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As a Luna Caleeng slave, You need to be able to do the following (to the best of your ability):

1. Meet and greet newbies/visitors, with an inclusive and open minded approach. Be honest if you are new and tell the person you will be glad to help as best you can. Spend time near the camp entrance and offer to show potential Panthers or tribe slaves around/give a small tour. you are not obligated to obey strangers, especially if they are unreasonable – but attempt to be polite and helpful. Report any potential applicants names and also any troublemaker visitors to Marlies Dasmijn (En) , inticement (Elder) , Trish30 (Slaver) or Shiloh Tachikawa (first girl) . Call non Goreans Sir or Miss, instead of Master and Mistress unless directed.

2. Be able to discuss the role of  panther and their slaves in Gor in general.

3. Be able to discuss how we are different from other tribes in SL (primarily our friendly relationship with our neighbours the Di Jan) Combat *can* happen here; GM Meters are required.

4. Be able to inform prospective Panthers and Panther slaves, once you tour them or tell them about the tribe, by giving them our official notecard

There are both Panther and slave applications in this notecard as well as information about our tribe.

5. Visit the tribe lands regularly, and do your best to participate in our scheduled events, which you will receive notification of ahead of time in group notices.

6. Serve and spend time with the Panthers of the tribe as best you can, while respecting your restrictions. Ask the En if you are unsure on specifics regarding service – main activities will be food and drink serving, massage, dance and general pleasing of the Panthers (ask them how you may be of service, often just conversing or spending time together is a great service!).  IM tribe members when they log on and offer to join them.

7. Do your best to get to know the other slaves. You should support each other, and work together. In your down time, you can do things such as practice serves, travel to safe places together, help each other with your tasks. Report prims left by strangers for cleanup.

8. If you are experienced in Gorean ways, talk to the En about how you can contribute to events, discussions and training in the future.

9. Do not visit any dangerous (force collar) location without a panther escort. If you want to visit one or another of these places, communicate it – in most cases it may be organized, safely.

10. Get to know our neighbours the Di Jan and expand your friendship circle as well as your learning through participating in events when you are not spending time with the tribe.

11. you are expected to remain in contact and inform your Mistress or the En if you are going to be offline for an extended period of time. Be reasonable and communicate this so we will not be worried about you in your abscence.

12. you are expected to make an honest effort at fulfilling these expectations and continuing to work on yourself as a slave that is exquisitely beautiful and absolutely obedient and pleasing. If a slave is not deemed to be making an adequate effort or is consistently displeasing, they may be dismissed from the tribe and no longer our property.

13. Be polite, communicate honestly and openly with your family, and BE YOURSELF!

14. Tribal kajirae are requested to serve food and drink to everyone, within their individual slave restrictions.

15. If you are ever approached by someone who behaves suspiciously, chat log and notecard the conversation, in case of trouble. Report persons who break the sims rules of Justifiably Gorean actions, with consent, to the En or your Mistress

16. If you ever have problems or issues, bring them to the attention of inticement (Elder) , Trish30 (Slaver) or Shiloh Tachikawa (first girl), we will never hold you against your will and wish for you to feel cared for in Luna Caleeng, even as a slave.

17. Copy of Luna Caleeng slave papers

18. As a slave you are allowed only slave weapons to defend camp.

With any questions, contact En Marlies Dasmijn


Example of slave roleplay:

[07:06]  Camille: she streatches and rubs her eyes , sat blinking afew times as she gets up from her furs, sleepy she wandres out to chek the door , hmm goos still, she scratches her ass once and wandres up to chek the zipline, she pull the rope, hmm seem fine as well, she stood letting the wind caress her cheeks to help wake her up, hmm wake up tor common chores waiting for you

[07:09]  Camille: hmm what was it the mistress sayet yeasterday, change hay in the kennels .. change the pots, get gueasts watherand food incase there is someone. she starts to wandre down towards the kennel wile repeating the chores, oh pick berryes as well i was told and get the bosks hay pewwww were is the boy when you need them?

[07:13]  Camille : she kicks the door up to the kennels and walkt to the first cage, she graps the first pot and wrinkels her nose, this is weeds chore, she mumbels he should do this, she walks outsie and graps a shovel and outside the camp, she plases the pot on the ground and digs a large hole to emty the pot in and swears like a sailor uffff i hate doing that, she go to the wather and wash the pot, and back to the kennels , and goes to next cage and graps next pot, she repeats this with all the cages and covers the hole again so it dont smell.

[07:17]  Camille: shetakes a large bag and shovels the uset hay in the bag making sure she got it all in and emtyes all the cages for hay, and pulls the bag outside to take it to the bossk as she was told to but first she went to grap a new haystak and sweating wile she workt hard to pull it all the way to the kennels, she stops halfway and sat down to rest for afew mins, pewww damm this is boys work , but hmm they ran off i guess she rolls her eyes and got back up to pull it down stars again and starts to fill the cages again with hay. hmm well thats that . what was bext?? gueasts, hmm well no of them atleast today

[07:19]  Camille: she looks around the plase to chek if she forgot eanything, hmm seem fine today, she walks over to grap a basket to go pick berryes. and walks back outside. and took a deap breath , to fill her loungs with air, so were do i get berryes today?


Slaves can be very useful and helpful during raids, so read this carefully.

– Slaves duty in attacking raids :

1. Know how to grapple, how many lines is aiding ( if allowed), how to bind and how to unbind.

2. One slave will do the grappling, so learn how to grapple , be fast and accurate, when the grapple is up, shout it out so all sisters know about it.

3. Learn to aid, keep an eye on the battlefield and rush over to a Mistress that is in need of aiding.

4. Help with the binding of downed enemies , by doing so one more bow will be available to continue the attack. If there’s no time to bind them, at least disarm them.

5. In some circumstances you may come across a bound Mistress. Untie her as fast as possible.

6. you’re a slave, therefor expandable, every arrow that hits you doesn’t hit a Mistress, so try to make the enemy shoot at you, but be careful not to get downed.

– Slaves duty in defending the camp :

1. Watch for grapples, and cut them as quickly as possible

2. Help with the binding of downed enemies , by doing so one more bow will be available to continue the attack. If there’s no time to bind them, at least disarm them.

3. In some circumstances you may come across a bound Mistress. Untie her as fast as possible.

4. you’re a slave, therefor expandable, every arrow that hits you doesn’t hit a Mistress, so try to make the enemy shoot at you, but be careful not to get downed.



Defending or attacking..when things go bad…escape or hide…It’s important the sleeping sisters get informed about the fate of their sisters.

_ Examples:

° grappling depending on the sim rules these need to be shouted or not, Usually 3 linesand 10 words per line minimum.

1) Uncoils the grapple from her belt, and starts swinging it over her head to pick up momentum for the throw 2) Keeps her eyes fix on the point where she wants the grapple to land ,and with a mighty throw let’s it fly. 3) Pulls the grapple , satisfied as it seem securely attached and proud it landed just where she wanted it.

That concludes grappling , grapple is rezzed now, now warn the band the grapple is up  by, in case of shouting  ,shout in local “grapple up” in case of not shouting do the same but in groupchat.

° Aiding, check the sim rules if aiding is possible, and how many lines are needed.

1) Bends over her sister, her trained eye checking her for severe injuries. 2) seeing only superficial scratches, she applies a bit of healing salves to the biggest ones 3) takes her flask of her belt and splashes the cold water over her sisters face ” Wake up sister

Now click on the bulb and press aid

°untieing : Again check how many lines are required depending on sim rules

1) Picks up a sharps stone, kneels beside the huntress and starts cutting her legs free with the stone 2) now concentrates on his Mistress arms, using the same stone, he works his way through her arm bindings, and cuts them too

Press the bulb, untie and job done



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