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Sisters who are proud to wear the feathers of the Luna Caleeng. 

Contact Marlies Dasmijn (Marli) for more info or Inticement Resident (Twig)

The Luna Caleeng is a panther tribe in Second Life Gor and has an in world application form , which can be found at the docks of Lake Ias, we offer a two week pledge period max, to see if there is a fit. There are no pledge tasks, all we ask is that prospective panthers try and role play their way in, or show a willingness to bring role play into our camp.

The tribe has a council  made up of the En, Se, Tor, First Bow, Second Bow and Elders. The council manages tribal matters and determines decisions on all subjects from issues, promotions, and any other tribal matters raised at council.

The roles below define the individual tribe responsibilities by position.

The En is the tribal Chieftain, her decisions are final on all matters relating to the tribe, everyone is answerable to her.

The Se is second only to the En and in all matters has the same authority but she is answerable to the En.  The Se acts as a council member, and advisor to the En, their main roles are:
1.   Takes charge in the absence of En. 
2.   Enforce all tribal rules , ensuring all sisters comply.
3.   Maintaining harmony in the tribe, resolving internal issues that are raised.

The Tor is third in line in the tribe and responsible for the welfare of the tribe and the slaves.  Tor is responsible for camp supplies.  She acts as a council member. The Tors roles are:
1.   Enforce all tribal rules, ensuring all sisters comply.
2.   Maintaining harmony in the tribe, resolving internal issues and where needed raising these to the Se or council.
3.   Working with the Traders and Scouts to establish relations for trade and alliance.
4.   Maintain a record of Alliances, RP Bans and KOS and COS.
5.   Deal with all matters relating to the tribe in the absence of the En and Se.

The Elder is a well-rounded sister, with patience. They act as council members.  Elders are responsible for training new pledges and seeing that they reach the status of full sister.  The Elders roles are:
1.   Train the pledges in the basic skills of fighting.
2.   Provide mentoring to the pledges on Gorean matters, helping them to learn the topics outside of fighting.  Assigning      experienced  sisters to  pledges.  
3.   Identifying potential sisters and new recruits and inviting them to the group.

So here we go , introducing me and my sisters ❤


Marli (Marlies.Dasmijn)  [En] [Healer]

Aanna Padgett (no picture)


aicha Inaka

Alaric666 [Beast]  (no picture)

Amelia Woodside

Andrix Hirons [Feral]

Aphrodite Luminos [Slaver] (no picture)

Arial(arial.nizna) [Se]

BastianRS  (no picture)

Leda(bellateufel.silverblade)  [Shaman] [Elder]  (no picture)

Bee(bemy.footpad) [Feral]

Eclair Tammas (no picture)

Eiri Huntress [Beast] (no picture)

Valentina(evangelina.dinzel)(no picture)

Eve(evelina.congrejo)(no picture)

Gil(gil.glom) [Feral](no picture)

Celestine(hobo.footpad)  [Feral](no picture)

Hot Lavendel(no picture) [Elder]

twig(inticement)  [Feral] [Elder]

Soraya(jane.melgund)(no picture)

Jen(jennie30) [Sout] (no picture)

jJenifer Violet [Trader][Scout]

Kalie4ever (no picture)

Kayleewinters  [Scout]


Kimbberley (no picture)

Topaz Star(ladyfishbait)

Angry Bird(lino.vernet) (no picture)

Lunellaa Destiny [Elder]

ѕςαя(lyndall.edenflower) [Scout]

Nami(mamba.namiboo)  [Feral] (no picture)

Melody Dirval(melody.dirval) (no picture)

Meri(meridee.charisma) [Shaman]


Moon(mucklepuppy.moonwing)  (no picture)


Måne Tigerauge(ninaswahn)

nira Hatchuk

OdinHanni  (no picture)

Onyx Myst(onyxmyst)  [Beast] (no picture)

kitten purrs(pamela.mcnally) (no picture)

pepper(pepper.snowbear) [2nd girl]

PinkSky Summerwind (no picture)

kitten(py.cheng) [Beast] (no picture)

Qwara Destiny  [Priestess]

crystal(rose2929)  (no picture)

halima(rosecotton)  (no picture)

cadence(sara35)  [Feral]

ʂհἶ(shiloh.tachikawa) [1st girl]

Foxie Love(slave.foxclaw) [Tor] (no picture)

Atra(solar.legion)  (no picture)

کţøгm(storm.debbel) [Scout] [En bow] (no picture)

εɗεη (stormie.edenflower)

TARA(thymia.yalin) (no picture)

FeRaL TaK(timmy.miggins)  [Feral] (no picture)

Tomoe(tomoe.abbot)  [Scout] (no picture)

Trish(trish30) [Slaver] [Elder]

Urshula Aida (no picture)

Gemma(yaki.longfall) [Feral] [Elder] [Se bow] (no picture)


[10:01]  Lunellaa Destiny: Tal

[10:01]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm..narrows her eyes

[10:01]  Marli  nods slowly “Tal”

[10:02]  Marli: “venture futher into the swamps and it will be considered tresspassing” Marli stated bluntly

[10:02]  Lunellaa Destiny looks back to her sis and shrugs “I told you not to go in here?”

[10:03]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm…..its a good hide out….grins

[10:04]  Hot Lavendel: so whatts the swamp to yoy?,….she said to the woman

[10:04]  Lunellaa Destiny nods “I think so too but I don’t think it’s worth trading arrows for?”

[10:05]  Marli: “Indeed the swamp is a excellent hide out ” Marli inspected both of them “These swamps belong to my tribe , the Luna caleeng”

[10:05]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmmm…gues were not the only smart ones arround…laughs

[10:06]  Lunellaa Destiny looks her over and slowly slides her bow into it’s sheath “Well met then we are just wanderers looking for a place to stay”

[10:06]  Hot Lavendel: very well then

[10:06]  Marli: “and what smart tribe do you belong to ?” Marli asked curiously

[10:06]  Lunellaa Destiny smiles “My sister and I don’t have a tribe right now

[10:07]  Marli smiles back “I see , well both the Luna Caleeng or the Di jan are allways looking for new panthers ”

[10:08]  Hot Lavendel: who’s the En of Di Jan?

[10:08]  Lunellaa Destiny looks at her sis “What do you think it might be fun never lived in a swamp before have we?”

[10:09]  Marli: Bac is still En of the Di Jan , I am Marli and En of the Luna

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: nods….the Di Jan came a long way i think

[10:10]  Hot Lavendel: i’m ╬╬Ⓞ〒 and this is Lune

[10:10]  Lunellaa Destiny arches her brow at her sis?

[10:10]  Marli: “well met Hot and Lune ”

[10:10]  Lunellaa Destiny: Well met Marli

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel: i was in that tribe years back sis

[10:11]  Hot Lavendel: but Pera was En then

[10:11]  Marli: “The Luna have been in Lake Ias in one form or another since three years , Mars Sirbu was the founding En”

[10:12]  Hot Lavendel: mmm…Di Jan lina were speaking of?

[10:13]  Marli blinks “The Di jan have been around longer , Bac is the only En that I recall”

[10:13]  Lunellaa Destiny looks at Hot and wonders if discussing the rival tribe is a good path and smiles nervously back at Marli

[10:13]  Hot Lavendel: Bac…nods

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel: yeah that her name

[10:14]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm…could be fours back now

[10:15]  Marli: “Both the Luna and Di Jan have treaty to share these lands , we are not rivals” Marli added

[10:15]  Hot Lavendel looks at Lune…you wanna live in a swamp?

[10:16]  Lunellaa Destiny grins and sighs a bit of relief “I don’t mind it could be fun at least people usually don’t like swamps”

[10:16]  Hot Lavendel: you get dirty feet you know?

[10:16]  Marli grins “I promise the camp is more civilized ”

[10:17]  Lunellaa Destiny: Since when have I cared about that it’s you who’s all not wanting to get dirty all the time?

[10:17]  Hot Lavendel: mmm…well i happen to like the warm mud between my toes comming up…grins

[10:18]  Hot Lavendel: mmmm..i have a standard to live up to, remember?

[10:18]  Hot Lavendel: best dressed slut of the forrest

[10:18]  Marli: “Follow me , I will show you the camp ”

[10:18]  Lunellaa Destiny shakes her head

[10:20]  Hot Lavendel: mmm..its pretty dry op here

[10:20]  Marli: “much drier and comfortable ”

[10:21]  Lunellaa Destiny smiles and then looks at Hot “And see there is even a dance pit for you to dance for me” snickers

[10:21]  Hot Lavendel: mmmmm..you would like that huu?

[10:21]  Lunellaa Destiny laughs

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