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 We discuss the role of scout in a scout briefing.  We give examples of scout reports made in SL Gor. Marli captures a woman who was caught planting a flag. In SL Gor an invitation to wage war, if you are caught flagging do not be surprised if you are punished , or even worse collared ! 

SL Gor can be a dangerous place. Especially when you plant a flag. This poor woman falls into the hands of Marli by chance. As any panther would do , she takes the woman back to camp. Yes like it or not , Marli is a ” mean girl”  …lol

[12:51] Vorgous shouts: Tal down there

[12:52] Vorgous looks at them, wondering if it is flag time, fire time, or talk time, “Tal, again.”
[12:52] Brianna paused close to the edge of the hill the flag still in hand as she muttered, almost falling into the water, taking the flag she quickly placed it into the soft earth, starting as she heard the sound of shouting above, a soft squeak escaping as she firmed the flag into the dirt a moment more before taking off motioning to her friends to run

[12:56] Vorgous shouts: You can have her panther

[12:56] Marli grinned and bent over and took the womans bow and cut the string making it useless

[12:57] Marli kicked the womans feet together and bound a secure rope around them from the ropes she got from her waist

[12:57] Vorgous shouts: Panther, take her and enjoy her

[12:57] GM 4.02: Pew di Pew

[12:58] Marli smiles as she wraps the binds tightly around the womans wrists
[12:59] Marli runs over to the other woman and grabs her bow and tosses it in the water

[13:00] Marli takes out her knife and rips the womans skirt to pieces in order to fashion some rough binds

[13:00] Brianna groaned as she felt her vision blurring her head swimming as she felt her bow gripped from loose fingers and tossed into the water, laying her head back against the ground she muttered curses under her breath, slurred sounding almost.

[13:00] Marli slices through the womans top and uses the fabric to tie the womans wristst as tightly as she can
[13:01] Marli growls as she stands up and kicks the womans feet together and with the skirt fabric ties up the womans feet
[13:01] bella moans and moves around trying to regained her senses, realizing she is bound she begins to fight against the bindings
[13:02] Marli with a last piece of rope she had left over she fashions a leash

[13:02] Marli : whats your name woman and what band are you from ?

[13:02] Brianna felt the bindings tying her up, as her skirt was ripped to shreds then her top, she squirmed as she tried to struggle weakly in the bindings as she started coming to once more.

[13:03] Marli took the leash and started to drag the woman tp the docks
[13:03] Brianna ‘s emerald hues flashed as she glared up at the woman again struggling in her bindings ” Why to do wish to know, Huntress?” she asked arching a brow squeaking as she felt herself dragged towards the docks

[13:05] Marli grinned as she looked at the other woman “If you wish to trade this one back….come to Lake Ias , home of the Luna Caleeng” she then dragged her captive into her canoe and sailed off with her

[13:06] Eve : tal marli , you ve been bussy i see ..;smiles

[13:06] Marli waved to Eve as she boarded her canoe

[13:06] Marli : take the other woman if you wish Eve

[13:07] Eve : thanks but no i am wandering around a bit

[13:07] Brianna squeaked, squirming as she was dragged into the canoe by the panther, struggling as her heart raced, remembering the name of the other panther, incase she needed to know it in future for her friend.. a curse under her breath as she felt the canoe wobbling in the water.

[13:09] Marli knelt and feeling safe in her own lands loosened the womans feet bindings allowing her to walk

[13:10] (GM)Bindings: Marlies Dasmijn loosens Brianna Bellflower’s feet allowing them to walk.

[13:10] Marli tilted her head and her lips curled in a smile “We are close to my camp ….come ”

[13:11] Brianna winced as she felt her legs loosened, stumbling a little as she tried to lever herself up to her feet, as the bindings were loosened enough that she could walk.. She frowned as she glanced around herself, taking in the sights as if trying to remember the paths and where she was taken. She tried to tug against the ropes but only stumbling a little as the woman moved off leash in hand.

[13:15] Marli stroked the womans cheek with the back of her hand , she looked her up and down assessing her beauty “whats your name pretty one?”

[13:17] Brianna ‘s eyes flashed as she tried to pull her cheek away from the back of the womans hand, a shiver escaping as she felt the back of it brushing against her soft skin. She eyed the woman warily, though color flushing at the complimenting words ” my name is my own, Huntress.. what i would like to know is why you attacked my friend..” speaking of the other on the docks that she had been binding when she had finnally untangled herself out from beneath the docks, her clothing and hair still damp from her fall as she shivered softly, lifting her chin in a stubborn manor.

[13:19] Marli chuckled seeing the woman shiver from the cold, immediately she knew this one wasnt used to the rough life of panthers in the forest, she smiled again “if you dont tell me i shall find a suitable one for you …come close to the fire so you may get warmer…and we will chat some more”

[13:22] Brianna felt a little grateful as she was pulled towards the fire, feeling the warmth against her skin, her lips pursing slightly at the womans words as she shifted ” i like my own thank you very much.. ” she debated on lying about her name, but thought it best to tell the truth at this junction, as she shifted, settling herself onto the ground near the fire ” its Brianna”

[13:24] Marli smiled and motioned her to the fire “Take a seat on the furs close to the fire Brianna……my name is Marli and i am the Chieftess in this band…..” she paused and checked the woman for any bruises or scratches “our band is an aggressive one ….we attack and ask questions later”

[13:27] Brianna ‘s lips pursed slightly as she felt the furs beneath her squirming a little as she tested the bindings that wraped around her, almost cursing somewhat as the fabric was rather a strong warm one that her dress had been made of ” i see.. so you decided to attack my friend as we were leaving that land?” she tipped her head up at the huntress cautiously a little shiver escaping though the warmth of the fire was felt against her skin. ” why have you brought me here?” she tried tempering the tone of her words.

[13:30] Marli withdrew her blade from its long sheath and playfully examined it “You came to a foreign land to plant a flag…..that makes you fair game ” she looked deeply in the womans eyes “I have brought you here for mine and my sisters amusement if you displease me in any way” she blew some dirt from her shiny blade

[13:33] Brianna ‘s emerald hues flashed towards the blade as the woman withdrew it, the firelight flashing against the sharp steel of the blade, a shiver escaping at the spoken threat, and the unspoken implimentations, she frowned as she shifted glancing from the sharp blade as the woman blew on it back up to her face ” i see.. and what sort of ammusement do you suppose i can offer? I cannot play instruments, or act.. so it would seem i would not be able to amuse you too well..”

[13:37]  Marli tilted her head and brushed the womans hair from her shoulders “there are other ways to please ” her eyes examing her youthfull breasts”
[13:39]  Brianna  felt the color flushing as she felt her hair brushed from her shoulders, the soft silky strands sending chills down her spine as it caressed the skin with its movement as she tried to pull away. Her lower lip tucked between her teeth as she seemed to have some inkling of the womans meaning as she shook her head ” best i could do is perhaps cook a meal.. that is the only way i know i can please in any case..” she wiggled her fingers her brow arching as she looked up at the woman ” perhaps if you would untie me.. i might make some sweet treat that you might enjoy?” she tried innocently enough.
[13:43]  ßℓσȿȿσɱ  screamed at hte top of her lungs “INCOMING….. I THINK!! D’JAN!!”
[13:43]  Marli nodded she knew her sisters would appreciate some good cooking , tho she had no idea if this woman was a good cook , she would keep a close eye on her, not taking chances then heard the cry and dropped the leash
[13:43]  Zen Bow [Gen1] v2.04: Range: normal, delay 0.80s, arc 40. Dynamic OFF. Speed: 60m/s. Aim offset: 0.10 (0.97). Forward aim: 1.00.
[13:44]  Marli : “if we survive the raid you can cook for your freedom”
[13:45]  Brianna  started at the sound of the shouting as she shifted turning towards where the sound had come from, a shiver escaping as she bit her lower lip ” you should go.. else you might lose..” she nodded towards where the sound had come from.



Which ever land it is that you are assigned to scout for the tribe there are a few basic ‘rules’ you should follow and things you should keep in mind: –

1. The object is to get in, get the information and get out – if possible without being noticed.

2. You will be on your own so; make sure that at least one other tribe member know where you are and when you will be back ((rp giving this information to them), some lands are hostile environments for birds ((against sim rules)), treat everyone with caution especialy males – if posible avoid them ((but have a rp cover story)), think about the land you are going to and find out about it before you go by asking ((and search)) then match your dress, behaviour and cover story to it.

3. Have a plan in case you have to fight or are cap – remember the job you have is to get the information back to the tribe as quick as possible – how is this going to be achieved ((with good rp)) if you are cap?

4. If you didn’t do it ((rp it)) it didnt happen ((so forget using cam, tp’ing over walls and through doors etc etc)). Think how you are going to overcome such obsticals.


1. Read what you can before you set sail to the land.

2. Remove your feathers ((and check your groups dont give clues – not that anyone reads))

4. As soon as you get there obtain their rules and read quickly through ((try not to get bogged down with these – the key things to look for are a) are your wepons valid b) are there any funny climbing instructions c) do they give you any clues in respect of the information you are there to get e.g. time restrictions on when you can raid to save a cap.

4. Get to entry point and pause. Check your map and get a sense of where people are and the general ‘feel’ for the land, depending on the prime objective , map a course in your minds eye around the land which will allow you to gather the information.

5. Leave the landing point and set about task ((all landing points have a safe time, most places this time is stretched until you leave the zone for the first time, the down to this though is the longer you stay on the safe zone the more likely you are to be noticed))

Information required

1. the position of the entry zone

2. the position of any potential camps or forts

3. nature, defences of these camps or forts.

4. alternative route out if any

5. general overview of other features on the land, their positions relative to the entry zone .

6. What groups live on the land and any information as to their nature you can gleen


1. Present your scout report as a nc in as clear and organised a way as possible.

2. Provide a nc of the time you were carrying out the assignment (from rp’ing letting someone know where you are going through to leaving the land)) clearly showing any rp in obtaining the information, edit out back ground stuff ((like your best friend has logged in or out of sl)).


Remember this is fun, if it goes wrong it goes wrong and it is how you deal with the problems that matters, just rp and have fun and report it as it is.



Please keep a blank copy of this nc. When you do a scouting report, rename the NC with the location and the date of the report.

Insert Name location and landmark  SAFE ZONES

WHO ARE THE RESIDENTS? (If the group is present in the region, name them)


– Meter type: – Females weaker: – Melee Stronger: – Other important meter info :



ARE HYBRIDS ALLOWED: Are long range Arrows allowed: Are Tarns allowed? Aid during Combat: Self unbinding allowed? BIRDS ALLOWED? Messengers Allowed? Other information ? COMBAT LAWS:

RP RULES (List requirement for rp actions, such as binding, grapples, aiding, etc)




Additional Information: Directions and landmarks on map:

Short description of terrain leading to camp:

Camp description:

Strong points:

Weak points and grapple points:


Date of Report or Update:



Insert Name location and landmark SAFE ZONES Panther Ridge: Pa Ri Tor Panthers & the Garrison Outpost, Panther Ridge

WHO ARE THE RESIDENTS? (If the group is present in the region, name them) ~Sim Owner(s)

Phoenyx Trevellion DikBrah Trilling

~Sim Admin(s)

Tessie Gray Altonia Aeon Krista Eaton METER INFORMATION:

– Meter type: GM Meter – Females weaker: f you know in your Gorean heart of hearts that women outfighting men is bullshit, that a female could never muster the strength to draw a bowstring much less drag a leashed male back to her camp, if you see that now is the time to make your stand, refuse those bindings and tell that woman looming over you that there’s NO WAY you’re being capped by some weak female, then find another sim to play in because we’re not interested. Man up, stop whining, and RP it out. Female melee weapons other than spears may not do more than 35% damage. – Melee Stronger: – Other important meter info :



ARE HYBRIDS ALLOWED: NO Are long range Arrows allowed: Are Tarns allowed? Aid during Combat: No Self unbinding allowed? Yes BIRDS ALLOWED? No Messengers Allowed? No Other information ? COMBAT LAWS:

RP RULES (List requirement for rp actions, such as binding, grapples, aiding, etc)

RESCUE DELAY INFORMATION: * RESCUE AND TRADE ATTEMPTS: Unlimited number of raiders permitted for a legal rescue. There must be valid IC proof that you have knowledge your person is capped by the individuals you are raiding/attempting to trade. 1 hour waiting period this time is symbolic of the time it takes to travel the planet to get here, and it allows for rp) unless less time is agreed to by both sides. Only one rescue and/or trade attempt per 8 hours. If you fail the first try, you may return in 8 hours.

TRADING RULES * RESCUE AND TRADE ATTEMPTS: Unlimited number of raiders permitted for a legal rescue. There must be valid IC proof that you have knowledge your person is capped by the individuals you are raiding/attempting to trade. 1 hour waiting period this time is symbolic of the time it takes to travel the planet to get here, and it allows for rp) unless less time is agreed to by both sides. Only one rescue and/or trade attempt per 8 hours. If you fail the first try, you may return in 8 hours.


Strong points: Walls

Weak points and grapple points: gate, end the walls arent so high

RAID STRATEGY: There lifing in a open place, attack from more side’s is probelty the best, but not many sheltes there

Date of Report or Update: 31-06-2012





Collin skills with the bow are lacking and he will try and get close enough to go melee in every battle, if you avoid him and shoot you can down him easily. A free woman named Blake and her companion Sin and Jerric Daines are main worries. Sin and Jerric are skilled with the bow and melee . Jerric is deadly with swords  If he is there focus fire on him .Nadi is of little worries she is pregnant and will not fight unless cornered.


Collin is the administrator, he is the most valuable captive, then his companion Melanie. Jerric Daines, son of Collin and Blake. Collin and Blake do not much care for each other, in fact they seem to plot against each other all the time but for Jerric they will both do whatever it takes it get him back if you had him captive. They would likely pay a high ransom for his return. He is dark haired , mohawk and tattoos and he is the village smith.  If he is there focus fire on him and take him captive


there is a secret door right along the water, set back into the hillside that forms the main wall of the village. It is easily picked and leads right in among the houses. If a few of you attacked the main gate a few tohers could sneak in that door and easily flank them, taking them from behind.

grapple at the front gate is one of thier weaknesses, they have no way to cut one so if you have someone up there grappling they cannot stop you once the grapple is up, however going in that way is a death wish, they can fire on the main village square from many angles, going in the secret side door is your best bet.

if you go in the side door you can get up on the walls and stuff around the houses, after that it will be easy to see the vantage points. If you come in that way they will likely retreat to the other side of the village and you will have to pick a couple gates to get to them but if you have snipers up on the high ground by the houses you will have little problem.


This is a small but important report on Intel gathered, while in the GE City of “Tyros”.

The First Sketch I made from some discarded  pieces of charcoal found on the deck of the ship in their harbour was:

The first Sketch is from the Boat.  its the board of rules:

Notice please, two problems:

First,  there is *much* text to read, before embarking into the city, Which also includes Rules of engagement under the water.

Second.  The Board is placed directly on part of the long stone path , that leads past the Fortifications, and the residents can see anybody alighting from the ship.

For flagging or raiding, this city is quite a challenge.   But there is a way in just past the main Fortress gates, that by-passes that path, more on that in a momment.

Second Sketch, made while trying to stand on dry land is of the main port landing.

See all those rocks, Shrubs surrounding the Ship?

Almost all of those Are Phantom, its very easy to step back, and fall through these, and find yourself in the bottom of 40 meters of water. Now Note, the whole of the city lies above Water, Under the city, 40 mters of water on mainly flat ocean bottom, covers 3/4s of the whole sim.   One way up, near the docks is a very hard to climb rock path with many twists…. As you can see the fortifications of this entry is massive, along with the line of sight along the path. The woman, who, as yet, I have to determine who or what they are use darts as there prefered weapon.

lastly, i found this tiny rope ladder hanging along, under the stone path just adjacent to the main Entrance.  You have to click the lower Steps to get to climb up it. This brings you up level with the land just inside the fortifcations, and in distance is some Fields, steps and Homes.

So one way of getting into this city, would be to jump off the boat at dock after arriving, reading the rules from the boat first.  Swim or walk  under the stone walkway, until you can surface a little bit on land near main gate, on one side you will see that rope ladder, by climbing up there, quickly,  surprise will be your greatest asset, before anyone knows whats happening

Hope these sketches have been helpful, and of use in future operations, more Intel on the residents and possibly warriors, if any, will be provided at a later date, once I have gone in concealed, in a few days.

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There are several panther tribes in Second Life Gor. Some have been around for years and have a rich history. Others are new and are working hard to gain recognition.  The Luna Caleeng has been formed in 2012, but the original tribe Luna Jerag dates back to 2010. The tribe has grown to 60 plus members at the time of writing with 4 or 5 of us online and in camp. We have listed the number of active panther bands in SL Gor. By the time you read this , some may have disbanded and some may be new. I decided to check a new tribe out , the Tahem Rogues because I knew the founders, they happened to be ex Sa Sang Hrimgar like me  ❤

We have  members that are European, like myself and some from further afield like the USA. Which means we have an elder online in most time zones.  The roleplay is allways in English. On Gor a panther girl band would have had around 15 girls in it and one leader. We have one leader and several elders.  In SL Gor panther tribes can range from 4 to 150+ members. Big tribes are the DI Jan Lina, Valkyrie, Zima  and Sa Di Sani. It depends what you like , the advantage of a small tribe is that you can grow faster and take your own initiative. In a large tribe you may never become an elder even if you have been around in camp for months. the disadvantage of a small tribe is that it can be lonely at times, luckily we have the Di Jan nearby to role play with. The disadvantage in a large tribe is that you are just one of the masses.  I have never been a member of a large panther tribe in my SL Gor career, allways preferring a smaller tribe and being close to the Chieftess, having more oppertunities and more role play in a smaller tribe.  Also the quality of panthers in most cases is better in smaller tribes , because the elders have more time to teach the newbs about roleplay and combat skills. Another thing to take into consideration when choosing a tribe is the vibe of the tribe, do you want to be in a aggressive tribe,  raiding tribe or role play tribe or even a girly girl tribe ? Also what kind of leader do you want to follow? Personally , I have been attracted to joining tribes that were aggressive, had a strong leader  and focused on role play rather than  “pew pew”. 

Seriously. I think I have a very poor spacial ability……when it comes to maps, new routes…..I’m lost without my TOM TOM..at least I can TP to any destination in SL Gor….

Marli hears about a new tribe the Tahem rogues and slips into her canoe wth Kay, they row off to the new lands and run into Imani and her band. …..

[13:03]  Marli: we got company

[13:03]  Nanny shouts: yes I see them! I saw them run by as I was going to the docks

[13:03]  Kaylee: nods

[13:03]  Marli points ahead

[13:04]  Marli cups her hands and shouts loudly “Tal !”

[13:05]  мαđđıє cups her lips and shouts “Tal marli.” [13:05]  Marli recognises the voice “Imani? is that you ?”

[13:05]  Kaylee: “wondering if that is a good thing”

[13:06]  Marli: good question

[13:07]  мαđđıє shouts “The one and only. Well there was a kajira at one point named imani. However that was cause her Master was obsessed with me still she isnt me!”

[13:07]  Marli laughs “Then it is you ! so far from Hrimgar, what brings you here?”

[13:08]  мαđđıє skids down the hill and looks to nan ” I know her you think she’d be offended if i enslaved her?” imani whispered and then shouted out ” I live here thats what im doing here!”

[13:09]  Marli: we proceed with caution sister

[13:09]  Kaylee: nods slowly here eyes wide

[13:09]  Nanny giggles and bumps Imani’s hip playfully. “Does that mean I get the other one as my slave, en?”

[13:11]  Kaylee: whisper: “how good do you now here marli?”

[13:12]  Marli: an ex sister of sa ki fori….but that means nothing out here

[13:12]  Kayleewinters: nods slowly

[13:12]  Marli shouts: “That is good, we come to trade with the locals !”

[13:13]  Marli coughs “hehe…..i hate shouting, thanks for coming over”

[13:14]  мαđđıє looked around ” Our trade post is back thatta way” thumbs back south towards the ruins.” though there is a bell just on the other side of the hill you have to ring first.” imani nodded knowing how picky leia was over procedure” who is your sister there?”

[13:15]  Nanny looks over at the women. “you know Imani, they say they’re here to trade but that one has her weapons drawn. I wonder if that is what she wants to sell to us…her bow”

[13:15]  Kaylee: “i guess you have to thake al off the boushes arround it so we can see it better smiles”

[13:15]  Marli looked over to where Imani was pointing and nodded “must have missed that trade post, it was well hidden”

[13:16]  Kaylee: nods to marli

[13:16]  мαđđıє was pretty sure they hadnt got that close to it yet but didnt say anything regaurding it “Perhaps yer just getting old huntresses.” imani chuckles hearing nan ” So are you here to trade us your bows?”

[13:17]  Kaylee: hear the strange Huntress “this bow is a family beloning end so not for sale” grins

[13:18]  Marli chuckles “maybe i should wear my goggles huh? No, not here to trade bows , yours look much better anyway, i am here to trade bonta fruits from our swamps”

[13:18]  Nanny  gets serious all of a sudden in response to kaylee’s comment. “Then I suggest you put it away if you’re here to trade, or it will get you into trouble.”

[13:19]  Marli nods “sure , we are here to trade , so i will sheathe the bow”

[13:19]  Kaylee: looks arround: “it wass only a precostion” sheating here bow

[13:19]  мαđđıє imani glances to the woman near marli “Who is this?” imani points to the woman wiggling her nose “She resembles someone familiar to me…” imani murmurs and nods to nan hearing her “Yes put those away.” imani said and steps up to kaylee trying to get a better look as imani appeared to be distracted for a moment. “Bonta fruits huh..” imani’s words were slow and drawn out.

[13:20]  Kaylee: looks over to the Huntress then speaks proudly: “im called Kay ”

[13:22]  Marli folded her arms “yes bonta fruits….dont scoff at them ….i know you have green knowledge Imani”

[13:23]  мαđđıє wiggled her nose something was eeriely familiar. Though this woman was relatively taller then the person she was thinking of. Imani took a step back ” Sorry , i use to have a sister named hope.. She looks and well dressed like you but alas i lost her in the woods .” imani sighed she had lost two sisters in the woods it was painful sometimes to see such familiar faces in strangers. Imani turned and looks at marli ” Bonta fruits. I wasn’t scoffing.” imani murmured and shook her head ” i dont know what they are ?”

[13:26]  Marli rubbed her chin and spoke raising one eyebrow “bonta fruits only grow in our swamps (rp item) they cure various poisons , insect bites ” she grins “and they taste pretty good too, we have a surplus of em ”

[13:27]  Kaylee: nods

[13:28]  мαđđıє scratches her head thinking “You live with the Luna jerag lived yeah?” imani said scratching her head still perplexed that the woman was oddly just like hope. Imani tried to focus on marli ” I thought it was Mars who told me they are poisonous or soemthing like that,.”

[13:29]  Nanny shrugs. I had never heard of these fruits. It sounded more like a ploy for us to take them and eat them and all get sick, allowing the sisters of this tribe to enter and take over

[13:29]  Marli nodded “yes , before Sa Ki Fori i ran with Mars and was elder in Luna Jerag” she paused “when prepared in a certain way the fruit can be poisonous….why? does that interest you more?”

[13:31]  Kaylee: makes a step back end tryés to get a bit behing marli

[13:33]  мαđđıє nodded” i remember MArs was here for a short time. No it doesn’t interest me i dont make a habit of try to make others sick. However, with that said i wouldnt keep fruit around that could possibly harm my sisters. Perhaps, you’d be interested in trading something else. ”

[13:37]  Marli was rather disappointed, she had allways been interested in poisons , had even tested them on captives in the past “Mhm, very well…..though you know Mars valued the bonta fruits…..i will find another tribe to trade with” she picked at her leather gloves “I have a surplus of one case of arrowheads, now dont tell me that doesnt interest you”

[13:39]  мαđđıє wiggles her nose. Imani rolled the thought and possibility that the fruit might be useful. Imani sighed knowing this was conflicting. Imani did love her poisons . “Yes , well of course iam a panther girl it does interest me. “I might be interested in some of your fruit too after all . Perhaps a crate of them. You could tell me how to prepare them so they are poisonous.”

[13:42]  Marli grinned now, she was pleased Imani had changed her mind “one crate of fruits…..that generous” she leans in and speaks softly “didnt Mars warn you to never boil the fruits?”

[13:42]  Nanny  looks sideways at Imani and smiles and shakes her head slightly – Leia and IMani were always looking for ways to subtly destroy their foes – using arrows as little as possible, preferring to win by deceit and cunning

[13:46]  мαđđıє nods” You sid y ou had a surplus so might as well get enough to last me for a bit.” imani tilts her head hearing marli”Well no she didn’t . Though i cant say i would trust anything mars said to me while she was in luna either. We werent particulrarly friends.” imani smiled

[13:50]  Marli smiled back ” you can trust the word of a healer ” she rubbed her hands, first wanting to settle the deal with the fruit, then later the arrowheads “now what will you offer me in return for the crate of bonta fruit?”

[13:52]  мαđđıє snickers “Yes , well you know the last healer who told me that . She also branded me when she was suppose to be healing me so i dont know about THAT” imani murmurs and looks around ” The fruit. Hrm. Is there anything in specific you need?” imani glances to nan “What do you think sister? The crate of poison i mean fruit are worth?

[13:54]  Nanny  thinks about that meat sitting nearly frozen in the cold room. “We have the nearly entire bosk and several Verr that we are storing” I don’t mention that they were more victims of a fire than a normal slaughter, but Marli didn’t know that, and what she didn’t know wouldn’t hurt her

[13:55]  Marli tilted her head to one side thinking about the offer, then nodded “allright , salted or frozen meats will seal the deal for the fruits”

Some panther banners from Second Life gor:

Each panther tribe on SL Gor has its own flag. The Luna Jerag flag and name  is the intellectual property of Mars Sirbu. The Luna Caleeng flag and name  is the intellectual property of Scar&Marli and Luna Caleeng.

Flags are often planted by panther scouts in SL Gor , it is seen as a provocation and intent to wage war. Do not be surprised that if you are caught flagging you will be punished severely or in worst case scenario enslaved !


The flags of our friends the Di Jan and Forest Moon:

1   3

Panther/Taluna Camps ( august 2012):

Atar’atah Bast Panthers – Whispering Moons

Bena Jahesa Talunas – Tathassa

Bibaxt Tribe  - Green River Cove

Black Mamba’s – Tharna Woods

Damu Kabila Blood Tribe – Isle of Sin

Dijan  Panthers – Lake Ias

Forest Moon Panthers – Whispering Moons

Ja’heas con kar Panthers – Heatherlands

Kar’Sa’Hesa Panthers – North Azuria

Kh’rees Ikerei Tribe – Anango (English & French)

Ki’Kara Jerag Panthers – Calendula Island (English & German)

Ki Nadu Panthers – Mahogany 2 (English & German)

Ki-Var Tribe – Primus Weapons

La Verus Sa’Jesuil – North Azuria

Lost Tribe of Talunas – Coastline (English & French)

Luna Caleeng – Lake Ias (European & US)

Luna Mori Panthers – Matrix Zone

Mojave Mi’kmaq Tribe – Amalthea (English & French)

Ni’ta Hesa Talunas  - Land of Kamras (English & Italian)

Pa Ri Tor – Panther Ridge

Sa di Sani – Village of Gimli

Sa Fora Tribe – Shore Park Island

Sa Ki Fori Panthers – Hrimgar

Sa ‘Anu Panthers – Sardar

Sa’Dina Panthers – Mystic Fire

Sa’ng Sar talunas – North Azuria

Sa’jesuil Panthers – Valkyrie Forest

Sa Jerag Talunas – Lovers of Gor

Sa Me Arquana Tribe – Fellglanz (English & German)

Sa Nahele Panthers – Volcano Island

Sa Tor Tribe – Vosk Delta Region (English & French)

Sa Tarna Kara Panthers – Whispering Moons

Sa’Vella Panthers – Fields of Gimli

Tahem Rogue – Verr Fjord

Tasta Talunas – TASTA (English & Russian)

Toki Aka’am Tribe – Shore Park Island

Tol Acharn – Volcano Island

Tor Torvis Veck Panthers – Ivalo (English & German)

TriMoon Tribe – Primus Weapons

Tri Shena Panthers / Sisters of Hura – Marakile

Valkyrie Torva Panthers – Valkyrie Forest

WaHpeKute DauGHters – Chained Isle

Wanika Tribe – Three Moons Valley

Wa Ngao Talunas – Jungles of Gor

Zima Ak’am Panthers – Sunrise

Note: this list was made in august 2012 and will be subject to change.  For example the Atar’atah Bast Panthers are no longer active as of october 2012.

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