, just please no more with the whip..I will never call you that!”

[06:08] Marli eyes filled with hatred , even more determined to break this girl and have her wriggle and serve at her feet, her arm reaches back and with all her anger focused in her strike she whips the girl brutally and harshly, seeing the whip marks deep, the blood trickling down the girls back

[06:10] Kimberly starts to scream more and more harshly..the whip breaking through my skin and the blood trickling down my back..i start to believe thise woman will not stop till i utter the word She longs to hear..having had many harsh strikes..”please no more M M M istress!” i scream out..as I can barely take much more.

[06:12] Marli let the whip drop to the ground , she grins with some satisfaction “Good girl…you are learning …”
[06:14] Marli walks to the crate, finding a rep cloth she soaks it in the bowl of water, normally used for captives after a harsh beating, she walks to the girl holding the moist rep cloth , she offers it to the girls mouth

[06:18] Marli looks deeply in the girls eyes , letting her know her determination “Mistress …..will cut you down now…you will be allowed to rest in the slave pens”

OpenCollar is a Second Life™ open-sourced project that strives to create a fully open-sourced submission collar for use in the Second Life ™ virtual metaverse environment. This wiki is where the documentation for the project is developed and stored. OpenCollar (OC) is a set of scripts for a D/s collar similar to other scripted collars in Second Life. Unlike the other collars, however, OpenCollar is open source. You are free to copy and redistribute the OC scripts, provided that you leave them full perms. Read the entire OpenCollar License in the notecard accompanying the scripts. The OpenCollar architecture is plugin-based, allowing for new features to be added in the future.

Features not found in other collars include:

  • menu-driven support for the Restrained Love Viewer (formerly Restrained Life Viewer), usually referred to as RLV
  • ability to automatically punish a sub for saying any word from a list you specify
  • optional group control, in addition to control by owners and secondary owners (secowners)
  • menu-driven color and texture settings
  • automatic updates
  • online database settings that survive script resets and are automatically transferred if/when the collar is updated
  • best of all, free open-source code! source: http://code.google.com/p/opencollar/wiki/UsersGuide

“Collar!” I said. Eta frowned. “Ko-lar,” she repeated, again indicating the neck band of steel fashioned on her throat. “ko-lar,” I said carefully following her pronunciation”
~Slave Girl of Gor, page 81~

Turian Collar:

The Turian collar lies loosely on the girl, a round ring; it fits so loosely that, when grasped in a mans fist, the girl can turn within it; the common Gorean collar, on the other hand, is flat, snugly fitting steel band. Both collars lock in the back, behind the the girls neck. The Turian collar is more difficult to engrave, but it, like the flat collar, will bear some legend assuring that the girl, if found, will be promptly returned to her Master
Nomads of Gor, p. 19

Message Collar:

A high leather collar which a contains a message sewn within it. Normally the recipient would also keep the slave as a gift.

Kamchak and I regarded one another. “Did you note the collar she wore?” I asked. He had not seemed to show much interest in the high, thick leather collar that the girl had had sewn about her neck. “Of course,” he said. “I myself,” I said, “have never seen such a collar.” “It is a message collar,” said Kamchak. “Inside the leather, sewn within, will be a message.”
Nomads of Gor, p. 40

Northern Collar

The Northern collar is flat black metal, literally riveted on with a hammer, it is normally unmarked and is used in Torvaldsland and surrounding areas.

“Look up at me,” said the smith. The slender, blond girl, tears in her eyes, looked up at him. He opened the hinged collar of black iron, about a half inch in height. He put it about her throat. It also contained a welded ring, suitable for the attachment of a chain. “Put your head beside the anvil,” he said. He took her hair, and threw it forward, and thrust her neck against the left side of the anvil. Over the anvil lay the joining ends of the two pieces of the collar. The inside of the collar was separated by a quarter of an inch from her neck. I saw the fine hairs on the back of her neck. On one part of the collar are two, small, flat, thick rings. On the other is a single such ring. These rings, when the wings of the collar are joined, are aligned, those on one wing on top and bottom, that on the other in the center. They fit closely together, one on top of the other. The holes in each, about three-eighths of an inch in diameter, too, of course, are perfectly aligned. The smith, with his thumbs, forcibly, pushed a metal rivet through the three holes. The rivet fits snugly. “Do not move your head, Bond-maid,” said the smith. Then, with great blows of the iron hammer, he riveted the iron collar about her throat.A man then pulled her by the hair from the anvil and threw her to one side. She lay there weeping, a naked bond-maid, marked and collared.
Marauders of Gor, p. 105-106

Kur Collar

A high, locking, leather collar which is used to identify Kur slaves

“She approached me. From my pouch I drew forth a leather Kur collar, with its lock, and sewn in leather, its large, rounded ring. “What is it?” she asked apprehensively, I took it behind her neck, and then, closing it about her throat, thrust the large, flattish bolt, snapping it, into the locking breech. The two edges of metal, bordered by the leather, fitted closely together. The collar is some three inches in height. The girl must keep her chin up. “It is the collar of a Kur cow,” I told her.”
Marauders of Gor, p. 322-323

Lock Collar

A slave collar normally for a female slave, which locks in the back. The key would be kept by her Owner. Most locks are six pin or six disk locks, one pin or disk for each letter of the word kajira.

“A small, heavy lock on a girl’s slave collar, incidentally, may be of several varieties, but almost all are cylinder locks, either of the pin or disk variety. In a girl’s collar lock there would be either six pins or six disks, on each, it is said, for each letter in the Gorean word for slave, Kajira ”
Assassin of Gor, p. 51

Dance Collar

A collar to which light-weight chain has been attached in order to set off the dancer; a common type consists of a large oval of chain , to which wrist cuffs are attached; once the two sides of the oval have been attached to a ring on the collar; there are variations depending on the region.

“A wrist ring was fastened on her right wrist. The long, slender, gleaming chain was fastened to this and, looping down and up, ascended gracefully to a wide chain ring on her collar, through which it freely passed, thence descending, looping down, and ascending, looping up, gracefully, to the left wrist ring. If she were to stand quietly, the palms of her hands on her thighs, the lower portions of the chain, those two dangling loops, would have been about at the level of her kneels, just a little higher. The higher portion of the chain, of course, would be at the collar loop ”
Kajira of Gor, p. 143

Capture Collar

The capture Collar is a loop of chain controlled by two wooden handles so that it is easy to block off the slave’s air supply as a measure of control.

“I looked in the rear-view mirror, terrified. About my throat, closely looped, was a narrow golden chain. It was controlled by two narrow wooden handles, in his hands “It was a girl-capture chain,” I said “It is to be distinqued from the standard garrote, which is armed with wire and can cut a throat easily. The standard garrote, of course, is impractical for captures, for the victim, in even a reflexive movement, might cut her own throat.”
Savages of Gor p. 180

Cord Collar

A light cord tied about the slave’s throat with a small disk hanging from it which identifies the name of the Owner. This type of collar is used in the Delta where metal can only be traded for.

“On some rence islands I have heard, incidentally, that the men have revolted, and enslaved their women. These are usually kept in cord collars, with small disks attached to them, indicating the names of their masters.”
Vagabonds of Gor, p. 341

Coffle Collar

A slave collar with a ring upon it to thread chain through, the chain is either a permanent attachment or removable depending on the amount of slaves in the coffle.

The collars had front and back rings, were hinged on the right and locked on the left. This is a familiar form of coffle collar. The lengths of chain between the collars were about three to four feet long. Some were attached to the collar rings by the links themselves, opened and then reclosed about the rings, and some of them were fastened to the collar rings by snap rings. Another common form of coffle collar has its hinge in the front and closes behind the back of the neck, like the common slave collar. It has a single collar ring, usually on the right, through which, usually, a single chain is strung. Girls are spaced on such a chain, usually, by snap rings.
Savages of Gor, p. 135

Plate Collar

A plate collar is used most often on male slaves or untrained female slaves. It is hammered onto the throat and only a metal worker can remove it.

“I could see the heavy metal collar hammered about the man’s neck, not uncommon in a male slave. His head would have been placed across the anvil, and the metal curved about his neck with great blows.”
Hunters of Gor, p. 13

Plank Collar

A plank collar is used on slave benches. It is a heavy wooden plank with five semicircular openings, when the plank is lifted it provides holding collars for five slaves. The plank is then chained down.

The primary holding arrangement for women on the benches, however, are not chains. Each place on the bench is fitted with ankle and wrist stocks, and for each bench there is a plank collar, a plank which opens horizontally, each half of which contains five matching, semicircular openings, which, when it is set on pinions, closed, and chained in place, provides thusly five sturdy, wooden enclosures for the small, lovely throats of women. The plank is thick and thus the girl’s chins are held high. The plank is further reinforced between each girl with a narrowly curved iron band, the open ends of which are pierced; this is slid tight in its slots, in its metal retainers, about the boards, and secured in place with a four-inch metal pin, which may or may not be locked in place.
Savages of Gor, p. 60

Shipping Collar

A shipping collar is a temporary collar used to identify the slave as part of the cargo of a particular ship.

“What sort of collar do you wear?” “A shipping collar, Master. It shows that I am a portion of the cargo of the Palms of Schendi.”
Explorers of Gor, p. 79

Collar Sleeve

A sleeve made out of cloth of some type which goes around the collar and normally would match the outfit the slave is wearing. Used only in some cities.

I reached out, timidly, towards her throat. I touched the object there. “What is this?” I asked. “The silk?” she asked. “That is a collar stocking, or a collar sleeve. They may be made of many different materials. In a cooler climate they are sometimes of velvet. In most cities they are not used.”
Kajira of Gor, p. 46

How to remove a collar on a Panther girl

No magic lock picks , no disney Gor , just facts and qoutes:

“Remove the collar immediately,” commanded Kamras, plenipotentiary of Phanius Turmus, Administrator of Turia.
Kamchak smiled. “It seems,” he said, “that I have forgotten the key.”
“Send for one of the Caste of Metal Workers!” cried Saphrar.

“I will send for one of the metal workers tonight,” he said, “and we will get this collar and tag off your neck. Then, afterward, we will see that you are chained. And, in the morning, when we leave, I will put you in the coffle.”
Prize of Gor   Book 27   Page 374

In a few minutes a fellow in the black and gray of the metal workers appeared and removed her collar, with the attached tag. He then made use of her, briefly, and then freed her from the trestle. She was then, held bent over, in common leading position, her head at his hip, taken back about the tent and chained for the night.
Prize of Gor   Book 27   Page 375

Unless you can find a metal worker , black smith or thief , the only valid way to remove a collar is to ask a sister in the tribe with lock picking experience , for example the sister who emotes the lockpicking lines on each raid , or who is adept at stealing. Asking a random panther to remove the collar is …..just disney.

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We  explain what a kajira is, explore kajira emotes and serves, look at example of slave papers,  I hope you find it useful, as a tribe we value your roleplay ❤

Kajira is the term for female slave or “slave-girl” in John Norman‘s Gor novels. Slaves in the Gorean lifestyle will refer to themselves as kajirae. The phrase “la kajira” is said to mean “I am a slave-girl.” in the Gorean language, the most widely-spoken lingua franca in the known regions of the planet Gor (this is one of the few complete Gorean-language sentences given in the Gor novels).

“I’d rather die on my feet, than live on my knees.”  Said Marli to her sister. Her normally soft features turned hard as she spoke. “If we are one like the sleen pack, we win always.” She added, then pointed at the figure that approached from the early morning mists.  The man hails to the panthers and foolishly believes the Luna would sell pepper back to him.

[08:36] Daman yells to the hill.. “I came to trade for my girl Pepper”

[08:37] Marli looks down at the two figures standing below the hill , she cups her hands “Who are you ? and who is pepper?”

[08:39] Marli cups her hands and shouts again “who are you ? who is pepper?”
[08:40] Daman: I am Daman, the slave trader of KoRoBa. She is my property, i “acquired” here several days ago. She came from here. I come to retrieve her and will even give some consideration”

[08:41] Marli shouts: “I am Marli, Chieftress of Luna Caleeng, any slave that is found in these swamps becomes MY property”

[08:42] Sandy : troubles en /

[08:42] Marli : aye…..two city folk claiming one of our slaves
[08:43] Daman shouts: She was “acquired” by me, but I would consider selling her back to you. Or I will give you a small pouch of kanda, just as a gesture of good will” * grins broadly

[08:44] Sandy : he wants to give us kanda ?

[08:45] Marli laughs ” what does this pepper look like? we have captured so many slaves of late…….perhaps she is worth much more than mere kanda ”

[08:45] Marli : aye….but pepper is our slave ….she is not for sale

[08:46] Daman shouts: She is somewhat shy,, Has red hair, and in fact I have a sketch of her.

[08:47] Marli shouts: “you may leave the sketch at our trading post at the edge of the swamp…..”

[08:48] Daman shouts: Where is the trading post perhaps you can send a slave to show me?

[08:49] Marli shouts: “follow this arrow to the south west”

[08:50] Marli shouts: “the Luna Caleeng flag is clearly visible”
[08:50] Daman shouts: Thats inconvenient, sent a slut to direct me. You should have some to spare.

[08:51] Sandy : couldnt be more begging for a arrow if he was his knees

[08:51] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[08:51] Marli shouts: “you are testing my patience slaver …..leave your sketch at the trade post”

[08:52] Marli : he has this last chance…..or we fire our arrows
[08:52] Daman shouts: And you are not being very hospitible. I will wander around, * grumbless

 What is a kajira?

Kajira is the term for female slave or “slave-girl” in John Norman‘s Gor novels. Slaves in the Gorean lifestyle will refer to themselves as kajirae. The phrase “la kajira” is said to mean “I am a slave-girl.” in the Gorean language, the most widely-spoken lingua franca in the known regions of the planet Gor (this is one of the few complete Gorean-language sentences given in the Gor novels).

The word is usually seen in the feminine form “kajira” (pl. “kajirae”), as most slaves in the Gorean lifestyle are female; the masculine forms are “kajirus” and “kajiri” (following the rules of Latin nominative adjective morphology, as seen also with words such as “alumnus”/”alumna”, etc.). The construction “kajiras” is incorrect, but is occasionally seen in third-party writing.

There exist various techniques in Gorean culture to teach Gorean slaves corresponding conduct. Slave tasks may include not only sexual slavery, but also the ability to maintain a household, possess artistic skills, wear an appealing outfit and address the master in certain manner. Gorean slave women are branded, which means they are marked with certain signs burned into the flesh on being enslaved. To mark a slave as a particular owner’s property, a collar with the owner’s name is placed upon the slave (male and female slaves are collared.).source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kajira

A panther healer or slaver can draw up slave papers in SL Gor. In cities a scribe would also sign the slave papers to make them official.  A slave in SL Gor can be asked for papers at any time. 

______________ Official Approved Slave Papers _____________

Slave name :Kailla

Owner : Sa’ng Suri Talunas Collaring Date : 04/08/2011

Collaring : Land of Srimgar

Silk Status : red silk unrestricted

Opened : 11/12/2010

Branded : 12/25/2010

Slave wine Taken : yes on 04/12/2011

Serum Taken: yes full dosage on 04/12/2011

Protectors : Sa’ng Suri Talunas

Restrictions : none, may be disciplined by any free, but severe issues must be refered to her tribe

Permissions : restricted to stay in the Srimgar lands , unless given permission



Eyes : deep, big, bright, shining, sharp, soft, beautiful, expressive, glistening, innocent, shimmering, seductive, dancing, dull, surprised, sad, angry, furious, flashing, etc. describe the colour, lashes, emotion within, cast

Mouth : sweet, kissable, inviting, delicious, full, pouty, soft, thin, succulent, moist, luscious, etc. describe the colour, shape, moisture, teeth, emotion betrayed

Hair : lustrous, long, soft, length, shining, curling, wild, straight, silky, tousled, mussed, etc. describe the colour, fall, movement, quality, texture

Skin : soft, smooth, tan, pale, naked, touchable, radiant, flawless, satiny, silky, flushed, moist, hot, cool, warm, flaky, velvety, creamy, etc. describe colour, texture, quality, amount shown, tone

Curves: seductive, voluptuous, shapely, soft, naked, curvaceous, sculpted, exquisite, rounded, angled, pert, dainty, etc. describe the specific body part

Senses: see, hear, feel, taste, touch, ascertain, savour, observe, scent, etc. describe visibility, skill, meaning, type of thing sensed

Emotions : joy, sadness, anger, delight, happiness, wonder, awe, sorrow, pained, sullen, displeased, amused, charmed, enchanted, jaded, distracted, engrossed, absorbed, worried, puzzled, confused, etc. describe amount, reason, result

Actions : laugh, smile, frown, pout, giggle, walk, kneel, glide, flow, run, wave, wink, grin, kick, lift, whisper, purr, rock, shift, wiggle, etc. describe speed, reason, result, quality

Beautiful: admirable, alluring, angelic, appealing, beauteous, bewitching, charming, classy, comely, cute, dazzling, delicate, delightful, divine, elegant, enticing, excellent, exquisite, fair, fascinating, fine, foxy, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, handsome, ideal, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, nice, pleasing, pretty, pulchritudinous, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, sightly, splendid, statuesque, stunning, sublime, superb, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, wonderful

Handsome: admirable, Adonis, aristocratic, athletic, august, beautiful, becoming, clean-cut, comely, dapper, elegant, fair, fashionable, fine, good-looking, graceful, hunk, impressive, lovely, majestic, muscular, noble, personable, pulchritudinous, robust, sharp, slick, smart, smooth, spruce, stately, strong, stylish, tuna, virile, well-dressed, well-proportioned

Thin: attenuate, attenuated, bean pole, beanstalk, bony, cadaverous, delicate, emaciated, ethereal, featherweight, fine, fragile, gangling, gangly, gaunt, haggard, lank, lanky, lean, lightweight, meager, narrow, peaked, pinched, pole, puny, rangy, rarefied, rawboned, reedy, rickety, scraggy, scrawny, shadow, shriveled, skeletal, skinny, slender, slight, slim, slinky, small, spare, spindly, stalky, starved, stick, stilt, subtle, threadlike, twiggy, twiglike, undernourished, underweight, wan, wasted, wizened

Delicate: dainty, diaphanous, ethereal, flimsy, fragile, frail, frivolous, illusory, imaginary, immaterial, intangible, light, rare, rarefied, tenuous, willowy, vaporous, visionary, volatile, weightless


Blue…azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sapphire, teal, turquoise, ultramarine

Red… blood, blooming, blush, brick, burgundy, cardinal, carmine, cerise, cherry, chestnut, claret, copper, coral, crimson, fuchsia, garnet, geranium, magenta, maroon, pink, puce, rose, roseate, rosy, rubicund, ruby, ruddy, russet, rust, salmon, sanguine, scarlet, terra cotta, titian, vermeil, vermilion, wine

Brown…amber, auburn, bay, beige, bister, brick, bronze, buff, burnt sienna, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, copper, drab, dust, ecru, fawn, ginger, hazel, henna, khaki, mahogany, nut, ochre, puce, russet, rust, sepia, snuff-colored, sorrel, tan, tawny, terra-cotta, toast, umber

Black…atramentous, brunet, charcoal, clouded, coal, dingy, dusky, ebon, ebony, inklike, jet, livid, melanoid, murky, nigrescent, nigrous, obsidian, onyx, piceous, pitch, pitch-dark, raven, sable, shadowy, slate, somber, sombre, sooty

Blond…chalky, colorless, creamy, faded, fair-haired, fair-skinned, flaxen-haired, light, milky, neutral, pale, pale-faced, pallid, pearly, sallow, silvery, snowy, tow-haired, tow-headed, white, whitish


***Chores are to be done by slave no matter their status being personally Owned or not. Each slave is to do two chores a week, they are to be done in the room as r/p and then posted to the appropriate place in message board. Every slave should check the chore boards to see what chores have been done already before starting a chore. Do not wait to be told what chores need doing, take the initiative and look for yourself. Following is a list of some of the more common chores. you may do at least one chore from this list every week, but if you have an idea for another feel free to do as your second choice for the week. Just remember when doing chores be descriptive and have fun. This is great practice for your training.***

Daily Meals are to be prepared.

Breads are made when needed: ingred. flour, sugar, sa-tarna grains, and salt, butter, and bosk milk. Mix all ingredients then roll out into ball shapes, flattening and place on baking pans, cover and set in oven over fires..keep an eye on them so they dont burn. Same recipe for blackbread, only using dark grains instead.

Blackwyne: made as needed. Clean the kettle, then collect fresh beans from the tin in the serving wagon, place them in a straining cloth, crush the beans with a big stone, tieing the cloth up into a pouch with binding fibre. Add to the kettle of fresh water and put on the fire to brew.

Animals: tended to, fed and watered as well as bosk milked and vulo eggs collected.

Furs: Furs are to be kept clean. They should be washed once a week, but should be beaten of dust and brushed everyday. There should never be a dirty fur for a Free to sit on

The Kitchen: The kitchen is to be kept clean at all times. All dishes should be done, doesn’t look good for visitors to come and see dirty dishes around. When washing and drying dishes check for flaws, if any are found discard of the dish immediately. The floor is to be swept and mopped, and counters kept clean.

The Pantry and cold room: Keep check on supplies. Keep the stock rotated, Discard any spoilt foods from cold room into slop bucket and feed to animals.

The Chambers: All Free Chambers are to be cleaned, fresh linens once a week. Floors are to be swept and mopped. Fresh flowers are to be placed in a vase on the nightstand.

Main Room: Is to be kept clean at all times, pick up and dishes that have been left and take to kitchen for cleaning. Dust all the furniture with clean cloth, sweep and mop floors.

Hearth: The hearth needs to be completely cleaned out once a week. Get steel bucket from storage shed and scoop out any debris in hearth into bucket then discard at the rubbish pile behind shed. Then set the hearth back up with new wood and get firing going. Make sure the wood bin is full of wood also.

Laundry: laundry should be done at least twice a week unless needed more frequently. Boil water in a kettle on the fire, then add cool water as needed adding soap flakes, have a lukewarm bucket of water for rinsing, then squeeze out excess water before hanging to dry on the line strung.

Raking Dance Pit: Check the sand pit for anything that may harm feet. Inspect the pole to make sure it is smooth and free of splinters. Oil and polish the pole.

Tending Gardens: Both vegetable and flower gardens need to be tended to once a week. Pick weeds and water as needed. Gather what ever vegetables are ready to be picked and harvested.

Making Butter: Skim off the cream from the milk, pour it into the butter churn and then pump the handle up and down, this will move the paddle inside the churn and make butter, you will feel the mixture become thick and it will be harder to move the handle, eventually you will feel a ball of butter inside the churn. Take the butter and press it into a mold and put in the cold room.

Making Cheese: The first step in cheese making is to let the milk sit to warm to room temperature and leave undistrubed until a solid curd is formed. The curd must then be drained through a clean rep cloth to remove all the whey. The cheese can then be molded and shaped for storage, salt can be added at this time. Wrap the cheese in another clean rep cloth and hang to dry in the pantry.

Refilling lamps: There are lamps around the Home, they should be kept full at all times. The extra oil is kept in the pantry. Also each Chamber has a lamp that needs to be kept filled.

Making candles: Take animal fat, boil it down in a kettle and add lamp oil (can use scented oils and/or colorings) till it is evenly mixed wtih the fat. Let it cool some and then pour into molds of various shapes and sizes setting the wick in the center. Hold wick in place with the end of the wick bent over a stick which is laying across the top of the mold. Set aside to harden.

Making soap: Animal fat mixed with water in a kettle, adding a lil bit of lye crystals. Be careful with the lye. Too much will cause the mixture to boil out of control and be harmful. Take a stick and stir the mix to determine consistency. If the liquid is too watery, you added to much lye… if it’s too sticky too much water. The perfect consitency is like a thick batter mixture. Pour into special soap trays or molds and let cool. (For scented or colored soaps use flower water or add a lil scented oil and or fruit or dyes.)

Med kits: Make sure med kits are always fully stocked. Should have at least 10 kanda leaves in a small pouch. A jar of kanda salve, make sure there are at least 6 clean rep cloths, at least 10 rolled up bandages. Suture kit, containing; a packet with 10 pre-threaded suturing needles. A flask of diluted paga for cleaning and a flask of full strength paga for pain relief.

Making kanda salve: Grind the kanda until fine then boil the kanda in water with bosk lard until the mixture thickens slightly; pour into small vials(jars), placing a cloth over the opening of the jar/vial to strain out any bits of the leaves; allow to cool and thicken(harden). Store most of the vials in the pantry.

Making bandages: Find rags in good shape (don’t use the silk ones), wash them, then rip them into long strips before boiling them to sterilize them,dry them and then roll them up and store them in medical bags in the pantry.

Cleaning game: Remove the horns or antlers and put them in the storage wagon for later. Seek permission to use a knife, then proceed to skin the animal carefully, keeping the hide in one piece. Start by hanging the animal by its back legs. Cut up and through the hide on the inside of the hind legs. Make a circular cut around the joint of each leg. With the sharp point and blade of a knife, skin out the hindquarters. Saw off the hind legs below the joints. Slice down the belly towards the neck. Grab the hide and pull-much of it will peel right off. In spots where the hide sticks, skin with the knife. Cut off the tail. Cut along the insides of the front legs and skin them out. Pull and skin the hide down over the animals head. Store the hide in the storage shed to be cured. The bladders are to be saved to make botas. Boil them in water, then leave to dry. The meat can then be cut into roasts, steaks, etc., and stored in the cold room.

Curing skins: Clean them of any fleshy debris by scraping with a sharp rock or knife after getting permission. Then stake them out in the sun for a couple of days. Once completely dried rub the hide with a stick or rock until it is soft and smooth. With other hides, you remove the fur by scraping it away with a shell or knife after getting permission then rub both sides until soft and smooth. Then hang the hides in the storage shed until they are needed for leather work.

Making botas: Botas are made from animal bladders. They are stored in the storage shed and should already have been sterilized. Rub the surface carefully with a rock or blunt stick until it is soft and pliable. Be careful not to rip the skin as you work. A horned stopper or a cork will need to be carved as well. Get permission to use a knife to carve with. This will be used to fit in the opening to keep the botas from spilling. A leather strap for hanging upon hooks needs to be sewn upon it as well. The bota can then be decorated with dyes or paints.

Making Mead: In a large kettle pour 4 quarts of honey, 2 cups of yellow sugar, and 2 gallons of fresh clean water. Bring to a slow boil. Stirring constantly, letting it boil for about 20 mins. then remove carefully from the heat. Add 1 yeast cake and 1 jar of mead spices. Stir in 3 gallons chilled clean water and two pitchers of tospit juice. Ladle the mixture into the cask, making sure to leave the tap hole open then place the cask in the back of the storage shed for at least 3 months to ferment.

Making slavewine: First, you must gather sip root. Then steep it in kalana for a long time. Make sure not to use the better kalana for this. Stir often and watch it carefully so it does not burn. It is then cooled and stored in botas or bottles. Make sure to clearly mark what it is and store in the pantry.

Making kalana or paga: In a barrel that has been cut in half, place a basket of kalana fruit. Bring a bucket full of water to the barrel to wash your feet. Stepping in the barrel, crush the fruit with your feet, after all the fruit is crushed, step out rinsing your feet. Now the fruit needs to be strained through repcloths. After it’s all strained, add some yeast and sugar. One cake of yeast and 3 cups of sugar per basket of fruit. Stir slowly till all the yeast is dissolved. Pour the juice into a wine barrel in the back of the storage wagon. After it ferments for about a month or so, ladle it into bottles, add a cork and seal with wax. Kalana is made from the fruit of the kalana, paga comes from grain, and sul paga is made from sul and is not made here. A bottle or two of sul paga is kept on hand for visitors. Basically the processes for making all three are similar. All of these are added to some sugar and allowed to ferment for a month or so.

Example of Paga Serve

The serve  below is constructed by  akasha and is her own work, adapted to a panther camp setting. Please give credit to akasha.akasha arising like a siren from the deepest blue, pressing herself up to full height, soft crimson silks falling about her slender form, tiny bare feet pad the ground gracefully making swift path to the One who holds her precious heart with tender graspAkasha stopping three steps before the Huntress , sweet blue eyed gaze dips to the floor, a soft smile playing across ruby lips, ‘may this girl approach You Huntress’

Akasha Hearing Her response,  silken form melts to the ground, tender lily white thighs touch the cold earth and spread wide, making home for delicate upturned wrists to lay, pert breasts fighting hard against their silken prison, tender bottom settles back onto her ankles, eyes lower taking gentle roam on the Huntresses feline legs a soft whisper emits from blush lips ‘may this girl offer You service this fine day Huntress’

Akasha smiles gleefully onto herself, eyes twinkling with joy at Her choice, ‘ai Huntress  a kantharos of paga it shalt be’ pushing herself forward onto her hands, arises softly and gracefully, taking three steps back from Her presence in respect

Akasha turning on the spot, silks spread showing a seductive flash of exposed firm young thighs beneath, tall sender form, moves slowly forward swaying with the beauty and fragile softness of a leaf blowing in springs cool breeze, light blonde curls ripple upon her shoulders, moving gently stroking her shoulders with each seductive step

Akasha looking back over her shoulder at the servery, elflike features scanning the camp stealing one last furtive glance and smiling broad before entering the servery’s sweet warmth,reaching high onto the top most cupboard, silks rising to reveal a tempting glance of milky hot slave heat beneath,

Akasha taking in her hands the heavy thick handles of a kantharos, holding firmly her soft girlish fingers lost to its mighty and powerful size, laying the kantharos down onto the table before her, moving elegantly over to the warming stones, bending to lifting the heavy skin covered bota of paga, lifting the thick strap over dainty shoulders, fragile body almost bucking under the weight of the warm liquid within

Akasha the warmth of the animal skin against hers and the knowledge of what this drink can do to a panther girl, sends sweet arousal sharp as a lightning bolt deep within her slave belly and lower still, closing her eyes for a second letting the crashing waves of sweet arousal rush though every inch of her being,

Akasaha heated slave petals sparkling with the touch of hot honey under her silks, moans quietly in desperate lust as the strap torments tender hardened nipples , sauntering with rhythmic sway back into the camp, passionate blue eyes no more than lustful slits, rosebud lips dry of all moisture breathe coming in hot gentle waves of unspent lust

Akasha though trying to remain untouched and elegant her body betrays every inch of her desperate need as though screaming forth a silent plea for passionate release, stopping three paces before the Huntress, voice steeped in lust asks ‘may this girl approach and make good her service Huntress’

Akasaha melting onto painfully parted thighs silks ruffle up in betrayal displaying her hot moist sex onto watchful eyes, moans and shudders softly as crisp fresh air flows over her sweet exposure, kneeling upwards placing the kantharos beneath her ripe heat, pulling the stopper firmly from the neck of the bota with her teeth

Akasha harsh heady tastes hit her tongue, scents of the strong brew, making her gasp shocked at the potency of the drink, letting a steady flow of warm liquid flow down her shoulders, washing over the valley between her breasts, causing warmth further more to fill her desperate needy body

Akasha fiery liquid running in a fast heady stream over firm flat stomach, down over her heat and between parted sex lips, mixing and sweetening with glorious juices that pool there, moans, arching her back, throwing back her head like an unashamed sex slut as the heady strong liquid burns passions hot and fast into her very soul

Askasha heated slave sweetened paga steadily fills the kantharos, as girl hits the point of nirvana, spilling jets of lust into the awaiting bowl below her, with trembling hands recorks the paga bag, taking in shaking hands the handles of the kantharos, taking up to her mouth the sweetened trophy, sweet lips kiss passionately upon the rim, eyes close for a second in hot lust

Akasha eyes scan the floor, arms reach forward, huskily voice laced with arousal whispers ‘may this drink and girl who has served it give You many a pleasure Huntress’ panting softly that she be honored to have been allowed to serve Her this day

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Slaver [Background info,RP]

We discuss the role of slaver and how to keep slaves happy…..I love the sound of a leather whip cracking across some bare ass…..lolz

Ideas for roleplaying with slaves

This is a list of Quick ideas, remember a girl is there to roleplay and enjoy it, if you just send her away to roleplay on her own, you will quickly make her time miserable….involve her in large Roleplay, get her in chores where she will have fun, with you or with more people. Put yourself in her situation and ask yourself if you would enjoy doing the chore you are about to give her. BE CREATIVE and remember she is there to please you, but remember you are there to also help her to feel happy.

Quick ideas:

*Boot polishing – it is very gorean to have a Mistress command a slave to clean Her boots with her mouth and tongue. Using her hair to polish and dry them.

*Use a girls hair as a napkin

*Place a cup on a girls head, make her hold it there while you converse without spilling it

*Test a girl on her paces..whip her if she gets it wrong.

*Make a girl give you a foot bath or foot massage

*Give her laundry to do, have her mend your socks, have her put a hem in your gown

*Have her go and collect vulo eggs in a basket

*Try to use a girl for a messenger (rather than using IMs)

*Use a girl for your caste – just be sure it is interactive, dont send her away to play by herself but involve her. For example, merchant – tell her to unload cargo – watch and whip her if she is too slow. Physician – have her scrub the floor – scold her if she misses a spot. Scribe – toss a bunch of crumpled up scrolls to her and make her roll them up and sort them. Warrior – take a girl for target practice or try to down her from your tarn

*Make her demonstrate postions and describe what they are used for or command her into different positons and test her knowledge

*Quiz her and teach her

*Have a girl dance for you

*Take a bath stinky! Red silks can give baths and massage

*Ask for a massage – it doesn’t have to be sexual..even a hand massage is nice or rubbing at the temples

*Have her sew up a rip in your panties, while you are still wearing them!

*Try to involve the environment around you – if you are in a relaxed setting and trying to think of something to involve a girl in look around you. If you are outside the kennel on the bench tell her to get a bucket of lemon water and wipe the benches down, have her pull weeds, have her climb the tree in search of a birds nest or fruit.

*If you have several slaves tell them they need to gather together and they have 5 minutes to figure out how to entertain the free.

*Ask her about her history. Many slaves have seen much of Gor and have interesting tales.

*Put slaves in competition with each other, who can dance better? who can serve faster? make them broom fight each other.

*Take a genuine interest – because a girl is a slave does not mean she is brainless. Some of these girls are extremely smart, she might even have some ideas to help you out with a problem.

*Make the slaves race each other up and down the camp. The winner gets a special prize

*Make her tell you a story

*Ask if she has an musical instruments to play a tune for you

*Have her brush and comb your hair

There are all just a couple quick ideas..it is all up to your imagination on how you can play with slaves. Remember, slaves are here to roleplay too, try to involve them rather than sending them away, engage them and have some fun!

Marli looked in her leather pouch . Silver tarsks had been stolen from a passing caravan. The tanner in the camp needed  blades and  tools. Marli disguised as a Free Woman travels to a nearby village , accompanied by slaves to carry the supplies she will buy from the merchants. Whilst in the village they rest in a tea room , Marli enjoys the serve.

[16:21]  Liza: tal free to all who have entered
[16:22]  rana dropped to her knees once she entered the newly built tea room and motions to many of the comfy cushions that were scattered about, “Can I get you anything from the kitchen Mistress?”
[16:22]  pepper kneels behind her Mistress and admires the tea house
[16:23]  Bratilicious than grabs the footed bowl and gazed again the Mistress that was pretty quiet, she grabbed a board to place some grapes and cheese too as she was guessing with such long trip the Mistress should be hungry aswell, she smiled to the new arrival and drops the board on the counter, walking on her tippy toes to the fireplit and choosing the more warmest bota of paga she could find in it, she wipe the bota and returned to the counter again
[16:23]  Marli glances over and replies “some hot water please”
[16:23]  Bratilicious places the bota of paga on the board and carefully she grabs it and returns next to the Mistress in her gorgeous walk
[16:24]  Marli looked in her leather purse and placed a copper on the table , she assumed that would be enough , then she looked in her medical backpack for some herbs she would add to the boiling water
[16:25]  rana nods politely to the lovely Mistress, ‘Of course Mistress.” she leaned forward and pressed her hands into the grain of the planks and pushed up to a standing position, pleased with herself she managed it graceful enough and then made her way into the kitchen to fetch the hot water Mistress requested.

[16:26]  Bratilicious kneeled in front of the lovely Mistress and setted aside the board on the dark fluffy rug, she uncork the bota with her teeth and smiles to the woman “i brought u some grapes and cheese too Mistress” she says with her gracious voice as she was filling the footed bowl with the paga
[16:26]  pepper grins as her Mistress rummages around for her herbs “thank you again for bringing me on your trip to get more supplies . I have been missing the south since you bought me”
[16:27]  rana walked into the new built kitchen for the first time, getting a sense of where things were before picking up a kettle from the hearth and checking it before she poured out the bit of black wine left in the bottom, she then rinsed it thoroughly before adding clean, fresh water to the kettle and poising it over the fire to allow the water to boil.
[16:27]  Liza smiles sweetly. Reaches in her coat pocket and pulls out a few copper coins and whispers, “Ty child this is for ur trouble” She winks at the girl and sticks out her hand at her with a wink.
[16:28]  Bratilicious recork the bota and setted on the corner of the board and lifted the bowl to her heart, turns it to the hands and lower her head offering it to the Mistress “i hope you find the paga pleasing Mistress as it was pleasing for 18 to serve you”
[16:29]  rana moved to the other counter where several vessels lined the shelves, she took down a mug and wiped it with a rep cloth, checking it for nicks along the rim, finding the vessel was sound, she cradled it in her hands and shuffled over to the kettle.
[16:29]  Marli nods at pepper as she prepared the mixture of herbs and places them carefully in a cotton pouch, which she would use to dip in the hot water
[16:29]  Liza smiles and grabs the cut taking a small sip. As she swallows it warms down in her heart. “It is wonderful girl, ty. When i am done here i would like a tour of this fine city. Who might arrange that?”
[16:30]  Bratilicious looks to the woman eyed than turned her gaze to the others on thetearoom, she wasnt sure she could accept it but in a fastly movement she grabs the coin and smile bright to the woman “thank you Mistress this girl is really gratefull” she whispers lowerly and tries to hide it under her bandage
[16:30]  rana noted the steam rising from the kettle and used the rep cloth to pick up the kettle, pouring the steamy water into the cup, she set the kettle down and held the cup with both hands, keeping an eye on the liquid so it did not spill as she moved across the floor.

[16:31]  Bratilicious smiles to the amazing woman sitted so gorgeously in front of her “oh Mistress if you allow, 18 can give you a tour” she says sweetly
[16:31]  ranaknelt down close to the Mistress with a warm smile upon her lips, the mug of hot water was offered to her as she spoke, “Your hot water Mistress.”
[16:31]  Liza: “oh that would be wonderful ty”
[16:32]  Liza drinks some more taga and eats a couple of grapes

[16:32]  Marli turns and smiles briefly at the pretty slave that had brought her the hot water “thank you ” she then dipped the pouch with herbs into the steaming water and watched it a few moments
[16:33]  Bratilicious nods with a grin on her face amazed with that stranger with hiden face, she remained in silence letting her enjoy the drink and food and tried to look under her mask and imagine how amazing her features were

[16:34]  rana lays her hands in her lap as the mug was now firmly grasp by the Mistress, she watched as the pouch of herbs was dipped into the water, changing it to a light brown color, “Most welcome Mistress, if it pleases you, I shall keep an eye out for the Mistress to return and send her your way if you like.” 

Slave weekly chores: I want all chores *notecarded and sent to me*

1. cleaning cages and captive area…sweeping, scrubbing cages, washing furrs inside cages, cleaning off racks etc…checking the locks on the cages assuring they arent loose or damaged along with anything else you see fit to clean. 2. Laundry: go to each huntresses hut/caves and pick up dirty furrs/clothing that needs to be washed…this includes the healers hut and the servery as well..any cloths etc… 3. weekly vegtables need to be gathered from the garden…also the garden needs to be watered and tended to by ALL slaves…how can we eat if our garden dies? Make sure to pick any and all weeds from the garden as well. keep our garden beautiful. 4. Milking the bosk: we need fresh bosk milk weekly .. PERIOD 5.  Honey and berrie gathering: there are many berrie bushes in the northern divide and as spring approaches we will want fresh pies being baked..also honey always goes well with our mead and other drinks..it is always good to have honey! Dont hesitate to gather some up..but be careful of the bees ;P 6.Keeping the servery well stocked and clean: NO dirty dishes laying around or soiled foods….make sure to restock as needed with what is needed from the storage down in the caves. 7. Cooking: As our huntresses hunt and battle we grow appetites…dont hesitate to cook up some stew or bread or anything for that matter…it is the slaves job to feed and cater to the free…This includes maybe brewing fresh blackwine daily to be kept on the hearth..as many huntresses prefer this specific drink. Also gathering fresh water and making sure some is stored in the chilla. Make sure the spices are stocked as well..and if you see we are low on certain ones…well then go out and gather them from the lands. I will be helping in any cooking and serving issues any of you have. I will hold a class once a week for you all that need it. A notice will be sent. 8.Landscaping: it is important to keep our camp looking nice…plant flowers around the camp and look after them…gather falling leaves..pick weeds…whatever you see that needs to be done. 9.Practicing with your weapons: yes this indeed is a chore that is needed most defenitely. When our camp is attacked it is good to have slaves that can ateast aim and help with the battles. Everyone counts…a slave that simply stands there as the camp is being raided is UNEXCEPTABLE. If you do not have weapons or do not know how to use them then you will be trained accordingly either by myself or another huntress. 10.Meat: as we bring in bosks,tarsks.vulos etc..they need to be plucked cleaned and stored accordingly. ALWAYS ask permission before using sharp knives or daggers to cutt the meat…forgetting to do so will result in punishment. 11. Baths: Offering your services to the huntresses for relaxing baths is always welcomed…It is also a way to bond more and initiate rp. Offer to help a huntress relax more…Im sure it will make for fun. 🙂

These are some chores that i see need to be done weekly…there is plenty of slaves to fufill these duties…If anyone has any suggestions on more chores they think need to be done feel free to nc them to me and i will add them to the list. I expect to recieve these chores rp’s nc’d to me from ALL slaves…Laziness will NOT be tolerated. We need to keep this camp well oiled like a machine and it takes dedicated slaves to do so. You are ALL important to this tribe. Have fun with it 😀 It can be fun if YOU make it happen 🙂 SLAVER~~~ Mistress Delicious vella 

below an example from the Sa’ng Suri SLAVE MANUAL

This manual is intended for all slaves of the tribe and can be used as a reference and/or an informational resource.


***Personal  slaves***

Personal slaves may be corrected and punished by any in the tribe and the owner  will be notifed. Personal slaves are expected to serve Sisters of the tribe when their owner is not around or if their owner offers their service when present so it is required that all slaves personnal and tribal camp slaves either take serving classes or test out of serving classes.  All non proby slaves are required to help give camp tours to new proby slaves and new cubs.

***Proby slaves***

New slaves will be given the probationary slave tag.  A lot of people show up at our gates wanting to be our slaves just because we are panthers.  Once a slave has proven themselves (just as a cub must prove herself to become a full sister), they will get a full slave tag.   In order to get out of the proby group you must prove yourself worthy by taking classes or testing out of classes and making an effort to be in camp and serving the free. Proby slaves cannot be moved to full slave before a period of a week without the approval of an En.

It is customary in Gor that new slaves are required to earn certain priveleges such as travelling freely and wearing silks or getting nicer clothes. Proby slaves are forbidden from traveling without their owner, an En, or the first bond with them. After you get out of proby status your travel restrictions will be based on your owners desires. If a proby slave has to go ooc to deal with something off gor or to shop if needed,that will be permitted, however you can NOT leave the ooc area you went to and rp with someone. you need to come directly home, ask for a tp because In character you never left camp.

***Tribal slaves ***

Slaves can be collared personally or to the tribe.  A sister who captures a slave has the choice of giving them a personal collar or a tribal collar. Slaves collared to the tribe belong to the Ens of the tribe, but may be collared by a sister later with approval and permission of an En.  A cub can own a slave they bring to camp when they join, or own a slave they capture but camp slaves will not be allowed to be collared by a cub until the cub becomes a full sister.

Camp slaves must be a full slave to be collared by a sister. Proby slaves that are camp slaves will not transfered to a sister until they pass their tests and probationary period. An En may require a waiting period before approving transfer of a camp slave to a sister. During this time she may put the slave under the protection of a sister that wishes to own the slave.

All tribal slaves are unrestricted from travel so long as they leave a message on the tree of where they are going and are also unrestricted sexually though exceptions can be made. All non proby slaves are required to help give camp tours to new proby slaves and new cubs.

*** Unwilling/Force collared slaves***

Only willing slaves can be added to the group and put into classes right away. Unwillingly forced collared slaves are to be treated as caps for 3 days at which time the Slaver or first bond can add them to the proby group. If you are a forced collared slave or know of one that wishes to stay before the three days are up as a permanent slave, please inform the Slaver or first bond as exceptions can be made to this on a case by case basis. This rule is to prevent those who are just rping capture and plan to escape from wasting our time or energy for training when it wont benefit our home.

CHORES ALL slaves are required to do chores.  Serving your owner or other Huntresses of the camp does not count towards chores! However please remember that chores are to be done in an rp setting, do not write a document up and turn it in, this is done to enhance roleplaying, not take away from it!  The exception to turning in chores is if we are having a contest on who can do the most creative/best chore.


ALL personally owned, tribal owned, and those who are in proby status i.e. any slave who calls our camp home are required to take serving classes with the first bond. If you feel you are capable of serving and do not wish to take the classes on serving or other basic gor info, you can send an IM to caelan Kira and take a test that if passed will exempt you from all serving and basic position classes.

However this does NOT exempt you from evading capture clases  and  binding and aiding class. These  classes are still required as they are pertinent to the camp life here specifically. The tribe sometimes has to rescue slaves and slaves should be willing to learn a few skills to help in raids and to avoid being captured if possible. It is important to remember that a slave that is not properly trained may be at risk when traveling throughout Gor.



Until both the aiding and binding and evading capture classes are taken, you must hide immedietely at the first sing of a raid.  This is to keep you from breaking tribal laws as well as sim rules. We dont want a raid we are winning to be invalid.  you will learn what is permitted during raids in those classes. However, you should know right up front that  No slave shall fire upon a Free unless the raider has made it into camp and there are no free downed


In your duties as a slave you will come into contact with alot of different peoples both Free and slaves.  You should be polite and greet them kindly.  The Gorean word for greeting is “Tal”.  This may be used or you may simply use “Greetings”.  There is an order to which you will greet  to show the proper respect in the proper order of society on Gor.

Firstly, greet your owner, unless you are already in their company.  This should be done by saying “Greetings my Mistress” or “tal my Mistress”.  Then greet the En by saying tal Chieftess. Then greet all Panthers .  This should be done with “Greetings Huntress or Greetings Mistress”

If you are outside of camp, you woud greet any Men who are around with tal Masters, then the women who are not panthers with tal Mistresses Then you may greet the slaves.  Remember to greet the first bond first, then the other slaves of the camp. They  are your brothers and sisters and you may greet them as such.   PUNISHMENTS

Yes, you may be corrected or punished.  This may be for doing something incorrectly or simply for the pleasure of your owner.  Remember, punishment is not meant to done with hatred or cruelty.  They do it to make you stronger and more beautiful because they care about you and your development as their property.  No private slave is exempt from any punishment, princesses will have their tiara smashed.

You cannot punish me!” she cried. “You are not my masters!” “Any free person can punish an errant slave girl,” I said. “Surely you do not think that her behavior fails to be subject to supervision and correction as soon as she is out of her Master’s sight?” Magician of Gor, pg 225   SERVING

All slaves are required to offer service to the Free. There are no exemptions to this rule. If you are new, just tell them you are new to gor, and beg mercy for any mistakes they call you out on.  All slaves will go through serving classes with the first bond unless they have passed an oral test with the first bond to become exempt from such classes so that the slaves can better serve the Free of the camp and reflect well on their Owners. Remember, serve with fire and passion!


While we always encourage slaves and owners to work out their problems sometimes this may not be possible. For instance, if the slave is abandoned by their owner. A slave must not have had contact with their owner for a minimum of 14 days to be considered abandoned.


A role of a slave is essential on gor as slavery is a vital part of the culture. The role is quite important one, challenging it might be frustrating at times, but with abit of effort and patience it is a very rewarding one as well behaved and skillful slaves are worth their weight in gold. Upholding a roleplay, sometimes even start it, stimulate people intellectually, and showing your intellectual prowess by writing gorean dances and your serves.  There is a great deal more to being a slave on gor then just sit on your knees with thighs spread as far as they can go.

Knowledge of the books, to perform your duties and enrich the experience of gor on is essential. Read and listen, observe your fellow brothers and sisters. Get to know people as a Role of a slave is the one of the most social experiences.

A slave must unconditionally strive to please their owner in all things.  To do any less would bring dishonor and disgrace to your owner and your chain.  Remember, the word of your owner is law.  Their word and commands take priority over all others.  As long as you follow what your owner tell you, you will always be fine.  Should any Free have a problem with you doing something that your owner has told you to do, be polite and respectfully let them know you are doing as pleases your owner and under their instruction.  DO NOT get into an argument with a Free person, period, at all !!  To do so will bring disgrace to your owner and their homestone, something no kajira or kajirus would ever do.

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We take a look at how to do a branding and types of brands, a roleplay about branding, and most important for us panther girls …..how to remove a brand !

Marli held her spear, she lowered it slowly as the stranger approached. She looked the stranger over, she would look good in a collar , Marli mused to herself .  She had a collar , Marli had a spear. That was the difference between her and this other women, her blood was that of a panther girl. Mother and daughter capture a thief near the swamp entrance. Marli takes this oppertunity to warn other potential thieves. Being rather more evilly inclined that day  , the woman’s earlobe is not notched , she is branded instead.

[05:40] Feathers takes her bow and arrows and hands them to her mother

[05:40] Marli gets some ropes from her belt and hands them to her daughter “here you do the honours and tie her up”

[05:40] Feathers then taking some rop i bind her legs in a tight goreaan knot
[05:41] Feathers: and then double knots them to asure she cant escape

[05:41] Feathers taking more rope i grab her arms and bind them in another tight gorean knot and then double up on the knot assuring no escape

[05:41] Marli: greetings argen

t [05:42] Argent: giggles .. ohh you actually shot something .. greetings mistress

[05:42] Feathers takes the last piece of rop and fassens a collar and leash on her
[05:42] Feathers: me gets some water and splashes it on the girl

[05:42] Feathers: wake up

[05:43] Marli: congratulations on your paga slut my daughter

[05:43] Seever looks up at the skinny blonde coughing from the water

[05:43] Foxie Love: Argent can you be a dear and remove her cloths for me

[05:43] Argent: sighs yes mistressie

[05:43] Seever growls

[05:43] Feathers: why the sigh girl

[05:44] Seever: I dunno. Could be that I’m laying face down in the mud all wrapped up in ropes…

[05:44] Feathers: not you girl i mean the good girl here

[05:44] Feathers: the one whom you will be under very soon

[05:45] Argent: she kneels next to the girl .. slowly tracing her fingures over her bare skin toying a momnt .. shes very soft Mistress …she pulls at the knot that holds her top on and lets it fall to the grass

[05:46] Seever: I’m not that soft, I run enough in the forest.

[05:46] Argent : then a quick swat on her bottom .. just for fun …and pulls off her bow

[05:47] Seever winces at the swat thinking “oh not a good start to my vuolo hunt.”

[05:48] Marli examines the young panthers bow , then slings it over her own shoulder “i want to know who she is and who she belongs too, there are no vulo near a swamp”

[05:48] Argent: three more swats to your bare butt .. it makes your buns jiggle .. she chuckles a bit .. the girl could use a workout i think… then she grips your bottoms jerking then hard and ripping them off you

[05:48] Seever looks shocked amazed that the smaller blonde can seem to read minds

[05:49] Seever glares up at the girl “I get plenty of exercise hunting vuolos, thank you very much.”

[05:50] Argent : girl has finished her task mistressie

[05:50] Feathers gives the girl some chocolate

[05:50] Feathers: yoru a good girl argent -smiles

[05:50] Seever: All these skinny huntresses and girls… must be a drought region.

[05:51] Argent : smiles all xcited ,, taking the chocolate .. munching on it as she serveys the captive ,,, are you going to keep her mistress

[05:51] Feathers gets her dagger out and throws it near the girls head

[05:52] Feathers: see this dagger girl

[05:52] Feathers: this is how you will submit to me

[05:52] Feathers: argent near me please

[05:52] Feathers: this will get ugly

[05:52] Feathers takes the daggerand turns the girl over

[05:52] Seever cringes as the dagger strikes the ground, not at all confident of the blonde’s aim

[05:53] Feathers starts to flip the dagger in the air

[05:53] Seever: How many captives do you disfigure with that stunt?

[05:53] Feathers: you see i have this game girl
[05:53] Argent: quickly looks away at the trees in the swamp

[05:53] Feathers: if the blade falls near yoru sweet flower there i will xxx you with the blade

[05:53] Feathers flips the blade letting her see

[05:54] Feathers: i would submit before it gets messy here

[05:54] Seever bites my lip at the word “Game.”

[05:54] Feathers flips the dagger again letting it land near her thigh

[05:54] Feathers: oh my the blade wins

[05:54] Seever1 looks up at the sadistic blonde with cold fury

[05:55] Feathers gets on her knees and opens the girls flower and brings the blade to her xxx lightly touching them

[05:55] Feathers: now gitl do i xxx you with this of do you submit

[05:55] Argent : grabs feathers leg … pleas no mistress .. she says hopping to stop this ..

[05:55] Seever squirms at the feel of the cold sharp blade thinking this is madness

[05:56] Feathers bends down to the Argent do not worry little one i whisper

[05:56] Feathers: mommy explain to argent what i do so she does nto worry

[05:56] Feathers brings the blade to her thigh back to her xxx

[05:56] Seever: Would you really disfigure your captive this way? No wonder you are all so thin, you ruin their market value.

[05:56] Feathers: tracing her skin

[05:57] Seever bites my lip harder as the blade scratches my thigh
[05:57] Marli shuddered , she knew her daughter had a mean streak when it came to persuading young girls to submit to her

[05:57] Feathers: letting a little blood flow on the blade then I bring the blade to her eyes

[05:58] Feathers: see thsi blood its yours

[05:58] Argent Ansome: rushes to mar’s side totally away from feathers

[05:58] Seever flinches as the blade bites into my skin, then looks away as the blade is broght near my eyes

[05:59] Marli runs her fingers through argents hair, as if to comfort her, she let her daughter continue her game
[06:00] Feathers: mother can you finish?

[06:00] Seever looks to the other blonde, who somehow seems to have seniority, wondering if it is a whole tribe of sadists

[06:01] Seever watches the sadistic blonde run back to camp, hoping it is not to get more torture devices, and breathes out in relief, not realizing how much I’d been holding my breath.

[06:02] Marli watched her daughter head into the swamps and towards the camp , she walked closer to the captive , Marli looked down at her “I suggest you talk and tell me the truth, or my sadistic daughter returns with her playthings”

[06:04] Seever nods “Sure… I’ll talk if will keep your daughter away. And may I say, great job you did with her, very well adjusted.” [06:04] Argent: snickers

[06:06] Seever: What exactly did you want to know?

[06:06] Marli squatted beside the naked panther , she carefully runs her fingers through the womans hair “good , then you understand ” Marli knew her daughter when sober was a sadist, only the paga seemed to calm her down “First, tell me your name and tribe”

[06:10] Seever cringes as the woman leans over, thinking the daughter must have learned from her mother, but relaxes slightly at your touch. “Paga calming someone… first time for everything. Yes, the name’s Selina. And my tribe is the mighty Nar San Tori. A hundred bows strong. I came looking for allies in these lands, and if I do not return I’m sure they will come to claim me.”

[06:11] Argent : start to eat her chocolate again .. as you chat

[06:13] Marli lips curled into a thin smile, she held her finger close to the woman’s main artery on the neck, Marli felt the pulse and could tell if the woman would lie or not “Selina of the Nar San Tori, you come close to my lands and hunt without permission , now you tell me you seek allies ” she smirked “who is your chieftress ?”

[06:16] Seever takes a breath, trying to think fast “What? You don’t know the Nar San Tori? Their story is legend. Everyone knows and fears them, and their fearsome chieftess and you should too for their vengeance will be mighty if you don’t release me.”

[06:18] Marli laughs softly “the legend of your tribe hasnt reached my ears , so now is your chance , tell me of your lands and chieftress , then i shall decide if your tribe is worthy of my attention” she stroked the girls soft peachy left cheek

[06:22] Seever tries not to be distracted by your caressing hand “This place must be more isolated than I thought.The um… Nar San Tori. From the northern lands, if you couldn’t tell from my pale and slightly sunburnt skin. Our chieftess is the deadly Pani.”

[06:24] Argent : gets up and straightens out her outfit .. trying to pull it down a bit as it rides up when she kneels .. then quietly walks away .. as the mistress seems to have things totally undercontroll

[06:26] Marli squeezed the girls cheeks , as she leaned in close to the womans face “your story doesnt add up, I am a Torvie woman from the north, the lands and cold and the women even colder” she peered into the womans eyes “i do not believe your story and that is unfortunate………” she paused “for you”

[06:30] Seever nods, seeing that the story didn’t take and says in a quieter voice “Did I say North? I meant West.”

[06:32] Marli reached for the leash and then stood up “its a short walk to our camp…..time for you to think …and come up with the truth” she glanced down at the woman “…because when we reach the camp , i plan to collar and brand you , unless i am convinced you tell the truth”

[06:33] Seever turns even paler and swallows hard at the thought

[06:34] Sound of water splashes in the distance as someone or something approaches

[06:34] Seever: Can you cut my legs loose? Otherwise there won’t be much of me left after you drag me over every rock in this foresaken land.

[06:37] Marli raised an eyebrow “last chance , so think before you speak, i want to know the truth this time selina ….”

[06:39] Seever nods to the stern woman “The truth is actually stranger than what I just said. You probably won’t believe me. I come from a place so far away it is not on any map, called Urth. I was brought here, but escaped from those who brought me. Since then I have hidden in the forests as I try to survive. Everything else… well you already know I made it up.”

[06:42] Marli dragged the woman down to the primitive dungeon , she glanced over at the cauldren and the branding iron “I have heard of this place, the women are said to make excellent slaves ”

[06:44] Seever: Oh you’ve heard of Urth, that’s a relief — wait, slaves? No!

[06:45] Seever follows your eyes to evil looking cauldron, knowing whatever it is can’t be good

[06:46] Marli: “I am Marli, i have been a panther with Luna . Jorts and Srimgar….now i have claimed the Luna as my own” she tilted her head at the woman ” I am a Chieftress and i know the names of those that are of any importance in the tribal council”

[06:47] Seever looks up to the strong woman, knowing the foolishness of my story muttering quietly “Chieftess… it figures.”

[06:52] Marli checked the branding iron, the ” M ” glowing bright red “so selina , now it is clear to you why i knew you lie, i know the names of all the tribes and their leaders” she held the branding iron close to the womans face , so she could feel the intense heat “I brand my slaves with a M on their left thigh”

[06:54] Seever squirms frantically in the dirt, trying to move away from the heat of the iron “No please don’t do this!”

[06:56] Marli: “I have learned from the best slavers , it will be swift , i promise” she then presses the brand on the left thigh for a few ihn

[06:57] Seever screams in agony, hearing the sound of my own flesh burn, tears in my eyes and not even trying to be stoic

[06:59] Marli hears the scream and removes the iron from the burned flesh, she admires her mark for a moment

[07:02] Marli squats beside the branded woman and wipes her tears , she opens a healing salve jar and applies the salve to the fresh brand “this will prevent infections”

[07:03] Seever cries as much from being enslaved as the intense pain of the wound and snarls “Lucky me.”

[07:08] Marli looked sternly at the girl “I will release you now , you are marked , you will tell others what happened to you , because you hunted in Luna Caleeng lands ”


Branding doesn’t necessarily have to follow a collaring. Many kajirae submit  to a branding at a later date. Where collaring is a serious commitment, branding is the final act of submission and total surrender for a Gorean slave girl. The slave may be released from her collar, she can take on a new name, perhaps too, a new owner. Where as with a brand, binding her to the owner of the brand, it *is* completely forever! A brand is not something one can easily remove. The brand style may vary, from the common slave brands of the cursive Gorean letter K (Kef).

Offline brands, however, are best kept relatively simple, the more complex or intricate the design, the more chance there is of having it turning out to be nothing more than an ugly, indistinguishable blob. A kajira is usually strapped to the branding rack, her arms and legs are then tightly secured, her left thigh is bound securely and firmly, preventing her from the slightest of movements, thus ensuring a good, clean brand.the branding iron would be heated in a brazier, and when glowing red, the slave’s Owner would apply it to the slave’s inner left thigh, pausing it there for a count of three, then quickly withdrawing and lifting it cleanly away. Traditionally, the slave is permitted to scream out loudly once… this is the last time she would be permitted to do so. If there are slave attendants at the branding, they would be instructed to quickly tend to the fresh brand, applying healing salves and any needed dressings. 

Bond-maid Brand

“The brand used by the Forkbeard, found rather frequently in the north, consisted of a half circle, with, at its right tip, adjoining it, a steep, diagonal line. The half circle is about an inch and a quarter in width, and the diagonal line about an inch and a quarter in height. The brand is, like many, asymbolic. In the north, the bond-maid is sometimes referred to as a woman whose belly lies beneath the sword.”
Marauders of Gor, page 87


“my own brand was the “dina”; the dina is a small lovely, multiply petaled flower, short-stemmed, and blooming in a turf of green leaves, usually on the slopes of hills, in the northern temperate zones of Gor; it is and exotic, alien flower; it is also spoken of, in the north, where it grows most frequently, as the slave flower; it was burned into my flesh”
Slave Girl of Gor, page 61


“The standard of the Kassars is that of a scarlet, three-weighted bola, which hands from a lance; the symbolic representation of a bola, three circles joined at the center by lines, is used to mark both their bosk and slaves.”
Nomads of Gor, page 106


“..the standard of the Kataii is a yellow bow, bound across a black lance; their brand is also that of a bow, facing to the left..”
Nomads of Gor, page 106


I had now been branded, a small, graceful mark burned into my left thigh, high, under the hip. It had a vertical bar, a rather strict one, with two curling, frondlike extensions, rather near its base, as though in submission to it. It looked a little like a ‘K.’
Magicians of Gor, page 67


“From the box he then took a small, curved knife and a tiny, cylindrical leather flask. I gritted my teeth, but made no sound. With the small knife he gashed my left thigh, making upon it a small, strange design. He then took a powder, orange in color, from the flask and rubbed it into the wound.”
Explorers of Gor, page 330


“the Paravaci standard is a large banner of jewels beaded on golden wires, forming the head and horns of a bosk its value is incalculable; the Paravaci brand is a symbolic representation of a bosk hed, a semicircle resting on an inverted isoceles triangle”.
Nomads of Gor, page 106


“The street was lined by throngs of Tuchuks and slaves. Among them, too, were soothsayers and haruspexes, and singers and musicians, and, here and there, small peddlers and merchants, of various cities, for such are occasionally permitted by the Tuchuks, who crave their wares, to approach the wagons. Each of these, I was later to learn, wore on his forearm a tiny band, in the form of spreading bosk horns, which guaranteed his passage, at certain seasons, across the plains of the Wagon Peoples. The difficulty, of course, is in first obtaining the brand. If, in the case of a singer, the song is rejected, or in the case of a merchant, his merchandise is rejected, he is slain out of hand. This acceptance brand, of course, carries with it a certain stain of ignominy, suggesting that those who approach the wagons do so as slaves.”
Nomads of Gor, page 34


“I looked at her, puzzled.
“Penalty brands,” she said. “They are tiny, but clearly visible. There are various such brands. There is one for lying, and another for stealing.”
Captive of Gor, page 277


“The theif’s scar in Port Kar is a tiny, three-pronged brand, burned into the face over the right cheekbone. It marks the members of the Cast of Thieves in Port Kar. That is the only city in which, as far as I know, there is a recognized caste for theives.”
Mercenaries of Gor, page 239


“I have never seen a brand of Treve,” I said.
“It is rare,” said Ena, proudly.
“May I see your brand?” I asked. I was curious.
“Of course,” said Ena, and she stood up and, extending her left leg, drew her long, lovely white garment to her hip, revealing her limb.
I gasped.
Incised deeply, precisely, in that slim, lovely, now-bared thigh was a startling mark, beautiful, insolent, dramatically marking that beautiful thigh as that which it now could only be, that of a female slave.
“It is beautiful,” I whispered.
Ena pulled away the clasp at the left shoulder of her garment, dropping it to her ankles.
She was incredibly beautiful.
“Can you read?” she asked.
“No,” I said.
She regarded the brand. “It is the first letter, in cursive script,” she said, “of the name of the city of Treve.”
Captive of Gor, page 277


“the brand of the Tuchuk slave, incidentally, is not the same as that generally used in the cities, which, for girls, is the first letter of the expression Kajira in cursive script, but the sign of the four bosk horns, that of the Tuchuk standard; the brand of the four bosk horns, set in such a manner as to somewhat resemble the letter ‘H’, is only about an inch high; the common Gorean brand, on the other hand, is usually an inch and a half to two inches high”
Nomads of Gor, page 62

 Branding Rack

The girl was brought into the shop and stood in the branding rack, which was then locked on her, holding her upright. The metal worker placed her wrists behind her in the wrist clamps, adjustable, each on their vertical, flat metal bar. He screwed shut the clamps. She winced. He then shackled her feet on the rotating metal platform. “Left thigh or right thigh?” he asked. “Left thigh,” said Ulafi. Slave girls are commonly branded on the left thigh. Sometimes they are branded on the right thigh, or lower left abdomen. The metal worker turned the apparatus, spinning the shaft, with its attached, circular metal platform. The girl’s left thigh now faced us. It was an excellent thigh. It would take the mark well. The metal worker then, with a whell, tightening it, locked the device in place, so that it could not turn.
Explorers of Gor, page 71

Removing a Brand on a Panther girl

There are a number of reasons why a panther girl  would want a brand to be removed. She may have intense emotional distress from being aware she has been branded. If a rival band branded her she will want to have it removed , her sisters might despise and mistrust her if she did not. Everything in a panther girls psyche is about being free, a brand would remind her of past slavery.

The procedure can be done by a panther healer or shaman but is painful and it is better the patient be knocked out for the duration. This will also ensure she stays still.

To complete this procedure you will need the following

Stack of rep cloths, Marigold oil, healing salve, numbing salve, ka la na, tassa powder agrimony compress, green paga, cowslip root tea, sharp sterilized scalpel, gauze, bandages,

Wash hands

Prepare the ka-la-na and tassa powder by pouring some of the ka la na into a small cup then adding the tassa powder(enough tassa powder to ensure the patient stays unconscious during the procedure – don’t want them  waking up on you screaming)

Give the patient the mixture to drink and then prepare a tray with all you need on it to perform the procedure.

Clean the area the brand is with green paga, making sure to clean at least an inch or two clear on all sides

Take the scalpel and make your incision tilting the blade to give you more control of the depth of the incision. Carefully cut around the brand.

Once the skin is removed take the agrimony compress and hold firmly to the wound area firmly to stop bleeding and swelling.

Once the bleeding has stopped spread marigold oil over the wound to prevent the chance of infection.

After this apply some healing salve to hasten healing process and numbing salve to help the pain.

Place soft gauze over the wound and bandage

when the patient awakes give them the cowslip root tea.

After care

Tell the patient to change the bandages everyday using aloe vera gel to help the skin keep its elasticity.

Tell them to return in three days to have the bandages removed and to drink cowslip root tea if in pain

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Kajirus [Background info, RP]

We take a look at the role of kajirus. In the Gor science-fiction novel series by author John Norman, the word kajirus means “male slave” in the Gorean language. First we take a look at some roleplay with male slaves. So what do I like to see in a kajirus ? well looks definitely are important, anyone who says otherwise is probably lying. but what I LOVE in a guy is when they have a lot of respect for women, when they treat me like a PRINCESS, when they’re sensitive and arent afraid to show a soft side to them, when they love their little sisters and mom, being funny is definitely a huge one, and when they’re just extremely nice. I loveee those things and I wish more guys had them……

One of our panthers Meri stands guard near our camp when a Sa Vella slave appears bearing gifts.  Well, actually the message from the new En of En’s…..snickers.  Yes sure, we will deal with that like we do with any demand for tribute.  Arrows any one ?

[07:26] Mark Arun shouts: tal huntress

[07:27] Meri : you talk to me boy?

[07:28] Meri : greetings boy

[07:28] Mark Arun : drops to his knees and clears his throat. “Sorry to disturb huntress but this one is looking for the Sa Cellong tribe. Doe huntress happen to know where to find their camp?”

[07:28] Berick Firelight shouts: you need to teach this thing here some manners

[07:29] Meri : “sa cellong tribe ? i have never heard of them ,are you sure they live in this land?”

[07:29] Mark Arun : Caleeng tribe i mean huntress”

[07:30] Meri studies him”you mean the luna caleeng tribe ?”

[07:31] Mark Arun : Quickly takes a look at the note his Mistress gave him. “Yes huntress, you’re correct. This one has seen so many tribes that i sometimes mixe their names up” he says smiling a nit

[07:32] Meri chuckles “well i belong to that tribe ,what do you want from them boy?”

[07:32] Mark Arun : This one hase been sent by his Mistress, the Sa’Vella EN to deliver a message to the fearless EN of the Luna Caleeng”

[07:33] Meri looks back to the boy “if your mistress allows it ,i can take the message and give it to my En ”

[07:33] Franziska90: greetig boy*

[07:34] Meri watches the two panthers carefully

[07:34] Kitten Rae : spits at the threelegger

[07:34] Mark Arun : My Mistress needs your word You will hand the message to your EN than. It’s a matter of utter importance”

[07:35] Mark Arun : wipes the spit off of his shoulder but concentrates on the Luna Caleeng huntress

[07:35] Meri kept her eyes on the panthers nodding to the boy”excuse me untreses ,do you have issues with me talking ith this boy ,who and why are you here

[07:36] Franziska90: no i have no problem

[07:36] Franziska90: we are traveling only as to

[07:36] Meri : “you are in lake las ,huntresses”

[07:36] Franziska90: ohh there

[07:36] Franziska90: oh thank you, then provide information for them and safe routes

[07:37] Kitten Rae: be well growls

[07:37] Mark Arun : safe paths huntress”

[07:37] Meri returns her blue eyes to the boy “i will give your mistress my word that her message is going to be given to my En ”

[07:40] Mark Arun : Clears his throat again as he knows slaves aren’t suppose to ask his next question. “Terribly sorry but may this one humbly asks the name of the huntress as he has to report to whom he handed her message if it’s not handed to the tribes EN” he asks bowing his head as he knows slaves aren’t suppose to ask any free’s name

[07:42] Meri smiles”my name is Meri ,if your Mistress is Vella ,i think she knows me from before “wasnt upset about him asking her name [07:44] Mark Arun : Smiles as he feels relieved his Mistress seems to be known by the huntress. Grabs the scroll in which his Mistress wrote Her message. “My Mistress is the EN Vella herself, indeed huntress. EN of EN’s, her name whispered in fear by all all over Gor” Moves closer to the huntress and kneels at her feet. Stretches his arms offering the scroll to the huntress

[07:46] Meri takes the message and stuffs it in her belt “i will guard it with my life untill my En returns from her trip”((she is offline atm))

[07:49] Mark Arun : Please be informed that my EN considers this message to be of utter importance. She is very serious about handing it to your EN.” points to his back showing the whipmarks. “She doesn’t like to be disappointed” he adds “And will take her meassures in case it’s not delivered within short notice’

[07:51] Meri nods her head “as soon i see her i will give the scroll to her boy,dont worry ”

[07:52] Mark Arun : Bows his head respectfully. ‘Thank you huntress, i very much appreciate it as first who will be punished will be me, and than probably your tribe”

[07:53] Meri shrugs”you have done your job boy, now its my turn “she pats his head making sure the scroll was safe where she put it [07:53] Mark Arun : “Thank you huntress, safe paths.

[07:54] Meri: safe paths boy

[07:54] Meri began to walk towards the camp

[07:54] Mark Arun : stands, bows his head once more and leaves for the docks 

Marli stood on her familiar hill just outside the swamps. She stood , overlooking the marshes , the wind catching her silken red hair. Her feline sun tanned body gleaming as some sweat pearks ran down her back.  She gathers her spear and walks the 15 pasangs to the Di jan camp. It looked like the Panther girls had transformed another group of hopelessly unsuspecting men to their usual standards of perfection.  Marli  found that  Panther girls are ideal in breaking men in to their slavery quickly, without consideration for any shock to the system it might cause the unfortunate males. In the camp is where a  kajirus tells his tale …………..

[04:26]  Eli: tal boy
[04:26]  Eli: tal marli
[04:26]  Lynx: Tal MIstress
[04:26]  Marli: Tal Eli
[04:26]  Eli: are you well
[04:27]  Lynx: “Tal Mistresses” he says smiling at both women
[04:27]  Marli glances over at the kajirus and nods “greetings ”
[04:27]  Eli: all gor is quiet I believe
[04:28]  Marli: “a good time for the slaves to entertain us then ” she grins
[04:28]  Eli: hihi
[04:29]  Lynx: “How might I be of service Mistresses?”
[04:29]  Eli: I will go back later
[04:29]  Eli: be safe all
[04:29]  Marli: Be safe
[04:30]  Lynx: be safe Mistress
[04:30]  Lynx smiles at Mistress En
[04:30]  Marli looked the kajirus over , a thin smile of approval appearing on her face “Well…you may ompress me witha serve ”
[04:31]  Lynx: “Yes MIstress, it would be my honour. What would you like to drink?”
[04:32]  Marli: “bring me some hot water in a mug ……please kajirus ”
[04:32]  Lynx: “yes MIstress, as you command”
[04:33]  Lynx moves to the servery and looks among the various stacked mugs. In the stack he notices a bright orange mug, with hand carved flowers in the side. Perhaps created by a local artisan. With mug in hand he sets it on the counter and looks for a pot.
[04:35]  Lynx reaches up on his tip toes for a copper pot on the top shelf. The pot looks well used as it has many dents in the side. Places it on the counter and notices it wobbles, and refuses to sit still. Nonetheless, he laddles in a cup of cool water in a nearby bucket of fresh lake water.
[04:36]  Lynx: He then sets the pot on the cooking fire and watches the water come to a boil. Tiny bubbles start to form along the edges of the pot and soon, the pots starts to wobble on the fire as if it were alive.
[04:37]  Lynx: With the nearby rep cloth, he takes the pot off of the fire and pours the hot water into the brightly colour mug, which incidentally is clean and does not need to be wiped.
[04:39]  Lynx brings teh mug to Mistress and kisses the side of the mug with his firm lips. Then rotates the mug almost in the form of an offering and says, “Mistress, your hot cup of water. I hope it will be to your liking and pleasure. Please enjoy!”
[04:42]  Marli watched the rippling muscles as the kajirus extended his arms to offer the mug, Marli nodded in silent approval and took the mug , she took a sip and then spoke softly “thank you slave”
[04:43]  Lynx: “It was an honour and pleasure Mistress”, he said with a smile upon his face as he looked into her eyes
[04:45]  Marli looked down into his eyes , but not too long, after all he was a mere slave , Marli glanced away to the forests “Amuse me more by telling me your story and how you came here ”
[04:46]  Lynx: “Yes MIstress… I am a boy originally from Earth.”
[04:47]  Carrie Jestyr: tallies Marli..greetings boy
[04:48]  Marli: Tal Carrie
[04:48]  Lynx brings teh mug to Mistress and kisses the side of the mug with his firm lips. Then rotates the mug almost in the form of an offering and says, “Mistress, your hot cup of water. I hope it will be to your liking and pleasure. Please enjoy!”
[04:48]  Lynx turns to Mistress Carrie and says “Greetings Mistress”
[04:48]  Carrie Jestyr: tallies Cally
[04:48]  Cally: smiles…Tal Marli…Carrie…..and Lynx !
[04:49]  Lynx: “Tal Mistress”, he said with a smile
[04:49]  Marli: Tal Cally .good to see you you
[04:49]  Cally: smiles yes
[04:49]  Lynx: “Being a man of woodwork I managed to use crude tools found in my cage to create a lock pick. After which I escaped. ”
[04:50]  Lynx: “I started to live off of the land and soon made a bow and arrow. I would travel and find more food. But one day, I went too far and found no food and had travelled long and far.”
[04:50]  Carrie Jestyr: laughs” whats the catch to playing greedy with ya sis?”
[04:51]  Marli listens to the kajirus and his tale , she hadn’t met many men who claimed to be from earth , she found his story more interesting in a way
[04:51]  Cally: laughs …none
[04:52]  Lynx: “I was resting when I seen my Mistress, who offered me food out of her own hand to help me. Though I was aware of gorean law, I told her, I would be committed to her in return for her kindness. She accepted and I became her boy. One of her instructions to me was, to listen and fullfill any request of one of her sisters.”
[04:52]  Carrie Jestyr: I supose I could play it with you later on.. about to eat in few ”
[04:53]  Lynx: “Unlike many slave of gor, I do have a sense of honour, my word and commitment are things this boy values most.”
[04:53]  Lynx: “That is what drives me to be who I am. Not conquest or glory, but honour of commitment.”
[04:54]  Lynx: “I know I am not a pretty kajira, or well versed in serving or all that your kajira offer. But I am firm in heart and mind, and strive to achieve what I have set out to do.”
[04:55]  Lynx: “And well… the rest, that is the present, dear Mistress”
[04:57]  Marli took another sip from her mug , then wiped the moisture from her lips “….you do your Owner great honour by speaking in this fashion” Marli was clearly impressed that the kajirus fullfilled his role in this manner and commitment “…do as you say and your Owner will keep you longer ” Marli knew from experience that uppety slaves where either sold or killed
[04:57]  Carrie Jestyr: okay gotta run.. see ya all
[04:57]  Lynx: “Thank you MIstress.”
[04:58]  Marli: Take care sister
[04:59]  Marli: “your skin is darker than most slaves ” Marli remarked “are all men like this on Earth ?”
[05:00]  Lynx smiles, “No Mistress, we come in different colours and shades”
[05:00]  Lynx: “though on Gor, I have found very few of my complexion”
[05:02]  Lynx watches her sip her hot drink. He feels a cool breeze fall upon his shoulders and it sends a chill along his back.
[05:03]  Marli: “indeed , most are lighter skinned ” she chuckled “I was born a Torvaldslander, unusual for a panther girl I know ” Marli rarely spoke of her background with slaves , clearly Marli had been impressed by the kajirus
[05:04]  Lynx nodded and listened attentively as she spoke. Her voice has a sense of kindness in it.
[05:05]  Lynx: though he did not admit, he had felt lonely at times and hearing a kind voice was a nice change.
[05:06]  Lynx: Having had the trees for friends and the grass as his subjects, it was definitely nice to be among people even though some of them would see him as invisble.
[05:08]  Marli finished from her mug and placed it on the ground , her eyes still roaming over his body , she searched for tell tale whip marks and found none , she knew the life of a kajirus was hard in a panther tribe “Most men from Earth i have heard find it hard to adjust to Gor……it is most interesting to meet one face to face ” she grinned
[05:09]  Lynx smiles, “MIstress, I was used to living my days out in silence of the forest, but at night I would see people in the village. On Gor, after my escape, my days and my nights were alike.”
[05:10]  Lynx: “When my Mistress came, to be honest, it was as if i was getting a part of life back. However, the panthers as it would seem, they are different than waht I can understand fully”
[05:10]  Lynx: “Women laying with women. I do not know if I am of any desire for them or even interest”
[05:11]  Lynx: “though some have sought to, i believe, try me; i do not fully understand what is what”
[05:12]  Lynx: ‘At times, it is as if… well, perhaps I have spoken too much Mistress”
[05:12]  Lynx smiled and then stood up straight, and started to remember his promise and duty
[05:15]  Marli waved her slender hand “Yes , you may continue with your chores ” . Marli knew that some sisters in the tribe were lesbian or bi-sexual, few were straight , she shrugged, in the matters of furring partners she had no interest, Marli preferred to stay detached
[05:16]  Lynx: his true desire was to gain back his night and find a mistress who would care for him and even love him
[05:17]  Lynx: “Thank you for listening to my story Mistress”, he said with a smile and a gentle nod.
[05:18]  Lynx: “Mistress, I do not have any specific tasks, but i will find something to do”
[05:18]  Marli nodded , Marli now thought about tribal business “Mhmm……gather wood ”
[05:19]  Soraya: Greetings all
[05:19]  Lynx: “Greetings sister”
[05:19]  Lynx: “Yes MIstress, I will do that.”
[05:19]  Marli glanced over at the kajira , she motioned to the ground “kneel in the presence of the Free and adress me as Mistress ”
[05:20]  Soraya kneels down and offers her some breakfast , bows her head “Yes Mistress … some breakfast MIstress ?”
[05:22]  Soraya holds the tray up struggles to keep it up … the various pieces of it fit neatly on the tray . She projects the tray closer to Mistress.

The kajirus or male slave on Gor:

In the Gor science-fiction novel series by author John Norman, the word kajirus means “male slave” in the Gorean language. The Latin-style plural form of this word is kajiri. There are far fewer kajiri than kajirae (female slaves) on the planet Gor, since Gorean men can only rarely be effectively “tamed”, so that most male slaves are considered inherently slightly dangerous, and have little value other than as unskilled heavy labor which must often be kept under armed guard. Men conquered in war who are not left free are more often killed than enslaved, while women in the same situation are almost always enslaved (since kajirae are a readily-negotiable commodity, among other reasons).

A male slave kept by a woman owner for bedroom duties is a “silk slave” (while most male slaves on Gor are used for hard labor in work gangs). When a free woman makes use of a kajirus sexually, he is often chained so that he is unable to hold her in his arms — since allowing this would be considered to add a note of male domination to the lovemaking. Some free women carefully avoid kissing a kajirus when making sexual use of him, since they would consider it degrading to soil their lips by touching them to the body of a mere slave. Note that only a small minority of rich free women on Gor own silk slaves, and (in contrast to the usual situation with free men and kajirae) it is often not very easy or convenient for a free woman to obtain the sexual use of a kajirus whom she does not personally own (in the city of Ar, the largest city of known Gor, it is strictly forbidden by law). Silk slaves are generally despised by free men on Gor, and their type of slavery is often considered to be rather unnatural. 

source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kajirus

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As a Luna Caleeng slave, You need to be able to do the following (to the best of your ability):

1. Meet and greet newbies/visitors, with an inclusive and open minded approach. Be honest if you are new and tell the person you will be glad to help as best you can. Spend time near the camp entrance and offer to show potential Panthers or tribe slaves around/give a small tour. you are not obligated to obey strangers, especially if they are unreasonable – but attempt to be polite and helpful. Report any potential applicants names and also any troublemaker visitors to Marlies Dasmijn (En) , inticement (Elder) , Trish30 (Slaver) or Shiloh Tachikawa (first girl) . Call non Goreans Sir or Miss, instead of Master and Mistress unless directed.

2. Be able to discuss the role of  panther and their slaves in Gor in general.

3. Be able to discuss how we are different from other tribes in SL (primarily our friendly relationship with our neighbours the Di Jan) Combat *can* happen here; GM Meters are required.

4. Be able to inform prospective Panthers and Panther slaves, once you tour them or tell them about the tribe, by giving them our official notecard

There are both Panther and slave applications in this notecard as well as information about our tribe.

5. Visit the tribe lands regularly, and do your best to participate in our scheduled events, which you will receive notification of ahead of time in group notices.

6. Serve and spend time with the Panthers of the tribe as best you can, while respecting your restrictions. Ask the En if you are unsure on specifics regarding service – main activities will be food and drink serving, massage, dance and general pleasing of the Panthers (ask them how you may be of service, often just conversing or spending time together is a great service!).  IM tribe members when they log on and offer to join them.

7. Do your best to get to know the other slaves. You should support each other, and work together. In your down time, you can do things such as practice serves, travel to safe places together, help each other with your tasks. Report prims left by strangers for cleanup.

8. If you are experienced in Gorean ways, talk to the En about how you can contribute to events, discussions and training in the future.

9. Do not visit any dangerous (force collar) location without a panther escort. If you want to visit one or another of these places, communicate it – in most cases it may be organized, safely.

10. Get to know our neighbours the Di Jan and expand your friendship circle as well as your learning through participating in events when you are not spending time with the tribe.

11. you are expected to remain in contact and inform your Mistress or the En if you are going to be offline for an extended period of time. Be reasonable and communicate this so we will not be worried about you in your abscence.

12. you are expected to make an honest effort at fulfilling these expectations and continuing to work on yourself as a slave that is exquisitely beautiful and absolutely obedient and pleasing. If a slave is not deemed to be making an adequate effort or is consistently displeasing, they may be dismissed from the tribe and no longer our property.

13. Be polite, communicate honestly and openly with your family, and BE YOURSELF!

14. Tribal kajirae are requested to serve food and drink to everyone, within their individual slave restrictions.

15. If you are ever approached by someone who behaves suspiciously, chat log and notecard the conversation, in case of trouble. Report persons who break the sims rules of Justifiably Gorean actions, with consent, to the En or your Mistress

16. If you ever have problems or issues, bring them to the attention of inticement (Elder) , Trish30 (Slaver) or Shiloh Tachikawa (first girl), we will never hold you against your will and wish for you to feel cared for in Luna Caleeng, even as a slave.

17. Copy of Luna Caleeng slave papers

18. As a slave you are allowed only slave weapons to defend camp.

With any questions, contact En Marlies Dasmijn


Example of slave roleplay:

[07:06]  Camille: she streatches and rubs her eyes , sat blinking afew times as she gets up from her furs, sleepy she wandres out to chek the door , hmm goos still, she scratches her ass once and wandres up to chek the zipline, she pull the rope, hmm seem fine as well, she stood letting the wind caress her cheeks to help wake her up, hmm wake up tor common chores waiting for you

[07:09]  Camille: hmm what was it the mistress sayet yeasterday, change hay in the kennels .. change the pots, get gueasts watherand food incase there is someone. she starts to wandre down towards the kennel wile repeating the chores, oh pick berryes as well i was told and get the bosks hay pewwww were is the boy when you need them?

[07:13]  Camille : she kicks the door up to the kennels and walkt to the first cage, she graps the first pot and wrinkels her nose, this is weeds chore, she mumbels he should do this, she walks outsie and graps a shovel and outside the camp, she plases the pot on the ground and digs a large hole to emty the pot in and swears like a sailor uffff i hate doing that, she go to the wather and wash the pot, and back to the kennels , and goes to next cage and graps next pot, she repeats this with all the cages and covers the hole again so it dont smell.

[07:17]  Camille: shetakes a large bag and shovels the uset hay in the bag making sure she got it all in and emtyes all the cages for hay, and pulls the bag outside to take it to the bossk as she was told to but first she went to grap a new haystak and sweating wile she workt hard to pull it all the way to the kennels, she stops halfway and sat down to rest for afew mins, pewww damm this is boys work , but hmm they ran off i guess she rolls her eyes and got back up to pull it down stars again and starts to fill the cages again with hay. hmm well thats that . what was bext?? gueasts, hmm well no of them atleast today

[07:19]  Camille: she looks around the plase to chek if she forgot eanything, hmm seem fine today, she walks over to grap a basket to go pick berryes. and walks back outside. and took a deap breath , to fill her loungs with air, so were do i get berryes today?


Slaves can be very useful and helpful during raids, so read this carefully.

– Slaves duty in attacking raids :

1. Know how to grapple, how many lines is aiding ( if allowed), how to bind and how to unbind.

2. One slave will do the grappling, so learn how to grapple , be fast and accurate, when the grapple is up, shout it out so all sisters know about it.

3. Learn to aid, keep an eye on the battlefield and rush over to a Mistress that is in need of aiding.

4. Help with the binding of downed enemies , by doing so one more bow will be available to continue the attack. If there’s no time to bind them, at least disarm them.

5. In some circumstances you may come across a bound Mistress. Untie her as fast as possible.

6. you’re a slave, therefor expandable, every arrow that hits you doesn’t hit a Mistress, so try to make the enemy shoot at you, but be careful not to get downed.

– Slaves duty in defending the camp :

1. Watch for grapples, and cut them as quickly as possible

2. Help with the binding of downed enemies , by doing so one more bow will be available to continue the attack. If there’s no time to bind them, at least disarm them.

3. In some circumstances you may come across a bound Mistress. Untie her as fast as possible.

4. you’re a slave, therefor expandable, every arrow that hits you doesn’t hit a Mistress, so try to make the enemy shoot at you, but be careful not to get downed.



Defending or attacking..when things go bad…escape or hide…It’s important the sleeping sisters get informed about the fate of their sisters.

_ Examples:

° grappling depending on the sim rules these need to be shouted or not, Usually 3 linesand 10 words per line minimum.

1) Uncoils the grapple from her belt, and starts swinging it over her head to pick up momentum for the throw 2) Keeps her eyes fix on the point where she wants the grapple to land ,and with a mighty throw let’s it fly. 3) Pulls the grapple , satisfied as it seem securely attached and proud it landed just where she wanted it.

That concludes grappling , grapple is rezzed now, now warn the band the grapple is up  by, in case of shouting  ,shout in local “grapple up” in case of not shouting do the same but in groupchat.

° Aiding, check the sim rules if aiding is possible, and how many lines are needed.

1) Bends over her sister, her trained eye checking her for severe injuries. 2) seeing only superficial scratches, she applies a bit of healing salves to the biggest ones 3) takes her flask of her belt and splashes the cold water over her sisters face ” Wake up sister

Now click on the bulb and press aid

°untieing : Again check how many lines are required depending on sim rules

1) Picks up a sharps stone, kneels beside the huntress and starts cutting her legs free with the stone 2) now concentrates on his Mistress arms, using the same stone, he works his way through her arm bindings, and cuts them too

Press the bulb, untie and job done


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