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The following will guide you through all that being a panther girl entails and whats expected.  Topics about Gor, Second Life  and the novels are explained. I hope they’re what you’re looking for 🙂  xoxo

Gorean lifestylers: Why Gorean Men Believe Women Only Exist to Please Men

Panther camps on SL Gor [Background info]

How to create a role play character profile [Background info]

Captured by capture scent [Story]

Banned and Wanted list

Make a bow and arrow [Background info]

Cruelty towards panther girls [Background info]

The three pillars of Gor [Background info]

Healing roleplay

Dealing with captives [Background info]

Thoughts on Larls [Background info]

Luna Caleeng Roleplay

Rarwwww-meow-Luna [RP]

Warrior Woman Has Fully Awoken!

The other panthers of Gor [Background info]

The Female of the Species [Rant, Poem]

Alternative accounts on SL Gor [Background info]

Panther girl fashion [Background info]

Godmod , Metagaming, IC and OOC [Background info]

Marli’s collection of quotes

Welcome to Lake Ias Gorean Sim, Please read our rules and respect them

Lake Ias Sims Allowed weapons  [Background info]

Lake Ias raided by GTM – Golden Talon Mercs [Story]

Winter arrives in Lake Ias! [RP]

Tribe dinner [Story]

Panther girls of Lake Ias [Story]

Winter approaches [Background info, RP]

Introducing the Luna Caleeng panthers

Panther girls [Background info]

Luna Caleeng camp [story]

Captured in Lake Ias [story]

Verna of SL Gor and of the books [Background info, RP]

Peace agreements [Background info, RP]

She Urt [Background info , RP]

Free Woman [Background info, RP]

Rules of engagement [Background info, RP]

Birth of a tribe [Background info]

John Norman – the creator of the barbaric world of Gor [Background info]

Gender roles in Second Life Gor [Background info]

Lake Ias – home of the Luna Caleeng and Di Jan [Background info]

Religions of Gor and our Goddess [Background info]

Castes of Gor [Background info]

Gorean measurements and coins [Background info, RP]

Capsluts and tree sluts [Background info, RP]

Taluna meet’s Panther [Background info, RP]

A new panther of Gor : Gorean names and GM weapons [Background info]

Buying a Gorean slave/kajira [Background info, RP]

Interview with John Norman [Background info]

The art of furring [Background info]

Collaring [Background info,RP]

Kurii [Background info]

The degredation strip [Background info,RP]

Role playing a feral panther girl [Background info]

Mamba! [Background info]

Gorean animals [Background info, RP]

Initiation ceremony [Background info]

Moon Dance [Background info, RP]

Getting started in Second Life [Background info]

Thief [Background info, RP]

Panther Girl [Background info]

Thou shall not pass [RP]

Kajira [Background info, RP]

GM meter [Background info, RP]

Scouting and flagging [Background info, RP]

Map of Gor [Background info, RP]

Slaver [Background info,RP]

List of Gor novels [Background info, RP]

Branding [Background info, RP]

Sa Vella demand tribute [RP]

Kajirus [Background info, RP]

Gorean food and drinks [Background info, RP]

Gor Movie [Background info]

Who is John Norman ? [Background info, RP]

The infamous One Liner/Para Debate [Background info, RP]

Luna Caleeng slave rules [Background info]

Luna Caleeng code of conduct [Background info]

Luna Caleeng tribe structure [Background info]

Shaman and healer [Background info]

Luna Caleeng history

Bonta fruit [Background info]

Gorean language [Background info, RP]

Female warrior [Background info,RP]

Priest Kings [Background info, RP]

Chieftess or En? [Background info, RP]

Panther tribes in Second Life Gor [Background info, RP]

Role play classes [Background info, RP]

Marli, Chieftress of the Luna Caleeng

Luna Caleeng have arrived!

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